Monday, 25 February 2019

Part 13 : Perfect

"hmmm that was a scrumptious full now" armaan sighed with satisfaction "yeh i sure hope so....u have been eating for like the past half an sorry eating is an understatement, uv been hogging on the pasta for the past half an hour....teme something armaan do u always eat this much????" ridhima said with mock concern in her voice while she had a sly teasing look in her eyes...armaan looked at her, and said "yeh well mostly just this much, but occassionally i get hunger pangs... then i eat more..."grinning at her as she gave him the 'u must be kidding' look, he continued "but dont worry u have emerged victorious in the stiff competition among the many applicants i had file in for this post, so ur hired for the job of my personal assistant at home, to cook all three of my meals, along with just 6 mid snacks, and other general chores that have to be taken care of in the bedroom....congratulations ms. gupta u must be excited about your new job...." she now stood gaping at him and then coming back to her senses finally retorted "fine mr. malik but u have to know that to hire perfection u will have to part with high monthly salaries....i am going to be an expensive
assistant to pay....i hope ur fine with that????"armaan saw her immitation of shrewd professionalism which in contradiction actually resulted in adding to her innocent cute look, n smiling once again for the billionth time that evening thanked god to have her in his life, but not losing focus for his chance to win the argument he said "of course how would u like to be paid..."he said getting up from his chair and moving towards her, continuing "in cash " he paused as he got closer still, enjoying the effect of their proximity on ridhima as her face dropped the naughty look and started changing color to shades of red, and he went on "or in kind... perhaps????" he whispered the last words in a slow seductive drawl close to her ears and his dimples deepened feeling her blush hard now....she looked at him, but not able to stand his hazel eyed gaze too long she turned her head and moved to get up from her chair to regain her composure, but armaan had decided otherwise....he held her wrist, and slowly she turned around and he pulled her into his arms...kissed her forehead softly and said again "so what did u decide????personally i believe i can pay higher wages in fact i dont mind going bankrupt paying you ur high wages" and saying that he tried to kiss her again but even though she was melting by the minute, she decided to not let him win so easy...pulling out of his hug and looking at his quizzical look at her sudden reaction she said "ummmm....well neither....i quit.....i figured as ms gupta and future mrs malik i will be rich enough to hire you for the same job instead...what say???r u game????" armaan smiled shaking his head...OH MY GOD he thought.... i am definitely not marrying a chick i can simply flatter and win over with pure charm...she is up for competition....alrite baby...lets bring it on then...."sure darling" he replied "i dont mind....but the conditions are the same only positions reversed, and i have decided i want to be paid in kind......and..." he said moving close to her "and..." closer still " a daily wager if you would please...." and he got the kiss she had moved out of just a moment ago...slowly and softly...he left a trail of kisses from her eyes towards her ear, and letting his lips stay in light sensuous contact with her earlobe he resumed "so what would you want me to begin with madam, the man is at ur service eagerly awaiting his orders so he can get paid fast....!!!!" ridhima felt she was fighting a lost battle, all she wanted at that moment was to relinquish this game they had started and just have him kiss her, without teasing....just kiss her he moved a little back to catch the effect of his latest hit, she hastily tried to regain herself...not quite was her turn to shake her head at how he never gave up, and then she reasoned...hes a law grad ridzi, the last thing they do is give up in a game of words!!!so she decided to handle this fun war another way, her her domain of expertise..."right, have it your way, i want thai soup and some japanese sushi please...." "oooohhh somebody is on strict diet food huh???"armaan teased her not missing any chance to earn points in these verbal rounds of war...."yeh u guessed right....avoiding oily food you see....this bloke um engaged to, is forever flirting with other woman....i cant afford to lose my savy looks and figure or he is most likely to desert me on the night of the wedding itself!!!!" hearing this they both burst out laughing and between the fits of laughter armaan said "u know u should be so glad i dont do that for real.....woman would kill to cling to armaan malik....but too bad....i just resigned from the part time playboy job to a full time servant to serve the love of my life" he ended the statement smiling yet in a seriously intended tone, with a look in his eyes which told ridhima that he never stated a greater truth in his life...she smiled back at him, thanking heartily whatever stars had conspired to bring them together, then squeezed his hand with love, standing up on her toes gave him a quick short kiss on his lips and said "well thats ur advance payment mr. malik, get down to work, lets see how much you are capable of earning in kind from the lady who loves u more than life itself...


As they cooked in the kitchen for the next couple of hours, it was for ridhima the most fun birthday she had ever had....she just could not seem to get enough of being with armaan, who himself, could not remember the last time he had experienced such effortless pure fun and love...however the romance did no good to the cooking itself....he followed the instructions she gave him for the food she had 'ordered' in an inevitably clumsy way, breaking the eggs to hard, crying while chopping onions, forgeting to turn off boiling milk which just overflowed, struggling to open the new bag of rice and spilling it all over the floor in the process, until the kitchen looked like a a devil's playfield, and the so called food he cooked a complete disaster! finally armaan slumped on the floor, all tired, giving up, but as ridhima sat down beside him, and ruffled his hair with affection, he smiled looking up at her...."um sorry....thats not even edible stuff...but hopefully i will improve with time as a trainee under ur highness???!!!" she hugged the messy him, and said " what crap....i think um gona be bankrupt paying u in kind for the very first job u did, if u improve i will just have no ways to pay u anymore!!!" then breaking away from the hug and looking at him earnestly she continued "i love u armaan...i never thought i would meet a man who would go to such extent just for my happiness....i lov u and trust u like i never could ever before....all my life i thought what wouldnt i give to get a life where i could do things my way by my wish....but now i think i found the man i can blindly submit to and follow, without thinking of the consequences, because now till he is with me, nothing can go wrong...."and as her eyes got moist saying this she got up and moved towards the garden outside, not wanting to cry and spoil the moment....armaan followed her outside and running after her, finally came and stood in front of her....then gently wiping off her tears he gently walked her towards the two seater swing in their garden and made her sit on it, while kneeling down facing her...and said..."i will never let you down....and i will never let anything go wrong....i love u sweetheart...i never thought these words could ever hold significance in my life, but with u, it seems everything else is insignificant except the words themselves" and saying so he pulled her into a tight hug, staying like that for what seemed an eternity.....
lost in their own world in those moments, they did not hear when a car drove into the driveway of the mallik mansion...nor did the notice the man who got out of the car, and about to walk away when his eyes caught the couple in the garden...samrat malik could not believe his eyes...he had just happened to finish his work earlier than expected and came back home only to see this????was that really armaan with ridhima he thought????the same armaan he had raised numb to all emotions???for a few moments he felt like his existence had refuted him to the core....the as the whole scene registered to him, he thought, with anger swelling inside him, NEVER......I WILL NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN....if armaan falls for that girl so aimlessly he will not concentrate on the empire the same way anymore....but thats not the worst....if that girl gets to control armaan, SHASHANK GETS TO CONTROL THE ALLIANCE INSTEAD OF ME.... no way armaan i havent raised u all these years to see u drift away to enemy camp when i need to play my game with u as the trump way....i have to stop this....n soon.....thinking this he went inside, to formulate a plan immediately to with deal the problem at this novice stage.....


As the early rays of the dawning sun started to show up, ridhima shifted a bit and then slightly opening her eyes saw armaan's head in her lap, sleeping away, in about the same position as they had sat chatting in late through the previous night, him on the ground before her, while she sat on the swing.....she smiled deeply, then blushed remembering the events from her birthday eve....then suddenly she jerked out of it seeing the time on her wrist watch as 5am, started shaking armaan gently to wake him up....armaan in his sleep just grabbed her hand and holding it more securely pulled it under his head for support....ridhima saw him and hated the idea of waking him up, so slowly pulled out of his grip and tiptoed inyo the huge mansion to find her car keys so she could she grabbed them from the table and made a move to leave she thought of leaving armaan a she started looking around for a paper and pen, when she heard the familiar gentle voice "good morning beta" she turned around to see radhika standing there in an elegant black gown smiling at her....ridhima immediately felt panic...oh god, had sasu ma been there all night....what would she think of me now....but radhika gave her another reassuring smile, which gave ridhima just about enough courage to ask "hello aunty...i mean...mumma....i mean...i did not se you around last evening" she finally lurted out, and then cursed herself, as her words made it obvious that she had been there all night.....further more ridhima realized she was still in her black dress which after the cooking disaster session did not have just cake but several other varieties of tit bits on it.....she kicked herself mentally for not having come and changed into clean clothes last evening....but she recalled also how hungry they had been and so never thought of it and the post dinner series of events left no time to appear mor presentable....she stood there just wanting the earth to gobble her up so she would not have to face her sasu ma in this state.....but radhika who stayed in her room all the time, had not missed the fun laughter and the love which had adorned her house after many years, not wanting to interrupt their fun she had refrained from showing her, sensing how awkward ridhima was feeling she moved forward and hugged her lightly....saying "no beta i only just got back from a social work errand a couple of hours ago....but i am so happy to see you....i hope you both had a great time celebrating armaan's grad eve...." pausing a bit, and feeling that ridhima now seemed a little bit eased out she added "thank you so much have given armaan the true happiness he has long deserved....god bless u both with a happy married life" then releasing her from the hug "were u looking for something beta????" quite at peace now, ridhima knew now why her intuition had always supported radhika, she was a wonderful and warm woman, and her last few minutes putting ridhima at ease, realising the whole situation, without appearing to do so proved it, n this strengthed ridhima's resolve to solve the issues between mother and son, once she was a malik officially....getting back to the present moment she answered "well i wanted to leave a note for armaan so " ridhima interrupted "il fetch u paper n pen" she handed the note to radhika, and turned to leave after bending to take her blessings, radhika gave her note back n said, "it would be better if u just tuck the note into armaan's pocket perhaps, god bless u beta" saying that she left....ridhima took the point and doing as she had said drove to her house, hoping shashank was out for a jog, and would not notice her absence....
meanwile, the whole saas bahu love scene had not escaped samrat, who fumed now, and frowning said to himself...."i am sorry armaan, but um just going to have to do this....u forced me into it, i cant sacrifice my rule for ur mere silly love....."



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