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Part 66: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

'"Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing and love what you are doing"

3 hours later
Tere deedaar ka
Yeh deewaana huaa...

"Mujhe toh samajh me yeh nai aata... Ki aapko car se bahar nikalne ki kya zaroorat thi..." a angry Shilpa scolded her husband who was rubbing his hairs wd the towel
"Maine bola na... Car kharaab ho gayi thi... Toh usse dekhne... Aaaccchhii!!" he was answering annoyingly when he sneezed making Shilpa to shook her head so snatching the towel from his hand she glared him who put his wet hairs behind from his forehead
"Baitho yaha chup chap..." pointing on sofa she ordered angrily which left no choice for him to follow her "Ek toh itni tez baarish uper se... Pura bheeg k aa gaye aap... Agar bukhar ho gaya toh..." she was

scolding him while rubbing his hairs by towel making him feel relaxed under her care He always feels peace near her but it's also true that he also feels annoy sometimes coz of her tantrums If she is the person who puts him in difficult situations then she is also the person who pulls him away from that same difficult situation like you can say she is his problem & solution both His 'Chain & Sukoon' is near him when she is far away from any insecurity or problem "Mujhe toh samajh me nai aata... Itni raat ko suddenly yeh baarish kaha se agayi..." drying his hairs she put the towel on arm chair while blabbering making him to shook his head actually the thing is when he was returning from hospital after handling the case to one of a doctor who knew about his arrival coz in morning Armaan went to check his hospital where everyone welcomed him also congratulated him for his success so that's why that doctor called him for help but when he was returning to home the weather changed cloudy and in an instant it started raining heavely which leaded the roads block so he thought to take a shortcut but in half way his car got punctured making him to check it which resulted the rain to drenched him fully Somehow he managed to came back home but his sneezes were not stopping which woke Shilpa who immediately came out from their room only to find Armaan fully dripping from water and since then she was scolding him "Armaan... Aap ab tak yehi baithe hai... Jaaiye change kijiye... Varna bimaar pad jaayenge" turning at him she said angrily while putting her hands on her waist and at that time he noticed what she wore A light plum color silk nighty wd a transparent robe in same color the nighty exist just above her knees while the robe was loosed till her anklet on which she wore the same anklets which he gifted on Their first Valentine's day also she wore pink sleepers and her hairs are opened straight wd curls from down but the thing attracting him was her wdout make up look which is making her more tempting & he is smitten by that One thing he guessed This night is not going to end easily "Armaan... Aap sunn rahe haina..." hearing her angry voice he looked up at her coming out from his trance

"Haa.. Sunn raha hoon..." stooding up he replied calmly while opening his shirt's buttons
"Haa... Toh aap jaaiye change kariye mai coffee laati hoon" saying this she turned to go
"Aree... Bracelet ruko... Iswaqt Ohnu so rahi hogi mere andar jaane se vo disturb ho jaaygi" hearing his voice she stopped not becoz he called her just coz he took her name Bracelet which he rarely says but right now it looked different "Toh tum mere kapde us room me laado mai vohi change karlunga..." he said in calm tone undoing his shrit's buttons fully
"Thik hai... Par kya aapne apna bag unpack kiya hai??" looking at him she asked normally to which he gave a nod in No "Offo!! Armaan... Thik hai aap jaao change karo mai laati hoon... Aur haa geele kapde kahin pe bhi mat rakhna.." saying this she went from there to bring his clothes while he went wd the towel inside the room which used to calls Hers
"Gosh!! Kitna kich kich karne lagi hai yeh..." keeping his shirt on couch he unbuckled his belt and threw that on his shirt "Aisa lag raha hai jaise mai... Kisi teacher k under hoon... Pata nai meri beti kaise rehti hogi iske saath... Par Ohnu k saath toh vo bilkul strict nai hai... Actually isse problem toh sirf mujhse hi hai... Shuru se hi... Jab iske peeche bhaagta hoon toh yeh aur dur bhaagti hai aur jab avoid karta hoon toh khud aakar mera attention le jaati hai... Aur jab attention do toh fir bhaagti hai... Aakhir na chahte huye bhi force karna hi padta hai... Tab jaakar sudharti hai yeh" he was talking to himself while removing his shoes then picking the towel he wiped his wet bare body wd it when Shilpa hesitatingly walked inside first she thought to knock but then dropped thinking he is not some stranger he is her Husband yaah she is feeling a little nervous coz of their two years distance but if they both come back to their selfs everything will be back to there original place... Shilpa gulped seeing his bare wet back which made her more nervous that she forgot for what she came here Her inner Desires Craves Wants Needs everything were taking roll on her Actually he was right She can't resist him but controlling herself she immediately put his clothes on bed
"Armaan kapde..." saying this wd great difficulty she walked near the door so that she can ran out as soon as possible where as he already turned back at her still wipping himself wd that midnight color towel "Mai coffee laayi haan..." hearing her strange tone he frowned but before he could stop her she was out from the room making him confused who shaking his head opened his jeans's zip and widin 5 minutes he changed himself in black knee length shorts and was about to wore his white T-shirt when Shilpa entered wd coffee mug for him "Hmm... Coffee peeke so jaana haan.. Good night" keeping the trey on near table she said in extra sweet tone making him to narrowed his eyes
"Tum kaha...??" throwing his t-shirt on couch he asked in strict tone making her looked back at him
"Sone... Kyunki raato ko log sote hai..." trying to look away from his six pack abs she replied in sarcastic way making him smirk who slowly slowly walked towards her
"Vaise... Raatko... Toh log aur bhi bahoot kch karte hai..." pulling her closer by her waist he said teasingly making her to glare him
"Armaan... Yeh double flirty lines na kisi aur ko maarna... Abhi mujhe jaane do" trying to push him lightly she said in warning tone but he caged her more tightly by his hands
"Mujhe kisi aur me interest kaha..." nuzzling his nose tip on her neck he whispered huskily almost locking her into him while her both hands were rested on his chest whose heartbeat can easily felt
"Armaan... Aap bimaar pad jaaoge... See aapki body bhi bahoot thandi hai... Coffee peelo..." trying to push him she said in sweet tone making him grinned
"Toh tum Hot banado... Vaise bhi kaafi Hot lag rahi ho..." pulling her closer he flirted making her mouth opened in O shape at his comment
"Armaan..." as she opened her mouth to scold him he moved to bite her nose
"Haa bolo Armaan ki jaan..." closing his eyes he nuzzled his face on crook of her neck whose heartbeat skipped feeling his cold lips on her hot neck but suddenly her eyes opened hearing his words This line he used to say before also but she never paid attention to it Yes he was changed since he confessed on Avni's reception night His love was increasing wd each passing days infact he even started to show his love to her but since Ohnu came in their life his way of showing love increased more Yes he flirts but not that much but right now he is flirting so openly like he used to behave when he first time came back from NY but may be he is behaving like this coz they are away from each other from long time?? She thought "Tumhe pata nai... Shilpa ki maine tumhe kitna miss kiya..." he whispered softly after kissing her ear who felt tickle coz of his hot breath
"Kitna...??" looking at him she asked wd teasing smile making him smile
"Bataun...?" moving his face near to her he asked wd a teasing smile
"Nai..." stepping back she refused making him narrowed his eyes "Ab bahoot raat ho chuki hai aap jaaiye sone... Aur mai bhi jaaun" saying this hurriedly she turned to go when pull her back
"Tumhe nai lagta tum mujhse fir bhaag rahi ho...??" staring her smilingly he asked in soft tone making her to nod in No "Toh...??" he raised his bows like Ohnu does
"Vo isliye... Kyunki iswaqt Ohnu akeli hai room me... Agar vo uth gayi toh... Dar jaaygi" moving her hands around his neck she replied wd a smile making him pull her closer to him by her waist
Teri aankhon k
Jhalak dekhe
Ik zamaana huaa...
"Aur mai... Jo tumhaare bina do saal raha akele... Uska kya??" brushing their noses he whispered in soft tone which made her smile slowly while his hands were already caressing her back who slowly moved her hand to trace his face softly making him to close his eyes feeling her touch which showed how much he missed her
"Aaww..." she winced as he bit her index finger lightly "Armaan..." she pushed him wd a pout making him chuckled
"Kya hua... Meri chidchidi wify ko...??" pulling her closer by her waist he asked in teasing tone to which she smacked his chest wd grumpy look making him giggled
"Dare you to talk wd me.." pointing her index finger at him she said wd her cute angry face and turned to go when he hugged her from behind
"Ohhoo... Lagta hai gussa hogayi meri... Wify" nuzzling his face on her neck he mumble smilingly
"Nai bahot khush hoon..." her sarcastic reply made him chuckled who made her turn at him
"Dekh k lagta toh nai hai..." cupping her one cheek he teased which made her to roll her eyes "Okay peace... Mazaak tha" staring at her face he whispered softly while tracing her bottom lip by his thumb which made a shiver ran to her spine "You know Shilpa... Jab mai Singapore me tha... Aisa ek bhi din nai tha jab maine tumhe yaad nai kiya ho..." he shared his feelings pulling her closer by her waist whose expressions softened hearing this "Mai khudko kaam me busy rakhta tha... So that mai tumhe miss na karun... But jabhi sone chalta tha tum hamesha ki tarah mere Dil aur Dimaag me aa jaati thi" he mumble softly lowering his lips closer to hers whose hands automatically moved on his shoulder while she was already lost in him
"Toh call kyun nai kiya...??" pulling him more closer to her she asked dazedly still wd closed eyes while their lips were just brushing each other
"Batata hoon..." mumbling this huskily he pulled her face more closer to his and rubbed his lips over her who immediately locked their lips roaming her hands on his shoulders & head which only aroused him whose hands started feeling her curves passionately... He was not leaving her lips for seconds also as if she is his ocean to live but she needs air coz of feeling out of breath she tried to push him lightly but he was strong at his place and still kissing each other they banged to the wall wd Shilpa against it who finally managed to broke the kiss resulting her head rested on his shoulder panting heavenly where as he immediately hugged her tightly hiding his face on her hairs "I want to you Shilpa... I want you soo much..." as his urgent voice rang on her ears she immediately moved her hands on his bare back sensuously hinting him she too wants him She can't explain how much she craved for him?? Her nights & days only passed wd the insecurities to loose him Her heart & body both wants the warmth of his protective arms and the physical need they both wants equally... His hormones flickered as she planted a soft kiss on his crook of neck while her hands were caressing his back sensuously making him to side her hairs carefully from her shoulder and kissed there passionately which left her moan his name whose head started lowering on her throat while pulling her head a little up from back wanting more access of her throat where he started giving numerous kisses & at the end smooched over there her hands were already inside his silky wet hairs massaging it where as his hands were busy on exploring her gained curves... His one hand slowly opened her robe's knot and as it opened his hand went inside on her waist feeling that silky disturbance which he wanted to tore apart coz his hands were itching to feel her skin while his lips were smooching her whole shoulder from where he lowered the robe making her shivered first coz of the cold heavely rain outside second coz of his cold touches and the third most important coz of his unending kisses on her whole neck whose knees are getting weak now When he smooched her lips which maked her out of breath
"Armaan..." pushing him lightly she moaned and moved ahead while taking long deep breaths when he held her from behind and started planting kisses on her neck while lowering her robe from her shoulders who surrendered herself again to him completely and wd a thud her robe fell from her shoulders to the floor near her feet
"You know Shilpa..." pulling closer by her waist he kept his chin near her ear almost hugging her who hummed in Yes while moving her one hand in his hairs and other one was put on his hand which was holding her waist firmly but both of them have contented smile on their faces "Jab bhi mai kisi bhi shops me Bracelets dekhta tha..." as he whispered this softly from behind her hand stopped which he gripped "Vo Sirf Tumhaari yaad dilaate the..." kissing her hand he said smilingly which made her giggle "It was not that funny" tracing her neckline by his index finger he mumble smilingly
"Kuch bhi Armaan..." she said in teasing tone but her heartbeat skipped as he lowered her strap down from her shoulder by his teeth
"Nai Sachme Shilpa... Maine toh saare Bracelets khareed k bhi rakkhe hain... Subhe dikhaunga" planting kisses on her whole bare shoulder he whispered lostly which made her to faced him smilingly and in a seductive way she put her hands on his chest who got cleaned bold by her
"Really!!" brushing their lips she asked huskily which only left him dazed who pulled her closer by her waist firmly
"Yes.." replying her in lost tone he bit her chin lightly while his hands pulled down her other strap too revealing her cleavage completely and like an hungry lion he devoured her then in a swift moment lifted her up on his arms only to drop her on middle of the bed wd him... Getting engrossed in each other he threw her nighty away from her who first time didn't shied instead she pulled him authoritatively in smoking moments in fact first time she took the charge to remove their clothes and wrapped inside the warm blanket they claimed each other again & again feeling the warmth of their hot bodies coz outside the blanket they can only feel the cold rain's breeze wd the dropping music of rain rytheme Today they both didn't lived each other for second also even Shilpa herself equally participated showing all her love & possession for him who was lost in her spell beauty but the thing surprised him was her bold moves towards him which was a good signal of her that she missed him just the way he missed her Actually they both are burning for each other In fact smouldering for their love which now was coming out for each passing seconds they took out their all loneliness & wants in their passionate night...!! Which finally ended after feeling satisfied they both were laying in each other's arms cherishing the moment he was busy in planting kisses to her shoulders & neck where as her hands were caressing his hairs wd a small smile playing around her lips enjoying his pampers but her mind was rolling the last night's scene that How they met?? How he took her care?? She was thinking this when suddenly Ohnu came inside her brain
"Armaan... Ohnu..." she immediately pushed him a little who stared down wd narrowed bows "Offo!! Armaan vo akeli so rahi hai... Agar uth gayi toh dar jaaygi akele dekh k khudko" as she said this he smiled biting her earlobe "Sss... Armaan" she gasped wd closed eyes
"Ruko usse yehi laata hoon..." playing wd her hairs he whispered in calm tone
"Nai uski neend khul jaaygi... Fir sulaana mushkil hoga" she refused on which he blew air on her face only to get a warning look from her
"Okay... Jaayenge... Thodi der aur..." mumbling this softly he dig his face on her neck while brushing their bodies which left her gasped whose hands moved on his already scratched back to caress it and they both again got lost in each other

Next morning
"Yeh Armaan bhi naa... Saare bags idhar udhar rakkhe hai... Ab samajh me nai aa raha konsi cheez kaha rakkhun..." a frustrated Shilpa blabbered to herself while unpacking his bags and to arrange in wardrobe "Emm... Isse kaha rakhun..." looking at his watch collections she mumble confusedly then picking it all she put inside his wrist watch set where already many watches were laying there "Gosh!! Inhe lekar toh koi dukaan bhi khol sakta hai.."she giggled keeping it beside them and one by one she emptied his one bag "Ab dusre ki baari... " looking at his another bag she made a face tucking her hairs aside "Subhe se mujhe busy karke rakkha hai Mr Rajkumar ne... Aur khud apni beti k saath mastiyaan kar rahe hai..." she muttered under her breath while trying to opened the bag which didn't open making her annoy "Uff!! Ab yeh kyun nai khul raha..." she cursed trying to open the zip of bag which didn't budge from its place "Offo!! Kya musibat hai yeh..." pushing the bag on side she mumble annoyingly then wd pouted lips she corrected her hairs staring on mirror "Mujhe toh samajh nai aata... Mr Husband ko itna kya.. Mere haath ki hi cheeze chahiyee..." she muttered while wearing her earings "Obviously... Shilpa do saal tere bina rahe hain... Toh ab toh sab kch tere haath ka hi chahiyee unhe..." as her heart said logically a smile reached her lips who now looked at herself in mirror smilingly Now she is looking perfect only for him today she fully dressed for him reason is clear when he was not around her she had stopped those make up n all but now she have reason to look good for someone... She have wore a loose peach color top tucked inside her long white full flare skirt while her hairs were opened in straight making her beautiful "Hmm..." taking a sigh wd a satisfied smile she turned to look at the bag "Isse toh Armaan ko hi karna padega.." saying this to herself she moved out from the wardrobe room to inform him about this Actually her mood was not at all good today reason was non other than Mr Armaan Malik coz since morning he was ordering her for this & that But it's also true she can't forget their last night's romance she didn't remembered when she slept after the second round of their romance but in morning when she opened her eyes found herself in their room that to fully clothed which made her blushed coz she gotted it was done by him... She turned her position only to find herself locked b/w her little Baby & Hubby Yes from behind Armaan had hugged her and from her other side Ohnu insort she was caged b/w them but yes it was a good start for her until Mr Husband woke up and started his demands like To make his coffee, To arrange his clothes, To make her hands food and To unpack his bag So these all things made her frustrated but she knew he is doing this to feel her presence again near him... Thankfully it's a holiday of Ohnu or else her work could have increased "Ab kaha honge yeh..." she mumbled walking in backyard where Armaan & Rehaan were playing basket boll Yes he had also made a basket boll court on side of the garden while Ohnu was playing wd her pets away from them
"Bhaijaan... Aapko hamari aur Surbhi ki... Engagement date yaad hai..??" Rehaan asked confusedly while dribing the boll
"Engagement teri thi... Toh mujhe kaise yaad hogi..." snatching the boll he taunted making Rehaan chuckled Its been ages since they last played this game and now playing wd Armaan he is enjoying this day Both of them were in their casual look Armaan wore a light gray opened sweat shirt wd sky blue vest underneath and gray joggers where as Rehaan have wore a black T-Shirt wd gray joggers
"Nai bhaijaan sachme... Aaj Surbhi ne humse puch liya ki hamaari engagement ki date konsi thi... Infact vo toh humse yeh bhi puch rahi thi ki unhone kapde konse color ki pehni thi... Aur sachme jab humne yaad kiya toh yaad hi nai aa raha hai" as he narrated this Armaan smiled taking the boll from his hand while Shilpa entered there at this time "Bhaijaan acche se yaad karke bataaiye na..." he insisted throwing the boll in basket which Armaan catched
"Ruk sochne de..." he started thinking while dribbing the boll but what made Shilpa confused was his words
"Rehaan Armaan se kyun puch raha hai... Vo acche se jaanta hai Armaan ko yaad nai hai vo teen saal..." she mumble confusedly as she heard them
"Dekh jaha tak mujhe yaad hai... Usdin mera bday tha... Vo stupid Jessica party me aayi thi... Aur Kiya bhi thi haina..." throwing the boll in basket he replied in normal tone making Shilpa stunned
"Armaan ko kaise pata?? Kahin unhe sab kch...??" still in dilemma she thought
"Haa yaad aaya... Vo din kaise bhool gaye hum... 23rd feb... Jahan Surbhi ne white pehna tha haina..." Rehaan asked doubtfully making him chuckled
"Haa... Yaad nai kitni pagal hui thi vo us dress ko lekar... Jo Shilpa ne uske liye select ki thi aur usne Shilpa k liye" he was saying this smilingly while dribbing the boll
"Waah!! Aapko toh pura yaad hai..." Rehaan chuckled trying to take the boll where as Shilpa was rooted at her spot shockingly
"Mai vo din kabhi nai bhool sakta... Bahoot special jo thi..." he said in cool voice playing wd the boll
"Aap kabhi bhoole hi kaha the kuch..." Rehaan smiled
"Exactly... Armaan Malik na kabhi kuch bhula tha... Aur naa hai... Vo toh ek important mission k liye... Yeh act karna pada..." it was a storm for Shilpa who stepped back emotionally while Armaan smiled playing wd the boll
"Haa vo toh hum acche se jaante hai..." Rehaan chuckled making them hifive each other smilingly where as Shilpa's world moved in another side hearing his Truth and still in dilemma she went from there where as seeing Armaan-Rehaan playing Basket boll Ohnu's interest came on that game so she wd her slow steps approached towards them
"Heyy Princess kya huaa...??" he asked smilingly as he saw his little angel staring them cutely
"Mai bhi... Kelu... Ungi" raising her little hands towards him she said in her cute tone making Armaan to adored her who is looking so cute in her blue Dora top & denim shorts till her thighs and her hairs are tucked in a pony wd little clips on sides
"Ofcourse!! Mera champion..." giving her the boll he kneeled "Yeh lo aur pheko..." he said smilingly toh which she first looked at the boll then at him and then above on the basket innocently
"Par... Vo... Toh... Bahooot uper hai..." pointing on the basket she said in her kidish tone making him smile
"Haa... Par Papa k paas ek trick hai... Try karoge??" as he asked this Ohnu nodded her head in Yes "Thik hai fir... Chalo karte hai..." taking the boll he started teaching her How to drib the boll?? Which Ohnu enjoyed and when it came for the boll to throw inside the basket Armaan lifted her up who some how throw that boll
"Yyeeeyyee...!!" she clapped happily as the boll fell down from the basket
"That's like my Champion..." kissing her cheek lovingly he said which maked her giggle staring at him who slowly dropped down her
"Aree waah!! Aap toh superstar nikle... Ab ek match humaare saath bhi" hearing Rehaan's voice she giggled nodding in Yes and they both got involve in the match while crossing his arms Armaan stared at his little daughter smilingly
"Kab yeh mujhe... Papa kahegi yaar... I am dying to hear..." he thought wd a small smile while staring at her "Aur abhi tak Ohnu mere saath puri tarah involve bhi nai hui... Pata nai kab sab kch normal hoga meri life me.." he gave a sarcastic smile at his thought then taking a sigh he looked around "Shilpa abhi tak andar hi hai...?? Dekhna padega" mumbling this to himself he went inside for his wife who is siting on terrece's swing thinking about his words lostly

"Nai... Mai jaisa soch rahi hoon.. Vaisa kch nai hai... I am sure vo mazaak kar rahe the..." she said to herself staring at the space "Tu pagal hai.. Usne khud kaha ki vo kabhi kuch nai bhoola tha... Apne kisi mission k liye... Toh tu kyun nai yakeen kar rahi... Aur zara khud gaur kar uske behavior me jo bahoot change huaa hai... Pichle kuch saalo me... Tujhe lagta tha ki yeh teri yaa fir Ohaana ki wajah se huaa hai... Par ho toh yeh bhi sakta hai ki isse sab yaad ho shuru se..." as her mind said smartly she immediately revinded his behavior after their second confession from where he had started changing Yes he teased but not like his before self but he had changed a lot after that "Shilpa uski baate yaad kar vo pehle jaisa hi tha hamesha se bas tu nai samajh paayi thi..." her mind's words made her to remember his words Yaah sometimes he calls her Bracelet but he also calls her by her name... Thinking about his all moments words everything her head started spinning "Nai... Mai apne Armaan ko acche se jaanti hoon ki vo mujhse kabhi jhoot nai bolenge... Haa aisa ho sakta hai ki unko in do saalo me yaad aa gaya ho... Par vo mujhse kabhi jhoot nai bolenge... Varna jab maine unse pucha tha ki unhe kuch yaad hai ki nai... Toh unhone kaha tha nai... Iska matlab toh nai hi hoga..." first time in history she trusted him instead of getting insecure "Mai Armaan se puchungi..." stooding up she said to herself wd moist eyes and turn to go when Armaan himself came there looking for her
"Kaha thi tum... Kabse dhundh raha tha tumhe... Vo toh Meethi ne kaha ki tum yaha ho..." he was panting while scolding her who wd moist eyes was staring him Trying to understand Is he really lied to her?? Noo he can't... She thought "Shi..." but her sentence died as she hugged him tightly while sniffing "Kya huaa... Shilpa...??" he is confused at her sudden reaction
"Armaan vo..." moving back she looked up at him tearfully making him hell confused
"Huaa kya hai...??" cupping her face he asked in worried tone making her to stared him who wiped her tears "Kya huaa...??" this time he asked in loving tone which made her to decide to ask about this coz How much she waited for his memory return she only knows??
"Armaan... Kya aapko sab kuch yaad aa gaya hai??" hearing her direct question colour drained from his face coz he never expected this "Armaan maine aapki aur Rehaan ki baat sunni aur mujhe samajh nai aa raha sach kya hai... Mai jaanti hoon agar aapko yaad aaya hota toh aap mujhe zaroor bataate... Aur agar aapko in do saalon me yaad aaya hai toh aap mujhe abhi bata sakte hai Armaan... Par mai jaanti hoon aap jhoot nai bologe mujhse... Jo aapne Rehaan ko kaha vo mazaak tha na..." she asked wd moist eyes gripping his sweat shirt but it was a blunder for him who don't know What to do??
"Kahan socha tha khud bataaunga... Aur kaha isse khud pata chal gaya..." he thought while gulping the lump coz he can't see the expectations in her eyes "Pata nai kaise react karegi puri baat jaankar... Most important pehli baar isne mujhpe trust karke pucha hai..." he smacked himself mentally moving his hands down from her face whose expression changed into a frown
"Armaan..." she whispered softly waiting for his reply
Tere deedaar ka
Yeh deewaana huaa...
"Haa... Shilpa mujhe sab yaad hai..." as he said this slowly a smile reached her lips but her heartbeat skipped
"Sab kuch...??" moving closer to him she asked wd moist eyes but there was a smile on her face on which he gave a silent nod in Yes which was enough for her to hug him "Aapko nai pata Armaan... Maine is pal ka kitna intezaar kiya hai..." moving her hands on his back tightly she mumbled tearfully making him smiled slowly who responded in equal manner but then it clicked inside his brain that she needs to know the full story So in careful way he parted her who looked at her wd moist eyes
"Kya tumne vo sunna jo maine Rehaan ko kaha??" he asked slowly on which she nodded in Yes slowly which was enough for him to start "Shilpa... Vo... Jo tumne sunna vo sach tha..." closing his one eye he started carefully making Shilpa stunned "Actually mai kabhi kuch bhula hi nai tha... Vo sab ek plan tha mera... Mere kisi ek bahoot important kaam k liye... Par trust me us plan me tum shaamil nai thi... Vo toh unexpectedly tumse pyaar ho gaya..." his words were like knives to her heart "Aur naa chahte huye bhi mujhe tumse jhoot bolna pada..." as he finished he looked at her bewildered face who was stiff like some statue That means he never forgot anything?? Then what was that when he returned back from New York?? His flirts tease were everything was a lie And what about their confession Was it also a lie?? His gaining back his memory but forgetting those precious years Was also a lie?? And their second confession what about that?? Everything was revinding inside her brain as if trying to search that it was all lie but to her shock she didn't found that lie on those memories Then how on earth he is saying this all?? She thought where as he was quietly observing her face's inner tumour Was it really a lie?? Armaan broke a bomb on Shilpa who was soo numb to react on this Let's see what will she do hearing his truth...
"When you care for someone more than they deserve,
you get hurt more than you deserve"

To Be Continued...

I know it sounds weird to call love weak, but truth is love in itself isn't weak. We all are human and we all have our weak phases of life. And we all need that soothing someone with whom we can be our true self. Same thing happened wd Arsh staying away from two years they met again wd Armaan's sudden surprise entryLOL
Everything was perfect then sudden confession of Armaan made Shilpa shocked... Was it true?

Armaan's appearance made Ohaana a little surprised will she fully accept him or he have to make more efforts to win her heart? STAY TUNED!!

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