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part 14 : Pyar ke mod pe....

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part 1-13

“Jhootha jag rain basera
Saancha dard mera.
Mrig trishna sa moh piya
Naata mera tera...

Arman ,who was lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling up and took out an album from drawyer and started seeing the photos..since five years this album and some video clips were only the reason to survive for him in this cruel world where no place of love in anyone’s life....this album was full of riddhima’s pic...not only after arman met her..some photos of her childhood and very young age also present there which arman had taken from padma and requested her not to tell riddhima. Arman thought to give surprise riddhima on their 1st anniversary making a beautiful ‘photo collage’ and a video of their love story..he had selected the beautiful romantic songs and secretly took riddhim’a video when she was angry on him and used to mumble and behave like a kid ...when she was happy and in romantic mood ..when she used to sing songs in her sweet voice.arman captured the photos and also took videos of those times secretly. All those videos he kept safely in his laptop.

Arman opened the laptop and started watching his most favourite video in which riddhima was dancing in rain.she didn’t know arman captured all scenes secretly.
Arman remembered how he was excited to show all these to his beloved wife,but he didn’t understand his fate was preparing to play a cruel game with him. Suddenly the storm came and ruined everything which made his life like a dersert.

Arman craessed riddhima’s pic wiping his tears which was started flowing from his eyes....

“Jo saanjhe khwab dekhte thhe
bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yoon
Jo milke raat jaagte thhe

Arman remembered how riddhima was broken after lucy’s death and arman was not able to see her like this,he decided to marry as soon and his parents also agreed for it. Everyone only wanted to give mental support to her but when arman fell in same situation,riddhima didn’t want to listen anything and its hurt arman so much..he forgot everything and burst on riddhima,blamed her about everything.....

“you are very selfish riddhima...aur shayad tumse judna meri badkismati are unlucky for me,warna mere dad,jinhe kabhi koi beemari touch bhi nahi kar payi thi..aaj achanak yeh sab kyon hua? Tum na khud khush reh sakti na kisiko khushi de sakti ho.....”

“ek dead person ke liye tum sab kuch chod sakti ho aur chahti ho mere dad ko mai jeete jee maar dalun...tumhe apni khushi ke alava kuch dikhta hai nahi..damn it! I hate you....!!”

Exact these words came out from arman’s mouth that day and riddhima was numb hearing it ! she only uttered in a painful voice : “i know arman ridhan is dead..par jab ridhan ke jaise bachchon ko mout ke munh me jaate hue dekhti hun toh mujhse unke apno ka dukh dekha nahi jata...mere successful hone se mera ridhan wapas nahi aayega par un parents ke chehre par jarur khushi aayegi jinke bachche thik ho jayenge.”

Arman was mocked : “ kal ke liye aaj ko tum neglect kar rahi ho par mere liye is duniya me sabse important mere dad hain..aur mai tumhara intzaar nahi kar sakta..i want to back india and asking you last time..tum chal rahi ho ya nahi?”

Riddhima uttered slowly : “no arman,its not possible..

Riddhima’s reply made him more angry and he yelled angrily : “okay,fine...i want to get rid of you riddhima..shayad hum dono ek dusre ke liye bane hi nahi hain....”

Sehar mein palke meechte hain yoon
Juda huye kadam
Jinhone li thi yeh kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant'te hain ye gham
Bheege naina..."

Arman dukhi tha..pareshan tha..aur usey koi rasta nahi dikh raha tha..par kya in sabke liye riddhima ko is tarah hurt karna jaruri tha? Insaan jab apni takleefon se ghabra jata hai toh shayad isi tarah apne chahne walon ko hurt karta hai...aur arman ne yahi kiya tha...riddhima ,jo bahut gusse me thi,arman ki batein sunkar bilkul khamosh ho gayi thi aur phir uske samne kabhi nahi aayi...uske baad wo dono court me mile the jahan riddhima ne uski taraf dekha bhi nahi tha...aur phir arman padma aunty aur shshank sir se vida lekar jab ghar se nikla toh baar baar peeche mudkar dekhta raha tha...shayad..shayad riddhima usey pukare..rukne ko kahe...shayad kahe..arman,jo hua bhul jao..chalo hum koi solution dhundhte hain..sath milkar dhundhege toh jarur koi na koi solution dhundh lenge...
Par riddhima nahi aayi thi..usne khud ko apne kamre me band kar liya tha ...

"Jo khidkiyon se jhaankte thhe
Ghutan mein bandh ho gaye hain yun....."

Arman remembered how he was sitting outside of the airport waiting for her...he had still the hope of riddhima’s coming but she didn’t come .

Saans hairan hai
Mann pareshaan hai
Ho rahin si kyun ruaansa ye meri jaan hai
Kyun nirasha se hain
Aas haari huyi
Kyun sawaalon ka utha sa
Dil mein toofaan hain

After returning Mumbai,arman had only one thinking to provide his dad best treatment.he talked the best doctors of neurology and cardiology.they assured him balvinder would recover but very slow. Arman was with him day and night ,didn’t leave him alone for a minute. Slowly balvinder started responding but he became like a kid who needed support to stand or sit. Arman,his friends were always with him.after some months he started talking a little and his first question was.....riddhima?”

Arman took his hand in him and replied lovingly : “dad,she was very busy so i came back.wo aana chahti thi par maine mana kiya,mai hun na aapke paas..wo kuch kar toh nahi sakti thi..but she everyday asks about you.”

Balvinder thought it true and smiled but dadi knew everything. Arman was not able to hide the fact that they had separated. Slowly balvinder recovered fully and one day he called shshank hiding from arman and shshank narrated everything with a painful voice and uttered : “billy,mujhe maaf kar dena dost.mai apni beti ko sahi parvarish nahi de paya shayad.”

Billy : “no shshank..its not anyone’s fault. Par kya ab kuch bhi nahi ho sakta?”

Shshank uttered with a sad voice : “jab tak riddhima successful nahi hoti,wo kuch bhi nahi sunegi and i think arman ko uska intzaar nahi karna chahiye..he should move in his life.”

Balvinder didn’t reply only left a long breathe and cut the call.shshank wanted to inform him about riddhima’s pregnancy but couldn’t as riddhima took promise from her parents they would not tell anyone about it. When padma opposed..her reply was : “mumma,aap samajh nahi rahi ho.we are separated...arman ko apni family ke sath rehna chahiye aur agar yeh baat usey pata chale toh aur problem me fans jayega .aur shayad wo us bachche ko blame karey,jis tarah apne dad ki beemari ke liye mujhe blame kiya mumma...mujhe lagta hai maine usey yahan forcefully bandhkar rakha tha..usey jeene do mumma apne logon ke sath..wo humey bhul chuka hai aur phir se yeh rishta banana ki jarurat nahi hai..meri kasam agar aaplogon ne unhen kuch bataya toh.”


The aasmaan ke sitaare
Grahan mein aaj toot'te hain yoon

Riddhima ,who was lied on the bed,turned and caressed sonu’s silky hairs,kissed on his cheek and mumbled looking at sleeping sonu : “thanks arman for this beautiful gift ...shayad tum mujhse alag hokar bhi sonu ke roop me mere sath rahe jiske wajah se mai jee payi ..aage badh payi..”

She moved down the bed and went in next room which was once arman’s room. Riddhima remembered after shifting new house when she tried to forget everything,sonu came in her womb.she decided to return the old house which was full of arman’s memory. She wanted to feel arman’s presence as she wanted her child would be like arman.padma and shshank was very happy and they returned in the old house. The whole time of her pregnancy,she used to come in arman’s room and spent time there while arranging arman’s things which he didn’t take with him.

Kabhi jo dhoop senkte the
Thehar ke chhaon dhoondhte hain yoon....”

Riddhima remembered how she was excited for their 1st anniversary. She planned to go india on that time and to meet with everyone who are close to arman. She already planned to take gift for everyone and got to know from arman everyone’s choice but she didn’t let him know what was her plan. she planned to complete their traditional marriage there and talked about it to her parents. Padma and shshank agreed happily and assured her they will talk to balvinder and dadi about it but secretly as riddhima wanted to give arman a surprise. She got to know that arman had the passion of collecting expensive wristwatches so she ordered the most expensive watch ‘Piaget Emperador Cushion of $321,559’ to gift him on anniversary but everything and her every dream was shattered in a moment and she only watched everything silently.

“Juda huye kadam
Jinhone li thi ye kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant'te hain ye gham
Bheege naina...”

Riddhima wiped her tears and opened arman’s wardrobe where his clothings were kept properly like he used those till now. Riddhima remembered how arman was happy when riddhima had gifted him his favourite colour shirt. He wore it constantly one week and when riddhima asked why he was not leaving it,he complained making a pouting face : “kya karun,ise pahankar lagta hai meri jaan mujhse lipatkar hai,so utarne ka man nahi karta.”

Riddhima frowned hearing it and next day she bought more shirts and warned him : “kahbardar,ek shirt 1 din se jyada pehna toh!..phir us shirt se hi lipatkar rehna,mai paas bhi nahi don’t know how you smell badly...yackk!”

Riddhima smiled sighly ,took out arman’s shirt and inhaled like she wanted to feel his presence.....

“Jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the
Bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yun.

She uttered in a broken voice : “badi asani se bhula diya mujhe tumne arman,par mai tumhe kabhi nahi bhul paungi..thanks for coming in my life…afsos! Mai tumhari zindagi ki kitab nahi ban payi sirf kuch pages banker reh gayi par mere life ka sara ka sara toh tum le gaye…aur gift me mujhe is duniya ka sabse khubsurat cheez sonu de gaye ..thanks for it.”


“Jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the
Bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yun.

Arman kept the album on his chest and closed eyes while mumbled… “congrates riddhima gupta…congratulation for your success..tum aaj bahut khush hogi,jo chaha tha tumhe mil gaya par mai toh wahin reh gaya…tumhare pyar me sab kuch haarkar aage hi nahi bad paya. Kyon aisa kiya tumne riddhima? Par shayad tumne jo kiya thik kiya ..insan ko successful hone ke liye selfish hona padta hai..tumne pyar aur success me usey chuna jo tumhe chahiye tha…tum jeet gayi riddhima..congrates…”

Love u all

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