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part 15 : Pyar ke mod pe....

“nani,kya aap thoda chup nahi reh sakti?”

Hearing it riddhima looked at sonu and smiled. They were in flight and it was going india..and after boarding in the flight,padma was blabbering constantly and obviously sonu was the only one person who had to suffer because padma refused to sit beside riddhima. Shshank whispered smilingly : “teri ma aaj bahut khush hai.”

Riddhima didn’t reply only smiled but heard padma’s voice : “meri khushi ki kisiko parvah kahan hai? Ab toh sonu bhi bolne laga hai,aap hi aa jao,at least apne india ki baat kehke khush toh houngi.”

Riddhima smiled where sonu replied : “nani, you can say clearly,you want to sit beside nanu. Why you are blaming me?”

Shshank laughed where padma frowned and uttered : “yahi foreign country ki kharabi hai..4 saal ka bachcha kaise baat karta hai dekho.”

Riddhima only smiled where sonu uttered : “I am not foreigner ,I am Indian..and I love india mrs.padma gupta.”

Riddhima jerked hearing it! she felt arman was in front of her and saying : “I am an Indian and I love india miss American.”

She lost in thought….she wanted to meet with arman once only to apologise and to say some words without hurting him but didn’t know arman would meet to her or not. She wanted to see balvinder and dadi and arman’s friends ,about whom she heard a lot from him but may be it was not possible. She wanted to see ‘sanjivani’ ,which is the best hospital in Mumbai and her love arman was the senior most doctor of there but also sacred in heart if arman or his friends don’t like it. Before coming india,she checked sanjivani list and got arman and his all friends were working there. she didn’t know how to face everything but she wanted from heart.

Her trance broke hearing the announcement to tie sit belt .she smiled seeing that padma and sonu was singing in a whispering tone…

‘yeh duniya ek dulhan..
Dulhan ke mathe ki bindiya..
Yeh mera india..yeh mera india..
I love my india….i love my india…”

“tu aa raha hai na arman?”

Arman asked like he didn’t know about it : “kahan?”

Muski uttered irritatingly: “picnic me…idiot! Kitni baar toh kaha humey bhi jana chahiye us award ceremony me…bahut sare renowned doctors aayenge aur ab toh jaslok,Apollo,kokilaben hospital aur sanjivani ka tie up hua hai America ke hospitals se..toh humey unke latest inventions and medicines ke barey me knowledge rakhna chahiye ,hai na rahul.”

Rahul nodded and said : “shayad riddhima tujhe bhul bhi gayi hogi arman,tu kyon marta hai uske liye?”

Arman uttered in a painful voice : “wo toh usi din bhul gayi thi,par mai uski wajah se nahi ja raha hun kisne kaha?”
Muskan uttered irritatingly : “teri aankhon ne. lagta hai ya toh sari raat roya hai ya soya nahi..laal ho rahi hai.”

Anjali : “arman,agar tujhe lagta hai wo tujhe bhul gayi hai then you are an unknown person for her aur agar usey yaad bhi hai toh tu wahan chal aur wo bhi dekhe tu usse darta nahi jalta hai. Riddhima ko agar tu yaad hai then she surely knows you are here aur nahi jayega toh usey lagega you are feeling jealous.”

Atul said :” yaar,I think arman ko humey force nahi karna chahiye.”

Nikki : “haan yaar,rahne de na.”

Muskan uttered a bit angrily : “par mai toh jaungi.actually I want to meet that girl who spoiled arman’s life.”

Rahul uttered glaring her : “muski,very bad. Humey usse kuch lena dena nahi hai kyonki hum usey jante tak nahi hain.agar chalna hai toh ek doctor banker chal aur ek doctor ki tarah hi usse mil.”

Anjali uttered : “haan yaar,mai toh usse personally milna chahti hun.she is an inspiring women..usne bahut bada kaam kiya hai yeh medicine discover karke..mujhe usse milkar khushi hogi.”

Arman didn’t involve himself in their chatting and went from there silently. he had a great urge to meet with riddhima but he was not able to decide what to do.
Arman made busy himself in hospital. He took heavy duty to forget about riddhima. His friends went to the award function and arman was waiting for their return. He requested rahul to capture some photos of the scene when riddhima will take award. at night the whole gang came sanjivani and waited for arman. After finishing his duty arman came in canteen where the whole gang was waiting for him. but as soon he entered there,muski yelled : “arman,sun tujhse kuch puchna hai.”

Arman gave her a question look. muski asked in an angry tone : “sach bata arman,tu abhi tak riddhima ka wait kar raha hai?’

Arman gave her a surprise look.rahul uttered trying to stop muski : “tu chup reh ,mujhe baat karne de.”

Arman looked at them once and asked looking at anjali : “how was award function?”

Anjali uttered calmly : “too good..and she is so gorgeous lady arman and very sweet. I met her after function and she talked so nicely to me..really I loved it,I am impressed.”

muskan made face and uttered : “yeh dekho,ek chamchi paida bhi ho gayi us churail ki.”

But anjali ignored her and uttered looking at arman : “We discussed about the medicine and she wished to start a charity here in Mumbai.yaar! I really liked her.”

Arman nodded and uttered in a lost voice : “ mujhe pata tha tumhe wo achchi lagegi…wo hai hi aisi.”

Atul uttered slowly : “arman , can I ask something?

Arman uttered : “haan champ,puch na.”

Atul asked in a calm voice : “arman,listen..i think riddhima got married after divorce with you.”

Arman shievered hearing it. He started stammering…. “k..kya keh raha hai tu?”

Anjali uttered holding arman’s hand : “arman she had a son.”

Arman was jerked hearing it ! He asked in a confusing voice : “how ! means tumhe kaise pata chala?”

Atul : “kyonki award function me dr. Melvin ne bataya kis tarah riddhima ne apne bachche par apne medicine use kiya aur usey is disease se bachaya…her first patient is that little child.”

Muski banged angrily : “ aur tu ab bhi uski yadon ko seene se lagakar jiye ja raha hai. Usne tera faida uthaya,tujhe use kiya aur apna kaam hote hi usne apni zindagi khushiyon se bhar li..shadi kar li,beta hai aura b wo ek successful women hai..tu kitna bewkoof hai arman..tu…

But before she could complete,rahul uttered : “arman chala gaya hai muski,ab bas bhi kar.”

Arman was already left the place. Atul uttered slowly.. “muskan,tujhe aise nahi kehna chahiye tha..he is already disturbed..pata nahi ab kya karega..

Anjali heaved a long breathe and uttered sighly : “kuch bhi ho,bas arman sambhal jaye.”
Arman came in room and shut the door and dumped on the bed.he wanted to cry his heart out only. His eyes started raining heavily…when he heard riddhima is coming india..he got a ray of hope. He thought to apologise about his behavior and wanted to know if she could stay in india…not for him,for those children,who were suffering from that disease And he had also a great urge to know riddhima had any soft corner for him or not. But riddhima forgot him..riddhima forgot each and every promise which she took with she was tied with another guy from whom she had a baby also and he was so dumb ,still waiting for her.muskan is right..he is an idiot who was spoiled his life for a selfish girl who don’t care about him.

Arman got up and took out the album.his heart said….”ab kya arman..sab kuch khtam ho chuka hai..riddhima tujhe bhulkar apne successful life me khush hai toh tu kyon uske yadon ko seene se lagakar rakah hai? Teri zindagi ke toh ‘chithde’ ud gaye hain toh tu kyon na in yadon ke tukde karke khud se dur kar de..

He took out riddhima’s photos and stared with burning eyes. His wished if he could tear them into pieces…

muskan’s words echoed into his ears.... “tu sach me idiot hai arman,jo ab tak uski yadon ko apne sath chipkakar rakha hai…”

He took the photo and tried to tear but suddenly he took it close to heart and started crying his heart out…he mumbled looking at photo….”kyon riddhima..kyon? kyon mai ab tak tumhe bhul nahi paya hun..yeh jante hue bhi ki ab humare raste alag moved in your life ..congrates..par mera kya?mai kya karun…he hugged the photo and mumbled…. “aur kisiko toh chah bhi nahi sakta riddhima tumhare siva kyonki is dill me toh sirf tumhara hi naam hai aur ankhon me tumhara chehra…

"Tujhko main rakh loon wahan
Jahan pe kahin hai mera yakeen
Main jo tera na hua
Kisika nahi, kisika nahi

He came in the balcony and stared the lonely dark road which was alone and motionless like his life..

Le jaye jane kahan
Hawayein hawayein
Le jaye tujhe kahan
Hawayein hawayein

Begani hai yeh baagi
Hawayein hawayein
Le jaye mujhe kahan
Hawayein hawayein
Le jaye jane kahan
Na mujhko khabar
Na tujhko pata………

He remembered those beautiful moments which he had spent with riddhima..her ‘I hate you’ in every half an hour . arman smiled remembering how he made the rule..if riddhima used to say more than ‘10 hate you’once a day then she would be punished and her punishment was to give him 2 kisses for 1 ‘hate you’ as fine…

Banati hai jo tu
Woh yaadein jane
Sang mere kab tak chale
Inhi mein toh meri
Subah bhi dhale
Shaame dhale mausam dhale

Khayalon ka shaher
Tu jaane tere
Hone se hi abaad hai
Hawayein haq mein
Wohi hai aate jaate
Jo tera naam le

Deti hai jo sadayein
Hawaye hawaye
Na jane kya bataye
Hawaye hawaye
Le jaye tujhe kahan
Hawaye hawaye

He opened the lapi and started seeing her videos which he had watched innumerable times till now….

Chehra kyun milta tera
Yun khwabon se mere
Yeh kya raaz hai..

He uttered wiping tears…. “khush rehna riddhima..i loved you and will love you till eternity…aur bas yahi chahunga tum khush raho….

Kal bhi meri na thi tu
Na hogi tu kal meri aaj hai
Teri hai meri saari
Wafayein, wafayein
Maangi hai tere liye
Duaein, duaein…………

Next day arman took leave from hospital and shut himself in the room. He excused that he was not well and don’t want to meet day also he didn’t go to hospital and only lied in his bed. At evening his friends came to meet him. Seeing them arman got up and sat on the bed. His face became pale and sick. Atul sat beside him and uttered slowly : “ what happens arman? Tu bahut murjhaya dikh raha hai...are you okay?”

Arman nodded and uttered : “i am fine atul don’t worry.”

Muski uttered angrily : ‘haan wo toh dikh hi raha hai..”

Rahul uttered hurriedly : “muski,tu chup rahegi kya? Mai baat karta hun arman se.”

Muski made a sound.. ‘huh!’ and sat quietly.

The silence remained for sometime then anjali uttered : “arman,yesterday we met with riddhima.”

Arman jerked hearing it but uttered with a sulking face : “aur bhi kuch batana baki hai? mujhe uska naam nahi sunna anjali.please kuch aur baatein kar.”

Anjali uttered : “par hum uski hi batein karne aaye hain arman. Okay,i am not going in long...only want to say...she is amazing arman..really lovable and still she loves you only..

Arman was shocked hearing it ! he got up restlessly but again sat and uttered : “yahi batane aaye ho? Wo mujhse pyar karti hai..kisi aur se shadi karke ek baby ki mumma ban gayi hai..aur..

Anjali cut his words and uttered : “listen arman...usne shadi nahi ki...we saw her son and trust me..he is the carbon copy of arman malik..his age is 4 and half years..

Arman was numb hearing it! He gave anjali a disbelieve look. Anjali smiled and uttered : “trust me arman,mai jhuth nahi bol rahi. Actually teri baat sochkar hi humne socha we should meet her once..and when we know na humari dr. Muskan garewal ko..ekdam sherni hai..kahin bhi bomb blast karti hai..she directly cracked bomb... “dr. Riddhima..why you played with our friend’s life? We got to know you got married again and now you have a baby but what about our friend?”

Riddhima jerked hearing it and uttered sighly : “ dr. Muskan...aapko misunderstanding hui minute..."

Then she called her son and when he came..we are shocked seeing him..he is a little arman malik yaar...riddhima introduced him... “sonu beta,meet with those uncle – know na them?”

That cute boy smiled sweetly and told our name one by one and asked...”but where is my dad? I want to meet him..kya wo mujhse naraj hain?”

Arman gulped hard hearing it! he was not able to say or think anything. Suddenly he got up and uttered : “i want to meet riddhima..want to meet my son..mujhe abhi unse milna hai..”

Rahul patted his shoulder and uttered smilingly : “riddhima also wanted to meet you arman but her and meet with your love and with your son and now don’t let them go ...”

Arman nodded with teary eyes. Anjali uttered smilingly.. “i sent her number arman in your mobile and now we want to go as you can talk to her freely.”

As soon his friends left the room..arman took his mobile and pressed the numbers...and in a while he heard the sweet voice for whom he was waiting years......

Love u all

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