Thursday, 21 February 2019

Part 69: ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"I love you more today than yesterday but I do love you less today than I will tomorrow..."
"Calm down Shilpa... Calm down... Aisa kuch nai hai... Tu bhi jaanti hai... Yeh sab sirf rumours hai... Kyunki Yeh thodi Armaan ko jaante hai..." her heart said to her who calmed herself down and concentrated on Armaan's answer
"What?? Who told you??" Armaan asked wd a chuckle which made the host frown
"I just got to know from my staff members... Is'nt it true??" that host asked hesitatingly which made him laugh "What??" he got confused now
"I think someone has given wrong information to you... Coz... How can i marry someone when i have one already..." as Armaan replied in chilled out tone everyone's face turned into shock
"What??" Host asked in shocked tone
"I am married..." hearing his answer a relief ran inside Shilpa where as others got shocked
"What?? Are you serious??" host asked shockingly to which he nodded in Yes wd his dimpled smile
"Haww... Iski toh shaadi ho chuki hai..." as Surbhi heard this from a girl she giggled
"Haa dekhna yaar..." the other girl also made a face

"Agar in sabko pata chala... Ki Bhaijaan ki ek beti bhi hai toh kaise react karenge... Socho zara" Ayaan whispered in Surbhi's ear who giggled
"If you don't mind... Can you tell us about your personal life...?? Just little bits infos??" the host asked interestingly making him smile broadly
"Of course... Yes i am happily married... I have a very beautiful gorgeous wife in India..." as he said this a shy smile reached on corner of her lips
"Awww...!!" Surbhi & Ayaan said in awe just to tease Shilpa who have made a fake serious uninterested look
"We are married from eight years... You can say eight & half years... We also have a beautiful three & half years daughter just like her mother" his tone was a calm one but yet there was a simpered on his face while hearing this a certain pride came inside her heart thinking did he said about them?? Coz she never expected him to say this in public
"You have a daughter also??" as host asked this in disbelief he laughed a little nodding in Yes
"Baapre... Itna handsome hoke... Ek wife aur beti dono hai..." that same girl said in disbelief making Ayaan & Surbhi giggle
"Haa Toh... Personality aisi honi chahiyee... Ki Har kisi pe asar kar jaaye..." one of a fellow said wd proud smile
"Exactly... Jab bande mein dum hai... Toh shaadi ho yaa Naa ho Kya farq padta hai" another boy praised making the three smile
"I am sure... Iski wife bahot lucky hogi..." that same girl said wd dreamy smile which made Surbhi to tease Shilpa by her elbow who only managed to glare her
"So... They both are in India??" host asked smilingly on which he gave nod in Yes "I think hearing this news many hearts of Singapore girls will break into pieces" he joked making him chuckle "Can you tell us about your wife?? If you want??" he asked in little nervous tone
"Eemm... Go on..." Armaan gestured him to start his questions Coz he himself want to tell about her not because the host asked, just because He wanted to say to Shilpa that What is she is to him? Behind his every success she is the One! Where as Shilpa's heartbeat skipped seeing this
"Pata nai kya kya bolega tere baare mein..." her mind said to her who gulped "I am sure jo sach hoga wahi bolenge..." her heart took his side "Par isko zaroorat hi kya hai kuch bhi iske baare mein bolne ki... Kitna embarrassing hoga iske liye jab yeh news sab dekhenge... Kaise saamna karegi tu sabka..." her mind said in taunting way making her to look at the screen concentratingly
"Was she the One who forced you to achieve this success??" as the host asked wd teasing smile a coy smile came on his lips thinking how Shilpa will react seeing this news
"No... She is not that one who forced me... But yes she is the One who is behind my every success... That's it nothing else..." his twisted answer made everyone in awe but Shilpa was the one who gotted he is indirectly taunting plus thanking her
"Ji haan Armaan Malik... Ek happily married man hai aur unki ek beti bhi hai... Kuch dino pehle ek news aayi thi ki unki ek wife hai jo Singapore mein unke saath rehti hai aur ek beta bhi hai but unke in jawaabo ko sunn kar... I am sure vo jhuti afvaayen band ho gayi hongi... Unse aur bhi baate huyi jinme se unse pucha gaya... Ki unka Singapore ka experience kaisa tha... Toh unka jawab aap khud hi sunn le..." the news reporter said wd a smile and showed another clip of him
"I think in these two years... I enjoyed a lot in Singapore whenever i got free from my work... It was wonderful experience here which I don't think so I can forget..." Armaan said smilingly on which the host thanked him
"Dekha aapne kaise yeh ek personality ek hi raat mein itna chah gaya Singapore mein... Aur ab toh India mein bhi... Ji haan Armaan iswaqt India mein hi hai... May be apne family k paas... Hum puri koshish karenge unka interview laane ki... Tab tak k liye... Dekhte rahiye... A News" saying this the reporter showed another news while everyone smiled at his honest reply
"Kya mast personality haina iski... Superstar types..." hearing his praises from her back a light smile came on Shilpa's lips a satisfying one
"Wow!! Ab toh Mr Khan kaafi famous personality se ho gaye hain..." Surbhi said wd dreamy smile making her to shook her head
"Ho gaya mahotarma... Ab aap mujhe yeh bataayengi... Ki hum kab aapke Mamu aur Mami k paas jaayenge saath mein Bi k paas bhi..." ignoring them Shilpa reminded about their main mission for which they are here
"Aree haan... Par ek baar mujhe meri cousin ko phone lagaake puchne do... Ki sab thik hai ki nai vahan..." saying this hurriedly Surbhi went to call her while Ayaan moved to pay the bill
"Pata nai... Armaan ko yaad bhi hoga ki... Ohnu ko school se laana tha..." she thought staring outside the restaurant and remembering about Armaan a dreamy smile came on her lips thinking about his words in interview but soon it faded as she remembered What he did wd her? His lie everything came back again "Mai aapko maaf nai karungi... Chahe kuch bhi karlo aap... Kyunki aapne mera vo sapna toda hai jisse lekar mai hamesha positive thi ki ek din hi sahi... Aapko sab kuch yaad aa jaayga... Aur tab mai aapse vo feelings puchungi jo do hisso mein bati thi... Par aapke jhoot ki wajah se vo bhi nai ho paaya..." she thought still in anger but somewhere she is feeling that exciting butterflies inside her stomach like a teenage girl

In Armaan's hospital
"Sab present haina yahan...??" Armaan asked in full serious tone staring at the big LED screen which is attached in conference room
"Oye haan sab aa gaye... Ab tu bata bhi de??" Muskaan said desperately making Rehaan chuckled
"See... Mai abhi jis topic pe tum logo se discuss karne waala hoon... Vo bahoot hi important hai... To mai chahta hoon yeh jo kuch palo ki meeting hai humaari... Usse pure dimaag aur kaan k saath suno..." he said in serious tone standing behind a chair he was still in his black opened shirt wd white t-shirt underneath & black crisp pant wd white shoes while Rehaan was sitting next to that chair Where as others can easily see them from this video conference meeting, Yes the Sanjeevani gang were in their conference room where Rahul-Muskaan, Atul-Anjali, Abhi-Nikki & Sid were sitting and Armaan-Rehaan are present in their Bhopal's hospital's conference room
"Par usse pehle... Congratulations...!!" Nikki squealed while clapping happily
"Are haan..." Atul smiled as he remembered
"Congratulations... Dr Cool" they all wished in unionism except Abhi who shook his head at their craziness
"Congrats!! Armaan" and now Abhi wished in calm tone making them giggle
"Oye tujhe pata hai... Kal se teri photo news paper aur megazine k front page pe dekh rahi hoon... Acha lag raha hai tujhe dekh kar itna famous... Pehle toh tu mera Hero tha... Ab toh tujhe superstar bulaane ka mann kar raha hai..." Muskaan said in happy tone making Armaan to shook his head wd a smile
"Thank you guys... Ab meeting shuru karen??" he asked in calm tone
"Ji Dr Armaan..." Sid said wd a grin making him to glare back "Okay okay... Sorry... Aap shuru kijiye..." he said wd fake scared look making him to shook his head
"Be serious guys..." Rahul made them quiet
"So... Jaisa ki tum log jaante ho... Hum yahan par Singapore k project liye hain... After working wd them two years... I have the opportunity to start that hospital in India..." he started while playing wd the marker where as they all were listening him concentrately "Toh... Mujhe yeh bhi opportunity hai ki mai total pandra trustable aur responsible doctors ko select kar sakta hoon jo mere saath kaam karenge..." as he announced their expression changed into a shock one
"What??" they all were shocked except Rehaan who chuckled like Armaan did
"Yes...!!" he gave a nod in Yes smilingly standing beside Rehaan
"Tu itni badi opportunity hume de raha hai...??" asked Rahul in disbelief
"Mai koi opportunity nai de raha... Kyunki tum sab ek acche doctors ho... Aur mai bhi chahta hoon mai un logo k saath kaam karoon jinpe mujhe sabse zyada trust hai..." he replied calmly staring at the screen (He is the only person who is standing in the hall)
"Aur tune hume select kiya??" Atul still didn't believed
"Suno sab log... Stop giving shocking looks... Mai last time bata raha hoon... Yes mujhe opportunity hai ki Pandra Behtarin doctors ko mai select kar sakta hoon ki vo mere saath kaam karen par unme se sirf... Dus select honge..." he said calmly while hearing they felt happy
"Dus??" Anjali exclaimed
"Yes... According to the Singapore... Vo log un selective fifteen mein se sirf ten select karenge..." he informed making them a little confused
"Matlab kis basis pe...??" Abhi questioned
"Trial situation Exam basis pe hoga.. Vo log un selective fifteen ka exam lenge... Different different case situation pe... Direct or indirect yeh vo log decide karenge... Par jo select hoga vo is hospital mein kaam karega internationally basis pe... Matlab tum logo ka teen mahine baad trial exam hoga... Bas tum logo ko soch samajhkar is trial ki taiyaari karni hai... Aur agar koi problem hai toh puch sakte ho... Aur agar nai karna hai toh mana bhi kar sakte ho... Koi force nai hai..." he explained calmly staring at the screen where everyone is in confusion
"Agar trial fail ho gaya toh...??" Atul raised his confusing question
"See... Yeh tum logo ki mehnat aur concentration pe depend karta hai..." he answered in chilled out tone sitting on edge of the table "Champ... Hum sab ek experienced doctors hai... Hume pata hai ki kaise situations handle karni hai... And come on don't forget ki tu kitna kaabil hai... Suppose agar trail fail bhi ho gaya... Toh life ka ek aur experience samajh kar accept kar lena... Aur vaise bhi ek chance dena toh zaroori hai..." as he said coolly everyone smiled
"Kya vo log khud aayenge trial lene...??" Muskaan asked nervously making him chuckled
"Of course..." he replied smilingly
"Tumne hume kyun select kiya??" this was from Anjali
"See... To be frank... Unhone mujhse kaha tha ki... Yeh mujhpe depend hai ki mai doctors select karoon yaa naa karoon... Aur if mai nai karta saare doctors vahan se hote... Mujhe problem nai hai unke saath kaam karne mein... Par jo Trust mujhe tum sab par hai... Vo kisi pe nai hai... Yeh personally hai" hearing his trust they felt a joy inside them infact also put confident in them "But Professionally basis pe... Mai tum logo ko professional hi lunga... Chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye..." his tone became in serious making them to think about seriously
"Par agar trial mein fail ho gaye toh... Humaari purani job ko toh kuch nai hoga naa...??" Nikki asked wd a little fear
"Nai bilkul nai... Sab kuch normal rahega... Par haan if you are selected... Tab tum log mere yahan kaam karoge... I mean not here... Jo hospital ready ho raha hai vahan..." he replied in normal tone stooding up again
"Aur vo kab tak ready hoga...??" Anjali questioned
"After four months..." he answered calmly
"Koi problem toh nai hogi naa...??" Sid asked a little worried making him smile
"Tum log itna tension kyun le rahe ho... Koi force nai hai tumpe... Decision tum logo ka hoga... So na mai force kar raha hoon aur na hi tum log kuch bhi under force karoge... It's all upto you... That's it" saying this calmly he stood beside Rehaan who is listening this wd full attention
"Armaan... I am in" Rahul raised his hand smilingly making them to look at him where as a smile reached on Armaan's face when
"Armaan... Ab tak kaun kaun ready hua hai...??" Abhi asked in calm tone
"Kabir Kiya Meo Keev Yohaan and Mikaaye... Aur ab Rahul..." as he replied Rehaan's head snapped look up at him listening 'Kiya's name'
"Aur Rehaan tu??" Sid's voice brought him back
"Humse puchne ki zaroorat hi nai hai... Hum wahin hai jahan Bhaijaan hai..." Rehaan's answer made them smile while Armaan smacked his head lightly
"Kabhi toh khudse faisla le..." he scolded wd serious look
"Yeh humaara faisla hi toh hai..." rubbing his head Rehaan replied normally making all giggle
"Haa Hanumanji..." Muskaan teased making him to roll his eyes while Armaan shook his head sitting on Rehaan's chair's arm
"Guys... Decide karo aur mujhe batao... That's it" saying this he put off the video screen and stood calmly when Rehaan stood up
"Bhaijaan Kiya bhi??" Rehaan questioned confusedly which made him to look at him calmly
"Rehaan... Idhar baith" saying this he made him sat back on chair and took his chair infront of him "Dekh... Kiya aur Kabir apne life mein bahoot aage badh chuke hain... Aur vo apne life mein khush hai... Vaisa kuch bhi nai hai jaisa tu soch raha hai... Kiya ek bahoot acchi doctor hai bhool mat... Sirf ek past ki galti ki wajah se hum uske professionalism ko ignore nai kar sakte..." he made him understand in calm tone which worked also
"Aapko yakeen hai uspe...??" Rehaan asked slowly to which he gave a nod "Tab hume kya problem hogi..." as he said this he got another smack on his head "Bhaijaan..??" he looked at him questioningly
"Kitni baar kaha khudse faisla le" saying this in scolding voice he stood back leaving him smiling and after ten minutes they all started again the video conference
"Armaan... I am ready" Abhi agreed to which Armaan smiled slowly when his eyes landed on wall watch
"Oh Shit...!!" his eyes widened seeing the time which made everyone confused but Rehaan guessed
"Oye kya huaa??" Atul asked confusedly
"Kuch nai champ... Bas mai toh gaya..." looking at his wrist watch he replied worriedly "Guys... Tum log meeting khatam karo aur Apne decisions Rehaan ko bata dena... See you later..." saying them hurriedly he pick his phone and ran outside leaving Rehaan smiling while they all are still confused
"Isse kya huaa...??" Sid asked wd frown
"Yeh Doctor Armaan ka time tha... Par ab yeh Papa Armaan ka time hai.." as Rehaan answered they all giggled where as running in speed Armaan reached in parking lot and speeding his car in fullest rage he reached outside Ohnu's school but seeing the crowed he stopped his car

Kuch bhi nehi hai
Yeh jahaan
Tu hai toh
Hai ismein zindagi...
"Lagta hai car yehin chodni padegi..." saying this he opened his seat belt and moved out of the car "Bhaag Armaan... Varna Ohnu pareshaan ho jaaygi..." he thought running in fullest speed and wdin a minute he entered inside school's first gate "Vaise hogi kahan vo...??" he frowned seeing the kids when his cell rang "Shilpa ka phone...??" he gulped seeing Shilpa's name flashing "Agar isse pata chal gaya ki maine abhi tak Ohnu ko pick nai kiya hai... Band baja degi meri yeh..." he mumble under his breath while moving towards Ohnu's class when he saw some kids were playing in play ground where he started looking for Ohnu whom he at last spotted playing wd her little friends "Thank god...!!" a relief ran inside his heart finding her playing wd her friends in her melodious laugh, He can see how happy she is looking while playing a train ride they all were trying to catch each other when again his cell phone's ring made him looked at it "Yeh... Na..." shaking his head wd a smile he answered the call but before he could say something she started her questions
"Armaan... Aap phone kyun nai utha rahe the?? I am sure late ho gaye hoge...?? Armaan mai agar ek minute bhi late hoti thi toh vo pareshaan ho jaati thi infact... Ek jagah chup chap baithi rehti thi... Isiliye mujhe humesha waqt se pehle pahuchna padta tha... Aur aap late hogaye... Aapko pata bhi hai..." she was blabbering and blabbering in full rage but hearing her blabber he couldn't stop his chuckle coz he is seeing a scene which was far away from her words "Aapko hassi aa rahi hai... Mai yahan itni pareshaan hoon aur aapko hassi aa rahi hai...??" her angry voice made him to control his smile
"Aree vo kya haina Bracelet..." as he started she cutted him
"Dare you call me Bracelet... Dobaara mujhe Bracelet mat bulaana Armaan..." she warned in angry voice but it made him smile
"Kyun meri yaad aati hai..." he teased wd a grin staring at Ohnu who now stopped spotting Armaan at the end of the play ground (It was small play ground wd some little rides for kids it is only made for Nursery kids and was surrounded by green grasses & plants)
"Armaaan... Mai serious hoon iswaqt" she warned in annoying tone which was only making him to tease her
"Mai bhi serious hi hoon... Shilpa..." he teased more which was enough for her, where as seeing Ohnu staring him he waved wd a broad smile on which she also smiled and ran towards him coz first she thought he will scold her but as he waved smilingly she knew he will not scold her who have gripped her bag in her little hold
"Ohnu ko phone do..." she almost ordered wd grumpy look which made him to press his lips for controlling his chuckle who already imagined her expressions
"Aree meri Tinker bell... Mujhse kyun baat nai karogi...??" hearing Tinker bell after soo long time her heartbeat skipped but when it hitted her brain that he is just trying again to flirt wd her like before So that she could forgive him
"Yeh flirting waale lines na kisi aur ko maarna... Aapko kya lagta hai yeh sab waapas se keh k... Mai fir se accept kar lungi sab kuch... Toh aap bilkul galat soch rahe hain.." she said in stern voice which little did hurt him but he was fine wd her anger coz he have full confidence on himself that he will manofy her again
"Par mai toh sirf tumhaare baare mein sochta hoon..." he directly flirted which made her so annoyed that she felt to smack his head while wd happy face Ohnu stood in front of him who gave her a dazzling smile to her then dusted her hairs removing that little dirt from it
"You know what... Mujhe aapse baat hi nai karni... Ohnu ko phone do..." this time she directly ordered which made him chuckled
"I love you too..." he teased which made her mouth opened
"You are unbelievable Armaan..." she said in disbelief
"Kya... Kiss?? Tum bhi naa Shilpa... Abhi wapas toh aao... Fir baat karenge us baare mein..." and it was enough for her
"Arggghh..." getting annoyed she cutted the call leaving him chuckled

"Kaat diya..." he mumble smilingly putting the phone back in his pocket then looked down his Princess who is looking very happy right now "Sorryy... Princess papa late ho gaye..." helding his ears he bend to her level who giggled
"Ull... El.. Come..." in her kiddish tone she said which made him puzzled
"Ull elcome...??" he mumble confusedly then it clicked inside his brain that she is saying 'Your Welcome' "Princess..." kneeling in front of her he said wd a smile "Vo your Welcome hota hai... Aur vo tab bolte hain jab... Hume koi thank you kehta hai..." he carefully explained while dusting the dirt from her little hands
"Aur... Sorrryy...??" she questioned in cute tone making him smile
"Jab hume koi sorry bolta hai... Tab It's okay bolte hai... Matlab koi baat nai..." he answered smilingly while making her wore her bag
"Haa... Mumma bhi... Bolti hai..." she said in cute tone on which he smiled watching her from head to toe whose uniform's condition was not at all good the hem of the t-shirt is out from her belt also her water bottle was hanging half down from her shoulder even her shoe laces were opened and not to forget her hairs are little mess up like her loose pony
"Aisa lag raha hai khud ko dekh raha hoon... Jaise bachpan me main tha..." he thought tucking her strand of hairs aside "Vaise champion... Apna yeh haal kyun banaya hai..??" he asked in calm tone
"Vo... Ohnu ko... Aaj... Five... Sttt... Aars mile... Colouring mein... Aur... Vo.. Vo ffirst aayi" he can see the happiness on her face
"Aree waah...! Meri Princess toh abhi se hi first aane lagi..." hearing his praise she giggled while taking out his handkerchief he started cleaning her face who giggled feeling tickles "Aur issi khushi mein aap itna khele ki... Bhool gayye ki Uniform ganda ho raha hai... Aapko pata haina... Ki aise dirt mein khelne se... Mumma kitna gussa hoti..." in a careful manner he tried to make her understand whose face fell hearing this which he guessed "Par koi baat nai... Aaj aap first aaye ho toh aaj k liye chalta hai..." hearing his cool voice a smile reached on her lips "Par promise me aage se kuch aisa nai karoge...??" he asked extending his hand which she gripped slowly but there was disappointment written on her face "Lekin... Jab bhi aapko masti karna hoga aap Papa ko bataana... Tab Papa bhi aapke saath khelenge..." wd a mischivious grin he said which made an eroctic smile on her face
"Sachme...??" she asked excitedly which made him laugh who corrected her water bottle
"Haa... Papa promise... Ab ghar chalen...??" kissing her cheek he said lovingly on which she giggled while nodding in Yes "Toh fir jaldi chalo aaj hume mumma aur aapka surprise plan karna hai..." hearing this her eyes shined
"Mumma aur Mera... Sul... Plise...??" she asked wd full excitement in her voice on which he gave a smiling nod confirming it in Yes "Mumma..." but as she opened her mouth her two friends came there from behind interrupting them infact her teacher also
"Oaana... Yeh kon hai??" her one friend asked confusedly breaking their moment but as she asked this Armaan's eyes were only fixed on Ohnu's face coz he wanted to hear How she will introduce him??
"Haa... Oaana...??" other also asked making Ohaana to look at them first then on Armaan who is patiently waiting for her answer
"Mere... Papa..." time got freezed as he heard 'Papa' from her who gave a smile to him then looked back at her friends who too smiled but for him it was a moment of joy the feeling which can understood by him only, Yaah when she was seven months old she first time called him 'Paa' which was also the same feeling which he is feeling now but at this time it is different coz since he came back she first time referred him as her father which is beyond any other feelings "Hello...!" bending to girls level he said smilingly on which they both girls giggled
"Hello..." they both said in unionism making him smile who can guess they are twins when their teacher arrived there
"Diya aur Janvi... Aapki mumma aayi hai aapko lene..." hearing her teacher's voice they all look at her
"Okay... Bye Oaana..." waving her happily they ran towards her mother happily leaving the father daughter behind
"So Princess... Chalen..." looking down on Ohnu he said smilingly
"Haan..." she gave a nod in Yes while extending her little hand which he gripped wd a satisfying smile
"Bye... Ohaana..." her teacher's voice made them look at her who waved
"Bye..." she waved wd happy smile and started walking wd Armaan whose cell phone rang
"Haan... Steve..." he said in calm tone as he attended the call still walking wd Ohaana "Thik hai... Tum Ohaana ki jitni cheeze ho guest room mein shift kardo... Aur unse kehdo jo wardrobe ki side hai usse aur bada karna hai may be aur andar..." he instructed while opening the car's door for Ohaana who like a good girl sat inside the car and kept her bag on her lap wd her water bottle where as he sat on his driving seat "Aur frames ko bhi sambhal k bahar rakhna... Fir baaki mai aake delhta hoon kya karna hai..." saying this he hung up the phone and started his car "So Princess... Kaisa tha aaj ka din aapka...??" keeping her bag & bottle on back seat he asked buckling their seat belts
"Acha tha... Aapko pata hai... Ohnu ko mam... Ne... Good girl... Aur...Ooobbb..itent bola..." hearing her excited voice he laughed
"First vo Obedient hota hai... Second congratulations... And third aaj hum bahot saari masti karne waalen hain... Toh sochna shuru kardo aapko kya kya karna hai..." he said in calm tone making her excited
"Ohnu k...liye bhi...??" she asked excitedly making him chuckled
"Haan... Toh abhi hum ghar jaayenge... Fir dher saari shopping karenge... Aur at the end Mumma k liye gift lenge" he put his plan forward
"Aur Ohnu... K liye... Sulp...lise??" her question made him laugh specially seeing her pouted lips
"Lenge naa Princess... Pehle ghar toh pahuch jaayen..." concentrating on road he replied smilingly which made her smile who started playing wd her little fingers watching the road where as he was driving but somewhere thinking about Ohaana who introduced him to her friends by calling him Papa which he is waiting for the time when she will regularly call him that!
Night time
In Arsh's Home sweet home
Ab mujhko jaana
Hai kahan
Ke tu hi
Safar hai aakhiri...
"Haa toh isse... Aise cut karte hain..." our chef Armaan Malik is on duty, Yes you heard it right! Today he is making dinner for Ohaana & himself although Meethi had made few dishes before going to her home but Armaan thought to make something healthy & tasty for his daughter and now he is inside the kitchen making the food while Ohaana is sitting on the slab a little away from him but yes on that slab only he is cutting the veggies where as her little pets were sitting down on floor inside the hall enjoying their dinner which Steve already served "I think isse aise hi cut karte haina...??" he got confused seeing the cutting of carrot's shape in wrong manner and seeing him confused she giggled taking his attention "Aapko itni hassi kyun aa rahi hai??" bending to her level he asked in cute tone
"Mumma... Isse... Aise nai... Cut... Karti..." she replied in that same tone making him amused
"Acha... Aap toh aise keh rahe ho jaise aapko cooking aati hai...?" pinching her nose lightly he asked in loving tone on which she made a face removing his hand
"Haan... Mumma k... Saath Ohnu... Bhi.. Coo... King... Karti hai..." hearing her reply he laughed
"Acha toh... Aap Papa ko teach karo cooking kaise karte hain.." forwarding a carrot piece towards her mouth he said on which she took a bite from it wd a giggle
"Okay..." she nodded in Yes
"Toh fir Miss Ohaana Malik ab chef Armaan Malik k saath cooking karne waali hain... Par usse pehle is Princess ko mera Welcome..." bowing his head in front of her he kissed on her cheek who giggled
"Toh... Ohnu... Kkya... Kalegi...??" she asked moving her legs tro & fro which Armaan gripped stopping her who giggle
"Bad manner" he referred about her legs who gave a nod in Yes smilingly "Hmmm... Toh ab papa ko sochne do... Ki... Ohnu kya karegi..." saying this in fake thoughtful look he started thinking making Ohnu watch his face expectedly "Haan... Jab tak Papa yeh sab cut karte hai tab tak kyun na... Ohnu yeh jo kate huye carrots hai vo finish kare... Yeh bhi ek big help hogi" as he said this Ohnu giggled
"Agar main... Kha.. Lungi... Toh... Kaana... Kaise... Kaaungi" hearing her cute voice he chuckled
"Point...!!" making a fake serious look he gave a nod "Hmm... Toh ek aur kaam hai..." he said while making her stand on kitchen slab who giggled holding his shoulders
"Kya... Papa...??" she asked cutely making him smile hearing her calling Papa a tenth time of this day
"Aap mumma se baat karo... Tab tak papa dinner ready kar lenge..." picking her up in his arms he said in calm tone
"Mummaa.. Aa gayi??" she asked happily making him smiled who took her near the dinning chair and made her sat there
"Nai... Par mumma se aap phone pe baat kar sakte ho..." as he replied calmly her face turned into sad one making him to think for something "Papa abhi aaye... Haan" saying this he ran inside his room and picking up his phone he video called Shilpa "Aapko mumma ko dekhna haina...??" as he asked she gave an immediate nod making him smiled "Yeh accept kyun nai kar rahi... Zaroor soch rahi hogi ki yeh mai hoon..." he thought as Shilpa didn't accepted the call so he texted her "Ohnu ko tumse baat karni hai..." he sent and looked at Ohaana who is watching the phone cutely "Acha Princess... Jab tak mumma call back nai karte kyun na aap mujhe ek... Achi si poem sunaao..." he tried to divert her mind while walking back in kitchen where as she is still sitting in her place
"Okay..." she gave a nod happily while from kitchen he can see her who started thinking for some good poem which she knows fully "Roses are red... Skys are B...llue... Trees... Are... Greeen..." and just like this she started narrating her cute little poems by showing it from her hands which was only making him to adored her, Today's day is very special for him who enjoyed this beautiful day wd his princess! Yes after her school they were about to go in their house when Armaan got a call from Singapore Doctors who wanted a video conference meeting relating to hospital decision so he directly went into his Hospital wd little Ohnu who got scared seeing the hospital but he made her understand that they are here for mumma's surprise which made her convince somewhere... Making her sat inside his cabin he waited for the meeting which was going to start in few minutes till then he ordered something for Ohaana from cafeteria
"Hum gar... Kab... Chalenge...??" she asked sixth time since they entered in his cabin who is waiting for the Singapore call
"Chalenge... Naa Princess... Bas Papa apna yeh chotu sa kaam finish kar lyen fir chalte hai..." picking her up from floor he made her stand on his cabin's table while replying to her who smiled
"Konsa kaam...??" she questioned in her cute tone holding his shoulder tightly who have gripped her waist firmly
"Vo kya haina... Papa ko ek bahot hi important kaam hai... Aapko exam pata hai??" he too asked in same tone on which she thought for some time then nod in Yes on which he beamed "Haan... Toh aaj papa ko bhi ek exam dena hai... Toh vo thodi der padhenge... Fir Ohnu jahan kahegi vahan chalenge... Tab tak k liye aap wait karoge...??" as he asked this expectedly she looked at him
"Okay..." she nodded in Yes
"That's like my good girl..." giving a kiss on her cheek he smiled
"Par... Ohnu... Kkya... Kkkaregi... Fir??" as she asked in her cute tone a corners of his mouth quirked up while making her sat on table
"Haan.. Yeh bhi hai..." he pursed his lips taking a chair in front of her who looked at him in her cute thoughtful expressions "Acha... Princess maine sunna hai aapko drawing bahoot acchi aati hai... Toh kya aap mujhe apne kuch best drawings banaake dikhaaoge..." he asked in cute way gripping her little palms whose face gleamed
"Haa... Aur... Mai... Vo... Bbb...boat... Bhi banungi..." hearing her excited tone he chuckled
"Thik hai... Toh chalo aap mujhe apne drawings banake dikhaao... Tab tak Papa apna exam finish kar lenge" picking her up in his arms he took her towards the couch where he placed her who sat comfortably "Par usse pehle mera baby... Kuch khaayga haina..." as he asked she gave a quick nod
"Haan... Ohnu ko... Ookh lagi hai..." hearing this he laughed who sat beside her
"Nai.. Princess vo... Bhook hota hai..." he corrected pinching her little nose who giggled "Aap yahan baitho Papa ne... Kuch khaane ko mangvaaya hai... Thik hai..." he said in loving tone while keeping her bag near her who smilingly opened her bag and took out her drawing books wd colourful crayons when a knock came on his cabin "Come in..." he said in calm tone
"Sir... Yeh..." the peon came inside wd food trey in his hand
"Haa yahan rakh do..." saying this in calm tone he showed the table which was kept in front of the couch
"Yeh aapki beti hai sir...??" peon asked smilingly watching Ohaana who have now scattered her all the colourful crayons on couch wd her drawing papers
"Haan..." he replied smilingly
"Yahan rakh doon...??" hearing peon's voice he gave nod on which the peon kept the trey on table "Bahoot pyaari hain yeh..." he said wd a smile on which he smiled back while siding her some papers who looked at him wd grumpy look
"Kyun...??" hearing her grumpy voice he simpered
"Aree aapko bhook lagi thi naa... Toh pehle kuch khaalo... Fir drawing karna" as he said this she looked at the food then at him while the peon went from there smilingly
"Mere... Hands... Ddirty... Hai" she showed her little palms to him who smiled at her this nature
"Aree haan... Chalo chalo... Aapke hands wash karwa doon... Phir hum dono kuch khaate hai..." he stood while saying this when she also stood on couch opening her arms which was a signal for him to pick her which he did also and took her inside the washroom which was inside his cabin only... Washing her hands they came back outside where he made her sat on couch while sitting beside her "Hmm... Ab shuru karo..." keeping the plate b/w them he said in loving tone on which she became quiet
"Mumma... Chahiyee...??" her sudden question made him stop for seconds who understanding her feelings made her sat on his lap
"Princess... Mumma boli naa ki vo kal aayengi... Toh fir..." tucking her hairs side he said in her tone only
"Ohnu... Mumma ko... Miss kar rahi hai..." keeping her head on his shoulder she said in sad tone making him to keep his hands on her little back
"Expected tha...!!" he thought caressing her hairs "I know... Papa bhi Mumma ko bahot miss kar rahe hain... Par vo jaante hai ki mumma kal aaygi... Toh dekho vo sad nai hai..." making her look at him he tried to console her who looked at him wd her cute sad look "Aur vaise bhi... Aap bhool gaye... Papa aur aapko abhi mumma k liye surprise bhi plan karna hai... Isiliye jaldi apna lunch finish karlo..." as he said this her eyes widened
"Haa... Mai... Bbb...hool gayi..." she said in her shocked tone making him smile
"Haan.. Isiliye chalo yeh finish karo... Fir drawing banana... Aur jaise hi papa ka exam khatam hoga... Hum dono Surprise lene jaayenge mumma ka..." taking a bite he forwarded towards her mouth who first stared it then at him "Lo..." as he forwarded more she took that bite inside her mouth slowly
"Hum... Mumma... Ko... Kkkya... Ddenge??" she asked confusedly while chewing the food making him to think
"Hmmm... Sochenge... Abhi toh time hai..." inserting another bite inside her mouth he replied wd thoughtful look "Aap batao.. Mumma ko hum kya de sakte hain..." making her drank the water he asked in normal tone who took time to reply coz of water while he adored her face
"Hum... Mumma ko... Ek... Dless denge..." she replied cutely while tapping his cheek who smiled at her gesture
"Hmmm... Not bad... Aur kuch" he asked inserting another bite inside her mouth who started thinking while putting her index finger on her chin as if thinking deeply
"Mumma ko... Fish... Achi lagti hai..." she replied innocently forwarding her hand for water which he made her drank
"Hmm... Acha hai... Aur kuch interesting nai hai...??" forwarding another bite he asked in calm tone
"Emmm... Abhi hai..." she gripped his hand showing she still have the morsel inside her mouth which made him chuckled
"Okay... My mistake" he said smilingly keeping the glass back on table
"Aap... Nai... Kaaoge...??" she questioned innocently staring him who smiled
"Haan.. Khaaunga naa... Agar aap khilaoge toh..." hearing this she smiled
"Mere hands... Small hai..." as she said this in her kiddish tone he smiled
"Haan... Yeh bhi hai..." inserting a bite inside her mouth he said in fake thoughtful look
"Bas..." after taking the morsel she stopped his hand
"Ho gaya...??" he asked frowningly keeping the plate back on table while hearing this she gave nod in Yes then he made her drank the water "Acha thik hai... Ab aap baith k padho mai apna kaam pura karta hoon..." looking at his wrist watch he said calmly
"Okay..." she agreed as he made her sat beside him and checked his phone where wasn't any message from Singapore doctors
"Ab mujhe bhi bhook lagi hai..." as he said this she giggled
"Mai khilaaun...??" hearing this his heart jumped happily
"Of course... Meri Princess khilaaygi... Tab toh mai zaroor khaunga..." he said in excited tone making her giggle
"Toh... Nikaalo..." she insisted making him chuckled who served the food
"Are you sure... Aap kar loge...??" he asked wd teasing smile
"Haa... Mumma ko... Kaana mai... Kilaati hoon..." he can hear the pride in her voice
"Woww!! Interesting..." he made an amusing face when she pick the spoon and tried to take rice in it but every time she tried it failed making him to press his lips for controlling his smile "Aap rehne do... Aapse nai hoga..." he teased knowingly
"Nai... Aata hai... Mmujhe" she argued making him chuckled
"Rehne do... Papa ab khud khaalenge..." he said in dramatic way making her pout which made him to plant a kiss on her cheek "Dekho... Aise pakadte hai..." gripping her little hand he made her hold the spoon firmly while his hand was on hers who smiled "Tab aise..." he teaches her how to take anything on the spoon and then ate the morsel by her little hands in b/w she did mistake who thought he will scold her but instead he chuckled which made her giggle too and the duo enjoyed their fun filled lunch in fact Ohnu started enjoying his company...

After the lunch Ohnu was making her drawings still sitting on couch where she have scattered all her things while Armaan got busy wd his video meeting he was sitting on his cabin's chair right in front of Ohnu the meeting was going on his laptop the food trey was already taken by the peon and in b/w Rehaan came to see Ohnu, whenever he got free from his work, just to spent some time wd Ohnu "Yaah... I will confirm this... Just after their trials..." he said calmly to the doctors who were sitting in Singapore's conference meeting
"Make sure they should have the ability to understand the situations Dr Malik..." one of a doctor said in strict tone
"I can't say anything... Its upto them... How they will manage this... I am just doing my work... But Yaah I can surely say... They will give their best..." he said in calm tone staring at the laptop screen but in b/w he was also glancing Ohaana who is busy on her work wd full concentration making him to adored her
"We also... Hope so..." the CEO was saying professionally on which he was nodding also but couldn't stop himself to watch his daughter's cute antics who have finished her drawings and now was making some small boats & planes which were not perfect but she was trying it "So... Armaan... You got it right...??" hearing the voice of CEO he looked at him questioningly but seeing everyone's face he gave a sheepish smile
"Yaah... Of course" he managed to say this only
"Then... Fine everything is perfect... W'll see you soon..." as the doctor said this he gave a small smile and bidding bye to them closed the lappy
"Ab zara apni... Iklauti ko dekhoon..." mumbling this smilingly he watched her calmly who is fully engrossed in her work "Kitni pyaari aur masoom hai... Ki nazar hi nai hat tee..." he thought noticing her face's features which is resemble of Shilpa... Watching this scene something flashed inside his brain from past "Shilpa..." he murmur smilingly remembering Shilpa who also sat like this only when she used to make her sketches for designs when she was doing her fashion designing classes and right now Ohaana is also sitting in that same pose only... Their symbol of love is sitting right now in front of him who want to capture every moment of them "Ek baar tum normal ho jao mere saath... Fir tumhaari maa ko control mein laata hoon..." he was thinking wd a grin while playing wd his phone which started ringing flashing an unknown number "Hello..!" he said in normal voice as he received the call
"Kya mai... Dr Armaan Malik se baat kar sakta hoon...??" that unknown voice asked making him confused who stood from his chair
"Haan... Mai hi hoon... Kahiye kya kaam hai...??" he asked in calm tone walking towards window
"Finally aap mil gaye sir... Aap nai jaante hum kitne khush hai... Sir mera naam Arvind thakur hai... Aur mai ek news reporter hoon... Bas aapka interview lena chahta hoon..." that reporter said excitedly making him to shook his head
"See... Mai bilkul interested nai hoon... So... Sorry..." he replied in normal tone
"Sir please mana mat karna... Hum sab kabse aapke ek interview k liye taras rahe hain..." he requested making him to rub his temple
"First tell me... From where did you got my number??" this time he asked in strict tone
"Sir... Vo... Actually humaare ek agent se..." as he blurted out Armaan shook his head
"Aur aapko lagta hai mai... Aapke is harqat pe interview dunga..." he said in angry tone making the reporter quiet "Sorry... I can't..." but his sentence left incomplete as he heard something unexpected
"Papa..." Ohnu's voice made him a little stunned who turned back at her slowly "Papa... Dekho... Maine... Bana liya..." coming towards him she showed her drawing papers staring up at him who didn't knew how to react coz he is freezed while his heart jumped happily hearing this
"Sir... Aap..." but the reporter's voice left incomplete as Armaan hung up the phone and knelt in front of his daughter
"Kya kaha aapne...??" controlling his all emotions he asked wd gleamed eyes
"Deko... Yeh pura ho gaya..." she showed her colourful papers to him who took it smilingly
"Woww!! Yeh toh bahot beautiful hai..." he complimented wd glistened eyes
"Haina... Dekho... Yeh waala bhi..." she showed her last paper wd wide excited smile making him chuckled who saw her drawing where she have made flowers sun etc.
"Aap toh bahot hi acchi drawing karte ho... Papa toh aapke fan ban gaye..." bowing his head a little he said smilingly which made her giggle "Acha... Vo sab kya hai..." picking her up in his arms he asked pointing on the couch where her small planes & boats were laying
"Vo... Boat hai... Aur vo pppl...lane hai..." encircling her hands around his neck she replied in her kiddish tone making him smile who dropped her on couch
"Acha yeh toh bahoot acha bana hai... Par chalti bhi hai kya...??" he teased picking up a plane
"Haa chalti haina... Deko..." she also picked a plane and threw straight which resulted on floor
"Haww... Yeh toh gir gaya..." he said in cute fake shocked tone making her sad which he observed so picking that he looked back at her who now moved down from couch "Lagta hai aapke... Plane ko... Air ki zaroorat hai..." he said smilingly
"Toh... Vo kaise aaygi...??" her question made him smiled who remade her plane properly
"Vo... Aise aaygi..." blowing air on it he threw that which made the plane to float a little then at last it fell on his table
"Wow!! Mai bhi... Mai bhi..." she jumped happily seeing this which made him giggle
"Sure... Aao sikhaata hoon... Kaise banaate hai..." picking a paper he said coolly which made her excited who equally participated in it and the duo made lots of paper planes which they threw on each other playing wd it, They both enjoyed this plane game... Wd her Armaan forgot he is a doctor here, he enjoyed a lot in her company his whole cabin was filled wd her planes & boats which they both cleaned also then arranging that they left for shopping and in whole way Ohnu was talking non stop which made him more happy coz she is opening herself in front of him fully may be she is starting accepting him fully coz in whole time she called him Papa which was not more any achievement for him and also which was beyond any other success... When they both were in mall Shilpa called him for the sake of Ohaana whom she talked, also got to know that she is enjoying his company which was a relief for her when he took the phone and again flirted wd her which resulted the phone was shut by her in next second making him laugh, Then they both bought some gifts for Shilpa and Ohaana who choosed everything by her choice in fact he made sure that she choosed everything according to her likes and they also buyed many things for her room stuffs, at last they came back in evening after their fun filled day... Renovation was almost done of Ohnu's room just little bits of things need to attatched, Yes it has became more big only wd Ohnu's things There was a medium size cozy bed in middle of the room while the frames were still at their place which Shilpa had decorated, Her room's walls were fully coloured in white colour wd pink curtains infact her wardrobe was also coloured in white it have a white glass door which looks like a white board Armaan choosed this coz he wanted Ohaana should make drawings on it print her hands wd colours so that her every moments are capture here, Also he have made a special place for her all toys which are placed on one side of wardrobe and seeing her room's new renovation Ohaana was so happy that she hugged him excitedly who felt his heart jumped happily and when he asked How's it?? Her reply made him laugh coz she replied, It look likes Dora's room which was enough for his answer that she loved her room's new style... Then changing themselves in comfortable clothes they both played basket boll wd their pets and when the time got over they didn't realised Armaan was happy, elated & contented that finally she is happy wd him but somewhere he was worried for Shilpa coz she still didn't informed him that why she went Lucknow?? Yaah Rehaan had informed him in morning that Surbhi Ayaan & Shilpa went Lucknow for some shopping which Surbhi had lied to him but Armaan was not at all convinced wd this which he didn't showed to Rehaan... So he himself called Ayaan who also lied the same but as he showed his angry side Ayaan blurted out everything making him angry at his wife but he didn't said anything to Ayaan just scolded for lying to him then hunging up the phone he thought to talk Shilpa in night and after watching some cartoon movies wd Ohnu he thought to make food for his princess so when Meethi went after making the dinner he started making food to win Ohnu's heart fully
"Wonder full!!" he clapped as he finished his cooking and also her fifth poem ended "Aapko toh saare poems yaad hai..." he complimented picking up the dishes
"Haan.. Mujhe aur bhi aati hai..." hearing her cute tone he smiled keeping his dishes on dinning table while Steve kept other dishes also "Sunaaon... Mai...??" she asked happily as he took a chair beside her
"Abhi nai... Pehle dinner karlen..." he said in loving tone kissing her cheek who smiled and he started serving the food on her plate Actually he is very excited coz he first time made something for her as if his result is going to announce he have made two healthy dishes for her which he had learnt in Singapore it is 'Red curry soup' & 'Minestrone soup'
"Mumma... Ne... Ohne... Nai... Kiya??" her question made him stop
"Sahi bol rahi hai... Is pagal ladki ne phone kyun nai kiya... Abhi tak.. Jaanti hai ki ek choti beti hai iske paas... Yaad kar rahi hai.. Lekin nai isse toh kisi ki parwa hi nai hai..." he cursed her mentally while taking out his phone from his pocket and pressing her number he called again
"Mumma... Ne... Utaaya...??" her question made him more angry on Shilpa also the phone was ringing but she didn't pick the call
"Nai... Princess... I think mumma... Surbhi aunty ko dinner mein help kar rahi hain..." he made an excuse wd half heart while keeping the phone on table but seeing her sobber look his heart ache "But don't worry... Princess... Mumma jaise hi free hogi... Vo zaroor call karengi..." he said in loving tone caressing her head who looked up at him wd sad look "Chalo dinner shuru karen.. Jo Papa ne bahot difficulty se banaya hai..." giving her side hug he said in fake sad tone making her stare him
"Mumma... Chahiyee..." seeing her wistful look he felt disappointed wd Shilpa but right now he needs to handle his daughter who seems very sad wdout her mother, Obviously it can expect from her coz she is very small to stay away from her mother especially when she has spent two years alone wd her mother only and when Shilpa is not around her she can feel that loneliness, So what Armaan diverted her mind in whole day but in night she wants her mother's presence near her which no one can replace coz a mother is a mother!! But at this time he have to divert her mind anyhow so he thought a trick


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