Friday, 22 February 2019

Part 3 : Will You Ever Love Me?

First day in Mallik and Gupta group of Industries

Mr.and Mrs.Armaan Mallik entered the office.Riddhima was addressed as Mrs.mallik by the employees in the office. She was highly irritated as she was called so because she hates when the words armaan mallik is added to her name. Jai mallik also entered with them. As Riddhima was new there jai mallik introduced her to all the employees. After the introduction she asked him"Dad where is my cabin? Actually I have to keep my things" '.Jai mallik said "Beta don't worry your cabin is in armaan's room. As he will need you everytime I have decided that armaan n you will be working together and share the same cabin and I have also change the name plates attached to that door'from today it is 'Armaan mallik and riddhima mallik'..its a good idea and you two can spend some time also" he smiled. Riddhima and Armaan was shocked afterhearing this. Armaan thought "oh god! Why are you doing like this first she is with me in the same room in my house and now same room in the office too'why'I don't want her here atleast..i have to do something to remove her from here."

  Riddhima entered the cabin and saw there was two desks'.one in the left and the other in the right side of the room. Her desk was on the left side. She kept her bag on the table and said to herself"Bhagwan I don't want him in the same room' do something please'I can't even talk to myself properly. Mama please tell bhagwan to listen to me." Armaan and riddhima was looking at each other with angry eyes. Both did not want to be together. She settled down in her own desk while he also settled down and called his Ex. P.A Maya who was extremely hot and sexy too. He said "maya just give me the reports of last week"'she replied"ok sir'but sir I m no more your P.A'. your wife is your P.A"'.Armaan replied"maya, I m your boss and whatever I tell you, you will listen to that'and maya you are looking extremely beautiful today'. I like it"..he was flirting with maya in front of riddhima'.maya blushed in his comment and thanked him for the comment he gave her. Riddhima was fuming with anger after seeing all this ant thought "Shameless flirting in front of his wife"'.Armaan smirked and said to himself loudly that she could also hear "Some people in this world think that they are extremely beautiful'unfortunately they are not'anyways I will do my own work." Riddhima felt hurt and her eyes beacame moist and thought "am I not beautiful'or is maya prettier than me'why does he thinks so'what am I thinking'. I will not waste my time thinking about him'I will also do my own work."

 As it was lunch time she went outside and went to the canteen and ordered hot chocolate for herself and she sat down in a chair nearby'"can I join you" said Ria an employee'riddhima answered "of course." "hi I m ria'"'"I m riddhima"'"mam did you like our office?"asked ria'."1st of all yes I liked it very much and 2nd plz don't call me mam you can call me riddhima"said riddhima'"ok mam'sorry riddhima"'.they talked for a long time 'they shared their likes and dislikes'she told ria also that she Is scared of darkness. This little conversation was heard by none other than armaan'he grinned and said to himself "oh ho'.so mrs.riddhima armaan mallik is scared of darkness'ohk'now wait and watch mrs.mallik'."

Armaan called riddhima in his cabin and said" riddhima I want last year's annual report of our company just bring it to me'" "I don't know where is it'how will I bring it?"'"its in the store room just bring it to me'and don't be late I need it'by hook or by crook"'.Riddhima said to herself "what does he thinks of himself am I his slave or what'" She went inside the store room which was dark'she took a torch from the cabin and as she entered the store room'shivering as she was scared'.she went towards the shelf where there were old files'.as she move towards it'the door of the store room closed..she looked back and she couldn't see anything'as she was shivering the torch fell down and broke'she started shouting "help! Help!" but no one could hear except armaan'. Armaan locked the door of the store room...He smirked and said to himself "who will save her now let see for how long she can stay there"....with an evil grin in his face..
 "Armaan sir aap store room mat use kijiyega uska lock kharab hai...ekbar band ho gaya toh khulega nahi....aur toh aur woh hum log tor bhi nahi payenge iron se banaya hua hai aur rust bhi par gaya...isliye khatarnak hai...ab main chalti hoon corridor saaf karna hai..." said Umar Bhai...Armaan..."oh no...what will happen now will i open the lock and moreover she is scared of darkness.........i have to do something"
He ran towards the store room and banged and shrieked out riddhima's name loudly'he asked her from outside"Riddhima are you ok? Don't worry I m trying to open the door"'."armaan please open it fast'"'she was crying very badly'.she couldn't even breathe properly'she was shivering in fear'.she hugged herself and was standing in a corner'Armaan after thinking a lot'.he asked her "riddhima is there any window?"'"armaan ha hai'tum please yaha se muje nikalo jaldi'.please'.mujhe yaha bohot daar lag rahi hai"'."riddhima plz open that window and I m trying to do'plz don't worry'."He went otside the building and asked the watchman to bring a ladder. They brought it'and he climbed the ladder and went towards the store room window'."riddhima open the window fast"'she opened it'.he went inside the room and saw riddhima in a very bad state'seeing him riddhima went towards him and hugged him tightly'her sob was going louder'as their body were in close contact they both felt a different sensation in their body'...he rubbed her back'..cupping up her face seeing her tears his heart ached'he didn't know why'.he said "riddhima pl stop crying'"'.."thank you armaan'if you did not come then I would have died'I would not be able to live'thank you armaan for saving my life"'hearing this he felt guilty as he never thought her life could have been in danger for his prank''

They came out of the room from the window'everyone asked them they were ok or not'.as they asked her how did the store room door got locked'she answered that it was unknown to her'..the employees present there said that it is done by someone purposely or else it would not get locked'.

 Both went back home'Armaan was feeling very guilty'his heart was crying but for what he didn't know'.so he decided to confess. As Riddhima came inside the room he said"riddhima I have to tell you something"'."yes armaan you can tell me"she said politely as she was really grateful to him for saving her life'. "riddhima the store room was locked purposely"'."what'.how did you know?"'he closed his eyes n said"riddhima I did it"'"Armaan"'.she looked at him and couldn't say any further.


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