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Part 59: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Synopsis of Part 58

"You don't need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely"

"Love means always have someone around who understands us, even without having to tell them specifically. Love means having someone who always put you first, even if you yourself don't! that happened wd Arsh their belief on love gave them their fruit of wait...Embarrassed

Arsh's life turned more joyful when that cute little tiny puppies joined their little family whom first Shilpa ignored but at the end accepted.LOLeverything was going perfect like a dream until she started feeling something strange and thought to live ArmaanCry but when Armaan got to know he forced demanded or whatever you want to say brought her backWink but then sudden entry of some goons kidnapped ShilpaShocked whom Armaan wd his intelligence saved her from the goons also got an unexpected news...

YES he got to know that they are going to become parents which put them in an emotional moment Embarrassed Arsh phase of would be parents went perfectly but wd Shilpa's tantrums & cravesLOL and then our Arsh became parents of a cute little angel whom they named Ohaana & Arshi...Day DreamingLet's proceed in Arsh's new phase of lifeWink

"Good relations don't just happen they take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together"

Three and half years later
Somewhere in Singapore
Hooo.. Hooo
Na toh hasna rumaani kahin
Na toh khushboo suhani kahin...
"Umm... Yaar yeh alarm... Sone bhi nai de raha..." an irritated Armaan mumbled in sleepytone while moving his hand out from the blanket to search the alarm clock "Ufff!!" throwing the blanket up from him he sat up annoyingly and threw the alarm clock on floor which broke into pieces "Now i can sleep..." laying straight he again went into sleep when
"Boww... Bowww..." hearing Breezer's loud barked he put the pillow on his head
"Breezer yaar sone do mujhe..." he almost requested in sleepy tone but Breezer's barked didn't stopped
"Bowwe bowww..." he barked more loudly
"Kya yaar..." making a face he sat up then looked down on floor where Breezer is standing right now wd his innocent eyes "Kya huaa...?? Kyun jaga rahe ho mujhe yaar...??" he asked in calm tone rubbing his eyes to which Breezer directly jumped on bed
"Bowww... Bowww" he barked while trying to lick Armaan's face who moved back a little
"No... Abhi nai..." he said in warning tone to which Breezer jumped on floor "Hmmm... Good boy... Now tell me... Kyun uthaaya...??" pulling his grey t-shirt's sleeves up till his elbow he asked in calm tone to which Breezer immediately went inside his wardrobe "Achi khaasi neend thi tod di janaab ne... Ek toh kal hi mera kaam khatam huaa yaha..." saying this to himself he moved down from the bed "By the way time kya ho raha hai...??" looking around he searched for the watch "Ghadi kaise milega Armaan... Vo toh tune tod di...?" he scolded himself mentally then looked at the wall clock were it was showing 11:40 am "Hmm..." correcting his soft messy hairs he took a sigh when Breezer cam back and stood in front of him who left amazed seeing Breezer brought his jog shoes
"Boww bowww...!!" keeping the shoes down he looked up at Armaan who chuckled
"Oh... Sorryy yaar bhool gaya tha... Ki aaj tumhe walk pe le jaana hai..." kneeling in front of Breezer he said smilingly which maked Breezer to jumped on him who laughed "Okay okay... Ready toh hone do... Tab chalenge..." ruffling Breezer's head he said still laughing which maked Breezer excieted so he sat up like an obident boy "Ohhoo... Kisi ko bahoot jaldi hai jaane ki... Thik hai... Breezu... Tum bahar mera wait karo... Mai abhi ready hoke aaya..." stooding up he said to Breezer coolly who started jumping happily while shaking his head Armaan went inside washroom for shower Actually last night when he came back tiredly from work Breezer was waiting for him but seeing him tired he sat beside Armaan who was laying on bed but seeing his innocent eyes he promised next morning that they both will go for walk... After thirty minutes of Breezer's wait he came back in black sweat shirt wd white t-shirt underneath & denim jeans looking as always Handsome "Okay i am ready..." combing his hairs by his fingers he winked at himself then moved out to go in hall
"Breakfast lagaaun...??" Peter (His caretaker who is 50 years old) asked smilingly as he saw Armaan entered in hall
"Nai aaj mera day out hai... Breezer k saath... Kal raat promise kiya tha isse..." he replied in normal tone which maked Peter smiled keeping the breakfast trey on table
"Par kal raat bhi tumne... Khaana nai khaaya tha... Aur agar abhi khakar nai jaaoge... Toh bimaar pad jaaoge..." Peter said polietly which maked him smiled
"Aisa kch nai hoga..." he replied in relaxed tone when Breezer came back wd his shoes and put near his legs who smiled "Love you..." he ruffled breezer's head lovingly who started jumping happily coz after two weeks Armaan will give him time
"Agar kha k nai gaye toh... Bimar padoge... Aur bimar padoge toh log yehi kahenge... Ki Singapore ka mashoor doctor khud ka khayaal bhi nai rakh sakta..." as Peter said this smilingly Armaan's smile faded remembering someone's words
"Mujhe toh hassi aa rahi hai... Ek doctor ko aise dekh k..." Shilpa's words rang inside his brain who became stiff for minutes when
"Boww bowww..." but Breezer's voice made him came back from flashback
"Haa baba... Pehen raha hoon..." smiling at Breezer he wore his shoes sitting on sofa
"Acha juice toh peelo..." Peter's caring voice made him smiled
"Agar itne pyaar se bolenge... Toh koi bhi pee lega..." tying his shoe laces he approached towards Peter who smiled "Par mai toh pee lunga... Aap apna breakfast karna mat bhoolna... Thik hai... Aur Anita jab Rohan ko lekar aa jaaye usko bhi bol dena breakfast karle..." he said in warning tone which made Peter smiled at his caring nature How he cares for everyone even pets... Its been two years since Peter is taking care of him but instead he took more care of Peter who is an Indian caretaker appointed by Armaan's current hospital trustees
"Haa mai kar lunga... Par tum jaldi aa jaana... Varna kahin behosh hogaye toh problem hogi" he joked which maked Armaan to shook his head smilingly empitieding the glass
"Haa..." he smiled when Breezer picked his car keys and started roaming around him happily "Waahh!! Aaj itni khaatir daari kya baat hai... Breezu..." he chuckled at Breezer who jumping excitedly ran towards the door making both laughed "Acha mai jaata hoon... Aap breakfast kar lena... Okay..." he looked back at Peter who nodded in Yes smilingly and Armaan was about to open the door of his Pent house's apartment when his cell phone rang making him stop on the entrance "Hello!!" he replied politely "What?? Now?? But how this can be possible??" shock was clearly visible from his face "R you serious...?? Conference meeting that to in ten minutes... And how am i supposed to reach there... Great!!" he said in annoying tone as his PA informed about the immediate conference meeting "You know what... Right now i am standing in my jogging clothes... And you are requesting.. I have to reach there in just ten minutes... Most important tell me... How sudden this conference meeting decided??" walking back inside the hall he talked in irritated voice which made Breezer to sat wd sad face guessing Armaan must leave him again "Stop pleading Leo... Whatever... But i can't promise.. That I will come in appropriate way... Tell them... Yaah yaah coming... Bye" saying this calmly he hung up the phone and looked down at Breezer who is staring him wd his shinning puppy eyes
"Kya huaa...??" Peter asked slowly to which he looked at him
"Kch nai.. Bas suddenly ek important conference meeting rakh di... Aur vo chahte hai mai vaha... Das minute k andar aaun.. " he replied in calm tone
"Par kal hi toh tumne kaha... Ki yaha tumhaara saara kaam khatam ho gaya... Fir??" Peter asked frowningly
"Pata nai.." he shrugged calmly then kneeled in front of Breezer wd guilty face "Sorryyy dude... Jaana padega... But i promise... Kal ka pura din sirf tumhara hoga..." playing wd Breezer's head he said in cute tone which made Breezer to jumped on him as if saying he can go "That's like my boy..." kissing his face he stood up smilingly "Aap apna dhyaan do... Aur Breezer ko sambhaal lena... Mai jaata hoon..." saying this hurriedly he ran out of the apartment taking his car keys towards the elavator
"Sabka dhyaan hai... Bas khudka chod k..." Peter shook his head smilingly closing the door where as reaching down Armaan ran towards his Audi

"Yeh acha hai... Jab mann kare toh conference rakh do... Vo professional hai... But aise jogging clothes me jaao toh vo unprofessional..." he cursed the members while speeding his car wd full speed "I hope paanch minute me pahuch jaaun..." looking at his wrist watch he mumbled to himself worriedly when suddenly he saw a girl was crossing the road wd her lots of shopping bags "Ohh shit!!" he stopped the car in halt making the girl scared who just fell in front of his car which maked him stunned seeing the girl
Na woh rangli adayein dekhin
Na woh pyari si nadani kahin
Jaisi tu hai waisi rehna...
"Andhe ho... Dekh k nai chala sakte..." as she looked up angrily Armaan's eyes widened seeing the girl who have the same Green almoned eyes which always took his breath away from him "Ab dekho... Pura bag gira diya... Kon uthaake dega... Vaise bata doon... Yeh zebra cross yaha pe logo k liye hai... Tumhaare jaise badtameez k liye nai jo kisi k uper bhi car chada de..." keeping her hands on her waist she said angrily which maked him to jumped out of his car dazedly "Lo... Ab sorryy bhi nai kahoge... Kitne badtameez hai aap Armaan..." she said in her cute anger as she faced him who smiled seeing her Yes you guessed right Shilpa
"Am i Dreaming...??" he asked to himself mentally moving his hand to touch her face who looked at him strangely when
"Hello... Mr Are you deaf or what??..." that girl clicked her fingers in front of him who came out from his imaginative world only to saw a Indonasian girl in front of him which maked him to narrowed his eyes seeing the girl but soon he gotted he was hallucinating about her again
"Sorrryyy... Sorrry... Actually i was in hurry so didn't paid attention on road..." he apologized helping her for her bags
"Yaahh... Its okay but next time be careful for others..." saying this that girl went from there leaving a thoughtful Armaan there
"Kab... Yeh sab khatam hoga..." he mumbled to himself sadly looking down on road when his cell vibrated again "Oh no... Meeting..." he ran inside his car as he saw the message and speeding his car wd full speed he reached in front of his big hospital Parking the car he ran inside the hospital
"Good morning Sir..." the watchman wished smilingly but left confused seeing him in his casual clothes
"Yaa... Good morning..." he flashed his dimples and ran inside the lift only to observe he is standing b/w many doctors who were dressed in fully professional look while watching him strangely which made him to avoid them "Gosh!! Aise dekh rahe hai yeh sab... Jaise Tom Cruise ne dhoti pehen li ho..." he mumbled under his breath as he came out from the lift only to find everyone staring him confusedly coz of his casual clothes "Jo bhi ho... Bas andar pahuch jaaun.." he thought while moving towards the conference hall when
"Hey Armen!!" one of a male colleague's voice stopped him who turned back
"Keev... How many times i have to tell you... It's Armaan not Armen..." he corrected in tired tone which maked Keev chuckled
"Sorryy again... I think for me Ammy is perfect..." Keev said smilingly to which he smiled back
"So tell me... Why you stopped me??" keeping his hands inside his jeans pocket he asked formally
"Oh yaah... I just want to ask you... Why are you here...?? I thought it's your holiday today??" he asked confusedly
"I thought so... But they are planning for an urgent meeting so i have to come like this..." looking at himself he said in calm voice which made Keev chuckled
"That's why you are looking more handsome today... Right" as Keev complemented he smiled "Sooo... Are you excited for today's award function??" he asked in teasing tone which maked him smile
"Not much..." he shrugged normally
"But i think the award is waiting for you..." Keev said wd teasing smile to which he rolled his eyes when again his cell phone rang
"Listen Keev... I have to leave..." excusing from him he turned to go when
"When are you leaving for India Ammy...??" Keev asked loudly as he saw he was running towards the conference hall
"Next week..." wdout looking back he replied calmly then moved towards the conference hall
"You will go like this..??" his one of a female colleague asked amusingly as she saw him opening the door of the conference hall
"They didn't left any choice... So i have to come like this..." hearing his nonchantic answer she giggled and he walked inside the conference hall following by that Korean/Indonasians colleague "Sorrryy for being late gentleman... But actually it was sudden attack for me" taking a chair he said in tired tone looking at everyone who were fully dressed in professional look and was staring him confusedly "You guys didn't left any choice for me..." he answered their unasked questions which maked them laughed
"Okay Sorrryy for this... I know you were enjoying your holiday... But it's urgent" the head of the hospital said smilingly to which he chuckled
"Its okay...' he said in normal tone on which the the CEO nodded in Yes smilingly
"So gentleman... Let's start this discussion..." one of a member started politely which maked them to pay the attention where they all discussed about the Hospital which Armaan will open in India as a owner and the meeting goes till three hours

In Bhopal
Jag ghumeya thaare
Jaisa na koi... (x4)
"Bewkoof... Ek kaam bhi dhang se nai hota... Naa abhi tak breakfast banaya naa ready hui aur naa hi... Ohnu ko ready kiya... Shame on you Shilpa..." a worried Shilpa cursed herself while taking out the bread from the fridge "Aur jaldi uth jaati nalayak..." making a loose bun of her hairs she took out a knife & butter out from the fridge "Mujhe toh shuru se hi pata tha... Tu ek acchi maa kabhi nai ban sakti... I mean itna irresponsible kaise koi ho sakta hai..." her mind taunted her who tried to concentrate on breakfast ignoring her mind "Shilpa itne se yeh thodi proove hota hai ki tu ek acchi maa nai hai..." her heart encouraged her who didn't paid attention to them at all "Kisine sahi kaha hai... Pehla din baccho ka hota hai par nervous parents hote hai..." she blabbered pulling her sleeves up a little Wearing a White loose top wd navy blue ripped jeans till above her anklet She is looking as always gorgeous "Meethi tum jaldi se juice... Ready karo... Aur madam ka paasta bana do... Varna breakfast mooh me nai jaayga unke..." turning back at Meethi she said in hurried tone which maked Meethi smiled
"Haa bhabhi karti hoon... Par abhi toh time hai.. Unke school me..." Meethi said smilingly
"Jaanti hoon time hai... Par mahotarma uthne me bhi toh time leti hai..." as she said Meethi smiled while Shilpa cutted the bread pieces tucking her strands of hairs behind her ear "Shilpa... Maine tujhse zyada careless ladki aaj tak nai dekhi... Aaj teri beti ka pehla din hai uske first pre-school me... Aur tu late uthi... Kaisi maa hai tu..." her mind scolded her who put the butter on bread pieces "Jo bhi ho Shilpa... Ab toh der mat kar... Varna Ohnu late ho jaaygi apni beti k first school me..." her heart reminded her who looked up at the wall clock which was showing 8 am "Oh... No... Jaldi karna hoga... Meethi tum breakfast banaao... Mai aati hoon... Apni iklauti ko uthaake... Aati hoon..." looking back at Meethi she said hurriedly to which Meethi nodded in Yes while pouring the juice on the glass where as Shilpa immediately ran inside her room... In this Three & half years nothing changed in her who still acts like herself even after becoming a mother of her one n only daughter... Her green almoned eyes are still showing that shiness Her chubby cheeks shows still that red blush of her Her pink plumy lips have still that magic Her long straight hairs are now turned in curled from down wd dark brown shades from down... She is still the same except she became a little healthy but perfect for a mother's look which also refered her Strong side and in nature changed a lot in terms of her daughter's matters Yes she became the way her daughter reacts Sometimes a Strict teacher.. A chearful mother... Lovely Cute Sweet Smart Fun loving etc... She behaves the way her daughter's mood changed "I am sure... Isse ready karne me aur time jaayga..." she mumbled under her breath as she entered in room when she felt something fluffy touched her leg which maked her to looked down only to find Shao Pao standing wd woolen boll b/w his teeth staring up at her wd his cute little eyes making her chuckled "Abhi nai Shao Pao... Pehle Ohnu ko uthaa doon fir khelte hai..." bending to him she said in her cute voice which made the boll fell from his mouth making her giggle "Aawwwe... My baby..." she moved her hand to pick him when
"Boww bowww..." hearing Toy's little noise she looked down at her leg where he was nuzzling trying to take her attention
"Abhi nai... Baad me haa... Pehle tum dono ek dusre k saath toh khelo..." saying this cutely she stood up to which they both started jumping when Toy took the boll and ran from there
"Boww boww..." as Shao pao ran behind Toy for the boll she giggled and shaking her head moved towards the bed where her little angel is sleeping now under the blanket
"Ohnu... Baby uth jaao..." sitting beside her she said in motherly tone which didn't bother to her "Ohnu... Jaldi uth jaao babu... Varna first day hi late ho jaaoge... School k..." removing the blanket from her she said in loving tone to which Ohaana turned her position hiding her face on her pillow "Offo!! Late ho jaaogi... Aur fir log kahenge... Kaisi ladki hai apne first school me hi late hogayi..." she said in cute teasing tone leaning on her who didn't budge to look at her "Ohnuu..." as she kept her hand on her shoulder she turned back abruptly
"Bhowww..." as she said in dangerous tone Shilpa became startled which maked Ohnu giggled while putting her little palms on her mouth "Mummaa... Toh... Toh dar gayi" saying this wd a giggle she stood up making Shilpa sat wd a smile
"Haww... Mumma ko dara diya...??" she asked in fake serious tone to which she looked down like an obident kid "Agar mumma ko kch ho jaata toh..??" hearing her serious tone Ohnu became quiet
"Sorrryyy... Mumma..." looking up at her she apologised cutely which made Shilpa to hide her smile
"Hmmm... But aapko pata hai mumma ko..." pulling her closer by her waist she said slowly making her confused "Dar nai lagaa..." saying this she started tickling her who laughed her heart out resulting them laye on bed "Aur karoge mumma ko tang..." she tickled wd a giggle where as Ohnu was twisting wd laugh
"Mummaa... Bas... Bas... Pain ho raha... Hai... Bas..." she said still laughing making Shilpa stopped wd a laugh while laying straight
"Okay... Bacchu... Aaj chod diya..." Shilpa said wd a giggle while taking her in a hug who cuddled on her Mumma's arms
"Good... Mm... Nornnning... Mummaaa..." looking up at her mother she wished which maked Shilpa chuckled who sat up while taking her in her lap
"Vo good Morning hota hai... Ohnu..." kissing her cheeks lovingly she corrected her who giggled
"Mummaa... Aaaj... Bre... Fast... Me kya hai...??" cupping her mumma's cheeks she asked in her kidish tone which maked Shilpa smiled
"Vo Breakfast hota hai... Ohnu" kissing her nose tip she corrected to which she giggled "Aur breakfast toh tab milega naa... Jab ready hogi..." moving down from bed she said in cute tone
"Toh... Toh... Chalo... Leady... Karo..." opening her arms she said in her kiddish tone making Shilpa narrowed her bows when she fell on her who directly picked her up
"Ohnuuu... Lag jaati toh..." she glared while walking wd her in washroom
"Toh... Toh... Mumma haina..." circling her neck Ohnu kissed her cheek making Shilpa chuckled who dropped her in bathtub
"Toh chalo... Mumma... Aur Ohnu... Ab ready ho jaayen..." kneeling in front of her She said in kidish tone which maked Ohnu giggled and the mother daughter Jodi got busy in enjoying the bath wd their Masti... Ohaana is replica of her parents Yes physically from Armaan she got his eyes & dimples and from Shilpa that chubby cheeks & long hairs and in nature She got that intelligence & understanding from her father and from her mother she got all the mischievousness& cheerfulness but which she have equally from both is that Stubbornness which Arsh have qually but Ohnu have a little amount from them... She is one of those kids who easily get along wd anyone but only if she saw that face five four times In nature she loves plant & animals also she is very calm if something upsets her She is very different from her age's kids a much more intelligent from them Sometimes she asks such questions that even Shilpa too find difficult to answer but She loves her mother to core... And now today is first day of Ohaana's pre-school which is making Shilpa nervous instead of Ohaana "Ohnu seedhe khadi raho..." Shilpa warned while making her to wore her uniform which is in a dark yellow color t-shirt & midnight color skirt which exist till her knees

Baarishon ke mausamon ki
Bheegi hariyali tu...
"Mummaa... Hum... Chool... Kyun jaate hai..." Ohnu asked in her cute voice holding Shilpa's shoulder who is standing on floor while Ohnu is standing on bed right in front of her
"Vo school hota hai Ohnu..." she corrected buckling her belt who smiled "Aur hum school isliye... Jaate hai... Taaki hum ek acche... Aur goody goody bacche ban sake..." tucking her hairs behind her shoulder she replied in loving tone which maked Ohaana to nod in Yes
"Dora jaise...??" hearing Ohnu's question Shilpa smiled
"Haa Dora jaisi... Dekho vo kaise school bag aur cheeze le jaati hai school me... Vaise hi meri Ohnu bhi... School jaaygi... Ek good girl banane k liye" pinching her nose lightly she replied in loving tone which maked Ohaana smiled who blew air on her mother's face "Ohnu..." she glared coz her this gesture always made her remember about Armaan and seeing her glare Ohnu giggled
"Toh.. Toh... Aap bhi school gaye the??" as she asked in her kidish tone Shilpa chuckled
"Haa... Har chota baccha school jaata hai... Toh mumma bhi school gayi thi jab vo choti thi..." searching for her new school shoes she replied in normal tone
"Toh... Aapko bhi aapki mumma... Leady karti... Thi aapko... Jaise... Aaap kar... Rahe ho... Mujhe..." looking at her mother she asked in her kidish tone making Shilpa to shook her head smilingly
"Haa... Par vo Ready hota hai..." she corrected while standing in front of her who showed her dimples "Ab chalo ghumo... Tumhaare baal banate hai" making her back face Shilpa she said calmly
"Nai... Mumma... Hairs... Gande ho jaayenge..." helding her hairs she said cutely which made Shilpa smiled
"Buddhu... Agar khule rahenge tab gande honge..." saying this smilingly she picked the comb to which wd pouted lips(This she got from Shilpa) Ohnu turned her back which made Shilpa giggled who carefully made her hairs in a cute pony "Aree... Waahhh.. Meri babu toh bahoot beautiful lag rahi hai..." making Ohnu to face her she praised her who smiled widely
"Sacchhi... Mumma...??" she asked wd a big smiled to which Shilpa nodded wd a giggle
"Ab baitho... Mumma shoes pehena de... Fir Breakfast kar lena..." making her sat on bed she kneeled in front of her who started moving her leg tro & fro "Ohnu... Pair mat hilaao..." smacking her leg lightly she warned to which Ohnu stopped
"Mummaa... Chool me.. Aao paao aul... Toy bhi... Aayenge mere saath...??" hearing her question she shook her head while fastening her shoe laces
"Ohnu... Vo School aur Shao pao hai..." stodding up she picked Ohnu on her arms while correcting her who giggled kissing her cheek lovingly "Aur vo dono school nai jaa sakte kyun ki... Vo padh chuke jab aap bahoot chote the... Toh ab aap padhna shuru karo..." answering her she entered on breakfast table
"Toh... Toh... Mai Dora jaisi banungi...??" she asked in her confused tone
"Haa baba... Pehle breakfast toh karlo..." making her sat on breakfast chair she replied in fake serious tone when Meethi put the breakfast in front of Ohaana who smiled widely seeing the Paasta
"Good Nornnning... Meetiii auntyy..." Ohaana looked up at Meethi who smiled
"Good Morning beta..." Meethi wished polietly
"Ohnu vo Good morning hota hai... Aur Meethi aunty hai vo... Meetii nai..." keeping the juice in front of her she corrected to which putting her palms on her mouth she giggled
"Ohhh..." she giggled making Shilpa to shook her head "Acchaa... Mumma... Noon big hota hai.. Ki... Ki Sun??" she asked cutely as Shilpa inserted a spoon ful pasta inside her mouth
"Pehle khalo... Phir bolo Ohnu..." she scolded while making her drank the water
"Okayyy... Ab bolo.." she nodded in Yes after gulping her food
"Pehli baat... Vo Moon hota hai... Aur dusri... Ki Sun big hota hai... Kyun ki Moon bhi ek planet hai..." she answered in motherly tone
"Ohhh... Aur...??" but before she could ask another question Shilpa inserted another bite shutting her
"Tum khaalo... Mai ready hokar aayi..." Warning her Shilpa stood up "Meethi tum iska dhyaan do mai... Ready hokar aayi... Bahoot late ho raha hai..." saying this to Meethi Shilpa ran inside the room to get ready where as here Meethi took care of Ohaana who behaved like an obident kid

In Singapore
"Pheww... Finally Meeting got over..." a tired Armaan moved out from the conference hall towards the elavator when his cell phone rang "Haa Dev Bol..." he asked in calm tone as he attended the call
"Aur mere bhai... Kaisa hai...??" checking his file Dev asked in teasing tone making Armaan to shook his head In this year Nothing changed in Dev except he looks more young then before He is wearing a midnight blue check suit wd white shirt inside
"Tujhe kaam kya hai... Vo bata direct??" he directly asked the question while entering in elevator
"Kitna rude ho gaya hai tu yaar... Sharam kar.." keeping his file on table Dev asked in fake strict tone
"Ho gaya... Tu mujhe bata.. Kaam kya tha...??" he too asked in same tone which maked Dev to shook his head
"Toh sunn... Mujhe tujhse yeh poochna tha.. Ki tu India kab aa raha hai...??" sitting on his cabin's table Dev asked in serious tone
"Bola na... Do hafte baad..." he replied calmly while moving out from the elevator
"Acha... Toh vo next week ki tickets... Kya achaar daalne k liye book ki hai" hearing Dev's sarcastic words he chuckled
"Arre waah Dev Babu.. Aap toh hume kaafi ache se jaante hai... But... I am sure... Rehaan ne bataya hoga..." he said in calm tone which made Dev laughed confirming in Yes "Is Rehaan ko toh mai chodunga nai... Dost mera hai... Par sunta teri hai..." opening his cabin's door he said in his usual tone
"Jo bhi ho toh tu mujhe bata... Tu Mumbai aa raha hai ki Bhopal... Kyun ki agar tu Mumbai aa raha hai toh... Mai tujhe lene aaunga" Dev said while playing wd a small glass globe
"Baccha hoon kya... Jo lene aayga... Mai khud aa jaaunga... But mai pehle Bhopal jaa raha hoon... Rehaan Surbhi ki shaadi k liye... Aur tum log bhi aa hi jaaoge... Ek hafte baad... Haina..." he said normally while slumping on his relaxing chair
"Haa... Bas yeh Aditi ko is hafte Doctor se check up kara loon... Fir mai bhi nikulnga Bhopal k liye... Mom dad toh...Shaadi k ek hafte pehle aayenge..." Dev replied looking at the globe
"Haa Aditi se yaad aaya... Kaisi hai vo...??" keeping his head in chair post he asked calmly
"Thik hi hai... Bas bahoot zyada demanding ho gayi hai... Itna ki mai aur Anant dono hi thak gayye hai uski sunte sunte..." as Dev replied in disbelief tone he chuckled "But kya expect kar sakte hai ek seventh month ki pregnant woman se..." he shook his head tiredly "Par Armaan vo tujhe bahoot yaad karti hai... I mean kehti hai ki... Agar Armaan hota toh ab tak vo chiz mere saamne hoti..." he added
"Hmmm... I miss her too" hearing his calm tone Dev shook his head
"Aur mujhe??" Dev teased
"Tujhe kya miss karna... Har teen mahine me ek baar toh tu aa hi jaata hai yaha..." his nonchantic taunt made Dev giggled
"Haa vo bhi hai... But is baar mai chahta hoon tu aa jaaye hamesha k liye... Sab tujhe bahoot miss karte hai... Spcly Shilpa..." hearing Shilpa's name his smile vanished
"Kaisi hai vo Dev...??" he asked slowly which made Dev smiled
"Thik hai... Infact dono thik hai... Par tu mujhe yeh bata... Tune abhi tak usko call nai kiya naa...??" Dev asked in scolding voice which made him quiet for seconds
"Yeh tu bhi jaanta hai... Aur mai bhi... Ki mai aisa nai kar sakta..." he said in calm tone which maked Dev to shook his head
"Armaan... Ab toh tu wapas aane waala hai phir ab kyun nai..." Dev asked confusedly
"Dev... Hum kisi aur topic k baat kare.. Plzz" He directly changed the topic which made Dev to took a sigh
"Fine... Acha tu mujhe yeh toh bata... Aaj award ka kya??" hearing Dev's teasing tone he smiled
"Pata nai..." he replied in calm tone which maked Dev smiled
"Par shayad mujhe pata hai...??" Dev teased when a knock came on his cabin's door "Yes.." holding the phone he looked at door
"Sir aapki important Meeting hai" Dev's PA said slowly to which he nodded
"Haa thik hai... Tum jaao... Mai aata hoon..." as he said this his PV went from there then Dev concentrated on Armaan "Haa toh tu kya keh raha tha...??" he asked to Armaan who chuckled at him
"Tu jaa meeting attend kar... Hum baad me baat karte hai..." as Armaan said in calm tone Dev smiled at his understanding
"Haa thik hai... Par yaad rakhiyo... Fast Personality Achiever toh... India hi aana chahiyee.. Chal bye..." Saying this in fake serious tone he hung up the phone
"Yaahh... Bye..." hunging up the phone he kept that on table "Hmmm..." he took a relaxing sigh while closing his eyes tiredly where only one face flashed in front of his eyes remembering something from past
Sardiyon mein gaalon pe jo
Aati hai wo lali tu
Raaton ka sukoon...
"Aane do... Baat hi nai karni mujhe inse... Khud bula kar... Abhi tak nai aaye... Lekin nai mai toh pagal hoon... Jo pichle teen ghanto se... Teen ghanto se in Badtameez ka wait kar rahi hoon..." a angry Shilpa paced near Upper lake's park "Yeh ladko ka bhi accha hai Shilpa... Pehle khud peeche aate hai fir... Jab bore ho jaate hai... Tab Dur bhaagne ki koshish karte hai... Yeh bhoolke ki shuruaat unhone hi ki thi..." her mind said to her who wd grumpy look started walking while holding the railing Actually the thing is Mr Armaan Malik texted her for their today's lunch together which maked Shilpa excited So she immediately got ready in Loose pink top wd white ripped denim jeans just above her anklet and matching white shoes She have tied her hairs in pony... After one hour of waiting his call came who directly told her to meet him near Upper lake's park So getting disappointed she directly came here and now after waiting for him from two hours she got annoyed "Yeh accha hai.. Har tarike se bas apni manmaani karni hai... Matlab mai to kch hoon hi nai..." she blabbered while looking at the water holding the railing It was monsoon season so no tension of Sun n all it was a cool weather "Aur tumhaari battery bhi aaj hi jaani thi..." looking at her phone she cursed "Usse kyun kos rahi hai pagal... Galti toh teri hai jo phone ko charge karna bhool gayi..." her mind taunted which maked her to took a sigh and started walking slowly slowly "Ghar bhi nai jaa sakti... Agar Mr Malik yaha aa gaye toh faaltu me mujhe dhundhenge... Most important gussa ho jaayenge..." she thought while walking ahead the cool breeze touched her skin "Matlab har tarah se toh mai hi fasoon..." she thought looking around "Jo bhi mujhe dekhta hoga yeh zaroor sochta hoga... Ki yeh ladki pichle do ghanto se kar kya rahi hai akele... Kitna embarrassing hai yeh... Agar khud wait karna padta tab pata chalta..." she cursed mentally still walking "Par Shilpa... Ek baat bata mujhe... Tune aaj tak kisi ka itna wait nai kiya fir Armaan ko itna spcl treatment kyun... Tu toh Ansh aur Aditi ko bhi sunaa deti thi infact vo tera wait karte the..." her mind's words made her stopped in track "Haa... Mai kyun wait karun... Mera bhi self respect hai..." she muttered to herself wd a ego "Mai jaa... Aaahhh..." she was about to go when someone pulled her wd such force that she directly landed on that person's chest who held her firmly by her waist "Armaan..." she looked at him surprisingly holding his Shirt from front where as wd calm look he removed his goggles and stared her wd his angry glare making her guess that he directly came from his work coz of his clothes which are still the same that Midnight blue shirt wd it's sleeves folded till his elbow also his brown tie which is loosed a little and his same color formal pant only the blazer was missing
"Dimaag kharaab hai tumhaara... Dekh k nai chal sakti... Aage gaddha hai..." making her stand properly he scolded "Bewkoof..." as he said this her mouth dropped opened "Aur tumhaara phone kyun nai lag raha tha... I am sure tum bhool gayi hogi ghar pe... Carelessnes ki bhi hadd hoti hai Shilpa... Yaha mai pichle aadhe ghante se tumhaara phone try kar raha tha... You know mujhe ghar jaake yaha aana pada... Kab tum responsible banogi Shilpa..." he said in strict angry tone which put more fuel on fire "Yaha akeli ho... Kch ho jaata toh... Koi andaaza bhi hai..." as he started scolding her level of anger bursted
"ENOUGH!!" she said in angry tone which made him quiet for seconds "Bahoot hogaya... Aapko kya lagta hai... Mai yaha apne maze k liye hoon... Mere phone ki battery dead ho gayi thi isliye maine phone nai kiya... Mai ghar isliye nai gayi kyun ki mujhe laga aap yaha aayenge toh mujhe yaha na pakar pareshaan ho jaayenge... But nai Mr Armaan Malik ko toh har jagah sirf dusro ki hi galti dikhti hai... Yeh teen ghante sirf aapki wajah se yaha gaye mere... Aapke intezar me..." she cleared herself in full angry plus hurt voice which maked Armaan guilty "Mai hi pagal hoon... Jo apna time waste kiya yaha..." saying this in hurt voice she moved passed him who closed his eyes
"Kya Armaan... Kabhi toh kch soch samajh kar bola kar... At least pooch toh leta... Ki vo thik hai ki nai..." he kicked himself mentally "Dammm!!!" rubbing his forehead he looked back at Shilpa who didn't bothered to look at him "Shi..." he opened his mouth to called her but then stopped himself "Nai... Bulaayga toh mud k dekhegi bhi nai.." his mind said to him who pressed his lips to think something where as here Shilpa wd hurtful look was walking
Raaton ka sukoon bhi hai
Subah ki azaan hai
Chaahaton ki chaadaron mein maine Hai sambhali tu...
"Kaha tha na... Zyada isse dikhaayegi ki... Tu isse pyaar karti hai... Uske bhav utne hi badhenge... Ek baar tujhse yeh tak nai pucha... Ki tu do ghante yaha khadi kaise thi..." her mind said to her who wiped a corner of her tear "Par unhone tujhe bachaaya...??" her heart tried to take his side "Haa bachaya but taunt k saath... Most important kya usne isse abhi tak sorryy kaha... Nai kaha usne... Aur naa hi mud k manane aaya... Ego... Yehi hota hai... Shilpa" her mind said wd full anger "I think yeh sahi keh rahi hai... Tu hi hamesha sab thik karne ki koshish karti hai..." feeling sad first time her heart took her mind's side but She ignored the both "Aana hai toh aaye... Nai aana toh naa aaye... Mujhe kya.." she sniffed while consoling herself mentally and she almost reached at the end of the park "Agar tu mud k bhi dekhegi toh bhi vaha nai rahega..." as her mind taunted she stopped for seconds and wd an increasing heartbeat she slowly looked back where he was standing before "Haww... Nai hai..." she said wd her cute sad face as she found the place empty "Maine bola tha pehle hi.." her mind said proudly which maked her more angry on him "Shakal hi nai dekhni mujhe..." saying this hurtfully she turned again to go when she bumped wd someone who is non other than Armaan "Ouch!!" she winced as she bumped wd his chest who immediately held her waist So that she couldn't fall
"Aise akela chod k chali aayi mujhe..." seeing him panting a little she guessed he must have came runningly "Shilpa... See..." as he opened his mouth to apologise she pushed him lightly
"Mujhe aapse baat nai karni..." saying this angrily she again moved passed him but this time he stopped her by her wrist
"Shilpa sorrryy... Tum toh jaanti ho... Mai bina soche samjhe gussa ho jaata hoon..." pulling her closer he apologised softly
"Matlab aapka gussa... Gussa hai... Aur mera kch nai.. Haina" stepping back she freed her hand and taunted him who tried to calm himself
"Accha sorrryy... Suddenly ek emergency aa gayi thi toh late ho gaya... Aur tumhara phone nai lag raha tha... Toh mai pareshaan ho gaya tha... Yeh sochke ki tum yaha do ghante akeli thi..." he tried to explained himself which maked her to cross her hands wd her cute pouted anger "Okay... Mai kaan pakad k sorry bol raha hoon... Sorryy..." saying this in cute voice he held his ears which maked her heart melted but then her mind again diverted her mind reminding May be he is pretending??
"Itna innocent banane ki zarurat nai hai... Mai acche se jaanti hoon... Aap saare husbands ek hi chiz sochte ho... Ki agar nai maanegi toh... Apne innocent face se manayenge nai toh force toh hai hi... But mai aapko bata doon... Mujhe farq nai padta..." pointing her index finger at him she said angrily which made him to press his lips for hiding his smile
"Aise kaise farq nai padta... Abhi proove karta hoon..." he thought wd a smirk "Wowww...!! Kya dikh rahi hai yaar..." he said dazedly while staring behind her who narrowed her bows "Shilpa tumne dekha... Uski aankhen kitni beautiful hai... Aur jo dress usne pehni hai... Vo perfectly suit kar raha hai uspe... As if koi cute si angel ho.." hearing his words she became more angry coz first she thought he is talking about her but when she saw he was staring behind her It put more fuel in fire
"Toh fir dekhiyee... Mujhe kyaa.." as she said wd attitude he controlled his smile
"Haa... Coz you are jealous..." he directly taunted her whose mouth opened in O shape where as he calmly opend his tie's knot and started playing wd it
"Mai... Maiii kyun jealous hone lagi vo bhi kisi anjaan se..." saying this angrily she looked back where he was staring but left confused coz no one was there "Yaha toh koi nai hai...??" she got soliloquized seeing the place empty when "Huh!!" her breath hitched as he turned her so abruptly that she directly banged wd his chest who caged her wd his tie
"Aur ab toh uski... Badi badi... Ocean aankhen mujhe... Surprisingly dekh bhi rahi hai..." as he said this amusingly she immediately gotted he was talking about her from past minutes
"Chodiye... Mujhe Armaan..." trying to free herself she said in her cute anger which maked him to pull her more closer by his tie
"Nai..." hearing his direct refused she got angry and hit his feet by her leg "Aaawww..." he winced as she hit his leg "Shilpa..." he glared while trying to walk where as his tie fell on ground
"Mujhse baat bhi mat karna..." saying this she walked from there angrily This time her ego came "Shilpa tujhme tameez hai ki nai... Aise kyun maara unhe..." her heart angry question made her stopped thinking Did she actually hit that Akdu Malik...??
"Shilpa... Ek baar meri..." making her looked at him he said slowly when she intrupted
"Armaan... Aapko lagi toh nai na...??" hearing her sudden caring tone he got confused "I mean... Kya maine zor se maara...??" gripping his wrist she asked in cute worried tone which maked him amused by her but making a straight face he slowly pulled her closer by her waist
"Nai... Zyada nai lagi... But haa agar tum heel se maarti toh shayad lagti..." caging her he replied in calm tone which maked a small smile on her face "But thank god!! Tumne shoes pehni thi... Varna meri toh band baj jaati..." as he said this she giggled encircling his neck by her hands
"Accha... Hai... Aap yehi desrve karte ho..." she said in her cute smiling tone which maked him smiled
"Sorryyy... But completely mera fault nai tha..." he said calmly
"Haa... Par mujhpe chillaana aapka fault tha... Yaha maine socha tha mai apna gussa dikhaaungi... But aapne vo bhi nai karne diya... Infact mujhe itni tez bhook lagi thi... Sirf aapki wajah se vo bhi chali gayi..." as he heard her complain he chuckled
"Thik hai fir... Chalo lunch karte hai..." tucking her strand of hair behind her ear he said in loving tone which made her to kiss his cheek lovingly who was taken aback by her move "Shilpa..." he eyed coz they are in public but instead getting scared she giggled "Tum na..." shaking his head he took her in a hug which she responded wd equal fervor and Then they moved from there for their Lunch or you can say evening snacks but not before taking back his tie It was a scene where they both just came back from Mumbai after their KV & Shivi's marriage when Shilpa got back Toy & Shao Pao
Flashback ends

"Gosh...!!" his eyes flew opened coz of his ache heart which only wanted to feel her again "I need fresh air..." mumbling this to himself he stood up and stood in front of the window where cool breeze touched his face as he opened the windows "Samajh me nai aa raha... Kya ho raha hai... Mere saath..." he thought while staring the busy city intensely He was trying to console the pain which his heart is feeling right now but nothing was working when suddenly a knock came on his cabin's door "Yes..." looking back he said in calm tone when an Indonasian intern came inside holding a file
"Dr Armaan... If you are free... Can you help me in this case...??" that intern asked politely
"I thought it was my Holiday..." as he said in calm tone the Intern smiled
"Sorryyy sir... But.." he looked on floor which maked him chuckled
"Heyy come on... Grey... I was just saying... Definitely i will help you... Show me the file..." moving towards that intern he said in chilled out tone which made the inter smile and he gave his file to him who started checking wd full concentration


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