Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Part 2 : Will You Ever Love Me?

                              1st morning in mallik mansion

  As the sunlight was hitting her face she got disturbed. So she woke up. She stretched her arms and told herself good morning riddhima gupta'oops not gupta any more'its mallik'.. I hate it'

    She saw armaan sleeping like a kid with a big smile on his face and saw that he was getting disturbed by d sun rays so he just covered his face with a pillow 'seeing that she said to herself so cute'.and she smiled'.again after a moment she thought why I m thinking all this he is not at all cute he is just a devil'

 She stood in front of the mirror and saw the vermilion in her head which was filled by armaan last evening

  (Riddhima's point of view)

  She touched the vermilion and thought does it have any value? Its not at all valuable to Armaan. She touched her lips and remembered their first kiss, her first kiss..but armaan has kissed so many girls it does not mean anything to him. But when he touched me why did I feel as if he is someone special to me. Whenever I read some love story the girl always feel special when her lover touches her but why did I feel so'I m neither special to him nor he is to me then why are these feelings arising? God plz help me'


 She came out of her thoughts and saw the time 7:00am. She has to cook as its her first day in this house. She loves to cook but she was nervous why she didn't know. She freshened up wore a red sari put a bit of vermilion, put d mangalsutra and then went to the kitchen and asked Ramu kaka (he is serving for the malliks for more than 30years). She asked him about the likes and dislikes of her father in law and her so called loving husband. His father's favourite food is kheer and armaan's aloo ke paratha.

 She went to call armaan as ordered by his father as he desired to eat the breakfast with his son and daughter in law'She saw armaan still sleeping'.she thought of some pranks'she brought a bucket of water and threw it towards armaan'he woke up with a jerk'and thought why is it raining but after realizing he was damn angry on riddhima' "Wake up armaan my loving husband its morning and dad is calling you to do the breakfast today with me and him'as its our first day" she said it with a wide grin on her face'

 At the breakfast she served his dad and her dad too now onwards 'and hi husband aloo ke parathe and kheer'Armaan was really very hungry so he ate it'as it was tasty he said to ramu kaka "the parathas are awesome make it every day for me"'ramu kaka said him that it was not made by him but by riddhima'hearing this armaan said to himself Shit why did I say'oh no'to change it he said that these parathas are worthless its just so Ewwww'he said it before that it was good because if it was made by ramu kaka he should not insult his work as he is there from many years'and he would feel bad'after knowing that riddhima has made it he said it so because she can improve later. Riddhima got furious'seeing her face he made a wide grin. She said to him"ok Mr. mallik hoe can I improve tell me the way I can I improve'I will make sure that I will make it again and next time nicely but before that tell me the recipe to make it'I will make it more tasty"'.Armaan saw her face which was red in anger he gave her a victorious smile. To take revenge she offered him another aloo ke paratha a special one'she has made it only for him'As armaan's dad was present there he couldn't say anything as his dad also insisted him to eat or else she would feel bad as she has made it only for him with lots of love'Armaan couldn't say anything more'he was sure something was wrong'something was fishy'but he couldn't do anything. After putting the paratha in his mouth and after chewing it for a while his eyes started to water and his ears beacame red hot'and his face turned red'the paratha was too chilli'and this was the special paratha made only for him with lots of love'And armaan cant even eat a bit of food which is made up of chilli' armaan now saw riddhima's face which now had a victorious smile'Armaan got angry'without even telling anyone he got up and went to his room'Jai mallik thought that he had finished his food that's why he went away.  Riddhima asked his dad" dad can I join the office or else I will get bored in the house"' he replied "ofcourse beta I will tell armaan to take you with him."

 She went to her room and saw armaan coughing badly and saw his hands were on his stomach'seeing this she felt bad'she went to the kitchen and brought honey and the kheer which was not eaten by him'She offered him the bowl but he did not take it he said,"I don't heed it thank you very much'I know you want my death soon but it will not happen'and if I eat the kheer I will die soon as I m sure you have mixed poison in it"'She never thought of his death and it was just a prank and for that she was also ready to apologize but after hearing this her eyes became moist and she went away from the room. Armaan saw her leaving but he did not knew that she was crying'if he had seen hr crying he would have stopped her as he cannot see anyone cry. He took the bowl of kheer and ate it and thought she was really a good cook but in his mind there was only one question that why did she care for him?

  She was crying silently in the terrace'no one has ever talked to her like this'and she took the kheer because he was coughing badly'and she never thought of his death'he is her husband how can she even think about his death'though she hates him but never want anything bad happening to him'."he hates me god'I told you this marriage will never work'never..he will always hate me..always'.."

 Armaan was called by his dad'his dad said him" beta take riddhima to the office from next day 'she will join the office from tomorrow and she will join as your personal assistant'I know you want to spent some time with her so for this she will be your P.A "

Armaan was in total shock'he could not believe Riddhima as her P.A and she will be with him whole day'first in his house and then in his office too'"oh no she would be there with me 24*7'nooooo'.god plz help me" 


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