Friday, 15 February 2019

Part 3 : Perfect

There....perfectly finished....good job samrat....armaan definitely has something with that girl...of course it isnt love....but even if it is a flicker of point about guptas and malik should be enough to hit the sensitive spot in his business oriented mind...and at the same time...he will never think thats all i was interested in anyways....i still play the good daddy role for him....well he doesnt know about that loser shashank n me at oxford together and never he can never come to conclusions other than my concern for him....and if i have groomed him right, his professional ambition will make him see how lucrative this idea is....and since that girl is so obviously unlike her father...she will be easy to handle just like radhika once she is here...its the second most perfect deal after my marriage....and like the previous time...there is nothing to lose....afterall...if she is any trouble...its armaans life...he will handle it...and i will get to see the biggest collaboration in the history of london...GUPTA-GREWAL-MALIK tie....n i am the link....simply i come with my third n biggest hit!

~breakfast: gupta mansion~

"ridhima beta, i dont think thats enough breakfast to last u the whole day...have some more toast..." ridz gasped though not visibly hearing those words....oh no! she i at the threshold of another meeting with a suitor eligible to marry me????heavens save me... so soon this time????...she took another toast anyways and waited for the new story...."beta i want to discuss something that may interest you greatly, you do have 20 minutes to discuss i am assuming..." here goes....well dad if i told you i am getting late for my literature and dramatics class at univ would you let me go???no i ever have the 'NO' option????...shashank knew that ridz wasnt happy with where this discussion was heading, but he knew equally well how the discussion was likely to end on a complete reversal of her mood....he continued..."u do know a certain young lad who goes by the name armaan malik....????"..she gasped a second time and this time it was a visible reaction...dam she thought....dont tell me now father can penetrate my mind as well, along with every other aspect of my life....gosh...does the word privacy apply to anything connected with this tortured soul ridhima did father know what i have been undergoing for the last few weeks...ok deep breathing ridzi....listen him out first....seeing her silent but obvious reaction , shashank repeated " u do know him dont u beta????"..."iv had the chance to make his pleasant aquaintence father..." she replied with a strained prudence...."pleasant u say????indeed....he is an agreeable fellow....befitting all parameters of perfection...his father and i graduated together from did his mother in fact...."...his mother...that seemed to ring an alarm in ridzi's head somewhere... she couldnt quite pin down what it was right then however....this conversation was preoccupying all the capable thinking grey cells in her head....interupting her chain of thoughts shashank said..."well i have been thinking....and i wondered if you think well enough of the boy to perhaps go out with him for coffee sometime???"....since when did father start asking me about my opinions????reading her thoughts shashank added swiftly "i figured after the rahul fiasco beta, that i really must start taking your consent for decisions in your life. you are grown up and mature enough to know what suits you best...."...there that puts the ball in the net shashank silently smirked....c'mon girl....answer me with the obvious yes you have been wanting to say...."yes father, i do think a conversation with him is worth a chance, but...." shashank looked at her....BUT????now what...."but what something bothering you????" "well i hope you do not mind me asking, but when did you talk to his family about this???cause i met him yesterday and did not get the impression of his being aware of any such set up..." this girl can actually think????with what????o well i guess i should owe this to the charms of that slugs son....she must be smitten by him actually have been able to think out this question..."well that's right beta i have not talked to samrat yet...that's armaans dad...but i wanted to ask you about your thoughts before i made a move this time....its your life after all...." OMG now this really cant be happening....father actually waited to ask me before talking to malik uncle...ummm...future sasur ji...and she blushed....aloud she said "well father now that you have my answer you can handle your way....please excuse me, i have to reach my class in the next half an hour"...with that she made a hasty exit before the conversation rolled into any other unwanted direction.....smiling shying blushing all at the same time....


~malik mansion~

"wake up son...dont u have morning class today???" armaan smiled slightly in his sleepy stupor hearing the voice of his idol, his father early morning...that was rare he thought with his half dazed mind....then it all came back his conversation with dad last night.....he opened his eyes...."good morning dad....i took a day off cause of muskaan's wedding...but looks like you took the day off too????" samrat smiled seeing how smartly armaan had asked him the reason which has eventuated this early morning father son conversation...."yes i have, i figured we should spend time together today since you and i are both likely to miss muskaan on this first day the home will not see or hear that chirpy girl... the life of malik mansion...." hearing this armaan completely forgot why his dad was here and his thoughts went to his sister....n then he considerate of his father to think this way....n here he was thinking dad had come for his answer.....armaan felt a wee bit guilty for the quick judgement...while samrat who could read his son like an open book knew exactly what he was thinking....its so easy to deal with u armaan...ur way too smart for the whole world, but i still remain your father....bowled you over with my consideration and love dint i????n he smiled....armaan hugged him n said "you are right dad, gime 15minutes to freshen up and join you for breakfast...."i will be waiting for u son "he smiled that same endearing smile...armaan had definitely got his dad's looks...and the charms which failed on no one any age....they had been samrat's single secret weapon in captivating a rich girl years ago....radhika had loved samrat for the man he was no doubt but the looks definitely help turning the tables to ur preferred direction....

Armaan came down...his hair still wet from the shower, looking casually handsome in his black and blue jumper suit, he had never had to put efforts into stealing the show as far as charm was concerned, mused samrat looking at his son....u have to agree with this deal armaan he thought, that girl should be as easy target....already looked like she was falling for you, and i know the way u handle the ladies in your life, it wont be hard in the least for you of all the people to play your charms on her, only if you are willing to play this will.... i know you....aloud he said...."juice????" armaan smiled..perfect diet food for the morning....his dad was fit and active at this age because of how conscious he was about his health, and armaan himself has inherited all of those genes...the charm..the looks...the addiction to being fit to work best...."yeh did muskaan confirm where she and rahul plan to go for their honeymoon...i believe they were deciding between the caribean zone or the west american coast...." "yeh she said they decided upon the caribbean the oceans and beaches and beauty is sure to turn on any couple!!!" samrat said with just the calculated amount of mischief the father of a new bride could be permitted.... "i am so happy for her armaan...she has found all the happiness in the love of her life...god bless the angel...." armaan smiled again....and then he thought it was time he answered his dad's question from last night....he remembered having dozed off thinking and re thinking all what his dad had said last night....he knew his dad would never mention it again unless he felt armaan wanted the topic reopened...but he had seen the night before a different facet of samrat... how deeply his father felt about the issue for armaan's happiness and he felt the least his dad deserved was an answer....samrat meanwile could see the topic was coming up soon...he just relaxed waiting for armaan to make his first move....somehow he felt knew he shouldn't expect a straight yes....but he had worked all night on thinking of all possible answers that could come his way and how he could counter them in the most subtle ways....he would get into action depending on armaans reply...till then it was just the 'wait and watch armaam start the topic' phase....



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