Monday, 4 February 2019

part 4 : Don't step on the Daisies

"We like to welcome you here?" Ridhima looked at Dr Kirti as she showed her around the hospital..

"We have 15 interns here and many are on different shifts? I know Anjali is your elder sister and your fathers the trustee in Delhi and here ? so I'm expecting a lot more from you then the others?" Kirti looked at Riddhima and smiled to see her nod.

"At the moment im going to get you to working with a senior doctor ?  and I rota interns and they work in all areas of the hospital but I have something else in mind with you? see a very senior nurse leaving to get married and I need some to assist the senior orthopaedic doctor" Riddhima looked at Dr Kirti and nodded

 "once Nurse lovely is back I will add you back on the intern rota at the end of the month? right this is the ward"

"Beta?" Riddhima was stunned to see him smiling as he looked at the old frail women grabbing his arm..

"Ji Amma?" Dr Kirti looked oddly at Armaan as he gestured with his eyes everything is under control.

"You never come to see me? Don't you care about you're mother?" Armaan sat her down on the near by chair and kneel on the floor next to her.

"Amma I am a doctor and look at these sick people in their beds all needing your sons help? I have to help them!"  he looked at the old woman nodding as she got up.

"You will come and see me beta?" Armaan helped her up and looked over at Nurse lovely and nodded.

"Ok I be over soon Amma! Later this evening before you go to sleep"  they watched him lead her out of the ward?

"That Amma!? Maya is her name? she was hit by a bus 1 year ago while Dr Malik was interning? and she thinks Armaan is her son.. Her real son left her 10 years ago and with the complications of the operation she here with her recovering especial her mental state..She has attached herself to Armaan? we all call her Amma! You get used to her she a sweet soul?"  Riddhima nodded silently as she looked around the ward?

"Morning Doctors is there anything I can help you with!" Riddhima smiled as she looked at the Nurse.

"Sister Lovely this is Dr Ridhima Gupta she will be assisting Dr Malik and the registrar here for the next 2 months?" hearing his name she looked at Dr Kirti stunned ? no way u have to be kidding

"Awe thank Dr Kirti I was thinking poor Dr Armaan would be alone and we would get no help!" Riddhima looked at him grinning as he walked over towards them smiling

"Dr Kirti this is a pleasant surprised.." he looked at her stand there with her eyes slightly lowered as he played with the stethoscope around his neck

"Actually Dr Armaan ? this is Dr Riddhima your assistant for the next month" Riddhima looked at him as he looked stunned by the news too?

"Dr Kirti.. can I have a word!" Riddhima looked at him as he looked slightly unsettled by the news? But why?

She stepped a little closer to them as they were engrossed in there conversation.

"Bhabhi I don't mean to be rude but I need someone experienced and not an intern? I can't be putting my patients at risk by some rookie?" Kirti looked at him surprised and back over at Riddhima as he made himself heard to everyone in the ward.

"Dr Armaan! Dr Riddhima has decided to complete her final year here in Sanjeevni and amongst the interns I have available she the more experience and top graduate in the group? and knowing your past history with Rahol I know he and you would simple just not work?" Kirti looked at him holding his head

"Fine but if she not capable then I'm send her back to you!" she looked at him storm off

'what is his problem he runs so hot and cold' Riddhima though looking at Dr Kirti as she returned back to her?

"Dr Armaan is in his office and waiting for you! Good luck..he a nice guys but very devotee to his patients"


She looked at his disorganised office.. files all over place and the number of mugs on the table? she looked at him holding up a round sponge basket ball in his hand as his legs where so casually on the desk.. looking at the wall to his he threw it in the small hoop in the office which was on the wall

"First off I want to make myself clear? I will not compromise my patient's health so what ever is goin on between us?does not enter this ward?" she looked at him looking at the hoop and totally avoided looking at her..

"Man this is goin to be so hard!" she watched the ball bounce off the ring and land at her feet? he turned to look at her as the smell of her fragrance was seeping though the small office? with his heart pounding?. He got up and walked over towards her?

"You planned this whole thing! Didn't You!" she looked at him purging on his desk looking at her as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"Look here you have wrecked my personal life and I will not give you a chance to ruin my profession one ? do you understand? I have planned nothing but you have ruin MY LIFE!" feeling his anger engulf her she looked at him walk past her and slam the office door shut

All day she looked at him totally ignore her as she worked on some of the patients in the ward? as she looked at her watch she gentle placed the arm of the patient down and smiled noting the pulse on the chart.

"What wrong with Dr Armaan? he normally in a good mood?" Riddhima looked at the patient and smiled?. She had noticed it too and the mood of the whole ward was down to him.

"You know he a nice man? I cant pay some of my medical bill and he told me not to worry ? and loaned me the money.. who does that now days?.. pay for someone?" Ridhima looked at the young man and smiled.

"See that girl there in the full body cast? everyone though she was going to die but he saved her! We never seen her talk to anyone but him?" Riddhima looked at him as he sat on the bed next to the young girl..

"Dr Riddhima!" hearing him call her name she approached the bed.

"Tanya? this is Dr Riddhima ? she is goin to help me to remove you cast on your arms.. and tomorrow we are going to remove the ones on you're legs.. so soon we have you dancing again.." Riddhima looked at the young woman's tears rolling down her eyes.. and watched him shaking his head at her?as he wiped her tears away gentle

"Now now ?Tanya.. you know I hate tears?" seeing the smile spread on Tanya face she looked at him getting up?

"Dr Riddhima ? Once we have removed the cast I want Tanya booked into x rays so we have a clear picture of how she healing and if the bones to her arms are set?." She looked at him step away from her and followed him..

"That fragrance is goin to kill me and ?" as they stepped into the small supply room she felt his hand pull her close to him?as her heart raced she lowered her gazed not wanting to look into his eyes..

"Why did you come into my life? and why do you smell so good!" unable to move a muscle she closed her eyes hearing his soft gentle voice boom into her ears..

"Please!" hearing her whisper so softly he released her and closed his eyes?as she looked at him walk away?

"Armaan what are you doing?"  as her cheeks blushed feeling his body so close to her again she closed her eyes?

"What are you doing remember he is the enemy!"  grabbing the trolley she wheeled it over towards Tanya's bed?


"Riddhima tough day?" she looked over at Rahool as he pulled up the chair next to her in the canteen.

"Actually to tell you the truth ?its ok and I have learn a lot so far.. Dr Armaan.." she stopped and picked up her coffee mug.

"Dr Armaan?" she turned to look at the frown line on his face

"I am his assistance for the next month.." she watched him grip his coffee mug and looked at her.

"Careful with him Ridz and if he gives you trouble then let me know.." Riddhima nodded her head?knowing that they did not get on.

"So I was thinking this evening ?"

"I cant this evening as I'm meeting a friend.." remembering the daisies and box in her room she closed her eyes.

"Ok who?" she looked at him and saw Armaan come over towards them

"Dr Armaan.." Rahool looked at her puzzled and saw him looking at them

"Dr Riddhima if you could be so kind and return back to work!"  Riddhima stood up and looked at him as he took hold of the coffee mug from her hand.

"Armaan leave her alone? she with me having coffee.." seeing the anger in his eyes she looked at him?. Staring at her coffee mug in his hand he placed it to his lips and drank it in one go.

"No more coffee!! break over!!?" Rahool looked at him angrily as he banged the coffee cup on the table and stood up?

"Riddhima I'll get you another one!" Riddhima looked at Rahool staring Armaan

"Rahool its ok? I will get back to the ward?"

She looked at him mumbled as they walked down the corridor

"I hate sharing you? and.."

"What?" he turned and looked at her?

"Why is this place full off sick people??" she looked at him confused as he placed his hand in his hair

"Look here you are here to work now to spend it with?" feeling her anger boiling up she looked at him

"I am marrying him!" feeling his hand take hold of her arm she felt him pull her to the fire escape.

"You are my wife and ?" feeling his lips upon her she found herself kissing him back as they parted she looked at him smiling sheepishly?

*SLAP* "What was that for?" he looked at her holding his cheek.

"Don't touch me!" he looked at her storm off and smiled.

"I just love her? this evening is going to kill me"


Her hands trembled looking at the white box on her wardrobe as she picked up the box she sat down on her bed dressed in her grown as she had just had her shower?as she lifted the lid she saw the gold sari with the red embroidery on the sides.. she was stunned to see and feel the fabric and picked up the card "You are breath takingly beautiful and I hope you can make this sari as beautiful as you?love Armaan"  feeling her cheeks slightly burning she stared at the card?as her heart pounded?as she feel back on the bed she closed her eyes? "What is happening to me?" she whispered getting up?

"This guys a walking disaster and runs hot and cold ?everytime he says something I am nothing but stunned? He rude and a Jerk!..." grabbing the sari in her hand she looked at herself in the mirror? "Lets get this over with!"

"Wow Riddhima you look stunning!" She looked over at Anjali as she walked down the stairs.

"You going anywhere nice?" feeling her heart pounding she looked over at the clock.

"I am meeting a friend?" Anjali narrowed her eyes at her.

"Ok who?" Riddhima cursed Armaan for making her lie

"Muskhan's cousin ..You don't know them Di.. !" seeing Anjali nodding she looked at the clock it was now 4pm and he had not called?

'beep beep' she looked down at her mobile.

"Missing you Rahool!" ?.

Riddhima looked at the watch it was now 7pm and he had not called

"This must be another sick joke!" she looked at herself in the mirror and took of the sari?As she walked downstairs hunger she looked over at Atul walking into the house looking upset.

"Atul everything ok?" Riddhima looked at Anjali as she walked over towards him.

"You remember Amaam?" Riddhima moved closer towards them hearing her name.

"She had another one of her attacks and past away this evening!" they both looked at him as he sat down on the sofa.

"Is Armaan ok?" Riddhima looked over at Anjali as she moved closer to Atul and sat down next to him.

"He takin her to the perform the last ritual ?she requested him to perform all her sons rights.."  Anjali looked at him shocked.

"I have never seen him so withdrawn.. Shub is with him as they left? I never knew Armaan was paying for all her medical bills and ?helped some others bills as well? half of his inheritance he has spent on peoples bills? he really is amazing"

Riddhima looked at he clock and grabbed her clothes ?.



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