Sunday, 3 February 2019

part 3 : Don't step on the Daisies

"Just stop this crap!" she looked at him as he took hold of her hand and moved towards the door.

"No Listen!" he turned to look at her

"Look! Look how about a  Divorce! I give you one we can get in touch with the USA and get it finalised!" she looked at him as he moved closure to her.

"What would you give me in return of the divorce?" looking at his stern look she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Oh I get it! Blackmail!" he looked at her as she turned around and walked forward feeling the pain she was in he had no choice.

"Yes! I want my payment for agreeing to the divorce!" she turned to look at him stunned. I married him?  who care about nothing but himself she thought looking at him moving towards the bed and sitting down in the hotel room.

"I can only give you what money I have…" she looked at him taking off his jacket and placing it on the bed.

"Riddhima come here!" looking at him pat the bed she closed her eyes feeling her heart racing… feeling his hand touch her she froze as she looked into his spell bounding eyes.

"I want you to spend 30days and nights with me….only then I will give you a divorce!" her eyes widened as she looked at him leading her towards the bed.

He looked at her as her eyes watered as he sat her on his lap and looked at her totally unaware of what he was doing? As he gentle stroked her hair…..

"I am set to marry Rahool and…"he looked at the tears running down her face and the helplessness look on her face….feeling the touch of his finger wipe away her tears she looked at him confused.

"You are already married we could go and tell them..darling…" closing her eyes she felt his warm breath on her face as he his lips brush past her ear.

"What are you doing?" feeling her anger breath he looked at her struggling to get out of his arms as he held on to her stubbornly. Cursing herself as she discover what he was doing she freed herself and looked at him grinning on the bed.

"You want a divorce!! so you will do exactly as you're husband wants!" he looked at her moving towards the door…

"I will do no such thing… you will hear from my lawyer…"

"I wouldn't do that if I was you… as then everyone would find out where married and that is something you want to hide…if I am not mistaken… am I correct!" she looked at him as he placed his arms in his jacket and walked over towards her grinning evilly

"It's my way or the highway! darling" she looked at him opening the door and leaving the room.


"I am so happy to have you here with us Ridz" Riddhima looked at Anjali smiled as they walked towards the large dinning table for breakfast.

"It will be like old times remember…" Anjali looked at Riddhima as she nodded and smiled …She was surprised that Riddhima had decide to complete her final year intern in Mumbai Sanjeevni …but was kind of happy that she wanted to spend time with Rahool since he was here… it made sense as Ridhima was going to be spending most of her time with Rahool… at least know they can get familiar with each other.

"Morning!" they both turned to see Armaan in his length shorts an white sleeveless top walking into the house smiling as he looked at them… Riddhima's heart raced looking at him as he so arrogantly walked into the house as he owned it… she looked at him as he headed straight them smiling.

"Morning Armaan!… and where is Atul ?!" Ridhima looked at her sister walk away from them as she stared at Atul walking in!.. Riddhima looked at him as he took hold of her dupputa and whipped the sweat of his brow and looked at her panic as he stepped close to her… "Morning wifey!" she looked at him catching his breathe as he winked at her… Seeing Anjali just about to turn around she stepped away from him.

"Not fair Armaan!… you cheated!"  they all looked at Atul as he ran into the house panting and holding his waist looking at Armaan.

"All's fair in love and war!" Riddhima looked at him as he stared at her and feeling very uncomfortable she cursed herself for have ever met such a creep.

"Armaan you are so right!" they turned to see Sapna coming down the stairs for breakfast.

"Armaan you are a sly dog! I tell you…" Armaan looked at Atul as he walked over towards him.

"Well Kirti Bhabhi told me you and Shub bhai have been cheating me for so long.." Anjali looked at Atul grinning as he lead Armaan to the table.

"Come on… Armaan! We were making a man out of you!… so we made you work out a little hard and those large muscles and six pack.." Armaan looked at Atul tap his stomach and chuckle .. "Is all worth! I seen those girls staring at you in the joggers park…"

"Hmm I always thought they were looking at you and bhai… as you both stop to admire them…" Armaan looked at Atul blushing and chuckled as Anjali narrowed his eyes at him.

"Anjali? Armaan is lying…I have eyes only for you! Honey!" Sapna and Armaan laugh at Atul running after Anjali as she stormed of towards the kitchen.

"Armaan why do you get him in trouble with bhabhi?" He turned to look at Sapna grinning to see Ridhima turning to go upstairs.

"Omg that is nothing he always picked on me when I was an intern and him and bhai never stopped!… it pay back or the both of them…" she looked at him letting out his evil laugh and giggled…. Ridhima turned to look at him as he looked at her.

"You staying for breakfast?" Armaan looked at Sapna and jerked her with his elbow.

"Intoduce us yaar!" Sapna shook her head at him

"Riddhima…" she turned to look at them approach them at the foot of the stairs.

"This is Dr Armaan… he a nuter and my best friend!" Ridhima looked at him as he smiled moving his hand forward… Ridhima looked at Sapna smiling and moved her hand forward slowly…

"NO! Riddhima don't shake his hand!" they turned to see Atul marching over.

"You shake this devils hand and you will never forget him or he will cast this spell on you …"

"Omg Atul don't be so mean! Armaan is an Angel and we all know who's the " Anjali gave Atul and dirty look and looked at Armaan and Riddhima.

Di believe me it all to late.. he has me under his spell already and I have to remove him and his omen soon… Riddhima looked at them all and placed her hand in his and looked at him smiling.

"I better be going… I will see you all later!" they looked at him smiling as he stepped towards the door.

Anjali and Atul looked at Sapna as she giggled and turned to look at them staring at her..

"Anjali I telling you the girl he marries will be lucky!" Sapna giggled

"Bhaiya I will feel sorry for the poor girl as Armaan is as romantic as a chocolate teapot!…" they looked at her giggling.

"And how would you know?" Anjali looked at Sapna

"Omg Armaan can never remember any girls name … he forgets the name of the day.. I think he will need someone whom he can never forget…" Riddhima looked at Sapna as she looked at her pull a sit at the table….


"Riddhima hurry up!" Riddhima nodded as she looked over at Anjali

"Di I need to get my bag and mobile from my room… why don't you wait in the car I will be right down!" Anjali looked at Ridhima heading for the stairs.. she not changed at all always remembering thing at the last minute…

Riddhima opened the bedroom door as we shocked the whole room was cover in daisies and she enter the room smiling…

"Promise me every morning you give me daisies!" hearing her own voice she turned and looked at the small tv screen in the room.

"I promise!" she looked at Armaan pulling her closer to her and staring into his eyes.

Walking over towards the screen as she moved around the flowers she turned off the screen.

"I guess you don't remember that footage…" hearing his voice she turned to see him looking at her. His hair was wet and he masculine persona filled the room… as he stood in jean and a yellow shirt.

"What are you doing here? This morning was bad enough what were you think? What if they found out and…." She looked at him picking up a single daisy in his hand…

"She loves me ?…" he pulled off the petal and looked at her smiling… "She loves me Not ?" he looked at her taken hold of the flower as he quickly pulled another petal

"Stop this rubbish!" she looked at him walking toward the bed.

"Look you are forgetting the deal 30day and nights remember!!" seeing him pick up her picture frame he smiled.

"I remember.. you are sick and after one thing… and you know what you can play this perverted game but you will never have my heart!" he turned to look at her angrily.

"Listen to me … this body of you're is nothing special as I have had many girls more beautiful then you… there is a gift box in you're wardrobe and I will call you at 3pm so make sure you are ready… understand or I will publish our wedding photo in the Mumbai paper… understand!" he looked at her as she turned red in anger.

"How will I ? look I cant leave the house just…"

"I don't care… you wear what's in the box and follow the instruction in the box!.. I will call you at 3pm…."she looked at him walking towards her.

"Look Armaan…I" feeling him step closer to her she looked into his spell bounding eyes.. as he took the daisy out of her hand…touching her fingers…….she just stared at him walking towards the window… "she loves me?…. she love me Not?"

"RIDHIMA" coming back to her sense she grabbed her bag and turn to see him no longer in her room…………….. "SHE LOVES ME!" hearing his voice she turned back…


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