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Part 60: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same''

In Bhopal
"Toh Ohnu sab kch yaad haina??" Shilpa asked in serious voice staring down where Ohnu is sitting wd her watter bottle hanging on her neck
"Haa..." looking up at Shilpa she replied in her cute voice which made Gujju(Their driver) smile who is driving the car where as they both were sitting on backseat... She wore a white loose kurti wd white pink stole and denim pencil jeans till her anklet her hairs are opened making her more beautiful she didn't applied much make up only the regular make up was done just for her daughter's first day in school
"Accha... Toh chalo... Colors k naam batao...??" removing her water bottle from her neck she asked in her loving mother tone
"Haa... Pink... Blue... Red... Ellow... Ite.. Lack... Range Aur... Aur... Haa... Gleen..." she replied in her kidish tone which maked Shilpa to held her head

"Uff..!! Ohnu ye wrong hai... Vo Yellow White Black Orange aur Green hota hai..." she said in her strict mother tone which made Ohnu to look down on her water bottle sadly "Agar aise bologe... Toh kaise chalega..." she scolded
"Bhabhi... Inhe jitna aata hai... Utna kisi bhi teen saal k bacche ko nai aata..." Gujju said smilingly looking back from the rear view and hearing this a light smile came on her face
"Haa vo toh hai... Meri Ohnu hai hi itni smart..." as she said smilingly a wide smile came on Ohnu's face
"Sachme mumma...??" she asked happily which made Shilpa giggled
"Haa mumma ki jaan..." pinching her nose lightly she said in loving tone which made Ohnu giggled "Accha ab batao colors k naam...??" she tucked her strand of hairs behind her ear and asked in sweet tone
"Pink... Blue Red.. Orange... Black... Green... White... Aur Ellow..." as she finished Shilpa laughed at her last word
"Aur Shapes...??" playing wd her daughters fingers she asked smilingly
"Aaa... Circle... Quire... Triangle..." she was answering by making shapes by her little hands which made Shilpa giggled
"Vo Squire hota hai... Ohnu" cuddling her she corrected which made Ohnu giggled when her cell phone's ring made the duo disturbed "Haa Aditi bol...??" she asked smilingly as she picked the call
"By god!! Aise hi call kiya... Aaj Ohnu ka first day haina Nursery me... Toh thoda excited hoon..." Aditi said in her exciting tone while munching her wafers which she have put on her baby bump
"Excitment k chakkar me... Kch ulta seedha mat karna... Varna problem ho jaaygi... Aane waale member ko..." she taunted wd a giglge
"Ho gaya tera... Ab plzz meri laado rani ko phone de..." Hearing Aditi's uninterested voice she chuckled
"Dungi pehle yeh bata... Mera Antu kaha hai...??" she asked smilingly
"Aur kaha hoga apne school me... Acha hai vo vaha hai... Kyun ki andar se yeh pareshaan karta hai bahar se vo..." hearing her complain Shilpa giggled
"Acha hai... Teri aise hi band bajni chahiyee..." she said wd teasing smile
"Aap kya plzz... Meri Arshi ko phone dengi...??" this time she asked in extra sweet tone which made Shilpa smiled
"Sure..." saying this she looked down on Ohaana who was playing wd her mother's stole "Ohnu maasi..." she gave her phone who smiled widely
"Ello! Maasi... Good.. Nornning " Hearing Ohnu's words Aditi giggled where as Shilpa shook her head wd a smile
"Vo Hello aur Morning hota hai Ohnu... Kitni baar tumhe samjhaaun Ohnu" Shilpa said in tired tone
"Sorryyy..." she mummbled wd a cute smile which made both the ladies smile
"Aree mera baby kaisa hai...??" Aditi's question made Ohnu smiled widely
"Mai thik... Hoonn..." she replied in her kidish tone which maked Shilpa smiled who caressed her hairs lovingly when Ohnu removed her hand while eyeing her not to do this Which left Shilpa chuckled coz she reacts like Armaan who also didn't like when anyone touch his hairs except his mother & wife
"Do saal hogaye Armaan... Meri toh saari umeede toot rahi hai... Kaise rahun mai aapke bina..." keeping her head on seat post she looked out of the window while only thinking about Armaan "Ohnu ko jab dekhti hoon... Vo bas aapki yaad dilaati hai... Mai kya karun" she thought wd a sad look then looked down on Ohnu who is still talking on phone while correcting her hairs which made Shilpa smiled as something from flashback came inside her mind

"Pheeww... Finally so gayi... Do ghanto k pareshaan karne baad madam ko ab nind aayi hai..." Shilpa thought while making her two months daughter laye on bed from her lap "Kitna tough job hai yeh... Pata nai maa kaise sambhaalti hongi mujhe..." pulling the comfortor a little up on her daughter she thought wd a serious face "Bacche bade hi kyun nai paida hote... At least itna jhanjhat toh nai hota..." staring at her daughter by her elbow she thought but when she observed her daughter's calm face a light smile came on her face "Par kya yehi vo khushi hai... Jiske liye mai itna tarsi thi... Sochti thi kyun mai adhuri hoon..." wd a smiling face her heart said to her who gripped Ohnu's little fingers on her hand "Aaj tumhe paakar lag raha hai... Ki mai puri hui hoon... Maa sahi kehti thi... Maa banana is duniya ka sabse alag experience hai..." thinking this she kissed her daughter's forehead and started observing her features when Armaan entered their fully tired but seeing them a light smile came on his lips
"Soo tiring day..." taking a sigh he slumped on couch which took Shilpa's attention
"Sshhh... Armaan so rahi hai yeh..." she gestured him to quiet in low voice which maked him smile at her this mother side
"Lagta hai tumhaari class lekar soyi hai yeh... Tabhi tum itni pareshaan dikh rahi ho..." he teased while undoing his shoe laces
"Aap thoda dheere nai bol sakte... Uth jaaygi.. Yeh" she said to him in low angry voice which made him chuckled who stood up after removing his shoes
"Okayyy... Acha yeh batao tumne khaana khaaya..." walking towards her he asked slowly
"Haa maine khaa liya... Par..." replying him she opened her mouth to ask about his dinner when he layed beside her who turned her position at him
"Dhokebaaz... Pehle toh mere bina khaana bhi nai khaati thi... Aur ab akele... Khaa liya" hearing his taunt she smiled when he pulled her closer by her waist
"Kya karun... Beti ko time dene k liye Pati ko side karna hi padta hai" pinching his nose lightly she replied wd a smile
"Accha yeh baat hai... Koi baat nai mera bhi din aayga..." staring up at the ceiling he said in tired tone which maked her smile when Ohnu moved a little making Shilpa to look back her
Kahin agg jaisi jalti hai
Bane barkha ka pani kahin...
"Ssshhh..." she slowly patted on Ohnu's stomach which made her to sleep properly feeling her mother's hand when Shilpa felt Armaan's hand on her waist "Kya huaa Armaan thak gaye..." she asked slowly moving her hand inside his hairs who have put his head on her shoulder
"Hmmm..." he just hummed still hugging her
"Acha aapne dinner kiya...??" this time she asked in loving tone still caressing his head which was only breaking Armaan's self control
"Nai bhook nai hai... Par tum plzz yaar apna haath hatao mere sar se..." removing her hand he said in annoying tone which made her a little amused
"Haww... Aise kyun...??" looking back at him she asked in teasing tone
"Kyun ki mujhe acha nai lag raha..." correcting his hairs he replied in calm tone
"Par mai toh karungi... Kya kar loge..." saying this wd teasing smile she ruffled his hairs who closed his eyes to calm himself
"Mai jaa raha hoon fresh hone..." keeping her hand down he said in controlled voice then stood up making Shilpa giggle at his face who shaking his head went inside bathroom to change
"Dekha babu... Papa kitne jaldi bhaag jaate hai mumma se... As if mai koi chudail hoon..." she said in kidish tone while playing wd her daughter's chin "Hmm... Pata nai Mr Akdu ka wapas romantic side laane me kitna time jaayga aur..." she thought wd pouted lips Its been ten months since they got physical coz of her pregnancy Yes Armaan didn't tried to go physical wd her coz according to him he can't take risk wd his child's health which Shilpa also wants the same but somewhere she was craving for him even after two months of Ohnu's birth he didn't touched her thinking she need rest coz whole day she was fully occupied wd Ohnu's needs... She was thinking this when she felt a hand sneaked inside her red silky nighty's robe making her heartbeat skipped "Armaan..." she whispered in soft voice as his face nuzzled on her neck while hugging her from behind "Kya kar rahe hai aap...??" she asked in low voice as he started planting kisses on her neck
"Pehle tum mujhe yeh batao... Tumne yeh dress kyun pehni..??" coming above her he directly asked the question which made her frown
"Armaan... Yeh dress thodi hai... Yeh toh nighty hai... Jo maine comfortable hone k liye pehni..." trying to push him she replied in low voice
"You nearly seduced me by your this look..." hiding his face on crook of her neck he mumbled in dazed voice making Shilpa smiled who didn't expected him to react like this spcly after his accident but she didn't knew just like her he also wanted her badly... How much he controlled himself he only knows since she glowed more his desiring power was loosing its control but just coz of her he was patient even after their baby's birth His main focus is his baby but whenever he saw her that desiring power again came which he sides for her health but today when he saw her in this seductive nighty his controlling power started disbalancing and as she caressed his hairs his power died there coz she made him turn on even he took a cold shower then also he couldn't stop himself so after changing himself in his black full sleeve t-shirt & track pant he directly came to take her
"Sss... Armaan Ohnu uth jaaygi..." she whispered softly as he bit her earlobe lightly whose hands moved inside his hairs for caressing it but he immediately gripped her hands
"No... Haath bhi mat lagaana mere baalo ko..." interlocking their fingers he faced her who bit her lower lip to control her smile coz she gotted why he is saying this
"Kyun??" this time she asked in teasing tone
"Coz you are turning me on..." hearing his direct reply she giggled which made him to move towards her lip
"Armaan nai... Ohnu uth jaaygi..." she sided her face and freed her one hand which maked him to took a sigh
"Toh yeh galti meri nai hai... Tumhaari hai... Kyun touch kiya tumne mere baalo ko" caressing her cheek lovingly he whispered in soft voice again interlocking their fingers
"Sshhh... Armaan..." she tried to free her hand coz of fearing Ohnu will wake which happened also coz of their interlocked hands touched her hand which resulted Ohaana crying taking her parents attention also disturbing them "Armaan dekho.. Kya kiya" pushing him she said angrily and sat up making Armaan to stare her in disbelief "Aree kya hogaya mere babu ko... Nai ro..." taking Ohnu in her arms she tried to consoled her who didn't stop her crying "Ssshh... Ohnu... Chup ho jaao..." she almost pleaded which maked Armaan chuckled at her condition coz Ohnu started crying loudly
"Do mujhe mai chup karata hoon..." extending his hands he said wd a smile to which she quietly gave Ohnu to him
Kabhi mann jaana chupke se
Yun hi apni chalani kahin
Jaisi tu hai waisi rehna...
"Chup toh ho jaaygi na yeh...??" she looked up at Armaan who nodded wd a smile
"Kya huaa Ohnu ko... Kyun ro rahi hai meri... Princess" cuddling her he asked in kidish tone which made Ohnu to stared her father quietly but was blinking her eyes "Mumma ne neende kharaab kardi haina..." as he said this in kidish tone a smile came on her face where as Shilpa's mouth opened in O shape
"Haawww... Chup ho gayi..." she looked at them bemusedly
"Haa... Kyun ki meri Princess ko pata hai... Vo papa k paas haina..." he said in cute voice staring down at her daughter who moved her hand to touch his face
"Aaa..." in her kidish tone she tried to touch her father's face who smiled gripping her that hand
"Yes Papa loves you..." kissing her hand he said smilingly while seeing their bond Shilpa smiled
"Yeh mujhse itne... Acche kyun nai chup hoti Armaan..." keeping her chin on his shoulder she gripped his arm
"Shayad tum mujhpe hamesha chillati ho... Isiliye tumhe bhav nai deti..." he joked in calm voice only to get a smack in return
"I am serious..." she said wd her cute tone which made him smile "Shayad mai ek acchi maa nai..." as she said this he looked at her unintrestingly
"Bewkoof... Aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai ki... Ohnu ko pata chala gaya ho ki... Tum mere dil me ho... Aur usne socha jab dono ek saath mil rahe hai... Toh mumma k paas jakar kya karna..." he said in fake serious tone which maked her to roll her eyes
"Maine isse zyada cheezy line aaj tak nai sunni... Armaan" she looked at him wd uninterested look
"Nai suna toh achi baat hai... Mai aur Ohnu toh maante hai is baat ko haina??" looking at his little bundle of joy he asked cutely which made Ohnu laughed as if answering in Yes
"Jo bhi ho... Aap apni iklauti beti ko sambhaaliye... Mai chali sone.." saying this smilingly she laid on bed making him shocked
"Shilpa... Tum aise nai so sakti..." looking back at her he said in strict tone to which she looked up at him
"Aree haa..." she smiled to which he nodded in Yes wd a smile "Mere pyaare Hubby aur unki Baby ko Mumma ka Good night..." wishing him she switch the side lamp off and turning her position slept peacefully leaving a fuming Armaan
"Ohnu... Lagta hai.. Mumma ko sabak sikhaana hoga... Haina??" taking her properly in his arms he asked in kidish tone to which she laughed "Vo shayad bhool gayi... Ki papa ko jab gussa aata hai toh vo kya karte hai..." moving down from bed he said in loving tone "But pehle papa apni princess k saath khelenge... Fir mumma ki class lagayenge" he said in cute tone while lifting her up in air which maked her giggled
"Aaa... Aa..." she tried to grab his face still laughing
"Ohhoo... Papa ko touch karna hai..." he chuckled and moved her little closer to him which maked Ohaana to touch his cheeks but feeling his stubble she immediately pulled her hands down "Ohhh... Sorryy... Next time shave kar lunga.." kissing her cheek he said in kidish tone but as felt his stubble's tickles she maked a crying face "Nai nai... Rona nai... Papa sorryy hain..." pulling her closer he apologized in loving tone which made her to look at him innocently
"Aaa..." she tried to grab his hairs which were falling on his forehead
"Vaise papa ko pasand nai koi unke baal chuye... Par aapse koi probblem nai unhe.." saying this cutely he pulled her closer who immediately moved her hands to play wd her father's hairs and after minutes of Masti she felt sleepy again so keeping her head on her father's shoulder she slept peacefully... He carefully made her laye on her big cot which is kept a little away from their bed "So gayi..." pulling her blanket up he watched her sleeping figure smilingly Actually Ohnu is more connected to Armaan than Shilpa coz sometimes Shilpa fears that if she held her daughter what if she fall but being a doctor Armaan knew how to handle his little bundle of joy also he teached his wife how to take care of their daughter which only maked Ohnu more closer to her father "Ab.. Momma ki baari..." turning back at Shilpa he mumbled wd a smirk and slowly walked back on bed... Trying not to disturb her he carefully lifted her on his arms and walked towards the balcony
"Ummm..." she stir as she felt herself hanging on air "Armaan... Sone do naa..." she snuggled more closer to him who entered in their Heaven but when she felt herself in someone's arms her eyes snapped opened only to find herself on his muscular arms "Armaan aap yeh... I mean...??" she looked at him wd complete shocked look where as he carefully dropped her on middle of the bed "Armaan...??" she looked at him perplexedly while sitting up by her elbow staring him who didn't budge to answer her instead he directly came above her making her heartbeat skipped "Ar..." but before she could ask again he put his index finger on her lips
"Ssshhh..." shushing her he moved his face closer to her who now completely layed on bed wd him above "Aise kaise tum so jaati... Vo bhi mujhe turn on karne k baad toh bilkul nai..." hidding his face on crook of her neck he whispered softly making her dazed by his touch who carefully removed her robe
"Armaan..." she gasped as he bit her on her neck resulting her hands to went inside his soft hairs which only aroused him So wdout thinking anything he took her in another world making passionate love to her breaking his all self controls... Shilpa left moaning & gasping by his every wild move also observing his intensity of love which was increasing by each passing seconds infact in b/w he whispered her name Bracelet also to sooth her So wd this their night ended wd Armaan sleeping first tiredly few minutes later she also slept but after adoring him
Flashback ends
"Mummaa... Ohne..." hearing Ohnu's voice Shilpa came back from past
"Haa... Do..." taking the phone from her hand she gave a small smile to her
"Mumma.. Maassi... Ne... Mujhe... All... All.. The... Best... Bola.." she said in her kidish tone which maked Shilpa chuckled
"Yeh toh bahoot acchi baat hai... See maasi bhi chahti hai ki Ohnu padhe aur Good girl bane..." she said in loving tone which made Ohnu smile who stood up on seat holding her mother's shoulders "Ohnu kya kar rahi ho... Gir jaaogi tum" she said in strict tone
"Ohnu ko mumma jaisi banana hai..." kissing her mother's cheeks lovingly she said in her kidish tone making Shilpa smiled who held her firmly by her waist
"Accha... Par mumma jaise banane k liye... Ohnu ko saare chizo k naam yaad hone chahiye" she too said in sme tone
"Mujhe yaad hai..." Ohnu said wd a smile
"Toh fir bolo... Nose Ears Lips aur Eyes kaha hai??" she asked in fake strict tone to which Ohnu started pretending to think coz she knew the answer
"Umm... Eyes yaha hai... Lips yaha hai... Ears... Yaha hai..." pointing at her organs she replied cutely to which Shilpa opened her mouth to ask about Nose when she kissed her nose tip making Shilpa surprised "Aur Nosy yaha hai..." saying this she giggled taking Shilpa wd herself too
"Mere baby ko hamesha masti sujhti haina..." cuddling her she asked in loving tone to which Ohnu nodded her head in Yes making Shilpa chuckled Ohaana is the only person who always maked her Laugh or Smile she always took her away from all her pains even from Armaan's memories
"Bhabhi... School aa gaya..." hearing Gujju's voice they both looked out of the window on a big school building
"Hmm... Thank you... Gujju bhaiyaa aap yehi wait karo mai aati hoon..." Shilpa said in polite tone while opening her side's door
"Jii bhabhi..." Gujju nodded in Yes
"Mumma... Sab yaha... St... St... Tuddy karne aaye hai..." looking up at her mother she asked in innocent tone as they both came out from the car

"Haa... Par vo Study hota hai Ohnu" she corrected while kneeling infront of her wd her school bag which looked like a little rabbit "Acha... Yeh lo bag pehenlo..." making her wore the bag she put her water bottle on her neck "Ab chalo..." stooding up she held her hand and started walking inside the school where students were going inside also some parents came to dropped them
"Mumma... Yaha Dora bhi hogi...??" again a question came from her which maked Shilpa smiled
"Nai... Par agar tum goody goody girl banogi... Tab Dora jaise zaroor banogi..." she answered in cute way still walking inside when something hit her head who stopped
Jag ghoomeya thaare
Jaisa na koi...(x2)
"Mumma... Kya huaa??" Ohnu asked confusedly
"Aree ek cheez toh mai bhul hi gayi..." she mumbled wd a smile and opened the camera on her phone making Ohnu excited for her video "Hello!! Aapko pata hai aaj kya hai... Aaj Ohnu ka first pre-school day hai... Jaha Miss Ohaana Malik bahoot hi beautiful lag rahi hain apne new school uniform me... Toh aaiye hum unse puchte hai ki vo excited hai ki nai..." looking at the camera she said in her chearfull way then faced the camera in front of Ohaana "Toh bataaiye... Miss Ohnu" she asked wd a smile
"Hello...!! Mai bahoot khush hoon... Kyun ki... Aaj aaj mera... First... Day hai... Cool me... Aur mai ex... Ex... Cited hoon... Mai... Dora jaisi banungi... Aisa... Mumma kehti hai..." Looking at the camera she said in her Kidish tone making Shilpa giggled
"Vo... School aur Excited hota hai Ohnu..." Shilpa corrected wd a giggle
"Haa vohi..." Ohnu said cutely
"Ab dekhna hai... Miss Ohaana Armaan Malik ka first day kaisa jaata hai... Aage ki jaan kaari k liye.. Mera yaani Miss Ohaana ki Mumma ka wait kijiye... Aur dekhte rahiye... Ohaana's firsts... Only on ShilpaArmaan' Cyaa..." saying this to the camera she put off the video then looked at Ohnu who is giggling wd her Mother's cheerful voice "Hogaya... Ab chalo..." holding Ohnu's hand she started walking towards her class where as Ohnu was only staring around at the students who were running here & there when she witnesed a scene... A boy who looked like her age's was crying loudly coz his mother dropped him in front of his class where his teacher was standing He was crying for his mother while his teacher was trying to consoled him but his eyes were only fixed on his mother who wd a flying kiss waved him bye and left from there leaving the boy crying and then his teacher took him inside the class... Seeing this a fear came inside Ohnu's heart thinking Shilpa will also leave her like this boy's mother So she immediately pulled her hand back scaredly as they reached in front of her class where her teacher was attending the parents & welcoming their kids politely
"Nai... Mai nai jaaungi... Mummaa..." she said wd moist eyes making Shilpa confused
"Kyun kya huaa...??" kneeling in front of her she asked in loving tone
"Nai... Ohnu nai jaaygi... Andar..." stepping back she refused in her kidish sad tone making Shilpa more confused
"Kyun nai jaaygi... Subhe tak toh vo ready thi fir suddenly kya huaa??" tucking her hairs behind her ear she asked in loving tone making Ohaana to hug her who was taken aback by her gesture
"Kyun ki... Agar Ohnu jaaygi... Toh mumma usse chodkar chali jaaygi..." still hugging her she replied in sad tone making Shilpa to understand about her fear
"Aree mera baccha... Kitna pyaar karta hai mumma se..." parting her from the hug she said in loving tone "Par aapse kisne kaha... Ki mumma aapko chod k jaaygi... Mumma toh yehi hai..." wiping her tear she said lovingly
"Nai... Mujhe pata hai... Mumma chali jaaygi... Jab Ohnu andar jaygi... Isiliye Ohnu jaaygi hi nai andar" she said wd her cute angry look making Shilpa to held her head
"Agar aap andar jaaoge nai... Toh Dora jaise kaise banoge??" she tried to divert her mind
"Nai banna... Mujhe... Ddd... Dora jaise" crossing her arms she said wd her grumpy look
"Oh no... Kaise samjhaaun mai ise..." Shilpa thought "Acha agar padhoge nai toh good girl kaise banoge... Aur aapko drawings pasand haina... Toh vo kaise karoge... Isiliye aapko andar jaana chahiye... Taaki mai bhi sabse keh paaun... Ki meri beti ko sab... Aata hai" pulling her closer by her little waist Shilpa said in sweet tone making Ohnu to think for something "Mai bhi chahti hoon... Ki meri Ohnu... Dora jaise... Problems solve kare... Aur bahoot saari beautiful drawings banaaye..." as she said this Ohnu looked at her slowly
"Par... Mumma.. Thodi hogi... Dekhne k liye.." Ohnu said wd cute grumpy look making Shilpa to hide her smile
"Ohhoo... Yeh toh bahoot big waali problem ho gayi... Ab kya karenn..??" making a cute face Shilpa asked confusedly to which Ohnu put her little finger on her chin thinking for something
"Haa... Ohnu andar tab jaaygi... Jab Mumma bhi uske... Saath andar jaaygi..." hearing her words Shilpa looked at her shockingly "Tabhi... Mai... Andar... Jaaungi..." she announced stubbornly which maked Shilpa to smile at her words
"Ohnu... Mumma kaise andar jaa sakti hai... Mumma toh padh chuki na... Fir dobaara kaise padhegi..." making Ohnu to face her she asked in cute tone which maked Ohnu to looked at her "Aur vaise bhi... Vaha toh bahoot chote chote chairs aur benches hai... Mumma toh bahoot badi hai... Kaise fit hogi... Tab mumma ko khadi hona padega..." she said in kidish tone which maked Ohnu to look down sadly
"Tab Ohnu bhi mumma... K saath khadi ho jaaygi..." hearing her innocent reply a smile reached on her face
"Par Ohnu agar mumma andar jaaygi... Toh sab hasenge... Kyun ki mumma big girl hai aur andar toh sab small honge na... Aur agar mumma two two times padhegi... Toh sab bhul jaaygi... Fir mumma... Mumma kaise rahegi..." in her innocent way she maked Ohnu understand somewhere
"Toh mat... Mat... Lab... Ohnu akele jaaygi andar..." she asked innocently to which Shilpa gave a nodded in No
"Akeli thodi... Ohnu ki teacher hogi naa... Aur tumhaare friends bhi banenge... Vo bhi bahoot saare..." she replied lovingly
"Nai... Ohnu ki... Flend... Sirf... Uski mumma hai..." saying this she hugged her again which made Shilpa smiled blissfully
"Ab kaise andar bhejun tumhe..." as she said worriedly Her teacher came
"Don't worryy Mrs Malik... I will take care of her..." Hearing her teacher's voice Shilpa stood up while Ohnu gripped her mother's hand scaredly
"Haa... Par yeh bahoot choti hai... Aur iswaqt dari hui bhi hai... Toh plzz zara dhyaan dena..." Shilpa requested in sweet tone making her teacher smiled
"Aap fikar mat kariye... Ohaana ab hamari zimmedaari hai..." Her teacher said in polite tone
"Jii..." smiling at her she looked down on Ohaana who was staring up at her wd her pleading eyes which maked her to kneeled again "See babu... Mumma yehi hai... Bas aap jaldi se andar jaao... Aur new drawing seekh k aao... Fir ek good girl ki tarah batao... Kya kya kiya tumne... Most important good girls roti nai hai... Toh rona mat" as she started saying this Ohnu nodded in Yes like an obident kid but still her eyes were wet "Ab meri princess andar jaaygi haina..." kissing her cheeks lovingly she asked cutely to which Ohaana nodded her head in Yes "Muuaahh... Good girl..." giving a flying kiss she stood up
"Chale Ohaana...??" her teacher held her hand firmly to which Ohnu nodded in Yes but then looked at Shilpa
"Mummaa..." she was about to ask something when Shilpa intruppted
"Haa mai yehi hoon... Tum jaldi se jaakar wapas aao..." she completed wd a smile which maked a wide smile on Ohnu's face who waved her hand to her then moved inside wd her teacher where as taking a sigh Shilpa walked in waiting area while making her hairs in a loose bun... She took a seat waiting for her daughter's class get over Yaah she can go home but she have promised her daughter which she can't broke So sitting there she started doing time pass on her phone not before informing Gujju to go somewhere to roam till the time Ohaana's class finish which will end after three hours!!

Night time
In Aditya Aaysha's apartment
"Yaar... Yeh log kabse.. Bas time pass kar rahe hai... Kab main nomination aayga..." Keeping the popcorn bowl aside Shivanya made a face taking everyone attention (Including: Avi-Shagun, Adi-Aaysha, Arjun-Riya, Dev & KV)
"Tum main function kyun dekh rahi ho... Enjoy karona... Tab tak..." Kv suggested
"Haa dekho naa... Kitna mast dance kar rahi hai yeh..." Dev said smilingly
"Haa.. Haa tum logo ko toh bas yehi entertaining lagega..." Shagun's taunt made both the boys to ignore her
"Tu kyun bol rahi hai... Beech me... Apna kaam kar..." Kv said unintrestingly
"Excuse me!! Tum logo k beech bolne ka mujhe koi shauk nai..." Shagun retorted
"Guys shaant ho jaao... Hum yaha Award show dekhne baithe haina... Toh vohi karen..." Arjun tried to calm them
"Exactly... Sirf Armaan k liye hum yaha hai... Toh dekhen??" Aditya too said politely
"Par vo hai kaha...??" Shivanya asked annoyingly which maked Avi to held his head coz he was sitting beside her
"Aree yaar pichle... Dus minute se yeh hil rahi hai... Aur puch rahi hai... Toh plzz isse koi kch bata do..." Avi almost pleaded to them who laughed while Shivi rolled her eyes
"Par yeh toh... Live award function hai... Isme kaise kch pata chalega..." Aaysha said in her sweet tone
"Haa..." Shagun too nodded
"Aree tab tak baaki sab ko enjoy karte haina..." Arjun said in his calm tone
"Par mai toh yaha sirf Armaan ko award lete dekhne aayi hoon... Agar vo nai jeeta... Tab toh waste gaya na mera dekhna..." Shivanya's words made them bored
"Oyee... Konse zamaane me jee rahi hai... Award mile na mile... Nomination hi bahoot hai..." Avi said coolly
"Haa par... Agar nomination hai... Toh award bhi milna chahiyee..." Shivanya argued
"Kaisi pagal ladki hai yeh..." Dev shook his head
"Shivanya... Hum sab yaha yeh dekhne k liye nai baithe ki Armaan ko award milega yaah nai... Hum yaha sirf Armaan ko dekhne k liye baithe hai... Uski sirf ek jhalak" Adi said politely making the gang smiled
"Aur nai toh kya tab tak hum baaki sabko dekhe enjoy karte hai..." Kv said in relaxed tone
"Haa... In Indonasian girls ko... Haina Dev..." Shagun taunted in teasing tone
"Socho agar... Aditi ko pata chal jaayga... Tab kya karegi... Tumhaara" Shivi also teased
"Kch nai karegi... Infact Whistle karegi vo..." Dev chuckled making everyone laughed too
"Par tum Aditi ko lekar kyun nai aaye...??" Riya asked sweetly
"Usne khud mana kiya... Vo ghar pe mom dad aur baaki sab k saath dekh rahi hai.." Dev replied calmly
"Tabhi toh yeh yaha itna chilled out hai..." Arjun joked which made them laugh except Dev who rolled his eyes
"See.. Bahoot time baad hum mile na... Bas Armaan ki kami hai..." Aditya said smilingly
"Haa... Vo yaha hota... Toh mahaul aur alag hote..." Shagun too agreed
"Haa... Do saal se usko nai dekha... Aur jhagda kiye toh kitna time ho gaya..." As Shivanya said smilingly everyone laughed "Kya..?? Maine aisa bhi kch galat nai kaha.." she looked at them strangely
"Tum vohi hona... Jo usse jhagdti thi..." Avi teased to which she smiled
"Haa kyun ki... Usne mere kitne saare break up karvaaye the... Even Dev waala bhi... Infact ek baar toh... Directly saamne se aakar usne mere BF ko kaha tha... Ki agar himmat hai toh is ladki ko 24 hours shopping karao aur isse multiple personality dissorder hai pagal kardegi tumhe... Jisse sunke vo bhaag gaya tha.." as she said in complaining tone they all laughed
"Omg!! Usne aisa kaha??" Riya asked unbelievingly
"Haa toh..." she nodded in Yes making everyone laughed
"Vo isliye... Kyun ki Armaan jaanta tha KV tujhse pyaar karta hai... Aur baaki sabko toh tu sirf timepass karti thi... Even Dev aur tu toh kabhi serious nai the... Isilye in sabne milkar tumhaare saare break ups karwaaye..." Shagun said smilingly
"Jaanti hoon... Is idiot ne jab mujhe propose kiya tha tab bataya tha..." Shivanya smiled pointing at KV who too smiled
"Wow!! Kaafi intresting rahi hogi... Naa tum logo ki collage life??" Riya asked excitedly
"Haa toh... Roz kch na kch kaarnaame karte the yeh log... Adi jab bhi mujhe batate hai mujhe bahoot hassi aati hai sunke... Aur yehi sochti hoon... Ki kaash mai bhi hoti" Aaysha replied smilingly
"Kaash... Armaan meri bhi shaadi me hote... Toh mai bhi vo sab scene witnes kar paati..." Riya's words made Arjun shook his head smilingly (Yes guys Arjun-Riya were happily married from six months where Armaan was not present coz of his Singapore work)
"Aree accha huaa tum dono collage me nai thi... Varna pagal ho jaate... Inhe dekh k..." Shagun said smilingly
"Haa... Varna pagal ho jaate inki group se..." Shivi giggled
"Pagal toh hum ho gaye the jab tum teeno hamaari group me aayi thi..." Kv said in disbelief tone
"Spcly vo Sonali..." Avi added
"Matlab??" Riya frowned
"Aree Riya... Hum cheh school friends hai... Collage me Shagun Sonali Shivanya ne join kiya hume..." Arjun answered in calm tone
"In short S3..." Dev chuckled
"Aur in teeno ko aane k baad se... Problem shuru hui... Avi ko pyaar huaa Shagun se... Toh Kv aur Adi ne decide kiya ki... Sonali aur Shivi ko dur rakhna hoga Shagun se... Varna Shagun time nai de paaygi Avi ko... Aur isi process me KV ko pyaar huaa Shivi se..." Arjun narrated making Riya smiled
"But uswaqt iske ek nai hazaaro BF hote the... Toh humne milkar unhe bhagaana shuru kiya... Jab Shivi ne Dev ko propose kiya toh Dev ne just for time pass haa keh diya... Kyunki.." Avi continued
"Isse ladki safe haato me rahegi..." As KV joked everyone laughed except Shivanya who just smiled feeling embaressed
"Fir kya jab Dev ko laga ab aur isse bardaast nai kiya jaa sakta... Tab Armaan ne aur isne milkar break up karwa diya..." Shagun said coolly making Riya giggled
"Fir...??" Riya asked excitedly
"Fir kya bachi Sonali... Jiske baare me Armaan kam hi jaanta tha... Kyun ki vo alag section me tha... Toh usko lagta tha ki vo thodi sudhri hui ladki hai... Toh Shagun k force pe usne usse propose kiya... Aur teen mahine baad hi Armaan ne break up kar liya..." Avi said coolly
"Phir in teeno ki friendship toot gayi... Aur hum boys kaamyaab hogaye the... Shagun Avi ka confession huaa Kv Shivi ka best friend bana aur Armaan gaya Dubai... Finished" Dev closed the discussion coolly making Riya smiled
"Trust me jab mujhe pata chala tha... I felt like cheated..." as Shivi said this they laughed
"Wow!! Acha hai aap sab ka..." Riya said smilingly making them smile
"And now the most awaited... Award... Yes guys... That fastest personality... Who achieved his or her goals in very less time..." hearing the anchor's voice Aaysha looked at the LED screen
"Sshhh... Award announce kar rahen hai..." as she looked at them they all became quiet concentrating on screen
"Aaysha bacche so gaye naa...??" Adi asked suddenly
"Haa... Andar hi hai..." Aaysha nodded but still her eyes were fixed on the screen... Yes they all are present here for Armaan who is nominated in International Achievers Award 2017(Fantasy) as Asian Fast personality Achiever Award it is a live function so they are expecting him to win this... His family also watching the show in Malik house also in Malhotras house infact his all the relatives & close ones were watching this live show and expecting him to win this

In Bhopal
"Allahh miya what's wrong wd this show...??" a angry Surbhi cursed the TV channel coz it took a ad break before showing the nominations
"Surbhi shaant raho... Do hi minute ka toh ad hai..." Rehaan said in calm tone to which Surbhi smacked him wd the cushion making him stunned as well as Dilshaad Shilpa & Ayaan also "Kya kar rahi ho yaar tum??" he asked annoyingly as she didn't stopped beating him They both were sitting on one side of sofa where as Shilpa & Dilshaad were sitted on one sofa which was in front of the LED screen And Ayaan was sitting on Arm chair
"Surbhi kyun maar rahi ho tum isse...??" Shilpa asked confusedly
"Tumhe nai pata isne kya kiya hai..." getting tired she sat back angrily making Ayaan chuckled
"Toh batao isne kya kiya hai..." she asked calmly
"Aree bhabhijaan hum batate hai... Actually huaa yun... Ki Surbhi ko ek wedding dress pasand aayi thi... Jo usne Rehaan se kaha tha kharidne k liye... But Rehaan miya bhool gaye... Aur unhe aaj yaad aaya but jab vo pahuche... Vo dress koi already lekar jaa chuka tha..." Ayaan answered coolly making her giggled
"Itna hi nai Shilpa... Vo dress meri hi ek friend pehnne waali hai apni shaadi me" Surbhi said wd her cute anger
"Ouch!! Yeh toh bahot bura hua.." Shilpa gave a sympethic look
"Par bhabhi... Humne jaan bujhkar kch nai kiya... Hum kaam me the toh bhool gaye..." Rehaan cleared himself
"Haa... Isiliye maine Rehaan ko pure ek hafte ki chutti dilvaayi hai... Aur yeh Surbhi ko ab shopping karvaayga... So koi tension nai..." hearing Dilshad's extra sweet tone Shilpa giggled where as Rehaan held his head
"Nai... Aao Paao... Yeh mera hai..." Ohnu snatched her drawing paper which Shao Pao tried to take Disturbing her in coloring.. Ohnu is sitting on floor wd her cryons scattered around her and drawing paper on which she is coloring the fruits while Shao Pao & Toy were sitted beside her playing wd their bolls Ohnu was sitting beside Ayaan's chair and infront of Shilpa
"Boww..." Toy tried to take Shao Pao's interest on their boll which worked also
"Ab chup raho aap sab... Mujhe dekhna hai Mr Khan ko... Ki vo kaise award lete hai..." as the award started again Surbhi said excitedly
"Aur kaise... Haath se lenge..." Rehaan joked to which she rolled her eyes
"Pehle nominations toh dekhne do..." Shilpa said smilingly to which they also nodded & started concentrating on Screen where the anchor announced the nominees taking Armaan's name in top of the list

"Well as you know this is the most awaited Award... Coz it goes to the person who made an amazing impression in just one year.. This award shows the powerful impact of that person..." anchor said wd a smile "So to present this award may i like to call on stage.. Mr Chang lee hiyoshi the CEO of IAA(International Achiever Awards) wd his lovely wife Mrs Keri hiyoshi..." the anchor said loudly while the audience clapped and light focuses on Mr & Mrs Hiyoshi who entered there wd a smile
"Good evening everyone..." Mr Chang smiled looking at the audience "I am happy to announce this very spcl award to that spcl person... So I wish luck to all the nominees.." griping the mike he said politely while his wife is smiling "So... The Asian Fast Achiever Award goes to... To.." opening the envelope he looked at the audience then at his wife who took the name card smilingly making everyone's heart skipped
"Plsss vo Mr Khan ho..." Surbhi said nervously while gripping Rehaan's hand who to was holding his breath
"I hope vo Armaan ho..." Shilpa prayed wd thudding heratbeat "Tu bol hi mat toh hi accha hai... Varna agar award milne bhi waala hoga toh bhi nai milega..." her mind taunted her whose eyes were only fixed on the screen "Kyun nai maange yeh... Armaan aaj vaha hai toh sirf iski wajah se... Toh iska pura right hai duaa mangne ka... Agar aaj vo itne successful hai toh sirf iski wajah se..." her heart took her side who didn't paid any attention to them coz she was bitting her nails nervously
"The award goes to... Mr Armaan Malik... The amazing doctor... And the fastest one to achieve this.." as Keri announced the name everyone clapped in audience
"Yehh... Mr Khan jeet gayyee..." Surbhi jumped happily making Rehaan chuckled
"Hum toh pehle se hi jaante the..." Rehaan said proudly making everyone smile where as Shilpa's heart was dancing hearing this
"Thank you... Meri sunane k liye.." wd a smile she thanked the god in her heart and looked at the screen waiting for his entry "Bas ab mai sirf unhe dekhns chahti hoon... Jis success ki kaamna ki thi vo toh mil gayi... Par ab bas mai unhe dekhna chahti hoon... Do saal ho gaye pata nai kaise honge vo..." wiping her corner of tear she said to her heart
"Par... Armaan hai kaha...??" Dilshaad looked at the screen confusedly coz still he didn't appeared there when
"Papa??" hearing Ohnu's shocked voice they looked at the screen where Armaan just ascended on the stairs Dressed in black formal suit wd white shirt inside & red tie He is looking professional plus handsome "Mumma... Papa??" she looked back at her mother as if asking is he really showing there?? On which Shilpa just managed to gave a nod in Yes smilingly
"Haa... Papa... Aao dekhte hai unko..." picking Ohnu up Ayaan made her sat on his lap
"Nai mujhe drawing karni hai..." she whinned trying to go back on her drawing book
"Aree meri Sheru bhaijaan ki jaan... Ek baar papa ko dekh toh lo..." cuddling her Ayaan said in loving tone to which she made a face
"Kaise turant pehchaan gayi Armaan ko.." Dilshaad said smilingly but Shilpa's eyes were only fixed on the screen
"Congratulations!! Doctor..." Mr Chang shook his hand wd Armaan who formly smiled
"I didn't knew... You are this Handsome..." forwarding the award to him Keri said smilingly to which he flashed his dimples taking Shilpa's breath away
"Thank you very much..." he thanked them politely as he took the award
"Keep it up doctor... We need more achievers like you... And make a go of it more..." patting his shoulder Mr Chang said smilingly to which wd a smile he nodded in Yes and moved to go when the anchor's voice stopped him
"Hey... Armen... Have any word for this??" the anchor asked politely making Armaan smile who slowly put his award on the stylish lectern
"First... It's Armaan not Armen..." as he corrected the anchor felt embaressed while in audience everyone clapped
"Oh.. Sorryyy..." the anchor apologized wd a smile
"It happens..." hearing his cool voice the anchor smiled "And about the award... It was expected..." as he said this in calm tone Mr & Mrs Hiyoshi laughed even the audience also "Soo... Thank you for this... Nothing else" showing the award to the Hiyoshi's he said calmly to which they smiled and Armaan moved to go when
"Hey Armaan..." this time he carefully took his name who chuckled "Would you like too thank anyone... Or dedicate this success to anyone??" as the anchor asked this he smiled
"What do you want to hear...??" he asked smilingly to which the anchor chuckled
"Actually i am loving your voice... So i just want to hear you more..." The anchor's answer made everyone laughed
"What if i am not interested...??" he asked calmly
"Then you will break my heart..." as the anchor said this Armaan smiled
"I am sure... Yeh Shilpa ka naam lenge..." Aaysha smiled which made Armaan's gang laughed except Riya
"Aree kya huaa??" Riya got confused seeing them laughing
"Kch nai... Bas tum dekho..." Arjun said smilingly to which Aaysha & Riya looked at them confusedly
"Tumhe kya lagta hai... Mr Khan kiska naam lenge...??" Surbhi asked teasingly to Shilpa who shrugged
"Hume pata hai kiska lenge..." Rehaan's chilled out tone maked them confused
"Kiska...??" Ayaan asked frowningly
"Khud sunlo..." Rehaan smiled
"I think i also know..." Shilpa looked at Rehaan who chuckled nodding at her
"Allah miya what's wrong wd you two...??" Shurbhi frowned
"Tum dekho bas..." Shilpa said smilingly which made them watch the screen
"Okay... I think i will dedicate this award to the person... Wdout whom this would be not possible.. Whose efforts & patience made me to achieve this... So i loved to thank..." Armaan said in calm tone which maked everyone curious except his gang & Shilpa "I... Me... And Myself..." as he said this coolly everyone started laughing "No... I am Serious... I am the only person... Coz of whom it happened..." hearing his fake serious voice everyone laughed infact they were enjoying his presence on the stage
"Mujhe pata tha.. Yeh apna hi naam lega" Shagun giggled
"Par aisa kyun??" Riya looked at them frowningly
"Aree yeh hamara... Rule hai... Collage se hi.. Ki hum sirf apne aapko hi importance dete hai.." Adi answered smilingly making her giggle
"Tum log bhi ajeeb ho..." Aaysha shook her head smilingly
"That's it thank you.." saying this Armaan picked his award and was about to go when anchor again stopped
Apne naseebon mein yaa
Hausle ki baaton mein
Sukhon aur dukhon wali
Saari saugaton mein...
"Armaan... Is really no one behind your success...??" as the anchor asked this Armaan smiled slowly coz Shilpa's face flashed in front of his eyes
"Mumma mujhe... Book lagi hai..." Ohaana's voice made Shilpa to look away from the screen
"Haa bas do minute babu..." she requested coz she didn't wanted to miss Armaan's face from any seconds
"Aree... Meri Jr Sherni... Vo dekho papa..." Ayaan maked her to face the TV which made her quiet as she saw her father
"I think... This award is nothing wdout the person who forced me to achieve this...This success goes to that person coz of whom i am here... That's it nothing else..." he indirectly taunted Shilpa who smiled at his words coz she knows he is still angry wd her but also she understood his feelings which directly came from his heart where as Everyone was still confused whom he dedicated this?? Except Dev & Rehaan who guessed Shilpa is that person
"Look like... You became a star... In just one night..." seeing the crowed cheering his name that anchor said smilingly
"I am born to be a star..." saying this calmly he winked at the end and went from there
"Yeeyyee... Ab Mr Khan se party lungi..." Surbhi said happily as the award function got over
"Pehle aane toh do..." Rehaan chuckled
"Haa... Bhaijaan toh aur handsome hogaye hai... Bas aane do... Unke jaisa banane ki taiyaari hum bhi karenge..." Ayaan said in his usual happy way
"Abhi dekhna... Kch der baad Nazma ka phone aayga... Armaan k liye..." Dilshaad said smilingly making them laugh where as Shilpa's mind was only occupied by Armaan's words
"Kya Armaan ko sachme lagta hai maine unhe force kiya... Vaha k liye...??" she questioned herself mentally while her eyes are becoming moist "Par tune kch galat nai kiya Shilpa... Tune uski bhalaai k liye bheja vaha... Yeh uski problem hai... Usne negative liya..." her mind said to her who looked down feeling guilty "Shilpa tu pareshaan kyun ho rahi hai... Ek baar baat karke toh dekh..." her heart suggested to her "Haa taaki jaise usne hamesha iska call cut kiya hai ignore kiya hai... Vo firse kare" her mind taunted her who became more broken from inside when
"Mumma..." Ohnu called Shilpa in her cute tone but Her mother was already occupied wd her father's memories that she didn't paid attention to her little angel
"Kya huaa... Mumma sunn nai rahi??" Ayaan asked slowly to which Ohnu looked up at him coz she was still sitting on his lap
"Haa..." she nodded her head in Yes slowly
"Toh fir zor se chillao... Sunn legi.." As Ayaan suggested this smilingly Ohnu looked at her mother

"Mummmaaa...!!!" hearing Ohaana's loud voice she became startled even everyone except Ayaan who put his finger inside his ears "Bhoookkk... Lagggiii hai..." as she said loudly Rehaan Surbhi & Ayaan started laughing except Shilpa & Dilshaad who have closed their ears
"Offo!! Kya huaa kyun chilla rahi ho... Meri maa...??" Shilpa asked still closing her ears but seeing everyone giggling even Ohnu she removed her hands
"Aree bhabhijaan... Bacchi ko bhook lagi hai... Aur aap bhaijaan k khayaalo me gum hai" Ayaan's teasing voice made her stood up
"Ho gaya... I am sure tumhi ne sikhaaya hoga isse chillaana..." she said in her cute anger which made Ohnu & Ayaan hifived wd a giggle "Tum dono naa... Acha aao meri laado... Khaana khilaa doon..." shaking her head she picked Ohnu up in her arms "Aur aap log bhi aao..." looking at everyone she said smilingly to which they nodded in Yes
"Mumma... Aap bahoot... Bahooot... Bee... U... T... Ful ho..." encircling her hands around her mother she complemented cutely while Shilpa took her towards the Dining table
"Vo beautiful hota hai Ohnu..." She corrected while making her sat on the dining chair "Aur yeh accha tarika hai... Mumma ka gussa shaant karne ka..." putting the dishes on her plate she said in fake serious tone making Ohaana giggled
"But... But... Aap bahhooo..." she opened her arms stretching the word Bahoot which maked Everyone giggled except Shilpa who held her head as she took a seat beside her
"OMG!! Itna bahoot..." Ayaan said laughingly while taking a seat infront of Ohnu
"Ooo..." Ohnu didn't stopped still was stretching her arms making Surbhi Rehaan laughed who also took a seat following by Dilshaad "Ooo..." but her O was shutted by Shilpa who insrted a small piece of Gulab Jamun inside her mouth
"Bas mai samajh gayi... Ab chalo apna dinner khatam karo" shutting her Shilpa said in fake strict tone making everyone adored them
"Awww... Mera baby.." Surbhi giggled at her condition "Rehaan... Mujhe bhi Ohnu jaisi hi ek beti chahiyee haa..." as she said shamelessly Rehaan got flushed making everyone chuckled
"Tum... Hamesha hume... Embarrass karti ho Surbhi" He whispered in her ear who giggled at his condition
"Mummaa... Tars..." Ohnu opened her mouth to ask another question when Shilpa shut her mouth by a morsel spoonful
"Bas ab chup chap khaao..." she said in warning tone to which Ohnu nodded her head in Yes while chewing her food
"Haa beta khaate time baat nai karte..." Dilshaad caressed her head lovingly she was sitting beside Ohnu
"Haa toh... Dekho kitni..." As Shilpa opened her mouth to complain Ohnu inserted a morsel inside her mouth making her confused
"Mummmaa... Khaate... Time... Baat... Nai karte" as she said in her cute anger everyone laughed on the dinner table making Shilpa smiled while chewing her food
"Kamaal hai bhaijaan ki yeh jaan" Ayaan commented smilingly
"Haa... Dekhna toh tab hoga jab... Mr Khan aur unki Jaan aamne saamne honge..." as Surbhi said this excitedly Shilpa's smile faded
"Vohi toh mujhe bhi samajh me nai aa raha... Ki jab Armaan aur Ohaana aamne saamne aayenge... Tab kya reaction hoga Ohnu ka... Kyun ki usse toh koi matlab nai apne Papa se..." Shilpa thought worriedly while everyone was eating their food wd fun


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