Wednesday, 20 February 2019

part 2 : Tumhare hum

I walk down the stairs and hug my
mother, Padma Gupta, who is the
best mother in the whole wide
world… well according to me
anyways. I give a quick peck on the
cheek to my father, Shashank Gupta,
who is a wonderful father and a
superb businessman himself. I
quickly dash out of our mansion for
work as I realize I am running a bit
late. I jump into my silver Aston
Martin Vanquish sports car and

zoom off towards my fashion house,
Gupta Fashions… or so it was called,
but now it will be referred to as Pari
Fashions. Yeah I know it sounds
odd. When they changed the name I
totally had a fit, but that's when my
father swooped in and convinced me
otherwise. You wanna know who
suggested the name… that's right it
was him! I so can't help, but think
he must be a total pansy… yea I
wish! He is anything, but a pansy… I
at least know that much! Anyways I
park my car in my usual spot and
enter the building with style, along
with my head quite high in the air.
Hey, I am quite proud of my success
and achievements. All my employees
wish me a good morning and then
quickly get back to work. I rapidly
reply to their greeting and go
straight into my cabin only to see
that someone is already in there.
It's him… No, not God! Pay
attention! It's him, you know Armaan
Mallik also known as the guy I
Anyways, I'm staring at him in utter
shock because it is completely out of
the blue. I wasn't expecting to meet
him until the afternoon board
meeting, when his staff would be
settling in our joint fashion house. I
thought I had some time, you know
to prepare myself, but I guess not! I
can feel him staring at me, which
surprisingly makes me feel nervous
under his gaze. I steady my nerves
and begin to look him up and down
noting his stylish shoes, his
attractive black Armani suit, his well
built clearly shown because of the
undone buttons of his shirt, his
steely grey eyes, and his classic
gelled and spiked hair. He is
gorgeous, even today. This made the
game all the more interesting and
fun to play. He grins as he sees me
checking him out from head to toe. I
mirror his grin as I see him checking
me out as well since his eyes linger
around my body with his mouth
slightly open. It's pretty obvious he
thinks I'm attractive, can't say that I
blame him though. I know, I'm quite
modest right! Anyhow, he definitely
didn't recognize me, but then again
how can he, after all I did dress
rather traditionally back then.
Apparently like a behenji according
to him! Oh God, I am gonna start
getting angry again… happy
thoughts Riddhima happy thoughts.
Okay I just realized he has his hand
extended towards me and I'm not
quite sure for how long. He is giving
me his trademark smirk as he says,
"Armaan Mallik, it's pleasure to meet
such a beauty" I would normally roll
my eyes at his blunt form of flirting,
but then again I can't do that to his
face, now can I? I give him a
mysterious smile and shake his hand
sweetly replying, "Riddhima Gupta
and the pleasure is all mine" He
starts to look at me quite
suspiciously, "Have we met before?
You seem familiar" I start to panic
but in seconds think up a response
in return. I wittily reply, "I'm sure I
would have remembered a gorgeous
face like yours Mr. Mallik!" He
laughs at my comment. I don't know
whether to be flattered that he sort
of remembers me or strangle him for
lamely attempting to flirt with me
yet again. Oh no, he's frowning…
CRAP maybe he is on to me! He
continues to frown, "Mr. Mallik is my
father, please call me Armaan, Ms.
Gupta" I grin replying, "Then please
call me Riddhima, Armaan!" He
hides his amusement.
I take my seat across from him and
get straight down to business. We
discuss several business
propositions. I start pointing
something out in the report in my
hand and guess what I see him
doing… No, no I want you to take a
wild guess! No clue? Alright, fine I'll
tell you… he was staring at me!!!
God that takes the cake, but wait
I'm suppose to make him fall for my
charm. Ugh he is just so… so
TYPICAL! I hide the grinding of my
teeth and wave a hand in front of
his eyes. It takes him a good five
seconds to snap out of his trance.
Now five seconds seems like a short
amount of time, but when I am
awkwardly trying to make him pay
attention it seemed like FOREVER!
And this didn't occur just once… it
was several times throughout our
discussion that I caught him staring
at me. I guess I should be happy
because it makes my job a little
easier. Though it doesn't seem to
explain why every time he looks at
me I, Riddhima Gupta, get so
nervous. He still has this power over
me, which I can't fathom and I hate
myself for that. It's like I still care
what he thinks about me, but
nonetheless I brush this thought
aside and continue with the
discussion. God, I just need to put
my feelings aside and focus on the
task at hand.
So after like the fifth time I have to
remind him that he needs to pay
attention to what I'm saying, he
apologizes. For what you may ask,
well I ask him the same thing,
"Sorry… for what?" He continues by
saying, "I'm sorry, you're just so
beautiful that I can't take my eyes
off you!" Boy oh boy, here he goes
again! I forcefully fake a smile upon
my lips and bat my eyes shyly. He
keeps babbling, praising me
periodically and questioning how we
never met since we are in the same
line of business. I kind of tuned out
after a while, but caught the last
part when he asks, "How about
dinner tonight?" I laugh replying, "I
am astounded you don't have a date
for tonight already." He cocks his
eyebrow at me questioningly. I shrug
my shoulders and confidently reply,
"Well it's a known fact that you're
quite the charmer, it's no secret you
know!" He laughs while wagging his
finger at me like I'm some kind of
naughty child, replying, "I suppose
my reputation speaks volumes on my
behalf, but honestly what's the
harm in merely having some dinner
with me. Besides you're already are
well aware of my charming ways so
you know you won't fall for my
charm. Unless… you don't trust
yourself with me?" Right now he is
smirking his most famous smirk! I
wish I could wipe the smirk of his
face with a swift movement from my
hand, I bet that would knock some
sense into him. He is trying to make
it seem like I'm scared. Pfft, scared
yea right! I just wanted to enlighten
him that not every girl is stupid
enough to fall for his nonsense…
wait I just called myself stupid
didn't I? Yea…
In any case, I smirk back at him
replying, "Armaan, I'm not scared of
you if that's what you're implying!
But to prove you wrong, I will
indeed be joining you for dinner…
as a business dinner of course! I
mean we didn't exactly get to finish
because your eyes seemed a little
distracted, but I can't blame you for
noticing my undeniable good looks."
Armaan laughs, quite loudly I might
add saying, "My, my aren't we
modest!" I roll my eyes replying, "Oh
please, you're one to talk!" He was a
little taken back by my comment, but
he seemed to find it all the more

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