Sunday, 24 February 2019

Part 12 : Perfect

He stared at the cake dumbstruck for several moments, and it felt like the world had stopped for him....DAM IT he thought....birthday????its her birthday today????thats why she was....OMG....what did i do....shit and all that crap i just said to her instead of what i had been waiting to tell her all day and....dam dam dam....saying this he ran out of the bar grabbing the cake swiftly and going out carefully making sure nothing happened to it.....ridhima in the meanwile had rushed towards her car in the parking lot colliding with many on the way out since she was blided by the streaming tears. she was greatful, to see it was dark outside and not many people around to see her in that she finally reached her car she got in and slumped on the seat her head on the steering and burst out crying....she felt completely she had longed all day to see his expressions when she gave him the cake and then the gift....the gift....remembering it was still in her bag, she ripped it open and looked at it for a long moment before opening her window and throwing it out.....but....instead of hearing the crashing sound she had expected she just heard a familiar "OUCH" and turned around just in time to see him trying to catch the gift with one hand, balancing the huge cake with the other, and
slip hard on the pavement in the effort of doing so. as he opened his eyes, he saw the cake had fallen messing up his clothes, his hair and even parts of his face, but he had managed to save the gift from she rushed out of the car instinctively to help him, he saw what it was....a huge glass frame with their picture from the celebration on the last day of the performance of troy, him giving her a peck on her cheek, his arm around her, as she stood smiling but blushing in her greek outfit....painted below in her tidy writing were the words "LEGALLY YOURS!!!" smiling inevitably, at her innovative and deep thinking for planning his suprise, he looked up to see her put out a hand towards him, he was going to grab it to get up, but instead, she snatched the frame from his hand and tossed it away again, but he sprung up and caught it a second time just before it crashed on the ground...."whoa not practicing to enter the cricket team yet, take it easy sweetheart" hearing him say that she gave him a fiery look, and putting the frame on top of the car, he just stared back feeling completely guilt ridden seeing her tear strained face and thought how could i hurt her so much....and then...she looks so beautiful today.....and instintively he first looked at himself in complete mess with the cake, and then looking at her again, pulled her into a hug, wrapping his arms around her in a tight embrace....first she struggled to get out of his grip, but realizing she would not succeed, she just gave up, and wept softly with her head resting against his bare chest where the top few buttons were open....."hush hush" he said, softly stroking her hair, and feeling more pain inside with each new tear he felt flowing from her eyes upon his chest....."hush honey.....i know i should be punished for even uttering these words but please forgive me darling.....i just spent the whole day so worried about u, and then when i learnt about the party i just lost it totally....atul said i should talk to you before getting impulsive but no, how i can ever listen to anything that makes really really sorry princess......u were always right about a complete jerk, who knows everyway to hurt the woman he loves...."...ridhima, who had been crying silently hearing all those words suddenly turned stiff....the woman he loves???had she heard him right???feeling her stiffening in his embrace he losened his grip and pulled her apart to look at he gazed into those innocent questioning emerald eyes, he knew why he had fallen her for her so completely and wrecklessly, and he promised himself to never let another tear enter the eyes of his lady love again....ridhima finally gathered her wits and said..."what did you just say???? grinning at her he said "me??? i said i am sorry sweetie" "no no after that" she asked him impatiently, "well i said forgive me for being a jerk" he said teasing her more...."and????"she persisted "o god what did u hear?????" he said with mock irritation while she looked confused and crestfallen and said "no i just thought...." and then remembering that she was angry with him for how he had behaved with her minutes ago in the bar, she pushed him and said "let me go armaan....see what u did...spoilt my new bday dress and now i have cake all over me and incidentally i had bought it with the idea of eating it not using it to decorate ourselves and...." "and i love you" said armaan putting a finger on her lips to silence her....seeing her expression go from irritated to dumbstruck to embaressment and finally settling down to a blush, he continued "is that what you thought you heard me say????you heard it right....i did say, would u forgive me for being a jerk to fall in love with you????" as she shot him a dirty look again he smiled at her naughtily and said...."well wouldnt you agree????i have to be a jerk to fall in love with a girl as wonderful as you, and then expect you to love me back too!!!" pausing he said in a more serious tone "i mean look at me...dont know the first rules of how to treat the woman i love like crazy, and look at you, not just tolerating me but doing so happily????why are you the way you are ridhima????how do you stand me????" seeing that he had been serious about this question she felt bad about the way the events had taken place....she realized how her sudden absence must have worried him and then knowing about the party without its cause had just knocked off his senses....but she realized the whole reaction had resulted only out of his sheer love and concern, so she decided it was her turn to lighten the mood... she said "well lets say ur macho looks play a vital role and turn me on???" and saying that she winked at him....he was bowled over for a few seconds, but recovering almost instantaneously, he flashed his gorgeous smile and said in a low seductive voice "really???" and saying so he pulled her closer again and stared at her intensely, causing her to blush and lower her eyes, while he raised her face holding it gently with her chin causing her to look back at him and said "i love u ridhima....its been coming to me for ages now...i guess from the first time u hugged me at the jewellery shop, and i should have said it much before this moment.....but could u just forgive me once and for all, just add this to the endles list of mistakes i have made and hurt you with, and i am ready to take upon myself whatever punishment u think befitting.....but i love you sweetheart....i really do...."and not finding another word to express what he had been dying to tell her all day he just looked at her hoping she knew how deeply he had meant those words, letting his eyes complete his extremely procrastinated confession....she finally found the courage to look back into his eyes, they spoke volumes, and she let her silence answer back in affirmative, implying that she knew what he meant and that she felt exactly the same way...aloud she said "would you expect me to say i love u too???if yes then your punishment is that i wont say it...because not only did u yell at me inside, but u also did not praise my gift for u...u did not notice i was wearing ur favorite color, and to top it all u spoilt my dress and my hair and the cake all at the same time....that gives me reason enough to punish u and not say what u want to hear...."and she looked straight into his eyes with a fake indignant look...."hmmm" said armaan, then pretending he was thinking by looking in the thin air he said "ok never mind saying those words as long as u act upon them, and saying so, he pulled her closer and gently kissed her on the forehead...."seeing her blush he continued whispering seductively close to her ears "besides i do have a solution to fix the problem of ur messed up looks....."and saying this he gently kissed off a small bit of cake from the side curve of her ridhima gasped, he proceeded to kiss off the cake from all over her face and finally coming close to her slightly trembling lips, he paused to look at her, seeing her eyes closed but her expression calm yet expectant, he kissed her, ever so softly on her lips, and then as he felt her reciprocating, he kissed her with much greater passion, not wanting to ever let go, making up for all the times he had checked himself from doing so in the past few weeks....when they finally parted, he looked her with a serious expression and lifted her face till she looked back at him and asked in an extremely grave tone "mmmm yummy!!!what flavor was that cake ridzi???iv decided to never to eat a cake unless its the same flavor????i have to admit uv got an incredibly tempting choice....a guy like me...and a cake flavor like that...good good....i never have to think about chosing stuff anymore, i trust ur choice blindly now!!!" hearing his words she grinned, while blushing, and hit him on his chest...then said "armaan ur worthless sense of humor i tell you....cant believe you ended that romantic moment with a cheesy joke like that..."and seeing his expression turn soulful she thought perhaps she said too much????"armaan???i was just joking..." and brightening up again he retorted "well thank god then...for a moment i thouht u meant it when u said that was the end of the romantic moment" and he burst out laughing by the end of his teaser....she was completely caught off by this second joke and she thought this guy can never let me remain sad for long...he is so full of life that with him in my life i will never feel low again...this has to be the best birthday of my life and armaan is the best gift you could have given me god...thank u so much....seeing her lost all of a sudden he snapped his fingers before her eyes saying "hey beautiful???who's the lucky one on ur mind????" she looked back at him not really having heard what he had said, and just quipped "i love u armaan...""ah there u go " he said.."yipee punishment over...but u know what if thats the way i have to apologize everytime only to be rewarded by an i lov u at the ready to be punished for the rest of my life"blushing deeply now she said "gosh armaan...ur beyond any limits...incase u forgot we r getting married in less than 2 days, and look at you...flirting with the girl ur engaged to....ur just impossible" giving her a cheeky look he quipped "well would u prefer it if i flirted with girls i wasnt engaged to???i dont mind seriously....u just have to mention it ur greek highness, ur wish is my command, infact " he continued, "say it quickly cause i just saw an amazing brunette chick come out of the bar right there" as ridz turned to look in the direction he had pointed to he quickly kissed her on her cheek and winked at her as she looked back at him with a 'u really are impossible' look....what could she do???it were exactly these charms of his she had fallen she just had to live with them, she thought forever!!!!
"well mr.malik....have u really decided to starve me on my own birthday????the cake is ruined as it is...atleast take me out for dinner um simply famished" "absolutely madam" he replied bowing in front of her and asking her to lead the way....she walked ahead towards the passenger seat after handing him the keys to her BMW....


"so why was your cell switched off all day ridz?" asked armaan between mouthful of the pasta she had made for them both....after sitting in the car and arguing for 15minutes of where they could go they had decided to head back to the malik mansion where ridz would just cook them both something, or as armaan had corrected her, practice doing what she would have to continue doing for the rest of her life two days from then....ridz had been hesitant to go to her future home with cake all over, but armaan mentioned that dad was out for some work and wasnt expected back until the nex day...he did not mention radhika as usual, and she stopped herself from asking, deciding they had seen enough action for the day already and now she just wanted to spend a peaceful fun evening with him.......coming back to his question, she answered "well i had been getting so many calls all the time ever since early morning, that soon after we reached the hotel where my suprise party was organised the battery died out....and when i asked my friends for a cell so i could call you they refused saying that for the duration of the party i was going to stay away from the phone since i had spent enough time on mine all morning....." as she finished armaan realised a second fact too"oh so thats why ur phone was engaged in the morning too....and i was wondering who u were on the phone with in those early hours...."ridz looked up at him with a funny look and said "oooohhhh do i sense somebody got jealous????" he shot back "of course not....but i did notice someone getting jealous on the mere mention of a brunette chick!!!"and they both laughed, thinking simultaneously, that this was the beauty of their relation....since they had started out as friends, they trusted each other....ridz thought, even when he was worried about me having disappeared all day he did not doubt where i could was just plain worry for my well being....while armaan thought "she knows me so well....and has seen me flirt all the time...but the best part is that even before i confessed she believed with complete faith, that she was the only girl i trully loved...i love her for the trust she places in me, n i will never ever break it" he thought....but as he smiled at her he saw a picture of him and his dad from his first basketball game on the wall behind her, and he remembered the one truth she still did not know....the truth about the deal.....looking at her happy relaxed face again he vowed to tell her all about it....and very soon...but right now he reasoned, they had had enough for a single day, and he just could not see her sad for another moment on this special day of hers, most of which he had already spoilt.....later for the right moment...he told himself....she will understand when i explain the whole thing....for now she knows that i love her.....and putting the disturbing thought aside with its new found solution, he continued chatting with her, joking, laughing, blowing each other kisses and sharing cute short eyelocks!!!!


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