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Part 65: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special"

Night time
Sun le sada
Oo mere sanam...
"Ohnu... Aapko kaisa laga Papa se milke...??" Shilpa asked carefully hugging Ohnu from back who was sitting on her lap playing wd Shilpa's soft hairs This mother daughter duo were sitting inside Arsh's room spending their time after making her to had her dinner also Ohnu is feeling a little sleepy where as Armaan was talking in lawn wd his Mom n all coz they got to know from Dev that he is back in India So they are taking his class
"Acha... Laga mumma..." in her innocent tone she replied staring up at her mother who smiled cuddling her
"Toh aap unke saath rahogi na...??" caressing her hairs lovingly she asked again
"Nai... Ohnu mumma k... Saath rahegi..." she replied hugging Shilpa tightly who smiled

"Haa babu... Mumma toh hamesha aapke saath rahegi... Aur ab se Papa bhi humaare saath rahenge..." kissing her head she said in loving tone making Ohnu to look up at her innocently which made Shilpa to think something else "Mujhe kisi bhi haal me Ohnu ko Armaan k karib laana hi hoga... So that vo samjhe ki Armaan bhi uske life ka sabse bada hissa hain" she thought caressing her cheek "Aapko pata hai Ohnu... Jab aap chote the toh Mumma ko dar lagta tha Ohnu ko pick karne me..." cuddling her she said in kidish tone making Ohnu to look up at her mother shockingly and at that time Armaan entered there after finishing the call
"Kyun Mumma... Ohnu aapko... Good girl... Nai lagti thi??" wd her cute questioning look she looked up at her mother who giggled
"Nai buddhu... Vo toh isliye.. Kyunki aap bahooot chote the aur Mumma ko lagta tha ki agar vo aapko uthaygi toh aap gir jaaoge... Isliye Mumma ko dar lagta tha ki kahin unki pyaari Ohnu gir naa jaaye" playing wd her little palms she answered cutely making Ohaana to stare her mother innocently while Armaan smiled hearing their conversation so he quietly crossed his arms and stood behind them near the lawn door
"Toh... Ohnu ko... Koi... Pyaar nai karta tha...??" wd a cute sad face she asked making Shilpa giggle
"Aree nai Babu... Sab Ohnu ko pyaar karte the... Mumma bhi... Bas darti thi ki gir naa jaaye... Par haa koi tha... Jo hamesha Ohnu ko pyaar karta tha aur uske saath khelta tha... Mumma se bhi zyada" pinching her nose lightly she replied in cute tone making Armaan frowned
"Kon mummaa...??" she asked confusedly
"Aapke Papa..." kissing her head lightly she replied smilingly
"Sachme mumma...??" wd a wide smile Ohnu asked making Arsh smile
"Haa... Infact aap toh Mumma se zyaada Papa k paas rehti thi... Mumma ne bataya tha na aapko ki kaise aap Papa k saath khelte the..." she replied smilingly but Ohnu was staring up at her quietly as if thinking something where as Armaan was waiting for her response which she didn't showed So Shilpa thought to answered her unasked question "Tabhi Papa ne socha... Ki Aree Mumma toh darti hai Ohnu ko pick karne se... Aur Ohnu toh humesha Papa k saath rehti thi... Fir Papa ne Ohnu ko mumma ko diya aur kaha... Ki vo thode time k liye bahar jaa rahe hain tab tak Mumma Ohnu ki care kare... Fir jab vo wapas aayenge tab Mumma Ohnu aur Papa saath me rahenge... Aur dekho aaj toh mumma ne Ohnu ko pick bhi kiya hai..." in her cute way she answered Ohaana's unasked question that Why he left them??
"Ooohhh..." she nodded in her cute smiling face making Shilpa giggled
"I love you Shilpa..." Armaan mumble under his breath smilingly feeling so contented to have her in his life also glad to return back to his family "Idiot me... Hamesha gadbad karta hoon" he smacked himself mentally
"Haa babu... Toh ab Papa humaare saath hi rahenge..." kissing her nose tip she replied smilingly
"Toh vo... Ohnu... K saath khelenge... Mumma??" she asked in her cute tone making Shilpa smiled who opened her mouth to answer when Armaan walked inside and sat beside them on bed
"Haa... Khelenge bhi aur bahoot saari masti bhi karenge... Haina Princess..." taking her in his lap he replied ceerfully making Ohnu smiled slowly "Par uske liye Ohnu aur Papa ko friendship karni padegi... Tabhi toh vo saath me masti kar paayenge..." as he said this Ohnu looked up at him smilingly "Toh kya aap... Apne Papa se friendship karoge...??" making her stand on bed b/w them he asked carefully to which she stared at him quietly Her little hands were holding his shoulder for balancing herself where as his hands were already holding her firmly
"Haa..." wd her cute smile she nodded her head in Yes making Arsh smiled
"That's like my Princess" taking her in hug he said happily making Shilpa chuckled were as Ohnu giggled "Thank you...!!" Armaan mouthed wd an emotional smile staring at his Wife his Life who looked down smilingly "So tell me... Mumma ne aapko zyada tang toh nai kiya... Papa k absence me??" making her sat on his lap he asked teasingly staring at Shilpa whose mouth half opened
"Nai..." Ohnu giggled seeing her mother's adorable face
"Really...!! Mujhe toh hamesha pareshaan karti thi..." he said in fake shocked tone making Ohnu to look back at her mother
"Sachme Mumma...??" she asked in shocked tone making Shilpa to eyed Armaan who hidded his smile
"Haa toh... Infact kabhi kabhi maarti bhi thi aapki Mummaa..." making Ohnu to look at him he complained in fake sad not which made Ohnu to put her hands on her mouth shockingly
"Excuse me!!" Shilpa looked at him in disbelief who winked
"Aapko thodi pata ki Papa kitna darte hai aapki mumma se..." as he said in fake scared tone Shilpa smacked his arm "See..." he pointed making Ohaana to look at her Mumma
"Par... Mumma... Mujhe toh... Kabhi nai... Maalti..." she took her mother's side who smiled
"Haa... Kyunki Ohnu good girl hai... Papa ki tarah thodi hai..." caressing her hairs lovingly she replied in kidish tone making Armaan to glare her while Ohnu giggled "Acha... Ab chalo so jaao... Raat bahoot ho chuki hai..." this time she said in strict tone making Armaan chuckled
"I already told you... Jitni aapki mumma sharif dikhti hain utni nai hai vo..." playing wd her little fingers he said in teasing tone making Ohnu to stare Shilpa
"Armaaan..." she dragged his name who smiled absorbing her voice inside his heart coz he heard this after soo long "Usko sone do..." she said in strict tone moving down from bed
"Par mumma... Ohnu ko... Neennu nai aa rahi hai" looking at her mother she said in cute tone
"Toh koi baat nai... Aaj Ohnu ko Papa sulayenge..." making her laye down on bed he laid beside her who smiled
"Aap.. Tolly sunaaoge...??" she asked smilingly to which he stared down at her by his elbow where as Shilpa shook her head while keeping her toys on side
"You mean Story..." he said doubtfully making Ohnu to nod in Yes wd a small smile "Okay... It's quiet difficult... But i will try..." pressing his lips he started thinking while Shilpa smiled seeing them How much she waited for this moment she only knows when lounge's phone started ringing taking their attention
"Mai dekhti hoon..." Shilpa spoke as she saw Armaan moved to sat and then she went out leaving this two alone
"Tolly..." she nudged Armaan who laid back
"Princess vo Story hota hai..." tucking her hairs aside he corrected lovingly on which she smiled "Say... Ry..." he emphaisized the word so that she can say easily
" Sss... Tory..." as she repeated he chuckled
"Nai... Sto...ry... Story..." he teached again
"Haa... Stooory..." as she repeated in cute tone he laughed
"Haa wahi..." taking her in his arms he said in loving tone
"Ab... S...too...ryyy... Sunaao" she nudged him again keeping her little fist on his chest who smiled
"Acha yeh batao... Konsi story sunoge aap.. ??" caressing her cheek he asked smilingly
"Mumma waali..." she replied happily making him chuckled
"Konsi... Vohi Rupenzel Tinkerbell Cindrella etc... Waali??" he asked uninterestingly only to got reply from her in nod "Puri duniya sudhar jaaye par meri Fairty tail Biwi nai sudhregi" he thought wd a smile "Acha agar mai aapko ek bahoot... Different story sunaun toh??" looking at her he asked in cheerful tone making her smile
"Kya??" she asked cutely
"Batata hoon..." laying beside her he took her in his arm and looked at the ceiling "See... Ek bahoot bada forest tha... Usme na bahoot chote chote cute se animals rehte the aur kch bade animals bhi the..." he started making animations by his hand which made her more excited
"Eezer jaise bhi the...??" hearing her question he frowned then it clicked she is talking about Breezer
"Oh you mean Breezer..." pinching her nose lightly he corrected only to hear her melodious giggle
"Toh... Sunao..." as she insisted he chuckled
"Haa meri princess..." he smiled "Haa toh mai kaha tha...??" he started thinking
"Big ani...mals the..." she reminded making him amused
"Haa... Toh vaha ek Lion tha... Vo naa bahoot clever tha..." he didn't knew what he is saying but right now he have to make his daughter comfortable wd him where as Ohnu was listening him attentively untill she felt drowsy and then she dozed off hugging her father who was still telling the story "Aur fir shayad us Rabbit ko us forest ka king bana diya gaya... Shayad haa... Nai actually king nai... Par vo us forest ka..." but his doubtfull story stopped as he looked beside him where he find his little Princess sleeping soundlessly while holding his t-shirt in her little fist "Aur meri... Princess so gayi..." he chuckled while tucking he head properly on pillow and slowly moving down he pulled the comfortor up on her "Hmm... Finally sab thik hai... But still isne mujhe abhi tak Papa nai kaha... Jisse sunane k liye mai abhi tak desperate hoon... But never mind aaj nai toh kal keh hi degi..." thinking to himself he smiled and giving a good night Kiss to her head he turn to go while checking his phone which was put on silent mode "Dev... K teen missed calls??" he frowned seeing many missed calls on his phone but which took his attention was Dev so moving out from the room he call back Dev while searching for Shilpa
Kehta hai dil
Khaake yeh
"Kya huaa kyun call kiya tha...??" he asked calmly as the call got recieved while he entered inside the lounge
"Tu pehle yeh bata tu mera call kyun nai pick kar raha tha...??" he asked angrily but Armaan didn't paid any attention to him coz his eyes spotted His wife who was playing wd Breezer while Shao Pao & Toy were sleeping in their baskets and seeing her giggling a smile reached his lips How he wished To have her in his arms To love her To take her in soulful kiss To make passionate love to her until he take out all his loneliness which he spent wdout her... They had been away from two years which was very hard for him whose inner hormones only wants her Yes since he came back his heart & body only wants her They didn't got quality time wd each other where they can talk about those painful two years share their experiences and love each other wdout any hesitation which he can sensed in her now May be this distance made her a little doubtful or hesitate to trust him back?? Which he will soon brush off for forever "Tu sunn raha hai...??" Dev's voice brought him back from his la la land
"Emm... Yaaah... Phone silent pe tha... Tu bol kya huaa...??" concentrating on Dev he asked normally taking Shilpa's attention who looked back at him
"Armaan... Tu bas News channel dekh... Jaldi" he frowned hearing Dev's serious tone
"Kyun kya huaa...??" he asked confusedly searching the remote
"Tu khud hi news channel pe dekh..." Dev replied sitting on couch
"I am sure kuch serious hai... Teri awaaz bata rahi hai..." he said in serious tone still looking for the remote where as making Breezer play wd something Shilpa approached towards him who was searching something hurriedly
"Kya chahiyee... Armaan??" standing beside him she asked calmly making him to look at her and asked about the remote through his hand on which she shook her head wd a smile "Hmm..." picking the remote from side table she hummed which made him look back at her and wdout saying anything he immediately put on the TV making Shilpa serious "Kuch serious hai Armaan..." she asked in serious tone as she saw he sat on Sofa after stopping on a News channel
"Haa Dev kiya..." ignoring her he asked to Dev which made her a little sad who thought to go from here when he gripped her wrist stopping her
"Tu bas News dekh..." Dev replied in calm tone making Armaan worried who slowly made Shilpa sat beside him
"Kya huaa Armaan??" this time she asked in little bit worried tone when he put his palm on her mouth wdout looking at her coz his eyes were fixed on the screen but yes Shilpa became confused whose heartbeat skipped as she felt his palm on her soft lips "Armaan aap..." pushing his hand she was about to ask when she saw his shocked look so she also looked at the screen only to left stunned seeing the news channel showing Breaking news which is 'Armaan Malik is Missing from Singapore'
"Ji... Haa recently mashoor huye doctor Armaan Malik Singapore se gayab hai... Kahin kisi ne unhe kidnap toh nai kar liya... Yaah fir yeh unke dushmano ki chaal hai... Hum aapko bata den... Pichle kch mahino se unke kaafi chahne waale badh gaye hai social media me... Aur recently unhone IAA jeeta hai... Jisse logo k bich vo kaafi chahye huye hai... Unhone India ko present kiya Internationally... Toh kahin kisi ko unse problem toh nai... Jinhone unhe gayab kardiya..." as she looked at the News reporter saying this she pressed her lips for controlling her coming laugh
"What the hell..!!" he looked at the screen shockingly and seeing his face she loosed her control and laughed loudly making Armaan to glare her
"Omg!!" she laughed uncontrollably which made him more annoyed "Kahin Doctor Armaan Kidnap toh nai ho gaye" she repeated teasingly still laughing
"Will you just shut up..." he said annoying when Dev heard them from other side
"Tere saath Shilpa bhi hai...??" Dev asked confusedly
"Haa... Kyun kya huaa??" he asked calmly rubbing his forehead
"Armaan... Kya kar raha hai tu yaar... Yeh news tune Shilpa ko kyun dikhaayi...?" as Dev asked in serious tone he moved away fron there
"Kyun kya problem hai...??" he asked in same tone
"Armaan... Kya tune Shilpa ko Anita aur Rohan k baare me bataya hai...??" Dev asked in worried tone on which he heard from him No "Kya kiya yaar... Tujhe pata bhi hai vo news channel waale tere ghar k paas gaye the Singapore... But security ne unhe aane nai diya... Aur abhi vo log yeh show kar rahe hai news pe ki... Armaan Malik gayab hai apni wife aur do mahine k bete ko Singapore me akela chod k... Tu neeche ki headlines padhna zara..." as he heard this from Dev his feet jammed at the place shockingly "Adi ne mujhe phone karke bataya... Actually sabse pehle usne hi toh dekha yeh news... Mai toh khush hoon yeh soch kar ki abhi ghar me sab so rahe hai... Varna kya hota pata nai..."hearing his words Armaan looked back at Shilpa who was watching the TV wd a smile as if it is entertaining her
"Acha... Mai yaha dekhta hoon... Chal rakhta hoon... Good night" saying this he hung up the phone after hearing Dev's wish then he walked back towards Shilpa slowly while controlling his heartbeat which was fearing for a new blow
"Armaan Malik... Naa toh Singapore me hai... Na Mumbai aur na hi Bhopal me... Toh akhir vo gaye kahan...??" hearing repoter's words he calm himself not to break the TV screen

Dekha zameen
Dekha vo falak
Tumsa nai dekha...
"Hawww... Fir mere saath kon hai..." pretending shocked she looked at Armaan who sat beside her quietly but this time more closely as if fearing she will ran "Kahin yeh unka koi Judwa bhai toh nai..." she pointed her index finger at him in fake shocked tone making him to stare her calmly "Breaking news... Doctor Armaan Malik k gayab hone k thik ek din baad... Bhopal me unka duplicate unki wife k saath baitha hai..." picking the remote as a mike she said like a journalist which only maked him amused at her cute act that he even forgot he was tensed few minutes ago "Kya unki wife samajh paayengi... Yaa nai... Janane k liye dekhte rahiye Shilpa ko" hearing her cheerful voice he couldn't control his chuckle "Toh Mr batayenge aise problem me fase kaise aap...??" facing him she asked in her cute tone making him smile staring her
"I don't know... But jabse vo stupid award mila hai tabse... Yeh media n all peeche pade hai interview k liye..." making a face he answered calmly
"Tabhi vo log shayad ghar pe bhi phone kar rahe the..." she said doubtfully making him stunned
"What... Unhone ghar pe bhi call kiya tha... Unhe number kaha se mila...??" he asked in shocked tone
"Mujhe kya pata... Kal se calls aa rahe hai... Infact abhi thodi der pehle bhi toh aaya tha..." she replied in calm tone
"What?? Kya unhe tumhaara number bhi pata hai...??" this time he asked in serious tone making her to guess he can become anytime angry
"Armaan... Mera phone maine switched off karke rakha hai... Toh mujhe nai pata kiske calls aaye hai yaa nai..." she said calmly stooding up to bring coffee for them when he pulled her back wd such force that she directly landed on him almost sat on his lap "Armaan..." she looked at him surprisingly
"Kaha jaa rahi thi...??" caging her in his arms he asked in calm tone making her smile who slowly put her hands on his shoulders wd a smile
"Coffee laane..." she replied in normal tone making him to shook his head
"Kya yaar tum bhi... Yaha mai itni important discussion karna chahta hoon... Aur tumhe coffee ki padi hai..." as he said this she smiled slowly
"Agar aap is stupid rumours k uper discuss karna chahte ho... Then I am sorry coz I am not at all interested in it..." moving her hands around his neck she said in uninterested tone
"Kaisi stupid rumours... Yeh waali ki mai kidnap ho chuka hoon... Yaah yeh waali ki mujhe gayab karne k peeche kisi ki saazish hai... Yaah fir yeh waali ki meri biwi aur do mahine k bete ko chodkar mai Singapore se gayab hoon" playing wd her hairs he asked in calm tone but the last sentence he asked in careful tone trying to see her reaction over it
"Saari... Kyunki vo log thodi aapko jaante hai... Aur jab jaante nai toh kuch bhi bol rahe hai bas..." parting from him she replied in normal tone making him smile at her Trust
"Par agar usme se last waali sach nikli toh..." keeping his back against the arm post of sofa he asked in teasing tone making her stop for seconds who slowly looked at him "Abhi proove ho jaayga Shilpa ki tum kitna trust karti ho mujhpe" he thought while crossing his arms calmly
"Toh... Tohhh... Seedhi sharafat se mujhe divorce de dena... Mai aur Ohnu chale jaayenge kahin dur... Aur aap rehna apni pyaari biwi k saath aur do mahine k pyaare bete k saath... Khushi khushi" hearing her extra sweet answer he chuckled
"Par agar mujhe dono chahiye toh...??" his next question made her mouth dropped
"Toh ek kaam karna... Ek aur shaadi kar lena... Aur un dono k saath rehna..." pointing her index finger at him she retorted
"Par mujhe toh meri pehli yaani Gharwaali Baharwaali dono chahiyee... Fir??" wd fake innocent look he asked which made her fumed
"Armaan... Agar aapne aisa kch socha bhi naa... Then I'll swear mai aapka gala daba dungi..." this time she said in her cute angry look while glaring him who grinned and wd an instant pulled her on him who got startled
"Matlab tum us news pe believe nai karti??" hiding his smile he asked smilingly
"Mai aise aaltu faaltu newses pe yakeen nai karti..." as she replied in attitude tone he chuckled
"Matlab tum mujhpe Trust karti ho...??" locking her in his arms he asked wd a satisfied smile to which she pretended to think
"Nai... Bilkul nai... Mai aape trust nai karti vo toh bas..." she tried to answer in serious tone but his chuckled made her stopped
"Accept it... Tum mujhpe blindly Trust karti ho..." tucking her flicks he said in teasing tone which made her smile
"Kya kar sakti hoon... Aur koi option bhi toh nai..." giving a pity look to herself she said which made him to pull her in a tight hug
Teri aankhon ke
Jhalak dekhe
Ik zamana huaa...
"I missed you Shilpa..." he mumbled on her hairs who smiled wd closed eyes caressing his back of hairs lovingly which only maked him turned on "Umm... Don't do this Shilpa varna anjaam acha nai hoga" as he said in a whisper she giggled parting from hug
"Really!! Kya hoga??" wd a mischievous smile she asked making him smile too
"Bataaun...??" nodding his head in Yes he asked teasingly moving his hands on her waist who got startled
"Armaan..." she glared as he pulled her on him almost laying on sofa
"Nai batata hoon na..." saying this teasing he started tickling her who tried to free herself feeling ticklish
"Ouch..!! Armaaan..." she winced as he instantly made her laye under him still tickling her who was laughing "Okay... Okayy... Peace..." she said breathlessly pushing him a little up who smiled seeing her pink chubby cheeks which were glowing more by his touch
"Hmmm..." facing her he blew air on her face who smiled wd closed eyes feeling him near her again "I Love you..." caressing her face he said in loving tone and brushed their lips passionately which only left her aroused whose hands slowly moved inside his hairs
"I... Lo..." but her sentence left incomplete as he took her into a passionate kiss which only maked them want more after all they felt each other after two years gap How much he missed her he took out in their kiss only while his hands were itching to feel her curves whose hands were already caressing his hairs almost massaging his scalp
"I... Know..." staring at her he whispered pantingly making her blushed "Oyyee Hoyyee...!!" saying this smilingly he hided his face on her neck who smiled shyly
"Sss... Armaan..." she gasped dazedly as he nipped her collar bone they both were lost in each other until his cell phone's ring made them disturbed but Armaan ignored this coz right now the only thing he wants his wife nothing else
"Armaan phone..." she tried to push him who faced her annoyingly "Koi important call hoga..." seeing his annoyed look she said slowly who rolled his eyes and sat up following by her who corrected her dress while he received the call uninterestingly
"Hello...!!" hearing his careless voice she smiled "Haa mai Dr Armaan bol raha hoon..." rubbing his tample he replied in calm tone while Shilpa stood to go when he gripped her wrist and pulled her on his lap
"Armaan..." she eyed him while smacking lightly on his chest who moved to bite her making her scared a little
"Haa sunn raha hoon..." he replied calmly while staring her wd a grin where as seeing him this naughty she thought to irritate him "Yes... Nai actually..." but his sentence couldn't got finished as she traced his face by her index finger seductively making him to glare her who giggled "Aap bas mujhe batao... Case kya hai..." he said the caller eyeing Shilpa not to touch his face but she was not in that mood so this time she directly messed his hairs whose mouth hung up on which she showed a innocent look while tracing his neckline who closed his eyes to control himself making her giggle and hearing this he immediately gripped her that hand "Haa mai aata hoon... Aap sab kuch ready karlen" he was talking on phone but his eyes were fixed on her whom he turned abruptly that her back touched wd his chest while her both hands were locked in his one hand where as other was holding the phone
"Armaan... Chodiye varna... Mai maarungi..." looking back at him she whispered in low voice trying to free herself from his hold who smirked
"Sure..." he said to the caller while nuzzling his face on her neck who at last glared him which made him smile mischievously biting her ear lightly making her to free herself angrily and stood up "Aap dus minute wait karen mai pandra minute me aata hoon" saying this calmly he hung up the phone while Shilpa moved to ran from there but was soon blocked by him who directly jumped from the sofa "Kaha..??" blocking her he raised his bows making her gulped
"Dekho... Armaan shuruaat aapne ki thi..." pointing her finger at him she said in fake angry voice coz from inside she was scared by his glare
"Toh...??" stepping ahead he asked in calm tone while she stepped back
"Toh... Toh aapko... Ab jaana chaahiyee... I think koi zaroori kaam hai... Haina" trying to pretend normal she said smilingly when he banged her wd his chest making her gasped
"Tumse zyada koi zaroori kaam nai hai..." nuzzling his face on her neck he whispered huskily making her surprised by his sudden change of mood when he started planting numerous kisses on her throat who got lost in him but as her back touched the wall she realised about his urgent work
"Armaan... Aapko bahar jaana hai..." pushing him lightly she said slowly while controlling her heartbeat
"Haa toh chala jaaunga... Pehle tumhe toh dekh loon" cupping her face he said in urgent voice and moved to kiss her as if he was thirsty for her lips
"Nai... Aap jao..." turning her face away she almost ordered him who rolled his eyes stepping back
"Tumhe to mai aake bataunga..." pointing his index finger at her he said in warning tone making her to show her glare while crossing her arms
"Pehle jaaiye toh... Fir aake bataana..." she taunted
"Tum hamesha mujhe khudse dur kyun bhejti rehti ho... Hmmm well i know kyun karti ho aisa" wd a teasing smile he said in calm tone on which she narrowed her bows "First... U can't resist me... Second U can't trust yourself wd me... Third and the most U can give easily yourself to me..." hearing his calm teasing tone her mouth hung up
"Aisa kch nai hai Armaan" she argued
"Rehne do Shilpa... Rehne do... Ab koi faida nai hai... Mai sachaayi jaan chuka hoon in aath(eight) saalo me..." saying this coolly he moved towards sofa to pick his cell phone
"You know what mujhe aapki baaton me koi interest nai hai... Toh jo bolna hai boliye.. I don't care" she said wd attitude in her voice making him chuckled who picked his car keys & phone "Aur ab mai jaa rahi hoon sone toh... Ghar ki keys bhi lekar jaana kyunki mai door open nai karungi... So good night" announcing him she turned to go when he called making her look back at him
"Yaad rakhna... Jab aaunga na... Toh jaha se khatam kiya tha vohi se shuru karunga... Bye" saying this meaningfully he went out after wearing his shoes but his words left her crimson red
"Armaan naa... Kitne change ho gaye hai... I mean jaise vo hamaari shaadi k shuru me the" she giggled remembering his behaviour which was same like before his accident Yaah he is behaving like this since Onhu was born but never he was too opened like he was few minutes ago May be this distance made him more attached towards her?? She thought "Jo bhi ho ab zara is long dress se kch comfortable pehen leti hoon... Fir sone jaaungi" saying this to herself she went inside in her room to change after putting off the lights of lounge


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