Monday, 25 February 2019

Part 39: college life

2 days before AR engagement abhi and niki also return from the honeymoon and abhi recently received youngest business man of the year award.
So maliks elders along with gupta elders have to go in a business party which is held in Mumbai so they are in Mumbai with niki and abhi.
Armaan call riddhima.
Armaan : kya kar rhi ho.
Riddhima: kuch khas nyi bore ho rhi hon tum batao.
Armaan: main bhi bas aise hi betha hon acha riddhima ek cheej puchni thi.
Riddhima: han bolo.
Armaan: will you be my date for tonight.
Riddhima chuckle softly.
Riddhima: i will be your date for rest of my life.
Armaan smile on this. 

Armaan: ok so
Riddhima: so when.
Armaan: get ready in 1 hour am coming there to pick you .
Riddhima: what itni jaldi kyu
Armaan: do as i say
Riddhima:ok and where are we going.
Armaan: ohhh that is surprise babe.
Riddhima: no armaan plz tell me na i have to get ready accordingly.
Armaan: you can wear anything.
Riddhima:ok but still i want to know.
Armaan: go go get ready bye my love.
Before riddhima can speak armaan disconnect the call.
Riddhima: arggh this is not fair mr Malik.
Riddhima then call Anjali.
Anjali: hanji.
Riddhima: listen am going on date with armaan so plz mera saman le ana plzzz.
Anjali: don’t wry i will do that or tune jo customised gifts mangvaye vo agye Riddhima:han agye hain nd listen cake ka order bhi karna hai vo kal morning me karte hain.
Anjali: ok chalo tu ready ho jaa main le aongi tere parcels.
Riddhima: ok thanq i love you.
Anjali : love you 2 byee.
Riddhima then get ready she wear Garnet colour body fit short dress her dress is off shoulder and slit on both side of her waist
She open her hairs do minimal makeup.
Armaan come and is waiting for riddhima
Riddhima come.
Armaan: wow and whistle.
Riddhima roll her eyes and come sit in car.
Armaan is continuously ogling her.
Riddhima: ghoorna band karoge.
Armaan: naaa.
Riddhima: bas karo na ab chalo .
Then riddhima softly turn armaan face towards road and indicate him to drive.
Armaan: vese ek baat batao.
Riddhima: bolo.
Armaan: aj fir mujhe seduce karne ka itada hai.
Riddhima: in your dreams.
Armaan: in my dreams you get wild.
Riddhima: shut up you are such a shameless.
Armaan chuckle.
Riddhima: vese you look hot in white.
Armaan smile and pull Riddhima close to him then he hold her hand in his hand and drive like that holding her hand
Armaan is in grey jeans and white shirt
After some time armaan take turn and move to outskirts of town.
Riddhima: don’t tell me we are going morni hills.
Armaan smirks.
Riddhima get excited and hug armaan.
Armaan: age age dekho jaan.
After 30 min armaan riddhima reach.
There is a small cottages so couples can spend alone time privately arman riddhima go inside their cottage that was decorated beautifully with candles and lights and in sky moon and star is shining making the surroundings more romantic.
Riddhima smile and look towards every single thing there is soft and romantic music is playing.
Riddhima: wow its so romantic.
Armaan: hmmm
And hug riddhima. riddhima also wrap him in her arms. Both stand like this for some time in each other arms.
Armaan: hungry.
Riddhima: nod in yes.
Armaan order their food.
Both enjoy their food.
Riddhima : vese achank aj date par kese.
Armaan: date par to kab se ana chata tha par moka nyi mila or fir main humari engagement se phele as gf bf date par ana chata tha.
Riddhima: aww i love you.
Armaan: i love you 2
Riddhima: lets go for walk.
Armaan: ok chalo.
Riddhima: armaan sab kitna change ho jayega na.
Armaan : han ho to jayega par ache k liye hoga.
Riddhima come close to armaan and put her head on armaan chest hugging armaan waist.
Riddhima: humari life me bas pyar hoga bhut sara pyar.
Armaan: han bhut sara pyar ek dusre k sath har responsibilities ko pura karenge.
Riddhima: yes armaan or fir humari shadi hogi hum sath ek ghar me rhenge.
Armaan: ek ghar me nyi ek room me.
Riddhima: han or fir tum offc jaoge main tumhare liye khana banaongi tum ghar aoge main tumhara wait karongi.
Armaan: no
Riddhima look in armaan eyes and ask y from her eyes.
Armaan: because jab ap mere liye breakfast banaoge tab main apko tang karonga aker apke sath romance karonga or fir.
Riddhima: fir
Armaan: fir hum sath offc jayenge.
Riddhima: offc main bhi join karongi.
Armaan: or nyi to kya ap bhi karoge niki di bhi to karti thi or dad bhi ye hi bolenge jo meri beti ko acha lagta hai vese kare.
Riddhima laugh
Riddhima: hmm vese armaan tum kab chate ho hum shadi karen.
Armaan: sach bolon riddhima main abhi shadi nyi karna chata main is responsibility k liye abhi ready nyi hon because you know abhi study hai fir M.B.A then office and fir main shadi karna chata hon not before that.
Riddhima: hmmm but armaan aisi situation agyi tumhe M.b.a k liye mujhse dur jana pada tab.
Armaan: hum dono sath me apni masters karenge.
Riddhima: ager
Armaan: ager mager kuch nyi bas ab ye chodo.
Armaan turn Riddhima making her face him. Armaan pull her in kiss both kiss passionately.
Armaan: this is my promise i will be on your side always.
Riddhima hug him tightly.
Armaan: dance
Riddhima nod in yes.
Armaan and riddhima do close dance hugging each other.
Riddhima(thank you bhagwan ji armaan ko meri life me lane k liye hume hamesha sath rakhna kabhi hum alag na hon)
Armaan: khan lost ho.
Riddhima: khin nyi.
Like this armaan and riddhima enjoy their first and last date as girlfriend boyfriend they eat food spent romantic time and share talks about their future.
Armaan: chalen ghar.
Riddhima: hanji
Way back to home.
Riddhima: armaan stop stop.
Armaan stop the car.
Armaan: kya hua Riddhima.
Riddhima: mujhe maggi khani hai plzzzzz pointing towards the road side where a small stall is setup.
Armaan: ghar jaker kha lena.
Riddhima: nyi mujhe ye hi khani hai hills par raat ko thand me garam garam maggi ka maja hi kuch or hai.
Armaan smile on her nutanki.
Armaan: acha baba ap ruko main lekar ata hon.
Armaan cross the road and bring maggi for both.
Armaan: yelo madam ab ap khush.
Riddhima: bhut khush.
Armaan feed riddhima with his hands riddhima also feed armaan both enjoy maggi.
Riddhima: armaan shadi k baad bhi tum aise hi rahoge na boring to nyi ho jaoge.
Armaan: nyi main aise hi rahonga.
Riddhima: or tum har 2 years me mujhe trip par lekar jaoge.
Armaan: trip par nyi honeymoon par or vo bhi har saal. Winking at riddhima.
Riddhima smile: ok tum apna promise tod to nyi doge.
Armaan: naaa but abhi chalen.
Riddhima: yes
Armaan: main ye plate dekar ata hon ek min
Armaan go and return the plate he turn he is looking towards riddhima who is looking so beautiful.
Riddhima ask through her eyes ( kya hua )
Armaan smile and nod in nothing he is in middle of road riddhima eyes widen and she yell . Watch out.
Armaan look in his right one truck is coming in his direction in full speed.
Armaan get froze on the spot.
Riddhima run towards armaan and pull armaan on time she then immediately hug him tightly.
Armaan still in shock but when he found tight grip and wetness on his shirt he come out of shock and hug her back.
Armaan: riddhima am fyn jaan look am fyn.
Riddhima: are you mad khade kya dekh rhe the aise. Side nyi ho sakte the.
Armaan: am sry plz stop crying.
Riddhima hug him more tightly and hide in armaan arms.
Armaan look towards the direction where truck. He spot truck is stop away from there as looking for him but as armaan look truck start moving again and out of his sight and he found this weird.
But armaan ignore this and make riddhima sit in the car riddhima is so frightened she is not leaving armaan for sec.
Armaan: riddhima ghar agya hai.
Riddhima: plz stay here don’t go plz.
Armaan: jaan kuch nyi hua hai am fyn and with you.
Riddhima: plz stay for tonight plz.
Armaan try to make riddhima understand.
But riddhima is not ready so armaan stay with riddhima in her house as no elder is in home.
Riddhima: let me check where anjali is.
Armaan nod and settle down on couch.
Riddhima go in her room and found anjali is sleeping so without disturbing anjali she come down
And armaan and riddhima go in guest room and sleep in each other arms
Early morning
armaan wake up then he check time and before any maid getup he after kissing riddhima forehead place a note on side table and go back to malik house.
After 3 hour
Riddhima get up and found armaan is already left.
She open the note.
I know mujhe tumhe uthaker jana chaiye tha but tum bhut sakoon se soe rhi thi main tumhari neend kharab nyi karna chata tha. Ab go have breakfast tomorrow is big day for us and i know you need to get prepare for our engagement so get ready and yes try your outfit also.
Love you
Riddhima smile yes tomorrow is big day because it’s your birthday my love.
Then she call armaan.
Armaan: good morning my love.
Riddhima: good morning.
Armaan: chalo ready ho jao mujhe venue par jana hai to I will call you later.
Riddhima: ok I love you.
Armaan: I love you 2 jaan.

Then riddhima get busy in preparation for armaan bday. She already take permission from both families and includes them also in her surprise then she go in malik house when armaan is not home because she know he will be busy all day in engagement preparation with venue and catering and other things.
So after doing her work she come back home.
At 11 pm riddhima call armaan.
Armaan: hanji
Riddhima: itna kya busy the ki ek call nyi kiya.
Armaan: jaan abhi bhi yhin hon bas nikal rha hon 30 min.
Riddhima: dinner kiya.
Armaan: vo haan leliya tha.
Riddhima: acha juthe come home na i will make something for you.
Armaan: sab aye nyi kya.
Riddhima: agye hain.
Armaan: fir kese aonga sab kya sochenge.
Riddhima: haan ye bhi hai.
Armaan: don’t wry ghar jaker i will have mom bina mujhe khilaye soenge nyi.
Riddhima: ok fir thk hai but apkl apna dhyan rakhna chaiye.
Armaan: ok jaan paka.
Riddhima: acha suno.
Armaan: hanji.
Riddhima: i love you.
Armaan: I love you more.
Riddhima: its 11.30 already go home on time.
Armaan: yaa don’t wry just nikal kar karta hon.
Riddhima: ok byee
Riddhima then check everything and then after 15 min riddhima phone ring she smile and pick the phone.
Riddhima: hanji nikal gye.
Armaan: han bas betha hon car me.
Riddhima: ok going home direct.
Armaan: hanji ap bolo to apke pass ajate hain.
Riddhima: nyi ap ghar jao ab sidha bhut thak gye ho.
Armaan: ap humari thakavat utar dena fir.
Riddhima: han han jarur or fir papa hum dono ki thakavat utar denge.
Armaan: ohh sasur g ghar par hain matlab.
Riddhima han
Then anjali yelling voice come
Then riddhima also yell bhabhi and her phone get end
Armaan get panicked.
Armaan: niki di kya hua.
Then he call riddhima , anjali then even niki but no one pick the phone.
He drive towards gupta house directly and stop car and run directly towards gupta house gate as he open the gate.
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you....
Happy birthday to you.....
Happy birthday to you......
Happy birthday to you.......
Happy birthday to you........
Armaan is shock then he look everything is decorated with red and golden balloons and lights and then there standing everyone including his family with smiling face singing happy birthday and his eyes search love of his life.
Then armaan move forward
Everyone wish him and give him blessings.
Niki : happy birthday ammy.
Armaan: thank you di ap thk ho na.
Niki : hanji.
Armaan turn then here riddhima is standing with cake huge smile on her face in her background armaan pictures is playing on screen with his family,friends, with her family and then play armaan and riddhima pics armaan smile.
Riddhima move forward and place cake on table armaan smile become big after looking cake.
White and red colour cake on cake above girl is bending on her knees in front of boy and offer him her heart
And their is written happy birthday armaan
I love you
Riddhima: happy birthday.
Armaan smile and move forward to hug her but riddhima glare him and indicate him to their families.
Armaan: thank you everyone.
Dadu: thanks hume nyi riddhima ko bolo jisne ye sab kiya hai.
Dadi: or nyi to kya riddhima subha se lagi hui hai tumhare liye ye sab karne k liye.
Armaan give dimple smile. And mouthed I Love You.
Riddhima smile.
Anjali: ab cake cut karen.
Armaan nod but then grab riddhima hand and cut cake with riddhima. riddhima try to free her hand but armaan grip get more strong . So both together cut the cake.
Armaan cut the cake and pick the cake piece and offer it to riddhima first
Riddhima: armaan phele dadu dadi.
Armaan: dadu dadi kya sab yhan ye hi chahenge ki main tumhe sabse phele khilaon
Riddhima: nyi armaana.
Dadu: bahu khalo hum sabko acha lagega.
Armaan: dekha bola tha na.
Niki: riddhima jaldi khao hume bhi khana hai.
All chuckle.
Riddhima eat then feed to armaan lovingly.
Then armaan feed everyone and all start celebrating armaan birthday.
Riddhima: armaan tum fresh hojao main tumhara khana laga rhi hon.
Armaan: riddhima main ye sab kha to rha hon mujhe bhuk nyi hai.
Riddhima: kya bhuk nyi hai chup chap utho or chalo fresh hoker khana khao.
Armaan: are ajeeb jabardasti hai.
Riddhima: han jabardasti ab utho chalo.
Everyone is looking towards them in awww.
Armaan: dekha maa ye abhi se hukam chala rhi hai mujhpar.
All chuckled at riddhima lower her eyes. Ananya: to sahi to kar rhi hai tujhe aisi hi biwi chaiye jo tujhe sudhar sake.
Billy: or nyi to kya ab meri beti ki baat sun or khana kha.
Armaan: ok meri to koi value hi nyi hai.
Padma: ao armaan tumhe room dikha don
Niki: main le jati hon badi maa.
Padma: thk hai beta.
After 20 min.
Riddhima bring armaan food but armaan still in room.
Riddhima look around and found everyone busy with each other so riddhima go in armaan room.
Riddhima enter in room and found armaan near mirror.
Riddhima go and hug armaan from back tightly.
Riddhima: happy birthday jaan.
Armaan: thank you my love.
Then armaan turn in her arms in way that now he is facing riddhima he look in her eyes. Then
Armaan pull her into deeper kiss and she feel him smile against her lips as she slide her hands across his chest he trails kisses down to her neck letting one of his hands slip down to her waist he lets out a soft groan as her lips find his again, but slowly reluctantly he pulls away .
When he pull away he takes a half-step back. He looks deep in her eyes, his arms still encircling her waist. He steps closer to ridhima, leaning in to whisper in her ear.
I love you....
He kisses the lobe of her ear, then a spot along the curve of her neck that sends a pleasant tingling through her body.
He slowly trails more kisses down her neck, each one more heated then the last.
Before they move forward anjali come and knock the door.
Anjali: lovebirds before anyone else notice come back to the reality.
Both chuckle and rest their against each other.
Armaan: thank you this is the best birthday of my life thank you for making it special for me.
Riddhima: you are special for me now come have your food.
Then armaan eat his favourite food made by riddhima.
Then everyone enjoyed and left the gupta house.
As Arman enter in his room he found his bed is decorated with flowers and I love you is written in the center.
Then he found note on side table with the 3 gifts.
He open the gift box he found watch
With the note (I hope we get to spend best time together Riddhima love you)
Then he open the next found 4 cufflinks set one is on which AR is engraved.
And second is written always To my forever. From your always. Third one have vow. After reading this armaan have huge smile on his face.
Then he open third gift which have. Scrap book full of their pictures with messages and from starting to know.
Armaan smile then he call riddhim. And she instantly pick the as she was waiting for armaan call.
Armaan: I love you.
Riddhima: love you 2 kesa laga sab.
Armaan: bhut beautiful and I love so so much. You are the best thank you for making my day best.
Riddhima: abhi to shuruwat hai age age dekho.
Armaan: matlab abhi or kuch bhi hai.
Riddhima: haan humari engagement.
Armaan: han vo to hai am so happy and blessed that you are mine.
Riddhima: you know what mutual feelings.
Armaan chuckle.
Riddhima: birthday boy have some sleep kal morning me pooja bhi hai na.
Arman: yes baby gn meet you tomorrow love you.
Riddhima: love you 2 happy birthday my love.
Armaan smile on her excited tone.
Armaan: thank you jaan.
Then both sleep.
Armaan wake up at 6 with the phone calls his friends are calling him wishing him.
Then he get up and go in washroom and as he take towels behind towel he found card which is hand made in which riddhima give armaan best wishes and confess her love for him he smile and kiss the card.
Then he come after taking shower he found box in his cupboard.
He open the gift and found kurta pajama for pooja. With note wear me your jaan love you.
Armaan: pagal i love you 2 babe.
Then he wear the kurta pajama looking hot as always he go downstairs every one bless him and wish him.
Rahul: happy bday ammy.
Armaan: thamks bro.
Then dadu and dadi give him gift.
Armaan: kya baat hai dadu ap gift de rhe ho ap to har bar shagan dete ho na.
Dadu: ye humari taraf se nyi hai.
Armaan: matlab.
Dadu: dekhlo khud.
Armaan open the gift and found beautiful coffee mug on which his family picture is printed.
And then found the note.
Thank you for giving me best family and world best dadu, dadi. Riddhima love you.
Everyone love the gift.
Rahul: wah bhabhi ka gift to bhut acha hai.
Armaan: haan pata nyi ab or kya kya karegi . Armaan is so happy and overwhelm by riddhima surprise. He is on cloud nine and beautiful dimple smile is set on his face.
Then dadu dadi give him the shagan.
He take blessings.
Then he do daan and send food and clothes anath children and in old age homes.
After one hour
Karan call armaan.
Armaan: buddy apne bulaya.
Karan: han ye tumhare liye.
Armaan: 2 gifts kyun.
Karan : ek meri taraf se hai or ek tumhe pata hai shayad giving him knowing smile.
He open the gift which is of karan.
He found pen.
Karan : ye tu tab use karna jab tera first day hoga office me as C.E.O ise deals sign karna.
Armaan: ye to vo pen hai na jo apko dadu ne diya tha.
Karan: yes or ab apka.
Armaan hug karan.
Karan: ab ye vala to dekho.
He open the gift and found wallet with note. Make money with respect and make your family proud. Riddhima love you.
Karan: impressive
Armaan smile and then go in room.
Then after some time nandani call him and give him gift box.
Armaan: thank you badi mom.
Nandani: open to kar.
Armaan open that and found the hoodie jo vo khud lene ki soch rha tha.
Armaan: apko kese pata laga ye main lena chata tha.
Nandani indicate him towards the note and then she give him gold chain as a gift from her side.
Armaan read the note
I know you want this so happy birthday
Riddhima love you.
Armaan: armaan love riddhima you are crazy.
Then he go to his mom.
Armaan: mom apko kuch dena hai kya.
Ananya: riddhima de to di tujhe or kya chaiye.
Armaan chuckle.
Armaan: or kuch dena ho.
Ananya: nyi tera bday gift riddhima hai meri taraf se or kuch tujhe chaiye to main dedongi.
Armaan: ok chalo fir main chalta hon.
Ananya: acha sun.
Armaan: hanji.
Ananya: ye tere liye meri bahu ne diya hai.
Armaan smile and take the gift and open it found best fiance award. You are best son best brother and best boyfriend and i know u will be best husband also and this gift should be given by best mom in the world. Thank you giving me best mom.
Riddhima love you.
Ananya: bhut hi pyara hai ye or kitni achi soch hai riddhima ki.
Armaan: haan mom am so lucky that i have riddhima as my life partner.
Ananya: yes you are lucky bhut pyar karti hai tujhse.
Armaan smile main bhi bhut pyar karta hon use mom and hug her mom.
Know armaan have tear of happiness in his eyes.
After some time rahul come and give him gift.
Rahul give him perfume.
Rahul: or han ek ye bhi hai.
Armaan: teri bhabhi ne diya hoga.
Rahul: exactly.
Armaan open the gift and found play station with latest games.
Thank you for giving me best dewar so have fun with my dewar.
Riddhima love you.
Rahul: wow dude this is so fun khelen kya.
Armaan: han khelenge baad me abhi pooja ka time ho rha hai.
Rahul: chal chalte hain.
Billy: armaan ye tere liye.
Armaan: oh ok.
Billy: kya ok thanks nyi karna hota.
Armaan: apne thoda diya riddhima ne diya hai na.
Billy: are wah kyun bas riddhima hi de sakti hai tera baap kuch nyi de sakta.
Armaan bite his tongue.
Armaan make puppy face.
Armaan: sry dad and thank you hugging billy tightly.
Billy : ab dekh to.
Armaan open the gift and found armaan car key
Armaan: ye dad.
Billy: your new car .
Armaan: but dad mere pass to already hai.
Billy: ya but vo bhut purani hogyi thi to maine socha new dedon.
Armaan: thank you so much dad.
Armaan turn to leave
Billy: buddy ruk.
Armaan: hanji.
Billy: ye tere liye and wink.
Armaan chuckle.
Armaan open the gift and found key chain on which written Drive safe handsome I love you. With chocolates and comic books.
Then a note yes drive safe because you are precious to me and to all of us and thank you for giving me the world best dad.
Riddhima love you.
Billy: armaan thank you itni caring or pyari bahu hume dene k liye.
Armaan smile and hug his father.
Gupta’s arrives
Everyone greet each other all wish and give gifts to armaan everyone give 2 gifts armaan smile and look towards riddhima who is also smiling knowingly.
Riddhima is wearing suit matching to armaan kurta pajama.
Armaan take gifts and place them on table.
Pandit: ajoao sab pooja ka time hogya hai.
Then everyone sit and do pooja armaan perform the pooja riddhima sit beside him
After 2 hour
Everyone is having lunch.
Shashank: ab hum chalte hain abhi bhut kaam pade hain.
Dadu: han beta.
Riddhima:main ek min washroom jaker ati hon.
Ananya: go beta use niki room.
Riddhima go in niki room and message armaan waiting for you.
Armaan: anjali vo tumhe meri suit check karna tha na ajao abhi dikha deta hon.
Anjali look towards armaan as what he is talking.
Armaan plead through his eyes anjali understood.
Anjali: han chalo dikha do mujhe abhi.
Both go upstairs.
Anjali: am waiting here bas jaldi ajana.
Armaan: thank you.
Armaan go in room.
As he enter in room riddhima run towards him and hug him tightly. Armaan also hug her tightly.
Riddhima: happy birthday.
Armaan: thank you and thank you for making it special for me I love you so so much.
Riddhima : I love you infinity.
Riddhima pull him in kiss armaan pull her close from her waist.....
Her hands soon went into his hairs...soon the kiss turned in to more passionate..... both kissed each other passionately taking out all their pant up emotions...armaan nibbled her upper lip while she chewed his lower lip...both then changed their positions as he chewed her lower lip on she nibbled his upper lip....while doing so he moved forward on pinned her to the wall nearby.... while kissing each other his hands moved up n down on her back.
Anjali knock the door and disturb their moment.
Then both hug each other.
Armaan: jald hi milte hain and wink.
Riddhima smile and stop armaan from going.
Armaan: kya hua.
Riddhima set his hairs and clean his lips.
Armaan chuckle
After every one leave armaan open riddhima gifts he found some clothes , some personalised gifts . Like wall clock in which their picture is printed. One cushion on which written keep calm because I love you. Like this riddhima give him total 21 gifts.
Evening engagement venue
All the guest start arriving and Gupta’s and Malik’s already there welcoming there guests every thing is decorated beautifully all looking beautiful and handsome respectively.
Arman is standing with the boys around him he is wearing black and grey colour royal indowestern his hairs gelled up looking dashing hot.
Armaan eyes is sparkling with happiness and beautiful smile on his lips showing his dimples.
Atul is standing with him he is wearing blue and brown tuxedo
Rahul is in blue ane white indowestern.
Abhimanyu is wearing cream colour tuxedo.
Abhimanyu: armaan nervous?
Armaan: naaa excited.
Niki: sab tumhare jaise nyi hote.
She is wearing golden colour lehanga her hairs are open slightly curl from end. Necklace with mangal sutra and her wedding bengals in her wrist.
Abhimanyu: tum bhi to nervous thi na .
Niki : acha ye sab chodo chalo riddhima ko lekar ana hai.
Abhi nod in yes then they go to bring riddhima.
Hey guys i know am late but I already inform you guys i was really busy and so sorry and there is the next and thanq for the comments and likes hope you guys like this one also 

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