Saturday, 23 February 2019

part 6& 7: Tumhare hum

A couple weeks go by, with
no major developments. I have been
surprisingly nice to him during those
few weeks and when I say nice, I
mean really nice. That pleasant
streak is soon broken though as you
will soon find out. The following day,
when I arrive at my office I find
Armaan outstretched on my chair. I
clench my fists in anger, but decide
I need to cool down in order for him
to fall in love with me. I slowly and
very hesitantly sit across from him,
while he passes me a file. He sits

up while I read it and waits
expectantly for my response. As I
read the file, I sit there in shock. All
I can say is, "London? But why does
Chandni Raat Fashion House want to
see us?" Armaan sighs replying, "One
of my friends put in a good word for
us and they would like to work with
our company, so what do you say are
you up to it?" I feel a little nervous
yet excited. I make up my mind and
enthusiastically say, "Yes of course! I
think it would be really good for our
company!" Armaan grins, "Excellent,
I knew you would say yes so I had
our assistants book us on the 7
o'clock for tonight!" I drop my mouth
open in shock and scream, "Are you
crazy Armaan? How the heck are we
supposed to pack and get ready in
such short notice?" Armaan laughs,
"Riddhima we have like 7 hours!
Relax it will be fine! Besides the
meeting is set for the day after
tomorrow so it's this flight or no
flight… your call?" I groan and start
walking out the door grunting,
"fine… just don't be late!"
I quickly go to the store to
pick up a few things since I will be
gone for at least five days. I race
home and throw bunch of my clothes
in my suitcase along with other
essentials. After packing, I notice
the time is already around 5 P.M. so
I gather all my suitcases and dart
out the door while informing my
parents of the sudden trip. I stop at
the door as soon as I catch sight of
a taxi and out comes Armaan. I
frown and then he comes over to
help me put my bags away. Soon
enough we both drive towards the
airport while he whispers in my ear,
"You look good in jeans!" I am
actually wearing tight fitted jeans
that really compliment me. I cock an
eyebrow as if saying 'are you
checking me out?', which causes him
to laugh.
After arriving at the airport,
we check in our bags and wait to
board the flight. Armaan is obviously
getting bored so he starts checking
out girls. I roll my eyes, disgusted
by his behavior. My eyes meet a
random stranger's and he gives me
an appreciative nod as if saying he
likes what he sees. As my eyes glide
over his body, I can't help but
notice he is pretty good looking. He
is no Armaan, that is for sure but he
is not bad either. Yes, I know I
practically called Armaan gorgeous,
but hey, this is solely for comparison
and well I'm certainly not blind
either. So anyways, the cute stranger
makes his way towards me to sit in
the seat next to mine. I see
Armaan's attention is now fully
focused on me and the stranger.
Armaan becomes rigid as the
stranger opens with, "Hi, I'm Karan."
I smile sweetly responding, "Hi, I'm
Riddhima." This Karan person
continues to flirt with me, not that I
mind since I can amusingly watch
Armaan stiffen as Karan continues to
flirt. Karan seems nice enough at
first, but then I feel his finger tuck a
strand of hair behind my ear. His
finger then starts trailing down my
neck. Uncomfortable? …HELL YEAH!
I start uncomfortably
squirming in my seat trying to keep
a distance from the man. Now you
may be wondering why I'm not doing
anything about this pervert, well I'm
kind of waiting for Armaan's
possessive nature to kick in. Soon
enough Armaan grabs Karan by the
collar and throws him to the seat
across from me. Armaan twists his
arm behind his back, the same hand
Karan used to touch me. Armaan
growls, "Don't you ever, ever, touch
her again! You hear me? Now
apologize to the lady! I said
APOLOGIZE NOW!" The man screams
out in agony and then squeaks, "I'm
sorry!" Armaan twists his arm harder,
which increases the volume of his
shrilling voice. Armaan demands,
"Sorry what?" Armaan's tone is so
full of anger and hate; it sent a
shiver down my spine. Karan weakly
says, "I'm sorry miss!" Armaan
dumps him onto the empty seats
and walks over to me, while I watch
in shock. Armaan takes my hand and
pulls me away from the departure
gate towards a more secluded area.
I just quietly follow him,
not knowing how to react to that
incident. He stops walking and turns
around looking into my blank eyes
asking, "Riddhima are you okay?" I
stutter lamely, "I-I umm… thanks…"
Armaan says lightly, "Riddhima come
on, we're friends so it's alright!" I
give him a forced smile and then
continue to think deeply. We walk
around and grab some coffee until it
is time to board. The whole time I
can only think about his anger. I
had never seen him so angry, to say
that I was scared would be an
understatement. I just couldn't
help, but think about what he will
do when I break his heart. Surely,
he will not sit quietly, I just didn't
know what to expect from such a
complex person. It definitely worries
me, but not enough to back out of
my plan. In fact, it sort of motivates
me to work harder in that if he is
more in love with me then he would
be more forgiving… or at least I
would hope so.
Soon it is time to board
the flight so Armaan and I make our
way to the first class area. We get
window seats, with me sitting near
the window. Now I should have
probably mentioned to Armaan that
I'm not really a fan of flying and
sitting next to this window will
probably make me want to vomit. I
whisper to Armaan softly, "Can we
switch seats?" Armaan removes his
attention from the pretty flight
attendant and looks at me worriedly
asking, "What's wrong?" I hesitantly
respond, "I don't like flying and
looking out the window makes me
sick…" Armaan laughs and leans over
my chair and pulls down the shutter
for the window. I laugh in
embarrassment since I completely
forgot that I could close the window.
When the plane takes off, I grab
onto the armrest… or well what I
think is an armrest. Armaan leans
over, temporarily distracting me as
he says, "You're so cute Riddhima,
but you know I think this little fear
of flying is just an excuse to get
close to me!" I narrow my eyes and
give him a mean glare for having
even suggested the idea. I quickly
let go of his wrist and fold my arms
over my chest in annoyance.
The rest of the flight
consists of Armaan flirting with every
single flight attendant on the entire
plane. Not that I'm jealous or
anything, but I think it's quite
annoying to hear a different person
giggling every few minutes. I finally
decide to put my Ipod to good use
and put me out of my misery.
Armaan seems to find my
displeasure of the women, especially
amusing. He is probably under the
misconception that I am jealous. I
most certainly am not and it only
irritates me that thinking I'm jealous
causes him to smirk. Oh please, that
has got to be the oldest trick in the
book not to mention I used that on
him with that Karan person. Anyways
I end up taking a nap on Armaan's
shoulder much to my dismay. I really
didn't want to wake up to see him,
it's just not something one hopes
for, you know? I mean to see your
enemy's bright and smiling face
when you wake up is like my worst
nightmare. It is already morning and
now I am thoroughly convinced my
entire day is going to be cursed
because of it.

part 7:

The nightmare soon begins
as we arrive at the Heathrow airport
in London. Armaan and I swiftly
make our way to the baggage claim
area. Armaan promptly finds his
luggage and tosses the bags onto
our trolley, while I wait for my
suitcases to roll through. We stand
there for a good twenty minutes and
still no sign of my luggage. We then
head over to the desk and find out
that my bags have been accidentally
shipped over to Manchester! I start
yelling at the incompetent workers
for sending all of my belongings to a
whole other city in England. Armaan
tries to calm down my anger,
"Riddhima you will get your luggage
by tomorrow!. For now, I'll take you
to some store to buy some clothes,
okay?" I sigh in exhaustion from my
temper tantrum and nod obediently.
By the time we leave the airport, it
is quite late at night. We both
quietly make our way to hail a cab
and drive to find any store on the
way to our hotel.
We drive around for about
half an hour trying to find something
open, but sadly, everything seems to
be closed at this time of night. I
start to get aggravated, while
Armaan gives me an apologetic look.
We decide to go straight to our hotel
because we have lost hope in trying
to find a clothing store open at this
point. Armaan and I finally arrive at
our luxurious hotel and I look
around in excitement because of the
elegant dcor. We walk up to the
receptionist and Armaan turns on
his charm. Wait, what am I saying
his charm is always switched on! He
starts to flirt with the receptionist
while giving side glances to me. I
roll my eyes completely annoyed and
bored of his routine. He laughs
slightly and asks the receptionist to
give us the keys to our rooms. The
receptionist turns to us giving us a
rueful look. She says, "I'm so sorry
ma'am, but since you two are late
for check in we had to give away one
of the rooms you both reserved. We
only have one room available under
your reservation, which is Mr.
Mallik's room. I'm sorry for the
My annoyance with this woman
erupts, "WHAT? You're sorry? You're
sorry? YOU GAVE AWAY MY ****
ROOM!" Armaan restrains me from
jumping this woman. I am certainly
having a horrible day and this is
just makes it worse. He grabs the
key from the woman who gives him
another sympathetic look. Oh man, I
really want to hurt this woman! She
has the audacity to make Armaan
seem like some kind of a saint, while
looking at me as if I am the devil
reincarnated. He lets go of me in the
elevator, while I let out a breath of
air as if trying to rid my anger.
When we get into the room, I spot a
beautiful king sized bed. The dcor
gave the room a romantic
atmosphere. I looked towards
Armaan suspicious and skeptical.
Then I see a smirk make its way to
his lips, while looking over at the
bed seeing as it's the only one in
the room. I have half a mind to ask
if Armaan had anything to do with
all the mishaps today. I walk into
the room collapsing on the bed in
pure exhaustion. I look towards the
bathroom really wanting to have a
nice warm shower. The only problem
is that I have no spare clothing.
Armaan notices me looking at the
bathroom longingly and laughs at
me dilemma. He comes towards me
giving me a white button up shirt
and a pair of black boxers to wear. I
look at him and smile sweetly
although I really want to accuse him
some more about this being his
master plan.
I walk towards the bathroom and
decide to help further along my own
plan. As I step into the shower, all
my anger melts away. I feel a lot
calmer and relaxed as the hot water
runs down my body. After I get out
of the shower refreshed, I slip on
the clothes Armaan had given me. It
faintly smells like him, making me
shiver a bit. I leave my hair down,
with droplets of water trailing by
body. I check my reflection making
sure I look tempting enough to gain
Armaan's attention. I step out the
bathroom, noticing Armaan fiddling
with the knob of the television. He
turns to look at me, acknowledging
my presence. I know that's not all
he was acknowledge because his
eyes were lingering down my body,
noticing the first couple buttons of
the shirt open along with my long
legs brushing against one another. I
mentally smirk as his mouth drops
open, while I slowly and
provocatively walk towards him. I
stop in front of him and bend
towards him, throwing him off
slightly. He is certainly expecting a
kiss at any moment now because his
eyes linger at my luscious pink lips.
I just smile seductively, reach over to
grab the remote he hasn't seen, and
hand it to him. He slowly takes the
remote in his hand, while I can see
his eyes hazed over in desire. I walk
towards the bed and watch as he
slowly turns back to the television,
not knowing what just happened.
Armaan soon goes to take a shower.
I hope he needs a cold shower
because that would prove that my
little stunt actually affected him
other than just a loss of speech.
I lay on the bed and a few minutes
later a warm body comes to lay next
to me. My eyes burst open and I
look over to see the spot next to me
occupied. I pull the covers off
Armaan, noticing his chest bare and
damp from his shower. I feel at a
loss of words myself, but quickly
recover and try to prevent my anger
from coming across as I say, "Armaan
you're not sleeping in the same bed
as me." Armaan chuckles, "Riddhima,
if I remember correctly you're in my
room, not the other way around! So
if I want to sleep on the bed that's
where I am going to sleep!" I
stubbornly reply, "Armaan get out
now!" Armaan grins, "Sorry sweetie!
Looks like you are stuck with me! I'll
try to keep my hands to myself!" I
groan getting out of bed, picking up
the pillow, and making my way
towards the couch. I dump myself on
the lumpy couch as Armaan looks
toward me quite amused with my
I turn away from him on the couch
and hear him sighing as he plops
back onto his heavenly bed. During
the night, I start tossing and
turning on the stiff couch. It is
killing my back that is for sure.
Suddenly I feel like I am floating,
almost like I am flying. That soon
passes and I feel a very familiar
setting underneath me. It is
something silky and very cozy. Too
tired to open my eyes, I fall back as
sleep. It feels like a dream I had at
night, but I would soon realize it is
anything but.

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