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part 13 & 14 : Tumhare hum

part 13 :

Over the past couple of days,
Armaan has been acting a bit
strange lately at work. He is for the
most part avoiding me. It's actually
starting to creep me out. What if he
has discovered that I'm the same
girl from eight years ago and that I
am only seeking out revenge. Like I
said, I'm totally freaked out. There is
also the possibility that maybe he's
scared of the falling in love with me.

I don't really know what to think,
since he won't explain himself. He
excuses himself from rooms when I
enter, I mean seriously like what the
hell is up with that? If he has to
talk to me, he sends his secretary to
do it. If it's absolutely necessary to
talk face to face, it's short and to the
point. I kind of think he is trying to
confuse me, like make me run after
him, but I'm not really sure because
he looks a bit nervous around me.
Another week passes by
and he starts talking a bit more to
me, a little more normally anyways.
On this fine Tuesday morning, it the
last day I will be going to work, until
I come back from Muskaan's
wedding that is. I want to get there
a day before all the functions start.
I already bought my outfits and
everything. I'm suppose to leave for
Muskaan's wedding tomorrow in the
morning by train. My mother and
father insist on staying home
because of his stroke, which I
completely agree with. I have been
procrastinating about telling Armaan
that I am leaving for a few days. It's
not that I think he will refuse, I
mean I'm his partner so he can't,
but I actually don't know why I
didn't tell him yet. I should have
told him earlier in case any
problems arise while I'm gone.
Anyways better late than never
I step into his cabin, while
I hear him on the phone saying, "…
yeah, alright see you tomorrow!" He
turns his attention towards me and
puts down the phone, then signaling
me to sit. I slowly sit down across
from him and say slowly, "I won't be
in the office for six days…" Armaan
looks towards me quizzically, "Six
days? Is something wrong? Is it your
father?" I nearly laugh out loud
looking at his panicked state. So
maybe the guy has a heart, not a
very big one considering the
circumstances, but it's good to know
it exists! I smile, "No, no nothing is
wrong! I just have a personal matter
to attend to, I hope you don't
mind!" Hell, he better not mind or
I'll give him a piece of my mind! He
sighs in what I guess to be relief
and says, "No of course I don't
mind!" I stand up grinning, "Great!
So see you on Monday!" He nods
repeating, "Yeah see you on
Monday!" His tone seemed a bit
depressive, but maybe I'm wrong.
I quickly finish the paper
work for the day and rush home. I
start packing because I'm suppose to
leave for the train station first thing
in the morning. After double
checking I haven't left anything out,
I go to sleep. When I wake up the
following morning, I quickly shower
and change into red skirt with a
white halter type blouse. I put on
some red pumps with white polka
dots and head out to the taxi with
my suitcase. When I arrive at the
train station, I find out that there is
a strike. That's just fan-freaking-
tastic! Why the hell don't I turn on
my television! I mean what purpose
does it serve just sitting there! The
workers have decided to have a
strike on the same day I need to use
the train! I swear under my breath,
"Shit… Can things get any worse?"
You know how people say that things
could always get worse, well they
were right! I turn around and bump
into someone. My eyes travel from
his black jeans to his fitted red
designer T-Shirt. It is him.
God, I really wish I hadn't asked
that question a second ago. Armaan
gasps as he realizes it's me and asks
astonished, "You? Riddhima what are
you doing here?" I respond annoyed,
"I came here to milk a cow! What
the hell do you think I'm doing
here? Aren't you suppose to be at
work? Are you following me?"
Armaan laughs, "Easy tiger, one
question at a time. Firstly, you see
my friend insisted I come early for
his wedding, which is why I'm not in
the office. Secondly, "Hell no I'm not
following you, I got more important
things to do than follow you across
India, thank you very much!" I
mumble under my breath, "Oh joy…"
I ask him, "So where are… or well
where were you going?" He flashes
me a smile saying, "Pune… for my
friend Rahul's wedding." My eyes
grow wide in utter shock, "Wait
you're going to Rahul and Muskaan's
wedding too?" He laughs, "Wait, so
that's where you were going? To
Pune? Huh, what a small world!" I
groan, "It's freakishly small, I can
vouch for that! In more ways than
one!" He laughs, "So how are we
going to get to Pune?"
Did he just say we? Crap! There is
no we! Okay, relax Riddhima just
think of the Brightside… I probably
can get closer to him since he has
been avoiding me, but I really don't
think that this will be good for my
well-being or his! I wonder if he will
hold it against me if I strangle him,
I mean surely he knows that he is so
far beyond aggravating, right? I just
sigh in response, "I guess by car…"
He smiles, "Yeah, that's fine. Let's
get a taxi and head over to my
house since my car is at home." I
signal him to lead the way, while I
shuffle my feet behind him. We
eventually get to his house in no
time and drive off in his Bugatti
Veyron sports car. I really hate the
driver, but got to say I love the car.

part 14 :

So half an hour into the road trip, I
realize that I really need to use the
bathroom. I feel like my bladder is
about to burst. I start squirming
around in my seat, not being able to
sit still. Armaan notices my
uneasiness and asks, "Riddhima
what's wrong? Do you have to use
the restroom or something?" I
violently nod my head, while he
laughs saying, "Okay, okay I get it!
Your head is bound to fall off if you
keep that up!" I don't even have the
energy to retort so I just slump back
into my seat, hoping he stops
somewhere very soon. Five minutes
later, Armaan finds a little fast food
restaurant, where he parks the car. I
don't even wait for the car to come
to a complete stop before I leap out
the car and dash into the
When I come out, I notice Armaan
waiting in the car. I quickly sit
down, relieved that I can stop
squirming uncomfortably. Five
minutes into the drive, I start to
smell the aroma of food. Armaan
reaches behind his seat and pulls
out the bag containing a sandwich. I
watch him eat the sandwich in slow
motion, he is freaking savoring the
**** flavor. I hear my own stomach
growl and realize truly how hungry I
am. I really didn't want to beg him
to share; I mean it's Armaan you
know? He notices the longing look in
my eyes as I stare at the sandwich
in his hand and he smirks. I snap at
him, "Armaan, you shouldn't be
eating while driving!" He laughs,
"Are you sure you're not saying that
just because you're hungry! Do you
want some?" I look at him shocked
and hesitantly nod. He grins, "Aww
well that's just too bad, looks like
you are going to have to wait until
another restaurant comes along!"
I glare at him intensely, while he
doesn't seem to be fazed at all. He
laughs shaking his head and reaches
behind my chair to take out another
bag containing another sandwich. He
shoves it in front of my face, while I
look at him unsure of whether he is
rubbing it in my face or if it's
actually for me. He laughs looking at
my confusion, "It's for you
Riddhima." After making me suffer
so long, I fold my arms across my
chest and reply, "What makes you
think I want it?" He laughs, while I
realize I had actually told him I
wanted some when he asked before.
He says, "Riddhima please just take
it… I really don't want to kill both of
us, while I'm driving." I grin hearing
the word 'please' and take the
sandwich off his hands stating,
"Begging suits you." He shakes his
head, while laughing and dismisses
my statement.
An hour passes with silence still in
the air. The car then starts to jerk
forward and eventually coming to a
complete stop in the middle of a
secluded road surrounded by trees.
There isn't any sign of civilization for
miles. I look towards Armaan,
dreading the inevitable. He looks
shocked by the gas gauge in his car
and then turns towards me with an
apologetic look. I groan, "So now
what are we suppose to do? It
doesn't look like there is anyone
around here either…" Armaan shrugs
his shoulders and says, "We can
hitch a ride from someone to a gas
station and get some gas, then get a
ride back..." I sigh quite loudly and
yell, "Why couldn't you have just put
some gas in the **** car like a
normal person!" He looks taken back
by my outburst and offended when
he gasps, "Don't talk about my baby
like that!" I nearly laugh out loud
looking at his love for his precious
car. I'm not that amused given the
circumstances that this stupid piece
of junk gave out on us. I sigh
noticing he still seems offended and
I mumble, "Sorry, it's just not a
good day is all…" He nods
understandably and gets out the car
to see if any cars approach. Of
course, when one car does approach
it zooms right past Armaan. As soon
as I get out Armaan's car, the car
stops and reverses back very quickly.
The guy in the vehicle doesn't really
look all that trust worthy, but we are
desperate. He addresses me,
completely ignoring Armaan's
presence in the equation. He says,
"Hey pretty lady, did you need a ride
someplace?" He starts to eye me,
while I sweetly say, "Umm actually
could you take us to the gas station?
You see our car ran out of gas…" He
looks towards the car and then back
at me and nods. Armaan just stands
off to the side, watching our
interaction, hating the way the guy
is staring at me like a piece of meat.
As I am about to get into the
passenger seat, Armaan stops me
and gets in himself. It seems he
doesn't want me to sit next to the
pervert, not that I mind because I
don't really want to sit next to that
man either. The guy seems a bit
distraught that Armaan is coming
with us, but he doesn't utter a
word. There is no way in hell, I
would get into that car without
Armaan being there with me. Sure
Armaan can be a jerk to me, but I'd
pick Armaan over this pervert any
day of the week. I mean I really
don't get kicks out of putting myself
in dangerous situations. I hop into
the backseat, sitting directly behind
Armaan. By the way I don't plan on
asking his name so he going to
remain nameless also known as "the
During the car ride, the man
readjusts the rearview mirror so that
he can keep an eye on me. Every
now and then I can feel his stare. I
shift in my seat uncomfortably, and
look straight at Armaan's headrest
instead. Armaan's eyes meet mine
through the side mirror and he gives
me a reassuring nod. It rather put
my mind at ease to know that
Armaan would protect my honor.
Huh, I wonder how long that will
last… I mean I do plan of ruining his
love life, so that he basically spends
all of eternity pining for my love. It
really makes me wonder, to what
extent he would go to. I haven't
given it a lot of thought, but I don't
plan on dwelling on a few minor
details. Besides I'll find out when I
find out, I guess…
When we arrive at the gas station,
Armaan quickly buys a gas can for
his car. It is enough gas for us to
drive up here by ourselves to fill up
the car completely. We figure the
guy would have left by now, but as
soon as Armaan and I step out of
the store we see that the guy is still
waiting around. I look towards
Armaan a little creeped out that the
guy is going out of his way to help
us. Surely, people aren't that nice
and you can tell he isn't nice by the
way he keeps checking me out. I
have never felt so uncomfortable and
this beats out Karan's stare, by far.
Armaan holds my hand and ushers
me to the man's car again. I
awkwardly get in the car and the
man drives towards Armaan's hot
The guy purposefully drives slow and
keeps looking at me throughout.
Armaan's face turns red in anger.
Seriously, this jealousy thing is kind
of freaking me out to tell you the
truth. Eventually we reach Armaan's
Bugatti Veyron and as soon as I get
out I feel his gaze behind me. I feel
ready to vomit right about now,
Armaan shoves some money at the
guy and warns him drive off. The
driver leaves somewhat reluctantly,
mostly due to Armaan's intense
glare. Now honestly I would not
have minded if Armaan boxed him
out, but we don't always get what
we want now do we?
A couple hours later we find
ourselves parked outside the hotel
in Pune, where everyone who is
attending the wedding is staying.
Armaan and I bid farewell and look
for our friends. Oh man, Muskaan
sure knows how to pick guys! I mean
is she serious? Armaan's friend?
Armaan Mallik's ******* friend! The
same Armaan Mallik that ruined my
life! You would think this stuff would
only happen in stories, but me being
unlucky is the story of my life.

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