Saturday, 16 February 2019

part 4 : Perfect

"Dad iv been thinking about what u said last night "started armaan...about time samrat thought....just giving him that 'I am listening ' look....."n well, cant say i have come to a concrete yes or no decision....i mean, i just feel it would be great if i could get some more time to think over the situation....i will be honest it came as a total suprise proposal to me last night when u mentioned it and all iv had time for is to think with great confusion and then sleep over it....its about my life...well i dont really care about the personal aspect since i dont care about all this matrimony stuff....but i do want to consider the issue professionally....ummmm....well yeh....thats what....." he ended...waiting for samrat's himself he thought...i did not really think of what i was gona say to you father before i started speaking but here's your reply for now...i hope u wont be disappointed....i dont quite understand where exactly my confusion is....cause like u said its the perfect deal sealing relation i could dream of....the perfect start to my new life after i graduate in a month from now...but somewhere....i just seem to be getting a nagging doubt..... whether or not this is a justified way to attain what i want in life....duno what makes me think like that....samrat who had interrupted neither armaans spoken nor unspoken chain of thoughts so far now quipped in..."i am proud of u

armaan....."...seeing his raised eyebrows, he continued "you know armaan thats what i appreciate best about think logically about stuff and dont get swept by emotions even if it was a statement from your own dad...but son there's something i want to add...i know ur looking at this proposal only professionally....however if you decide in positive for it i will be the happiest father in the world...muskaan is happy....and i love that girl ridhima...i know she will make your life a living heaven....cant wait to see both my kids happily settled...of course that doesnt mean you have to hurry....take your thinking time" finished off wasnt that what u call shooting the Dunk in basketball son....good work samrat....take ur time son....i know ways of not letting that be a long one!!!...but the answer i just gave you should essentially let you figure out that i expect nothing but yes....n without any visible force!!!alright shashank...time i call you now....we have a deal here old fellow....a deal you cant refuse....n armaan may be confused right now....though why he's confused isnt quite a clear picture to me....but i know how to wipe out all his ambiguities....son....i dont think u know the famous gupta heiress is a student at cambridge too....its time for your 'Coincidental meet'....he had an evil grin pasted inside his head....visibly he just gave his son a look which was a blend of happiness involved in the dream he was seeing for his happy future and a pride having fathered a son like him....


~At Fabric club~

"We will have two large vodka, umm yeh add a plate of onion rings to go with that...." shashank said to the waitress, then looked back at samrat giving him that 'i assume we still have the same taste' look....samrat's call in the morning had been short, unexpected and not quite self explainatory. but in the time between the call and this scheduled meeting, shashank had figured that they were both on the same track once again in life, except that they were not rivals this time....well atleast not for now....samrat on the other hand had given shashank a gap between the call and the actual meet to let his creativity flow....somewhere he too could sense that they were both upto the same thing....n that made him smile inside....what better than to agree on a plan like this forgetting past records...that meant half work done....with shashank and his agreement over this wedding stamped n that emotional girl being an easy target, armaan was the only move he had to make for check and mate.....which he anticipated could not be exceedingly hard....seeing that they were all set to get down to business he spoke up "well old friend, hows it been going all these years....growing empire and a beautiful young talented dont seem too bad...." "yeh not bad at when did you take the oppertunity to notice my daughter " shashank patted himelf for the question ur turn now samrat...."well close to the time u were busy approving my son for her....i would say we had certain synchronism without actually planning it out....muskaan's wedding was one happening evening wouldnt u agree mate?" that's a six on ur spin ball shanx, wats next....."i see you were occupied observing not just your future daughter in law but her father as well....but i agree...synchronism it is indeed....n lets skip these subtleties....what terms did you plan for the collaboration????" shashank asked, not wanting to waste too much time putting each other down....there would be chances for that in due course of time....samrat on the other hand had won over shashank everytime cause he made his moves with complete calculation....he answered "so i safely presume u approve of this marriage...."getting an impatient nod from shanshank "and does ridhima?" "samrat, do you have to ask the obvious???i wouldnt be sitting here with you without a confirmed can you stop digressing from the point...." "in that case, i figured we 3 could set an unprecedented record..."seeing a confused expression n thinking within himself, ur alwayz such a slow coach mate, he resumed "u me n grewal of course....u dint forget rahul married my daughter did u????" now that pun should touch a sensitive spot shashank i know n it was intended as u will figure out i assume....but i need u to know explicitly who will be the boss post collaboration....among the four future heirs 2 are mine and thats a fact i wont let u or grewal overlook....letting his comment drive the nail well inside he resumed "so i guessed it should be equal shares for all four kids....." shashank looked at him with a bowled over look n thought...oh god why did i not think he would do this....such an obvious move for him....he spoke up "well that does give u a tremendous edge....what makes you think grewal n i will comply????" samrat had been ready for this....such an obvious question shanx n put forth so directly....ah well, that's why u always lose to me mate..."well theres more reasons than u can count off on ur fingers but lets begin with the main ones....if i am not wrongly informed you have been trying but in vain to hook up ridhima with suitable heirs from all over london....but this time without effort things really did fall into place....she likes armaan, n so u know there would be no issues for once in her life....grewal doesnt interfere much with rahul's decisions he isnt like u and me u very well know that....n rahul n armaan will never work without a collaboration of equal divides between them they are heartfelt best friends....lets sum this down to the fact that the trump card here is ARMAAN MALIK....and since he does what i say everybody does what i say....does that seem reason enough for now shanshank????" i leave the ball now in your court mate, thought samrat....but i know u still have to play the game my way!!!!shashank was disgruntled by this upper hand samrat would reign with, but the whole set up was so be associated with the biggest ever collaboration in the history of this queen's city....he just could not let it go....and he knew samrat had this figured out....well i'll beat u in your home court the moment i get the chance dude....but for now...."deal it is then....where do u propose to begin???is armaan on the game???" "well he is almost....but not now we need to join hands to get him on to the deal....they r both studying at's my bait....."....n so he revealed his masterplan covering all minute details n by the end of it shashank had to agree this man knew exactly what the word 'foolproof' implied...."done...ur on" he said n they both went their own way after sealing the deal with a handshake...


~next day cambridge univ scene 1~

inside the girls green rooms "ridzi are you all set its your scene next, n u know well this show is selling houseful thanx to ur name heading the list of artists....we want no mistakes" ridz smiled hearing her instructor's commanding yet encouraging tone. ms. emily winick was her drama literature class instructor, it was thanks to her skill as a teacher that ridz had found the true first love in her work....enacting rich literature based plays....well she smiled to herself...her first loves....armaan might be a name on that list soon....or was he alreday there....she blushed deeply...."perfect " she heard emily again...."thats the perfect look for the proposal scene....i am so poud of you ridz...this is the final rehersal before the play will start its one week long shows tomorrow....we are all counting on know this isnt just about us making big as a team....its about the charity the tickets will amount to....our sponsor has funded us all through with this play only because we promised to donate the earnings to charity...and she really really cares about how well this will turn out....we dont want to let her down....not just for her financial back up but for the wonderful intentions she has...right???" ridzi smiled in agreement...and then something struck her and she asked "hey emily, who is this sponsor anyways i still did not get to meet her...." well she doesnt want to be revealed not even to the cast....." slightly disappointed ridzi said "but i really wanted to meet her....atleast once...."...."well maybe i can show her to you from a distance....she will be in the audience today for the final rehersal...she does not want to attned the main shows as someone might spot or recognize about i point her out to you today....thereafter its your way of how you talk to her alright???" emily knew ridz could be trusted with confidential information....and she knew the only motive ridz could have in meeting this generous donator was to thank she conceeded.....ridz gave her a thank a ton smile n got prepared to her scene.....


"yes sir i will call you as soon as i see Ms gupta finishes her performance without her getting suspicious..... i will do exactly as you have instructed me to...absolutely sir...yes i know the consequences of failing to carry out your orders sir "steve finished off the last sentence quietly...he had served the guptas for over 25 years....from before ridhimas baby's birth.....n was deeply attached to the girl as an elder of the family would be....he felt bad about being involved in a plot....he dint even know the motive only the part that involved his action...well he just had no options but to do as was told....



i'm sitting at the wheel

i got a green light

not afraid of nothin' cuz heart and soul

i'm built for life

so let the engine roar

push the pedal down

i want the white lines on the highway

to lead me out of town

i'm rolling on and on and on

who knows where i'm goin'?

life is an open road - it's the best story never told

it's an endless sky ' it's the deepest sea

life is an open road to me

life is an open road to me......armaan lowered the volume of one his favorite bryan adams' number as he heard his cell "hello dad!..." "where are you right now armaan?i need to meet you..." huh????but i just left home an hour ago armaan thought "right now dad????well i was heading towards univ basket ball court for the practice session...but i can drive back home if its urgent...." "no i will meet you there in half an there for is important indeed..." with that he cut the call as abrubtly as he had dialled the number, not giving armaan a chance to cross question....armaan meanwile was baffled....wat could it be....i hope everything is fine....half an hour before i know whats the issue....hmmmmm....thinking he parked his benz into its usual spot outside the basketball court....stepping in he smiled....court...this word was the first and only love of his it the basket ball court or the law court!!!!he loved them both with complete the back of his head however he still wondered what it was his father wanted to talk much so that it couldnt wait the duration of his game even.....frowning slightly he started his warm up laps...i will just have to wait i guess.....


"shashank its the basketball court close to the southern side of the campus.....there is a wonderful small but chic cafe in the vicinity....Baristo de cafe.....perfect spot for the plan"....."consider the job done samrat"..."well ur on mate!!!cheers to the part one accomplished!!!" both men put the phones down with smug smiles......



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