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part 4& 5 : Tumhare hum

part 4

The next morning when I arrive at
the office, I immediately notice the
red and light pink roses lying on my
desk. I mentally smirk as I read the
sappy note Armaan has written, or
probably had someone write for him
being wealthy and all. My thoughts
are suddenly interrupted by the
vibrating of my cell phone. It's
Muskaan. I quickly answer the
phone and then dart across the
room to look the door. I absolutely

did not need Armaan Mallik barging
into my cabin while I discuss my
plans with Muskaan about his sad
future and what's to become of it. I
brightly smile, "Thank God you are
back! You will never guess what dad
asked me to do… he asked me to
merge my fashion house with
Armaan's company!" Muskaan asks
confusedly, "Armaan? No. Please tell
me it's not the same Armaan." I
simply reply, "The one and only." I
further fill her in about all the
details of yesterday, our first
meeting, the dinner, running into
the stalker—completely everything.
By the end of our conversation
Muskaan is completely shocked, "I
think Armaan's new target is you
Riddhima! This is really not fair to
you, I remember how hard it was for
you to get over his betrayal! Look
Riddhima's just don't give him any
heed! You don't want to be in that
mess again!" I slowly reply, "Muski,
you remember that promise I made
to you after I cried in your room."
Muskaan hesitantly replies, "Yea…
Oh God Riddhima you can't be
serious?" I quickly tell her the
details of my plan, remembering to
keep my voice low enough not to
attract any unwanted attention.
Muskaan gently says, "I just don't
want to see you hurt Riddhima! I
hope you know what you're doing!
Just know that I'll support you no
matter what!" I confidently reply, "I
do know what I'm doing, but you
know that this has to be done!" We
quickly change the direction of the
conversation as she reveals the
specifics about her boyfriend.
Soon after I hang up the phone, I
open my door to see a pair of grey
eyes. He casually strolls into my
cabin and asks, "So how did you like
the flowers?" In a bored tone I
respond, "They were nice." From the
corner of my eye, I could tell he is
not pleased with my answer. It is
obvious enough that he is fishing for
compliments because he seems to be
under the impression that I am one
of those girls that will swoon over
him just because he lavishes me
with expensive gifts. One thing I
know for sure is that I am to set my
self apart from his usual 'flavor of
the week' girlfriends and what better
way then to disregard his usual
formula. He sits across from my desk
and doesn't seem to notice I have
already begun working on my laptop.
He says my name softly, so I forcibly
look up. I snap, "What?" Armaan
looks flustered, so I quickly add,
"Sorry, I am just a little stressed.
Anyways you were saying?"
Armaan nods understandingly,
probably also concluding that my
lack of enthusiasm for the flowers is
also credited to the stress. YEA
RIGHT! The only time I'm ever
stressed is when this guy walks into
the same room as me. He smoothly
says, "So how about a repeat of
yesterday, only this time no false
pretenses of it being business
related?" I mentally smirk, but
apologetically decline, "I'm sorry, but
I have to attend a dinner party with
my parents. Besides, I don't think it
wise to mix business with pleasure!"
Yes, I am definitely playing hard to
get, but come on guys love that stuff
right? It's like a challenge—funny I
should think that because that was
the reason he dated me years ago,
because I was a 'just a challenge'.
He looks a bit surprised to say the
least, but he definitely steered clear
of me for the rest of the day.
So when I said I have to attend a
dinner party that is not a lie! I
home and quickly slip on a silky
midnight blue dress, with a halter
neckline. I finish up my makeup and
head downstairs to await the arrival
of my parents. They come downstairs
matching perfectly, like a couple
made in heaven. I smiled widely and
soon usher my parents out the door.
So you know how most people would
ask where they are going… yeah well
I'm not one of them. That is
certainly a huge mistake on my part!
I enter a magnificently beautiful
mansion, completely missing the
name plate outside by the door. Yes,
it'd definitely just my luck that I
happen to walk into the house of
Billy and Naina Mallik, A.M Armaan's
PARENTS! Sure I had met them on
occasion, but I had never actually
gone to their house before. I just
pray that Armaan is not present; I
mean he did ask me out for tonight
while his parents are holding a
dinner party. Wait, maybe he knew I
would decline because he knew I
was already invited so… Okay I
spend way to much time
overanalyzing him! Sadly enough my
parents leave me to talk to his, my
parents are such traitors! Okay well
his parents aren't so bad, in fact
they are actually pretty nice. They
really like me, which is not
something I can say about their
stupid son.
I hate feeling out of place in other
words I hate standing in the in front
of a room full of people with
nowhere to go. I glance towards the
bar and decide to get myself drink,
non-alcoholic of course. I mean I
definitely don't need to run into
Armaan, drunk that is and divulge
my whole plan to him without even
seeing it through myself. Oh and
don't even get me started on the
consequences, the guy would
probably… well actually I don't know
what he would do. Huh that
certainly does make you wonder
doesn't it? So the drink is in my
hand and there is a tap on my
shoulder. A familiar scent is in the
air and praying to God becomes
completely useless at this point.
Since I don't plan on turning around
any time soon, he stands next to me
so he can get a better view of my
face. I can see him focusing his eyes
as if not believing it is really me.
Okay first I just thought he came to
bother me, but that is so not the
case. It seems that he was checking
out my 'assets' before he decided to
approach. Wow seriously it's like he
doesn't even need to try to get on
my nerves, he does it without even
intending to. He then speaks up
after he is convinced it is in fact me
—oh what a shocker there! He
stupidly asks, "Riddhima?" As if my
face isn't confirmation enough. What
a complete moron! I turn to meet
his gaze, somewhat reluctantly. I
casually reply, "Hey Armaan." He
laughs, "So this was the dinner party
you had to go to? And here I
thought you were turning me down."
I laugh at his idiotic memory and
sweetly reply, "If I remember
correctly I actually was. So I'm
guessing you were invited here as
well." Yes, I know it's his parent's
party so of course he is invited. Well
what can I say I have my dizzy
He replies amusedly, "More like
forced! You know my parents right?
Yeah well you know since I don't
actually live here my mother kept
going on and on about how she
never sees me anymore so I had to
come. It's not like I had a feasible
excuse since you backed out of
dinner tonight." I fake a laugh and
amusingly enough it doesn't look as
fake anymore. I must really be
getting used to this undercover role
of Operation Break Armaan Mallik's
Heart. I laugh, "Still listening to your
mother… interesting! So you don't
live here?" Armaan shakes his head
replying, "No I figured I needed a
little space, so I got myself a place."
Armaan gets himself a drink. We
both stand around, drinking our
little refreshments not to mention
bored out of our minds. That is one
thing we definitely have in common,
well as of now anyways. He whispers
in my ear, "Want to take a walk
outside?" I turn my head looking out
at the crowd of people mingling and
simply add, "Gladly."
As I walked out the door, with him
holding onto my arm I swear I could
feel everyone's eyes on us. I could
feel their stares lingering at our
backs as we exited the premises. We
walk around his estate, or well his
parent's estate, for a while. It is
quite beautiful actually, the garden
is absolutely blissful. I look around
and soon find Armaan holding out a
daisy I had been eyeing a minute
ago. I smile at his gesture, while
mentally adding that to list of moves
he has already tried on me. Okay
sure it's not a move, but I know it's
just another reason to get close to
me. I start playing with the flower,
running it through me fingers. From
the corner of my eye, I can see how
Armaan is staring at the flower. It's
like he wishes it was him instead of
the daisy. Definitely a bit
unsettling! He takes the flower from
my hand and places through my
hair, resting it behind my earlobe. I
give him an innocent smile as we sit
on the bench on his front lawn.
I look up at the stars and then at
the moon. The stars are so bright
tonight and the moon so full. It puts
my mind at ease to know that there
are more important things in the
world and just how insignificant my
problems really are. I guess I just
like knowing that I'm not the only
one with troubles. I can tell Armaan
is staring at me, while I'm currently
staring at the moon. I know for a
fact he is captivated my innocence.
That was my plan after all, to stand
out from the rest of the female
population that fawn over his mere
existence. His eyes are definitely
lingering on my face, I can feel it. I
spontaneously look towards him,
confirming his stare. I smile lightly,
knowing the stupid ******* is
falling for my little tricks.
Armaan had that deer caught in
headlights look when I caught him
staring. He quickly places his hand
in front of me asking, "So friends?" I
smile and shake his hand, nodding
my head. I decide to start a
conversation, "So who else is in your
family?" Armaan says, "Well let's see
there is my parents of course, my
older brother Arjun, who helps dad
with the family business. Then there
is his wife Arohi and their son,
Aryan, who is really cute, but very
mischievous thought." I laugh and
nod appreciatively. We have some
more light conversation before we
walk back to the party. Soon enough,
my parents decide it is time to
soon as I get home, I call up
Muskaan and tell her all that
occurred, while she fills me in on
her love life.
part 5 

The next morning, as soon as I walk
into my cabin all I can see is people
darting across the room shifting
furniture around. Fury takes over me
as I scream on top of my lungs,
HERE?" Armaan casually strolls in
behind me simply saying, "Oh, well I
figured it would be more efficient if
we worked in the same cabin!" My
ruby red face full of anger, wipes the
smile off his face immediately. I yell,
"Armaan! Your cabin is right next
door! It is perfectly fine where it is!
THIS INSTANT!" Armaan throws his
arms in the air defensively and backs
away from me, which is a good move
on his part. I turn to walk out of my
cabin, ordering, "I want everything
exactly where it was!" I smirk as I
hear him quietly say, "Feisty…I like
I really do hate mornings, they are
no fun at all. Especially when I have
to go to work to see him repeatedly,
it is definitely no walk in the park.
He has some nerve wanting to move
into the same cabin as me. I mean,
what is he thinking? Does that
moron want to die? I would have
ended up in jail if I was left in the
same room with him for hours at a
time since I would have all the time
in the world to plot his slow and
painful demise.
By the time I come back
into my office, it is exactly how it
should have been this morning. I
smile shaking my head and walk into
the cabin to finish some work. Luck
was definitely on my side from then
on because the whole day I noticed
Armaan was also busy with work.
After finishing for the day, I stop
outside my door as I hear a few
flirtatious giggles mixed with a deep
yet husky laugh coming from the
next cabin. I do not even need to
see the scene to know what was
going on. That jerk seriously cannot
stop flirting if his life depended on
it. It's as if flirting is second nature
to him or something. I feel slightly
angry and have no intention to label
this emotion as anything specific.
No, I am definitely not jealous I am
just… just upset that my partner
wasn't working, but probably tongue
wrestling with an another employee.
I quickly shut my cabin door and
hurry down the steps to my car,
moodier then ever.
When I get into the
confines of my car, my silver Ashton
Martin Vanquish, I start to relax. I
turn on the ignition, but surprisingly
I got nothing. It refuses to start! I
start begging and whining hoping
the car will start, but that doesn't
do the trick either. I start to look
around the steering wheel, hoping it
was a minor problem with a quick
fix. I sigh realizing that my car isn't
going to cooperate anytime soon. I
get out of the car, while whipping
out my cell phone. I glare at my
precious car and then kick the
stupid tire in frustration. Before I
can even flip open the cell phone, I
see flashes of light. I quickly turn
around to look at a familiar blue and
black Bugatti Veyron. It drives up
closer to me and the window rolls
down slowly. I just hope it is not
whom I think it is, but obviously my
luck has finally run out. Armaan
pokes his head out the window and
points at the tire I just vandalized,
"That's very unladylike!" I shoot him
a glare, leaning back against my car
for support. Armaan leans over and
pushes his car door open saying,
"Come on, hop in!" I sigh looking up
at the sky accusingly thinking, "It
just had to be him didn't it!" I
pause a minute to think over my
options. I can't help but feel
betrayed by my own car and throw it
an accusing look as I slowly walk
over to his car. I quickly sit in the
passenger seat, while he starts to
I turn my attention to the
world outside the window, almost as
if I were in a prison cell. Armaan
even notices that I haven't said a
word since I sat in his car. I hope
he wasn't expecting a thank you! I
mean after all the stuff he has done,
he should be lucky to be walking on
the face of the earth. As you can
see, I'm still pretty mad about him
flirting with that girl. I'm not
jealous, but I do have a right to be
mad! I mean, he was showing an
interest in me and then he goes
around flirting with other women! A
moment later, he turns on the radio
to romantic tunes, which feeds my
agitation further. I notice him look
my way as if trying to see if I am
enjoying his sappy song selection,
which I'm not by the way. Suddenly
out of nowhere, my stomach growls
loudly in hunger. I flush in
embarrassment, while Armaan lets
out a small chuckle. I snap my head
towards him and give him a
menacing look, which causes him to
bite back his amusement.
Just then, the car jerks
forward and I notice Armaan has
parked the car in front of a small
diner. I send a questioning look his
way while he just grins pointing
towards my stomach. He smiles, "I
think someone needs food in their
system, which explains that
particular someone's moody
behavior." My mouth drops in
offense, but before I can say
anything he interrupts, "Save it,
come on I'm starving too!" I
hesitantly get out of the car
forgetting my own ego for a moment
due to the necessity to have some
real food. My brain is currently
fighting the battle of whether to act
nice to further along my plan or stay
like my grumpy old self. I decide to
put forth a good front, after all, I
wasn't suppose to make an enemy of
him… or well actually he didn't need
to know he was the enemy.
As we take our seats in the
diner, I bitterly say, "Thanks
Armaan" He grins, "What are friends
for?" If only he didn't follow that
with a dashing yet egotistical smile I
would have thought that it was
genuine. I know that last thing on
his mind was friendship; after all,
this is Armaan Mallik we are dealing
with. I'm sure he uses a different
formula for every girl. Knowing me,
his game was probably to move
slowly through friendship to gain my
trust. Please, Armaan Mallik and
friends with a female? Yeah, like
that would ever happen! When the
food arrives, we start digging in
immediately. I do not realize just
how hungry I actually am, until the
sight of food. I feel as if someone is
watching me and when I look up, I
see that is Armaan leaning back
against his chair with eyes filled
with delight. I shrug my shoulders
and continue eating. What I really
want to do is smack him so that he
would pay attention to his food
rather than my face! You know how
I'm trying to make Armaan fall for
me, well I forgot to factor in all that
stares I would receive from him. I
mean it's really creeping me out!
After the meal, I had to
fight over the bill since I didn't
want him paying for me. I don't
want to be indebted to him for any
reason at all. I lost by the way, well
how can I win with a huge giant like
him guarding the bill? Anyways
then, after we leave the restaurant
he starts to bicker with me because I
want to walk home. I argue, "Armaan
it's only two minutes away!" Armaan
shakes his head not taking a 'no' for
an answer and decides to walk me
home insisting, "It's not safe for a
beautiful woman to be walking home
alone in the dark." I roll my eyes at
his pathetic excuse and attempt at
flattery. I start walking away from
him only to have him jogging to
catch up to me. As we walk, I start
explaining to myself, that I have to
act civil around him or else I can
kiss my revenge good-bye.
After sharing some small
talk, we finally make it to my house
in one piece. This is definitely a
shocker because I mean there is no
way I could have arrived home on my
own if it were not for Armaan! I look
towards him, noticing him only
looking at me. I softly say, "Good-
bye Armaan." Armaan huskily
whispers, "Bye Riddhima." I halfway
turn and pause for a moment. I turn
back to him and give him a soft kiss
on his cheek murmuring, "Bye." I
quickly turn around with a smirk on
my face and confidently walk away.
When I enter my room, I run
towards the window and see him
still dazed and holding his cheek
where I had placed my lips. He
turns around shaking his head and
walks away with a bright smile on
his face, yet a naughty glint in his
eyes. I shake my head at him,
knowing he could never change his
ways and even if he ever did, it

would have been too late.

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