Monday, 11 February 2019

Part 64: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Don't care how hard being together is,
nothing is worse than being apart"

Next morning
7 am
Na mai sikwa karoon
Naa na sikayat karoon...
"Armaan..." a scared Shilpa immediately sat up after coming from her deep sleep "Kya... Kal raat sachme...??" she mumble softly looking down while the whole scene till she fainted of last night revinded inside her head "Par... Armaan yaha kaise ho sakte hai...??" she got confused also sad May be she dreamt?? She thought when she felt a hand on her waist which made her to look beside her only to find Ohnu sleeping peacefully which maked her to look around in the room which was showing no sign of him "Mai yaha kaise... Aur Ohnu bhi yaha kaise??" now she really got confused when it clicked inside her brain that may be last night's incident was real he must have came That's why she is here Ohnu is here "Matlab sachme..." a smile reached on her lips thinking he was real and carefully removing Ohnu's hand from her waist she moved down from bed and ran outside when
"Bowww bowww..." hearing Breezer's loud barked near her she got startled

"Breezer... Matlab sachme Armaan hain..." putting her hands on her mouth she smiled happily when Breezer started jumping on her making her giggle while kneeling beside him "Aww... I missed you tooo..." caressing his head lovingly she said in happy tone "Par abhi mere Armaan se toh mil loon..." stooding up she ruffled his head and ran to search her hubby while managing her long skirt From two days of sadness & emptiness she became now happy that to from bottom of her heart... She was panting now not finding him anywhere then it clicked He must be in gym so she ran upstairs only to stopped at the entrance of gym coz she saw her knight who is talking on phone while moving tro & fro but he didn't realised her presence who is smiling now seeing him really stand right in front of her She observed him from head to toe who is wearing a dark brown half sleeve casual t-shirt wd denim jeans he have became more handsome she noticed... How she is feeling she can't explain in words The man she loves is here after two years of their separation how she want to pull him in rib crashing hug and cry her heart out while informing him about her feelings that what was her condition wdout him How she missed his presence How she craved for him in nights How her insecurities were making her away from him but she fought just for him Everything she want to tell him only if he realised her presence who moved her one step ahead to him but stopped suddenly hearing his unexpected words
"Calm down Anita... Don't worryy mai handle kar lunga sab kch..." he said in calm tone but hearing a girl's name she became a little insecure "Yaah i know mujhe aise suddenly nai aana chahiye tha... Tumhe aur Rohan ko akela chod k but i didn't had any option... But bhoolo mat tumse permission lekar hi aaya hoon mai..." as Shilpa heard his words she felt an unknown pain inside her heart Why he took permission from a girl to meet wd his family?? "Tum bas apna aur mere little two months champion Rohan ka dhyaan do... Baaki mai sambhal lunga aur... Rohit toh aa hi raha hai next week so tension not vo handle karlega... Bye... Yaah say him i love you too" he said wd a smile but for Shilpa her world were shattering who wd moist eyes stepped back
"Shilpa... Kaha tha na tujhse... Ki kch bhi ho sakta hai... Tujhe toh pehle hi samajh jaana chahiye tha jab isne do baar Singapore jaane se pehle... Affair waali baat kahi thi... Maan le uswaqt isne aise hi keh di ho... Par kisse pata do saal vaha akele rehne me isse akela mehsoos na hota ho... Aur koi aa gaya ho iske life me teri jagah" but Shilpa was not in a mood to listen her mind's taunts coz she was feeling hurt from inside which she didn't want to show him so she immediately turned to go when Armaan spotted her after hunging up the phone but seeing her going he frowned

"Shilpa..." hearing her name from his mouth after two years made her stopped who quickly wiped her tears while composing herself "Wapas kyun jaa rahi ho...??" he asked confusedly while approaching towards her who immediately cleared her face before turning back at him slowly
"Vo.. Vo... Mujhe laga aaap... Phone pe hai toh disturb na kardoon..." not meeting his eyes she replied slowly making him a little shock at her reaction Goddd!! He not at all expected this her reaction was like they are strangers or friend n all something Did really these two years parted them?? He thought
"Tum mujhe kabse disturb karne lagi Shilpa" he whispered in calm tone but there was a smile on his face and hearing his words she managed to give him smile when he checked her forehead & neck for her fever who felt that blooming love again for him "Hmm.. Bukhar toh nai ab..." he smiled finding her body temperature normal where as she gotted he was the one who took her care last night Then how can she doubt on him?? But her mind was still not convinced
"Vo... Aap suddenly kaise... I mean aap toh next week aane waale the fir...??" she asked in hasitated voice which made him realized There is something which got change in those years coz he didn't left her like this
"Kyun nai aana chahiyee tha...??" as he asked this in calm tone she looked at him
"Nai aisa nai hai... Mai toh bas..." she replied slowly while fisting her one hand for stopping herself not to break in front of him or hug him
"Never mind... Mai toh yaha apni k liye aaya hoon..." putting his hands inside his jeans's pocket he said calmly which made her a little hurt "But... Tumhaari wajah se... Vo mere karib bhi nai aana chahti all thanks to you..." hearing his taunt she became stunned
"Aap Ohnu se mil chuke...??" she somehow managed to ask this when he jerked her angrily towards him wd angry look
"Haa... Mila aur dekha bhi ki... Tumne kaise usse mujhse dur kar k rakkha hai... So that vo hamesha tumhe choose kare mere uper haina..." he blamed directly making her hurt
"Armaan... Mai aisa kyun karungi...??" she asked wd moist eyes
"Yaah Right... Tum toh kch karti hi nai... Sab kch toh mai hi karta hoon haina..." he asked in sarcastic way while leaving her who didn't knew how to clear his misunderstanding "Shilpa mai isliye meri beti ko tumhaare paas nai chod k gaya tha... Ki ek din vo mere paas aane se bhi dare.. Balki isliye choda tha... Ki jab mai wapas aaun toh apni family ko happy dekhun apni beti ko mujhe papa kehte sunoon..." he said in angry tone making her sniffed "But tumne sab kharaab kiya... Tell me tumne yeh sab jaan bujhkar kiya na... So that vo mujhse dur rahe aur tum akeli usko apne saath rakh sako... Coz tum hamesha se vohi chahti thi... Akeli rehna" hearing his blame she became numb How can he think about her like this??
"Armaan... Vo bahot choti hai... Isiliye time lagega usko aapko accept karne me..." ignoring that hurtfull feeling she tried to make him understand who got more angry hearing Accept word
"Mai uska biological father hoon... Toh usse kyun waqt lagega mujhe accept karne me Shilpa...??" he asked in frustrated tone
"Mai samajhti hoon Armaan" she moved to grab his hand who stepped back
"Tum nai samajhti Shilpa... Ki kal raat mujhe kaisa lag raha tha jab vo dar rahi thi mujhse... As if mai koi stranger hoon..." he said frustratingly to which Shilpa moved to support him but was stopped by his next word "Mujhe toh lagta hai tumne usse bataya hai hi nai kabhi mere baare me... Taaki tum usse hamesha apne paas rakkho..." pointing his finger he glared angrily moving closer to her "Par yaad rakhna mai kabhi aisa nai hone dunga... Meri beti sirf mere paas hi rahegi... Mai usse tumhaari jaisi nai banane dunga... Never" as those words slipped from his mouth he regretted in next second where as Shilpa became hurt plus shattered by his words What did he meant Tumhari jaisi??
"Meri jaisi matlab Armaan??" her tone was hurt one which maked him to closed his eyes trying to smack himself mentally Why they always end up fighting ?? He thought where as tears started making out from her cheeks
"See... Shilpa... I didn't mean..." but before he could complete his sentence she stepped back and shaking her head tearfully ran from there "Damm..." he kicked his leg on a chair angrily This was not at all expected in their reunion "Idiot kabhi soch samajh kar nai bolta..." he kicked himself mentally while running out from gym after her "Dekh Armaan... Abhi jaayga toh bilkul nai sunegi... Thoda thanda hone de tab jaa varna cheeze uthaake maaregi tujhe..." his mind said to him who was descending from stairs but stopped thinking about "Par dekha jaaye galti toh ussi ki hai... At least usse Ohnu ko mere baare me kch toh bataana chahiyee tha..." he mumbled angrily while entering in hall but his heart didn't agreed wd him "Pagal hai tu... Aisa kabhi nai ho sakta... Itna toh bharosa hai mujhe Shilpa pe... Usne bataya hoga... Aur tu khud soch Ohaana bahoot choti hai usse time jaayga tujhe accept karne me... Aur aisa thodi hai ki vo tujhse bhaag rahi hai bas thoda usse adjust karne me problem ho rahi ho... Kya Armaan tu bhi sab kch kharaab kar diya..." hearing his heart's words he felt to kick himself and was about to search Shilpa when his cell phone rang flashing Dev making him annoyed at his wrong timing "Ab tujhe kya huaa??" getting frustrated he asked annoyingly making Dev to guess about his mood
"Usse pehle yeh bata... Tujhe kya huaa?? Suddenly... India kaise aaya tu... Mujhse toh bola tune ki next week aayga... Fir??" hearing his questions Armaan rolled his eyes moving out from the house
"Mujhe khud samajh me nai aa raha... Mai aaya kyun... Yaha" he replied in annoyed tone while opening his car's door
"Kya matlab kyun aaya... Apni family k liye aaya hoga aur kis liye..." Dev said in scolding voice making him to shook his head while starting his car which zoomed from there
"Jab tujhe pata hai... Ki mai yaha kyun aaya hoon... Toh kyun pooch raha hai idiot" Hearing his words Dev smiled
"Acha ab sachme bata suddenly kaise aana huaa...??" this time he asked wd a smile
"Aree kuch nai... Call laga raha tha Shilpa ko usne nai uthaya toh ghar pe lagaya aur phone Ohaana ne pick kiya... Bas... Aage tu samajh jaa..." as he answered Dev's questions he smiled
"Matlab tune sahi kaha tha..." Dev chuckled keeping his protien shake on table
"Kyaa??" he frowned concentrating on road
"Yehi ki agar tune Shilpa yaah Ohaana ki awaaz sunni toh tu bina soche samjhe... India aa jaayga... Aur dekh ho bhi gaya" hearing Dev's words he smiled coz it's true he came back just for this same reason
"Vaise tujhe kaise pata chala... Ki mai India aaya hoon... Kyunki maine yeh baat yaha India me toh kissiko nai bataya not even Rehaan.. Fir kaise...??" stopping his car on some hill top area which was just behind their society he moved out of the car
"Yaha nai par vaha k logo ko toh pata tha... Maine Rohit ko call kiya usne bataya ki tu India aa gaya hai vo bhi kal raat ko hi... Phir kya mujhe gussa aa gaya ki tune mujhe kyun nai bataya..." Dev replied calmly which maked him smile who sat up on front hood of the car "Acha yeh bata Shilpa ka reaction kaisa tha tujhe dekh k?? Spcly Ohnu usne kaise react kiya??" he asked in excited tone
"Behosh ho gayi thi dekh k... Aur Ohnu i think vo thoda time legi mujhe accept karne me" he replied in calm tone
"Haa vo toh zaahir hai... But i think zyada nai legi vo... Kyun ki vo already jaanti hai ki tu uska father hai bas thoda hasitate hogi rehne me... Par jab teri company ki aadat pad jaaygi toh dekhna... Kaise vo tujhe accept nai karegi..." Dev's words made him guilty What he did wd Shilpa??
"Haa i think tu sahi keh raha hai..." he said smilingly
"Aur yeh bata Anita ka kya...??" hearing Dev's question he rubbed his forehead
"Haa... Abhi toh usse akele hi rehna hoga... At least ek mahine aur" he replied in normal tone
"I think tujhe Shilpa ko bata dena chahiye... Sahi mauka dekh k varna kch gadbad ho gayi toh yeh tere liye sabse badi problem ban jaaygi... Spcly agar Shilpa ko kisi aur se pata chala vo teri kabhi nai sunegi..." Dev maked him understand calmly which somewhere is correct also
"Pehle mana toh loon..." he thought "Acha vo chod yeh bata tu kab aayga??" he changed the topic
"Next week vo bhi direct Goa... Infact sab vohi aayenge... Kyunki mahotarama Surbhi ne place jo suddenly decide kiya..." as he said the last line he chuckled and they both got engaged in their talk After few minutes of talking he hung up the phone
"God!! Kya kar diya Armaan... Hamesha yehi sab gadbad karta hai kabhi nai sunta uski..." he scolded himself mentally putting his phone side "Do saal baad mile... Na ek usse yeh pucha ki kaisi ho... Thik toh thi... Direct jhagda karliya... Yeh bhi dhyaan nai diya ki vo abhi abhi bukhaar se utri hai..." he scolded himself jumping from the car "Infact na gale tak lagaya tum dono ne ek dusre ko... Kitna kuch kehna tha kitna kuch puchna tha... Sab jhagde ki wajah se kharaab kar liya... Aur vo kya stupid si line thi... Ki mai apni beti ko tumhari jaisi nai banane dunga...?" his mind asked on which he took a sigh "And Armaan Malik spoiled again everything..." he mumbled slowly staring at the trees which were moving wd the wind while the Sunny Sun raised more
Three hours later
"Tumna mujhse baat mat karo Rehaan..." a grumpy Surbhi yelled at her long time fiance who was following her from behind while she moved near Arsh's house's gate when a car stopped in front of them like a halt making Surbhi scared "Allah miya... Am i dreaming..." her eyes widened as she saw Armaan moving out from the car "Rehaan i think mai sapna dekh rahi hoon..." she almost fainted when Rehaan held her by her shoulders from behind but Yes he was equally shocked at Armaan's sudden appearance who walked in front of them wd a smile
"Good morning...!!" he wished them wd his dazzling smile while removing his goggles
"Mr Khan aap sachme ho??" she blinked her eyes as if dreaming
"Oh please ab tum mat behosh ho jaana..." shaking her by her shoulders he joked which made Rehaan smiled
"Par bhaijaan suddenly...??" Rehaan asked smilingly on which nodding in Yes he directly hugged him who smiled responding equally
"Bas socha tujhe surprise de doon..." parting from the hug he replied in calm tone
"Allah miya yeh toh sacchi ka surprise ho gaya" Surbhi said excitedly and immediately hugged him tightly who chuckled at her excitement "Mai bahoot khush hoon... Mr Khan aapko yaha dekh kar sachme" parting from hug she said wd a giggle
"Thank you so much aapki meherbaani k liye..." he said in calm tone making Rehaan smiled
"OMG!! Shilpa k liye toh yeh ek bahot bada surprise hoga..." she said in happy tone making him smile "Aap abhi tak usse mile...??" she asked in teasing tone
"Hmmm... Mila..." moving towards the gate he replied in calm tone
"Wow!! Toh kya reaction tha uska..." blocking his way she asked in teasing tone to which he shook his head
"Behosh ho gayi..." hearing his calm reply she became confused while Rehaan chuckled
"Behosh...??" she looked at him confusedly
"Ek kaam karo na... Khud jaake usse pooch lo..." as he suggested she smiled widely
"Haa yeh best plan hai..." saying this she turned to go leaving them smiling there
"Vaise bhaijaan aap kab aaye... Kyunki kal raat jab humne phone kiya tha tab toh aapne kaha tha do din baad aayenge..??" Rehaan asked confusedly while walking inside wd him where as Surbhi already ran inside excitedly to meet Shilpa
"Jab tune mujhe call kiya tha... Mai yehi ghar k bahar tha... Try kar raha tha door open karne ki..." as he answered coolly while keeping his one hand on his shoulder who looked at him bemusedly
"Matlab vo cab aapki thi...??" Rehaan asked amusedly making him frowned
"Haa par tujhe kaise pata..." he looked at him frowningly
"Aree bhaijaan aapse baat karne se pehle humne ek cab dekhi thi raat ko... Jo society k andar aaya tha... Par humne socha hoga kisi ka..." Rehaan answered wd a smile which made him smile "Par bhaijaan at least hume toh bata dete..." he said wd a small smile
"Suddenly plan bana yaar... Kisiko bhi nai pata tha... Infact mujhe khud bhi nai pata tha" hearing his calm tone Rehaan shook his head while they both entered inside the house talking about his journey when his cell phone rang so he excused and went from there where as Rehaan entered in garden area where Shilpa Surbhi & Ohnu were enjoying wd the pets
"Bhowwwe bhoowww..." Breezer barked loudly while jumping around Ohaana who have hidded herself on her mother's arms getting scared of Breezer but somewhere she is loving the attention which he was giving her
"Ohnu... Breezer kuch nai karega... Vo bahot accha doggyy hai..." Shilpa maked her understand in loving tone while parting her from her
"Nai... Yeh... Mmujhee... Kaatega..." Looking back at Breezer she said in her kidish tone making the three chuckled
"Aree waah aaj toh yeh vaise dar rahi hai jaise... Shilpa darti thi pehle Breezer se" Surbhi said in teasing tone making Shilpa to glared her
"Tum coffee peeyo apni..." Shilpa pointed at her cup who giggled
"Good morning bhabhi..." Rehaan wished smilingly as he took a seat beside Surbhi who was sipping her coffee Sitting inside the tent where as Shilpa Ohnu and their pets were sitting outside the tent on grass
"Good morning Rehaan..." she smiled sweetly looking back at him while Shao Pao, Toy & Breezer were playing taking Ohnu's interest who smiled slowly at them
"Ab aap thik hai...??" he asked politely on which she gave a nod in Yes when Meethi put the coffee trey on that small table
"Vaise Shilpa tumne abhi bhi mujhe nai bataya... Ki Mr Khan ko dekh kar tum behosh kaise hui..." Surbhi again asked in teasing tone which made her to show a small smile and at that time Armaan entered there finishing his call

"Bas ho gayi... Sir dukh raha tha... Fir weakness hui aur pata nai kaise behosh ho gayi..." she replied in fake normal tone making Armaan to observed her who have became more beautiful her looks were making his heart strings pulled again
"Black always suits her..." he complemented mentally Finding her again in black Yes she wore a long Black umbrella dress wd Black tights & Red Gujrati touched duppata which was hanging on her right shoulder and not to forget the silver metal earrings were perfectly suiting on her while her hairs are opened in straight but have little curled from down
"Toh matlab tumne Mr Khan ko nai dekha...??" Surbhi asked in disbelief
"Mujhe laga mai sapna dekh rahi hoon..." hearing her words she giggled accompanied by Rehaan even Meethi too but Armaan was the one who smiled coz he already guessed about this
"Haa... Maine bhi jab bhaiyaa ko kitchen me dekha toh mujhe laga sapna dekh rahi hoon... Par jaisi hi unki awaaz sunni mai samajh gayi vo sachme hai..." Meethi said wd a smile which made them giggle while Arsh smiled at this and taking a sigh Armaan approached towards them when
"Mummaa...!!" Ohnu immediately hidded behind Shilpa as Breezer was trying to play wd her
"Ohnu vo kuch nai karega... Idhar aao..." making her stood in front of Breezer she said in loving tone
"Nai..." she stepped back as Breezer approached towards her
"Nai babu yeh kuch nai karega... Dekho vo toh tumhaare saath khelna chahta hai..." stooding behind her she maked her understand in loving tone
"Yeh... Bahooot... Big hai mummaa... Mai kaise... Khelungi..." looking back at her mother she said in her cute tone making Armaan smiled who walked towards them
"Aree yeh bada hai toh kya huaa... Par Breezu... Bahoot accha hai... Haina Breezu...??" saying this to her she looked at Breezer who barked as if answering in Yes "See... Kitna cute hai..." she smiled caressing Breezer's face who nuzzled his face on her hands making Shilpa giggle while Ohnu just watch their scene cutely
"Mumma... Aap... Aaapko... Dar... Nnnai.. Lagta??" wd her cute questioning look she asked making Shilpa smiled who opened her mouth to answer when
"Lagta tha na... Bahoot dar lagta tha aapki mumma ko..." kneeling beside Ohaana Armaan answered in cute tone grabbing Ohnu's attention where as seeing him Shilpa became stiff for seconds coz she still didn't forgive him about his morning's words & blames she only knows how she overcome from his words in morning... After running down she locked herself in her room where Ohnu was sleeping She was hurt badly first coz of his words that he came back here after taking permission from a girl second his hurtful words which he said to her who was crying and was thinking it was not the scene which she always dreamt of them when they were reunite somewhere her mind also hinted her that may be he is over wd her that's why he didn't hugged her or asked about her where abouts but her heart showed the positive side saying remember he took her care all night even when he was tired but still coz of his words she will not forgive him Never !! But as she saw Ohnu woke up she composed herself and buried her all the pain inside her heart just for her daughter wd whom she can forget her all problems When
"Haa Mummaa..." Ohnu's voice brought her back from her thoughts who nodded in Yes slowly
"Infact aapki mumma toh Breezer ko dekh k dur se hi bhaag jaati thi..." Surbhi joked which made them smile except Ohnu who looked at her mother before again looking at her father Ohnu was standing b/w her parents
"See... Ab toh mumma bhi dost hai Breezer ki... Fir aap kyun nai..." looking at her he said in kidish tone making Ohnu to look at her mother who smiled
"Haa..." pinching her little nose Shilpa smiled which made Armaan more guilty about his morning's behaviour
"Toh chalo... Mai aapki friendship karvaata hoon Breezer se..." grabbing her little hand he said smilingly to which Ohnu just stared her father coz in just their two meeting she is liking Armaan "Breezer... Baitho..." as Armaan said in cute tone Breezer sat down just two inches away from Ohaana who stepped back a little making her back touched Armaan's chest who smiled "Don't worryy kuch nai karega yeh aapko..." he said smilingly holding her from her shoulders
"Plomise...!!" she asked in her cute tone making him chuckled
"Papa Promise..." kissing her cheek he said in loving tone who smiled slowly "Toh shuru karen...??" he took permission from her who nodded in Yes innocently "So Breezer yeh hai... Ohaana... Aur Princess yeh hai Breezer... Aap jo kahogi Breezer vohi karega... Ek baar bas bula k toh dekho..." as he introduced Ohaana looked at Breezer who looked at her wd his innocent eyes
"Bb... Rrre... Eeezer.." as she took his name Armaan felt to take her in rib crashing hug at her adorable voice where as other three were enjoying this scene
"Bowww... Bowww" getting happy Breezer barked moving his face near Ohnu who looked up at Armaan wd scared look
"Kya huaa... Kch nai karega vo... Don't worryy... See aap apna haath do..." saying this he took her hand and put that on Breezer's head caressing it slowly which was making Ohnu scared but she was loving it too "Ab aise... Yeh kuch nai karega kyunki yeh bhi Vada Pao... I mean Shao Pao aur Toy k jaisa hi hai..." he said in chilled out tone where as Ohnu was loving Breezer's reactions who was feeling tickles on his head
"Hehhee..." Ohnu giggled as Breezer moved to nuzzle his face on her little hands and seeing this Toy & Shao Pao also joined them which made her laughed enjoying there company where as Surbhi & Rehaan smiled at her scene even Arsh also who were adoring their little angel's laugh "Yeh... Toh... Good... Doggyy hai..." looking back at her father she said wd a wide smile making Armaan to tuck her hairs aside from her shoulders smilingly Dev was right she is very small she just need time wd him then she will accept him most important she knows he is her father what else he can wish He was stupid who blamed his Bracelet uselessly coz the way Shilpa teached her manners & everything that too at this age no other women he had seen in his life at least till now
"Haa... Toh aap isse... Apna friend banaoge...??" bending to her level he asked cutely on which She nodded her head in Yes wd happy smile "That's like my Princess..." he pinched her little nose lightly who giggled and Shilpa became emotional as she witnessed the moment which she always had dreamt so many times Armaan & Ohaana's moment which always wanted to cherish forever in video but stupid she forgot her phone inside her room... But now as she saw it How can she let it go wdout being cherished so looking back at Surbhi she gesture her to quickly snap a pic of the duo which Surbhi understood also and immediately took out her phone for clicking their pics which she did also
"Mumma... Dekho..." Ohaana's words made her looked at her smilingly
"Kyaa... Meri laado...??" she asked in smiling tone grabbing Armaan's attention who just want to apologie as soon as possible
"Eezer... Kch nai... Kelega... Aap daro... Mat" as she said this everyone laughed except Shilpa who giggled "Aao... Mmmai... Fflend... Ship... Kara.. Doon" grabbing her mother's hand she said in her cute tone which made her giggle
"Accha meri maa... Par pehle vo Friendship hota hai..." she corrected on which she giggled
"Okay... Eeezer... Aao..." Ohnu gestured Breezer who immediately stood in front of Ohnu "Mumma... Yeh... Eezer hai... Aur... Eezer yeh... Mumma hai... Aur..." introducing them she got confused as she forgot How Armaan made them friends
"Kya huaa...??" as Arsh asked together they looked at each other only to locked themselves in small eye lock when
"Vo mai... Ool gayi..." hearing Ohaana's voice Armaan got confused
"Vo bhool hota hai... Buddhu.." slapping her head lightly Shilpa corrected on which she flashed her dimples making Armaan smiled
"Haa... Vohi..." she smiled
"Acha bhooli kya aap...??" Armaan asked smilingly
"Yeh... Ki... Mumma... Eeezer... Se daregi... Toh... Toh..." she herself got confused which made Arsh chuckled
"Rehne do baccha... Mumma ne Breezer se friendship kar liya hai..." cuddling her Shilpa said in loving tone which made her smile when Shao Pao & Toy wd Breezer circled their little family while Armaan felt sooo contented to see his little family
"Par mummaa... Eeezer ko kon laaya...??" looking up at her mother she asked innocently
"Breezer ko..." she started slowly staring up at Armaan whose eyes were already fixed on her answer "Papa laaye..." hearing her answer Ohnu looked at her father who smiled "Papa ko thank you nai kahogi...??" as Shilpa said this Armaan felt to take her in a rib crashing hug that too forever
"Tha..." as Ohnu opened her mouth to thank him he stopped bending to her level
"Koi zaroorat nai hai Papa ko thank you kehne ki... Kyun ki papa apni princess k liye kuch bhi karenge..." saying this he kissed her cheek who smiled cutely "Oyyee Hoyyee!! Expressions k maamle me... Toh aap bilkul apni mumna pe gaaye ho..." he said knowingly just to tease Shilpa who tried to ignore him
"Dekha... Mummaa... Ohnu mumma jaisi hai..." looking up at her mother she said in happy tone which made Arsh smiled who were staring down at her while their pets were watching who were sitting around them and at that time Surbhi clicked a family pic of them
"Accha mai bhi..." saying this Surbhi ran towards them making Arsh to look at her and she sat beside their little family following by Rehaan "Ohaana frisbee khelte hai..." picking up a frisbee she said excitedly
"Haa..." she clapped stood beside Rehaan who chuckled
"Hum aur Ohaana ek team hai... Tum apni batao...??" Rehaan teased
"Mai aur Shilpa..." she said coolly on which Shilpa stood up following by Armaan
"Sorryy Surbhi par mai... Jaa rahi hoon lunch ready karne... Toh tum log khelo..." as Shilpa said this her mouth hung up while both the boys laughed loudly
"Tooo bad..." Armaan teased making Surbhi to show grumpy look where as shaking her head Shilpa went from there
"Acha aap toh khelenge naa...??" looking at Armaan she asked in fake anger
"Sorryy... Par mujhe kuch important kaam hai... Mai aata hoon tab tak khelo tum log..." saying this in calm tone he bend to Ohaana's level who smiled "Papa abhi aaye okay..." kissing her cheek he said smilingly on which she nodded her head in Yes cutely and then he went inside for 'Manaing his Ruthi wife'
"Toh Ohnu ab tum kiske side ho... Plsss... Surbhi maassi k saath bolo" Surbhi requested cutely which made Rehaan laughed even Ohnu also giggled
"Ab koi faida nai hai haar maanlo..." Rehaan challenged
"Tum rehne hi do..." Surbhi rolled her eyes
"Acha saath me khelte hai chalo..." Seeing her cute anger Rehaan said smilingly which made Surbhi giggled
"Awww... Love... You" she gave a flying kiss only to get a glare in return "Chalen Ohnu" she looked at Ohnu who smiled

"Chalo..." she said happily while her pets stood around her and they all got busy in playing frisbee where as inside the scene was different Armaan searched Shilpa who at last seen in Ohnu's room which was inside their room so taking a deep breath he collected some courage for his 'Patni Manao Mission' but as he stepped inside his feet got freezed seeing the room which have all the pics of them spcly Ohnu & his When he had sent that video to the workers he didn't thought that it looked so beautiful but he knows Shilpa made it more beautiful decorating the pics of them He observed the side wall which was fully covered wd their pics & Ohnu's singles... He slowly walked towards that wall and started tracing Ohnu's pics which were from these two years where as Shilpa was folding Ohnu's clothes but hearing his foot steps she looked back only to find him staring at the pics smilingly infact emotionally also Yes this was the scene which she was waiting from long
Tere khaatir jeeun
Tere khaatir marun...
"Mai in saare moments me nai tha... Apni beti k..." he thought caressing her pic wd moist eyes while Shilpa was only staring him "I am sorryyy Shilpa..." he apologised wdout looking back at her who became a little shock but when he didn't heard anything from her he slowly looked back at her wd guilty face "I know meri galti maafi k kaabil nai hai... But trust me I didn't mean any words... It just slipped... Tum toh jaanti ho mai gusse me kuch bhi bol deta hoon..." moving towards her he explained himself where as she was looking away from him as if trying not to break down "Actually jab maine Ohnu ko mujhse hesitate hote dekha spcly jab vo dar rahi thi mere paas aane se... Mujhe samajh nai aaya kaise react karoon... Infact gussa bhi aa raha tha khudpe tumpe... Ki mai kyun gaya Singapore" staring at her he said slowly knowing very well he have hurted her badly that's why she is not paying any attention to him "Shilpa..." taking her hand he whispered softly where as her expressions were blank who still didn't looked up "I am really sorryy... I know maine sab kharaab kar diya... Na yeh poocha tum kaisi ho aur na hi yeh ki.. Mere bina kaise handle kiya hoga humaari beti ko..." as he whispered this she looked up at him wd hurt look
"Humaari nai... Aapki beti Armaan... Yehi kaha tha na aapne..." hearing her hurtful voice he gotted what hurted her the most "Mai toh yaha aapki beti ko sambhal rahi thi... Aapke khilaaf kar rahi thi... Haina" stepping back she said hurtfully making him more guilty
"Nai Shilpa... Maine tumhe kaha na... I was wrong... Maine kuch bhi bol diya tumhe... I am sorryy..." stepping ahead he heartly apologised while moving to take a hold of her hand who looked away from him trying to hide her moist eyes "Jaanti ho... Yeh do saal tumhaare bina bahoot difficult the yaar..." making her looked at him by her cheek he confessed softly but it made her angry who pushed him
"Jhut bilkul jhut... Koi difficult nai tha aapke liye..." hearing her cracked voice he looked at her stunnedly
"Kya keh rahi ho tum Shilpa... Maine sachme tum dono ko miss kiya" pulling her closer by her arms he said in serious voice which made her more frustrated coz His words rang inside her brain 'Cut the call Anita... And if it is about me then please say... I am not at home...' as it clicked she stepped back pulling her hand back
"Haa isliye mera phone nai uthaaya... Haina" she asked tearfully making him to rub his forehead for calming himself
"Shilpa phone nai uthaane ka reason hai mere paas... Mai uswaqt busy tha..." as she heard his answer her mouth dropped opened hurtfully That means he was busy wd that girl "Actually huaa yeh ki mai..." but before he could complete his sentence he saw her crying "Shilpaa... Kyun ro rahi ho yaar..." moving towards her he asked worriedly to which she stepped back still crying her face was bowed down "Shilpa at least batao toh kya huaa...??" moving his hands to cup her face he asked in hell worried tone
"Dur rahiye mujhse Armaan please..." she almost pleaded still crying while brushing his hands off from her face and for him it was a complete shock that all of sudden what happened to her??
"Nai... Bilkul nai... Ek baar tumhaari sunke dekh liya maine ab aur nai..." as he said this stubbornly she cried and moved to go only to jerked back by him "Bina mujhe reason bataaye toh nai jaaogi tum..." he asked in calm tone which maked her frustrated who pushed him again and cleared her face
"Kya reason sunna chahte hai aap... Yehi ki mai kyun ro rahi hoon... Iski wajah bhi aap hai..." she sniffed where as he was getting mad at her reactions "Maine aapko phone kiya... Yeh sochke ki mai aapko wish kar dungi... Par.." she sobbed staring down on floor where as he fell again for her innocence
"Par...??" moving closer to her he asked softly
"Par aapka phone kisi ladki ne uthaaya... Mai usse aapke baare me puchne hi waali thi... Ki aapne kaha... Cut the call Anita and if it is about me then please say I am not at home..." she was saying this while taking small small hiccups and hearing this Armaan smacked himself mentally
"Shilpa..." moving to cup her face he said softly but she turned to go when he gripped her wrist and pulled her back "Mai kaise tumhe yakeen dilaaun ki vo maine tumhaare liye nai kaha tha... Actually jabse vo award mila tha... Tabse media waale aur har koi mujhe phone karke irritate kar rahe the toh maine apna phone side kar diya tha... Uske baad maine dekha bhi nai tha ki kisne call kiya kisne nai... Aur usiwaqt bol diya ki kisi ka bhi phone ho mujhe mat dena..." he cleared everything in soft tone while pulling her closer by her waist who stared him for seconds still her eyes were puffed but somewhere that girl's voice she can't remove from her brain
"Aur vo ladki...??" wd a cute sad face she asked innocently making him smile but from inside he didn't know to tell her or not
"Bura fasa Armaan... I don't think so ki tujhe Shilpa ko abhi Anita k baare me bataana chahiyee... Spcly agar tune isse yeh bataya ki vo phone Anita ne pick kiya tha aur uswaqt tu uske saath tha... Pata nai kaise react karegi... Samjhegi bhi ki nai... Vaise samajh toh jaaygi par... Thande dimaag me... Lekin aisa bhi ho sakta hai direct divorce de de tujhe yeh... Toh iswaqt rehne de sahi mauka dekh k bataana... Abhi toh yeh tujhse khud bahoot naaraaz hai..." as his mind said this to him he dropped the idea to tell her about Anita where as seeing him lost & not answering her she got scared That may be her mind was right So she immediately stepped back hurtfully making him come out from his thoughts "Shilpa..." he looked at her questioningly at her sudden backout and wdout saying anything she moved out of the room
"Dekha kya kaha tha... Kabhi toh meri sunna kar... Isne kaha yeh busy tha toh call attened nai kar paaya... Par phone toh us ladki ne uthaaya tha... That means yeh uswaqt us ladki k saath busy tha..." hearing her mind's words she cried coz in her wildest nightmare also she can't imagine him wd any girl but now seeing him not answering her made her to imagine that scene and it only maked her broke... First he didn't call or texted her in two years Second when she called he didn't responded to it but yes a random girl picked his call on behalf of him Third when he came back suddenly he directly blamed her for Ohnu's reason In short he was the one who hurted her the most Yaah on first place it was her mistake to sent him Singapore but after that on every place he is the faulter
"Shilpa... At least meri baat toh suno yaar... Aise bina bataaye kaise jaa sakti ho tum..." as she touched the door knob of their room he jerked her towards him almost banging her wd the door
"Mujhe kch nai sunana..." looking away from him she said sadly which made his heart ache thinking her response like this
"Sunna padega... Shilpa us ladki ne vo phone isliye uthaaya kyun ki mai pagal ho gaya tha sabke call se... Toh maine usse bola uthaane k liye... Vo mere dost ki wife hai uswaqt mai apne friends k saath tha... Jo mujhe congratulate karne aaye the... That's it" he knew it was lie plus some truth but he didn't have any option to make her understand "Varna tumhi socho mai yaha kyun hota..." cupping her face carefully he whispered in honest tone where as she was only staring him "Shayad tumhe pata nai... Jabse maine tumhaari call history me dekhi thi us raat... Tabse tumhe phone try kar raha tha na tumne uthaaya aur na hi kuch response diya... Mujhe tumhaari aur Ohnu dono ki fikar ho rahi thi... In fact kal subhe toh maine ghar pe call kiya tha par jaise hi Ohnu aur Tumhaari awaaz sunni khudko rok nai paaya... Yaha aane se... Dekha kaha tha na ki agar mai tum dono ki aawaaz sununga toh khud ko rok nai paaunga... Aur yehi huaa... See abhi mai tumhaare saamne hoon" he whispered in soft tone clearing her face by his knuckles while Shilpa didn't knew how to react on this Yaah she trusted him again but the thing which was fitted inside her brain was that 'She can't trusts men' "And about morning's words I am sorryy... But still I am saying I didn't mean it at all... Kyunki tumne humaari beti ko aisa rakkha hai... Jaise mai chahta tha vo rahe... I know bahoot tough raha hoga vo sab akele handle karna... Par mai bhi tumhaare bina khush nai tha vaha Shilpa..." holding her hands he poured out his heart which maked her to scold herself for doubting his love "Mai hi jaanta hoon maine kaise khud ko kaam me busy rakkh ke tum dono pe se apna dhyaan hataaya tha... Par dimaag me hamesha Ohnu aur tum chalti thi..." he confessed his heart out wd moist eyes making her sniffed "Kal raat tumhe behosh dekh k... Meri haalat kya thi... Kaha socha tha tum surprise hoke hug karogi aur kaha tum direct behosh ho gayi" as he said this a small smile reached her lips
"Mai toh aa hi rahi thi subhe par aapne... Mujhe hi suna diya..." wd a sad grumpy look she complained staring down which made him smiled
"Sorryy bola na..." pulling her closer by her waist he said smilingly on which she looked up slowly
"Ab aap... Nai jaayenge na Armaan...??" gripping his t-shirt from front she asked like a scared kid
"Emmm..." he pretended to think which made her heartbeat skipped "Nai... Kabhi nai..." tucking her hairs aside he replied wd a smile which made her relieved who kept her head on his shoulder almost hiding her face on crook of his neck
"I am sorry Armaan... Mai bahoot dar gayi thi..." hugging him she whispered softly on which he hugged her back while closing his eyes
"Aur isiliye bimaar pad gayi haina..." kissing her head he asked in scolding tone on which she just nod her head in Yes hugging him tightly who responded wd equal fervor Yes this is call back to home he thought "Par agar mai jaaunga toh apni family ko lekar... Vaise mujhe itna pata hai tum nai aaogi par fir bhi ek koshish karunga" parting from hug he said in calm tone which made her smiled while staring down
"Nai mai aaungi..." looking up at him she said smilingly while he caged her in his arms
"Yeh tum har baar kehti ho... Par last moment pe dhoka de deti ho..." staring at her he said wd a smile to which she raised her bows
"Jaise...??" pressing her lips she asked slowly
"Jaise... Shagun-Avi k shaadi me jab mai Singapore jaane ki wajaye wapas aaya tha aur tab tumne kaha tha ki... Tum vohi rahogi jahan mai rahunga... But jab baari aayi khud hi force karke bhej diya..." as he replied calmly she smiled cutely when suddenly something clicked inside her brain
"Armaan ko kaise pata... Ki kya huaa tha usdin... Kyunki yeh baat toh maine kabhi bataayi hi nai thi unhe..." she thought confusedly staring at him
"Kya huaa...??" asking this smilingly he blew air on her face who smiled lovingly after a long time feeling his this gesture
"Armaan aapko kaise..." but her question left incomplete coz of Surbhi's voice

"Shilpa...!!" hearing Surbhi's loud voice they both turned back
"Tch!!! Yeh humesha aise time pe entry leti hai .." Armaan mumble disappointingly making Shilpa giggle who opened the door & stepped out following by her Husband
"Kya huaa... Hawww" her question left incomplete as her mouth dropped opened seeing a grumpy Surbhi drenched in mud while seeing her like this Armaan burst wd laughter where as Ohnu & Rehaan were giggling at her
"Dekho na... Shilpa... Rehaan ki wajah se mai Mitti me gir gayi..." she complained wd pouted lips where as Armaan & Rehaan were still laughing
"Humne kuch nai kiya... Yeh khud frisbee pakadne k liye daudi aur gir gayi..." Rehaan defended himself
"Offo!! Tum bhi naa Surbhi" Shilpa scolded gripping her arm "Aao chalo... Mai kapde deti hoon tumhe..." as she said Surbhi maked a grumpy look
"Ek minute... Pehle iski pic toh lene do..." stopping her Armaan took her pic on his phone
"Mr Khan..." Surbhi glared where still smiling he put her pic on Insta adding 'Coming back to home... I saw a deadly would be Wife'
"Tum chalo mai towel deti hoon" dragging her from there Shilpa took her inside Her room for change where as Rehaan was still giggling
"Bhaijaan zara dikhaaiye..." Rehaan said smilingly on which he gave his phone to him and stood beside his daughter who was watching them cutely
"Kya huaa Princess... Aise kyun chup ho...??" bending to her level he asked in kidish tone which made her smiled
"Ohnu... Ko ukh... Lagi hai..." she replied in her innocent tone making Armaan smiled who immediately picked her up
"Matlab... Bhook lagi hai..." he asked smilingly moving towards the lunch table to which she nodded her head in Yes cutely
"Bhaijaan... Omg... Hahaaahaa..." Rehaan laughed loudly seeing Surbhi's pic on Insta that to his captions written
"Oye shaant hoja... Varna shaadi se pehle divorce ho jaayga" Armaan taunted calmly while making Ohnu sat on chair
"Superb... Bhaijaan" he said still laughingly when Shilpa came out from room
"Bracelet... Ohnu ko bhook lagi hai... Aur saath me mujhe bhi... Coz I am tired now" taking a seat beside Ohnu he said tiredly while rubbing his back of neck but he didn't knew that his word made her stopped at his word 'Bracelet' coz after his accident he never took this name easily
"Haa... Mummaa..." Ohnu also said cutely to which Shilpa nodded her head in Yes
"Rehaan... Aao..." Shilpa called Rehaan who nodding in Yes took a seat opposite Armaan while Shilpa served the food to them and then at last sat beside Ohnu when Surbhi came wd grumpy look making both the boys giggle... She took a seat beside Rehaan who was giggling while eating his food
"Shilpa... Khaana tasty hai..." she said wd pouted lips ignoring both the boys while Shilpa passed a smile and started making Ohnu to eat her food while Armaan was loving this scene after all he is spending this time after two years
"Acha bhaijaan... Kal raat aap kaise aaye??" Rehaan asked normally eating his food
"Pooch mat kaise entry ki ghar me..." he shook his head in disbelief taking Surbhi & Shilpa's attention
"Kaise Mr Khan...??" Surbhi asked curiously
"Actually... Keys toh mere paas pehle se hi thi... Par shayad room andar se kuch zyada hi lock tha toh mujhe peeche k raaste se... Ladder lagake Raju ki help se balcony k andar se... Uper se neeche aaya mai... Aur fir Meethi ko bola door kholke Breezer aur mere bags andar karwaale..." as he finished they both to be couple laughed while Shilpa giggled
"Matlab aap toh bahoot thak gaye honge...??" Surbhi asked teasingly
"Of course... Parso raat se soya nai hoon mai... Kisi ki wajah se..." he replied meaningfully hinting Shilpa who shook her head "Meri chodo tum apni bataao... Bhopal se Goa shift kar liya hai Nikaah... Aadhe se zyada log murder kar denge tumhaara... Tumhaare sudden backout place se...??" he asked in warning tone which made Surbhi pout
"Haa sachme... Hum toh samjha samjha k thak gayte hai..." Rehaan agreed
"Excuse me!! Maine yeh sab apne liye nai... Apne long term wait k liye kiya... Mai chahti hoon mera Nikaah... Khuli aasmaan k neeche... Samundar k paas ho..." she replied dreamingly
"Fir toh tum Thailand me Nikaah karlo... Vo bhi samundar k andar... Maine sunna hai kaafi facilities hai vaha" he pulled her leg who rolled her eyes
"Mr Khan please... Sirf ek mahina ek hafta reh gayye hai mere Nikaah ko... Kuch bhi mat bolo... Aap bas bataao next week chal rahe ho na hamaare saath Goa...??" she asked smilingly making him smile
"Sochunga..." ignoring her he concentrated eating his food
"Aapse toh baat karna bekaar hai..." she made a face
"Wait a minute... Tum dono ko toh Ajmer me shaadi karni thi naa hamesha se... Fir Goa kaise...??"as he questioned confusedly tone Surbhi-Rehaan both of them's brain's light clicked
"Aree haa..." they both said in union wd surprised look
"Don't tell me... Tum dono bhool gaye the..." he asked in disbelief on which they gave a nod making Armaan laughed while Shilpa didn't have any clue about it
"Rehaan... Mujhe Ajmer shaadi karni hai please..." looking at Rehaan Surbhi requested
"Hume bhi..." he nodded in Yes making Armaan chuckled
"Ruko mai... Sabko firse bataata hoon ki place change ho gayi... Fir dekhna peetegi yeh..." picking his phone he teased them
"Mr Khan... Vo mai khud karungi... Aap rehne do..." Surbhi said immediately making him chuckled "Aap bas Ajmer me place dhundho meri shaadi ki..." she announced
"Haa mai free baitha hoon na..." he said in sarcastic way
"Abhi kuch dino k liye toh free hi ho... Toh aapko place decide karna hi hoga... Ajmer me aur saari taiyaariyaan bhi..." she said happily making him to roll his eyes while shaking his head when Surbhi looked at Shilpa & Ohnu "Vaise... Shilpa tumne Ohnu k school se chutti li... Parso k liye...??" she asked normally
"Do hi din toh huaa isse gayye... But haa maine iski teacher se baat ki thi... Unhone kaha haa yeh jaa sakti hai... Kyunki abhi newly isne join kiya hai toh... Possible hai iska jaana... But isko bich bich me padhaate rehna hai" Shilpa explained smilingly making them smile too
"Vaise tum hona.. Toh sab ho jaayga... Kyunki tumne already isse bahoot intelligent bana diya hai.. Toh aage bhi kar hi logi... Par parso tumhe yaad haina humaare plan k baare me.. Toh mai koi bahaana nai sunungi..." Surbhi said in warning tone making her to giggle while nodding in Yes where as Armaan Rehaan both frowned
"Chutti kis liye? Aur parso kyaa..???" Armaan asked frowningly
"Aree vo..." Shilpa opened her mouth to answer when
"Vo hamara secret hai... Toh parso hum dono ko koi pareshaan nai karega.." Surbhi answered
"Kyun aisa kya karne waale ho parso..??" Rehaan intrupted
"Kaha naa hamaara secret hai... Toh please koi kuch na puche" she argued to Rehaan who got more confused
"Rehnede Rehaan.. Kuch socha hoga ulta seedha" hearing Armaan's calm tone Rehaan became quiet on which Surbhi giggled when
"Mumma lo..." seeing her mumma not eating Ohnu forwarded a bite towards her mouth by her little hand which maked Arsh smiled
"Aww... Mera baby..." saying this in loving tone she took that bite inside her mouth while everyone adored them then they finished their lunch together... After that Armaan retired for his sleep coz he was really tired coz lack of sleep so he directly went to sleep while Shilpa wd Rehaan-Surbhi started making plans for their wedding and Ohnu was watching her Dora show wd her three pets

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