Thursday, 21 February 2019

part 3 : Tumhare hum

After spending countless hours in
the office, I finally head home to get
ready for my "business dinner" with
Armaan Mallik as I like to call it. Oh
who am I kidding? I bet he has full
intentions on interpreting this
appointment as a date! Whatever, I
guess it's better for me I quickly go
upstairs to my room and head
straight for my closet. I flip through
my clothes rapidly and finally come
across a satin black dress. It's
elegant, tasteful, and the best part

is that it hugs all of my curves in a
very flattering manner. I slowly pull
it out of my closet and lay it across
my bed. I freshen up a bit, before
slipping into the silky dress. I
headed towards the dresser and
start to do my makeup, making sure
I make my eyes have that smoky
effect. I style my hair in loose curls
when I am done with my makeup. I
distance myself from the mirror to
examine my overall appearance,
noting how amazing I look. I place a
pearl necklace around my neck when
I notice it was bare. When I am
close enough to the door, I hear my
father whistle at me and then laugh.
I slowly turn around, cocking an
eyebrow at him as I hear him ask,
"Now where is my princess off to in
such a rush?" I smile and quickly
hug my father replying, "Dad I have
a business dinner with Armaan
tonight, I'll be home soon! Love
you!" With that I peck his cheek and
leave the house to see a blue and
black Bugatti Veyron parked right
outside my house. No points for
guessing that it is obviously Armaan
I slowly approach the vehicle and he
comes out to escort me inside the
car. He is wearing a black suit with
a silky black shirt with a few buttons
undone. I mentally groan noticing
that we match and he looks
incredibly hot. God I hate myself for
thinking he is hot! What can I say, I
mean I do have eyes you know! He
looks at me with a grin, "You look
phenomenal!" I glance at him before
replying, "Eh you look alright!
Enough to be seen with me that is!"
He opens the door for me while
laughing, "Ouch! That was a major
blow to my ego!" He walks around
the car while I mumble, "You mean
your inflated ego, you egotistical
maniac!" We then drive towards the
restaurant in an uncomfortable
When we arrive at the very expensive
restaurant, he grabs hold of my arm
and escorts me to the door. I had
half a mind to smack him across the
face for holding onto me so
possessively. I belong to NO ONE!
Anyways we are escorted to a table
and I try to once again discuss
business with him. He casually nods
as if he is paying attention, but I
know he is definitely not. He starts
staring at me again, more so my lips.
I mentally smirk at his state.
Honestly though I can't blame that
guy because I have very irresistible
lips. Oh wait yeah I think I can
blame him since he should have
noticed BEFORE when we were
dating! That stupid cow! I shake my
head to stop my thoughts from
proceeding any further. My eyes
begin to wander around the
restaurant that is until they land on
Prithvi Bose!
No, Prithvi is definitely not
an ex-boyfriend, nor a friend for that
matter. He is my stalker! Yes, that's
right I happen to have my very own
personal stalker and trust me when
I say this—IT'S NOT FUN AT ALL! He
apparently saw me on television and
it was, and I quote "Love at first
sight" Yea, love at first sight my ***!
He started writing letters, emails
about how modest I am about
creating such a wonderful fashion
house on my own and about how
much he admires me. At first I
thought it was flattering, but then
he started making trips down to my
office and keeping tabs on places I
went. You may ask why I haven't
informed the police? Well, I have
and that is the reason I haven't
seen Prithvi in over a week… until
this very moment.
I quickly look back towards Armaan
as I begin to panic. I swear under
my breath, "Oh ****!!" Armaan
notices my fright and quickly snaps
out of his little fantasy dreamland. I
notice Prithvi's head turning around
the room and instantly I slide under
the table. Thankfully there is a long
tablecloth covering the circular
table, enough to hide my presence
from the likes of Prithvi. Armaan
bends his head under the table and
amusedly asks, "Umm…Riddhima?
What are you doing under the
table? Look sweetie this isn't the
place for such naughty things! We
are in public and it's called self
control" I yank the table cloth down
hard, which he had lifted with his
hand. I whisper back in a harsh
tone, "I'm hiding stupid! Get your
head out of the toilet!" He pulls the
table cloth up again to ask, "From
Just then Armaan surprisingly joins
me under the table. My mouth
drops open, watching him sit under
this table in such close proximity to
me. To answer his question I quickly
peek to see if Prithvi is still waiting
to be seated, which he is. I loudly
whisper to Armaan, "You see that
guy over there, in the blue shirt and
beige pants… from HIM, Prithvi
Bose!" Armaan laughs, "Prithvi Bose?
Isn't he a photographer or
something?" I nod and add, "He is
also my stalker! I had to get a
restraining order from him! It's not
funny STOP LAUGHING!" Armaan
starts to pant for a breath of air and
he continues to laugh. I start
whining for him to stop laughing,
but can't stop myself from laughing
given the situation. He puts his
hand out for me to join him back to
our seats rather than under the
table. I whisper, "What if he sees
me?" Armaan smirks, "Don't worry,
I'll take care of him if he does!" I
reluctantly agree and sit in my seat,
trying to avoid Prithvi at all costs.
Armaan brushes his hand
against mine to make me less
worried about my little stalker
problem. God can this night get any
worse… I have to be with this jerk
and watch my back from that
psycho… what's a girl to do? Armaan
and I finally give our orders to the
waiter, talk about lazy service. We
have been here for a while and the
waiter shows up now… if I was
paying the tip I wouldn't give these
slow pokes anything! Armaan then
gestures me for a dance, while I look
at him like he has lost it, "Are you
crazy? He will definitely spot me if I
dance with you!" Armaan shrugs,
"Sounds like you're…" I raise my
index finger at him warning, "Don't
you dare say scared!" Armaan leans
in towards me whispering in my ear,
"Then prove me wrong!" I roll my
eyes and place my hand in his
replying, "You're impossible!" He just
smirks his famous smirk. God I hate
that smirk!
We get to the dance floor and
he enlaces my hand in his. I place
my hand on his broad shoulder,
slightly leaning my body towards him
since his other hand comes around
my back pressing me even closer.
The music of the song Woh Lamhe
from Zeher filled the atmosphere.
Our bodies gently sway to the
rhythm of the music.
Woh lamhe, Woh baatein,
Koi na jaane,
Thi kaisi raatein,
Hooo, barsaatein,
Woh bheegi bheegi yaadein,
Woh bheegi bheegi yaadein...
I couldn't seem to bring myself to
look into those eyes, his eyes.
He didn't remember those precious
moments we had spent together,
but I can't ever forget them. That's
why I'm where I am today—
alone, heartbroken, and vengeful…
All because of those moments we
once shared together…
because I had loved him.
Na main jaanoun,
Na tu jaane,
Kaisa hai ye mausam,
Koi na jaane,
Kahi se hai fizaa aayi,
Ghamon ki dhoop sang laayi,
Khafaa hogaye hum,
Judaa hogaye hum,
I can fee my anger rising, while I
bite back my tears as best I can.
I can't let myself dwell on those
tears anymore. I know what I am
doing is
wrong, but this feeling inside my
heart just won't go away… Not until
I at least get my revenge as a form
of closure. Sometimes I feel almost
as if I have no feelings at all…
Almost like him, but I'm not like
I'm nothing like him!
Woh lamhe, Woh baatein,
Koi na jaane,
Thi kaisi raatein,
Hooo, barsaatein,
Woh bheegi bheegi yaadein,
Woh bheegi bheegi yaadein...
I remember that we once got caught
in a storm together.
It was raining violently so we took
shelter under a tree. Our
eyes met and out lips inched closer
to one another. He
kissed me so sweetly, so
passionately, that I felt myself grow
with his touch. It was my first kiss
and it had been with him.
I draw myself away from him and
slowly look into his eyes.
He looks back with passion and
intensity. I had seen that look in his
many times before, which only
reminded me of our past.
Saagar ki,
Gehraayi se,
Gehra hai,
Apna pyaar,
Sehraoun ki,
In hawaon me,
Kaise aayeee-gi bahaar,
Kahan se ye hawa aayi,
Ghataayen kaali kyoun chhaayi,
Khafaa hogaye hum,
Judaa hogaye hum
I remember how he had broken my
heart so ruthlessly, so carelessly…
The whole day I had been so happy
and so eager to tell him of my
feelings for him, but that was the
worse day of my life. I had become
so depressed, so distant from those
who had truly loved me…
all because of him. I was so angry
with him, at myself
as well for falling for someone like
Woh lamhe, Woh baatein,
Koi na jaane,
Thi kaisi raatein,
Hooo, barsaatein,
Woh bheegi bheegi yaadein,
Woh bheegi bheegi yaadein...
I had spent many nights in my
bedroom, weeping for this man.
He never seemed to be effected by
anything, just like that night.
Even seeing the tears in my eyes
had not prevented him from
breaking my heart, my soul, my will
to live.
(Hooo hooo)
(Hooo hooo, hoo hooo, hooo ho, ho
ho ho)
We slowly broke away from one
another and I quickly
headed back towards our table,
while he stood there watching
me dart off the dance floor.
I wasn't looking up, which
eventually led me to encounter the
man I had been running from all
night, Prithvi Bose. He smiled
widely, while I looked back at him
shocked. He said, "Well hello
Riddhima, it's so nice to see you
again! What's this I hear about a
restraining order… Riddhima you're
so funny sometimes!" I started to
nervously laugh, "Yea… funny!
Anyways I have to get back to my…"
Prithvi interrupted, "Oh can I join
you for dinner!" I start to dart my
eyes looking for that loser of a
"date" of mine. I suddenly feel a
hand slip around my back and rest
on my hip. I had never been so
happy to see Armaan Mallik in my
life! Wow I never thought that was
possible. My thoughts are
interrupted when I hear Armaan say,
"Actually you see Riddhima and I
are in the middle of a date, so I'm
sorry we won't be needing you're
company… right Riddhima?" I just
smile widely, "Sorry Prithvi!" We
both walk off and I have an eerie
feeling that Prithvi is glaring at
We had an interesting
conversation, mainly consisting of
making fun of Psycho Prithvi. I
surprisingly enjoyed the evening
with this impossible man. I smirk
thinking, "Too bad he will spend a
good portion of his life pining for
love!" God I really don't like what I
have become, but I guess I can't
help but feel like he needs to be
put in his place. He had dropped
me home and I didn't give him a
goodnight kiss, much to his surprise
and dismay. Anyhow when I reached
my room I saw that my phone had
some missed calls. I realized they
were from Muskaan, my best friend.
I pick up the phone to call her, but
realize it is quite late at night so
naturally she won't pick up. I leave
her a message instead to call me
back in the morning. Now what can
a person say about Muskaan?
Muskaan Chadda has to be
the greatest friend anyone could
ever ask for. She is the sweetest girl
I have ever met. I have known her
since grade school. She was the one
I turned to when Armaan had
broken my heart. She had never met
Armaan because when we were going
out, she was on a family vacation.
When she returned, she was the one
whose shoulder I cried on and the
one I had sworn to that one day
Armaan Mallik would get his due,
other than myself that is. She is the
only other person to know about my
past with Armaan. Anyways she has
been out of town for a couple days
and I have been eager to tell her all
about my plot for revenge against
Armaan Mallik.

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