Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Part 61: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this''

4 hours later
"Mummaa... Tory... Sunaaona..." A sleepy Ohnu snuggled more closer to her mother who was caressing her hairs lovingly
"Vo storryy... Hota hai babu..." Shilpa corrected still caressing her hairs who hugged her mumma "Accha konsi story... Sunogi..." looking at her she asked lovingly to which Ohnu pulled the comfortor more up getting ready for the story time
"Vo... Jiske... Hairs... Looonnnggg the..." she replied in her kidish tone making Shilpa giggle
"Tum har chiz ko stretch kyun karti ho... Babu" she asked smilingly

"Pata nai..." Hearing Ohnu's kidish tone Shilpa smiled "Ab sunaao..." she nudged her mother
"Hmmm... Toh uska naam Rupenzel tha... Vo apne mumma papa ki... Bahoot hi pyaari beti thi... Vo bahoot choti thi jab vo apne mumma papa se alag hui... Kyun ki usse ek bad witch ne utha liya tha..." Shilpa started the story slowly making Ohnu excited when something came inside her brain "Accha Ohnu... Aapko Papa chahiyee??" she carefully asked the question which was bothering her since long
"Nai... Mujhe... Sirf Mumma chahiyee..." hugging her mother tightly she replied wdout thinking which maked Shilpa worried
"Kyun princess... Papa kyun nai chahiyee...??" she asked slowly
"Kyun ki... Vo... Humaare... Saath nai rehte... Toh... Papa... Ohnu ko nai chahiyee..." as Ohnu complained in her little voice Shilpa's heart felt a unknown fear inside it
"Haa... Kyun ki... Papa toh kaam... Karne gaye hai... Aa jaayenge jaldi... Fir vo hamare saath hi rahenge..." carressing her hairs she tried to make her understand in loving tone
"Nai... Ohnu ko sirf... Mumma chahiyee... Papa nai..." she can hear the stubborness in Ohnu's voice so she kept quiet
"Kya karun... Kaise samjhaaun mai isse... Ki Armaan ki hamari zindagi me kya importance hai... Ki vo mujhse zyada isse pyaar karte hai... Aur vo gayye hai toh sirf humaari wajah se..." she thought looking at the space on bed "Usse pehle yeh soch ki... Kaise manaaygi Ohaana ko jab Armaan aayga... Most important kya vo accept kar paaygi... Armaan ko hamari zindagi me... Usse yeh toh pata hai ki vo iska papa hai Aur shayad yeh bhi nai pata ki hai ki nai... Kyun ki usne aaj tak Armaan k photos yaa fir kisi bhi chiz pe dhyaan nai diya infact usse toh parwa bhi nai... Vo tujhse zyada kisiko nai pyaar karti... Toh fir kaise samjaaygi tu usse... Vo sirf teen saal cheh mahine ki hai... Toh kaise isse Armaan ko accept karne k liye ready karaygi...??" her mind asked angrily "Aur usse badi baat... Jab Armaan aayenge aur Ohaana ka response nai dekh kar unki taraf kaise react karenge socha bhi hai..." her heart questioned which maked her worried "Vo aayga bhi wapas... Mujhe toh doubt hai.. ?" hearing her mind's taunt she became stiff when Ohaana tapped on her cheek
"Kya huaa mumma?? Story sunaao..." she asked in cute sleepy voice on which siding her all worries Shilpa smiled at her daughter
"Thik hai... Toh suno... Fir vo witch Rapunzel ko ek bade se... Castle me lekar lock kar diya..." she started the story ignoring her sad feeling Ohaana was listening this patiently and listening this she dozed off hugging her mother who smiled at her "Pata nai mai kaise... Sab thik karungi...??" she thought while caressing her hairs lovingly then kissing her head she pulled the comfortor on her and moved down from bed coz she was not feeling sleepy "Offo!! Yeh dono naa..." she shook her head as she saw Shao Pao & Toy sleeping on floor So picking them carefully she made them laye on their respectives baskets "Hmm... Sab so gaye... Ab mai change kar loon..." making a loose bun of her hairs she moved towards the washroom when her eyes landed on the wall where Armaan & Ohnu's pic was hanging Her feet started approaching in front of the pic "Armaan..." she smiled sadly caressing his pic in which Armaan was laying on the picnic mat while holding Ohnu up in air they both were looking so cute in picture that Shilpa's lips curved into a sad smile It was the pic from the time when Ohnu was seven months old

Sang tujhe rakhna hai
Sang tujhe rakhna hai
Tune sang rehna...
"Offo!! Yeh ladki jabse uthi hai tabse mujhe pareshaan kar rahi hai..." an annoyed Shilpa kept her novel beside her and moved to pick her seven months old daughter who was crawling out from the picnic mat "Nai Ohnu vo ganda hai... Yehi baitho..." picking her up on her arms she said in loving tone as she saw Ohaana was trying to fist the grass on her little palms "Bahoot masti suchti haina..." making her stand on her lap she asked in kidish tone to which Ohnu clapped her hands wd a giggle
"Aaa... Baaa... Aaa..." she tried to touch her cheeks which maked Shilpa giggled
"Ohho... Meri babu ko mumma... Chahiyee..." she said in cute tone correcting her little bundle of joy's small baby cap Ohnu have wore a light pink frok wd pink baby cap and white wd pink lines shocks she is looking soo adorable right now while Shilpa wore a scarlet & lime green umbrella dress her hairs are opened "Achaa... Novel padhogi...??" making her sat on her lap she asked lovingly to which Ohnu looked at her mother wd her twinkling eyes
"Naa... Aaaye..." she sided her book and tried to crawl again outside the mat
"Ohnu... Peetogi tum mere haath se kisi din..." picking her up again who made an face she said in scolding tone which made her to made a face "Acha yeh lo... Isse khelo..." making her sat again on her lap she gave her phone to her who smiled widely taking the phone
"Aaa... Baa... Aaayyeee..." Ohnu started playing wd the phone sometimes shaking it sometimes trying to eat it
"Ohnu..." she glared wd a giggle and kept the phone away from her "Aaoo acha... Mumma k saath khelo..." she said kissing her cheeks who smiled widely trying to grab her hairs which maked Shilpa giggled when again Ohnu's eyes landed on that rattle toy which maked her to crawl again from her hold "Kitni badmaash ho tum... Ek jagah bhi baith nai sakti... Haina..." holding her again she scolded in kidish tone but Shilpa didn't have any idea why her little angel was crawling there... Actually Aditi Riddhi & Shilpa thought to spent this chilled out day in their backyard's garden wd Ohnu coz their whole family went in some relatives marriage including Anant also except these three Dev & Armaan... So they three came here for relaxation but in middle of their relaxing Dev phoned Aditi for his important file so Aditi had to leave for his office and few minutes later Riddhi's both daughter insisted for food so she went to make that so here left this mother daughter Jodi... Shilpa was reading a novel while Ohnu was playing wd her toys when her rattle toy landed outside the mat which maked her to crawl there since she learnt crawling she wants to reach everywhere but to her bad luck her mother thought she was about to some mischief so she picked her up making Ohnu disappoint "Ab kya huaa... Meri laado ko...??" she asked cutely as she saw Ohnu became quiet "Aise... Chup chup si kyun hai meri... Choti Tinkerbell...?" she cuddled her who tapped on her mumma's neck trying to fist her wedding chain "Nai baby isse... Nai todte..." holding her hand she said in loving tone
"Aaa..." Ohnu wd her cute confused looked at Shilpa
"Haa..." she kissed her cheeks lovingly where as inside the house Armaan just entered there
"Aree Armaan aaj tum itni jaldi??" Riddhi's question made him stop in his tracks
"Haa... Vo aaj koi spcl case nai tha... So aa gaya... Tum batao... Kuch pareshaan lag rahi ho??" replying her calmly he asked to which Riddhi passed him a glass of water
"Pareshaan kyun nai houn... Yeh dono tumhaari bhaanjiyaan... Tang karke rakkha hai... Ki yeh khayengi vo khayengi..." she replied in pissed off tone making him chuckled who put the empty glass on dinner table after finishing it "Tumhe bahoot hassi aa rahi hai... Ek baar Arshi ko badi hone do... Fir dekhna kaise tumhe nachaaygi..." she taunted which maked him smiled
"Mera chodo... Dono ko sambhaalo... Vaise kaha hai vo..." putting his hands inside his jeans's pocket he asked in chilled out tone
"Apne room me... Homework kar rahi hai... Aur mai yaha unke Butter Chicken k cook hone ka wait kar rahi hoon... Jo Oven me hai..." she replied in tired tone making him smile who filled the glass wd water
"Koi baat nai baccha... Yeh lo paani pikar relaxed raho... Hum chalte hai..." giving her water he patted on her shoulder in his cool voice which maked her giggle "Bye..." saying this he moved towards the stairs
"Acha suniye... Aapki Suputri aur Maharani dono hi garden me hai peeche k... Toh waha jaaiyee..." she too said in his tone which maked him chuckled
"Shukriyaa...!!" he said greatfully and moved from there leaving Riddhi smiling there... Where as he reached in backyard's garden only to find His baby & Wify under the tree playing wd each other enjoying this Windy evening "Kya baat hai... Mere bina dono enjoy kar rahe hai..." he mumbled wd a smile approaching towards them
"Aapke nails toh bahoot bade ho chuke hai... Lagta hai katna padega... Varna khudko hi hurt karoge..." as Shilpa said this in motherly tone Ohnu stared at her mother while moving her little fingers inside her mouth "Ammm... Maarungi mai... Kuch bhi mat kiya karo..." pulling her hand back she said in scolding voice which made Ohnu to made a sad face
"Kyun... Sunaati rehti ho hamesha... Meri princess ko..." sitting beside her he asked in calm tone after removing his shoes
"Armaan aap kab aaye...??" Shilpa frowned seeing him at this hour where as a wide smile came on Ohnu's face as she saw her father coz now her father will swing her in air and love her more than her mother
"Aaa... Aa... Daa..." Ohnu's exciting voice made Armaan laughed who extended his hands in front of her which maked Shilpa giggled seeing her excited
"Kyaa huaa Princess...??" he asked in loving tone as Ohnu jumped from Shilpa's hold to Armaan's arms
"Paaa..." she laughed poking his cheeks who showed his dimples
"Haa... Paa ki jaan..." he asked lifting her up in air who laughed her heart out coz this is what she wanted
"Baapre... Yeh kitni khush lag rahi hai aapke saath Armaan... Abhi tak toh chup baithi thi..." Shilpa asked amusingly seeing father daughter duo
"Haa kyun... Ki Meri baby ko pata hai... Ki Papa loves his Princess... Haina baby" playing wd Ohnu he replied in kidish tone
"Aaa...aaa.." as if Ohnu replied in Yes clapping her hands which maked Arsh smiled
"Aapne bataya nai... Armaan aaj suddenly jaldi kaise aa gaye...??" Shilpa repeated her question again after keeping her novel aside
"Aree aaj kaam nai tha zyada isliye aaya..." playing wd Ohnu he replied in normal tone "Aur tum batao kyun dara rahi thi meri Shona ki Shoni ko...??" he looked at her calmly
"Excuse me!! Mai dara nai rahi thi... Infact vo kitni masti karti hai aapko nai pata..." she said in her fake attitudish tone which made him chuckled
"Acha abhi puchta hoon..." saying this he looked at Ohnu who was playing wd his check shirt's collar "Ohnu... Kisne daraya aapko...??" making her stand on his thigh he asked in kidish tone to which she blinked her eyes twice then smiled
"Maaa..." hearing her complaint Shilpa's jaw dropped astonishingly while Armaan chuckled
"Haww baby... Mumma ne kab daraya aapko... Jhut bol rahe ho..." moving closer to Armaan she asked in fake sad tone while caressing Ohnu's cheek who looked at her Mumma calmly
"Aaa... Maaa..." seeing her mother sad Ohnu tried to go in her mother's arms who giggled and kissed her cheek
"Mumma loves you..." Shilpa said in loving tone which made Ohnu laughed
"Aur Papa loves you too..." laying on the picnic mat Armaan said in kidish tone while making Ohnu sat on his stomach which maked Ohnu happy coz now her Papa will swing her in air
"Acha Armaan mai kuch khaane ko laaun...??" Shilpa asked normally while picking her novel back
"Nai mujhe bhook nai hai... Tum batao yeh kya masti kar rahi thi??" picking her up in air he asked smilingly where as Ohnu was laughing her heart out enjoying the cool breeze As if she is some bird or plane
"Kuch nai... Bas baar baar mat se bahar jakar grasses tod rahi thi..." Shilpa replied in normal tone opening her novel again where as Armaan smiled seeing Ohnu this happy which Shilpa also observed "Kitni khush rehti hai Ohnu Armaan k saath... As if usse pata hai ki kitna pyaar karte hain Armaan usse" she thought smilingly seeing them So she capture their adorable moment in her camera as a memory then again kept herself busy on her book
"Kya yaar Shilpa... Yaha mai family time spent karna chahta hoon aur tum... Book me dubbi ho.." He looked up at her after making Ohnu laye on his stomach against her stomach They both are tired coz of their nonstop masti
"Toh kya karun aap hi bata do..??" keeping the book aside she asked smilingly looking down at him who kept patting Ohnu's back
"At least hum dono k saamne toh apna yeh Novel side rakkha karo... Kyun ki jab hum dono tumhaare saath hai toh time sirf hume do..." after keeping his head on her lap he replied calmly
"Acchaa... Aur aap dono ko time dekar mai karungi kya..." moving her fingers inside his hairs she asked wd a teasing smile knowing very well how he will react Yes since Ohnu stepped in their life Armaan have changed a lot he became more patient & chilled out person infact also a little romantic but the calmness & angerness is still there in him
"Yeh bhi bataane waali baat hai..." he replied calmly while helding her hand which was caressing his hairs knowing very well where it lead
"Acha vo chodo yeh batao pati dev... Mai maa k paas kab jaaun...??" she asked in cute tone caressing his face who took a sigh
"Zaroori hai jaana...??" looking up he asked calmly to which she gave a nod "Kya yaar... Ek kaam karo... Kabhi mat jaao..." hearing his answer she slightly smacked his head who smiled holding his daughter "Acha dekho Ohnu so gayi...??" he asked calmly to which shaking her head she bend her head to look at Ohnu whose eyes were getting heavy but still she was staring at her rattle toy which was very away from her Poor girl can't tell also to her Father
"Nai... Bas sone hi wali hai..." she replied smilingly making Armaan to take a sigh "Acha Armaan..." as she asked this he hummed wd closed eyes coz of her fingers magic which were caressing inside his hairs "Aapko abhi bhi kch yaad nai aaya... I mean un teen saalo k baare me??" she asked carefully which maked him to open his eyes "Mai toh sirf aise hi puch rahi thi... Kyun ki kitna time ho gaya na..." seeing him staring her intently she immediately explained herself which maked him chuckled
"Shilpa tum bhi na..." he shook his head smilingly which made her confused "Vaise zaroori hai ki mujhe sab yaad ho... Kyaa tum khush nai ho??" holding her hand firmly he asked in serious tone
"Armaan aisa kch nai hai... Mai bas aise hi puch rahi thi... Vo kya haina jinki memories jaati hai unko kabhi na kabhi toh yaad aata hai.. Toh mai soch rahi thi... Ki aapko abhi tak kyun yaad nai aaya... Kuch bhi" she cleared herself while playing wd his hairs who slowly smiled
"Yeh mere question ka answer nai hai" moving his hand to touch her cheek he asked in calm tone making her smiled who slowly held his hand which was kept on her cheek then kissed on his palm lovingly which maked him smile satisfyingly
"Haa... Mai khush hoon... Infact bahoot zyada khush hoon... Samjhe mera Shona" as she said this teasingly he made a face pulling his hand back
"Shilpa yaar... Yeh Shona ona mujhe mat kaha karo..." hearing his annoying tone she giggled
"Okay mere Sho..." but she was stopped by his glare "Acha yeh thik hai... Shona k papa..." her words made him to glare her irritadely which only maked Shilpa giggled "Acha sorryy... Mere Jaanu..." she teased
"You know what... Yaha se chali jao..." looking away from her he said uninterestingly patting Ohnu's back who is sleeping peacefully
"Haww... Sachme...??" she asked in fake innocent tone to which he lifted his eye lids up uninterestingly but there was a smile on his face "Mr Akdu Armaan Malik farmaaiye hamaari kya punishment hai??" she asked in royal way bending her head lower to him while her hairs hided his face
"Umm..." pressing his lips he started pretending to think "Kiss me..." as he said calmly her eyes blinked "Kya huaa?? Dar gayii??" he teased to which she hided her blush
"Armaan yaha kaise...??" she asked wd shying face to which he chuckled
"Koi baat nai... Raat ko le lunga..." hearing his shameless words she smacked his head who mouthed I Love You making her crimson red and they both gotted involve in their lovey dovey moments
Flashback ends
Meri duniya mein bhi
Mere jazbaaton mein...
"I am missing you badly Armaan..." a broken Shilpa mumbled caressing his pic "Sab teri hi galti hai Shilpa... Sab kch kitna acha chal raha tha... Par tune unhe majboor kiya jaane k liye..." her heart said brokenly making her moved away from his pic "Haa agar yeh aisa nai karti toh... Aaj jis mukaam par Armaan hai... Vo kabhi nai jaata... Sirf iske liye usne apne sapne tod diye toh kya yeh uske liye... Itna nai kar sakti..." her mind took Shilpa's side who was trying hard to ignore them "Kaash... Armaan ka vo Singapore ka offer letter kabhi nai mila hota isko... Toh aaj Armaan apne parivaar k saath hote" her heart cursed which maked Shilpa to closed her eyes tightly while sitting on window's wall "Hota par... Khush nai hota vo... Kyun ki usne apne sapno ko toda hota..." her mind argued "Par at least Ohaana k paas hote... Kyun ki unke nai hone se... Ohnu ne toh Shilpa ko hi apni duniya bana li hai jahan usne kisi kisi ko hi place di hai... Aur Armaan k baare me toh vo sochti bhi nai..." hearing her heart's words Shilpa felt guilty "Usme knosi badi baat hai.. Armaan aayga tab vo usse accept kar legi kyun ki vo uska baap hai dheere dheere hi sahi par kar leti..." her mind said nonchantically "Mujhe toh dar hai... Ki vo nai karegi... Yaa fir kya pata in do saalo me Armaan badal gaye ho toh...??" her heart said fearly which maked Shilpa stiff "Baat toh sahi hai... Dekha nai kitna change lag raha tha vo award me... Ho toh yeh bhi sakta hai... Ki kya pata uska sachme affair ho vaha... Jaisa usne jaane se pehle kaha tha..." as her mind said this Shilpa held her heart tightly "Nai Armaan aisa nai kar sakte..." she mumbled softly "Kyun nai kar sakta... Ek aadmi hai vo Shilpa... Tere paas yaha sab hain par uske paas vaha koi nai except Breezer... Toh kaise nai rakkhega affair... Vo Singapore hai jaha khubsoorat ladkiyo ki kami nai hai... Aur kisse pata vaha kab kya ho raha ho Armaan k saath..." her mind said as a matter of fact which made Shilpa scared who picked the Radha Krishna statue which was kept on window side table "Mujhe nai pata... Vaha kya ho raha hai... Maine toh Armaan k sapne k liye vaha bheja hai unhe... Par agar aisa kch huaa toh mai toot k bikhar jaaungi bhagwaan... Bahoot intezaar kiya hai maine unka... Mai hi jaanti hoon ki kaise kate yeh do saal mere" looking down at statue she mumbled softly "Par agar Armaan ne aisa kch kiya... Toh mai jeete ji marungi bhagwaan..." she sniffed "Tujhe jeena toh padega... Ohnu k liye" her heart said "Haa Shilpa... Tu kyun kisi k liye... Apni zindagi barbaad karegi... Tere paas teri beti hai uske liye tu jeena... Mai toh kehti hoon chod dena tu isko... Aur apni nai zindagi shuru karna vaise bhi tere paas teri acchi khaasi Online job hai... Fir kis baat ka tension tujhe" her mind suggested to her who kept the statue on window wall "Jo huaa nai hai mujhe uske baare me nai sochna chahiyee..." wiping her tears she moved away from the window then sat on couch looking at her smart phone "Come on Shilpa... Aaj toh call kar hi sakti hai... Itni badi success mili hai unhe... Uper se do hafto baad toh Armaan aa hi jaayenge... Fir kyun follow kar rahi hai vo promise... Haa vo gussa hain... Par dekhna teri awaaz sunke sab bhool jaayenge..." her heart encouraged her who was staring at his name wd thudding heart "I think sahi hai... In do saalo me kabhi nai kiya tune... Aur na ho us badtameez Armaan ne coz of his ego... Par aaj i think tujhe try karna chahiyee..." her mind also motivated her "Hmmm.." taking a long sigh she pressed his name wd her thudding heartbeat which increased more when ring was going "Calm down Shilpa.. Uthaate hi yeh bolna... Congrats Armaan fir baaki sab sunna..." she encouraged herself coz of the ring also her heart was getting excited when the cell got picked by other side "Co..." but her sentence died their as the other person spoke

"Hello...!!" it was a female voice which maked her heart beat skipped "Hello... Whose there??" that girl asked politely making her clutched the couch tightly
"He... Hello... May I speak to Armaan...??" she somehow managed to ask this believing on her love when she heard Armaan's voice from back
"Cut the call Anita... And if it is about me then please say... I am not at home..." as she heard Armaan's words her heart broke into million pieces
"Okay... Hell..." but the girl got confused coz the line got disconnected
"Yeh nai..." Shilpa didn't knew how to react on this tears shimmered in her eyes who keeping her one palm ran inside the washroom to cry their coz here her daughter will get disturb... Sitting under the shower she started crying loudly sitting like a boll... It all happened coz of her decision Yes she was the one who forced him to go Singapore coz of his dream They were soo happy at that time Ohnu was one & half years old they both were enjoying the phase of parenthood until she got the Singapore offer letter which was inside his wardrobe drawer Actually Armaan got the last chance from Singapore that if he will not accept this offer they will give to someone else but Armaan was not at all interested so he directly refused but still the Singapore Doctors want him so they gave two days for Armaan to sign the contract of two years opportunity to work wd them also after the contract get over Armaan can open the Singapore Hospital as his in India wherever he wants to open but Armaan didn't paid any attention to it Yaah once it was his dream but right now his life is only his family so he didn't informed Shilpa about this... Reading it Shilpa got confused and was thinking about it when she bumped wd Dev who was passing in corridor but seeing the letter he gotted Shilpa's tumour so he narrated her everything which maked her guilty so she started thinking over it... In night time she came wd a conclusion that he should choose his dream So when Armaan came back from hospital find Shilpa sitting blankly on bed he asked and she showed the paper which maked him shocked but he tried to make her understand that it means nothing to him but she argued also told She didn't want to come b/w his dreams... Armaan became furious about it which lead them into a big fight over this that it maked him to went from there angrily and Shilpa cried here... He didn't came back next morning also which maked her guilty who decided to apologised when he will be back but Armaan directly came back in night at that time Ohnu was sleeping wd her grand mother who took her for body massage Shilpa went to apologise but saw him packing his bags which maked her worried... She asked about it to which he angrily blasted on her saying he is going coz of her who became stunned hearing this and after arguing talking for hours Armaan went to meet his little princess then next morning's flight went Singapore... They didn't talk on phone or anything coz before going Armaan told her not to call or message him coz this will make hard for him to stay there So they stayed away from each other from two years wdout any contact waiting for time get over... Shilpa came Bhopal three months ago wd Rehaan coz Surbhi requested that she wants Shilpa here for her Most waited wedding which will happened after five months So Shilpa wd Ohaana directly came here after taking permission from her in laws who first refused but when Dev informed this to Armaan who maked them understand so they got agreed... Shilpa didn't have idea that Armaan is taking her all infos from Dev & Rehaan except he is not listening her voice & seeing their pics but Armaan knows she is taking his every detail from Aditi & Surbhi who always called him for his where abouts which he gave easily knowing Shilpa needs to know this... But as the time is passing her hopes are getting down coz of the distance also her insecurities were rolling on her head but the biggest fear she is fearing is Ohnu's reaction when Armaan will back coz according to Ohnu Shilpa is her everything Yaah Shilpa was trying hard to make her understand about her father but Ohnu didn't have any interest on anyone except her mother who is feeling helpless... Here she have joined a online job which is about the fashion designs she gets her salary in every month on her Bank account Although Armaan transfer the money on her bank but She is doing this job for herself... Three months ago when she came back here she found all the servants present already which maked her confused but as Meethi informed it was Armaan who phoned them to joined again she felt more fell for him few days later she brought back Shao pao & Toy from pet care where she got to know from Rehaan that Breezer is staying wd Armaan in Singapore which maked her relieved that at least he is not alone there... Shilpa needs Armaan badly coz her patience is dying And finally She thought to call him but hearing a unknown girl's voice made her broke down most important Armaan's curt voice "Mujhe nai samajh raha Armaan... Mai kya karun... Trust karun ki nai..." crying bitterly under the shower she said to herself helplessly while the cold water is making her fully drenched Now she don't have courage to call him coz her trust on him is staggering

Two hours later
In Singapore
"Nai Rehaan... Kisiko mat bata ki mai next week aa raha hoon..." a tired Armaan said in calm tone while sitting on his balcony's railing
"Matlab aapne soch k rakkha hai ki... Sabko attack denge..." Rehaan joked while laying on his bed
"Attack ka toh nai pata... Bas aa raha hoon" stretching his arms he replied "Vaise tu bata... Shaadi ki kitni taiyaari hui...??" he asked smilingly correcting his mid night loose vest
"Kya bhaijaan... Aap bhi jaante ho Surbhi hamara haal kya kar rahi hai... Fir bhi puch rahe ho" hearing his complain Armaan chuckled "Haa aapko toh hassi aaygi hi... Surbhi aapki favourite jo thairi..." as he said this Armaan laughed
"Aisa kch nai pagal... Bas soch k hassi aa rahi hai... Ki tu abhi se itna pareshaan hai... Toh aage tera kya hoga..." he teased combing his hairs by his fingers
"Aage ka chodiye hamara... Aap bataiyee... Media se bachne ka tarika socha...??" Rehaan asked smilingly to which he made a face
"Naam mat le media ka... Jabse award mila hai... Pagal kar k rakkha hai... Interview n all k liye puch rahe hai..." he replied in annoying tone while staring down on busy roads of Singapore "Tu yeh sab chod bata Ohnu ka first day kaisa gaya school me..." his voice turned soft talking about his daughter
"Bahoot acha... Vo bata rahin thi... Unhone do teen friends banaye... Aur unko drawing n all karne me maza... Infact bhaijaan aapko pata hai... Vo kitni cute lag rahi thi apne uniform pe hum bata nai sakte... Hum pic bheje..." hearing Rehaan's excited tone he chuckled
"Nai... Tu jaanta hai... Mai uski pic nai dekh sakta... Isliye rehne de..." he refused unheartly which maked Rehaan understood about his condition when something clicked inside Armaan's brain that Why Shilpa called him?? Suddenly that too at this hour?? "Vaise... Vaha pe sab thik haina...??" he indirectly asked about her which Rehaan guessed
"Haa bhaijaan sab thik hai... Agar problem hogi toh hum batayenge aapko..." He replied smilingly
"Chal fir thik hai... Mai rakhta hoon..." he said in calm voice looking at his wrist watch
"Jii... Bhaijaan... Good night" Rehaan wished
"Yaahh... Good night... Bye..." saying this calmly he hung up the phone and stood calmly looking at the space on road "Hmm..." he took a sigh holding the railing by his hands "Kyun phone kiya tumne Shilpa... Tum acche se jaanti ho... Maine mana kiya tha... Fir aaj kyun...??" he mumble slowly staring up at the stars "Pata nai thik bhi hogi ki nai..." he thought meditatively "God!! Sar dukh raha hai yaar... Kyun sochta hoon mai iske baare me itna... Jabki acche se jaanta hoon kch nai milega soch k..." he rubbed his face by his palms then looked at the sky calmly "Jab desicions nibha nai sakti toh kyun leti ho aise faisle... See aaj hum kaha khade hai..." he muttered softly while closing his eyes remembering the time which they spent the last Yes when he was packing his stuffs and she entered in that time only to left shocked seeing him packing

Teri milti nishani kahin
Jo hai sabko dikhani kahin...
"Armaan... Aap kya kar rahe hai...??" a shocked Shilpa asked for the third time hurtfully standing behind her hubby who is packing his stuffs in bag angrily "Armaann..." she held his wrist who is packing his stuffs but as she held his wrist he became stiff
"Tell me one thing... Kya chahti ho tum...??" removing her hand from his wrist he asked in controlled voice coz he can burst in anytime
"Armaan... I am sorryyy..." she apologised wd tearful eyes which maked him sooo angry that he didn't responded to her and continued his packing "Please... Armaan kuch toh kahiyee..." wd fear in her voice she asked to which he threw his shirt on bag angrily
"KYA KAHU MAI TUMSE... YEH KI THANK YOU SHILPA MERE LIYE ITNA SOCHNE KI... YAAH FIR YEH KI TUM NAI HOTI TOH MUJHE PATA NAI CHALTA MERE DREAMS KYA HAI... YAAH FIR YEH KI TUM MERE BAARE ME KITNA SOCHTI HO..." jerking her towards him he blasted angrily which maked her frightened "Par ab jab tumne faisla le hi liya hai... Toh suno mai jaa raha hoon... Pure do saalo k liye Singapore... Jaha na tum mujhe call karna na apni shakal dikhaana aur na hi hum kisi contact me rahenge... Janti ho kyun keh raha hoon mai yeh... Kyunki tum toh mere bina reh logi but mai nai reh paaunga... Agar tumhaari ek awaaz sunni na toh dauda chala aaunga vaha se..." staring her wd moist eyes he whispered softly "Aur ek baat agar... Tumhaari wajah se vaha mera koi affair vaffair huaa na toh yaad rakhna mujhe mat blame karna... Kyunki yeh sab tumhaari wajah se ho raha hai... Jisse akele rehne ka shauk hai... Raho akele jaise rehna chahti ho..." leaving her he said wd determination in his voice which maked her broke but she didn't knew it was not his anger it was his helplessness to loose her
"Armaan aap aisa kyun keh rahe hai... Mai toh bas... Aapke liye keh rahi thi.. Mai nai chahti thi ki aap meri wajah se apna sapna tode... Mai aapke sapnon ki tutne ki wajah nai banana nai chahti..." moving towards him she explained herself slowly
"Tumne yeh karke mere sapnon ko hi toda hai Shilpa..." his voice turned in upset tone "PAR TUM REHNE DO... KYUNKI TUM HAMESHA SE CHAHTI THI AKELI REHNA... AUR AB TOH TUMHE MAUKA BHI MIL GAYA... TOH CONGRATS TUMNE MERI BETI AUR MUJHE ALAG KAR DIYA..." he taunted grinding his teeth which maked her deeply hurt
"Aapne aisa socha bhi kaise Armaan ki mai aapke bina rehna chahti hoon..." stooding in front of him she asked hurtfully on which he looked away from her "Mai toh aapki khushi k baare me soch rahi thi... Haa mai galat nikli... Kyun ki subhe hi mujhe realise huaa ki agar aapne koi faisla liya hai toh soch samajhkar liya hoga... Isliye Sorry bolna chahti thi apne behavior k liye... Bas aur kch nai..." as he registered her words he realised It was not her mistake that she thought about him coz if he was on her place he would have think the same but he would never let her go alone "Mai toh soch bhi nai sakti aapke bina rehne ki Armaan... Par mai kabhi aapke success k bich nai aana chahti thi... Isliye aisa kaha maine yeh soch kar ki do saal ki hi toh baat hai... Mai wait kar lungi... Konsa aap bhaag jaayenge yaa mai bhaag jaaungi..." stepping back she said in broken voice which maked him too emotional coz she is right when they are wd each other no one can saperate them not even the years but he can't live wdout her how will he handle this distance.. But the thing surprised him is her strong love & trust for him Is she the girl who always feard to live him?? "Par ab mai nai chahti aap jaayen... Kyunki mai khud nai reh sakti aapke bina..." saying this wd tearful eyes she looked down while sitting on floor like a boll against the couch still sniffing where as seeing her broken he felt a ache in his heart which maked him to wipe his corner of tears who calmly sat on bed just in front of her... From five minutes there was complete silence in the room no one speak a word
"Koi faida nai hai ab.. Maine contract papers sign kar diye hain... Ab mai chah kar bhi nai ruk sakta..." ending the silence he said wistfully staring at her who cried at it silently "Shi..." he didn't knew what to do coz contract was already signed by him which he can't break now and most important he have to live next afternoon for Singapore

"I am sorryy..." she cried hiding her face on her palms which was making him difficult to sit at one place and if he goes near her he will also break down which he don't want right now "Meri wajah se aapne yeh decision liya... Aur aaj dekho... Kya kar diya maine..." he can't see her in this helpless state "Maine..." she couldn't complete her sentence coz she didn't have energy to say more
"Mai tumhaare bina nai reh sakta..." he whispered tearfully which maked her more cry "Shilpa..." he didn't want to see her in this state so he also moved on floor in front of her who was crying while hiding her face on her palms "Sshhhss..." kneeling in front of her he caressed her hairs to calm her who immediately hugged him while taking small small hiccups "Ssshhh... Shilpa rona band karo yaar..." responding her equally he whispered in loving tone which made her hold more tight on his back "See... Milke kch sochte hai... Hmm" cupping her face he said calmly to which she sniffed while clearing her face where as he silently sat beside her who looked at the space thinking It's all her fault why she forced him to sign that contract papers
"Ab...??" looking at him she asked slowly to which taking a sigh he shrugged
"Ohnu kaha hai...??" he asked in normal tone which maked her guilty coz Ohnu is in Ananya's room
"Maa k paas hai so rahi hai..." keeping her both hands on her knees she replied slowly
"Great!! Apni beti k saath time bhi spend nai kar paaya mai" sitting properly he mumbled softly which maked Shilpa realise he don't have much time
"Kab jaana hai Armaan??" hearing her grieving voice he closed his eyes and then looked at her
"Next afternoon... 1 o clock..." as he answered in calm tone Shilpa's heartbeat skipped who looked down but suddenly it came on her mind that Okay she did mistake to force him for contract but Why he signed?? He can refused then why??
"Aapko kya zaroorat thi sign karne ki... Maana ki maine kaha aapko sign karne k liye par aap... Mana bhi toh kar sakte the... Jaise mujhpe hamesha huqum chalate hai vaise hi chala dete... Toh kya zaroorat thi sign karne ki..??" like typical wife she asked these questions in her cute anger which made him stunned for seconds
"Haa toh kya karta... Mujhe laga ghar aane par tum hamesha ki tarah gussa rahogi yaa fir kch sochogi etc etc... Isse accha mai sign hi kar doon... Aur vaise bhi mai uswaqt bahoot gusse me tha... Kch sochne samajhne ki taaqat nai thi mere andar... " he argued which maked her realised that here they didn't have much time wd each other and they are arguing wastely
"Kya ab kuch nai ho sakta Armaan...??" he stopped as he heard her repentful voice
"Nai..." he didn't wanted to answer this but he have to be clear "Agar maine contract toda toh mujhe jail ho sakti hai... Aur jahan tak mujhe lagta hai tum yeh toh nai chahti hogi..." he replied normally while crossing his legs where as hearing this she immediately nodded her head in No Right now they both are sitting like they were in their wedding's first night The same Moon's light were shinning in their room while the cool breeze from window touching their faces
"Sab meri galti hai Armaan..." looking down on floor she whispered guiltfully making him to close his eyes
"Shilpa..." taking her hand in his he faced her who also sat properly in front of him "See... Tumne thodi der pehle kaha tha ki... Sirf do saal ki toh baat hai... Konsa mai bhaag jaaunga yaah tum... Aur tum wait karogi..." he started in calm tone taking her both hands who nodded in Yes "Toh bas hum vohi karenge... Ek dusre ko support karenge... Haina" tucking her strand of hairs he asked wd a smile to which she nodded in Yes innocently "Bas... Baat khatam agar situation aayi hai toh hum milkar handle karenge... Jaisa maine kaha tha..." pulling her closer by her hands he said in loving tone making her helpless
"Haa..." nodding in Yes she looked down to which he engulfed her into a hug trying to heal his aching heart's problem
"Mai tumse dur rehne ki soch bhi nai sakta Shilpa... Pata nai kaise rahunga... Tumhe samjha toh diya par khudko kaise samjhaaun..." he thought while caressing her hairs lovingly who too wanted to feel his presence around her
"Armaan..." after a minute she mumbled slowly to which he hummed in Yes "Aapne kaha tha ki... Aap vaha jaakar affair karenge??" as she asked this slowly a smirked came on his face who making a straight face parted her from hug
"Haa... Obviously do saal tumhaare bina rahunga... Toh koi toh chahiyee hoga mujhe support karne k liye mere akele pan ko dur karne k liye..." he said wd fake serious look which maked her mouth dropped
"How mean Armaan... Mai toh kabhi nai kehti aisa kch... Aur aap... Chhiii" making a disgusting face she started smacking him who immediately held her wrist
"Haa kyun ki ye tum ho... Aur mai ek ladka hoon jaisa ki tum kehti ho... Hum ladko ka koi bharosa nai... Toh yes hum ladko ka sachme koi bharosa nai..." helding her wrist he said in relaxed tone making her more hurt
"I hate you... Karo jo karna hai... Tab yaad rakhna mai aapki shakal tak nai dekhungi... Infact direct divorce de dungi... Aur Ohnu mere saath rahegi.." pushing him she said wd her grumpy look which made him chuckled
"I don't mind agar tum divorce dogi... infact tum toh mera raasta aur clear kar dogi... But haa Ohnu mere saath rahegi... Kyun ki do saal dur rehne k baad apni beti se mai... Aur dur nai reh paaunga..." as he said in phlegamatic tone she get more angry
"Aur aapko lagta hai... Mai vo hone dungi... No ways... Aap rahiyega apni girlfriend k saath khush... But meri beti mere saath hi rahegi... That's it" pointing her index finger at him she glared which maked him soo amused coz she didn't gotted he was just pulling her leg
"Mai kya kehta hoon... Tumhe bhi ek affair rakhna chahiye... U know..." as he teased her calmly she got more angry and stood to go only to directly fell on his lap by him
"Armaaan..." she looked at him shockingly who caged her in his arms while her hands were resting on his muscular shoulders
"Aree meri Chidchidi Wify... Mai mazak kar raha tha... Don't you trust me??" as he asked this she looked at him slowly
"Nai... Kyun ki aap ladke ho" wd a grumpy look she replied which maked him chuckled
"Cheat toh ladkiyaan bhi karti hai..." he retorted smilingly
"Haa karti hai... Par aap ladko se kam..." wd a attitude she taunted to which he shook his head pulling her more closer by her waist
"Tumhe lagta hai... Mai tumhe cheat karunga...??" caressing her cheek he asked softly to which she nodded in Yes"Great! Fir yaha kya kar rahi ho... Jaao yaha se" as she nod in Yes he lived her who smiled slowly
"Thik hai..." hearing her chilled out tone he became a little confused where as pushing him she stood up correcting her dress
"Kitni mean hai... Ek baar bhi nai socha mujhpar kya beetegi..." his mind cursed her who moved towards his bag
"Mai aapka bag pack karti hoon..." picking his clothes she said in normal tone which maked him angry thinking Why she is doing this when she don't trust him??
"Koi zaroorat nai hai mai khud kar lunga... Vaise bhi mujhe vaha akele hi karna hai sab kch..." snatching his shirt from her he said angrily which maked her to hide her smile but somewhere she felt that hurt
"Haa yeh acha idea hai..." showing a fake serious look to him she agreed which maked him more fumed "Mai khaana laaun... I am sure kch nai khaaya hoga aapne..." moving closer to him she asked cutely
"Zeher de dona Shilpa... Acha rahega..." he replied in calm tone stuffing his bag forcefully
"Nai vo mai kaise dungi... Aap meri iklauti beti k baap ho..." hearing her words he tried to ignore her "Accha aap apne bags pack karlo... Mai so jaati hoon haa... Good night" moving towards her side's bed she said in extra sweet tone which was enough for his anger so he scattered his all clothes on bed making her amused by him
"Sorryyy... Mujhe samajh me nai aa raha ki kitna bag pack karna hai... Toh time jaayga... Tum kahin aur so jaao na..." suggesting her in extra polite tone he sat on bed
"Koi baat nai mai couch pe so jaaungi... Pehle toh mujhe shower lena hai... Toh mai aayi..." she was knowingly testing his patience
"Haa fir jaao na... Maine kab roka hai..." looking away from her he said in rude tone which maked her a little upset but she didn't showed this to him and went inside washroom to calm herself where as he laid straight on bed staring up at the ceiling "Kya Armaan... Kal tujhe jaana hai aur tum dono ladaai kar rahe ho..." his mind said to him who rubbed his face "Par maine thodi jhagda start kiya... Vo khud hi aise behave karti hai jaise parwa nai" he muttered angrily still staring up at the ceiling "Par yaar packing toh karni padegi..." sitting up he looked at his clothes which were scattered on bed... Where as in washroom Shilpa was sitting under the shower trying to control her emotions which she didn't showed in front of him


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