Sunday, 17 February 2019

Part 5 : Perfect

Ok ridzi, that wasn't bad at all, she thought to herself her smile reaching the corners of her lips. For every minute of playing Helen of Troy on stage, she had imagined armaan doing the romantic lead opposite her....and the lines had flowed so smoothly, the expressions gaining perfection effortlessly, cause she wasn't acting at all, she had been herself in Helen's character. As she crossed over to the end of a whole surge of people congratulating her on her performance, she almost walked into a lady standing at the door of her changing room. "you were the perfect helen dear, beautiful graceful and loving. that performance looked nothing like a performance, it looked real. congratulations and good luck for the week ahead." saying this the lady walked off....ridz smiled and then...huh????what was that she did not even let me think or react....and hang on....why did she look so familiar....interupting her thoughts, (somebody always seemed to do that) emily came up to her smiling and excited "wow ridz...that has to be undoubtedly your best performance better maintain the level all through the week and....ridz????are u even listening what happened????something on your mind????" "that lady????came and congratulated me n walked off before i could get time to react....she looked
so familiar....and...." "of course she looked familiar she has been seeing all your rehersals for the past month u must have seen her around....ridz its her....the sponsor...." ....ridz jerked up "what????oh that was her....omg....i met her and did not know...."she looked a bit crestfallen....then looked up hopefully "perhaps u could tell me her name and i could try meeting her emily????" "i am extremely sorry, frankly i revealed more than i was supposed to but their are ethics i just cannot overlook anymore....and anyways...she liked your performance thats great she doesnt speak much usually if she came all the way to congratulate you u must have impressed her...that is great just relax, bask in the glory of todays performance and keep the level high for the week ahead....u will need it...take care sweetie"....ridz smiled at her slightly...still wondering she was about to enter her section in the green rooms, when someone ran out banged into her....its was rachel, the dress designer..."ridz its your dad's call "she said in an urgent tone handing over her cell..."he has been calling since the last 10minutes, ever since your performance got he must care so much for you wanted to congratulate you right away i guess!!!" ridz took the phone with even greater confusion enveloping her for she knew that would be the last reason her father would call her...what was happening today???? "hello father..."she started..."ridz meet me at home immidiately beta....something urgent came up cannot talk on the phone we must meet right now...."he rushed through the lines which was so unlike his usual drawl thought ridz, and not getting much time to wonder she replied "dad il will just change n move out of here and..." interupting her again he said "dont bother changing beta ur headed home anyways just get started....i will see you then" saying this he cut the call....ridz was more confused than ever in her life....could somebody explain what exactly was going on....first that lady....ok leave her....whats with father now....anyways, she thought with resignation to her complete confusion....if he insists i just have to go...will collect my stuff later....and off she walked to towards the park lot where steve , who had received further instructions was waiting....looking at her he could see she looked just not sorry young lady.... i dont know whats cooking and i hate to be involved but i hope it isnt anything too bad for you....aloud he said with a small smile "i heard the performance went great ms.gupta??...congratulations!" hearing his words ridz smiled forgeting her worries for a moment...."thank you steve you never miss this do you, after any performance of mine..."smiling she squeezed his hand and continued " means alot!" and took the back seat of her BMW....
meanwile after putting the call down shashank smiled to himself...this is perfect ridhima......there's is no way armaan could even dream of a plan behind any of this now....considering specially that you did not even change out of the costume!!!


its almost time thought armaan....guess i will just jog to the baristo....its just a 10mins run... haven't had a chance for the complete workout anyways....thinking he moved out of the court, beginning with a slight trot and then gaining pace....finally...gona get to know what it is dad wants to talk about so suddenly....


just as they were closing in towards the south part of the campus very close to the students favourite hangout zone...where they had a whole zone of cafe's the BMW started getting jolts....and then just about midway between the sports complex and the chain of cafes the car came to a complete halt..."what happened steve???"asked a worried ridz...she knew what her dad meant by the word urgent now what was steve doing she did not want to get late for this...."sorry ms gupta something with the car let me check" omg....what a day..."alright but please try and hurry this up....father is not likely to be pleased with any delay today...."...hearing her say the last statement steve just looked down not wanting her to see the guilty look on his face which he was incapable of hiding....after a couple of moments ridz decided to get out and check for herself what the problem was...though reluctantly...she wasnt in the most suitable dress code for a student hangout area...the day it seemed had started out her way....but never did things continue being her way too long...."so what problem are we looking at steve...." "it looks like a slightly deep rooted damage ms. gupta....the engine isnt reacting at all....i dont have any idea this might take a wile....why dont you wait in the car...." great! thast all i needed thought ridz...she dialled her fathers number not quite happily for she had no idea how he would receive this particular breakdown of the car right now...."father, i hate to say this but the car broke down and..." "interupting her for possibly the umpteenth time today shanshank said "ridhima i was just about to call you our meeting will have to wait ....i just got a call from the board of directors....although my point with you is urgent, i cannot possibly escape go ahead with your plans beta i will see at 7 for dinner tonight"...again he put down the phone without letting her speak....there now shashak...all set...just sit back n watch the fun....smiling he dialled samrat's number...he was going to take over from here on....
ridhima on the other side was getting disgruntled now....had she not been the patient ladylike yet meek girl she was she would have screamed....what in the name of heavens was happening...everything is so mixed up n now dad says he will meet me later...if only the board had called him a wee bit earlier atleast i wouldnt be stuck here as HELEN OF TROY....heck....oh well guess i might as well go in and grab a coffee...n a snack...havent eaten for famished....and anyways its not like the scene id make by walking in these clothes into the cafe could be worse than standing out here next to a wrecked up BMW in a greek costume....half of them are looking at me like um shooting for a new innovative BMW advertisement....could this get any worse...thinking this she turned and *BANG*...

alright almost there armaan....ok...this feels good now.....jogging is always for a coffee...and chat with.....OMG....what the hell is .....THAT?????he stood there gaping at what he felt was a mesmerizing sight....flowing brown red hair with soft curls towards the lower ends adorned with a tiara....a beautiful golden outfit just above her knees.....the perfect curves and profile look....she was definitely an incarnation of some greek literally!!!....even dressed as one.....and it just cant be....RIDHIMA GUPTA?????without realising what he was doing he started walking towards her in a complete daze and *BANG*


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