Thursday, 7 February 2019

Part 62: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make''

Back to Singapore
@ the Mall
"Kya loon... Kya naa loon... Kch nai samajh raha... Gosh baccho k liye shopping karna kitna mushkil hai... Kaash Anita hoti toh khud hi samajh k le leti..." a confused Armaan looked around the baby products on the shelfs when his cell rang "Not again..." he made a face as he saw that same news channel's number who were calling him since morning just for his one interview "Isse accha mai phone hi band kar doon..." muttering this annoyingly he switched off his phone and started looking for the products again on the big shelf of babies section Armaan was looking at it lazily when his eyes landed on a little girl almost one year old who was trying to grab a baby powder from the shelfs she was sitting on her baby seat while her mother was looking at a product's quality... The little girl was an Indonesian she was giggling while trying to took that product out from the racket when her mother eyed her not to do this which make her laugh.. Armaan was watching this scene from far admiring the baby who made him to go back in past when Ohnu was one year old

Teri aankhon k
Jhalak dekhe
Ik zamaana hua...

"Kitna pareshaan karti ho tum Ohnu..." a angry Shilpa picked her little daughter up on her arms coz her daughter was irritating her
"Nayyeee... Nayyeee... Maaa" Ohnu shook her head while wriggling on her mother's arms who again took her towards her baby bathtub from where she ran
"Ohnu tum maar khaogi mere haath se... Kitna pareshaan karti ho tum..." as she said in scolding voice Ohnu's lips started quivering wd moist eyes hearing her mother's tone "Nai rona nai... Varna sachme maarungi" making her sat in her little bathtub she scolded again to which Onhu started crying "Uff!! Yeh ladki... Kitna pareshaan karti hai mujhe" she held her head getting pissed of her daughter who have decided today she will irritate her Mum to the core "Acha thik hai mat nahaao... Bas plzz rona band karo..." she almost pleaded but Ohnu was not in mood to quiet "Acha idhar aao..." as she extended her hands in front of her daughter she immediately jumped on her which maked her giggle seeing her daughter's Drama "Hamesha apni manmaani chalaani hoti haina..." slapping lightly on her back she asked in kidish tone to which Ohnu looked at her mother wd a giggle "Kya karun mai tumhara..." kissing her cheek she said in kidish and stood up thinking for another plan to make her ready for her baby bath when
"Shilpa..." hearing Armaan's voice Shilpa looked back at the door where he was standing on his jog clothes
"Kya huaa...??" she asked in normal tone still holding Ohnu who also looked back at her father's voice
"Paaa..." she laughed excitedly while trying to move out from Shilpa's hold who shook her head where as Armaan chuckled seeing her excitment and walked towards them
"Good morning mera baby..." leaning on her he wished in kidish tone which maked her giggle as she saw her father's face
"Ggg... Paaa..." extending her hands she hinted her father to pick her on his arms who smiled
"Aree mera baby..." he immediately took her on his arms and nuzzled his nose on her cheek who laughed feeling ticklish
"Dekha... Mujhe kitna tang karti hai... Aur aapko dekhte hi... Khush ho jaati hai..." Shilpa complained wd grumpy look which made Armaan chuckled
"Kyun hamesha meri... Iklauti beti k peeche padi rehti ho... Dikhta nai kitni masoom hai yeh..." hiding his smile he said in normal tone on which she rolled her eyes
"Masoom aur yeh... Khud dekhlo kya haal kiya hai mera aur pure washroom ka..." as she said in angry tone he looked on bathtub side where she was pointing he noticed the baby soap baby shampoo and her toys scattered then he looked at Shilpa whose yellow dress was almost wet just like Ohnu's blue mini mouse night suit "Dekha kitna pareshaan karti hai yeh mujhe... Pichle aadhe ghante se mai isse nehlaane ki koshish kar rahi hoon... Par yeh hai ki nakhre dikha rahi hai... Daato toh rone lagti hai... Aur agar bathtub k paas khada karo toh... Jitna isne chalna sikha hai usme bhi bhaag leti hai yeh..." she said wd irritating face while hearing her mother's complain Ohnu hided her face on Armaan's face who giggled seeing the scene only to get a glare in return from Shilpa
"Okay... Sorryyy..." he apologized
"Aap kyun sorry bol rahe hai..." she said wd a sad face "Armaan... Bacche bade hi kyun nai paida hote hai... Dekho kitna tang karke rakhte hai... Maa banana bahoot hi difficult hai..." she whinned like a kid while dropping her head on his shoulder who giggled seeing her face
"Shilpa bacche chote hi ache lagte hai... Varna bacche.. Bacche kaise hote... Mujhe toh bacche chote hi pasand hai" he said in chilled out tone playing wd Ohnu's little fist who giggled at her father's touch
"Tab aap ek kaam kijiye... Aap isse nehlaaiyee... Mai jaa rahi hoon..." saying this in extra sweet tone she turned to go when
"Acha thik hai... Mai isse ready kar dunga... Par at least mujhe iski cheeze toh do..." as he said in calm tone she took a sigh and shaking her head came back beside him who now kneeled on floor
"Nayyyeee... Nayyyeee... Mmumm..." Ohnu shouted at top her lungs as Armaan made her sat inside the bathtub
"Kya huaa... Dr Armaan??" Shilpa asked in teasing tone as she saw his eyes closed coz of Ohnu's voice
"Kch bhi nai huaa... Bas tum mujhe iska towel do..." saying this in calm tone he removed Ohnu's mini mouse t-shirt who now made a sad face "Kya huaa mere baby ko... Papa toh idhar hi hai see... Aur mumma bhi... To sad kyun hai??" caressing her soft hairs which were falling on her forehead he asked in kidish tone on which Ohnu looked at him while blinking her eyes when Shilpa filled bathtub wd water
"Aaa... Mum... Mummaaa... Nayyyee..." seeing the water around her she started shouting making Arsh to close their ears
"Ohnu... Shaant ho jaao..." bending a little Shilpa said in loving tone where as Armaan slowly opened his jogging sweat shirt's zip
"Nayyeee nayyyeee... Nayyyee..." she shaked her head in No while thumping her hands on water making the water splashes land on Armaan and seeing this Shilpa started laughing
"Kya yaar Ohaana..." he made a face removing his grey sweat shirt only to left on his black t-shirt but seeing his face a smile reached on Ohnu's face who stood slowly while holding the edge of bathtub
"Aaa..." she extended her hands in front of him hinting she want to come out which maked him smile who kissed his daughter's palms
"Aap aacept karlo... Aapse nai hoga..." hearing Shilpa's teasing tone a mischievous idea came inside his brain
"Jo bhi ho... Towel do..." saying this in strict voice he looked at his daughter who looked up at her mother
"Maa... Mummmaaa...!!" looking up she opened her arms telling Shilpa to pick her up
"Nai babu... Abhi naayi karlo fir mumma uthaaygi..." saying this lovingly she went to bring her towel
"Muuummm... Aaa..." and now she made a cute sad face making Armaan to kiss her cheek lovingly
"Papa haina fir..." splashing a little water on her face he said in loving tone which maked Ohnu a little startled "Acha ek magic dikhaaun..." mixing the baby gel in water he asked in kidish tone to which she thumped the water by her hands which maked him a little startled by the splashes
"Mujhe nai... Mumma pe try karna vaise bhi hamesha tumhe aur mujhe sunaati hai..." siding the water splashes from her face he said in kidish tone which made her giggle as his hands touched her face "Acha yeh dekho..." as the water became full soapy he picked that up and blew air on it which resulted in bubbles
"Aaa... Yaahh..." Ohnu clapped trying to grab the bubbles happily which maked Armaan chuckled when Shilpa entered wd Ohnu's towel & dry clothes
"Hmmm..." standing beside him she forwarded the towel
"Mere haath geele hain Shilpa... Tumhi ise sukha dena jaise hi mai bahar nikalunga isse..." wdout looking at her he said in calm tone on which shaking her head she kneeled beside him wd the towel where as holding Ohnu he blew air on her face who giggled and repeated the same on him which maked Armaan chuckled and seeing this scene Shilpa giggled adoring them
"Yeh maan gayi nahaane k liye...??" she asked amusingly as she saw Ohnu giggling while catching the bubbles by Armaan's blew
"Nai maani toh nai... Par abhi maan jaaygi..." as he said this in calm tone she looked at him confusedly "Ohnu... Kch masti ho jaaye..." looking at Ohnu he asked in exciting tone to which Ohnu laughed as if saying yes
"Arm..." but her sentence left incomplete shockingly as Armaan threw water on her face from Ohnu's bathtub by his hands which maked her startled while seeing this Ohaana laughed "Armaan... Kya... Hai yeh..??" she looked at him questioningly when he again splashed some water on her following by Ohnu
"Yaaayeee... Aaa..." Ohnu giggled splashing the water on her mumma's face who rubbed her face by her palms
"Come on Shilpa... Hamari beti k liye itna sacrifice toh kar hi sakti ho..." he teased
"Achha aise geele hokar... Yaha aapko Ohnu ko bola tha nehlaane ko... Mujhe nehlaane ko nai" she looked at him angrily who showed his dimpled smile where as now Ohnu was enjoying her bath wd her duckling toy
"Pagal ho gayi ho... Yeh service sirf meri beti k liye hai..." he said in fake serious tone to which she smacked his shoulder "Par tum chaho toh mai personally... Tumhe yeh service de sakta hoon that too in free..." as he said in teasing tone she became red
"Armaaan..." dragging his name she started throwing the water on him who defended himself by his hands then he too started throwing water on her which took Ohnu's interest who also joined them
"Yaaayaaa..." laughing her heart out she started splashing water on them who stopped and looked at their Symbol which made them chuckled... Then still playing wd water they finished their family fun time
Flashback ends
"Pata nai sambhaal bhi paati hogi ki nai... Ohnu ko akele" he mumble softly "Kyaa yaar... Armaan..." getting out from their flashback he shook his head missing them again "Concentrate on Rohan... Uski cheeze lene aaya hai tu..." he said to himself moving another side trying to concentrated on Rohan's baby products... He was buying the things when he heard some whisperings & exciting low voices which made him frowned who slowly turned back at the voices only to left confused seeing some group of girly gang were looking at him excitedly while murmuring something wd each other "Yeh log aise kyun dekh rahe hai..."he tought looking away from them and again started concentrating on the things when a boy bumped wd him which maked a cold drink bottle fell from that boy's hand "Oh Sorryyy... I am really sorryyy..." he aplogized looking at the boy who was staring him wdout any blink "Hmmm... It's your right??" picking up the bottle he forward in polite tone
"Thank you... Mr Armen.." that boy said wd a wide smile on his face while correcting his specks
"Heyyy... How did you got my name..??" Armaan asked in amused tone to which that boy smiled
"Actually... Last night... I saw you in Award show... And you were amazing..." hearing his excited tone Armaan chuckled "Trust me... I have became your fan... Infact my friends also... And now i am planning to become a doctor like you... You are an inspiration for me..." as the boy said this Armaan smiled while keeping the bottle on boy's trolley "And you know what... You rocked last night... I enjoyed last night watching you... Actually I want to watch your interview... Please... Do come..." he was saying n saying which made Armaan to rub his temple for calming himself coz he is getting bored by the boy
"Heyy... What's your name?? Sorry I didn't asked this before??" cutting his sentence he asked in calm tone
"Oh... Yaaah... I am Firat Ahemed... A high school student..." he extended his hand to shake which he shook wd a smile
"Nice to meet you Firat... But I am sorry that I have to live for an important work... So may I...??" asking this in polite tone he put his hands inside his jeans's pockets
"Oh... Yeah sure..." Firat smiled to which he nodded in Yes and moved to go when "Armen..." hearing his voice Armaan turned back at him
"It's Armaan not Armen..." as he corrected Firat smiled
"Oh... Yaaah... Sorry..." he giggled remembering his last night's correction to the anchor
"It's okay... Now tell me why you took my name...??" He asked in calm tone
"Can I take our... Selfee...??" Firat asked hesitatedly on which he opened his mouth to refuse when "Please..." he requested to which he shook his head
"Fine..." nodding in Yes he stood beside him who immediately took out his selfy phone and clicked their Selfee wd a wide smile
"Thank you..." he smiled widely to which forming a smile he walked away from there
"Toh... Kya yehi wajah hai ki sab mujhe ghoor rahen hai..." he thought moving away from that section and concentrated on Rohan's things which took him a whole one hour then he walked on counter for the bill payment... But he noticed everyone whose eyes were fixed on him Yaaah some of them were doing their works but most of them were staring him Infact whispering also "Gosh!! Aise kyun dekh rahen hai yeh log...??" avoiding them he thought when he reached at the counter "Bill... Please..." as he asked this politely the counter girl stared him wdout a blink which maked him to lift his bows questioningly when that counter girl looked at him then on counter table which he also followed only to left surprised seeing a magazine on table where on front page written 'The Young Indian Doctor Achieved the IAA fast achiever award... Armaan Malik...' just above his last night's pic where he have holding the award... As he saw his pic he gotted why everyone is staring at him
"Sir card..." wd a dreamy look the counter girl asked on which he showed a sweet smile and paying the bill moved out from the mall as soon as possible
"God!! Ab mai samjha kyun ghoor rahe the vo log..." throwing the shopping bag inside his car's back seat he sat on driving seat "Phone toh on karna bhool hi gaya..." smacking his head he switched on his phone which showed many missed calls "Rehaan... Dev aur Rohit k missed calls...??" he frowned seeing their number of missed calls from them so starting his car he put on the Bluetooth and called back to Dev "Haa... Dev Kya huaa??" he asked calmly as the call got received from Dev
"Idiot kaha tha tu?? Kabse call kar raha hoon mai...?? Infact Rehaan bhi" hearing Dev's scolding voice he guessed there is something serious
"Yaar... Vo subhe se media waalon ne pareshaan karke rakkha hai... Aur aisa pareshaan kiya hai ki... Armaan se Pareshaan ho gaya hoon mai... Isiliye phone off kiya tha maine... Par tu bata Kya huaa??" answering him he concentrated on road
"Exactly... Media waale... Tujhe pata bhi hai... Subhe se pareshaan karke rakkha hai inhone yaha ghar k bahar... Koi phone karke tere bachpan k baare me jaanana chahta hai toh koi family ka interview... Tang karke rakkha hai yaha sabko... Bahoot mushkil se maine Rishubh aur Rakesh ne sambhaala hai unko..." Dev said frustratedly which maked him to stop his car on side road "Aur itna hi nai... Unhone toh Bhopal me bhi tere ghar k paas yehi kiya... Vo toh accha huaa Rehaan hai vaha handle karne k liye..." as he heard this he became shocked May be this was the reason why Shilpa is not taking up his call?? He thought
"Kya hogaya yaar yeh..." moving his hands inside his hairs he muttered annoyingly
"Tu famous ho gaya aur kyaa... Vaise tujhe pata hai yaha k saare newspapers aur megazines me sirf tere baare me likha hai..." this time Dev spoke in happy tone while sitting on his office's desk
"Mujhe nai pata iske baare me... Par yaad rakh agar koi problem ho toh batana mujhe... Mai tab tak Rehaan se puchta hoon vaha kya ho raha hai..." saying this calmly he looked out of the window
"Rehaan ko chod... Tu direct Shilpa ko kyun nai call kar leta..." he suggested "Vaise bhi ab toh tu vaha jaane hi waala hai next week... Toh baat karne me kya problem hai..." hearing his words Armaan took a sigh
"Haa soch toh mai bhi raha hoon... Par uska phone band aa raha hai... I think yehi media waale reason ki wajah se band kiya hoga usne... Par mujhe samajh yeh nai aa raha ki media ko uska number kaise mila hoga..." he said doubtfully "Vaise bhi... Shayad kal raat usne Call kiya tha.. But mai pick nai kar paaya..." he said in calm tone playing wd his goggles
"Haa toh fir ghar k phone pe try karna... Kya pata koi uthale..." hearing Dev's suggestion he hummed "Aur sunn ab toh usse sach bata hi de... Kyunki bahoot zyada time ho gaya hai... Saath me yeh uska right bhi hai..." as he said this carefully Armaan took a sigh
"Haa... Soch toh raha hoon... Par phone pe nai bataaunga pata nai kaise react karegi... Most important bina puri baat sunne kaat degi toh... Yaa fir negative way me liya na usne Dev... Tab toh mai gaya..." putting his both hands on steering he said in calm tone
"Haa yeh bhi hai... Acha Anita aur Rohan kaise hai??" Dev asked smilingly
"Mast hai... Jaha hi raha hoon unke paas..." wd a smile he replied
"Haa fir jaa... Aur Shilpa se baat kar lena yaad se... Varna der na ho jaaye... Vaise jaha tak mujhe lagta hai vo tujhe maaf toh nai karegi... Kyun ki mai khud tere is decision se agree nai karta..." Dev's words made Armaan to grip the steering tightly thinking about Shilpa's reaction "Par ab jo bhi ho... Jhoot toh tune usse bola hai..." taking a sigh he said
"Jhoot nai bola maine usse..." Armaan immediately snapped "Bas bataya nai hai usse..." this time he said slowly
"Kyunki usse is baat ka koi idea bhi nai hai..." as Dev said this he closed his eyes "Chod vo sab ab... Tu bas apna khyaal rakh aur un dono ka... Aur jaldi India wapas aa..." he said calmly trying to avoid this topic
"Haa... Bye" saying this calmly he hung the call and took out his bluetooth device "Hmmm.." taking a sigh he kept his head on seat post tiredly "Kaisi musibat me fas gaya hoon... Pata nai kaise react karogi tum yeh news sunkar... Par jaha tak mujhe lagta hai tum mujhe maaf toh nai karogi..." he mumble softly looking down at her in his phone then holding his breath he pressed their home's number leaving his breath after all he will hear her voice after two years while his heart was thumping loudly
Few minutes before in Bhopal
"Offo!! Tum dono shaant bhi ho jaao..." a tired Shilpa tried to stop Rehaan-Surbhi's argument over their marriage topic
"Toh tum kehna chahte ho... Ki mai time waste karwaungi... Humaara Nikaah Goa me karwa k..." Surbhi asked in full angry voice while keeping her hands on her waist
"Hum vo nai keh rahe hai... Hum toh bas yeh kehna chahte hai... Ki Goa me nikaah karna ajeeb hai... Hum yehi simple se nikaah kar sakte hai..." Rehaan tried to explain in calm tone
"Rehaan... 12 saal intezaar karne k baad tumhe lagta hai mai ek simple si shaadi karna chaungi..." this time she asked in emotional tone which made Rehaan quiet
"Aapko kya lagta hai kon jeetega...??" looking at Shilpa Ayaan asked wd a smile where as holding her head she just managed to gave him uninterested look "Vaise... Mujhe toh lagta hai Surbhi hi jeetegi..." playing wd a cushion he said in relaxed tone on which Shilpa just put her back on sofa post where they both were sitting witnessing Surbhi-Rehaan's argue over marriage that where should they marry?? Rehaan wants a simple marriage in Bhopal but Surbhi want a grand one that to in Goa coz from twelve years she waited for this day and wants it to cherish their every function forever... They both were arguing since Shilpa is feeling normal who was trying to stop them but got failed when Ayaan brought Ohnu from school he saw Surbhi requesting Rehaan that she wants to marry in Goa but Rehaan refused which resulted their banter So he thought to enjoy but as they both were arguing it maked him irritated now where as Ohnu went for change wd Meethi "Arggghh... Ab mera sar dukh raha hai... In dono ko ladte dekh toh mai jaa raha hoon..." jumping from sofa he said irritadely which maked Shilpa smiled
"Itne me hi yeh haal..." she teased in her weak tone
"Haa... Par aaj hum maan gaye... Yeh nikaah shaadi ki chiz sachme ek problem hai..." as he said annoyingly Shilpa giggled "Aur hum keh rahe hai... Inke official shaadi se pehle inka secret waala divorce kara do... Varna bahoot pachtaayenge yeh log..." saying this he ran from there leaving a smiling Shilpa there who is feeling light now when Ohnu came runningly towards her
"Mummaaa...!!" she said happily coming towards her who smiled seeing her little angel when phone's ring stopped Ohnu who wore baby pink loose top wd denim shorts & pink slippers her hairs are opened in straight but there was two cute white clips were tucked "Mai... Ddekhuun... Pease..." as she asked in cute voice Shilpa giggled nodding in Yes
"Uska... Green button press karna..." Shilpa instructed as Ohnu picked their home's phone from side table which was kept beside sofa and sat near Shilpa who adored her
"Okay mumma..." nodding in yes she pressed the green button "Ello...!!" but as Armaan heard a little girl's voice his sentence disappeared somewhere as if gotted who she is
"Aa... Hh... Hello...!!" he smoehow managed to say this coz of his increasing heartbeat which guessed it must be his own daughter
"Ello... Kon... Bol... Raha hai...??" Ohnu asked in her kidish way which maked him to hold his breath... What he is feeling right now he can't explain as if he have became father second time Ohnu's kidish voice made him to think How she learnt talking coz when he left them she only took few words and now she is speaking!! His condition was like a helpless father who immediately wants to reach to his daughter
"Ohnu vo... Hello hota hai..." Shilpa corrected carressing her head which made Ohnu to pass a cute smile Where as a smile reached on Armaan's face whose eyes became moist hearing Shilpa's voice which he heard after two years
"Hello... Kya mai Miss Ohaana Malik se baat kar sakta hoon...??" composing himself he asked in contented tone but there was a small smile was playing on his lips
"Mumma... Mere liye... Ohne hai..." as Ohnu said this a chuckle escaped from his mouth hearing his daughter so innocent
"Ohnu phone hota hai... Kitni baar mai tumhe samjhaaun..." holding her head Shilpa corrected again in tired tone coz of Surbhi-Rehaan's argument "Par tumhaare liye kiska phone ho sakta hai... Naam pucho..." she said wd a frown to which Ohnu nodded in Yes
"Mumma... Puch rahi hai... Aapka naam... Kya hai...??" like a obident daughter Ohnu followed her mumma's words which made him smile who thought to say her or not that he is her father but he knew on phone he would miss her expressions so he thought for another reason "Mumma... Pp... Pphone... So gaya..." looking up at Shilpa she said in her cute tone as she didn't heard from other side but hearing it a smile reached on Arsh's face at the same time
Tere deedaar ka
Yeh dewaana huaa...
"Buddhu... Phone kabhi sota bhi hai kya... Do mujhe mai dekhti hoon..." saying this a smile she took the phone from her hand who started playing wd her teddy which was kept on sofa where as Armaan's heartbeat skipped as he heard Shilpa's words "Hello...!!" in a polite tone she attended the call but Armaan's condition was an emotional one hearing her That's why he didn't wanted to talk her or hear her voice coz he knew already that he will became more vulnerable hearing her voice that to when she was not around him See now he started missing her "Offoo...!! Yeh dono chup kyun nai ho jaate..." Shilpa held her head as saw Rehaan-Surbhi fighting which also took Armaan's attention who came out from his reveries
"Shi..." but he couldn't got to complete his sentence hearing her voice from other side
"Ohnu tum phone pakdo... Mai dekhti hoon in dono ko.." saying this she gave the phone to Ohaana who looked down at the phone then up at mother who stood to stop Rehaan-Surbhi "Ab tum dono chup raho... Mera sar dukh raha hai... Aur jo bukhaar thik huaa hai... Vo tum dono ki wajah se aur badh gaya hai... So thank you" crossing her arms she said in fake sarcastic tone just to make them quiet who looked down on floor like culprits
"Sorryyy..." they both apologized in union tone which maked her smile who shaking her head back sat on sofa again but she didn't knew that Armaan heard this
"Did she said Bukhar??" he thought confusedly coz he didn't heard clearly but some of words he heard
"Mummaa... Aapko... Ever hai...??" moving closer to Shilpa Ohnu asked in kidish tone still holding the phone
"Vo fever hota hai babu..." pinching her nose she corrected which maked her giggle "Aur mumma bilkul thik hai... Ab" taking her on her lap she said in cutest tone which Armaan also heard
"Haww... Mumma aap toh... Bbb... Bahoot... Hh.. Hot ho..." as she said in her kidish tone feeling her mother's body hot Surbhi laughed loudly hearing it while Rehaan giggled even Shilpa too giggled where as Armaan smiled lightly hearing her words but still was worried for Shilpa's health
"Aapko nai pata... Aapki mumma bahoot hot hai..." sitting beside the duo Surbhi said in teasing tone making Shilpa to shot her a glare
"Bhabhi... Aap araam karo... Hum doctor ko laate hai..." As Rehaan said this Shilpa & Surbhi both looked at her amusingly
"Bhool gaye kya...??" Shilpa asked wd a giggle on which he narrowed his eyes where as Surbhi was laughing already "Buddhu... Tum khud hi ek doctor ho aur dusre ko bulaaoge..." saying this wd a giggle she shook her head while Rehaan felt embaressed "Koi nai... Hota hai hota hai..." hearing her meaningful tone Rehaan smiled and gripped her wrist firmly checking her nerves who gave Ohnu to Surbhi
"Aree Ohnu... Phone band nai kiya" looking down on Ohnu who is sitting on her lap holding the phone Surbhi asked in kidish tone
"Nai... Par mumma... Ko bbbahot tez... Fffee.. Fever hai??" looking up at Surbhi she asked innocently which made Armaan's heartbeat skipped hearing this
"Nai beta vo toh bilkul thik hai.." saying this she hung up the phone which made Armaan disappoint coz he wanted to know Is she alright??
"Damm... Phone rakh diya..." cursing it he kept his head on seat post wd closed eyes recalling the times wd sigh which he spent wd her those eight years of them which still looks fresh.. Like he remembered once she was ill and was only ordering him for her stupid demands when they newly gotted to know she was pregnant

Aye mere humnava
Maine ki hai duaa...
"Armaan mujhe movie dekhni hai..." she almost ordered throwing the blanket from her
"Shilpa... Tumhe koi bhi baat thik se samajh me kyun nai aati..." pulling again the blanket on her who made a face pushing it again
"Nai sunni mujhe..." saying this stubbornly she stood on bed only to held her head in next second making him worried who also stood on bed
"See... Maine kaha tha na... Aao baitho..." helding her wrist firmly he made her sat on bed who looked at him weakly
"Par aaj halloween hai Armaan..." keeping her head on his shoulder she whinned
"Toh..." caressing her hairs he said lovingly
"Toh... Matlab mujhe ek Horror movie dekhni hai... Vo bhi full halloween mood me" clutching his t-shirt tightly she said in her weak tone making him chuckled
"Dekhte... Par kya haina... Tumhe iswaqt araam ki zaroorat hai... Ab tum bimaar jo thairi..." parting her slowly he said in calm tone to which she pouted
"Mai jaan bujhkar thodi hui bimaar" she said wd grumpy look
"Haa... Raat ko baarish me toh mai bheega naa.." correcting her red jacket's collar he taunted in calm tone making her smacked on his chest lightly
"Armaan... Please.." she requested wd her puppy face which can't ignore
"Okay... Par meri kuch conditions hai..." tucking her flicks he said wd a smile
"Kya??" she frowned to which he moved down from bed
"Yehi ki tum movie k baad tum chup chap so jaaogi... Aur jo mai kahunga vo khaogi" as he said this she thought for sometimes then like an obident wife nodded in Yes
"Done..!!" she smiled "Mai ready ho jaaun..." she said smilingly making him chuckled coz first time in History she insisted to go out for movie
"Lekin usse pehle chalo tum dinner karo... Coz i can't trust you... Aane k baad tum mukar sakti ho..." bending to her level he said in calm tone on which she made a face
"Par mujhe... Cheese pizza khaana hai..." hearing her cute tone he shook his head
"Pehle thoda sa dinner karlo...Then hum tumhaari horror movie dekhenge cheese pizza k saath... Bas aage kch nai" saying this in stern voice he extended his hand towards her who wd pouted lips held his hand and carefully moved down from bed... Dinner was disaster for her who just ate for his force but she ate in little amount then she took a glass of juice reluctantly and after that Armaan said to her to get ready for movie but seeing her weak condition he dropped that idea infact She herself said she didn't wanted to go But Armaan knew she was excited soo making her laye in their room he came back in lounge excusing her that he forgot his phone... And wdin fifteen minutes he arranged a sofa come bed wd cushions & one warm blanket he also arranged some popcorns wd one hot coffee for himself and juice for her (Cold drinks were risky for her health) then putting a PD in LED screen he played a Horror Hollywood movie 'Conjuring 2' but pausing it he switched off the lights only lefting the two blue night bulbs on then he ran inside the room to call her who have now changed herself in gray transparent loose shirt & pink shorts till her knees while he was still in his white shirt wd black t-shirt underneath & brown colour half pant till his knees
"Armaan... Aap phone lene gaye the ki... Invent karne..." she taunted as he entered in room
"Dono... Acha chalo tumhe kch dikhaana hai..." walking towards her he said in calm tone making her frowned who just made her hairs in a pony
"Par mujhe toh..." but she didn't got complete her sentence coz he lifted her up in his arms "Armaan mai gir jaaungi..." she said scaredly wd her closed eyes but he didn't said a word and took her out from their room then swiftly made her sat on the sofa come bed which made her to open her eyes slowly feeling herself on soft bed but as she saw the dark she got a little scared when Armaan sat beside her calmly "Armaan... Yeh sab...??" she looked at him surprisingly when he held her one hand
"Aisa kabhi ho sakta hai... Ki tum kuch kaho aur mai pura na karoon... Impossible" interlocking their fingers he pulled the blanket on them while saying this to her who smiled shyly feeling herself lucky to have him in her life
"Matlab hum movie dekhenge...??" gripping his arm she asked in excited voice to which he kissed her temple mumbling Yes "Wow..!! Horror waali..??" hearing her excited tone he shook his head
"Haa par... Tab tak jab tak tum darogi nai... Lekin agar tum dari toh movie mai change kar dunga... Coz it's risky for our baby..." he warned while arranging some cushions around her so that it will comfortable for her who nodded in Yes wd a smile "Udhar juice rakkha hai peelo... Aur popcorns bhi hai toh enjoy karo aur haa... Maine Pizza order kiya tha... But unhone kaha ki raat bahoot zyada ho chuki hai aur uper se thad bhi bahoot hai toh unka aana impossible hai..." he informed while picking his phone where as she became confused
"Kyun dobaara juice mere liye... Aur apne liye coffee... Usse bhi important aap toh aise keh rahe hai... Jaise mai movie akele dekhungi..." wd her cute anger she questioned making him to took a sigh
"Juice is liye kyun ki vo healthy hoga tumhaare liye coz dinner toh tumne kiya nai toh yeh toh tumhe peena padega... Aur mai yeh movie dekh chuka hoon toh mai phone me busy rahunga... But haa mai tumhaare saath yehi hoon..." he answered calmly making her angry eho snatched his phone "Shi..." but he was quiet by her pointed finger
"Agar aap mere saath hai toh sirf mere saath rahiye... Baaki koi bhi cheez nai honi chahiyee..." warning him she sat back at her place while keeping his phone away from him who chuckled
"Meri line mujhpe hi... Not fair..." he taunted wd a smile
"You deserve this..." she retorted wd her crossed arms while looking away from him who smiled keeping his hands around her shoulder
"Vaise desrve toh mai kiss karta hoon itna sab karne k liye... Par koi baat nai... Aadat hai tumhaari Naa sunne ki" hearing his words she looked at him wd pouted lips who opened her mouth to argue when "Movie dekhte hain... Varna late ho jaayga" he immediately diverted her mind while playing the movie by remote which made her quiet but as she saw the name of the movie her eyes widened "Kya huaa dar gayi...??" he asked in teasing tone to which she looked at him happily
"Nai.. Infact aapne toh kaafi dangerous movie choose ki... Jo mujhe dekhni thi.. Wow!! Maza aayga ab toh..." hearing her excited tone his smile faded who rubbed his temple to calm himself coz here he had thought seeing the movie she will get scared and will stay closer to him but instead it backfired him "I love you Armaan..." saying this smilingly she kissed his neck then gripping his arm she kept her head on his shoulder who shook his head and tried to look somewhere else coz he is getting bored... After one hour of watching the movie Shilpa started getting scared while Armaan was watching the scenes calmly coz he has already watched this movie when he felt her nails dig inside his arm who looked down only to find his wife's face scared wd her one eye closed watching the erotic scene
"Miss Bollywood naa... Ajeeb hi hai... Logo ki wife romantic filme dekhne k liye force karti hain... Yaha meri wife horror dekhne k liye force kar rahi thi... Aur ab dekho dar bhi rahi hai..." he thought wd a smile while staring her face who was making faces as per the scenes
"Huhh!!" she gasped as she saw something very dangerous in movie
"Kya huaa...??" he asked in teasing tone to which she gulped
"Kuch bhi toh nai..." she replied in fake normal tone moving more closer to him who grinned
"Acha..." saying this normally he started playing wd the popcorns while her all strongness went into gutter as she was watching the scenes and when she felt she can't watch ahead she looked away from the screen trying to concentrate on other side but seeing dark around her she got more scared So she immediately looked at Armaan who was doing juggling wd the popcorns
"Armaan... Kiss me..." hearing her sudden desparate voice popcorns fell from his hands who wd a shocked looked at her
"What??" shock was clearly written on his face
"Offo!! Armaan... Maine kaha kiss me..." she almost ordered him who still didn't believed
"I think... Bukhar sar par chad gaya hai..." checking her forehead he said only to get a glare in return "Okay.. I don't mind..." he said wd a teasing smile moving closer to her who was trying hard to erase that eroctic scenes from her mind "I think movie dekh k dar gayi... Vaise mujhe yehi toh chahiyee tha" he thought smilingly then moving closer to her he cupped her face carefully who pulled him more closer by his open shirt when he blew air on her face making her more annoy who wdout wasting any second took him in a soulfull kiss which was another surprised for him but he gotted she was getting scared so she wants to divert her mind which was not that bad infact it is best for him who panted hard after the kiss "Dar lag raha hai...??" cupping her face he asked wd a satisfying smile to which she nodded in No wd clossed eyes making him confused "Fir...??" he asked confusedly to which she moved away from him a little
"Bas mood kiya..." replying him nonchantingly she again started watching the movie while taking popcorn bowl on her lap
"What???" he was shocked at her reply who giggled at his face
"Haa... Mujhe mann kiya toh keh diya..." eating her popcorns she said coolly making him to stare her in disbelief
"Unbelievable..." he shook his head while taking his phone back from her calmly where as she again got engrossed in movie... Ten minutes passed Armaan was busy on his phone playing a game while Shilpa's head started paining so she looked at him but finding him busy a smile reached her lips who dropped her head on his shoulder while closing her eyes and after few minutes he got wd his game so he thought for something else to timepass but as he saw His Chidchidi wife is sleeping peacefully holding his hand he smiled who carefully kept the popcorn bowl on side table "Movie abhi khatam bhi nai hui aur yeh soo rahi hai... Great hai yeh" he mumbled smilingly while making her laye on bed carefully and pulling the blanket above her he switched off the TV
"Umm... Armaan please... Sone do" hearing her mumble in sleepy tone he chuckled while laying beside her who snuggled closer to him
"Ek toh fever... Uper se horror bhi dekh chuki... Aur ab so gayi direct... Kitne nakhre hai meri biwi k" he thought smilingly stretching his arms when she kept her head on his chest who engulfed her into him and kissed her forehead "Bas jaldi se tum bahar aa jao... Fir milke iski band bajaayenge..." caressing her stomach he whispered softly feeling very excited to become a father when he observed a frown on Shilpa's forehead may be something is disturbing her So he carefully opened her hairs from pony making her to feel relax while looking up he started thinking about their future wd their child and when he dozed off he didn't realised
Flashback ends
"I am missing you Shilpa..." he muttered wd moist eyes looking at the front road after coming out from flashback "Hmm..." a sigh came out of the depth of his heart "Rehaan ko call karke puchta hoon..." he thought picking his phone again
"Acha bhabhi aap aaraam karo... Kaafi tez bukhar lag raha hai..." Rehaan said politely after checking her who smiled
"Mai kar lungi... Pehle yeh batao... Tum maane ki nai Goa k liye...??" hearing her question Rehaan smiled
"Option nai hai... Sivaaye manane k" as he joked she giggled and they both looked at Surbhi who is making Ohnu to eat her lunch sitting on lunch table "Ab aap jaao aaraam karne..." he said smilingly to which nodding in Yes she passed a sweet smile to him and carefully stood up while Rehaan helped her to walk in her bedroom where she slept immediately coz of weakness when Rehaan's cell phone rang who carefully closed the door "Haa bhaijaan..." moving out from there he asked in normal tone
"Rehaan... Shilpa thik toh haina...??" hearing his direct question about Shilpa made Rehaan a little surprised
"Haa... Bhaijaan... Bhabhi thik hai..." Rehaan didn't wants Armaan get worried so he lied
"Rehaan jhoot mat bol..." starting his car he said in calm tone which maked Rehaan gulped coz he can never lie to Armaan
"Sorryy bhaijaan... Actually bhabhi ko bahoot tez bukhar hai... Shayad kal raat se hai vo toh Surbhi jab subhe ghar me aayi toh Meethi ne bataya unke baare me... Tabse hum sab yehi hai... Haa ammi Nazma ko airport lene gayi hai" in an instant he blurted out which maked Armaan more worried for her
"Abhi kaisi hai vo...??" concentrating on road he asked in calm tone
"Abhi thik hain vo... Bas andar room me aaraam kar rahin hai... Aap fikar mat karo hum sab hain yaha... Aur vaise bhi next week aap bhi aa jaaoge... Tab sab thik hoga..." hearing his words Armaan shook his head in helplessness
"Haa... Par sunn koi bhi problem ho... Toh plzz mujhe bataana... Aur mere aane tak media waalo ko sambhaal lena... Please yaar" he almost requested which made Rehaan smiled
"Ji..." he nodded in Yes smilingly
"Chal fir apna khayaal rakh.. Baad me baat karta hoon... Bye" bidding him bye he hung up the phone "Dammm... Chah k bhi nai jaa sakta vaha... Aur uper se tickets next week ki flight ki hai... Yehi se kuch sochna padega..." hitting his hand on the steering he said in helplessness "Par kya...??" speeding his car he started thinking When a light smile came on his face remembering their moments
Sunn raha yeh zameen
Sunn raha aasmaan...
"Tumhe dekhne ka mann kar raha hai yaar..." looking outside the window he said wd a sad smile feeling this chilly weather "Pata nai kitni badi hui hogi Ohnu... Uski awaaz kitni cute thi..." he thought refreshing his own flesh's voice which was only making him desperate to see them as soon as possible 'Mera naam Shilpa hai... Bracelet nai samjhe...' he chuckled remembering her angry glare 'Khud ko bahoot smart samajhte ho...??' he shook his head smilingly taking his car on some greenery place he revind her warnings 'Armaaan...' whenever she dragged his name her face become more adorable not to forget her pouted lips... The way her emerald eyes stares him was running inside his brain who stopped his car on a cliff from where the sea can clearly seen which was in color of Aqua taking a sigh he moved out from his car and sat on the front hood of the car 'MAI HI PAGAL THI JO AAPSE.. PYAAR KAR BAITHI...' he smiled remembering her confession which was very different from first one in fact the true one 'Armaan aap har baar aisa hi karte ho... Jab zaroorat hoti hai to nai hote...' her every words were rang inside his brain who laid on car's front glass staring up the blue sky wd a smile while keeping his hands under his head when something flashed inside his brain something from very far

Aye mere humnava
Maine ki hai duaa...
"Armaan... Aap plz aisa mat boliye... Aapko kyun lagta hai ki mujhe aapki jarurat nai hai.." she whispered softly still hugging him
"Kyun na lage... Bracelet.. Tumhe mujhe chod kar sab dikhte hai.. In fact shayad tum mere saath reh bhi nai sakti" he moved from the hug frustratedly making her almost frightened
"Armaan aapko aisa kyun lagta hai..." she sobbed moving towards him wd slow steps "Main nai jaanti ki aapko aisa kyun lagta hai... But sach to yeh hai ki.. Main.." she whispered slowly while playing wd his shirt's button where as Armaan was only staring at her confusedly trying to understand her words "Main aapke bina nai reh sakti..." saying this wd moist eyes she looked up at him whose ears didn't believed what it just heard "Aap jahan... Main vaha" she sniffed staring up at him and hugged him slowly moving her hands on his back who was totally confused whether to smile or cry at her almost confession
"Tum sirf keh rahi ho... Agar main kahunga mere saath chalne k liye.. Toh tum mana kar dogi.." he spoke innocently while hugging her back which made her shook her head in No
"I promise... Main aapke saath hi rahungi.." moving her head back she looked at his face who had a smile on his face
"Soch lo... Koi nai hoga vaha pe... Sirf main aur tum rahenge.. Na Mom-Dad na Dada-Dadi na hi Dev aur specially tumhari Aditi.." he said wd a grin on his face while tucking her hair behind her ear who looked down for some minutes then looked up at him
"Chalega..." she replied innocently which made Armaan chuckle
"Chalega.." he asked teasingly while pulling her closer to which she nodded in Yes "Oyyee Hoyyee... Kya baat hai wify kuch hi pal me improvement... Great.." he commented in teasing way which made her smile "But ek problem hai.." as he said in fake serious tone she looked at him frowningly
"Kya problem..??" she asked wd a frown
"Vo kya haina... Ab koi faida nai hai jaane ka... Kyun ki..." he wrapped his both hands around her waist bringing her closer to himself while her hands rested on his chest staring up at him confusedly "Kyun ki ab mera mood nai hai jaane ka... Main yehi rahunga.." he answered wd a smile which made her smile too
"Kyun par..??" she asked confusedly but from heart she is very happy
"Kyun ki... Saas b kabhi bahu thi.." he answered which made her to smack his chest lightly while dragging his name who chuckled
Flashback ends
"Kaash isbar toh rok leti tum..." he mumble staring up at the sky but yes there was smile on his face 'Duniya ki saari ladkiyo se kya matlab hai aapka?' he chuckled remembering her J-factor looks 'Apni pyaari Tanu se keh dena... Vo bana degi yaa fir bahar se kha k aa jaana... Yaa Meethi se keh dena vo bana degi... Par mujhe mat bolna kuch' God!! She was roaming inside his brain who closed his eyes for capturing her looks

In Night time
"Mumma... Mai aapko ek... Ttoory... Sunaaun.." sitting on her mumma's lap Ohnu asked in her kiddish tone
"Nai babu... Ab aap so jaao... Raat bahoot ho chuki haina..." caressing Ohnu's hairs she cuddled her who smiled tucking her mother's hairs behind just like Armaan
"Par kal toh... Hol... Holi... Day.. Hai... Aur parso bhi..." she looked at Shilpa wd her cute frowned which maked Shilpa to kiss her cheek
"Haa hai... Par acche bacche time se so jaate hai... Aur time se uthate hai... Yeh good manners hote hai..." making her laye on bed Shilpa pulled the comforter up on her and sat beside her when
"Boww bowww..." hearing Shao Pao & Toy's loud barks they both looked down only to find them fighting
"Mumma... Yeh dono fir shuru ho gayye..." Ohnu giggled which made Shilpa smile who put her teddies near her
"Acha mai in dono ko shaant karaati hoon... Tum so jaao..." moving out from the bed she said in loving tone
"Nai mumma.. Ohnu aapke saath soyegi... Aur aapko... Ffeeever hai... Toh..." in her cute strict tone she said to Shilpa who smiled
"Haa baba... Mumma aapke saath hi soyegi... Aur mumma bilkul thik hai... Toh don't worryy... Bas in dono ko shaant kara doon... Fir aati hoon.." she said in kiddish tone
"Okay..." Ohnu nodded in Yes on which Shilpa giving a flying kiss to her she kneeled on floor near the dogs
"Aur tum dono... Kyun lad rahe ho..." picking Toy up she asked in kiddish tone while seeing this Shao Pao became jealous
"Bowww..." Shao Pao started jumping while pulling Shilpa's skirt's hem which made her giggle who wore a navy blue full sleeves loose top tucked in peacock green chiffon long skirt
"Haa tum bhi... Baba..." she giggled picking both of them on her arms and stood up
"Mumma... Aapko pata hai... Aaj.. Maine Twoo... Twooo... Flends banaye..." Ohnu's voice made her looked back at her
"Vo friends hota hai..." Shilpa corrected again making both of the little creatures laye on their baskets
"Haa... Fffreeinds..." sitting up she repeated in her cute tone which made Shilpa smiled
"Accha kya naam hai unka...??" she asked smilingly while making Shao Pao laye on his basket who was not in mood to sleep where as Toy was sleeping soundlessly
"Diya... Aur... Janvi..." she replied wd wide smile while hugging her teddy tightly
"Wow...!!" Shilpa smiled looking at her while Shao Pao jumped out of the basket "Aree tum kaha...??" picking up him again she asked in cute tone who nuzzled her face on her hands "Lagta hai bilkul neend nai aa rahi tumhe nai...??" stooding up wd Shao Pao on her arms she smiled
"Mumma... Mujhe bhi nai... Aaa rahi hai... Neennu..." as she Ohnu's words she giggled while Ohnu stood on bed
"Toh fir aao hum teeno walk pe chale..." she said in loving tone
"Haa..." Ohaana said happily while trying to move down from bed and seeing this Shilpa helped her
"Acha thik hai.. Jao apne slippers pehen lo.. Aur jacket bhi... Phir chalte hai..." as Ohnu stood on floor she said smilingly to which Ohnu ran for her slippers & jacket "Ohnu maarungi... Daudogi toh..." she said in warning tone dropping Shao pao down who jumped happily which made Toy disturbed who woke up
"Bowww..." Toy barked signalling Shilpa that he wants to come
"Haa baba tum bhi..." Shilpa said smilingly on which they both started roaming around her who wd a giggle slide backyard's door
"Mummaa... Mai aa gayi..." Ohnu came runningly towards her mother who smiled seeing her daughter ready for walk Ohnu wore a flowery plum color knee length frok wd voilet color leather jacket above it and pink sandles


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