Wednesday, 6 February 2019

part 7: Don't step on the Daisies

Armaan looked over at Minnie and Navi as he gentle closed there bed room door as he walked over towards his bedroom door ?he closed his eyes and could see her in Rahool's arms and opened his eyes angrily  "God Dame it!" he lay on his bed and looked at the ceiling?. 'Why was it she always knew where and how to hurt him?' he thought as a lone tear ran down his cheek.  "I am going to see her!" he looked at the clock and it was approaching 10pm she must be back by now he though getting up?

Riddhima lay on her bed and looked at the ceiling "Cheating on your husband!" his voice echoed in her ears and she turned over restlessly was that was she was going?  "No!" she told herself again and again as she closed her eyes ?

"Hey!" hearing a whisper she open her eyes to see him and sat up on the bed shocked?as her heart pounded looking at him grinning cheekily.

"I could not sleep? so I knew you could not either!" she looked at him as he jumped on the bed and turned to look at her.

"Armaan? Please leave me alone!" he looked at her as she laid her head on the pillow and turn over not to face him?.Feeling his arms around her and pull her close to him she closed her eyes.

"We had an agreement remember!" feeling his cheek on hers ?he felt her moist cheek and turned her to face her as she sobbed silently? pulling her close to him he head her.

"I am sorry!" he did not want to hurt her but she left him with no choice?.As he felt her arms take hold of her he sob loudly.

"Riddhima?!" unsure why she was crying so much he kissed her on the forehead.

"Rahool tried to kiss me!" hearing her whisper he closed him eyes feeling the pain in his chest ? she looked up at him with his eyes closed.

"It's ok Riddhima!" she looked at him as he opened his eyes and looked down on her.

"I think you seriously need to make up your mind who you want?" she felt his arms let go of her as he slow shifted his weight on the bed.

"I uh?" feeling his lips on her she felt his arms around her again and this time the kiss was so hard and passionate ?as she felt his tongue inside her mouth she opened her eyes as he released her and looked at her?.Seeing the look in her eyes he just held her in his arms..

"Go to sleep Riddhima its?been a long day!" feeling the warmth of his body and a fizz warm feeling tingling her entire body she closed her eyes in his arms.. He looked at her asleep and knew that he was goin to make this decision for him? She loved him and need him? Rahool was someone she was honouring and using as an excuse but now enough was enough?.


Riddhima looked over at him as he stood dressed in white as he laugh with Atul and Shub?.All day she though about what he said and in the morning when she woke up he was gone but she found the daisies on the bed next to her? as she walked into the garden grounds where the Holi celebration where taking place she felt a hand take hold of her as she smiled closing her eyes she knew it was him? as she turned around. "Rahool?" seeing his smiling face she felt a slight pain in her chest of disappointment.

"Happy Holi!" as she felt his hand gentle place the colour on her cheek she smiled looking at him?Suddenly she was surrounded by everyone as she coloured her cheek as she did there? Armaan looked over at the staff surrounding her and colouring her cheek.

"Ok Spill!" he looked over Sapna as she stood next to him.

"For a week now I have seen you stealing glances at her and leaving the house in the mornings?" Armaan looked over at her and grin..

"You will find out later today? and don't give me that look!" she looked at him staring back at her.

"I hope you know what you doing!" she looked over at him and he was so secretive now days and she did not want to see him hurt.

"Momma? Papa?" Riddhima looked over at her parents surprised as they embraced her.

"How did you? And not tell me?" She had missed them all day and to see them here she was surprised.

"We came this morning but Atul and Armaan wanted us to surprise you and Anjali!"

"OYE! Remember me!" As Riddhima looked over at Muskhan she embraced her and giggled.

"I have so much to tell you and?" Riddhima took hold of her hand and dragged her away from everyone.

"I bet as when I saw Armaan jiju at the airport early this morning I nearly had an heart attack and ?we stay here in his house!? Omg he is so cute and !" Riddhima looked over at her and knew there was no stopping Muskhan when she went off but felt a pair of eyes upon her and smiled.

"What is she doing here?" Mukhan looked over Rahool and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Jiju asked me here!" Riddhima looked at her and pulled back her hand.

"Atul?? I guess he the only one who likes you!" They looked at him chuckling and Riddhima hated that about him as he always was mean to Muskhan?but he justified himself saying she spends more time with her and is jealous.

"Muskhan!" they looked over at Armaan as he gentle placed his arm on her shoulder and she looked over at Ridhima grining.

"I have a surprise for you!?I have spoken to some of the senior doctors here you can transfer here to Mumbai like Riddhima!"

"OMG JI.." feeling Riddhima look at her oldly as she shut her mouth and he looked over at her and chuckled.

"Thank you so much Armaan!" feeling her arms grab hold of him he chuckled looking over at Riddhima and Muskhan as he released her.

"Omg the dhool player is here!" as Riddhima felt Muskhan drag her over towards them as they played? Armaan looked over at everyone dancing and went inside the house to assist with the food to be served?..

"I like him and he cute and handsome?I told you before right!" Riddhima nodded her head as they both danced?.

"What's the matter?" Muskhan knew her so well and she shook her head

"He has not spoken to me once and not wished me!" Muskhan looked at her shocked.

"Oh will you are mean to him?I don't blame him!" Riddhima looked at her surprised her best friend was no longer there and she sided with him??Feeling someone take hold of her she turned to see Rahool looking at her oddly.

"Riddhima dance with me!" she looked over at Muskhan and then at him.

"The bhang!" Muskhan shouted over the dhol

As Rahool held up her hands dancing she looked over at everyone staring at her?Sapna moved forward and took hold of Anjali and let her towards the dance floor? "Rahool!" they turned to see Anjali smiling at him.

"I need Riddhima!" feeling him release her she looked over at Anjali taking hold of her hand and lead her away.

"Come on lets eat? Kirti and Armaan are serving and Shub and Atul are up to there normal tricks!"

She looked over at Armaan he looked so busy and Minnie and Navi wanted his attention and led him away? everyone looked on the dance floor as he danced with them ? He looked so cute and dancing with the children and she looked over Anjali and the others looking at him.

"Kirti you so lucky!" Anjali looked over at her grinning.

"Armaan ?loves them both a lot and poor guys done all the chores today.. Shub is having fun!" Kirti giggled looking over at Shub and Atul over with all the men at the other end of the garden.

"Hey no ones coloured Armaan yet!" Riddhima looked over at Sapna as they all agreed..

"No! look!" they watched Minnie and Navi throwing colour at him as they played.

"Bhabhi!" they all looked at him covered in colour chuckling at them

"I get the soft drinks from inside?"

"Wait Armaan? Sapna can you get the glasses please!" Sapna looked over at Armaan how hinted at her as he gestured with his eyes over at Riddhima.

"Riddhima can you go! I have an important call to make!" Sapna looked over at her and hinted Amit and Riddhima nodded her head getting up?

She looked at him silently as he lead her into the kitchen? feeling him take hold of her she closed her eyes feeling his hands on her waist.

"You not going to wish me?" he looked upset and she shook her head at him.

"OK! Fine!" feeling him release her she looked over at him confused as he walked out with the tray of soft drinks?

As she placed the tray of glasses on the table he looked over at her looking upset and smiled? 'hmm lets see hope u like being ignored today!' he thought?

Feeling Rahool's hand on her arm she turned to look over at Armaan as he did not see her and looked over at Muskhan?  Armaan noticed how Rahool was pulling Riddhima on the dance floor to dance with him as the rage built up inside him he took a hand full of Sindoor and march over to the dance floor.

"Riddhima! I have been every busy? Happy Holi!" she looked up at Armaan in desperation as he stepped between Rahool and her? the Dhol stopped and he looked over at the dhol players as they banged the dhols loudly as everyone turned to see him?. He looked at her as he placed the sindoor in her mang? seeing the tears in her eyes he nodded his head gentle at her?

"OYE ARMAAN!" as Rahool looked at him angrily as he stepped closer to him.

"Riddhima? Wash it out now!" Riddhima looked over at everyone staring at them as Armaan took hold of her hand.

"Rahool? She is my WIFE! And Has been for three and half months! It is traditional for the husband to place the sindoor in his wife mang!"  Rahool looked over at Ridhima and her parents step closer to them.

"Riddhima Beta is this true!"  Riddhima looked over at parents??..



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