Sunday, 17 February 2019

Part 67: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Synopsis of 66

"To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this

"I was looking for someone that can improve my life, but then I met you and found my life in you which were already perfect.! Arsh starting from a beautiful married life they became parents after lots of hustle bustle... Ohaana their little princess who is not only mischievous but also their replica...Embarrassed

Everything was going normal until Armaan got a Singapore opportunity for two years which he refused to do but our dear Shilpa forced him to go just for his successShockedbut little did they knew it only gave pain to them...Cry two years passed they missed each other like hell... but also adjusted wd their present

Here Shilpa & Ohaana share a beautiful bond where as in Singapore Armaan was dying to see them even he got an awardSmile... but soon it was fulfilled just coz of Ohaana yesWinkyou heard right... hearing her & Shilpa's voice on phone Armaan returned back in Bhopal just for his familyDay Dreaming
Staying away from two years Arsh finally met as always in their unique styleLOL Armaan met wd his daughter who was a little hesitating to accept him as family but never mind Armaan tried to win her heart by the help of ShilpaLOLeverything was going perfect until Armaan disclosed a secret in front of ShilpaOuch The moment he spent wd her was lie Yes he told he never forgot anythingShockedpoor ShilpaCryLet's see what's her reaction on it!Embarrassed

"Love sees to be the invisible, believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible"

Next morning
7:12 AM

Tenu itna main
Pyar karaan
Ik pal vich
Sau baar karaan...

"Shilpa tumne... Mr Khan ko bataya toh nai naa... Ki hum kaha jaa rahe hai...?" hearing Surbhi's voice Shilpa looked away from window
"Haa... Kuch kaha tumne...??" looking beside Surbhi she asked slowly making Ayaan & Surbhi both giggled
"Bhabhijaan... Aisa kya soch rahi hain ki aapko pata hi nai... Ki kya pucha Surbhi ne..." Ayaan teased looking at both from behind which made Shilpa smile
"Nai... Aisa kuch nai hai..." she replied in normal tone looking ahead on road
"Kahin... Tumhe fikar toh nai ho rahi Mr Khan aur Ohaana ki...??" still concentrating on road Surbhi asked carefully while driving the car in normal mode
"Nai baba... Bas yehi soch rahi thi ki... Pata nai aaj Armaan Ohnu ko kaise sambhaalenge... Kyun ki aaj uska school hai aur uper se mai bhi toh nai hoon uske paas..." she replied smilingly while playing wd her fingers making Ayaan to bend ahead more from back seat while she is sitting on passenger seat "Aur uper se maine un dono me se kisiko bhi nai bataya ki hum itni subhe Lucknow jaa rahe hai... Pata nai kaise react karegi Ohnu..." she said in worried tone which made Surbhi guilty
"I am sorryy Shilpa... Meri wajah se tumhe yeh karna pada..." hearing Surbhi's guilty tone Shilpa looked at her shockingly
"Dimaag kharaab hai tumhaara... Sorryy kyun bol rahi ho... Mai khud ready hui naa is plan k liye toh fir..." she scolded making Ayaan giggled "Tum toh jaanti ho hum Ohnu ko bhi saath lene waale the par Armaan suddenly aa gaye aur yeh possible nai huaa... Aur agar Armaan ko akele chod deti toh vo gussa ho jaate ki Ohnu ko dur kyun kiya... Haa yeh tough hoga unke liye ki Ohnu ko handle karna... Par issi bahaane Ohnu unke karib aaygi... Specially mai uske paas nai rahungi toh vo aur acche se samjhegi Armaan ko..." she explained logically which made Surbhi relieved "So don't worry about me..." she said smilingly
"Haa... Worry toh tumhe.. Apne aur humaare liye honi chahiyee..." hearing Ayaan's words they both frowned
"Kyun??" they asked in unionism
"Aree.. Tumhe Rehaan aur Aapi nai chodengi... Aur hume Bhaijaan aur badi Ammi nai chodenge... Kyunki humne bhi toh kisiko nai bataya... Bas nikal pade..." as Ayaan answered in joking way they both chuckled
"Koi baat nai... Hum un sabko aane k baad handle kare lenge..." Shilpa said smilingly which made both of them giggled
"I hope jis kaam k liye jaa rahe hain... Vo ho jaaye" Surbhi said in worried tone while taking a turn
"Don't worry hum unhe mana lenge tumhaari shaadi me aane k liye" Shilpa assured wd a smile on which Surbhi nodded in Yes smilingly
"Vo sab chodo... Tum alarm toh laga k aayi ho naa room mein... Varna Mr Khan uthenge kaise Ohnu ko ready karne k liye..." Surbhi reminded
"Haa lagaya toh hai... Infact schedule note bhi rakh kar aayi hoon... Bas vo uth jaayen aur handle kar lein sab kuch..." Shilpa said slowly looking out of the window
"Don't worry... Mr Khan k liye toh yeh sab fingers click hai..." she said cheerfully making Shilpa smile "Bas tum unhe phone karke yaad dila dena..." hearing her words Shilpa gave a silent nod & looked out of the window while crossing her arms where as putting earphones inside his ears Ayaan closed his eyes completing his sleep which was broke by Surbhi-Shilpa
"I hope Ohnu zyaada na pareshaan ho mere bina... Aur easily Armaan k saath ghul mil jaaye" she thought staring at the windy weather outside the window "Mai aapko kabhi maaf nai kar sakti Armaan... Aapne jo jhoot bola mujhse... In teen saal cheh mahine aapne mujhe dhoke mein rakkha... Uske liye toh kabhi nai... Par iska matlab yeh nai ki mai aapko aapki beti se dur rakkhungi... Mera gussa kabhi aapke aur Ohnu k bich nai aayga infact mai puri koshish karungi aap dono ko saath laane ki... Kyuni yeh aap dono ka right hai... Par aapse mai dur rahungi yeh pakka hai..." her heart said in low voice making her to look out of the window on the black clouds while leaning her back on seat "Kyun kiya aapne yeh Armaan... Ab dobaara kaise trust karungi aappe..." she thought closing her eyes remembering the time when she got the shock news of their life! Which he confessed that he never forgot anything... Yaah it was complete shock for her who was so numb to react on that matter

"Shilpa... Vo... Jo tumne sunna vo sach tha..." closing his one eye he started carefully making Shilpa stunned "Actually mai kabhi kuch bhula hi nai tha... Vo sab ek plan tha mera... Mere kisi ek bahoot important kaam k liye... Par trust me us plan me tum shaamil nai thi... Vo toh unexpectedly tumse pyaar ho gaya..." his words were like knives to her heart "Aur naa chahte huye bhi mujhe tumse jhoot bolna pada..." as he finished he looked at her bewildered face who was stiff like some statue, That means he never forgot anything?? Then what was that when he returned back from New York?? His flirts & teases everything was a lie And what about their confession Was it also a lie?? His gaining back his memory but forgeting those precious years Was also a lie?? And their second confession what about that?? Everything was revinding inside her brain as if trying to search that it was all lie or not but to her shock she didn't found that lie on those memories, Then how on earth he is saying this all?? She thought where as he was quietly observing her face's inner tumour Was it really a lie?? Armaan broke a bomb on Shilpa who was soo numb to react on this... And getting Hurt Broken Shattered she stepped back which made Armaan to curse himself "Oh... No... Kahin yeh serious to nai ho gayi..." he thought worriedly seeing her Hurt face who looked down numbly as if trying to figure out How to react on this?? But somewhere her mind was forcing her to slap hard on his cheeks for lying to her "Yeh shock me gayi kya??" he thought staring her who was in some dilemma which made him scared from inside seeing her silence, So by her arms he immediately jerked her towards him which made her frightened "Mai mazaak kar raha tha... Shilpa... Bas tumhe dara raha tha... Sachme yeh mazaak tha... Mai sachme bhoola tha sab kuch... Neeche Rehaan aur mai sirf masti kar rahe the... Vo hamesha mujhe aise hi chidhaata hai toh mai bas yunhin jawab de deta hoon.. Masti me... Aur jab tumne pucha toh maine socha bas tumhaara expression dekh loon" he immediately cleared everything in a go which made her to stare him doubtfully "Sachme Shilpa meri yaadaast gayi thi... Tumhaari kasam..." he said in full serious tone making her heart in peace
"Sachme... Armaan..." staring him wd moist eyes she asked in low voice on which he immediately gave a nod in Yes making her cry who immediately hugged him tightly
"Mai bhi na pura pagal hoon... Kitni dar gayi hai yeh... Stupid me..." he scolded himself mentally while caressing her hairs lovingly
"Armaan... Aap bahoot bure hain... Hamesha mujhe dara dete hain... Aapko nai pata mai kitni dar gayi thi.." she sniffed still hugging him who closed his eyes guilt fully "Mujhe aapse baat hi nehi karni..." saying this she started hitting his chest lightly which he instantly grabbed
"Sorryy..." he apologised holding her hands firmly who looked at him wd tearful eyes and smacked his chest lightly again wd a pout
"Dare you... Agar aisa mazaak kiya toh... Chodungi nai aapko" she warned to which wd a small smile he pulled her closer by her waist almost touching her front wd his
"Chodna bhi mat..." clearing her face by his knuckles he mumble softly making her smile who hugged him again "Thank god!! Yeh sach nai tha varna kaise react karti yeh... Aaj dekh liya maine..." he thought engulfing her more into him "Par yeh toh sach haina... Idiot ki tujhe sab yaad aa gaya hai vo bhi bahoot pehle se... Aur agar isse kisi aur se pata chala naa ki tujhe bahoot pehle se yaad hai... Murder kar degi yeh tera..." his mind warned him who tightened his hold on her back "Exactly... Isse acha tu khud bata de..." as his heart suggested he decided to disclose everything in front of her "Par... Yeh sach hai ki mujhe sab yaad aa gaya hai Shilpa..." parting from hug he said carefully making her surprised
"Sachme... Armaan...??" she asked surprisingly on which he managed to give a nod in Yes "OMG!!" she put her palms on her mouth happily "Kab?? Kaha? Kaise... Armaan...??" wd an exciting tone she asked staring him wd happy face, How much she waited for this moment she only knows Yes since he forgot she was only waiting that day when he will get back his all memory So, that they both can equally cherish the moments which they spent wd each other... Her happiness have no bounds hearing this coz she always wants to cherish reminiscence their moments wd him but coz of him she also had to forgot those beautiful days but now everything will be fine just coz of Him!! Where as seeing her happy face he also smiled but somewhere was fearing about her reaction when she will get to know that when he gain back his memory
Tu jaave je mainu
Chhad ke
Maut da intezaar
"Batata hoon... Pehle tum aaraam se yaha baitho..." he said slowly trying to make her sit on swing but she pulled her hand back
"Nai... Mujhe sab kuch jaanna hai... Aap batao..." she insisted wd an exciting smile making him to gulped "Armaan... Aapko sachme sab yaad hai...??" moving closer to him she asked curiously
"Haan..." he gave a nod which made her smile more wide where as his heartbeat got faster thinking about her future reaction
"Ab bolo naa..." this time she asked happily on which he took a sigh
"Batata hoon... Par usse pehle tumhe mujhse kuch promise karna hoga..." taking her both hands in a firm grip he said in strong voice making her frowned
"Kya??" she asked frowningly
"Pehle tum promise karo..." pulling her more closer he said again which made her confused at his serious look
"Armaan... Pehle aap baato ki kya promise karna hai... Phir mai bolungi??" instead to agree wd him she put her condition which left no choice to him only to agree wd her
"Fine... Tum mujhe promise karo... Ki meri puri baat sunogi... Bina kuch bole sirf sunogi samjhogi tab bolna... Aur sunne k baad mujhe chodkar nai jaaogi... Mera haath tab tak nai chodogi jab tak meri puri baat khatam naa ho jaaye... Tumhaare jo bhi swaal hai mai answer karunga... Bas tum mujhe samajhne ki koshish karna..." hearing his words she became confused again "Promise me..." pulling her closer he asked softly as if fearing she will leave him after listening this, Where as Shilpa was confused at his words somewhere her heart was skipping wd an unknown fear
"Okay... I promise... Ab boliye..." she promised slowly but from inside she guessed May be there is lot more hidden by him??
"Hmmm..." taking a deep breath he gripped her hand more tightly who was watching his face suspiciously as if trying to figure out what's inside his head "Shilpa Tumhe yaad hai... Jab tum pregnant thi aur mai Panchgani me tha... Hum dono baate kar rahe the phone pe... Phir tumhe labour pain huaa... Aur phone kat gaya tha" he started slowly not looking at her who mumble a Yes while observing his expressions "Tumhaare phone karne k baad mai bahoot panic ho gaya tha... Bas tumhaare aur hamaare baby k paas pahuchna chahta tha... As soon as possible... So bina kuch soche samjhe maine car lee aur nikal pada vaha se..." he was saying this carefully so that she can understand his every emotion but she was trying to read his expressions "Mai jis speed me gaadi chala raha tha... Vo sab mujhe sirf tum dono k liye pareshaan kar rahe the... Phir suddenly kuch flashes dikhe vo bhi clear... Jisme mai aise hi pareshaan tha aur tumhaare paas pahuchna chahta tha... Aur vo... Vo din tha jab humne hamara first baby khoya tha... Mai jaise Chandigarh pahuchna chahta tha vaise hi uswaqt mai tumhaare paas pahuchna chahta tha..." hearing his words her heart felt a thud guessing the situation "Mai soch raha tha... Aur vo scenes repeat ho rahe the dimaag mein... Inhi sab chakkar mein maine road pe dhyaan nai diya aur ek ped k saamne meri car aane se bachi... Phir car ko maine road k side pe liya coz my head was paining hard... Then Out of blue everything got cleared... Mujhe sab kuch clear dikhaayi diya jo flashes mujhe half dikhte the vo pure dikhe... Aur sab yaad aa gaya... Hamari engagement k baad se lekar ab tak... Sab samajh gaya tha mai..." as he completed his sentence World started spinning around her who looked at him stunnedly
"Matlab... Aap.. Aapko..." she didn't knew what to ask when he pulled her more closer
"Haa jis din Ohaana hamari zindagi me aayi thi... Usi din mujhe sab yaad aa gaya tha..." he answered her unasked question in soft tone but she was shocked at it, Thinking it was soo long and he is saying this now?? "Yaad hai maine kaha tha ki... Ohnu mere liye lucky hai... Vo isiliye kaha tha... Aur maine tumhe nai bataya kyun ki..." but before he could complete she pushed him hurtfully which made him stunned "Shi..." he opened his mouth to make her understand when she raised her hand stopping him
"Matlab... Aapko usiwaqt sab yaad aa gaya tha aur phir bhi aapne mujhe nai bataya...??" staring him she asked in hurt tone making him guilty coz he knows he is in fault
"Nai... Shilpa mai batana chahta tha... Par.." he tried to clear himself when she turned to live "Shilpa... Meri baat toh suno..." he immediately stopped her by her wrist and made her look at him
"Kya sunoon mai aapki Armaan... Yehi ki kaise aapne mujhe dhoke me rakkha us din se.." pushing him lightly she snapped
"Konsa Dhoka Shilpa?? Yeh dhoka nai hai.. It just..." he argued stepping ahead
"Yeh dhoka hi hai... Maine aapse pucha tha naa... Ki Armaan kya aapko abhi bhi kuch yaad nai aaya... Tab aapne kaha... Kyun tum khush nai ho..." she cutted his sentence who became quiet hearing this "Kaash usiwaqt aapne bata diya hota..." hearing her hurt tone he closed his eyes guilt fully "I hate you for this Armaan..." saying this angrily she turned to go when he pulled her back
"Ek baar... Mujhe khud ko explain toh karne do Dammit...!!" he said angrily pulling her closer who made a strong face
"Acha... Toh phir kariye explain... Mai bhi toh dekhoon ki kya explain karte hai aap..." pushing him carefully she said in hurtful tone
"See... Shilpa aisa nai hai mai tumhe bataana nai chahta tha... Mai chahta tha tumhe bataun par jab mai hospital pahucha... Aur apni beti ko dekha mai bhool gaya mujhe kya kehna tha aur sunna tha... Uswaqt mai sirf us feeling ko feel karna chahta tha jo ek baar kho diya tha maine..." this time he expressed emotionally staring her who was listening him patiently "Par jab sab kuch settle ho chuka tha... Maine socha aur kya chahiye... Tum mere paas thi Ohaana aa chuki hai... Hum khush the aur mai bataake firse wahi sab nai jagaana chahta tha jo koi mayine nai rakhti thi humari zindagi mein... So maine isiliye drop kar diya idea..." as he finished she felt hurt at his words 'Koi mayine nai rakhti' How can he say like this, It was their memories that beautiful precious moments which they spent wd each other Their first feel of love was inside those moments Their first togetherness was in it when they became one soul from two That first Kiss That first feel of becoming parents Then how can he say there was nothing in it?? And his these words made her more angry so she stepped back
"Aur isiliye aapne mujhe nai bataya..." she asked in hurt tone
"Haa... Obviously... Jab vo memories kuch bhi nai hai humaari zindagi mein tab un memories ko yaad karke kya faida... Aur kya farq padta hai usse bataake... Zindagi toh vaise hi chalti jaise hum jee rahe the... So it doesn't matter..." he said in soft tone stepping towards her who felt herself lonely coz of his words, So for him it was nothing but for her it's everything and feeling hurt sad & broken she moved from there wdout saying anything "Shilpa kya bachpana hai yeh... Ab toh maine sab kuch bata diya hai fir...??" blocking her way he asked frustratedly
"Haa keh diya hai..." she snapped "Par ab yeh meri marzi hai... Ki mujhe kya karna hai..." hearing her words he frowned
"Kaisi marzi Shilpa... Sab kuch toh bata diya maine... Isme sochna kya" he questioned confusedly to which she gave a sad smile
"Of course... Aapne faisla liya mujhe nai bataane ka toh nai bataaya aapne... Par ab yeh meri marzi hogi... Ki mujhe is baat pe kaise react karna hai... You can't force me to accept this... Jo ki mere liye bahoot difficult hai..." as she said this slowly he pulled her closer by her shoulders swiftly
"Isme difficult kya Shilpa... Kya yeh zaroori nai hai ki mai tumhaare paas hoon... Aur sab kuch yaad hai mujhe" caressing her cheek lightly by his knuckles he asked in soft tone
"Haa... Yeh zaroori hai ki aap mere saath ho aur aapko sab kuch yaad hai... Par mujhe time chahiyee is baat ko accept karne me ki aapne mujhe teen saal cheh mahine dhoke me rakkha... Mujhe kuch naa bata kar..." she replied in lost tone making him angry who lived her shoulders
"Konsa dhoka Shilpa... Maine koi dhoka nai diya tumhe... Haa bas bataya nai tha tumhe... Par yeh bilkul nai hai ki maine tumhe koi dhoka diya..." he cleared himself in calm voice seeing her blank look
"Mujhe nai pata Armaan... Par mujhe time chahiyee sab kuch samajhne k liye... Iss sacchayi se bahar aane k liye ki un saalon mein main... Kisi aur sach k saath thi... Aur jhuti umeed k saath thi... So please Armaan mujhe samjhne ka time den..." saying this in controlled voice she stepped back
"Isme samjhna kya Shilpa... Sab kuch toh clear hai..." he said in angry tone pulling her closer by her wrist who pulled her hand back
"Haa clear hai... Par mere liye nai Armaan... Please mujhe akela chod den... Please" she almost requested which made him to calm himself still not understanding her problem where as not wanting any fight b/w them she turned to live when he gripped her wrist firmly
"Please mujhe chod k mat jaana... Aur naa hi mujhe meri beti se dur karna... Main usse do saal dur raha hoon ab aur nehi reh paaunga... Please" he requested in soft whispered making her to look back at him who is fearing to loose his family again
"Aapko sachme lagta hai... Mai aisa kuch karungi.. Mai acche se jaanti hoon ki Ohaana aapke liye kya hai... Aapne aisa kuch socha bhi kaise Armaan" her question made him ashamed of himself "Bas mujhe please akela chod dijiye... Baaki kuch change nai hoga..." saying this in calm tone she carefully removed his hand from her wrist and went from there leaving him alone who quietly sat on the swing trying to understand the situation
"Samajh nai aa raha kya karoon mai... Iska reaction toh expected tha... Par yeh nai pata tha ki itna hurt kar dega isko..." he said to himself calmly "Okay.. I accepted ki meri galti hai... Mujhe usse pehle hi bataana chahiyee tha... Par yeh koi bahoot badi baat nai hai... Phir kyun aise react kar rahi hai yeh..." he thought staring at the space "Dev sahi tha... Pehle hi bata deta toh yeh naubat toh nai aati..." his mind scolded him "Aur isse pehle Shilpa ko Anita k baare me kisi aur se pata chale Armaan tujhe usse sab bata dena chahiyee varna... Isse bhi badi musibat aa sakti hai..." his heart warned him who immediately stood up "Nai... Abhi toh nai... At least iske gusse ko shaant hone tak toh mai nai bata sakta... Varna kya pata bina soche samjhe Divorce de de yeh..." he said to himself wd fear "It's all your fault... Armaan Malik... So thik toh tujhe hi karna hoga... Ab mana apni Bracelet kam Chidchidy Wify ko... Jo i don't think so... Ki maanegi" as his mind said to him he closed his eyes while taking a sigh "Damm...!! Hamesha aise situations me land hota hoon mai..." kicking his leg he said annoyingly staring at the pool's clean water... Where as in downstairs Shilpa was inside their room and was trying to compose herself she was not crying just was staring the space thinking about those days when she was praying for his memories
"Kitni badi bewkoof thi mai... Jo nai samajh paayi... Ki unhe sab yaad aa gaya hai... Mere kitne karib the... Changes bhi aaye the unme fir kyun vo sab maine andekha kar diya... Kyun nai samajh paayi mai..." she blamed herself for this staring at the space, Yes she is blaming herself for this coz she couldn't understood about his behaviour "Tu uska saccha pyaar nai hai Shilpa... Varna tu samajh jaati ki usse sab yaad aa gaya hai... Aur naa hi vo Armaan jisne tujhe nai bataya..." her mind taunted her who gripped the couch's mattress fearly "Haa... Mujhe time chahiyee khud ko yeh realise karwaane k liye ki mai galat kahin nai thi... Aur ab mujhe Armaan ko aise hi accept karna hoga... Kaash aap samajh paate Armaan ki yeh baat mujhe kitni hurt hui hai... Kyunki is din k maine bahoot sapne dekhe the jaha aap mujhe khud bataayenge apni memory k baare me... Aur hum un saare palo ko yaad karke muskuraayenge hasenge ek dusre ko chidhaayenge... Yeh socha tha... Par aapne yeh kehkar ki vo pal aapke liye koi maayine nai rakhte mujhe bahoot takleef di hai... Itni jaldi toh mai aapko maaf karne se rahi..." wiping her lone tear from corner of her eyes she said to herself who went into deep thought and just like this busy wd their own thoughts their day went in this, while Armaan went out for some work where as Shilpa took care of her little daughter... In night when Armaan returned back found Shilpa in kitchen preparing dinner and seeing her alone he thought to clear everything b/w them So taking a deep breath he stood behind her

Ke tere liye
Duniya chod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans
Aake rukhe...
"Kya musibat hai... Apni hi wife se aaj dar lag raha hai baat karne me..." he thought staring at her back who was putting the dishes out in bowls "Shilpa..." hearing his hesitated voice she looked back at him slowly "See... I am..." as he opened his mouth she interrupted
"Agar aap sorryy bolne aaye hain... Toh Armaan uska koi faida nai hai... Kyun ki ab mai sab jaanti hoon aur samajhti hoon aapki problem... Bas mujhe akela chod dijiye..." saying this in calm tone she turned back again when he pulled her towards him almost banging her wd him "Armaan...!!" she gasped as he caged her on his arms
"Agar tumhe akela chod diya naa... Toh tum bhaag jaaogi..." he mumble in soft tone blewing air on her face who tried to look away from him
"Don't worry... Aisa kuch nai karungi... Kyun ki agar bhaagna hota toh in do saalon me hi chali jaati..." trying to push him she replied in rude tone on which his lips curved into a smile
"Bracelet vo bhi itna gussa... That's new" he tried to tease her who ignored "Vaise... Gussa toh meri Bracelet ko shuru se hi aata hai... Par mai mana lunga..." tucking her hairs aside he said smilingly which made her more angry
"Dekha... Ladko ki hamesha se yehi soch hai... Ki chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye kitni bhi badi galti vo karlen hum ladkiyaan toh maaf kar hi dengi... Par tu aisa mat kar Shilpa at least isse ek lesson... Toh sikhaana hi padega..." as her mind said to her she pushed him who was playing wd her hairs but as she pushed him, he became a little shock and looked at her questioningly "Har baar aisa nai hoga Armaan... Is baar toh bilkul nai..." she said angrily making him narrowed his bows "Aapko kya lagta hai aap kuch bhi karenge aur mai aapko maaf kardungi..." standing in front of him she said in her cute angry tone making him to stare her wd an amused smile "Nai bilkul nai... Har baar nai chalega aapka charm... Is baar toh bilkul nai jo karna hai karlo..." pointing her index finger at him she challenged which made him amused who thought 'She is back to her Attitude Bracelet mode'
"Par agar maine mana liya toh..." crossing his arms he asked in calm tone while hiding his smile
"Armaan aapko kya lagta hai... Har baar aapki chalegi...??" this time she asked in calm tone on which he chuckled
"Of course... Like you said... Mera Charm..." bending to her level he said coolly while siding his hairs proudly on which she rolled her eyes
"Par is baar aisa nai hoga..." she challenged confidently making him grin, Actually he is loving this scene Her anger is making her more adorable which is making him calm! Yes you heard it right Armaan's all anger confusion frustration went into gutter seeing her ignorance it was soo long when they last banter like this
"Aur agar maine proove kar diya toh..." wd teasing grin he asked in calm tone making her to glare him
"Impo..." but her sentence left incomplete as she heard Ohaana Breezer Shao pao & Toy's voices which made the both to look in dining area
"Nai... Eezer... Hehee" a laughing Ohnu said to Breezer who was nuzzling his face on her neck which was tickling her while Shao pao & Toy were roaming around them when Shilpa noticed the wet mud foot steps on their white floor
"Hawww... Yeh sab kya hai..." moving out from the kitchen she asked in angry tone while Armaan followed her quietly but as he stepped behind Shilpa he chuckled seeing the their looks which were deeped by the wet mud "Ohnu kitni baar kaha hai... Gande sandles pehen kar andar mat aaya karo... Aur kitni gandi lag rahi ho tum... Baarish me bheeg k aaye ho na tum log...??! Shilpa asked angrily while keeping her hands on her waist where as seeing her anger they four straightened themselves and stood in a line
"Mumma maine... Kuch nai kiya... Eezer ne... Mujhe... Push kiya... Paani me..." she defended herself pointing at Breezer who sat down seeing Shilpa's angry face who noticed the wet muds on Ohnu's legs
"Haa... Zaroor aap toh bahoot sharif ho..." kneeling in front of her she said while removing her sandles who smiled slowly
"Boww... Bowww" Toy barked loudly which took Armaan's interest
"Ohho... Kya handsome lag raha hai... Yaar..." he said in teasing tone sitting beside Shilpa who ignored him "Par usse pehle mujhe yeh batao... Tum sab bahar kar kya rahe the...??" in very chilled out tone he asked to Ohnu who smiled widely
"Hum log... Khel rahe the... Ide... N seek..." she replied excitedly making him chuckled
"You mean Hide n Seek..." he corrected clearing her face by his knuckles which made her giggle
"Aur tum zaroor... Bahar lawn me chupi hogi... Aur bheeg gayi hogi haina..." keeping her sandles away from them Shilpa said in scolding voice
"Nai mumma... Aao paao... Bhaag raha tha... Bahar... Toh mai usse pakadne... Gayi... Fir hum sab... Rain me... Bheeg... Gaye..." she replied in her innocent tone making her mother to held her head where as Armaan chuckled
"Well done... Kyun ki mumma bhi yeh kaam kar chuki hai..." he patted on her shoulder while indirectly taunting Shilpa who glared him
"Sachme mumma...??" she looked at her mother wd a wide smile
"Nai aisa kuch nai hai... Par itni raatko bahar... Jaake khelne ki kya zaroorat thi... Thand lag jaati toh uper se rainy season bhi hai beemar pad jaati toh" she blabbered stooding up on which they all stared her like students
"Par mumma... Mai toh... Awn me thi" she said in her cute tone looking up at her mother
"Vo lawn hota hai Ohnu... Par ab jo bhi ho... Yehi khadi raho hilna mat... Mai towel lekar aati hoon..." warning her in angry tone she went to bring the towel leaving them alone
"Bowww... Bowww..." Shao pao barked indicating Armaan to wipe him also and he immediately jumped on his lap who smiled, seeing him Breezer & Toy also followed which made Ohaana smile seeing her pets close to her father
"Thik hai... Samajh gaya... Par itna mat chipko yaar mujhe bhi ganda karoge tum log..." trying to stop them he almost requested but they didn't stopped jumping on him which made Ohnu giggled
"Nai... Aao... Paao... Mumma... Gussaa hogi... Mat karo..." moving towards them she tried to stop them rescuing her father which made Armaan soo amused by her this act
"Don't worry... Princess... Mumma ko mai handle kar lunga usse pehle... Chalo in logo ko clean kare..." gripping her hand he said calmly
"Par mumma...??" she questioned while moving wd him in lawn following by their pets
"Maine kaha na... Mumma ko mai handle kar lunga... Lekin tab tak thodi masti karte hai..." he replied coolly making them stopped in lawn area where the rain had stopped "Acha tum teeno yehi khade raho... Mai aata hoon..." warning the three he turned to go when Ohaana gripped his wrist
"Aur mai...??" she asked innocently making him smile
"Aap mere saath masti karoge..." bending to her level he answered smilingly to which she smile widely "Aap yehi raho papa aaye abhi haa..." kissing her cheek he went to bring something and after few seconds he brought a water pipe... Meanwhile Shilpa entered in hall wd the towel but left confused seeing the place empty
"Ghar ko ganda kar k pata nai kaha gayye sab log..." she mumble annoyingly looking for them she was just passing from the lawn door when she heard Giggles Laughs & Barks "Zaroor yeh log kuch masti kar rahe honge..." she muttered sliding the door but as she stepped inside left stunned seeing the view... Armaan was showering the water from pipe on three of the pets who were jumping excitedly while Ohaana was laughing & giggling enjoying the moment
"Bowww... Bowww..." their pets were barking happily as the water shower was touching their skin removing the mud
"Aur Princess... Maza aa raha haina..." he asked smilingly looking at his little angel who was clapping enjoying it
"Haa..." she replied happily making him chuckled
"Toh fir chalo... Ab kisi aur ko bhi geela karte hai..." saying this teasingly he turned towards her who gotted he is talking about her
"Nai..." she raised her hands to stop him who immediately put the pipe towards her making her all drenched which made her to ran
"Kyun nai aap bhi toh gande the..." still showering her he replied wd a chuckle seeing her cute adorable face who was giggling enjoying the shower rain and picking her up on his arms he made the shower on up which made both of them fully drenched where as standing near the entrance Shilpa was adoring this scene
"Kitna wait karne k baad... Aaj jaakar yeh scene dekhne ko mila... Acha lag raha hai in dono ko khush dekh kar... Bas ab kuch na ho..." keeping her head on the entrance door she thought smilingly witnessing their adorable moment which she want to capture for forever so running inside their room she brought her phone and immediately capture their moments where as they both were enjoying this moment when Shilpa heard loud thunder of clouds "Lagta hai... Baarish honewaali hai..." she mumble slowly and brought three towels for them "Ahhem..." she coughed taking their attention "Ho gaya... Ab aao andar" hearing her strict tone Armaan threw the pipe on side and stood straight just like Ohaana also their three pets
"Sorry mumma...!!" in her cute tone she apologised innocently
"Pehle... Andar aao sab..." she said in angry tone Breezer Shao pao Toy ran inside while Armaan looked down on Ohaana who was already staring him innocently Armaan hinted his Princess to move ahead "Ho gaya tum teeno ka... Ab jaao andar..." after drying her pets wd the towel she said in normal tone on which they three ran inside Then she stood for them "Phone karna padega aap dono ko..." crossing her arms she said sarcastically glaring them
"Okay... Mumma..." nodding in Yes Ohnu approached towards her who pick a towel and started drying her "Heehee..." she giggled as Shilpa was drying her carefully
"Haa... Tum bas khee khee... Karo..." she scolded after drying her who smile widely "Ab jao... Change karlo... Mumma aa rahi hai" stooding up she said in calm tone
"Okay mumma..." she nodded in Yes and ran inside her room to change making Shilpa smiled when Armaan stood behind her
"Aur mujhe towel nai dogi..." hearing his teasing voice from behind she got startled who looked back at him
"Bhagwaan ne haath diye haina... Toh khud lelo..." replying him in extra sweet tone she turned back to go when he jerked her towards him by her waist "Armaaan..." she glared him while trying to free herself
"Haan... Armaan ki jaan..." he also said in same tone but wd teasiness
"Kya badtameezi hai yeh Armaan...??" she asked in serious tone while he lived her smilingly
"Badtameezi... Vo kya hota hai... Bracelet??" lowering his face near her he asked teasingly which made her angry
"Yeh hoti hai... Badtameezi..." throwing the towel on his face she said wd an attitude making him chuckled
"Thank you soo much..." removing the towel from his face he said in extra loving tone which only made her fumed who rolled her eyes "Vaise sab ko toh tumne khud help ki par mujhe aise kyun treat kar rahi ho...??" as he asked in fake innocent tone she looked at him uninterestingly "Jaise kal raat kiya tha vaise hi kar deti..." he teased on which she turned to go when he gripped her arm "Vaise Shilpa..." he said slowly on which she looked back him questioningly "I love you..." saying this teasingly he shook his head which resulted the water drops from his wet hairs splashed on her face who got startled
"Armaaan..." she dragged his name who wd a chuckle went from there leaving her angry... And after changing they had their dinner wd Ohnu almost sleepy mood & Armaan on teasing mood which was only making her angry So after finishing the dinner they went in room for sleep where Shilpa was making Ohnu sleep where as Armaan was checking all the doors outside "Finally so gayi..." she smiled as she found Ohnu sleeping soundlessly so wdout disturbing her she pulled the comforter up on both of them she started thinking about morning incident when she felt some movements on bed guessing it must be Armaan

"Chup chap aankhen band karle... Unko khabar bhi mat hone de ki tu jaag rahi hai..." as her mind said to her she closed her eyes when she felt him inside the comforter behind her
"God kitna thak gaya..." he mumble tiredly while rubbing his temple but his eyes were fixed on the ceiling when he noticed Shlipa who is sleeping (According to him) so carefully he shifted his position at her and watched her face calmly while leaning his body on her by his elbow "I am seriously Sorryy Shilpa... Kuch bhi bol deta hoon... Bina yeh soche samjhe ki tumpar kya asar hoga..." he whispered softly while caressing her hairs lovingly who was pretending hard to sleep "I know maine tumse jhoot bola... Par koi option nai tha..." saying this softly he lingered his lips on her cheek who fisted her one hand trying to ignore his fresh scent "Damm...!! Har bar aise situations me land hota hoon..." laying straight he mumble slowly but she can heard this "Abhi itni musibate kam thi ki yeh bhi aa gayi... Infact abhi tak toh Ohnu ne Papa bhi nai kaha hai... Kitna kuch hai thik karne ko abhi... God...!!" closing his eyes he said in tired tone and thinking about his problems he dozed off but sleep was far away from her eyes whose mind was only thinking about his words... She know he is struggling wd many problems like His work Media & Ohnu's distance but she can't help it coz she won't forgive him for his lie but she will help him for their daughter's love... She was only thinking about him when something clicked inside her brain which made her eyes flew opened
"Oh.. No... Surbhi ko call karna toh bhool hi gayi... Aur uper se Armaan ko bhi nai bataya..." she thought which made her to sat up carefully trying not to disturb them "Mujhe Surbhi se baat karni hogi..." she thought and looked around coz she was stuck b/w her Hubby & Baby "Uff !!! Kahan fas gayi mai..." she muttered under her breath while trying to move away carefully while crossing Ohnu "Thank god...!!" she took a sigh as her feet touched the floor and picking up her phone she moved in lawn "Please yeh so na rahi ho..." she prayed as the ring was going
"Haa... Shilpa..." Surbhi whispered in low voice making her giggle "Kya huaa??" she frowned
"Aree kuch nai... Tumhaari itni dheemi awaaz sunkar hassi aa gayi..." she replied smilingly which made Shurbhi also smiled "Acha vo chodo... Mujhe batao subhe kitne baje... Nikalna hai..." she asked confusedly
"Subhe 5 baje..." Surbhi replied "Acha... Tumne packing ki...?? Kyunki mai toh abhi kar rahi hoon aur Ayaan bhi kar chuka... Bas hume nikalna hai subhe..." she said in excited tone
"Haa bas jaa hi rahi hoon... Sirf do din ki toh baat hai..." hearing Shilpa's tired tone she giggle
"Lagta hai tumhe neend aa rahi hai..." she asked still giggling
"Thodi thodi... Acha tum bhi jaao pack karne aur mai bhi jaa rahi hoon..." she said while rubbing her eyes
"Okay captain... Over n out" Surbhi said like a commander which made her chuckle and bidding by to her she hung up the phone... And packed her stuffs for two days's journey then getting tired she laid beside Ohnu when Armaan turned his position keeping his hand on Ohnu who snuggled closer to him which made her smile seeing this beautiful sight and wd a contented smile she dozed off... In early morning she woke up & got ready and took her small bag but before heading she kissed both her world Armaan & Ohaana on their cheeks who were sleeping soundlessly, Yaah she is angry wd him but her heart didn't allowed her to live him like this so following her her heart she did what her heart wanted also She didn't took Ohnu wd her reason she knew if she will take Ohnu wd her Armaan will get angry first, second he will feel lonely which she didn't wanted coz after two years leap he got back his daughter and she don't want to come b/w them also Armaan need more time wd his daughter which can only happen when she is not around Ohnu... But she knows it's next to impossible when Armaan will handle this tantrum queen Ohaana, So she made a schedule of all activities which Ohnu follows and instructions wd do's & don't's list of Ohnu's work then putting it near his phone she capture their faces inside her heart then went out... And now she is wd Surbhi & Ayaan heading for Lucknow Actually the reason of going there is Surbhi's Aapi's house, Yes the same family who refused to accept Surbhi in beginning but now when she is getting marry she wants them on her wedding coz they are also her family but when she asked about this to Rehaan Dilshaad Aapi & Jeeju they all scolded her for talking about this and clearly refused but she wanted them on her Most awaited wedding So she discussed wd Shilpa last week who also suggested the same like Rehaan but when she saw Surbhi's sad face she agreed... And two of them planned to meet at once wd the family also will try to convince them for marriage so they both involved Ayaan also who was stunned at this and tried to make them understand but their glares left him no choice only to agree wd them So he obeyed their orders Poor Ayaan!! Everything was planned that they will go wdout letting any one know also Ohnu will join them too but it failed coz of Armaan's sudden arrival... Shilpa thought to involve Armaan also but when in morning he blasted the bomb of His memory return she clearly decided she will not share this wd him coz he desrves this! So she directly came widout informing him "Pata nai Ohnu kaise react karegi... Subhe mujhe naa paakar... Aur Armaan k saath reh bhi paaygi ki nai... Pata nai vo kaise react karenge... Uff...!!" she thought staring outside the window "I hope Armaan... Ohnu ko sambhal len... Vaise kar lenge vo.. Par meri beti itni jaldi nai maanegi... Lekin agar Armaan k saath do din rahegi samajh jaaygi... Thodi der baad call karke dekhungi ki vo uthen bhi hai ki nai.." looking at her wrist watch she thought while taking a sigh then looked ahead on road where as Surbhi is still driving & Ayaan is still sleeping
After 8 minutes
In Arsh's house
Main tujhko kitna
Chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi
Soch na sake...
"Peter alarm band karo yaar..." a sleepy Armaan moved his hand to put off the alarm which was kept on side table & was constantly ringing in loud voice which broke Ohaana's sleep who is laying beside her father but hearing the alarm she sat up while Armaan put a pillow on his head so that he can't hear the voice
"Mumma...!!" rubbing her eyes by her little palms Ohnu looked around for her mother who was not laying beside her like every morning infact today she didn't woke her also "Mummaa..." she called loudly but when she didn't heard any voice she moved down from bed carefully and ran outside to search her mother "Mummmaaa...!!" now she shouted top of her lungs coz she didn't found Shilpa anywhere inside the house which only made her scared "Mumma..." this time she whispered in sad tone while her eyes already got moist feeling lonely wdout her mother "Mumma kaha gayi...??" now tears were coming out from her eyes while she walked back inside the room slowly and ascended on bed only to sat beside Armaan who is unaware of his daughter's condition
"Umm.." he changed his position as he felt a nudge on his shoulder
"Utho..." wd her little palms she nudged Armaan's shoulder who felt irritated
"Please... Sone dona yaar..." he almost shouted trying to sleep properly but it made Ohnu cry loudly getting frightened by his voice while hearing her cry Armaan's eyes snapped opened who immediately sat up only to find his 'Iklauti beti' crying "Kya huaa Princess...??" he asked in worried tone moving his hands to pick her who immediately looked away from him still crying "Princess... Kya huaa kyun ro rahi ho...??" he again asked in loving tone trying to wipe her tears but she didn't looked at him
"Naii..." she brushed his hand who guessed she is angry wd him coz of his loud voice
"Idiot me...!" he scolded himself mentally while staring his Angel "Acha... Papa sorry bol rahe hain..." helding his ears he apologised in cute tone which made her to stop crying while watching him "I am really sorryy..." he showed his puppy face to her who sniffed making him to adore her "Bilkul apni maa pe gayi hai.." he thought smilingly
"Mumma... Chahiyee..." she demanded wd a sad face which made him smile
"Haan... Zaroor yehi kahin hogi mumma..." making her sat on his lap he said smilingly to which she looked up at his face
"Nai... Mumma... Nai hai... Gar mein... Dekha... Nai hai..." in her kiddish tone she replied while he cleared her strained tears but hearing her words he frowned
"Nai Princess... Mumma yehi kahin hogi... Kuch kaam kar rahi hogi..." he said in loving tone correcting her messed up hairs who was watching him
"Mummaa... Ohnu k liye... Bbrrr... Eak... Fest... Bana rahi hai... Chool k liye...??" hearing her question he chuckled
"You mean... Breakfast aur School..." he corrected smilingly on which she gave a silent nod "Haa ho sakta hai... But tell me... Aap isliye ro rahe the ki mumma nai mil rahi thi?? Yaa fir Papa ne shout kiya isliye..??" he asked while correcting his messed hairs properly
"" as she replied cutely he smiled
"Papa sorrryy hai..." pulling her in a warm hug he said in loving tone making her smile
"Aur... Mummaa...??" her question actually made him frowned coz he also thought where is she??
"Ruko... Abhi bulaata hoon..." saying this to her he picked his phone from side table when his eyes landed on a note wd a long list paper making him frown
"Mumma nai...hai... Ohnu ne...deka..." hearing Ohnu's voice he looked back at her
"Pure ghar me...??" he asked still wd frown while Ohnu gave a nod in Yes "Acha... Ruko ek baar bulaake dekhta hoon... Shilpaaa...!!" saying this to her he shouted Shilpa's name but got no response which only made him angry "Kahin... Ghar chod k toh nai chali gayi... Vaise yeh kar sakti hai aisa..." his heart said wd a fear when Ohaana tapped on his cheek
"Mumma... Kaa hai...??" as she asked in sad tone his fear grew more
"Vo..." but he was stopped by his phone's ring and seeing Shilpa's name flashing a relief ran inside his heart "Mumma ka phone hai..." as he said this wd a smile Ohnu's eyes became wide while a broad smile came on her face
"Do..." her tone made him chuckled who answering the call gave the phone to her "Ellooo mummaa..." she immediately shouted as Shilpa said Hello in rude tone coz she thought it was Armaan but hearing her daughter's voice a smile reached on her lips
"Awww... Mera baby... Kaisa hai...??" she asked in loving tone walking on corner side Actually they are at the Airpot
"Mumma.. Aap kaha ho... Ohnu ne.. Aapko... Gar me dhundha... Par aap nai the...??" hearing her non stop questions she chuckled
"Aaraam se... Meri Shona..." Shilpa said smilingly while Armaan took the phone & put on the speaker so that he also can hear
"Toh bolo... Kaa ho...??" she asked again
"Aree meri laado... Mumma na Surbhi aunty k saath hai... Vo kya haina... Unhe bahoot tez bukhaar hai jaise mumma ko thi yaad hai..." she made a story to convince her but it made Armaan frowned hearing this
"Haa..." Ohnu nodded in Yes
"Haa... Toh mumma unhe doctor k paas dikhaane laayi hai... Kyunki vo akeli haina... Toh mumma unke saath hi rahegi aur kal shaamko aaygi..." as she said this carefully Armaan really got confused while Ohnu became tensed
"Toh... Mumma kal aaygi... Aur Ohnu... Akeli rahegi...??" in a sad tone Ohnu asked making Shilpa guilty for living her alone coz this is the first time she is away from her daughter
"Akeli kaha... Papa haina Ohnu k saath... Vo aapka khayaal rakhenge... Aur mumma thodi hamesha k liye gayi hai... Kal shaamko aajayngi..." she said in loving tone which made Ohnu more sad while a small smile curved on his lips thinking She said 'Papa haina Ohnu k saath'
"Nai... Ohnu ko sirf...mumma chahiyee..." Ohnu demanded tearfully making Armaan to caress her hairs
"Babu mumma kal aa jaaygi... Aur socho Surbhi aunty iswaqt akeli hain hospital me toh unke saath bhi toh koi rahe... Jaise vo mumma k saath thi... Aur mera babu toh bahoot smart hai... Vo apna aur papa dono ka khayaal rakhega haina..." Shilpa tried to convince her again but it only maked her cry which Arsh cannot tolerate it
"Mujhe phone do..." taking the phone from Ohnu's hand he said in calm tone and putting the speaker off he attended the call "Shilpa... Kya bachpana hai yeh... Ohnu ro rahi hai yahaan... Aur tum..." he started scolding her who rolled her eyes "Princess... Don't worryy papa abhi mumma ko laayenge..." saying this to her he made her sat beside him then moved down from bed while wd a crying face Ohnu watched him then getting sad she laid on bed "Dimaag kharaab hai tumhaara... Aise kaise tum hum dono ko akela chod k jaa sakti ho... Mana humaare bich problem aayi hai but iska matlab yeh thodi hai ki tum sab kuch chodke chali jaao... And by the way kya jhoot bol rahi thi tum meri beti se ki Surbhi bemaar hai..." hearing his constant scolding she held his head
"Maine aapse baat karne k liye nai phone kiya hai... Mai bas aapko yeh bataana chahti hoon ki mujhe Surbhi aur Ayaan ko kisi kaam k wajah se bahar aana pada... Toh hum kal shaamko aayenge..." hearing his scolding tone she became more angry so she said in stern tone making him confused
"Konsa kaam? Vo bhi itni subhe...?? Most important tumne mujhe kyun nai bataya...??" he fired all his questions
"Mai aapko bataana zaroori nai samajhti... Aur maine isliye call kiya hai kyunki... Abhi dedh ghante baad Ohnu ka school time hai toh... Aapko hi uska khayaal rakhna hai... Usse school se chodne se lekar laane tak uska tiffin lunch breakfast sab aapko dhyaan dena hai... Maine schedule list choda hai wahi side table par toh dekh lena... Aur haa meri beti ko ek bhi problem hui naa toh mai aapko chodungi nai..." hearing her words he became stunned
"What???" he is shocked hearing this on which in chilled out tone she replied in Yes


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