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part 15 & 16 : Tumhare hum

part 15 :

After a good night's rest and
probing Muskaan about how she
could have picked the best friend of
my mortal enemy, I welcome the new
day. I wake up quite late in the
afternoon, I knew I should have set
the alarm! Anyways I make my way
towards Muskaan's room so that we
could head over to the beauty
parlor. Muskaan quickly opens the
door, throwing her arms around me.
She grins happily, "Thank god you're
here! Now we can go to the beauty
parlor!" I roll my eyes
unenthusiastically, "Yipee!" She

dismisses my sarcasm and ushers me
towards the elevator.
We arrive at the beauty parlor and
they do a manicure, pedicure, and
style our hair. Muskaan's hair is in
an eloquent bun, while mine is in
beautiful loose curls. We both make
our way home hours later and
change into our clothes. Muskaan
wears an olive green lengha with a
wide neck and deep back. I too wear
an olive green lengha, but it has a
halter neck and strings ties exposing
my back. There is very light
embroidery on our clothing, making
it perfect for tonight's mehendi.
We arrive at the hall, quickly making
our way towards the stage. Muskaan
takes her seat and then is
surrounded by a bunch of women. I
laugh looking at Muskaan's helpless
face and turn my head to scan the
crowd. Just then, Armaan walks
through the door with Rahul trailing
hesitantly behind. They are both
wearing black sherwani's with light
work on them. The boys head over
towards the rest of the men to
converse. Muskaan and Rahul stare
at each other, completely lost. I
smile looking at the two, and sadly
look over towards Armaan. He must
have felt my gaze because seconds
later, he was looking back at me. His
mouth drops a bit, as he notices
how great I look.
I turn away from him and notice the
mehendi designers by Muskaan. I
always did love putting on mehendi.
That's something that didn't change
in these eight years. Anyways I give
them my hands and let them make a
beautiful intricate design. I get a bit
bored so my eyes start to wander
around the hall. I feel a gaze, but I
can't seem to figure out who it is.
Well that is until I catch sight of
Armaan looking at me so lovingly. I
turn away to smirk at his
expressions. It is apparent he has
fallen for me, in the short time he
has known me. I have seen enough
to know it's not just lust anymore.
There is no hunger in his eyes, just
desire, the desire to be with me.
I gaze into my hands, seeing the
mehendi has dried a bit. There is a
K on both palms of my hand. K for
Riddhima of course. Just then
Muskaan says, "Riddhima let me see
your mehendi." I show her my hands
and then look at hers. Rahul's name
is secretively hidden in her palm
and it is adorable at how Muskaan
gazes at him name. I wish I had
someone to love me as much as
Rahul loves Muskaan. And no the
love of Armaan Mallik does not
Armaan and Rahul quickly make
their way towards Muskaan and me.
Rahul looks at Muskaan's hands
affectionately, while Armaan glances
over at me. He sits next to me,
whispering in my ear, "I bet her
mehendi will come out really dark.
Muskaan and Rahul are so cute
together" I look towards them and
nod. He looks towards me and
whispers, "Your mehendi looks nice!
I bet it will come out dark too!" He
winks, while I roll my eyes at him
causing him to chuckle. He looks at
my hands and grins, "How come
there are two K's on your palms?
OH! I get it Riddhima Mallik right?
Riddhima darling that wasn't very
subtle of you!" He puts his arm
around my shoulder, which I shake
off angrily. The stupid jerk! How dare
he suggest Riddhima Mallik! Over my
dead body, that name will never
I walk away angrily from him, into
the bathroom. The anger is obvious
from my face, but I can't let my
anger get the best of me anymore.
I'm suppose to be blushing like a
freaking tomato, but instead I'm
reddening in anger! I have got to
stop over reacting, but it just really
hurt hearing that name 'Riddhima
Mallik'! I had wanted to be Riddhima
Mallik that is until he broke my
heart! He never gave me a real
chance and it hurt! It hurt because
he didn't care! Oh God I'm getting
all worked up again!
Suddenly there is tapping on the
door, so I awkwardly turn the knob
making sure that my mehendi is
completely dry. I find Muskaan on
the other side with a worried
expression. She asks, "What
happened Riddhima?" I harshly
whisper, "He called me Riddhima
Mallik! That the K's on my hands
stand for Riddhima ******* Mallik!"
Muskaan says trying to calm down
my anger, "I'm sure he was joking
Riddhima…" I reply hurt, "That's just
it Muski, he was joking! Everything is
a bloody joke to him!" Muskaan gives
me a hug and softly says, "I'm sorry
Riddhima! It's not fair you have to
relive your pain! You have to be
strong or else you will never be able
to win, okay sweety just don't let
him get to you?" I just nod and
follow her out the door. At least
someone truly looks out for me.
We go back into the hall and Armaan
comes back to bother me. Oh that's
just what I need, another encounter!
I give him the biggest yet fakest
smile I can muster up before
greeting, "Hey!" He smiles, "Did I
tell you how stunning you look
tonight?" I comically start to ponder
and get him to chuckle. He pulls me
a bit closer murmuring against my
cheek, "You look stunning tonight!" I
widely grin, "I know." He snorts,
"You're too much, you know that?"
This time it's my turn to snort, while
replying, "You're one too talk mister!
I'm sure you would have started
fishing for compliments any second
now!" He laughs, "You know me so
well…" I got the feeling he really
meant it, but it is true. I know him
well enough to carry out my sweet


part 16:

The following day is the Sangeet,

meaning the whole song and dance

sequences will be a must. Now you

all know in the past I was a very

traditional girl, Armaan changed

most of that. I modernized myself so

that no one else would be able to

take advantage of my nave and

innocent behavior. Some things

about me haven't changed, but I

have sheltered those desires deep

within my heart. I'm talking about

my love for music and dancing. I am

very much into dancing, so

Muskaan's wedding is an excuse to

showcase my talent. I kind of don't

like to dance in public though.

Muskaan basically had to beg me to

even consider dancing in front of

such a grand scale audience. I

reluctantly agree seeing as how she

made me feel like a rotten friend for

not dancing at her wedding.

We dress up quite similarly, her

wearing a light blue and royal blue

lengha with heavy embroidery and

me with my pink and maroon

lengha. Both our hair is styled in

loose curls with side fringes. When

we make our way to the hall, where

we spot Armaan and Rahul laughing

amongst themselves. Rahul is

wearing a black suit with a royal

blue shirt, similar to color of

Muskaan's clothes. My eyes scan

over Armaan's black suit with a silky

maroon shirt. I look down at my own

clothes and then back at him,

mumbling, "Crap…" We just have to

match right? I groan as Armaan

smirks looking at my clothing, yet

completely awed by the sight. He

makes his way towards me with that

stupid smirk still playing upon his

lips. He taps my shoulder and I

reluctantly turn around as he says,

"Well, don't we look like a couple!" I

suppress the urge to yell, "THERE IS


A COUPLE" with great difficulty by

biting on my lip harshly. I just nod

and excuse myself from his

presence. As I walk towards Muskaan

and Rahul I can sense Armaan

staring as I walk away from him. I

turn to glance at him and he laughs

as he looks back at me with

amusement. He smirks and then

goes to the center of the stage as

the music plays Heyy Babyy from the

movie Heyy Babyy.

As I reach Muskaan and Rahul, I

keep my back turned away

from Armaan. And then I hear him


Ishq mohabbat pyaar ki baatein

bekaar ki baatein

jhoothe hai saare vaadein

rasmein na jaane

kasmein na maane

karein woh jo thaane

hum to bigde sehjaade

hey babyy je lene de is pal ko

hey babyy kal ki sochenge kal ko

hey babyy je lene de is pal ko

hey babyy kal ki sochenge kal ko

I turn as I hear him sing about love.

I see a bunch of girls

surrounding Armaan. As the words

escape his mouth, my own

anger is rising. I feel reminded

about my past feelings for him.

I shake my head to dismiss those

thoughts. In a way he is right

love is useless, it only caused me

pain and heartache.

Just look at where I am today, so

caught up in getting revenge

that I have forgotten how to live. I

roll my eyes at his pathetic

attempts to stir up jealousy within

me. He starts twirling and swirling


throngs of girls around him, while

keeping his eyes fixated on me.

aaja yahan

mere sang aake zara jhoom le


yun na jala

hoothon se hoothon ko zara choom

le jaanejaan

ho……armaano ki in raaton mein

aag lagi hai mere jazbaaton mein

mujhko naa aise tadpaa

ishq mohabbat pyaar ki baatein

bekaar ki baatein

jhoothe hai saare vaadein

rasmein na jaane

kasmein na maane

karein woh jo thaane

hum to bigde sehjaade

hey babyy je lene de is pal ko

hey babyy kal ki sochenge kal ko

hey babyy je lene de is pal ko

hey babyy kal ki sochenge kal ko

He starts signaling me to join the

tramps that are all over him.


towards me kisses my cheek.

My hand itches to make contact with

his cheek. He trails his finger

down my arm before returning to his

fan following. He starts

dancing with the girls, taking turns

to dance with each one.

His eyes continue to glance towards

me in efforts to notice my

disposition. He frowns slightly

noticing my bored look. I start


which he finds comical and I'm sure

he believes it's

my way of trying to hide my jealousy.

kisko pata

jaane dhal jaaye kab jawaaniyon ka


chal dilruba

le le dono milke zindaganiyon ka


ho……madhoshi mein kho jaane de

hota hai jo bhi yara ho jane de

doori rahe naa darmiyaan

ishq mohabbat pyaar ki baatein

bekaar ki baatein

jhoothe hai saare vaadein

rasmein na jaane

kasmein na maane

karein woh jo thaane

hum to bigde sehjaade

hey babyy je lene de is pal ko

hey babyy kal ki sochenge kal ko

hey babyy je lene de is pal ko

hey babyy kal ki sochenge kal ko

He pulls me close to him, while I

push him away with

a warning look. He laughs and

continues to dance with his

groupies. Seriously, these girls have

bad taste! Okay, so that's a

lie because I'll admit he is swoon

worthy, but as a human being…

well that's an entirely different

story. I have a feeling he

didn't mean one word in the song


He's probably trying to convince

himself he believes the

same ideology as the song

expresses. It's because his eyes


enough convey another message to


As soon as the song ends, Armaan

walks over to join us with a superior

gloating look. I roll my eyes at his

huge ego. He says aiming the

question at me mostly, "Did you like

my performance?" I snort, "What

performance? You call that a

performance? You were just groping

the entire female population in this

room!" He smirks, "Jealous?" I

suppress making gagging noises… I

think that would be hard to explain

as to why I'm gagging, don't you?

Instead, I reply arrogantly, "Pfft yeah

right! A monkey could have done

better!" Before Armaan can retort

Muskaan whines, "Riddhima dance

for me please! You promised! You're

too good of a dancer not to dance

on my sangeet, so go dance right

now!" Armaan looks towards me with

that challenging look in his eye. He

grins, "You're a good dancer huh?" I

arrogantly nod while he leans in and

whispers in my ear, "Prove it!" I

groan because he's always asking me

to prove stuff! I am about to decline,

but I don't want to give him the

satisfaction of thinking he is better

than me so he follows me to the

middle of the hall as the song plays,

Naughty Naughty from the movie


Armaan starts coming after me,

while he sings…

Aye chori zara nach ke dekha

Zara thumka laga

Zara nach ke dekha

Aye chori zara nach ke dekha

Zara thumka laga

Zara nach ke dekha

So basically he starts chasing me

around, everywhere I turn

there he is waiting expectantly for

me to start dancing.

He bumps his hip against mine,

which causes me to loose

my balance and stumble forward.

He start dancing in front of me,

only to mock me as a challenge. He

so underestimates me!

Naughty naughty si fiza hai

Haule haule se dil mein

Chali koi hawa hai

Sapne sapne yeh dua hai

Roko roko yeh mujhko

Na jane kya hua hai

I turn towards him and then turn on

my seductive nature,

which leaves him a little shocked. I

guess he didn't think I would

comply so quickly with his ridiculous

demands of dancing.

My finger trails his face, then

leading down the side of his neck,

making him gasp in excitement. I

practically whisper the words to

the song in that sexy phone voice

type of way, arousing him a bit.

I don't think even Armaan knows

what I am doing,

but he of all people would definitely

doesn't seem to mind.

Stupid boys, it's really too easy!

You 'n' me will we

Meant to be

Main tera tu meri destiny

He snaps out of his trance and puts

his arm around my shoulder,

while I try not to shrug it off. I roll

my eyes at his corniness.

Destiny, HELL NO! I for one am not

destined to be with him and

he will know that soon enough! He

grabs hold of my hand

pulling me closer

Chodo na choda na baahein

Marodo na hojaungi mein khafa

He turns be around so that my hand

is behind my back, causing

me a little discomfort. I decide to

seduce him into letting go

of my captured hand.

Sainya sainya Sehari

Lagen hai mohe sexy

Chain mere dil ka chura gaya

I tell him exactly what he wants to

hear. He smirks listening to me,

loosening his hold on my poor hand.

Sainya sainya Sehari

Love the way u touch me

Tujoko dil mein basa gaya

I sway in his arms, as they wander. I

contain myself from kneeing

his family jewels because of his

wandering hands.

I continue to tell him what he

wants to hear hoping this moron

will let go of his hold on me.

Aye chori nazar milana

zara nach ke dekha nazar


Zara thumka laga..mere jazbaaton ki

Zara nach ke dekha kadar


Aye chori nazar milana

zara nach ke dekha nazar


Zara thumka laga..mere jazbaaton ki

Zara nach ke dekha kadar


He twirls me out of his grasp and

starts dancing around me.

He bumps his hip against mine

again and again I practically

go off flying. He really needs to stop

doing that or I'm going

to fall flat on my ***! We dance

throughout the song with me

eventually proving my point that I'm

a tremendous dancer.

I have to stifle my annoyance from

him throughout the entire song.

It's not an easy task, but I somehow


Soon after the song and

dance, Armaan starts to compliment

me. More like he slips up because I

don't think he had any intention to

make his feelings about my

performance known. I just can't

seem to wait until it's time to leave

because I won't have to see his face

until tomorrow at the wedding.

Muskaan and Rahul seem to like our

performance… THEY BETTER HAVE



NOTHING! Soon enough it's time to

leave and I can barely contain my

happiness. Armaan whispers, "Good

night", while leaving the hall and I

just watch him walk through the

door looking so happy. I've never

seen him like this before and I

almost feel guilty for what I'm



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