Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Part 15 : Perfect

Biggest Alliance in the history of LONDON-GMG: Gupta Malik Grewal collaboration announced, as planned, on the eve before the couple Armaan Ridhima tie knot....our congratulations to the families for this double celebration occassion" ridhima had re read that footer countless times standing before the TV in the past less than 2 minutes....somehow, though her head could comprehend what it meant, her heart was just not ready to comply....but for then she was so numb with shock, that there came no armaan moved towards her the moment samrat left, he suddenly saw ridhima swaying slightly and then holding on to her head she just almost collapsed, except that armaan caught her in time....getting really tense now, he yelled for maria while lifting her gently, taking care to not spoil her mehendi he put her on her bed, and yelled for maria again...who came rushing in at that very moment...."quick call a doctor...NOW....ridhima just fainted....HURRY UP MARIA....not a second to waste" while getting back to ridhima, armaan said, shaking her face with an extreme gentle touch "rid...ridhima plzzz honey....wake up....ridzi u gota react baby....OMG what did i do....ridhima if something happened to u i would no relax armaan....nothing can happen to her....god will not do this to u...."even while saying these words he wondered if they were right
because god it seemed to him then, had been ruthless to him in the last 10minutes...."ridhima plzzz sweetie....look...u have to wake up.....cause...cause um saying armaan....ridhima plz honey ....o god....why did u...." before a now completely shaken up and tearful armaan could say another word, maria brought in a neighbour who was a doctor by profession...she had called the family doctor who was on the way, but not wanting to wait she had aloso called this man, Dr. Norris....ridhima was loved by all the people who served the gupta household, and maria could not hold her tears now seeing armaan in that condition and ridhima unconscious...why god, she thought, just when she was finally getting real hapiness in life...u have to make this right..." as the doctor gently asked armaan to move a bit and started his check up, maria patted a now unconsolable armaan.."she will be fine sir, dont u worry..." NO NO NO armaan wanted to yell...u dont know what just happened...oh god....y did i not tell her myself before....ridzi sweetheart, look u can kil me for this, an i wont make a sound, i deserve worse than dath....but plz honey....just get ok...let her be fine god.....and as he stood slumped against the wall with his eyes closed, praying each moment, the doctor said aloud "where is mr. gupta?" armaan moved forward to speak but maria said "he had just left for the celebration of the deal with mr.malik Mr. Norris, but u can talk to sir here, Mr. armaan Malik, her fiance...and taking armaan aside the doctor said "dont worry mr. malik....she is fine...just seems to be tired, i guess all this wedding excitement, she seems to have not slept too much, so i would say a good rest will make her just fine..other than that....her BP seems a bit though it could be just with exhaustion, but i would not rule out her anxiety as a factor too...u know new brides and all that....just make sure she doesnt stress too much mentally, she should stay happy, and thats it...not much to wory about....have left some general prescription and the dosage, and the bills by her bedside....have a good one young fellow...and congratulations...a beautiful wife and a deal like that...u must be a happy man...take care...." armaan could bring himself to say nothing more than a hoarse good night to him while seeing him walk off...he rushed back to ridhima....told maria to leave and said "oh if the family doc comes tell him its ok...infact give him a call and say its all fine....i will take care, me" he fumbled on the last 2 words....and could not think how he could ever say them again to ridhima in his life....had he lost that right already he wondered....but then deciding that for now he would just devote himself to taking care of her, till she woke up, he sat by her bedside, stroking her hair gently, and speaking softly..."honey the doc said u r fine....u will be fine...look sweetheart....just get ok quickly and wake up.....just say something to me once....and u can sleep again after that....i know u were joking about fainting on the wedding due to lack of sleep...but so soon honey????no no u cant do this to me...c'mon now wake up princess....i cant stay too long without hearing u talk....and as he was still speaking these words, ridhima slowly came back, and was about to get up but armaan held her back..."no sweetheart, just stay put...the doc said u have to rest tonight...and..." he could not bring himself to say the words 'not take stress' realizing he was the cause for that....ridhima looked at him a bit dizzy at first....but then everything came back in a crash....she pulled her hand out of his hands and said "i am fine...dont worry....u can leave....good night" armaan heard her distant voice, and saw how hard she was struggling within to not react at him and said holding her hand again "no ridzi how can i go back, when ur not fine...i am staying....even ur dad isnt home cause he is out for...."dam he thought stopping in his tracks while ridhima loked at him with an impassive look completing "the deal i guess???thats ok...i am not used to him sitting by my bed taking care of me anyways...maria is here u can go armaan...i can manage fine..." and seeing him about to protest again she said a little more rigidly " i want to be alone.....just leave for see you at the wedding tomorrow....good night armaan."saying so she said a bit louder "maria....??" as maria came rushing in she started off "ridhima baby...r u alright..i got so did u just faint baby???i mean u are so good at staying up for nights at the end and now this.... for your own wedding....were u really that tired???" ridhima replied looking out of the window "yeh of course...just tired...u know the excitement of getting married and all...."emphasizing the word excitement in slight bitter sarcasm which did not escape armaan "dont worry am fine....wont u see armaan sir out...turning to him she said with the same impassive look "good night armaan...ummm and yeh ummmm i still havent congratulated u for the alliance have sorry...i just kinda passed out at a wrong moment....congratulations dear....take care!!!" armaan looked at her as she said all that and he could not believe how detached she sounded...he had expected her to yell at him, get completely mad at really upset but...definitely not this stoic....she just was not reacting it seemed......and now by calling maria she left him no option but to leave, he moved forward kissing her forehead and she puled back ever so slightly, so maria would not notice, but the reaction was equivalent to him of having her scream out the question 'how could u do this to me' ...he looked at her through tears....his eyes pleading her to let him stay and explain.....but he knew without her saying she would not let him......not he left with that....while maria who was still standing there, found it wierd that the two of them for the first time in almost a month, had parted without passing any teasers at each other....she gave it away to the fact that ridhima was not well and armaan was really worried....and let it go at that....she left the room saying "call me when u need me ms. gupta i will be around here....." to which ridhima gave an absent minded nod....


Armaan just could not stop crying all the way back.....miraculously he reached back home without any accidents....and leaving the car on the driveway with the keys still in th door he ran to his room and shutting the door beside him just slumped to the floor completely enervate....he still couldnt believe this was all happening and kept praying it was all a nightmare....but somewhere his head refuted and said , it wasnt, every bit was real....he just sat there for what seemed like ages just sobbing.....he couldnt think of what to do....he had feared this catastrophe all along, and thats why had decided to tell ridhima the entire truth himself....but he had never thought it would happen this way...and then cursing whatever had made it happen, he recalled samrat....and thought how could dad do this???but then again with whatever little reason he was still left with, he realized how he himself had always insisted to his father that the whole relation was for him just important in terms of the he wished, with absolute desperation, that he could change those words....he felt like he had thrown his own life away in deep dumps....the deal he had at one point thought of as his dream, now seemed like a he got up to move towards his bed his eyes fell on the newly done lilac mauve wall of his room....the wall he had got done to match ridhima's taste and to suprise her....on it hung the frame she had given him last evening.....looking at it he couldnt believe how much had happened since after his exam yesterday morning.....i just need ridhima by my side he thought....and thinking so he pulled off the frame, hugging it tight, cried again........


ridhima, now alone in her room burst out, controlling herself in past minutes which had seemed never ending, had taken its toll and she felt she could keep them in no longer.....she cried for a wile without thinking anything at all...when she finally got out with all the piled up emotions, she started thinking again....the deal.....she could not get it out of her head....all this had just been the...THE DEAL?????omg she thought how could i be so naive....i should have realized it the day armaan first mentioned this marriage...the way he did it....telling his mum like that...why did i not see how unusual that was....why was i so engrossed in my own love for him that everything he did seemed like love to me...and all this was for him....JUST THE BLOODY DEAL????ridzi, how could u even hope for something better have u not seen enough this politics in ur lifr to have fooled again....but by she thought about him she cried in anger desperation and lost love.......the wedding she thought....oh yeh....the wedding....should i call it off????still thinking she walked to the window to let the cold night air hit her so she could clear her she reached the window her eyes fell on the small pack rahul had given her....though in complete grief, she could not withstand her curiosity, and opened it, it was a thick rolled up she let it unfold she gasped cause it was long enough to fall down to her feet, then looking at it she read the words on the top...."FOR THE NEW MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY.....WELCOME BHABHI!!!" her eyes welled up as she read the was a collage of pictures of the four of them....atul rahul muskaan and....with a stab of pain she thought, armaan....right from when they were little kids to the time of muskaans wedding....there were comments in markers, pointing out from various pictures, describing what was was a beautiful gift....a few hours ago ridhima would have thought that....but seemed like a new reason to make her cry....n just as she was about to shove it away her eyes fell on a picture of atul n muskaan dancing at her wedding, but what caught her eye was the highlighted scene in the was armaan n her talking...n she recalled how he had spilled the drink over her said, 'BLOOMING LOVE ;)' she couldnt see it anymore and walking and trying to roll it at the same time she tripped, well almost did, n looking down to see what it was, she saw the basketball armaan had given her in the afternoon....n she remembered its words....'OUR RELATION IS LIKE THIS BALL NO MATTER WHAT IT ALWAYS BOUNCES BACK' picking it up she thrashed it to the ground with all the force she could muster, taking out her bottled frustration on it, and then catching it just in time barely escaped being hit by it, AS IT BOUNCED BACK.......


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