Thursday, 28 February 2019

Part 6:Will You Ever Love Me?

Armaan had a hard time controlling riddhima after their passionate kiss'she was most interested in dancing with him'.but unfortunately she couldn't even stand properly'Rahul advised Armaan to take her back home'.Riddhima's angelic innocent face was melting armaan'.She was not letting him to leave her hand as well as to leave her 'she hold his left arm tightly so that he couldn't leave her'Armaan requested her to leave his hand as he had to drive the car but she was not listening to him at all'"Riddhima please leave my hand I promise to hold it after we reach home'I promise"'"'no'"she started crying and said him "I know if you leave my hand you will never hold it back 'so I will not leave you'"'.there was a fear of losing a precious thing as he saw into her eyes'.fear of not getting him back'there was some sort of pain in her eyes'the green beautiful eyes was expressing a number of emotions to his blue oceanic ones'."riddhima I promise not to leave you'but see if you don't leave my hand how will I drive and reach home'so please leave just for a few minutes then I promise to hold it back again.."'."Pakka plomish?"'she asked him like a little kid'."yes baba'pakka promise.."'she left his hand and he drove towards their house'

            They reached their house after 15mins'He came out from his side and was walking towards the door of their house but something was missing and that was riddhima'She was still sitting in the car'Armaan said "riddhima come out'.will you not sleep in your room?? come out'"'.."I don't want to walk'"'she again started crying'seeing her tears there was a little pain in his heart'."But you have to go in your roon so who will take you?..."'."You"'.she gave a big smile and said "take me in your arms pleash'..pleash almaan" '.he was so uncomfortable saying yes'but he knew that if he didn't say yes then she will again start crying'which he cant bear anymore so he agreed and took her in his arms'After he picked her up she gave a peck on his lips and said'"thankoo"' he was feeling very happy'but as usual didn't  know the reason'he he was trying to understand the feeling'.he was confused as her behavior was not the same all the time'sometimes angry, sometimes caring, sometimes kiddish, sometimes naughty' many different characteristics''They entered their room and he placed her on bed. As soon as he placed her on bed she closed her eyes and said "Almaan you plomished me that you will not leabh me'don't go anywhere pleash'."'"I m not going anywhere'I m here with you and promise to be there with you always'."'He kissed her forehead as his heart said him to do so'he was really tired so without changing his dress he lied down on bed and opened the buttons of his shirt as he was feeling hot'.As he lied down riddhima hugged him and then put her head on his chest and kissed his bare chest'an electric shock flowed in his body'as no girl has never kissed his chest'.he heard her murmuring'"pleash never leave me.."'he put his hands on her waist and pulled her more close and whispered in her ear'" I will never leave you'I promise"'he kissed her cheek and closed his eyes''

            Morning ''the sunlight was disturbing riddhima and she was getting irritated'but she started to feel a warmth in her body from the teddy bear  she was hugging to'.realising that teddy bear cannot breathe she opened her eyes slowly'.she was shocked to see that she was sleeping in Armaan's arms'and and armaan's lips was just an inch away from hers'and saw his hands on her waist'.she got up with a jerk'"oh God why is he hugging me'and my head is paining too'last night I hope nothing happened"'.she couldn't remember  anything'.she got more scared seeing the lipstick mark on his bare chest'.Armaan got up as he was disturbed by her movements'he looked at her with sleepy eyes and said" what? you want to say anything??...why are you looking at me like that??"'.she asked him with shaky voice "what happened last night?"'."Oh! last was full of fun'I enjoyed every moment'and you were on your mood too'"'he said meaning whatever happened in the disco'but she thought that they had done something that they shouldn't have done''"Armaan what happened yesterday please tell me clearly'." Armaan understood what she was thinking'and to irritate her he said in a serous tone "Riddhima we became two body one soul'.last night whatever happened 'I just loved it'"'."Armaan please don't scare me'I don't believe what you say'.it can never happen'"'."Riddhima see the lipstick mark on my chest'do you think I m lying" he said making his face like a puppy'.."armaan you were in your senses'atleast you could have stopped me '.you all boys are the men are dogs......all wants to take advantage of the girls...and you too are same armaan mallik".............Armaan was hurt by her comment'.he was hurt because riddhima  took him just as like the other men'"Riddhima we have not done anything'.i was just saying that to irritate you but you are taking it too far'.you should be thankful that I have not done anything'if anyone else was here in my place he would have done it with you'"''he became too angry and went outside and said to himself "wait and watch riddhima....see what can do I do now"'..riddima couldn't say anything more but she was angry with armaan as he lied to her'she got up and got ready to go to office'.


        Armaan placed a bucket of water at the entrance of his and riddhima's cabin's door and attached a string below connected to it'..As riddhima entered the cabin and put her leg in that string as she did not see it'the next moment she was drenched '.her whole body was wet now'.Armaan said to himself.."yes'.plan successful'"'.she knew that none other than armaan had done this'but she didn't want to talk to him'As she was going to change her dress armaan said'"Mrs.Riddhima'come in the conference room within 2 mins we have our meeting hope you know that'"'.her face turned more red in anger'she did not get any time to change her dress'she went inside her wet clothes only'As the meeting started they started discussing about their business project'.they took a 10mins break'.Armaan seeing riddhima shivering as the temperature of AC was high'.he said to other other employees that" its too hot today I m increasing the temperature'"'..he did this to make her shiver more'.she was shivering more and more and giving a dirty look to Armaan while he showing his victory sign'.After the meeting ended she went outside'she did not even say a single word to armaan'.she went and changed her dress'.

        In the afternoon it was raining very heavily'there was no cab and Armaan didn't even offer or give her lift'he went back home in his car'she was standing in the bus stop'she got wet again when she came back home'she was now not feeling well so she decided to change and take a small nap'.She saw armaan playing game in his laptop'seeing her he also did not talk '..she lied down after changing her dress'.but after lying down her chestwas paining'but she did not utter a single word'she just closed her eyes'after an hour she started to breathe heavily'as if someone is trying to take away her breath'.seeing riddhima armaan thought she is acting to make him fool'but as he saw that she was sweating and breathing more heavily he got scared '.he put his hands on her head'it was too hot'Armaan eyes started to well up seeing her in this condition'."riddhima 'riddhima'what happened?"'.getting no reply he took her in his arms and said   "Ramu Kaka abhi gari ki chaabi dijiye....riddhima ko bohot tez bukhar hai aur saans lene mein bohot takleef ho rahi hai......."
"Its all my fault.....i shouldn't have played the prank on her"'giving him the keys he put riddhima inside the car'."aur papa kaha hai??"'."beta saab ji to aaj subha Bangalore gaye hai shashank ji ke sath'"'."thik hai'"'.he sat inside the car and drove towards sanjivani' was his uncle's nursing home'as he reached there and put  her on the stretcher'he saw his uncle and said'"shubhankar uncle please see what happened'why is she breathing so heavily'"'his tears was going on flowing now'it was not stopping as he knew the fault is his'."Armaan 'I cant say anything now'you have brought her here at the right time..and this has become more serious as she has asthma '.i would just say that pray for her'"''her state was critical'he couldn't bear seeing her in so much pain'."everything happened because of me..........please riddhima I m sorry....i will never hurt you....i will never play any pranks on you....but please open your eyes......"'he said while standing and seeing her from the glass door'.

   "Mr.mallik we are sorry we couldn't save her"'..his heart stopped beating'"mr.mallik'"


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