Tuesday, 5 February 2019

part 5 & 6 : Don't step on the Daisies

"Wait up Sapna I'll come with you!" they turned to see Riddhima dressed in a pink sari running down the stairs

"Sure Ridz? I'm sure Armaan can do with some moral support!" Ridhima looked at them looking at her puzzled as she stood next to Sapna

"I am working closely with him for the next month? so I guess I need to assist him in anyway I can?" she looked at them as they nodded.

Sapna looked at Ridhima in the car as she drove..

"We not goin to his house.. Amit called to say he is drinking at the beach club? I just hope he does not go through the same depression he went when his mother pasted away? Amit told me it was hard for him.. but Kirti bhabhi helped him threw it!" Ridhima glanced over at her as she held the steering wheel.

"I don't know him ? what is he like? I mean I hear he has a temper and .."

"No you got it wrong? he passionate about the things he loves! And get possessive too?he wouldn't hurt a fly...but speaks before he thinks sometimes?I guess he speaks from his heart.. Armaan does not mean it really? " Ridhima looked Sapna as she stopped the car.

"You know what Ridhima I love him to bits as he my best friend and he introduced me to Amit?. Whom I simply adorn? but on one knows about us as we waiting for Amit's parent to arrive from London?So Armaan is my cover? I can trust Armaan with anything? but lately I think he hiding something from me since he come back from the states.." Riddhima looked at her as they entered the club..

Hearing the loud noise and entering the darkness to be surrounded by the strobe lighting flashing as they enter.. Riddhima looked at girls dressed in tight clothes and looked at the sari she was wearing as it was not suitable attire for clubbing.. even Sapna jeans and top made her blend ?she looked up to see the men looking at her in a sari and looked over toward the table to see Armaan hugging Sapna as she sat down next to him.

"Hi Armaan!" she looked at him looking totally surprised to see her and looked at how uncomfortable she was as she sat down opposite him..with her eyes lowered.

"Amit why don't get the girls a drink?" Amit looked at the way he looked at Ridhima and took hold of Sapna's hand. She looked at him as he pick up the bottle of beer and placed it to his lips. ?he noticed her looking at the 5 empty bottles on the table.

"This is my second beer if you are wondering?if you want I will stop drinking!" he looked at her as she lowered her eyes again.

"I am sorry about not coming to meet you this evening? I was a little occupied!" she looked at him as got up from his seat and sat next to her on the chair next to her.

"Did you like my gif?" she looked at him as he took hold of her pallu in his hand and rubbed it gentle on his face?taking in her scent of Dior.. the poison was killing him slowly as he closed his eyes

"I had a feeling you would looked stunning in a sari?" she looked at him as he moved closer to her and closed his eyes again.

"Armaan they are coming back?.please!" he opened his eyes letting out a sigh and released her.

"Armaan you sure you are ok?" he looked at Sapna and smiled

"Totally why don't you and Amit go have some fun.. I will drop Riddhima home.." Sapna looked at Ridhima and smiled to see her nod her head at them.


She looked at him drive the car back he was silent and she knew he was think about Amma..

"Why are you here?" she turned to look at him as his eyes questioned her.

"If you want the truth I don't know?" she looked at him nodded his head as he stared at the road with a small smile forming on his lips.

"Do you love Rahool?" he looked at her look away and did not really want to hear her response as he let out a sigh.

"I guess honesty ?I don't know either!" she looked at him as he stopped the car at the traffic lights

"Why is it I cant see?? or want nothing more in my life then you??. When you are not there by my side I feel weak? Amma was ok this morning.. before leaving I go and see her and make sure she eating and taking her medicine.. she looked at me oddly and said .. I have been waiting for you beta and then next minute she collapsed? she suffered a heart attack?." She could hear his voice tremble and saw the tears in his eyes.

"Just like that she was gone!? we later found a letter requesting that I perform her last rights?" hearing him start the car again she looked at him drive in a different direction and just looked at him as the tears ran down his cheek.

"I have one thing to do?" as he stopped the car she looked at him as he turned around to see the urn in his hands.

"She request her ashes to go in the sea at sunrise?" she looked at him looking at the horizon.

She looked at him as he looked at the sun rising as she stood next to him on the beach?he looked so hurt and upset?. As he hands lifted up the urn towards the morning sun arising he felt her hands under his as they emptied the ashes into the sea ?he watched them go out to see as they took away his tear?.


As she moved closer to the warmth of the pillow a smile formed on her lips?feeling something pull her closer she opened her eyes to see him.

"Please tell me you're not goin to scream or cry?" he looked at her removing her arms from around him and pulled away quickly hiding her embarrassment.

"I uh? you fell asleep on the way back home ? I carried you to you're room ? and I wanted to stare at you sleepin I guess I dozed off?" he let out a sigh and watched her nodded her head.

"For a second I thought you would not remember.."  she looked at him smile warm as he looked at her on the pillow feeling his warm breath and eyes staring at her lips

"I better leave?.before some one asks me why I'm sleeping with my wife.." hearing him chuckle she looked at him as he moved off the bed.

"I get some tea!" he looked at her surprised as she got up.

"How are you going to explain breakfast for two in you're  room?" she looked at him as he placed his shoes on his feet.

"Uh? I guess you're right?plus I'm meeting Rahool this morning!" he looked at her angrily?

"Really? Why?" seeing him approaching her she looked at his frowning face.

"We are set to get married remember? and this is part of the arrangement between us! 30days?" he looked at her staring at him

"Look you are married to me.. and?"

"Listen Armaan that was a mistake? and I want to get this month over with and start my life with Rahool.."

"And Last night?? what was all that?? You don't love him you love me you said so!"

"No I said I don't know what love is and last night you need a friend and?" Feeling him move closer to her she looked at him

"I don't need you're pity! What is wrong with you women I give you my heart and you break it? mummy, amma and now you" feeling his firm grip on her arm she looked at him.

"You're hurting me?" he looked at the pain on her face and released her.

"God dam it! Armaan you wanted 30day and nights remember? so im keeping my end of the bargain and tolerating you but I will not let you hurt me ?."  He looked at the anger on her face and stepped closer to her.

"What you goin to do Ridhima? As you have no choice but to do as I want? and tonight you will do exactly as I want?" she looked at him heading toward the window but she did not like the tone of his voice?

"Fine Armaan? you want to play these sick games then bring it on!"



Riddhima took a deep breath as she enter the ward to see him not there at all? as she looked over at the patients all smiled as she walked in too the ward? as she looked at all the sisters as she moved forward? picking up the file she looked at everyone oddly? "Dr Riddhima! Armaan Sir is waiting for you in his office?"  she was 30 mins late and the way he was cold with her this morning she knew that she would feel his wrath yet again.. as she walked into the untidy room she looked over at him as he waved at her to sit down on the phone?

"I am sorry baby!" she looked up at him as he turned to look at her on the phone.

"No! I promise tonight it is goin to be just us?"  he looked at her dressed in pink today as she sat before him ?as she nervously ticked away the loose strain behind her ear he knew she was feeling uneasy? in fact he knew everything about her more then here?

"Ok Princess ?I love you bye..!"  she looked at him as he smiled warmly as she stared at him as he placed the phone down.

"We have 4 patients discharging today ? so I want you to take these cases!.. Since I was here early I have checked everyone?they are all sorted. Tomorrow you are covering the night shift here and the general ward.. I have spoken to Dr Kirti about this all set up!? You can go!"  she looked at him surprised ? no argument no confrontation?he spoken to her like a senior doctor?as she picked up the files she turned to look at him as he rose from his desk and placed the new x- ray film to the screen..

"Dr Riddhima!" she closed her eyes as she looked at his back.

"Come and look at this?"  I spoken to soon she though approaching him.

"Look at this x-ray what do you see?"  she looked at him staring at the film.

"Umm? the pelvic is broken in 2 places?" he looked at her finger on the film.

"See here ? there a small slight fracture.." feeling his body move close to her she shuddered and collected herself? seeing her shudder slightly he loved to see her so unsure of her feeling?how he longer to hold her and kiss her but now was not the time.

"Do you see it?" she turned to look at him and nodded.

"I am operating on Mrs Sharma this afternoon? right now I have surgery to assist Atul in and hit and run case in ER? I be there all morning? Everything is handle so you have nothing to worry about here"  she looked at him as he moved towards the door.


"I can't believe he has left you alone?" Rahool looked over at Riddhima as she stared into space.

"Ridz?" ever since she had sat down in the canteen she has a little spaced out.

"Uh? Oh ?mmm actually he attended all his cases and left me with instructions on the reset? I just done the basic?I'll have not seen him all day? I called and was informed that he in operation room 2"  for some strange reasons she felt something and could not understand what?

"Ok like tradition we having a Holi party on the weekend at My Dr Shub and Dr Kirti's place? You be there right?"  he looked at the smile and nod she had given him. Today she looked very distracted and she did not say why?

"Di mentioned something about it in the morning?. Say that her and Dr Kirti will be shopping for the occasion? I heard from Sapna there are good parties?"

"Yeah they are! So I meet you there as you doing the nightshift tomorrow!" she looked at his glum face and smiled.  It was not far on Rahool she was to occupied with what was going on with Armaan and her she total did not make any time with him?

"Rahool this evening are you free?" she looked at his face light up.

"OK pick me up at 7pm!" he looked at her and nodded as he reached for her hand.

"OH gosh look at the time? Rahool I met you later!" ? as she walked through the corridor she felt someone take hold of her and drag her into the supply room?

She looked at him as he stood almost on top of her with a smile spread across his face? "So did you miss me?" he looked at her as she looked the other way.

"NO!" ?feeling his fingers on her chin?as he turned her slowly towards him?those spell bounding eyes?as she lowered her eyes?she noticed his lips ? seeing her blush slightly. As she felt his arm around her waist pull her hard towards him ?feeling his warm breath tickling her neck..

"Armaan please?" hearing her gasp him's name he just closed his eyes as he held her?she stood so still as he held her? How he wanted to feel her arms around him?but like usual her arms did not move?. Feeling his hands in her palms he looked at her with her eyes closed.

"Lets just stop this and tell everyone we are married? I cant take not having you and I hate sharing you?" feeling his lips on her cheek ?he felt her shudder again by his touch? as he kissed her again this time slightly close to her lips?. She felt him tease her tenderly as he kissed her tenderly on her face ?

"Armaan?" As he opened his eyes he looked at her standing her with her eyes closed?feeling his lips brush her lips she opened her eyes to see him?. Unable to understand what was happening to her as the desire to simple kiss him was so strong now as she felt his lips on her chin?. As she final felt his lips on her she melted in his arms? It was everything she had imagined and much more? like a dream she had lived? Feeling her arms now holding him? he felt her body melting by his touch? As she kissed him back?the desire was so strong she felt his lips part and hugged her tightly?

"You love me!" as the feeling of what just happened sank in she pushed him away.

He looked at her struggling with her emotions as took hold of her hands..

"I will not be able to see you this evening? as I have another engagement?" she looked at him and remembered his conversation from this morning?

"I know you met some other woman!" she closed her eyes and could not believe what she had just said.

"True! See she not afraid to tell me she loves and does not ask for anything from me ?but love!" He looked at her turn red slightly?

"But you know Riddhima she can never kiss me like you do!" feeling her anger now she looked at him.

"How dare you?" he looked at her storm off and smiled.


"Wow Ridz you looking good!" she turned to see Anajli as she walked down the stairs.

"Hmm? Rahool must be a lucky man.." Riddhima smiled at Atul as he walked into the house.

"Atul?" Riddhima looked over at Anjali as Atul kissed her on the cheek and made her blush slightly.

"Anjali I am famished!" Anjali smiled at him as he looked at her.

"Ok I get you dinner then I am goin to see Armaan!" Riddhima looked over at her surprised?

"Why?" Riddhima followed them towards the dinning table.

"He is baby sitting the two most demanding females in his life, while Kirti and Shub have gone out for the evening! ?Its Easter so I though I pop over and see them?with Easter eggs!"  Riddhima looked at the gifts wrapped on the table.

"Poor Armaan!" they both looked at him as he sat down.

"He had operations all day and when he did get 5 mins he didn't even eat anything!  He had this strange smile plastered on his face and carried on!" Riddhima blushed slightly as she looked over at them.

"Hmm you know joking apart? he does have a reputation as a player but when he does marry? that girl will be so lucky? as he already trained for kids and he make a caring partner.." Atul looked over at her amused and smirked.

"What Atul?" she looked at him getting up.

"Hey Riddhima did she tell you?" Riddhima looked over at his as he hugged her.

"You're Sister will be the best mom!" as he looked at him kiss her on the forehead? she looked at her blush again.

"Di? Is this true!" Seeing her sister nod she took hold of her.

"Anjali! I don't want you travelling to Armaans alone!" Anjali looked over at him and sighed?

"Atul?" she looked at the stern look on his face and knew he was not goin to let her get away with anything any more.

"You heard Sapna! You're iron is low ?and you need to rest! I will take you over there!.." Riddhima looked over at her sister? I have to do more around the house and?

"Actually? I will take the eggs Di!" they turned to see Riddhima

"Why don't you both enjoy a cosy dinner and spend some time together? I pop round now before Rahool comes? " Riddhima looked at the clock it was 6:30pm..

"OK!" they looked at her leave the house?.


"As she pulled open the front door she hear screaming?and looked to see Armaan blindfold waving his hands around? seeing him frowning as he bumped into the furniture she smiled looking at the girls giggling..

"OK I hear you monkeys!" as the girls looked over at the stranger enter the room they looked at Armaan and grinned.

"Face it Minnie Di! Chachu cant find us at the door!" Riddhima step forwards and stood by the sofa and winked at the girls.

Armaan stepped past the sofa and headed towards the door but stopped? as Ridhima love around past him he grabbed her?Feeling his arms around her she felt his lips brush her cheeks and As he took of the blindfold he smiled as the girls cheered?

"Di it you're turned!" Riddhima looked at the girls and smiled as she broke free from Armaans hold.

"I guess no one wants chocolate Easter eggs?then I better return this to Anjali Di!" the girls ran over to her and smiled.

"Thank you Di!" Riddhima looked at them open the boxes and smiled?feeling his hand in her she looked at him.

"You are beautiful this evening!" he looked at her blush and smiled.

'Beep Beep' he looked at her place the phone to her ear.

"Hi Rahool?. Ok I be there in a sec!" she turned to face the girls and smiled.

"Bye girls!" Armaan looked at her as she head for the door.

Riddhima felt him behind her and stopped.

"I'm going?"
"To cheat on your husband!" hearing the anger in his voice she looked at him shaking her head.

"What ever Armaan!"  feeling him taking hold of her arm she looked at him.

"Look Armaan I need to spend time with Rahool and.."  As she felt him drag her outside the house she looked at him pulling her close to him.

"Fine this is the last time Riddhima! Enjoy you're evening!" she looked at him storm off and heard the horn as she spotted Rahool drive up?..


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