Tuesday, 12 February 2019

part 13: Don't step on the Daisies

Muskhan looked over at her as she they sat in the canteen…so silent and never had she seen her in such a state she smiled and laugh at home when deep down she was totally torn up by the ordeal.

"I hate you Armaan!" they turned to see Sapna looking at him annoyed as they walked into the canteen…

"OMG try to understand I am on both side of the wedding …" he looked at Sapna as she pulled out a chair at Riddhima table.

"Riddhima explain to him he was my best friend and has to be at all my functions…" Armaan looked over at Riddhima and then back at Sapna.

"Can we discuss this alone and not in front of strangers!" Sapna turned to look at him surprised as Riddhima lowered her head feeling her eyes filling up.

"Strangers? Ok? you been sniffing the meds?" Armaan pulled the chair next to Riddhima and looked over at Sapna.

"Muskhan and Riddhima are not stranger …so say you're sorry!" Sapna looked at him angrily and then back at the girl whispering sorry.

"Sorry!" he looked over at Sapna… feeling a hand take his under the table he looked at her with her head lowered and saw a lone tear leave her eyes as she smiled through her tears at Sapna wiping her tear

"Look you both have mendhi and all the other ceremonies on the same day so I think I should be on Amit side!" feeling her hand squeeze his he closed his eyes…. Dame it when I want to be away from her she pulls me closer to her….feeling her fingers interlocking with his… he looked at her annoyed and sighed….removing his hand from her.

"Who wants something to eat?" Sapna looked at him in tears as he got up from the table.

"Muskhan? Sapna?" he looked at her as she shook there heads not wanting anything.

"Can Doctor Sapna and Muskhan please report to the nursing station!" Armaan looked over at the girls as they left as he pulled up a chair at the table and looked at her.

"Armaan I talk to you later!" he nodded over at Sapna as she left.

"Are you avoiding me?" he looked at he as her as he placed he sandwich in his mouth.

"Yes!" she looked up at him as he looked away eating his sandwich.

"If that the case you be happy to know papa has decided to bring the marriage forward…" he smiled looking at her.

"Good I hope you make that marriage work!" she looked at him getting up from the table with his plate walking away.


Looking at the xray he closed his eyes as the tears where now so unbearable the pain in his chest hurt like nothing in this world… when he first lost her he felt pain but nothing like this…for 20days they had gotten so close and now she was coming to see him to give him the sign papers. Who was he kidding as she never wanted to be in this marriage… they where both running away from something when they met and not really thinking they embarked into a commitment. He was clutching and upholding promise which she wanted to break but that night when he made love to her sober ….feeling nothing but love and now he wanted it all or nothing? …wiping his tears he looked over at the clock and head towards the door grabbing his jacket.

She sat at the empty table holding the papers in her hand and looked up to see him as he pulled the chair and looked at her.

"I want to say sorry Armaan… and explain my actions!" she looked at the stern look on his face and closed her eyes to compose herself.

"I don't want to hear it!… I have given up all my haq for you when I signed the divorce papers there is nothing left now…" he looked at her but nothing was going to take away the pain so why did he want an explanation.

"Ironic isn't huh… when I wanted you to love me but now I don't care!" she looked up at him as he threw his head back laughing.

"Sir can I take you're order!" he looked at the tear in her eyes and heavy heartedly smiled at the waiter.

"Champagne seem fitting wouldn't you say! … I for one feels like celebrating!" she looked at the waiter as he ordered and placed the papers on the table.

"So when's the wedding Riddhima you must be looking forward to it!" she looked at him reach for the papers.

"It's on the same day as Sapna's wedding!" Stunned he looked at her as his eyes filled up … so soon.

"Wow good I guess I don't have to get another outfit for that then…" his harsh words where killing her never had he spoken to her in such a manner and his behaviour was killing her to watch….as looked at him place the sighed papers in his inside pocket. ….picking up the champagne glass she looked at him knocking it back in one go.

"Waiter menu please!" so this was there last meal how he wished to dine with her forever maybe it was not meant to be…. She looked at him and slowly placed her hand on his…. And looked into those spell bounding eyes to see nothing but pain and betrayal.

"I don't need you're sympathy.." he withdrew his hand

"Armaan please hear me out…" he narrowed his eyes and looked at her refilling his glass.

"No! I want to know why you accepted me as your husband?… I want the truth not a wish-washy answer" he leaned forward over the candles and looked at her….lowering her gaze as he leaned back picking up the glass.

"You're eyes captured something inside me…..I guess initially it was because I thought you could save me… from everything!" putting his glass down stunned he looked at her with her eyes lowered… leaning forward.

"Sir!" he looked up to see the waiter with the food as they placed the starter before them…. Hearing the couples laugh and dancing on the dancer floor he looked at her as she placed the napkin on her lap.

"Thank you!" her voice quivered as she closed her eyes to compose herself… her body was aching just to feel his touch…. But feeling his eyes burning through her she knew he was upset and time just stood still as she looked up to find him not there.

"Dance with me!" seeing his hand she looked up at him in tears as her hand moved towards her unknowingly…. Feeling his hand slide around her waist she closed her eyes feeling her body starving to feel his touch…feeling her so close to him he placed his hand gentle in her palm… as his pulse raced… he looked at her avoiding his gaze

"Look at me!" raising her eyes to look at him …feeling herself pulled closer to him she gentle placed her head on his shoulder as there danced…

Pehli Najar Mein Kaisa Jaadu Kar Diya
Tera Ban Baita Hai Mera Jiya
Jaane Kya Hoga, Kya Hoga Kya Pata
Iss Pal Ko Milke Aa Ji Le Jara
Mein Hu Yahan, Tu Hai Yahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa, Aa Bhi Ja
O Jaaneja Dono Jahan, Meri Bahon Mein Aa, Bhul Ja, Aa -(2)
Baby I Love You -4 So More
Baby I Love You, O I Love You
I Love You, I Love You So More
Baby I Love You

Feeling his hands slowly moving up her back she felt his lips brush past her earlobe as she slowly lifter her head from his shoulder… as he looked at her he just wanted to take her away from everyone and keep her all to himself… He placed her arms around his neck placing his hands on her waist feeling her body respond to his every touch he knew she could only be hers…staring in his eyes she saw nothing but love as she slow lowered her hands to his shoulders she gasped as he turned them both around.

He stared at her across the table….. pouring himself another glass of champagne he looked at her and smiled.

"I guess you be going back soon as its getting late…" he looked at her nodding.

"I asked you to marry me as you told me …. That you never leave my side no matter what happened!…. but you left me as soon as you woke up!…You win some and lose some…" feeling is pain as he laugh she placed the champagne glass to her lips.

"Remember this?" he looked at the red gambling coin in her had surprised.

"Keep it! A wedding Gift… 10 thousand dollar chip… look at is as pay off!" she slammed the chip on the table and looked at him

"I guess I was cheap for 30days!" he looked at her getting up from the table and taking her bag.

"SIT DOWN!" she looked at him raising his voice and looking around the restaurant to see everyone turning to look at them…seeing her sit down he smiled over at them all.

"Cheap! I am the one with the raw deal here … you have a husband to be to go back to remember…" seeing him slam the napkin on the table she looked at him waving to the waiter.

"We leaving!" he looked over at her as he stood up…

She looked at him marching over towards the exit as he threw the money on the table….looking behind him he was burning with rage as he opened the car door he looked at her slamming it shut and pushing her up against the car.

"I love you god dame it!" feeling his grip holist her towards him he glared at her.

"What do you want a knight in shining amour to rescue you? If you can't even help you're self then who am I? …. Fine I understand you choose you're family over me!…ok I can live with that but to see you marrying someone else on the day I arrange my best friends wedding …. Is below the belt!" hearing his voice quiver she felt his grip loosen up as he looked at her in tears.

"What more do you want from me?" feeling her own tears she looked at him stepping back as he placed his hand through his hair…stepping forward she looked at him helplessly but she had no choice… a debt she had to pay back…and giving him up was the price….as looked at him turning around she took hold of him sobbing from behind… as he turned around he took hold of her sobbing.

"Riddhima!" hearing her cry as she broken down he held her.

"I love you Armaan…" hearing her gasping as she cried he held her close to him kissing her forehead….as he lead her to the car.

"Let just spend the rest of the night together…" hearing his calming voice she nodded….. They looked over towards the beach as the moon looked so big as he held her in his arms sitting on the car… No words where spoken as they held each other both wishing for the night would not to end….. He looked over towards her in his car as they drove home…. The sun seeped through the cloud and there time had ended…. Fate had only this installed for them….as they found each other it was time to part…

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