Sunday, 24 February 2019

part 16 : pyar ke mod pe.....

As soon his friends left the room..arman took his mobile and pressed the numbers...and in a while he heard the sweet voice for whom he was waiting from years......
A shiver ran down through his spine.riddhama!its riddhima..his love his life….AAh!after how many years he heard his name from her mouth!his lips trembled but he didn’t speak a word…like he had lost his voice…he got his sense back hearing again… “Arman…
Tears started flowing down his eyes. He heard riddhima’s crying voice… “tum ro rahe ho arman?”
Arman wiped his tears and uttered in a teary voice : “tum bhi toh ro rahi ho riddhima…”
he didn’t get any reply but he understood riddhima was crying silently. after sometime he whispered…. “congrates for award riddhima..”

riddhima uttered in a complaining tone : “ tum nahi aaye arman..
arman uttered smilingly : “tumne toh bulaya hi nahi..bina invite ke kaise jata wahan?”
riddhima uttered pouting : “ riddhima ke award function me arman ko bulane ki jarurat thi kya? You know,mera award function toh adhura hi reh gaya tumhare bina.”
Arman smiled sighly hearing it. He imagined riddhima’s pouting face and wished to hear like before…. “I hate you arman..”
Both kept quiet for sometime like they wanted to say a lot but both were searching the right word to start their conversation. After some time arman asked slowly : “how are you riddhima?”
Riddhima replied immediately: “jaisa chodkar aaye the.”
Arman smiled hearing it and uttered : “bilkul nahi badli tum..miss attitude ..
Riddhima replied with a sigh smile : “par tum badal gaye forgot you called me…miss American..”
Arman wanted to say….kuch nahi bhula hun riddhima..par darta hun...darta hun kahin phir se rishta jodne ki ,tumhare paas jane ki..tumhe apne zindagi me pane ki tamanna na kar baithun..kyonki janta hun yeh possible nahi hai….tumne success ki jo manzil pa li hai,wahan tak mai nahi pahunch sakta….
But he was not able to utter a word..he understood riddhima was waiting for his reply…but he felt that his voice choked because of cry..just then he heard a sweet kiddish voice… “mumma…why u crying?”
Arman felt that his heart skipped a beat hearing the voice..its sonu..his son..surely he was there. he heard riddhima’s voice : “bête ,dad se baat karoge?”
Sonu uttered in an exciting voice… “of course mumma…”
He took the mobile from riddhima’s hand and yelled excitedly : “hi dad..”
Arman smiled and uttered : “hi beta…
Sonu yelled : “why you not came to meet dad? Are you angry? I am waiting from the first day when I came here…nanu and nani also waiting for you..i want to meet talk you ..and to see the whole Mumbai with you only…we have to go back in some days dad…
Arman’s heart sank hearing it…but riddhima snatched the mobile at once and uttered : “bilkul tumpar gaya hai..ek minute chup nahi rehta..”
Arman smiled and uttered : “if you give permission,I want to meet with him right now..please..”
Riddhima uttered smilingly : “apne bête se milne ke liye meri permission kyon?”
Sonu yelled from other side… “dad!i am waiting for you…”
Arman smiled and uttered : “coming beta..mai abhi aapke paas aa raha hun..”
As ,soon arman knocked at the door,sonu jumped and ran to open it. He opened and saw his dad was standing there. He smiled and glared arman from head to toe then asked making an innocent face... “ who are you? with whom you want to meet?"
Arman was shocked hearing it ! he fumbled with words... “mai..i mean...
Sonu turned back and yelled : “ told me my dad is very smart..see,he is sweating hearing my question.”
Arman heard padma’s voice : “sonu!aaj teri pitayi hogi!chal hat ..mere bête ko aane de andar..”
Arman saw shshank and padma were standing there. Sonu giggled and uttered : ‘hi,dr arman malik..i am sonu..i mean Ansh malik..your son..”
Arman smiled and stretched arm towards him but he made face and uttered : “mumma told me,i am a big boy now.”
Padma uttered in a scolding tone.. “mumma ka chamcha..ja mumma ke paas..aa jao arman beta..aap kaise ho?”
Arman bent and touched there feet. Shshank and padma blessed him. Padma asked in a teary voice : “ghar me sab kaise hain beta?aap kaise ho?”
Arman uttered with a smile : “sab achche hain aunty.”
They heard sonu’s voice : “dad came here to meet me only.”
Padma uttered smilingly : “thik hai,le ja apne dad ko apne room me aur jab baatein karke dill bhar jaye,tab humey thoda time dena,humey bhi bahut sari batein karni hai apne bête se.”
Sonu uttered holding arman’s hand : “okay done! and don’t disturb us..i have to talk a lot to dad..”
Arman was sitting on the couch and sonu was blabbering constantly while sitting in his lap. In between padma and shshank peeped in the room but sonu glared them and yelled : “don’t disturb us pleeaaaaase..”
Arman was enjoying his kiddish talks with admiring his son.after some time sonu stopped and asked : “dad,when will you introduce me to my dada and badi dadi?”
Arman replied smilingly : “when your mom will give permission.’
Sonu nodded ,thought a while and ran to out a while he back with riddhima while dragging her.arman felt that riddhima was out of the room to listen their talk or to wait to meet with him. Sonu uttered : “mumma, i want to meet my dada and badi dadi.”
Riddhima uttered rounding eyes : “sonu!i told you to talk in hindi not in English..
Arman giggled hearing it while sonu replied smiling : “then,why you are talking in English?”
Arman wanted to reply ...”beta,teri mom toh miss American hai..wo kaise hindi me bol sakti hai..”
But he kept quiet. He saw riddhiima embarrassed hearing sonu’s reply and uttered in a bit angry tone : “go and sleep sonu...
Sonu nodded like a good boy but uttered : “par pahle aap promise karo mujhe dada se milne ki permission doge?’
Arman uttered surprisingly ; “aapko hindi aati hai ?”
Sonu giggled,nodded and uttered : “you know dad,mumma told me ki apne dad se hindi me baat karna,no English...but I love to irritate her..isliye aapse English me baat kar raha tha..and I know mumma was listening ..hihihi..
Riddhima blushed but smacked lovingly on sonu’s back and uttered : “okay,but now your time is up..say gdn to dad..”
Sonu uttered smilingly : “gdn dad..i am going to sleep..i understood mumma wanted to spend some time with you…”and he ran from there laughing..
Riddhima’s cheeks became red tint hearing it.she uttered hurriedly : “bahut naughty ho gaya can’t belive he is only 4 years old.”
Arman uttered smilingly : “he is genious like an Indian..
Riddhima smiled and nodded. Arman thought she would say… “no,he is genious like an American..” so he surprised seeing her nod in yes.
arman's heart wished to tease riddhima like before so he uttered with a mischievious voice : "but i believed he is only 4 years old..kyonki humari shadi ke exact 5 years 2 months hue hain aur before marriage,you don't allow me so close to you..i mean sonu..." he left incomplete his words and gave her a naughty look.
riddhima blushed hard and uttered : "tum waise hi ho started leg pulling...
arman smiled.some time they stood like quietly like both of them searching words to start conversation. riddhima went near the window,looked at the outside and uttered slowly : "arman..tumne shadi kyon nahi ki?"
arman replied quickly : "kiya toh tha..riddhima gupta se..
riddhima jerked ,kept quiet for sometime then uttered again : "i mean tumne dusri shadi kyon nahi ki?"
arman asked : "tumne kyon nahi ki riddhima?"
riddhima turned to him and uttered slowly : "i have a reason arman..mere paas mera ek goal tha...aur mere paas sonu bhi tha..tumhari yaden..mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye tha..
arman replied : "toh mere paas tum thi riddhima..
riddhima looked at him surprisingly. arman uttered : "i mean mere paas tumhrai yadein thi..aur mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye tha..i think 1 zindagi nikalne ke liye kafi hai aur next janam me phir se tumhe mangunga."
tears started flowing from riddhima's eyes..she turned quickly to hide it . she uttered slowly : "ghar jao arman...its too late.."
arman understood she didn't want to break in front of him. but he wanted to stay there..he wanted to talk to share how his life was empty without her..he wanted to say..he couldn't live without her...and wanted to say ..he wished if he would live the whole life with riddhima and sonu..
but he had no courage to say..he was scared in heart..if riddhima refuses again..he will die at that moment.
he turned to go but stopped hearing riddhima's voice : "aur kal subah jaldi aa jana...sonu ko uske dada-badi dadi se milvana hai..bhul gaye kya?"
arman's eyes flashed hearing it.he replied with a smile: "sure riddhima..mere bete ne toh bas itna hi manga hai mujhse..mai subah jaldi aa
riddhima smiled and bid bye..
when arman was starting his bike,turned and saw riddhima was watching him from balcony..he smiled and bid bye..but his heart said to him..."bahut kuch kehna tha tujhe riddhima se..kitna kuch soch tha tune aur ab bina kahe ja raha hai? mat ja arman..go and hug her and confess you can't live without her...." but he sighed only and started bike to go.

riddhima looked at arman and sighed. her heart scolded her.."are u mad!kitna kuch socha tha kahegi arman se..aur is tarah usey jane ko keh diya? jakar lipat ja usse aur sorry keh tune jo kiya hai..wo tujhe gale laga lega..."

she heaved a long breathe and mumbled..."love you arman..mai jo keh nahi payi,please samajh lena aur ek chance dena ki mai phir se tumhe pa sakun..mai dusre janam ka intzaar nahi kar sakti..i need you..sonu needs you..

love u all

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