Wednesday, 13 February 2019

part 14 : Don't step on the Daisies

eh jo silli silli aundi eh hava
kittay koi ronda hovega*2
yaadan mere wangoo seene nal la ho
yaadan mere wangoo seene nal la
kittay koi ronda hovega
eh jo silli silli aundi eh hava silli silli aundi eh hava
kittay koi ronda hovega-2

(bina badlan toh hoyi jaave barsaat jo
chunni nu nachodi jave kothhay chadi raat jo)*2
palla chann da vee
palla chann da vee pijh jo geya hoo
kittay koi ronda hovega
eh jo silli silli aundi eh hava
kittay koi ronda hovega
yaadan mere wangoo seene nal la
kittay koi ronda hovega

"Omg Armaan what with the depressing songs in the car" Armaan looked over at Sapna as she skipped through the CD tacks on the stereo… Looking up at his rear view mirror he looked over at Riddhima as she sat in the back with her mother and Muskan.

"Hey leave it .. Amit gave me that track! It's a good and famous Punjabi track… sang on Voice of India as well…" feeling his eyes fill up as that was all he could feel the pain.

"I suppose I have to get used to his music taste… he normal plays happy tracks… not sure where he got these depressing song for you from? Oh here we go I like this track!" staring at the window he gripped the steering wheel as he stopped at the lights.

O Haseena O Neelampari
Kargai Kaise Jaadugari
Neend En Aankhon Se Cheen Li
Haaye Dil Mein Bechainiya Hai Bhari

Mein Bechara Hoon Awaraa
Bolo Samjahon Mein Yeh Abb Kis Kis Ko
Dil Mein Mere Hai

"Thank you Armaan beta for taking us shopping!" he looked up in the rear view mirror and nodded… If he had know they where coming as well he would have cancelled for the past three day he did everything to avoid seeing her as it totally hurt seeing her eyes.

"We have just a few bits and pieces to get! Riddhima I have to get you sari's to wear at Rahool's house when you're married so tell me what you want…" Armaan closed his eyes to collect himself as he pulled down the handbrake

"Amits meeting me …so we going to buy them together!" Armaan looked at Sapna smiling as he felt her pull his cheek.

"Armaan now you the only one left to settle down!" he looked at her as he stared at him smiling.

"No way Sapna… I don't want a slow death!" feeling Sapna hit him on the shoulder he chuckled heavy heartedly.


"Armaan?" he turned to see Padma wave at him as he stood looking at a tie in the department store and looked at her waving at him.

"Beta I need you're opinion… Muskhan gone to top up her phone and we cant decide? This blue sari or the green one?" he looked over at the sales assistance holding the pallu's on Riddhima shoulders and looked at her with her eyes lowered.

"Rahool like blue! So go with the blue one!" he looked at her looking up to see his face as he stepped away.

"Excuse me Auntie I have a call to make!" A lone tear ran down Riddhima cheek as she watched him leave… he was now running through every part of her and her body was screaming at her to just go and feel his arms but her feet just did not moved as they where tired to her duty and debt… as he disappeared and felt Muskhan take hold of her hand.

"Armaan?" he turned to see Amit but turned to take hold of his friend who he shared everything with..

"Come on Yaar..!" Armaan nodded and wiped his tears and smiled looking at him.

"Could you please take them all home … I cant breath in this place…" Amit nodded as he watched him walk away….

Riddhima sat in the back of Amits and looked over at Sapna as she looked so happy with Amit as she teased him and he made her blush…

"Hey do you guys know? its Armaan Birthday on the wedding day so I planned a surprise for him… Riddhima, Muskhan you in!" Sapna looked over at them smiling.

Muskhan looked at Riddhima as the lone tear ran down her cheek… she was thinking its his birthday on there wedding day…how this must have been a cruel joke.


Armaan looked down at the glass of whisky in his hand as he looked over to see everyone dancing and happy as Sapna and Riddhima had there hands painted by henna… The house was decorated in white, blue and gold as everyone was busy congratulating each other on the occasion… Atul's house was catering for one big massive wedding.

"Miss what is you're husbands name?"

"Armaan!" the mendhi girl smiled as she looked over at Riddhima staring into space.

"I will hide his name so he will not find it!" Riddhima looked over at the girl and nodded as she looked over at Armaan placing another glass to his lips… she had noticed he was drink a lot since he got here…

"Hey the boy sides have come with the shugan!" Riddhima looked over at Rahool's parents and Amits family walk in with the gifts for the family.

Armaan looked over at Amit and Rahool taking pictures with their wives to be as he placed another glass to his mouth.

"Armaan beta!" feeling Dr Shanshanks arm around him he smiled and looked at him

"I was talking to Atul he mentioned you have some entertainment planned?" Armaan nodded as they walked away…As the drums of the dhols sounded everyone started dancing to music and Armaan looked over Riddhima and her new family dancing … as he gulped another drink down he headed towards the exit…

Kirti looked for Shub and pulled him towards the side and looked over at everyone dancing.

"Armaan is taking Sapna's separation badly…" Shub nodded his head in agreement.

"I know I saw him drinking and thought I just leave him alone" Kirti looked over at the direction Armaan had left the house.

"I am worried Shub he not been himself lately!" Shub nodded… Sapna looked over at them as they spoken and walked in the direction

"Armaan?" wiping his tears he turned to see Sapna and smiled.

"Idiot I am not leaving you!" feeling her hold around him he held her as his heart was in pieces and only he knew why..

"I know …but I feel like I am loosing everyone around me!" Sapna feeling her eyes welling up she looked at him.

"I will be always there for you stupid and you ruioning my eye make up!" feeling her slap his shoulder he chuckled looking at her.

"Ok we better get back inside Muskhan's doing a special song ..and me and Ridz are all helping…come on!"

Armaan looked over at Muskhan and Riddhima as there music of the dhols started he looked over at Sapna and all the other girls joining them as the started dancing …smiling he picked up and other drink and looked over at Amit and Rahool who looked a little baffled as the girls danced…

Nit Khair Manga - 3
Soniya Main Teri
Duwa Na Koi Aur Mangadi - 2) - 2
(tere Pairaach - 2)  akheer Hove Meri
Tere Pairaach akheer Hove Meri
Duwa Na Koi - 2

Tere Pyaar Ditta Jagoda Sahaara Ve - 2
Maahiya Phul Gaya Mainu Jag Saara Ve - 2
Khushi Ye Ho Mainu - 3
Sajana Batheri
Duwa Na Koi Aur Mangadi - 2
Nit Khair Manga - 3
Soniya Main Teri
Duwa Na Koi Aur Mangadi – 2

Armaan smiled as the girls lead him onto the dance floor and looked over at them all dancing around him as everyone clapped along with the music he turned to see Riddhima dancing so close to him…Looking at her as she danced to only him… everyone stepped back and looked at her….

Dil Dhunde Unhe Sarhad Paar Ve - 2
Bas Maangu Main Unhi Ka Didaar Ve - 2
Raah Takati Hai - 3
Ankhiyaan Meri
Duwa Na Koi Aur Mangadi - 2
Nit Khair Manga - 3 Soniya Main Teri
Duwa Na Koi Aur Mangadi – 2

Riddhima eyes filled up as she looked at him as Muskhan looked over at everyone staring she jumped in and dancing with the other girls…Armaan stared at her in tears as she danced to him as she spun around he took hold of her in and led her towards Rahool and smiled as he placed her hand in his…. Riddhima looked over at him as he walked away…..

"Wow Riddhima that was amazing!" Riddhima looked over at Rahool and smiled.

"Its Armaan birthday…so we giving him a special part in the wedding!" Rahool looked over at Muskhan as she stood next Riddhima.

"Oh Ok I was wondering why you all pulled him on the dance floor… anyway Riddhima I want you to meet my cousin from America!… Vivek!"

Riddhima and Muskhan stared in horror as they saw him coming forward and grinning at them……………….


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