Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Part 14 : Perfect Imperfection...love..

what in the name of heavens were u thinking ridzi, staying over with armaan the whole night....great!! now bear the consequences, have fun at mehendi tonight with an impending insomnia attack to hit u any second, and since no bride can ever sleep with her legs and arms full of wet mehendi, stay up yet another night, and then god save you from fainting in the mandap of ur own wedding the following evening....awsome....and lets say u are lucky to survive that too, with your eyes somehow kept open, what about the wedding night....wow....armaan will love me for being the first bride in the world who slept on her own suhaag raat before her husband even entered the bedroom...uufff shut up ridzi what are u thinking...."bhabhi are u ok???" atul quipped interrupting her thoughts....armaan, ridhima and atul were in the mall completeing some last minute shopping for the mehendi tonight, and the wedding tomorrow....he had come over for lunch to ask armaan about the previous evening and if things were right with ridhima, and just when armaan was ending his naration, leaving out the extremely personal parts of it, ridhima had come along.....atul had not wanted to barge between the two lovers, but armaan had insisted blackmailing him, "as it is rahul is not here yet, how can i do my wedding shopping without both my brothers"....seeing his still unconvinced look ridhima had
added...."please atul, u have to come, atleast i should get to know one of my devars well before the wedding, after all you both will have to side up with me when armaan fights with me right???!!!!" resigning to their protests he had accompanied them....and now, in the last showroom they had to visit, while armaan was in the fitting room trying on a sherwani, atul had noticed the expressions on ridhima's face change with every passing second within the last 5mimutes...first she had displayed a range of sleepy expressions, then she gave some wierd irritated looks, then suddenly she looked like she was cursing herself and regetting something at the same time, and now the most recent one looked like she was trying not to blush....not for the life of him could he imagine what string of thoughts could result in that sequence of expressions....giving up on trying to guess anymore he had therefore asked her the reason directly....looking at atul waiting for her answer she gave him a blank look, in her head trying to figure out what she could say....and then she said "of course atul, dont worry about me...um...um just...just fine....nothing wrong, what could be wrong...hehe" she ended with a silly grin, knowing without doubt that he wasnt convinced with her reply in the least....then seeing armaan come up in a sherwaani he had gone to try she pouted and said pointing at him impulsively "its all his fault..." both armaan and atul looked at her then at each other and then back at her with a question mark printed all over their face for obvious reasons...."what did i do now" "what did he do now" came the same question, from both of them together....ridhima glared at armaan and then turning to atul with a pitiful look seeking help said in almost a cry baby voice "u know devar ji, he got me all sentimental last night and blackmailed me into hearing him talk god knows what worthless stories all night and so i have not been able to sleep a wink, and now with the mehendi tonight and the wedding tomorrow, god knows when i will sleep again....what if i faint in my own wedding when he's trying to put the garland in my neck????actually serves him right for not letting me sleep...." she finished off, and while atul burst out laughing, armaan just went from looking shocked to looking angrily at ridhima for the unfair and untruthful blame she had imposed on him..."ammy???bro why did u do that man" atul asked trying hard to control his giggles!!!ridhima, seeing atul wasnt noticing her winked at armaan mouthing the words "thats check honey!!!" armaan blurted "what non sense ridhima when did i tell you stories, we were just....." and he stopped in his tracks...then blushing slightly and scratching his head he looked down on the floor cursing ridhima for putting him in this vulnerable spot with atul, and then suddenly getting an idea he looked back up cheekily at ridhima, and with a mock innocent look towards atul and said "champ, c'mon man we are getting married tomorrow i thought i should be honest with her and tell in detail about all the girlfriends i have had in the past, the best kisses, the dates, the.....you know all that stuff...i thought it would be good for her to know all that beforehand wats a man to do if his lady doesnt appreciate his honesty???" atul looked at armaan and nodded slightly "well yeh i guess....but still if bhabhi was sleepy u should have let it be for then u know...." armaan , looking at ridhima who looked ready to strangle him hearing the words 'girlfriends' 'kisses' and 'honesty' replied, with a fake sorry look "aaawwww sweetie i did not realize i was tiring u out so bad....i thought u were listening to each word i said with great interest ....my sincere apologies darling..." saying this he pulled the by now fuming ridhima into a hug and whispered so that only she could hear "check and mate sweetheart!!" atul grinned shaking his head...he had figured out the game the moment it had started, since armaan had already narated the events of the evening to him, but he pretended innocence to watch the cute couple play about, and deep inside he felt trully happy for armaan to have found a girl like ridhima, they were 2 imperfect people perfect for each other he thought!!!"ahem ahem " hearing atul, armaan broke lose, and stood grinning at ridhima, who slightly embarrased said "and he still has not given me my birthday gift" hearing this atul looked at armaan armaan looked at ridhima and then looked down as if implying that now he was caught cause she was right....he had indeed not given her birthday gift, smiling slightly to himself he muttered under his breath "well not yet that is" and he looked back at her with a solemn look saying..." i thought my confession was gift enough, wasnt it" saying that he giggled seeing her pretended smile and said...."ok guys lets buck up now....and then glancing casually at his wrist watch he he almost yelled "omg champ....i think u will have to make a move if u r picking up rahul and muski from the airport they should be landing soon now...." hearing this atul too saw the time, hurriedly giving ridhima a hug and armaan a hi five said "see you later then....and ammy....bro get her some real gift man for heavens sake" winking at them both he left for the airport.....

as he disappeared armaan turned to see ridhima staring at him while tapping her foot on the ground...."what now" he asked "stop acting innocent um serious....what was all that girlfriend and kisses stuff about????and where is my gift????" "o c'mon ridzi....i just beat u at ur own wicked trick....admit it now!!!n what gift...we are not high school kids anymore....what do want...flowers???chocolates????teddy bears????ok lets go to a gift shop and you can pick what you want alright????" ridhima got really mad now "what????i took like ages to think of what to get you and u think i am silly to expect u to do the same...." saying that she pouted in anger and turned her back on armaan, who grinned behind her back then pulling a serious face said "uufff seriously u girls and ur tantrums....ok fine baba il get u something by evening lets just go home now...um getting tired..." saying this he started walking out of the mall...while ridhima more angry than ever before just followed him out in silence....as they finally reached the car ridhima kept silent in her anger, while armaan kept driving, humming 'mysterious girl' knowing it was irritating her....then breaking the silence when they finally reached her home, he asked "are u going to stay angry forever just because i did not get a gift for ur birthday?" "yup" came her curt reply "oh alright then.....look under ur seat...its there" ridhima eagerly looked under her seat to find a bunch of flowers, again an assortment and she realised she still had not told him her favorite, lifting those she saw a box which she pulled eagerly and ripping it open she saw chocolates and a stuffed teddy....."flowers chocolates and teddy...do u lik it?????asked armaan with an expectant face....though slightly disappointed she did not want armaan to feel bad since he had atleast got her a gift, so she smiled at him, the best she could and hugging him said "thanx honey i love them of course..." meanwile armaan was now having a really hard time controlling his laughter....aloud he said, in as controlled a voice as he could..."are u sure sweetheart...u do like those things right????i mean all girls do so i thought u would as well ridzi" he had known she would react this way....these gifts could have pleased any girl in the world....any girl except her and he knew that...which is why he had started with them....but ridhima said again "of course armaan i really like them thanx a ton...." and saying that she pulled out of the hug and made a move to step out of the car fearing armaan might read her face and realise she wasnt quite truthful....he turned her face around and said "then you wouldn't want this would u???saying so he pulled out a box from under his seat.....which she snatched out of his hands and said gleefully"is that another one for me????" armaan grinned at her innocent excitement and said "well if u insist on taking it go ahead" sticking her tongue out at him she got back to ripping the wrapper of the box...as she opened it, she found inside a basketball.....except that it wasnt just the usual plain orange color....seeing it closely, she realized it had something written on it in silver permanent marker.. she read aloud turning the ball all around to read the whole sentence " our...relation...is ...like....this....ball....no....matter....what....it....alw ays....bounces...back.....:)" for a few seconds she just reiterated the sentence she had read in her mind again...while thinking of what a deep reassuring message it held for their future in such simple words....then slowly she looked up at him her eyes getting moist again.... and before she could speak he said "please....dont say ur gonna cry....it cant be that bad a gift honey......" hearing him she started laughing with a couple of tears which had formed rolling down....while she, at a loss of words just hugged him again, this time completely meaning to.....armaan stroked her hair and whispered "do u like it???? i had to think alot after you dozed off last night of what to give u.....but couldnt think of anything to match your gift....but during the b'ball practice in the morning after i woke up, i was missing u...n our games...n then suddenly i had this idea....n i thought since i always keep messing up, seeing this ball when u r mad at me will remind u that um just a jerk...but i still lov u...n then u will melt n forgive me....wat say????" he asked her grinning....she looked back at him and smiled saying "oh so ur already warning me that u will be a and that i should consider this ball as your redemption ticket....well u know what....u win mr malik.....i love the gift....so i guess u will be forgiven!!!" as she spoke those words armaan just gazed at her ....he couldnt stop himself from giving her a soft kiss on her lips....and then before he could pull back, he found her gripping his hair softly and kissing him with deep intensity.....he kissed back, really happy that she had taken initiative and realizing that it was her way to reaffirm that she had indeed liked his gift for real this time....as they parted....she blushed and without looking at him, started running towards the gate, while he yelled "lov u honey cant wait to see u in the evning....!!!"


Most of the guests had left by now....just family members remained....as they too started to depart their own ways, ridhima stood next to a window in her room thinking about the evening while looking at her mehendi....the sangeet had been awsome fun, ridhima and muskaan had seemed to gell well from the word go.....while ridhima felt like she had suddenly found herself a younger sister, muskaan told her she would now be her permanent partner in crime, while cribbing that the notorious boy gang never included her in their acts....pouting cutely she said "meri to sirf bhabhi hain" while sticking her tongue out at the three of them....rahul had shared a cute moment with ridhima, while completing his role of putting little mehendi on her hands and had said..."bhabhi, u cant imagine how delighted i am for armaan and u...he has always been such a rigid jerk when it comes to love, that i still cant believe he got this lucky....but mind u bhabhi....if he ever troubles you, i am the one u need to call, n then god save him from me!!!!" saying this he had put a small pack beside her saying "thats from atul, muskaan n me bhabhi...i hope u like it....atul meanwile had pulled her out for a dance, and while dancing asked her almost screaming over the loud music....did u like the birthday gift bhabhi????as ridhima looked at him with a questioning look, he replied...."he told me before u even came about it....." ridhima smiled at the bonding between these, thinking wishfully how lonely her own growing years had been...but now she thought, finaly i am getting a real family....where people love each other and care for each other...and then as her thoughts travelled to the man who had made this dream come true for her, she felt his hands over her eyes, while he said "ridzi quick make a wish " caught by suprise she begun "what in the " armaam interrupted "oh complete that favorite dialogue of urs later....just make a wish quick" silenced by him she just thought "i have nothing more to ask for...just for armaan.... make all his dreams come true....i love him!!!!" then as she opened her eyes armaan turned her face in the direction of a shooting star just falling down.....then he said....."wont ask u what u wished or ul fire back that old bollywood dialogue about not telling ur wishes" he said turning her around with cheeky grin....and then getting just a bit serious he added "but i just hope whatever u asked for comes true!!!!"...as she smiled he quipped...."oh yeh just remembered....show me your mehendi now, muskaan said u got my name in it???" shying a bit ridhima said "yeh, every bride does that...." not taking time to admire her mehendi armaan searched like a lost child for his name, then looking up at her completely puzzled he said "where is it????are u sure u got it there.... i dont see it....." ridhima grinned and said...."thats the point....i told her not to write it as a single word but to scatter the alphabets all over in the pattern," then pulling her hands away she continued "but thats ur challenge for tomorrow night" "WHAT????" armaan was not liking her tone....and she confirmed his fears by saying "yes mr.malik, you dont get to even kiss ur bride until u find ur name in that...." "NOOOOO WAY ridzi....look sweetheart....i dont intend marrying a new girl every year ok...this is the one n only suhaag raat i will have....N THIS IS WHAT U EXPECT TO KILL TIME WITH????"he said the last words in a childish frustration, trying hard to persuade ridhima first by pleaing then by anger...anything...so she would change her mind....but ridhima grinned ruthlessly shaking her head in a no...."that or nothing armaan....its final" as he gave her a puppy look, giving a last shot, she just could not help but poke his dimples and give him a quick peck...."ahem ahem" they both turned around not quite pleased at the interruption in their cute romantic moment only to find samrat standing there smiling at them both....he said"um sorry kids guess i chose a wrong moment....but i am so happy beta, i just had to come n tell u both the good news"...."whats that dad" asked armaan getting curious as his dad walked past them to turn on the TV to the breaking news....."well" said samrat hugging armaan "um proud of u son....we did it see????as he read the headlines flashing as a footer on the tv screen, armaans expression turned grave, with a nagging fear, he forced himself to glance towards ridhima and the horrified, shocked, numb look on her face confirmed the worst to him.....as he stepped towards her samrat intervened hugging armaan and said "today because of your forward thinking in chosing ridhima as your life partner, we have finally formally set up the biggest alliance in london....the gupta-malik-grewal collaboration, ridhima beta," he said sparing her a glance at last, "i would definitely have hugged you but i dont want to ruin the mehendi thats inauspicious....but i want you to know beta, how happy i am that u agreed to marry armaan in order to let this dream of his come true, it had matters so much to him" saying this he patted her on her head and left....just beforemaking a final exit from the room, he turned around with an evil grin and said to himself "mission break up AR accomplished...samrat u r a genius!!!!"


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