Monday, 18 February 2019

Part 6 : Perfect

Guess i spoke too soon about the day not getting any worse, thought ridhima, as she stared into those captivating hazel gray eyes she had fallen for so inescapably that they wouldnt let her be alone even in her dreams....OMG....did i have to collide with him of all the people she thought rubbing her head slightly at the spot where she had hit it against his....oh what a mockery um going to make of myself before my knight in the shinning armor....she looked at him with a mixed look: smitten, embaressed, blushing all at the same time....
as he stared into her emerald green eyes, he wondered how he hadnt noticed them in the two previous encounters....and a smile which had started to form the moment he had seen her was now vividly playing on his lips...."its ok armaan you dont have to limit your amusement to a smile out of sheer courtsey, i know um presenting quite a sight here with this whole scene...."she said in a tone of resignation to facts....there wasnt much she could do about it she thought except curse her fate..... he was brought back to reality by her words...he shook his head slightly to get back to clear headed thinking and said...."ridhima...what a pleasant suprise...ummm....guess we have to meet with a bang all the time...n u got me all wrong there...u look beautiful....i mean....different and ....nice....havent
seen anything like this so....u know...." for the first time in his life ,armaan thought, kicking himself mentally...his usual charm wasnt flowing to him naturally...he tried hard but just could not come up with a quick smart one liner...which was always a cake walk for him when talking to a lady....buck up dude.....its not just any girl....she is the key to your fortune remember, he thought chidding himself for the weakening he had felt by her beauty those past few moments...but well, he could still handle the situation, "would u...."he started only to hear his phone ringing flashing dad calling....OMG he"excuse me for a moment" he said looking at her and walking a little further "yes dad i am just reaching and "...."no armaan dont come...get back to ur game son i am really sorry but i got tied up with something urgent here....just cannot make it right now....was trying your phone for the past15minutes it was out of reach strangely....carry on with your game...will see you for dinner tonight at home...." saying this he cut off the call as swiftly as his partner in crime shashank had....armaan looked at the phone in a wierd way...scratching his head he turned around to see....GOSH...shes so cute....he thought as he saw her trying to get the tiara off her head but in vain since it got struck in a strand of hair....he moved forward to help lovely soft tresses he thought ....she gasped ever so slightly feeling his hand on hers helping her unentangle the tiara from her hair....she moved her hand down almost instantaneously, and her reaction jerked armaan out of his no no man....he told himself....he was just in a confused state of mind with the happenings of the day...his dad n the two calls ....thats all....nothing with the girl of course he told himself finally getting the tiara off.... "here u go, it wasnt looking that bad though why did u want to get it off???" dam...dude what are u saying...."just teasing" he added swiftly before she could react much..."the point is....why do we have a greek goddess stranded next to an apparently broken down BMW??? on ur way to some place urgent????" he asked...."well its not a greek goddess excatly...its helen of troy...n it is a consequence of my lead in the troy show which will be running from tomorrow for a week, and um still in the costume because as u almost correctly guessed i was headed some place urgent....but not anymore....incidently the breakdown of the car and the calling off of the plan were almost simultaneous happenings...funny string of events iv had today....."stopping abruptly she wondered why she had rattled off all that information to him....she hardly knew him n having fallen for him wasnt reason enough for her to reveal all this....why did he make her feel so comfortable to share stuff had always been this way she remembered how easy it had been talking about rahul and her supposed set up on their very first meeting....interupting her chain of thoughts (no body ever missed a chance for this!!!) he quipped "well how about coffee your royal highness????"he said with just a certain amount of mischief, to signify a teaser but not to embaress her any further...the joke helped her ease out....she laughed and said "well if u dont mind being a part of this greek spectacle i dont mind..." as they walked towards baristo, armaan remembered he had a game going on which he would hate to miss...well never mind...this is important too....i cant just walk off leaving her alone stranded she looks so innocent and beautiful and.....what are u thinking armaan....ur going with her only because u need to answer dad soon and this a golden chance to see how easy getting a hold on the deal will be if we get married and what kinda woman she will be to tackle as a wife....wife...strangely he kinda liked thinking of her playing THAT LEAD....get a grip man....this is just about ur future professional life....he somehow told himself all that, not quite sure if he was convinced with his own arguments.....
"cafe latte for me and...." he looked towards ridhima "sorry gorgeous we dont have any greek drinks in here" said the handsome guy waiting behind the counter giving her a cute warm smile....ridhima blushed but did not look exactly uncomfortable with his comment "il do with a hot chocolate for now in that case....we modern day greeks have taken a kind of liking to english tastes" she giggled looking back at him...he smiled back and asked "would it be a single or seperate billing for you both?" before ridz could speak up armaan said in a rather possessive and slightly irritated tone "i am's the card....could you have it sent to the table? charge me extra for the table service" saying this he walked off giving ridz a look which implied follow me now without lingering on....ridz meanwile gave him a 'wow what was that all about' look....armaan muttered to himself in an undertone with gritted teeth as he walked towards the table.."gorgeous huh????shameless flirt...doesnt even honor the fact that he is on duty and she is a customer with her well he dint know she isnt my dare does it matter to u anyways....its just what....yeh what...." saying this he pulled on a smooth expression, with great effort...for the third time in the past 20mins.....and begun "so ridhima....what is this troy play you were mentioning....." he just wanted to get into some normal conversation so he could get back to being himself and then it would all be fine...after all you have to judge her during the next half an hour over coffee armaan...think straight now mate...."o a literature and drama major here and we are doing this annual show thing which is done by this class each year...just before end of term....part of it counts for the course credit and we get graded...the roles depend on how senior we are in the course, since i am graduating this term, i got the lead....and well...this time it is kind of special because we are going to turn in the earning from the show to charity..."....hearing the word charity armaan gave a slightly agitated look....reminded him of the social worker in their house....but before any other emotion could grip him she asked "what about you....u look like u just got out of a workout...." he grinned and said "is that your way of saying i smell like a skunk....i apologize lady...had i known i would be running into the greek beauty herself i would have appeared in a more presentable state, just got out of a basketball game actually...." he finished...grinning at her....she laughed heartily, second time that evening, and said "oh no no did you never realize most girls would kill for that athletic look in their guys????" armaan gazed at her with an intended look and said, "i will take that as a compliment in that case....but the question is would u????" took her half a minute to realize what he had implied....she looked at him and then down into her hot chocolate and then back at him unable to check the crimson color spreading into her cheeks...."would i kill u mean???well lets say i hope my guy would not make me go to that extent to get him...." she was amazed at her own answer....OMG she thought...ridzi what in the name of heavens are you saying....armaan meanwile was loving ridhima's reactions...finally he thought i have the situation under control....good job he saw he drain the last of her hot chocolate he thought...oh no are we coming to an end of the evning????oh no there i go again...wats wrong with u armaan....anyways...the point is dad i guess um close to an answer....dinner tonight....i have something to tell u as well now....consider the deal sealed....congratulations armaan...u will soon be a part of the greatest alliance this city has he saw ridz lower the cup he grinned looking at her childish ways.....she had a chocolate mustache mark....well a beautiful alliance too he thought and for a moment he was tempted to kiss off the chocolate above her upper lip.....dam dam dam he thought...ARMAAN....stop it man.....passing her a tissue without looking at her he said "u mite wana wipe off the milk mustache....havnet seen too many greek women with that special feature...." gosh....was that a joke dude....bad statement he thought as he saw her looking slightly embaressed....he smiled at her trying to make her comfortable again by implying she shouldnt be offended by his mindless they waited for the bill to arrive, the old track by peter andre played in the background....befitting the mood in the cafe and the couple seated there perfectly....

I stop and stare at you
Walking on the shore
I try to concentrate
My mind wants to explore
The tropical scent of you
Takes me up above
And girl when i look at you
Oh i fall in love
No doubt you look so fine
Girl i wanna make you mine
I want to be with a woman just like you
No doubt i'm the only man
who can love you like i can
So just let me be with the woman that i love
Baby girl... Shine like a looking glass
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
I wanna get close to you
Oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh, oh
Mysterious girl
Move your body close to mine

as the song went on....ridz said breaking the quiet dreamy gap in conversation "i love that song....gosh i think i am hearing it after ages....such an old was one of my favorites in high school...." captivated by her soft voice armaan had a sudden question "was it a dedication to u from a high school sweetheart????" seeing her look up with slight shock he quickly added "i apologize for the insensitivity....thats personal...none of my business" he asid the last part of his statement more as a hanging question letting her decide....she smiled back and said "no thats ok....and to answer your question i did not really have a high school sweetheart....some random dates dad would approve of yes, but you know being the gupta heiress is a package deal of not living the life of a common girl....i never felt anybody approach me for who i was as a person it was always ridhima gupta they dated....not ridzi....."she finished a bit lost in her own words...n then suddenly realizing who she was telling this, she quickly added..."but u must have had quite a bunch of girlfriends....right????"while wondering to herself why she for the first time in her life had spoken aloud this thought she had lived with for all of her teen and post teen years....armaan meanwile felt a tinge of guilt gripping him from inside....gupta....he remembered his fathers woirds....dont forget the name gupta and its implication son....wasnt that his reason too he thought????well atleast thats what it was meant to be....putting aside his conflicting thoughts for a later moment, he said "yeh well dates yup....plenty...." and he left it at that....letting her figure out the rest as she wanted....he did not think it would help his case with a girl like her to mention that he did not believe in love...not so far atleast....oh c'mon man...u never only leads to doom.....signing off the bill and collecting his card he got up and so did she ready to leave.....

As they walked out ridz who was trying to fix a pleat in her dress which seemed to have fallen a bit out of place while sitting down collided with someone and looked up to apologize but..."OMG its u again....i am ever so glad to have run into you ma'am....i have been intending to thank you for all you did for our show, and wanted to assure you that we as a team would ensure your motive for charity is fulfilled completely....ummm....i am sorry....but i stil dont know your name and..." armaan who had been rooted to the spot for a couple of moments, now interrupted in a rather steely sarcastic tone "Mrs Radhika Malik...." looking at her....and then turning towards the lady he continued "hello mother....good to see is the social work going" he said all of this in a tone which ridz did not like in the least she looked at him and back at her, she now figured out where she had seen the rahul and muskaan's wedding...feeling like she was perhaps stuck in a wrong place between wrong people at a wrong moment....and trying to smooth out the situation a bit she said "Oh Mrs. malik...i mean aunty...i dint know u were....i mean...its a pleasure to meet you...thank you so much for sponsoring our show" armaan spoke again in the same hard tone "oh so u sponsored the show and asked for the proceedings to go to chaity...what great thoughts mother" radhika looked at her son with a look which definitely had a love component to it...but their was something else to which ridz could not quite understand....ignoring the sarcasm in armaans voice radhika looked at ridz smiled a warm smile and said "so u r friends with armaan...????" before she could answer armaan said "no mother u are missing a bit here....not just friends....she is the future daughter in law of the malik household...the future Mrs. Ridhima Armaan Malik...." saying this he grabbed her hand and pulled her along with him brushing roughly againgst radhika and walked out of the cafe....


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