Monday, 11 February 2019

part 12: Don't step on the Daisies

A lone tear ran down his cheek, he stared at the ceiling feeling her naked body next to him…feeling her breath kissing his neck and her arm so loosely holding him he ran his finger tips across her arm as his other hand was tucked under her body holding her close to him… All night they had made love and he was scare to face the morning to feel her wrath again…. This was all his fault as she was drunk but what was his excuse as he closed his eyes and could see how he was how he was aroused by her acceptance and totally made love to her like a manic …feeling her every curve like it was for the last time and feeling her equally matching his passion as she touched him like now other woman had…but he knew that in the morning what will take place last night would be totally forgotten and misinterpreted as lust and not love….but was it lust? He thought feeling her body move closer to him

"I love you Armaan!" hearing her whisper as she buried her head further in his neck he closed his eyes….

As the sun seeped through the window she smiled as she turned around….feeling her mouth dry from exhaustion she opened her eyes and saw two hazel eyes staring at her….she looked into his spell bounding eyes which had the power to just capture something deep inside of her like no one eles could…seeing something deep in his eyes she looked at him as he shifted his weight away from her as he lowered his eyes not meeting her gaze…She lunged forward and took hold of him in her arms and feel his warm and strong arms around her she felt his body relax in her arms.

"Armaan! How I wished the night would never end!" he looked at her in tears as he leaned forward and kissed her… as he felt her kissing him back equally he pulled her close to him….. He smiled as he felt her fingers out line the tattoo on his chest.

"I am sorry!" she looked up at him curiously.

"Why? I asked you to make love to me…. When you went away I realized how much you actually mean to me and…" feeling his lips on her forehead she giggled as she felt his arms pull her close to him.

"Lets run away together!" he looked at her getting up from the bed and wrapping the sheet around her….as she looked at him seriously shaking her head.

"You don't love him!" he pulled the sheet as she stopped and looked at him.

"I own them Armaan …you will never understand!" she looked at the fire in his eyes and pulled the sheet in his hand as she fell on top of him.

"Can he kiss you like this?" feeling his lips on her hard and yet full of so much passion and love she pulled away and looked at him with tears in running down her cheeks.

"No! Armaan I have only given you this power to touch me with such love!" placing his hand on her face he wiped her tears and looked at her.

"I will not give you a divorce!…only I have the right to touch you and own you!" feeling his anger on her face and his touch full of nothing but love she took hold of him.

"Lets not talk about such thing Armaan …" he looked at her getting up as she took her hand in his and lead him towards the bathroom. Anger and frustrated he pouted his lips as he watched her turn on the shower…and look at him.

"Have a shower Armaan it will make you feel better!" he looked at her walking towards the door and pulled her back angrily .

"Do you have any idea what you are doing to me?" feeling his hand on her shoulder he shook her as she looked at him so numb.

"You used me last night Riddhima and now…" He looked at the pain on her face as he gripped her hair from behind and looked at her quivering lips….feeling his teeth take hold of her neck she moaned feeling his hand pulling off the sheet around her as he pushed her hard against the white marble titled wall…. Feeling the cold water on top of her and his hands digging into her skin she closed her eyes moaning as he made love to her….

He looked at her as he placed he buttoned his shirt it was now midday and all morning he had made love to her in the shower…not wanting to feel nothing but her on his skin and as she sat on the dresser placing her hands behind her and struggled to pull up the zipper ….she looked up to see him….feeling his fingers on her back she closed her eyes as she felt the sweet pain he had given her in the bathroom.

"The condition is over ….you will get your divorce tomorrow!" she looked at him in the mirror with a stern look on her face.

"I don't want a relationship based on conditions the only think I expected was unconditional love…but I guess you women only look after number one!" she got up and looked at him as he approached the window.

"Tomorrow you have the divorce paper and its over ….I will total forget you as there was nothing every to remember but pain that you have given me…." Feeling her heart bursting she looked up at him as he was gone feeling the tears running down her cheek she slumber on the floor crying……


"You got the papers then?" Riddhima looked over at Muskhan as she nodded.

"Jiju is pissed I went to the ward and looked like he not shaved or acknowledged me…what happened Riddhima?" She looked over and studied Riddhima

"I told him the whole truth!" Muskhan placed her arm around her as they sat in the car waiting for Anjali to take them home.

"You know I was think maybe this is your fate … destiny brought Armaan into you're life …he saved you and what I could never understand was why did you marry him in one night…"

"You heard how upset papa was when he discover Anjali di wanted to marry Atul… the fights in the house and he did not speak to her ….as he wanted her to marry Sumit, Rahool's brother….but when papa agreed to give my hand to Rahool's papa agreed…. I never wanted to hurt Armaan… why did you think I was so cold to him…but he would not stop…" seeing the tears in her eyes Muskhan looked over at Armaan walking past the car…Riddhima looked up to see him how her eyes thirsty for a glimpse of him but he buried himself into his work… seeing him turn to look at her as he placed the helmet on his head and drive away...

"Why did you marry him? I don't get it especially when you never you where promised?"

"Something captivated me when I looked into his eyes… I feel a warm and something stir deep inside me and he felt it tooo… as I felt his strong arms pick me up and tell me everything was ok… I feel in love with him…unknowing to myself what was happening… at first I thought it was lust but as the night went ahead and he tried to get me back to the hotel I was reluctant to leave himsomething inside told me not to leave him… I spent all his money on the gambling table and he gave me his last red coin and I said… 'if I had my life in this coin it is you're too' Muskhan looked at her holding up the red gambling coin.

"I told him we should get tattoo and he looked at him oddly…as we were both drunk on champagne and he asked me to marry him and I accepted…." Muskhan looked at her clenching the coin to her heart…

"You remember everything Riddhima!" she looked at her nodding.

"When he kissed me in the store room it all came flooding back…" Muskhan nodded and hand her a tissue.

"OK! Girls we ready to go!" they looked up to see Anjali and Atul open the car door.

As the car drove towards the house Riddhima looked at the divorce letters in the envelope in her hand…

"Can you give him the papers Muskhan this evening!" Muskhan looked at her and shaking her head.

"This is something you have to face Riddhima…."

Love Kat 

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