Saturday, 2 February 2019

part 2 : Don't step on the Daisies

"Ridhima?" Padma looked at her youngest daughter as she was not her normal bouncing self…it had been 4 weeks and she looked at Shanshank and gestured him to say something as they looked at her stare into space at the dinner table for breakfast….

"Beta everything ok?" she looked up at her parents and smiled weakly… I don't know I feel so strange and I don't know what to do? I feel like I have lost a whole part of me…I feel so odd?

"Hmm I think you're missing Anjali!" they looked at Ridhima nodding and smiling but inside she felt to violated…

"She did call and say that Atul is driving her insane and will be coming to Mumbai soon…" placing the toast in her mouth she listened to the conversation at the breakfast table not taking anything in as she thought about him.

"Actual she has invited us all to Delhi for Atul surprise party…" Padman looked at Ridhima it was not like her to not to react to such news…. There was a party and no reaction?? She could sense something was wrong since she had been back but knew Ridhima would tell her when the time was right. With her daughters she knew she could trust them...she looked at her toying with the melon with her fork.

"Ridhima beta! How's you're internship at the hospital?" she looked up at her father.

"It's going great dad.. we are getting different cases and I am actually learning a lot papa!" it the only thing I have to occupy myself with…

"Morning!" they turned to see Muskhan smiling as she walked into the house.

"Muskhan beta …breakfast?" Ridhima looked at Muskhan as she hinted to go to her room as she smiled at her mother.

"No thank you Aunty! I was after Ridhima!" Padma stared at them both whispering to each other as they climbed up the stairs.

"I have search the entire net and there is no way to removed this dame tattoo!" Muskhan looked at her feeling guilty for not being there for her best friend. As they looked into the mirror to see the 1 rupee coin size heart shape design with his name inter weaved in the middle 'Armaan'.

"I got some foundation to match your skin tone to cover it up…" Ridhima looked at her as she held out the small tube.

"But for how long do I cover this thing up?…there has to be some way to remove it?"
Muskan could hear the stress in her voice.

"I found this in my bag…" Riddhima looked her as she held out the large white envelope engraved on the top 'love me tender'. Taking hold of it she closed her eyes to open it… She saw a girl with her face looking to lovingly at him as he held her smiling.

"It's that guy from the seminar?" Ridhima nodded as she remember.

"I could not get over how rude he was to the host!" Muskhan shook her head remembering the incident.

"Yeah he was so rude everyone looked at him storm out of the seminar…as he disagreed with the guest speaker" she added moving over towards the bed to sit down.

"But you know him right?" Muskhan looked at Ridhima nod and look away.

"He's brother is Jiju's friend… when I visited Di in Delhi she showing us some pictures and I saw him there for the first time standing next to Jiju. Momma asked who he was and then Rahul said he was a senior at his college… he has an attitude problem and a temper. Di agreed and said Armaan fiery temper is famous and so is his association with the girls in Dehli…"

"So really you don't know him until vegas… you have just heard about him…He very handsome you're husband! In the picture he looks as if he is totally into you.."

"He's NOT my husband?" Muskhan looked at her as she looked upset.

"But Yaar I don't think he took advantage of you… he saved you from the creep Vivek so…"

"He's no Hero either…I just want to put erase his name forever…."Muskahn nodded as she looked at Ridhima grabbing her bag.

No one understand how can I have marry someone who I do not know and met when hypnotized this…he took total advantage of me and I will never let him come near me again…


Shubhankar looked at Armaan as he shoot the basketball and missed…for the past 10 minutes he looked at him angrily throwing the ball and missing everything…it was not like him to be working out so late in the evening…grabbing hold of his night gown he opened the bedroom door.

"Armaan?" Seeing Shubhankar he threw the ball at him to see his brother smiling at him.

"Bro …1 on 1" seeing Armaan waving his hands at him he threw the ball back at him.

"If I win you tell me what going on?" smiling Armaan knew bhai would never win and nodded his head.

Shubhankar watch Armaan bounce the ball and move past him …jump up and land the basket… He looked at him smiling as threw the ball back at Shub handing.

"Come on bro let see what you got?" seeing Armaan chuckle Shubhankar turned and threw the ball without moving landing straight into the basket…Armaan looked at Shub as he placed his hand on his head and ruffled Armaans hair.

"Bro how did you?" shaking his head he looked at his brother.

"Come on you didn't think you're the only star of the family…" he looked at him brother in admiration.

"I have been letting you win all this time…I promised Kirti!" Armaan looked at him chuckling and laugh with him.

"Now tell me what the matter?" Armaan looked at Shubhankar as he placed his arm around him and lead him back into the house.

"I kind of met someone and …"

"Let me guess it's all gone a little soar…look Armaan one thing I learnt when I fell in love was …everything is fair in love and war… just go get her…ok!" Armaan looked at him a little surprised.

"Armaan if you want something in this life you a have to take it…but in love this challenges will be tuff but you have to win them with heart and nothing more… If your love is true then you will win!"


Ridhima looked at her parents whispering and looked at her as she came down the stairs….the flight to Delhi may take her mind of everything and the party will be fun. Rahul was going to be there with his family as well…so she was not going to be bored out of her mind.. Plus she had not seen Di for a long time..

"SURPRISE!" Atul looked at the room light up and smiled to see Anjali come forward wearing her gold lengha and take hold of him.

"Happy Birthday!" Atul kissed her on the cheek to see her blush as she lowered her eyes. Everything about her was beautiful and she had this gift of making everything she touch as beautiful as her.

"Armaan you sly dog!" Armaan smiled as he looked at Atul shaking his head.

"You tricked me new club? Boys night out?… and you Anjali fightin with all morning about me going out with the boys?.." they al laugh as Ridhima and her parents came forward….

He looked at her take hold of Anjali and Atul smiling as his eyes thirsty upon the sight of her…he stepped forward to find Sapna take hold of him and led him away.

"Armaan help me with the cake…" nodding his head he looked at her as she smiled at him.

"Di where is Sapna?" Ridhima looked at the way everything was decorated Di had the best taste and the party was a hit.

"I think she has a crush on someone at the moment…" Ridhima looked at Anjali as she looked to see Sapna walk away with a guy.

"Di who's the guy?" Ridhima look Anjali as she winked at her.

"I am not sure ..but Atul wants to know who his sister is interested in!" Ridhima watched Sapna disappear but got a nervous feeling about the person near Sapna.

"Ridhima?" she turned to see Rahul a friendly face.

"Armaan is Amit coming?" Armaan chuckled at Sapna's question to see her blush.

"Hmmm… Amit is it?" seeing her go even more red he chuckled out loud as he watched her organise the waiters with the cake.

"Come on yaar… help me as there an important announcement later today…" he looked at her slightly puzzled.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Atul!! Happy Birthday to you!" Everyone sang as she turned around to see her family she stopped to see him only lengths away looking at her. With her heart pounding she looked at him coming forwards… Feeling an arm take hold of her she turned to see Anjali led her to stand by Rahul's side.

"Everyone today's a double celebration as I want to announce my daughters Riddhima's engagement to Rahul…" She looked at her parent smiling and congratulate them and smiled…

Feeling someone take hold of her arm and pull her into the room …she heard him someone come closer to her.

"Hi babe!" she looked at him as he cornered her against the wall… feeling his breath on her face she closed her eyes feeling the butterflies in her stomach and her heart pounding in her ears…. He looked at her with her eyes lowered and breathing heavy…feeling his finger on her face she looked into his hazel eyes…as if he had cast a spell on her she felt his fingers on her cheek… slowly moving towards her lips as he gentle traced them… "I felt as if part of me died when you left !" ….feeling his lips on hers…she melted in his arms as he pulled her closer….She found herself kissing him back as he released her he smiled.. "lets tell everyone we are married!" as he held her hand and led her towards the door.

"NO!" he turned to look at her…

"Look I was hypnotized and this so called married never happen…I was under some spell and I don't want to be with you…."


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