Thursday, 14 February 2019

part 15 : Don't step on the Daisies

Muskhan looked everywhere for Armaan as she looked over nervously at Riddhima standing next to Anjali as the some of the guests where leaving to eat…she noticed Vivek approaching Riddhima and ran towards her.

"Me and Rahool shared a lot of stuff growing up!" Riddhima avoided eye contact as he spoken with her heart beating rapidly.

"I have a special gift for you…some pictures!" she looked up in horror as he spoke grinning at her

"Why don't you see me outside and we can talk about what you want me to do with them… as I really don't want to give them to Rahool as a wedding gift if you don't come in 10mins…" Muskhan stared at Riddhima in tears as she watched him smirk before he left.

"What's he talking about?" Muskhan looked over at her.

"I don't know but I have to meet him!" Riddhima lead Muskhan away from the crowd and whispered

"No listen! why don't you tell Rahool? he tried to rape you!" Riddhima shook her head as she lead her away.

"You heard him introducing him and how he mentioned we grew up together and stuff!"

"I can't find Armaan!" Muskhan confessed as they stepped outside.

"I am no longer his responsiblity….so he has gone…we both signed the papers" Muskhan looked at her as she had that dazed look in her eyes again think of nothing but him.

"So what the plan?" Muskhan looked over at her as she whispered.


Riddhima approached him outside and looked over to where Muskhan had positioned herself with Atuls small handy cam… as she looked around nervously to see him smiling as she approached him.

"Hmmm… you look so tempting and I can't get over you where the one who got away…" She looked at him looking her up and down as she felt digested by the look on his face.

"What you want?" he looked at her and laugh

"Revenge for the 3 months of pain you and that hero caused" she watched him as he stepped closer to her.

"You tried to rape me and Armaan saved me from you…" feeling his arms take hold of her she felt that strange lingering smell as he yanked her forward.

"Yes I tried and then he came out of no where? But who is going to save you know…" she looked at the crazed look in his eyes as he pulled her close to him.

"I will scream Vivek if you touch me!" she looked at him laughing as he pulled back her hair hard to look at her eyes in pain.

"Go ahead with the music playing and everyone finishing off there meals who will save you??" as his hands took hold of her as she struggled to get out of his hold …she felt someone pull him off her and looked over at Armaan as he held Vivek by the neck.

"I kill you.. you B*****!" Riddhima watched Vivek hit Armaan as he let go off' him…as they fought she noticed a sharp object in Viveks as he stepping forward

"ARMAAN!" seeing Vivek pushing the knife into his stomach she looked at Armaan as he hit him back blow after blow…. Atul and Shub ran towards them as they saw Vivek getting thrashed blow after blow…

"Armaan let him go!" Shub took hold of Armaan as Atul saw the police and everyone arriving to see Armaan still hitting him.

"He's finished Armaan!" Shub pulled him back but Armaan moved forward and hit him again.

"He touched Riddhima … I am going to kill him! Leave me Bhai! No one touch's my wife and gets away with it!" Riddhima looked at Vivek pleading for forgiveness and stepped towards Armaan.

"Armaan!" he looked at her face as she cried and stopped as he took hold of her by the shoulders and looked at her. Everyone looked at him as he looked at her…

"Armaan you're hurt!" she looked at him as he stubbed in her arms as he fell down…taking hold of him in her arms she touched his face.

"You can't leave me… I need you Armaan!" everyone looked at her as she held him close to her.

"Riddhima!" she looked over at Muskhan and Padma coming towards her.

"No don't touch me! I killed my husband!" Muskhan took hold of her as she sobbed and as she took hold of him in her arms.

"Riddhima he need to go to the hospital…" Riddhima looked over towards Rahool as he looked horrified at Vivek as the police took him away and looked at Riddhima holding Armaan.

"What's going on?" He looked over at everyone as they stood silently trying to understand….as Kirti came running out of the house and kneeled on the floor and placed her hand on his stomach to stop the bleeding as she looked over Shub crying and shocked.

"What you doing?? get him to the hospital! Armaan you going to be OK! I promise Momma nothing will happen to you!" Shub looked over at her crying as he stared a Riddhima holding him.

"Riddhima let him go trust me!" she looked over at Kirti as she got Atul and Shub to take hold of him.

Seeing his blood on her hands she looked over towards the operation door as Muskhan gentle rubbed her shoulder… she was so quiet and she looked over at everyone staring at her trying to digest what she had told them as they watched the footage on tape to see the whole incident… as she told them how Armaan had saved her previously and how they where married she noticed how Uncle Shanshank and Padma just did not approach her but Anjali sat next to her holding her hand…as she wiped her tears for her… seeing Riddhima gentle place her head on Anjali's shoulder she closed her eyes…

"Riddhima?" Anjali looked over at Atul as she held her limp body in her arms…


"Armaan!" she woke up to see Padma holding her hand.

"He's moved to ICU Dr Kirti says the next 24 hours are vital…" Padma looked over at her as she got out of the bed…

"Riddhima beta!" she turned to see her mother and took hold of her sobbing.

"Everything will be ok beta!" Padma wiped her tears and kissed her on the forehead.

"Nothing will happen to Armaan!" Padma noticed the tattoo with the word Armaan as she watched Riddhima take hold of her heart.

Pushing open the door she looked up at Armaan laying on the bed as the tears ran down her eyes she looked over at Dr Kirti as she pulled up the white sheet to cover up his tattoo with her name on his she looked over at Riddhima taking hold of his hand as she sat on the stool in tears.

"Are you Ok Riddhima?" Riddhima looked up and nodded.

"You're blood pressure was low…everyone was worried…" as her tears landed on his hand as she looked over at him.

"Is he ok?" she looked over at Dr Kirti as she placed her hand on her shoulder.

"We all love him…so he will pull through…why don't you go and reset?" Kirti looked over at her as she shook her head.

"I keep pushing him away because I love him… he needs me more then ever and I need him too! As I cant live without him!" Kirti nodded as she headed towards the door… feeling her tears running down her face she took hold of Shub and sobbed.

"If he does not make through the night… he will die!" Shub looked over at Riddhima as she took hold of Armaan and sobbed through the glass window….

Atul looked over at Anjali nervously as he took hold of her hand.

"I never treated Riddhima as not my sister I love her more then this…" Atul looked at her as she placed her hand on her unborn child as she sobbed.

"But she never loved me Atul??… as she never trusted me with the truth!" Atul took hold of her as she sobbed.

"She was scared Anjali of losing you and papa so she gave up her love…just for you!" Anjali looked at him in tears.

"I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HER FOR THIS!" they all turned to see Shanshank as he looked angrily at Padma…..

"She betrayed me!" everyone looked at him as he stormed off….

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