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Part 63: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"True love never dies it only gets stronger with time"

"Mummaa... Mai aa gayi..." Ohnu came runningly towards her mother who smiled seeing her daughter ready for walk Ohnu wore a flowery plum color knee length frok wd voilet color leather jacket above it and pink sandles
"Awww... Aa gaya mera baby... Aao..." forwarding her hand in front of her Shilpa said in loving tone making Ohnu giggle while helding her mother's index finger and they four moved in garden area where the cold wind touched her skin which made her body shivered coz she is still not recovered from her fever she was pretending normal just for Ohnu who was hell worried for her mother in evening in fact Surbhi-Rehaan also whom she forced to go coz they both were not ready untill she said Meethi will be wd her till tomorrow and that convinced the both So now Meethi is sleeping in servants quarter and she is here wd her little family "Ohnu... Use mat touch karo..." She scolded as Ohnu touched a flower
"Kyun... Mumma...??" running back to her mumma she asked innocently

"Kyunki raat ko jaise aap sote ho... Plants bhi sote hai.. Toh agar aap unhe disturb karoge toh unki neend toot jaaygi" correcting Ohnu's skirt she answered in same tone
"Ohh... Toh mai sorryy bolun unko...??" she asked innocently which made Shilpa smile
"Nai nai... Vo so rahen haina... Toh disturb ho jaayenge" Shilpa replied gripping her little hand and started walking
"Okay mumma..." she nodded cutely making Shilpa giggle and they both started walking when Ohnu observed the stars "Mumma... tars... Uper kyun hote hai..??" the duo were walking in garden when Ohnu asked in her kiddish tone while Toy & Shao Pao were playing wd each other near them
"Pehle toh vo stars hote hai... Aur dusre... Stars neeche bhi hote hai..." correcting her she answered smilingly
"Neeche... Kaha mumma... Mujhe toh nai dikhte..." she asked another question to which Shilpa started thinking for some answer
"Aree... Vo jab aap bade ho jaaoge... Tab dikhega..." she replied in cute tone on which Ohnu looked up at her confusedly
"Matlab... Aapke jaisi..." as she asked cutely Shilpa chuckled while they were walking on grass
"Haa... Bilkul..." Shilpa nodded in Yes smilingly making Ohnu to think for something "Kya huaa..??" sitting on bench she made Ohnu to sat beside her
"Mumma... Mai... Aapke jaisi.. Kab... Banungi...??" her question made Shilpa giggle
"Jab aap... Apna lunch breakfast Dinner sab time pe khaaoge... Aur acche baccho ki tarah good manners sikhoge tab bade ho jaaoge... Fir mere jaise ban jaaoge.." hugging her she answered lovingly who smiled while Shao Pao & Toy both got tired of playing so they both sat near Shilpa's leg
"Ooohh..." she nodded in Yes making a smart look which made Shilpa smiled who caressed her hairs lovingly "Accha mumma... Ssstt... Staaars... Sirf night me kyun dikhte hai... Day me kyun nai??" hearing her another question Shilpa shook her head
"Kyunki stars... Sun k saath hide n seek khelti hai isliye..." she replied cutely
"Toh... Toh sun ne... Abhi tak usko nai pakda...??" in her kiddish tone Ohnu asked another question which made Shilpa to held her head
"Uff!! Kitna question karti hai yeh..." she thought "Haa.. Kyunki stars bahoot smart hai... Ohnu ki tarah" she replied wd a smile on which Ohnu smiled widely
"Sachme mumma...??" she asked happily on whoch Shilpa gave a nod in Yes making her to hug her mom who chuckled at her gesture "Acha mumma... Mai aapko ek... Poo... Poem... Sunaaun...??" looking up at her mother she asked in her innocent tone
"Haa zarur... Mai bhi toh dekhun... Mere baby ko kya kya aata hai..." kissing her head lovingly she corrected her jacket as she saw Ohnu rubbing her arms
"Okay mumma..." Ohnu smiled and started singing her poem in her kidish stuttering tone which was making Shilpa adored her baby more coz she is learning everything so fast and as she finished Shilpa clapped
"Wow!! Mera baby kitna smart hai..." she praised kissing her cheeks who showed her dimples... After few minutes of spending the time in garden Shilpa brought them back in room where they three got retired to their beds while balancing herself Shilpa locked all the doors properly then came back in room only to find Ohnu's room's light opened

"Yeh ladki na... Saari cheeze idhar udhar rakh deti hai aur mujhe dhundhna padta hai..." as she entered in room she found her all toys scattered around the bed So shaking her head she put all the things back on their places and was about to moved out when she felt weakness inside her "Aaahhh..." she held her head while sitting on Ohnu's little bed "Hmmm... I think sab kuch thik karke so jaati hoon..." she layed on bed closing her eyes Coz of her throbbing head pain when she opened her eyelids only to find Ohnu & Armaan's cute pic on the wall which made her sat up slowly and her head looked around all the pics on wall... Pulling her legs up she put her chin on her knees wd moist eyes "Kab aaoge Armaan..." she mumble sadly looking at his pic "Yeh kamra mujhe aapke bina ready karna pada... Armaan" she closed her eyes remembering the times which she spent wdout him Spcly this room which was decorated wd Toys Girly stuffs & their pics... Actually when she came back here three months ago she left speechless seeing the room which have everything related from 3 to 5 years kid but only girly stuffs it was decorated wd soft toys & balloons A small soft bed was put in the middle of the room It also have a wardrobe made up of glass & wood which stored all the necessary things for Ohaana but the thing which attracted Shilpa was the walls which were painted like a princess's room Castle unicorns Princess etc. And just above the bed a big wall photo was hanged it was Ohnu's one year pic Shilpa was dumbfounded seeing the room Not to forget on side wall it was written in Bold letter that 'Welcome My Princess Ohaana' it made her emotional also loved the room even Ohnu loved the room too in fact she was soo happy at that time She knew who had done this then also she asked for confirmation which Steve confirmed that Armaan phoned three days before and ordered them to decorate the room the way he sent a video that time she felt he still love them and was fulfilling all the responsibilities even he was not wd them... It was the same small room which Armaan made during their home renovation inside their room and now it is called Ohaana's room but she didn't sleep here coz she always sleep wd her mother feeling alone but her all necessary things are here only even Shilpa decorated the room wd their pictures but most of it were of Ohnu & Armaan... The thing Shilpa missed is Armaan coz she fears what if Ohnu will not accept her father?? "Sab meri galti hai... Mujhe hi nai jaane dena chahiyee tha Armaan ko..." she mumbled in cracked voice staring at space "Har baar yehi karti hoon mai..." she sniffed cursing herself while remembering her past mistakes which she did in past also
Sunn raha yeh zameen
Sunn raha aasmaan...
"Bracelet..." He gripped her wrist which made her to turned at him who moved closer to her slowly "Vo mujhe tumse kuch puchna aur kehna tha...??" he asked hesitatingly where as she was just staring at him confusedly "Bolun...??" he asked carefully looking at her who gave a nod in Yes
"Haaa kahiye..." she replied wd a small smile where as he still held her hand
"Vo... Main kal thik shaadi k baad wapas jaa raha hoon..." he spoke in slow voice observing her reaction over it which she was showing her shocked look
"Kya.?? Par kyun... I mean abhi toh aap aaye the... Aur abhi..??" she asked still in shock look not giving him any chance to answer
"Ssshhh...Yaar mujhe bolne toh dogi..." he gritted his teeth while controlling his temper which was making him angry coz she didn't gave him chance to explain
"Kya bolne doon mai aapko Armaan kya..." she yelled on him wd moist eyes making Armaan a little surprised "Aapko kya lagta hai... Aap jab chahe tab chod k jaa sakte hai aur jab chahe tab aa sakte hai... Mmera kya.. Armaan..." she sniffed emotionally which made him to move closer to her wd a smile coz he can see a that glimpse of love on her face
"Mera kya Bracelet...??" he asked softly while making her look at him by helding her chin "Kya tumhara..??" this was whispered in dazed tone where as a tear escaped from her eyes which made him to wipe wd his thumb "Bologi nai..." he again asked wd a small smile which made her to close her eyes emotionally while he understood her silence who softly removed some flicks from her face and bend his head towards her lips widin a seconds her lips was under his control who took her lips into his in a passionate kiss She clutched his shirt tightly wd her fists which was on his chest pulling him more closer to her where as Armaan moved his one hand on her bare waist pulling her closer while his other hand was put on her cheek they both kissed like craving from ages her hands lightly tried to pushed him who understood she is out of breath so he left her lips slowly making her head fall on his chest while taking long deep breaths wd her eyes closed feeling satisfied where as Armaan's hands automatically circled around her waist from where he pulled her closer still wd closed eyes both can feel the heartbeat of each other
"Bracelet..." he whispered softly on her hairs who opened her eyes slowly and moved back from the hug staring down shyly "Main janta hoon... Ki main tumhe akela chod k gaya tha... But maine tumse pucha bhi tha" he slowly said while taking her hands in his slowly "Aur main aaj bhi wohi puchta hoon... Kya tum mere saath aaogi...??" he asked hopefully staring at her who was totally confused whether to say Yes or No "Bracelet... Isse pehle tum bohoot kuch socho... Let me remind you... Ki tumhari sabse pehli priority main hoon... Toh tumhe mere saath aana hi padega" pointing his finger at her stubbornly he directly said making her looked at him scaredly
"Par Armaan.." she whispered slowly staring at him who made a face
"Par var chodo... Direct bolo tum aaogi ki nai??" he asked in serious tone while entwining their fingers making her gasped "Bolo...??" he probed further
"Armaan.. Yaha par Mummy ji Daddiji hai... Dada ji - Dadi ji aur Aditi - Dev hai unka kya... Main aise kaise jaa sakti hu... Sabko chod k.." she answered softly yet not from her heart coz she was only thinking about his family which made him to leave her fingers hurtfully
"Yaa right aur main kuch nai... Haina?" he asked in hurt tone staring deep at her who didn't knew what to say to him
"Nai aisa nai hai... Vo sab kya kahenge Armaan... I mean main aise kaise jaa sakti hu... Sab yaha par hai.. Aur main vaha... Mai kabi nai..." she refused slowly which made him angry and he jerked her angrily towards him by her shoulders who gulped seeing his anger for the first time
"Main to tumhare liye kuch nai hoon... Haina" he gritted his teeth "Tumhe sabki parwa hai... Bas ek main hi to hoon jo tumhare liye koi importance nai rakhta... You know what let it be.. Mat aao mai reh lunga tumhaare bina" leaving her slowly he moved some steps back
"Nai... Armaan main to bas sabke liye soch rahi thi... Vo aapki family hai... Aur agar main bhi chali gayi toh unke saath kon rahega... Bas" she said wd fear in her voice fisting her hand tightly and hearing her voice Armaan cooled down his anger while rubbing his face wd his hands realising she is scared of his anger
"I am sorry..." he whispered softly while walking closer to her "Thoda u know gusse me aagya tha..." he spoke gently taking her hands in his
"It's ok.." she whispered softly and hugged him tightly who responded back
"Soch lo... Is baar to sahi salamat aa gaya... But kya pata agli baar... Aaun toh affair waffair ho..." he teased wd grin still hugging her who moved back staring at him
"Chalega... Kya pata mera bhi koi affair ho yaha.." she retorted wd light smile on her face which maked him chuckled
"Yaa right Affair vo bhi tumhara..." he shook his head smilingly
"What do u mean..??" she smacked on his arm who rubbed pulling her towards him playfully
"I mean to say... Agar hamari shaadi nai hui hoti... Yaa fir karayi nai gayi hoti... Tum toh zindagi bhar knuwari rehti..." he answered giving her fake serious look who hit him again "Awwe Bracelet lagti hai yaar.. Tum na" he pulled her by her hands who giggled seeing him "Bahot hassi aa rahi hai na tumhe..." he asked teasingly as he saw her still not stopping her giggles
"Haa to aapne jo bola... Uske liye you deserve it..." she freed her hands from his grip and crossed her arms which made Armaan to shook his head while pulling her again closer to him by her waist who gasped staring him "Armaan.." She whispered softly but he didn't said anything to her instead he hugged her tightly making her frowned at his action
"Bracelet plz chalo na mere saath... Please..." he requested softly on her hairs and hearing this she closed her eyes tightly moving her hands on his back slowly
"Armaan plz... Main nai a sakti..." she refused still hugging him who gripped her more tightly after hearing this but realising he lost this battle of their love game he thought to accept his defeat
"Fine..." he moved back from the hug unheartly "But jab mere affairs honge don't u dare to complain anything" he pointed his finger playfully to which she crossed her arms
"Sochungi..." she replied wd fake anger which made Armaan to kiss her on cheek making her startled when
"Shilpa..." Aditi called her name loudly making both to look at her direction who was searching her everywhere Armaan looked at Shilpa
"Jao tumhara bulava aa gaya..." he spoke in very calm voice to which Shilpa gave a silent nod and moved towards Aditi not realizing she just broke her husband's heart "Kyun nai samajhti tum Bracelet... Mera jaana toh sirf bahana hai.. Main toh ye janna chahta tha ki... Kya tum mere saath aa sakti ho... Yaa fir kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho..." he looked at her from far who was talking to Aditi and disappeared in Palace making him to kick a stone by his leg "Par main haar gaya... Aur mera viswaash... Ek saal ho gaye hamari shaadi ko... Fir bhi tum mere liye kuch nai feel karti.. Kya karun main.." he took a long sigh and looked at the sky wd his broken heart
Flashback ends
"Kahin Armaan sachme koi affair na rakhle... Kyunki har baar unhone yehi kaha hai... Ki vo affair rakh sakte hai..." she said to herself worriedly stooding up while balancing herself "Par mujhe pata hai... Mere Armaan aisa kabhi nai kar sakte" her heart took his side but her mind was not at all convinced "Tu kaise us ladki ki awaaz bhool sakti hai..." but Shilpa avoided her mind coz she didn't have any strength to listen anyone so closing the room she moved out in Hall for checking the switches It have became her habit to check the switches before sleeping

10 minutes before
"Haa Rehaan... Kya huaa itni raat ko kyun call kiya...??" searching the keys of his house inside his pockets he asked Rehaan in normal tone on phone
"Sorry Bhaijaan... Par humaare paas option nai tha... Aap so rahe the kya???" as Rehaan asked this slowly he straightened himself as he found the keys
"Nai aisa kch nai hai... Tu bol" he asked in normal tone but there was a grin on his face coz he found the keys
"Bhaijaan bas hume aapse puchna tha ki aap pakka next week aa rahe ho...??" Rehaan asked carefully
"Kyun kya huaa... Nai aaun??" he asked in calm tone but there was smile on his face while entering the keys inside the key hole
"Nai aisi baat nai hai" Rehaan smiled "Bas vo aap jaldi aaiye kyunki... Hume nai samajh raha ki hum kya karen... Is nikaah ko lekar" as he said this Armaan chuckled
"Nikaah kar aur kyaa..." he replied in relaxed tone trying to opened the door which was locked from inside and was not opening while Breezer was patiently staring him coz he was feeling sleepy coz of tiredness.. Actually they both were tired coz of their long journey
"Haa hum jaante hai... Par.." Rehaan said smilingly but was stopped by him
"Bas jab jaanta hai toh fikar kyun kar raha hai... Ho jaayga... So just Chilll" hearing his chilled out tone Rehaan chuckled
"Thik hai bhaijaan... Par aap jaldi aaiyega..." As Rehaan said this he smiled
"Teen din aur wait karle... Phir toh mai aahi raha hoon..." looking at the door he said in calm tone thinking for another way to entered inside the house "Acha sunn kal baat karta hoon haa..." he said normally while Breezer sat down feeling tired
"Ji bhaijaan good night..." Rehaan wished moving inside to his room from the balcony
"Haa... Good night... Bye" saying this he hung up the phone and then looked down at Breezer who stood "Call bhi nai kar sakta... Sab so rahe honge... Fir andar jaaun kaise...??" he thought confusedly staring at the door "Aur agar bell bajaya toh disturb ho jaayenge... Kya karun kch nai samajh raha" looking around the house he said to himself "Kahin hum dono ko... Car me na sona pade... Gosh!! Khud ka ghar hote huye mai yeh sab soch raha hoon..." he mocked at himself mentally when a idea clicked inside his brain as he saw something "Par Breezer ko aise thodi andar le jaa sakta hoon...??" rubbing his chin he said confusedly "Par Armaan ghar k andar jaane k baad tu toh araam se Breezer ko le lega... Door open karke andar se..." his mind said to himself who immediately agreed wd his risky plan So he thought to go wd his plan

5 minutes later
Inside Arsh's house
Na mai sikwa karoon
Naa na sikayat karoon...
"Isse on rehne deti hoon... Baaki toh band haina bas..." Shilpa said to herself as she put all the lights off except that night blue bulb which was just beside the stairs "Pata nai sir kyun itna dukh raha hai..." she rubbed her forehead moving towards her room when THUP!! "Aawww..." she winced as she bumped wd someone and was about to fall which maked her to close her eyes tightly coz already her head was spinning when she felt some one's strong hold around her waist
"Tum thik ho...??" but as she heard the familiar voice her heartbeat skipped Yes she can recognise his touch his scent everything but how can it be possible?? Rehaan informed he will be here on next Monday then what is this ?? May be she is hallucinating "Shilpa...??" No she don't want to open her eyes coz she knew if she will open her eyes he will disappeared again but as she felt his tap on her cheek her eyelids moved up slowly only to became wide in next second seeing Armaan right in front of her eyes But how can it be possible?? How on a earth he is here?? These questions rang inside her brain staring him in utter shock whose hands were holding his shoulders firmly while his both hands were holding her firmly but as he saw her eyes a smile came on his lips... Confusion was clearly written on her face he can guessed what is going inside her brain It's been two years since last he saw her but right now seeing her again his heart started living as if gotted its life back So wd a smile he moved his one hand on her cheek tucking her flicks behind her ear whose body reacted immediately in a little shake as if gotted who touched her... Armaan smiled seeing his effect on her which still works but for Shilpa she felt she is getting mad imagining him who moved his face little closer to her
"Armaaan..." she whispered in dazed tone blinking her eyes slowly but as she took his name his heartbeat skipped
"Haan... Armaan ki Jaan..." cupping her face slowly he whispered wd a smile which made her heart more weak as if not wanting to felt broken just coz of her stupid imagination "Iski body itni garam...??" he thought worriedly as he realised her hot body "Shilpa... Tum..." but before he could ask about it Shilpa directly fainted on him coz of her inner tumour and outside weakness "What the..." he was stunned at her reaction "Kya yaar... Yeh humesha aise hi kyun react karti hai..." he looked up worriedly while balancing her whose head was resting on his shoulder "Aur madam ko itni tez bukhaar hai... Mujhe khabar bhi nai... Great!!" picking her up carefully he walked towards the room beside stairs Which used to call Shilpa's room "Dammm... Ab kaise kholoon...??" he mumbled confusedly then something clicked inside his brain so he kicked the door wd his leg which opened immediately coz it was not locked So entering in room he carefully made her laye on bed then put on the lamp bulb "Itna tez... Fever hai isko" he was shocked at her high fever coz he checked her forehead & neck which was burning so he put a comforter on her "Tch!! Kya musibat hai yaar..." sitting beside her he said to himself while untying his shoe laces then removing his shoes he stood up to bring cold strips & water not before throwing his black jacket on side of bed... But as he came outside he felt a known satisfaction inside him seeing Their house "Kch change nai kiya is ladki ne... Aur yaha meri zindagi me itne changes aa gaye ki mai bata nai sakta" he mumble smilingly putting the hall's lights on then shaking his head he entered inside the kitchen and opened the fridge for water meanwhile Meethi's sleep broke coz of feeling thirsty when she heard some noise from kitchen which made her confused so she moved out to check only to left shocked finding Armaan inside kitchen
"Hey bhagwaan...!!" hearing Meethi's shocked voice he kept the chilled water bottle inside the fridge
"Aise kyun dekh rahi ho... Bhoot dekh liya kya??" pulling up his white full t-shirt's sleeves up till his elbow he asked in calm tone as he saw Meethi's eyes big
"Nai... Bhaiyaa vo... Aap aise... Achanak??" she fumbled walking inside
"Yaar..." he shook his head "Har koi dar jaa raha hai... Bahar vo Raju dar gaya aur ab tum..." scratching his head he said calmly which made her smile "But never mind... Tum mujhe yeh batao Shilpa ko itni tez bukhaar hai aur tum kaha thi... Kuch ho jaata toh usse??" putting the ice cubes on bowl he asked in strict tone
"Bhaiya vo... Bhabhi ne kaha tha ki vo ab thik hai... Toh maine socha" Meethi said in slow voice staring down on which he shook his head
"Hmmn koi baat nai... Acha usne kch khaaya tha??" this time he asked calmly
"Nai... Bhaiyaa... Vo bhabhi jab Ohaana baby ko khaana khila rahi thi... Tab Surbhi didi aur Rehaan bhaiyaa ne unse kaha khaane k liye... Par bhabhi ne bola unka mann nai hai... Aur kisine unhe zabardasti nai ki kyunki vo thaki hui thi..." hearing Meethi's words he got more worried for his wife
"Tch! Hamesha khudko aise situations me land karati hai" he thought wd angry look but calming himself he took a sigh "Kabse hai bukar isko??" he asked calmly
"Kal raat se... Unhe toh do baar chakkar bhi aa chuke hain..." as she said this his heart got more worried
"Pagal ladki..." he mumbled angrily under his breath "Acha thik hai... Mai uske paas hoon... Tab tak tum uske liye vegetable soup bana k laao..." saying this normally he moved towards her room wd strips & water "Aur haa... Bahar Breezer hai Raju k saath usse andar le aao... Aur Gujju ko bolna mere bags andar laake rakh de..." he said in calm tone as it clicked inside his brain on which Meethi nodded her head in Yes feeling light coz now Shilpa's family will complete which she always wanted coz she had seen Shilpa quiet & missing Armaan... Where as wd careful steps he walked inside the room where he kept the bowl on side table and sat beside her whose back was facing him
Tere khaatir jeeun
Tere khaatir marun...
"Yeh acha hai... Kaha socha tha dekh k khush ho jaaogi... Yaah fir surprised... But tum toh direct behosh ho gayi... Not fair Bracelet" leaning on her he caressed her hairs lovingly which made her turned at him feeling shiver "Tumhe is haalat me chodne k liye nai gaya tha yaar..." he whispered softly tucking her strand of hairs aside which was blocking her face's view "Aur bhi khubsoorat ho gayi ho yaar..." he smiled observing her beautifull face which now looked pale but he noticed How more beautiful she have turned?? Means in perfect way which was pulling his hidden desires out from that deep down of his heart when he felt her quivering "Oh Shit!!" he immediately pulled the comforter more up on her and put cold strips on her forehead who was feeling an unknown completeness inside her still in unconsciousness... Till one hour he took her care wdout feeling tiredness He didn't expected this at all he was expecting her surprised happy reaction in fact he also imagined that as she would saw him she directly took him in a hug feeling emotional but here things are very different from his thoughts... Actually it happened suddenly coz when he was in Singapore he was only thinking about her & Ohaana after talking wd Rehaan and his heart was not at all ready to stay calm... He reached inside his apartment where he found Anita loving Rohan which somewhere made him remind about Shilpa & Ohnu after all they are his first priority so taking permission from Anita (Who was somewhere scared but seeing his worried face she agreed) he booked Breezer & his tickets as soon as possible which he gotted also... Then they directly came here and in whole way he was thinking about her reaction but as he came outside his house Raju became stunned to find him here suddenly but as Armaan took out his bags from cab he gotted he is real... But as he stood in front of their house's door Rehaan's call came which he attended while trying to opened the door wd his extra keys which he always took wd himself but coz of locked from inside it didn't opened So he thought a plan to enter inside from middle floor's balcony... And wd the help of ladder he reached up quietly not before handling his bags & Breezer to Raju then he immediately moved downstairs wd exciting heartbeat wdout realising what was ahead of him and at that time he bumped wd his wife who became shocked seeing him suddenly when she fainted leaving him confused who is now taking care of her
"Bhaiyaa... Soup...??" Meethi's voice brought him back from Shilpa's tension
"Nai rehne do... Abhi so rahi hai..." stooding up he said in calm tone on which Meethi nodded in Yes
"Aur bhaiya... Shayad choti baby uth gayi hai..." as she informed it clicked inside his brain that Ohnu must be alone

Mujhme kahin
Baaki thodi si hai
"Acha tum Shilpa k saath raho... Mai dekhta hoon" saying this he ran out but immediately was stopped at the door of their room feeling his heartbeat's speed After all he is going to see his daughter after two years "Pata nai kaise react karegi... Mujhe dekh k... But i am sure Shilpa ne usse bataya hoga" he mumble softly staring the closed door "Take a deep breath..." taking a breath he lived that and opening the door slowly he entered inside the room only to became freezed at the entrance finding Ohnu sitting on bed scaredly
"Mummmaa..." a scared Ohnu looked at the door but finding a shadow on door she got more scared "Nai... Mumma..." as she shouted wd a cry Armaan put on the lights and ran inside
"Kya huaa princess...??" stooding in front of her he asked worriedly where as Ohnu became quiet finding Armaan here as if understanding how her father came out from the frame she blinked her eyes twice staring him but still there where moistness in her eyes but for Armaan it was very different feeling right now His daughter His own blood is sitting right in front of him that to staring him questioningly.. His heart's every beat was feeling this fatherhood feeling as if he have first time became father "Kya huaa meri princess ko... Dar gayi" controling his happy exciting emotions he asked slowly bending his head a little closer to her who got scared
Dhadkan nai
Jaana zinda hoon
Mai toh abhi...
"Nai... Mumma chahiye..." wd a tearful eyes she stood on bed making Armaan a little disappoint finding her reaction like this
"Haa... Mumma dusre room me hai... Tab tak Papa aapke saath hai aao..." this time he said softly while extending his hand
"Nai... Mujhe... Sirf... Mumma chahiyee..." saying this wd crying face she stepped back making him a little hurt Why she didn't want to come closer to him?? Didn't Shilpa told her about him?? Then why she is behaving strange?? These questions were roaming inside his brain but he guessed may be she is feeling a little strange to see him suddenly so composing that hurtfulness he thought for a trick to calm her
"Acha... Thik hai... Aao mai mumma k paas le jaata hoon tumhe" he said carefully while extending his one hand in front of her who looked at him for some times then nodded in No making him amused "Kyun??" he asked amusingly on which she wiped her tears from back of her little hands
"Ohnu khud jaaygi.." staring down she replied innocently making him smile who observed her little features which were showing clearly she is replica of them
"Bilkul apni maa pe gayi hai..." he thought wd a smile "Aapko pata hai mumma kahan hain...??" crossing his arms he asked in cute tone on which she nodded her head in No "Toh fir kaise jaaygi... Isiliye mumma ne papa ko bheja Ohnu ko laane k liye... Par agar aap nai aaoge... Toh kaise le jaaunga mai..." hearing his words Ohnu looked at him innocently
"Sachme...??" as she asked in her kidish tone making him smiled
Kuch aisi lagan
Is lamhe mein hai
Yeh lamha
Kaha tha mera...
"Haa... Isiliye Aao..." and again he extended his one hand in front of her who looked at him before again looking down on bed where as he was patiently waiting for her to grab his hand whose heart beat was beating excitedly Ohaana looked at him constantly for a minute before she walked forward grabbing his hand allowing him to hold her... Armaan's condition was only known to him whose heart filled up just as he touched his little angel after two years A symbol of their love someone who was result of their million prayers
"Chalo..." keeping her hands around his neck she insisted wd grumpy look which maked him smile hearing her cute tone so Holding her small body against his chest he hugged her tightly letting the being a father sink into his soul How much has he craved to hold his little princess only he knew "Mumma k paas jaana hai" hiding her face on his neck she said in sad voice making him to rub her little back wd exciting heartbeat
"Par mumma toh so rahi hai... Agar aap jaaoge toh vo disturb ho jaayengi..." he tried to make her understand carefully coz he can't let her stay close to Shilpa who is sleeping peacefully
"Nai... Mujhe mumma k paas jaana hai..." moving her head back she said wd tearful eyes which maked him worried
"Princess mumma so rahi hai... Abhi aap papa k saath raho na.." he said in careful way which made her upset
"Nai... Mujhe sirf mumma chahiye... Sirf mumma.." in her tearful tone she wriggled under his hold trying to get out of his hold who became a little hurt finding his own daughter running away from
"Okay okay... Peace... Papa le jaayenge aapko mumma k paas... Pehle aap rona band karo..." in very calm tone he said which made her quiet who sniffed
Ab hai saamne
Isse choon loon zara
Mar jaaon
Yaa jee loon zara...
"Plomise..." as she asked in her cute tone clearing her face he smiled slowly
"Promise..." he said smilingly while moving out from the room "Par aap promise karo... Aap unko disturb nai karoge...??" as he asked this in loving tone she nodded her head in Yes
"Mai... Sirf... Unke... Paas so jaaungi... Bas" hearing her kiddish tone he chuckled adoring her and they both entered in that room where Shilpa is sleeping
"Yehi... Rahi aapki mumma..." he said smilingly as they entered inside the room
"Mummaa...!!" she said happily as she saw Shilpa sleeping on bed while Meethi stood up seeing her
"Ssshhh... Mumma so rahi hai..." Armaan whispered in low voice on which she tried to moved down which he observed so he carefully dropped her down who immediately ran near Shilpa "Yakeen nai ho raha meri beti... Daudne bhi lagi hai..." he thought wd a smile
"Meeti auntyyy... Mumma yaha... Kyun soyi hai...??" looking up at Meethi she asked in her cute tone
"Beta vo inko..." Meethi opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by Armaan
"Kyunki... Aaj mumma bahoot thak gayi thi... Toh unko yehi neend aa gayi... Isliye vo so rahi hain..." kneeling beside her he answered which maked her look at him slowly who smiled at his daughter
"Mujhe... Mumma k paas... Sona hai..." saying this she tried to climb on bed but got failed So wd a smile Armaan picked her up and made her sat beside Shilpa
Khushiyaan chum loon
Yaah ro loon zara
Mar jaaun yaah
Jee loon zara...
"Ab thik hai...??" bending to her level he asked smilingly on which she nodded her head in Yes
"Tha... Yaank you...!!" saying this slowly she sat beside Shilpa where as he chuckled at her words "Mumma... Yaha kyun... Hai??" looking up at him she asked in her kidish tone which maked Armaan smiled seeing her talking to him that too normally
"Kyun ki... Aapki mumma ko yehi neend aa gayi... Toh vo yehi so gayi..." sitting beside her he answered in calm tone
"Nai... Mumma ko... Ffeee... Ee.. Ev..." she nodded her head in No making him amused
"Fever..." he completed smilingly
"Vohi..." looking down she nodded in Yes making him smile who wished to hug her love but he knows if he will do something like this she will get more away from him... Ohaana directly laid on bed beside her mother and started patting her mother's head which maked him frowned
"Kya kar rahe ho aap...??" he asked in amused tone
"Mumma mujhe aise... Hi sulaati hai... Jab.. Ohnu ko... Fffee... Ever hoti hai... Ohnu ko...acha... Lagta hai... Mumma ko bhi... Accha lagega" hearing her innocent answer he became speechless She is so smart comparing to her age's childerns most important she understands so well He is soo thankful to Shilpa to give him Ohaana who now hugged her mumma tightly while closing her eyes making him to adored her love for her mother
"Ab Shilpa thik hai...??" looking back at Meethi he asked calmly while stooding up not before putting the comforter on Both of his lady love
"Jii... Bukhaar utar gaya hai... Isiliye araam se so rahi hai bhabhi" she replied in polite tone
"Thik hai tum jaao... Mai dekh lunga... Aur Breezer vohi hall me so raha hai toh sambhal k jaana varna disturb hoke kaat lega..." he said also warned in calm tone while sitting on couch which was kept in front of the bed where as nodding in Yes Meethi went from there "Hmm.." he took a sigh staring his little family "Kabhi socha nai tha... Ki aise reactions milenge aane k baad... Most important meri khud ki beti mujhse dur bhagegi... Was never expected" he thought staring the duo who were sleeping quietly "Kya Shilpa ne isse nai bataya ki yeh meri beti hai... Vaise vo kar sakti hai aisa... Koi bharosa nai uska" his mind said to him whose eyes were only fixed on Shilpa & Ohnu "Par mai apni beti ko apne paas laakar hi rahunga kch bhi ho jaaye" he decided staring at his daughter calmly and when his eyes closed down staring them he didn't knew coz already he was tired from journey then this scene put more pressure on his head which lead him tired...

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