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Part 70 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"I was looking for someone that can improve my life, but then I met you and found my life in you which were already perfect"

"Princess... Aapko pata hai... Jab mai bahot chota tha.. Mai ek bahoot bade... Box mein band ho gaya tha... Vo bhi two hours k liye... Jahan papa stuck ho gayye the..." to take her attention he diverted her mind carefully which worked also coz she is staring him concentrately while taking a morsel he forwarded towards her mouth who slowly took that inside making him smile
"Toh... Pphir... Aap Ock(Lock) ho gaye... The...??" she asked innocently who gulped her food
"Haan... Mai bahoot ro raha tha andar... Aur phir so gaya... Lekin kuch der baad..." he said in fake sad tone giving her another spoonfull morsel which she took easily "Mujhe ek... Sound sunaayi diya..." his voice was fake serious one while she is listening him attentively
"Kya??" she asked in full serious tone after taking a sip from water
"Mujhe... Kisiki... Rone ki awaaz aayi jisse mai bahoot dar gaya tha..." hearing his voice she became curious

"Phir... Aapne... Mumma ko bulaaya...??" as she asked this innocently he burst out wd a chuckle
"Nai... Uswaqt mumma mere saath nai thi... Kyunki mai bahoot chota tha naa... Mai apni mumma k saath tha... Yaani aapki daadi..." he explained calmly giving her another morsel
"Oooh... Dadi..." she smiled making him to gave a nod in Yes
"Haan... Par jiswaqt mai fasa tha... Vo vahan nai thi... Par jo rone ki awaaz thi vo aur zyada badh gayi thi..." he said smilingly making her more curious
"Kon tha vo??" she questioned curiously making him smile
"Tha nai thi... Ek cute si choti si... Billi ki aawaz thi... Jo mere saath band thi" in loving voice he pinched her little nose smilingly who giggled
"Vo cat thi...??" she asked excitedly making him to nod in Yes wd a smile
"Haan... Phir maine usse uthaaya vo zor se chillaayi aur apne vo khatarnak nails mere face pe maar diye... Aur mere face pe scratches aa gaye... Fir thodi der baad dad mom ne mujhe box se bahar nikala toh dekha ek billi jump karke bahar nikal gayi aur... Papa k cute se face pe bahoot se scratches the..." by the time he finished his fake story she had finished her food but seeing his fake pity look she laughed loudly which made him watch her adorable face smilingly "Lo aapka dinner bhi khatam ho gaya... Bas yeh paani bacha hai vo peelo..." saying this he made her drank the water who took a sigh as she emptied the glass "Ab aapka toh ho gaya... Par papa akele kaise dinner karenge..." he said knowingly while serving himself
"Mai... Ek... Ssstto... Tory... Sunaaun...??" as she asked in excited tone he grinned
"Of course.. Yeh koi puchne waali baat hai..." taking a morsel inside his mouth he said calmly which made her happy
"Okay... Ek... Frosrest mein..." she started excitedly
"You mean... Forest..." he corrected in calm tone
"Haan..." she nodded in Yes
"Aage..." he prompted while eating his food
"Toh... Vahan... Naa... Ek rabbbit... Tha aur ek... Ttur... Tur tha..." hearing her wrong pronunciation he chuckled
"Tur Tur nai... Turtle..." he corrected again smilingly
"Haa... Turtle... Toh vo logo ne... Ek comp...pppee..ttiii...sion. Rakhha... Ki jo... Sabse... Fast... Ddaurega... Aur first aayga... Vo jeet jaaayga..." in her kiddish tone she started her Rabbit v/s Turtle story excitedly while he was listening her interestingly (As if never heard before) still having his dinner which ended after her story got over "Toh... Turtle jeet gaya..." hearing her tired tone he smiled who guessed she is feeling sleepy
"Wow...!!" he clapped smilingly making her smile too while as they finished their dinner Steve took away the plates "Aap toh... Bahoot achi story sunaate ho..." stooding up he picked her up in his arms while seeing them Breezer looked up at him who started walking towards the room So letting it go Breezer again laid beside Shao pao & Toy still in sleepy mood
"Haan... Mumma ne... Sunaaya tha..." encircling her hands around his neck she replied slowly making him smile who kissed her cheek lovingly
"Acha... Aur konsi konsi story... Aati hai meri Princess ko...??" he asked smilingly as they both entered in room
"Bahoot saaari..." opening her arms she replied making him chuckled who dropped her in washroom for Brushing her teeth which she did wdin ten minutes and at that time he was still trying to call Shilpa which was unreachable making him worried for her when "Ho gaya..." she raised her hands up
"Good Princess..." he smiled picking her up who kept her head on his shoulder tiredly "Kya huaa... Princess ko...??" he asked caressing her hairs lovingly
"Ninnu... Aa rahi hai..." hearing her cute tone he smiled while taking her out from the washroom
"Ohh... Yeh baat hai..." making a cute face he said "Par abhi toh aap mujhe story sunna rahe the... Phir suddenly neend kaise aa rahi hai" dropping her on bed he asked in loving tone
"Haa... Mujhe... Ek aur... Aati hai... Sunaaun...??" in her kiddish tone she asked sitting comfortably on bed while he sat in front of her
"Nai... Aaj nai.. Kyunki aaj aap thak bhi gaye ho... Aur kal aapko school bhi jaana hai... Isiliye aapko abhi sona chahiye" making her laye on bed he put the comforter on her who gave a half smile coz her eyes were getting heavy "Toh abhi meri... Princess ko sona chahiyee..." caressing her hairs lovingly he said in calm voice coz his heart was still worried for his Wife
"Aap bhi... Aao..." holding his wrist firmly she pulled him who wd a smile layed down beside her making her to move closer to him more
"Mai toh humesha Princess k saath hoon..." taking her in a hug he said smilingly
"Mummaa... Bhi bolti thi... Par mumma nai hai..." he can notice how much she is missing Shilpa right now
"Mumma toh kal aaygi naa... Surbhi maasi k saath... Phir hum teeno saath mein rahenge... Forever" kissing her head softly he said in loving tone
"Toh mumma kal... Aaygi..." looking up at him she asked innocently
"Haan..." he replied wd a smile tucking her hairs aside who hugged him wd wide smile "Good night Princess..." he wished after kissing her head lovingly when she sat up making him frown "Kya huaa??" he asked frowningly staring at her who wdout saying anything kissed his cheek
"Good... Nnnaa... Ight... Papa..." saying this cutely she laid back on her place making him amused by her gesture
"Oyyeee hoyyee... Meri Princess..." taking her in a bear hug he said in loving tone making her giggle
"Ssttoorrryyy... Sunaao..." she insisted still in drowsy mode
"Acha thik hai... But promise me... Ki aap iske baad so jaaogi..." he asked in normal tone while keeping her head properly on pillow
"Okay..." she nodded in Yes and hugged him tightly who smiled
"Toh... Fir sunno.. Ek bahoot bade jungle mein ek choti si cute si family rehti thi... Bears ki... Jo bahoot khush the ek dusre k saath..." he started in calm tone caressing her hairs who was listening wd her eyes partly closed "Par... Ek... Din vo jab ghumne... Gayye the..." he continued in his sleepy tone, Yes he is tired right now coz since morning he is managing Hospital & House work together which had made him tired, but he didn't realised that whom he is telling the story is already went in peaceful slumber still hugging him who also was getting drowsy "Tab... Tab vahan..." but before he could complete the story his eyes dropped down taking him Into a peaceful sleep, Today he spent the beautiful times wd Ohaana which he will always cherish it which was only possible coz of Shilpa who knowingly left them alone so that they both come closer to each other which worked also today

One hour later
Ke tere bina jeena
Mumkin nahi
Na dena kabhi
Mujhko tu faasle...
"Allah miyan.. Itni tez baarish ho rahi hai Shilpa... Ab hum kal ghar kaise jaayenge...??" a tensed Surbhi looked outside the cottage's window where the rain was falling uncontrollably
"Haan... Aur dekho naa... Phone mein bhi network nehi aa raha hai..." she cursed her phone which she threw on bed angrily
"Haan.. Ghar pe sab try kar rahe honge..." getting worried Surbhi sat on one of a chair
"I hope Ayaan thik ho... Us shop k andar aur jab tak baarish ruk nehi jaati wahi ruka rahe" sitting near the window's chair she said in worried tone
"I hope usse vahan Network mil jaaye aur vo... Jeeju Aapi Phuphi Mr Khan Rehaan sabko bata de ki hum safe hain..." Surbhi looked at her who gave a nod in Yes slowly
"Par yeh sab karne k liye... Uska safe hona zyada zaroori hai..." she said keeping her head on her hand she said
"Haan... I think usse nehi jaana chahiye tha..." Surbhi said wd worried look on which she gave a nod staring at the heavy rain outside the window, Actually the thing is they are stuck in a cottage coz of heavy rain outside, they rent a cottage which was not far away from Surbhi's Uncle & Aunt's house they have decided they will go in morning, Ayaan's room was beside their room while Ayaan went out in search for network near a shop
"Pata nehi Armaan aur Ohnu kaise honge... I am sure ab tak toh so gayye honge... I know agar Armaan ko pata chala ki itna tez tufaan hai yahaan pe... Bahoot pareshaan honge vo..." she thought thinking about Armaan's reaction "Aur agar jaag rahen honge then i am sure... Ab tak toh call kar kar k... Khud ko pareshaan kar liya hoga..." she smiled at her heart's words imagining him breaking the phone when something from flashback came back inside her head when Ohaana was nine months old and at that time Shilpa went to stay in her parents's house

Malhotra Mansion
2:30 AM
"Umm... Itni raatko kaun hoga..." a sleepy Shilpa moved her hand under the pillow where her phone was constantly vibrating disturbing her and Ohaana who is sleeping beside her but coz of the vibration she stirr "Offo!! Hello..." in an irritating voice she answered the call
"Shilpa... Zyada zor se mat chillao... Ohnu uth jaaygi..." in a low voice he scolded her standing near the window
"Armaan..." hearing Armaan's sudden call at night she became shocked who immediately sat up on bed
"Shilpa bola na... Chillaao mat..." he scolded angrily to which she rubbed her eyes and took a sigh
"Itni raat ko kyun call kiya aapne... Sab thik toh hai...?" she asked in tired tone looking at the watch
"Haan... Sab thik hai... Bas vo itni tez bahar baarish ho rahi hai ki... Mujhe tum dono ki fikar ho rahi thi... Jiski wajah se mujhe neend bhi nehi aa rahi hai..." he complained like a kid while sitting on couch where as hearing this she held her head
"Armaan.. Aapka matlab hai... Aapko neend nehi aa rahi toh... Aap mujhe disturb karenge" she asked in disbelief
"Shilpa... Itni tez baarish ho rahi hai... Mujhe tum dono ki fikar ho rahi thi isliye call kiya" he defended himself
"Haan... Zaroor... Hum dono toh bahar football khelne jaayenge naa baarish mein" in a sarcastic tone she said which made him to hide his smile hearing her voice
"Oh... Hello.. Maine tumhaare liye nehi apni beti k liye call kiya tha... Socha safe bhi hogi ki nehi" laying on couch straight he told
"Kyun yahan... Kya sab attack karne baithe hain aapki beti pe...??" she asked sarcastically which made him chuckle
"Kya bharosa sasurji ka..." hearing this her mouth fell
"Armaan..." she took his name angrily
"Okay sorry... Sach bolun toh mujhe... Neend nehi aa rahi thi tum dono k bina... You know i am missing you already" he said in soft tone making her smile who kept her head on her hand
"Armaan... Sirf ek hi hafta toh huaa hai hume yahaan aaye... Aur aap abhi se hi miss kar rahe hain..." she asked wd a smile while laying back again
"Sirf ek hafta... Shilpa are you serious... Mere liye impossible hai tumhaare bina rehna akele..." she smiled hearing this and turned her position at Ohnu who is sleeping peacefully "Aur haan.. Please baarish mein mat jaana varna meri beti ko kaun smbhaalega..." he said in warning tone making her smile
"Pehle toh nehi jaane waali thi... Par ab toh jaaungi... Vo bhi Ohnu k saath" making an fake serious voice she told while playing wd Ohnu's little hand
"Agar meri beti ko kuch huaa naa Shilpa... Then i'll swear tum zindagi bhar apne ghar nehi jaa paaogi..." as he warned she giggled laying straight
"Kyun... Aisa kya karenge aap...??" she asked wd a smile
"Simple... Tumhe aur Ohnu ko lekar Foreign shift ho jaaunga... Aur tumhaara passport apne pass rakhunga... So that tum kahin bhaag naa paao..." hearing his words she giggled
"Bahoot dur ki planning soch rakkhi hai aapne... Par aisa bhi toh ho sakta hai... Mai ghar wapas aaun hi naa..." she teased
"Agar agle do din mein tum wapas nehi aayi naa... Toh mai khud aajaaunga... Tumhe lene chahe kissiko pata ho yaa naa ho..." he said wd full confidence in his voice
"Offo! Armaan... Aap bhi na serious ho jaate hain... Aur..." but before she could scold him Ohnu got disturb by her voice and started crying "Oh no..." she got worried patting her back where as Armaan sat up worriedly
"Shilpa kya huaa usse...??" he asked in worried tone "Mai aaun kya??" he said instantly
"Armaan do minute shaant ho jaaiye..." saying this she patted Ohnu's back who was still crying "Dono baap beti milkar mujhe tang kar rahen hain..." she mumble under her breath coz from one hand she patting Ohaana and from second she is handling the phone "Aree mera babu... Chup ho jaao..." cuddling her she patted her back who now stopped crying feeling her mother's warm hug and in minutes she went into sleep again "Thank god so gayi..." she took a sigh where as from other side he was waiting patiently "Haan... Ab aap boliye...??" laying again she asked in calm tone
"Shilpa kya huaa hai usse... Vo thik toh hai...??" hearing Armaan's desperate tone she giggled
"Haan vo thik hai bas... Disturb ho gayi thi..." she replied smilingly which made him relieved who layed again on couch
"Tab thik hai... Varna mai toh soch raha tha main aaun vahan..." he said in calm tone which made her smile
"Of course... Aap hamesha sudden entry jo lete hain mere ghar mein... Sabko shock dekar" she said smilingly remembering the times when he directly came her house
"Really...!!" in an amused tone he asked which made her to think
"Aree pagal Armaan ko thodi yaad hoga... Ki kaise vo do baar tere ghar mein bina bataaye aaye the" she thought while smacking her head lightly "Haan... Vo sab chodiye... Aap apna bataiye" she changed the topic which made him chuckle knowing she changed the topic thinking he didn't remember about that scenes "Kya huaa??" she frowned hearing his chuckle
"I love you..." as he said this a smile curved into her face who closed her eyes smilingly "Acha suno ab mujhe neend aa rahi hai... Toh good night" hearing this her mouth opened in O shape
"Achaji... Meri neende uda k... Aapko neend aa rahi hai... Ab toh bilkul nehi soyenge aap" she almost order him who smiled looking out of the window
"Kyun kissika Chain aur Sukoon... Chin rahi ho" he taunted
"Aur yeh bol kaun raha hai..." she retorted which made them land into a banter and just like this their night passed wd their cute love filled banter
Flashback ends
"Uswaqt bhi aapko sab yaad hoga naa Armaan..." she thought deeply recalling His chuckle at that time when a knock came on their door breaking her thoughts
"Mai dekhti hoon..." Surbhi stood up to open the door as she saw Shilpa stooding "Yes..." she smiled as she saw waiter
"Mam aap dono ki coffee..." he forwarded the trey where two coffee mugs were kept
"Thank you...!" she smiled cheerfully taking the coffee from the waiter who smiled and went from there "Dekhaa coffee bhi aa gayi... Aur ab tak baarish band nehi hui..." she said in disbelief which made Shilpa giggle who took the coffee mug from her while Surbhi sat on bed taking the coffee
"Exactly... Pata nehi kab band hogi yeh stupid baarish..." she smiled smelling the hot coffee
"Acha... Chalo ek game khelte hain... Tum mujhe apne kuch khaas special baarish moments batao... Aur mai tumhe bataungi" hearing Surbhi's excited tone Shilpa giggled
"Okay... First you..." Shilpa agreed pointing at her who giggled
"Okayy... Tumhe pata hai... Maine jab Rehaan ko propose kiya tha... Vo yehi romantic weather tha..." she informed excitedly "Now you..." she pointed
"Hmmm..." taking a sigh she started thinking and as her mind started remembering a smile curved onto her face
"Ooo..." Surbhi teased seeing her lost smile who looked at her smilingly
"You know... Shayad meri zindagi mein is mausam ki khasiyat tab huyi jis din Armaan aaye meri zindagi mein..." in a lost smile she started which took Surbhi's interest more "Jis din Armaan meri zindagi mein aaye tha na... Vo yehi mausam tha..." looking at the window she said
"I know Bracelet waali raat..." Surbhi giggled
"Haan... You know kabhi nehi socha tha... Ki jiske sar pe maarungi ussi k saath puri zindagi rahungi" as she said this Surbhi laughed "Aur uske baad humaari zindagi ka har ek khaas pal... Issi baarish se judi thi..." she said wd satisfying smile making Surbhi curious
"Like..." Surbhi asked curiously making her smile
"Like... Hum pehli baar mile the is mausam mein... Humari engagement baarish k din huyi thi... Humaara..." she stopped as she was about to blurt out 'Their first Kiss'
"Humaara kya??" Surbhi asked excitedly on which she got flushed
"Vo... Humaara har pal... Baarish se hi juda tha bas..." she denied looking away from her eho giggle catching her word
"Ooo... Mai samajhti hoon..." Surbhi said teasingly to which shaking her head she looked at the window recalling those special rain moments

Main tujhko kitna
Chahati hoon
Ye tu kabhi
Soch na sake...
Their first meet...
"Aaaw...!!" a voice whined in pain to which she turned and looked at the person who had held his head painfully
"Sorry...sorry" she apologised guilt fully "Sorry...sorry...sorry " she again repeated in nervously
"It's ok" he spoke in pained voice he cannot see her because of his head problem but he can only see the green eyes of her "No no it's ok I am fine" he spoke while shaking his head in pain
Their Engagement...
"Maan na maan Armaan... Ladki me kuch toh problem hai... Varna iska dhyaan kahin aur kyun lag rahi hai mujhe..." he thought staring her when she made the ring to reach his finger but Armaan thought to test her so as she did that he slightly folded his ring finger knowingly which made her to lift her eye lids up on his face questioningly... They both were staring at each other trying to figure out something For Armaan he only wanted to know Is she happy or not wd this engagement?? Where as Shilpa didn't knew why she is staring at him but yes seeing him she was rewinding their previous meetings also she is nervous coz of his gaze when Riddhima nudged Shilpa from behind making her to look down immediately on which Armaan smiled lightly and then pressing his lips he moved his ring finger in front of her hand who quietly slipped the ring inside his finger Caging him forever while everyone clapped for them loudly for this Adorable couple who were definitely not looking like a engaged couple... Inside the engagement ceremony was going but outside the rain was falling heavily...
Their First Date...
"Mere saath Basket Ball khelogi.. Bracelet??" he asked while bringing the Basket Boll in front of her who looked at him amusedly
"Mujhe Basket Boll khelna nai aata..." she replied softly staring the boll
"Toh kya huaa... Mai sikha dunga..." he said coolly when thunder made them look up at the sky "Lets start..." he said smilingly which made her giggle... Then in his way he started teaching her, How to drift the boll slowly and the rain started pouring on them while they played in rain enjoying the movement and at the end of the game she won who jumped excitedly making him chuckled
Their First Kiss...
"Bracelet... Can I KISS u.." he asked softly while starring her who closed her eyes in response when he slide down his hand on her sensuously making her to go red wd shiver and when he didn't got any response from her he thought to step back, and that was when she gripped his shirt tightly pulling him closer which made him smile
Their First Night
"Actually..." he started slowly but nervously "Vo mujhe laga tum... Mujhe.." he fumbled to which she stared him bemusedly coz The Great Armaan Malik being nervous is a new thing for her "Mujhe..." he looked at her who raised her eye brows "Mujhe laga tum mujhe thappad maarogi tumhare itne karib dekhe jaise b'day pe maara tha..." he completed while closing his eyes making her stared at him unbelievably "I know tumhe believe nai hoga... But mujhe laga tum baad me regret karogi... Kyun ki kal he tumne kaha tha ki tumhe..." but before he could complete his sentence she burst out laughingly making him looked at her wd frown... Of course this leaded them into their first night...
Their Lonavala rain moment...
"Bracelet... Chalo... bheeg jaogi" he said in warning tone seeing her twirling in rain enjoying the weather while her yellow skirt was clinging to her skin
"Nai mujhe bheegna hai" she said cheerfully taking the drops in her palms
"Lo... Abi khud keh rahi thi bheegna nai hai aur ab khud bheeg rahi hai" he shook his head and grabbed her wrist "Dekho bemaar pad jaogi..." he said softly which made her hugged him tightly
"Sshhh Armaan thodi daer aur... Please" she requested softly hugging him who smiled while hugging her back... That day she got to know from Armaan that he had forgot his six months memory...
After her miscarriage their re-union...
"Acha Bracelet... Aasmaan dark huaa hai... I think baarish hogi... Chalo andar" he said worriedly making her nod in NO "Bracelet... Chalo" this time his voice became strict making her pout
"Fine..." she agreed wd a pout when a rain drop fell on her cheek which made her to open her eyes "Armaan baarish hone wali hai" she sat up shockingly
"Main kabse kya Urdu mein keh raha tha" he spoke sarcastically sitting beside her when the rain got heavy and started pouring its drops on them "Bracelet... Chalo varna abhi beemaar padogi..." he said worriedly while rubbing his face to remove the wetness of rain but what made him shocked she was taking the drops in her palms wd a giggle "Bracelet... Marunga main chalo" he pulled her hands down who pouted and got up wd her hands in his... Their re-union...
After his accident their first kiss...
"Shilpa..." he called calmly to which she turned at him wd blank look "Tumhaara dimag kharab hai... Itni tez baarish mein... Tum bheeg rahi thi... Bimaar pad jaati to... Jaanti ho na ye bin mausam barsaat hai... Lekin nai... Tumhe to bheegna hai... Its not some movie... Agar kuch hojata to... Mera..." he was scolding her wdout thinking but stopped when he found her eyes wet which made his heartbeat skipped... And of course it resulted in their passionate Kiss...
Their Passionate Night...
"Armaan plzz mera haath chodiye..." she almost pleaded still trying to free her hands
"Haath chodne k liye nai pakda hai..." he directly said looking at her intently making her stared him quietly "Tumne jo kuch bhi kaha mujhe farq nai pada... Kyun ki main janta hun main vaisa hun hi nai... Jo chodne k liye tumhe accept kare... " he whispered softly "I don't know tumhare dimag mein ye stupid si baate kaha se aati hai... But tumhare clarification k liye bata dun... Agar mujhe tumhe use karke chodna hi hota na... To tum aaj iswaqt yahan nai hoti..." he said slowly leaving her hands and stepped back making her more guilty "I know mujh par trust karna mushkil hai... Specially Kiya k scene k baad... But tell me... Kya tum usse pehle mujhpe trust nai karti thi...??" he asked calmly making her to stared down on floor "Kya tumhe sachmein lagta hai ki main kuch aisa karunga...??" his voice became upset one making her more guilty "Agar mujhe ye sab karna hota na Shilpa... To vo main hamari shaadi ki first night ko hi kar deta..." jerking her towards him he said wd anger in his voice which made her to stare his face "Agar mujhe tumhe chodna hota to vo to main... Bhopal jaane se pehle hi kar deta..." he pushed her shoulder and stepped back... His desperation took them into another level of passion which she can never forget... That day also the rain was falling outside...
Another best moment...
"Ooffo! Yeh ek baar mein hi unlock kyun nai ho jaata..." she cursed annoyingly "Ab to haath b dukh raha hai..." she whined trying to opened that and seeing her struggling he shook his head, his feet automatically moved towards her
"Main karta hun..." his sudden slow voice from her back made her eyes big while her hear started beating fast... Keeping his hand on hers he removed her hands from there slowly making her nervous while putting his hands properly on her shoulder he started unlocking that chain making her crossed her fingers nervously and when it didn't opened he bend his head to unlock it but as his hot breath touched her skin she closed her eyes feeling him she was controlling herself not to fall... But as his nose tip touched her nape her knees got weak Armaan sensed that sudden effect of his on her which made him contented So unlocking the chain he moved his head up but couldn't ignore her fragrance "Ho gaya..." as he said slowly she opened her eyes and composed herself... It was their moment where they both tried to understand each other...
Flashback ends
"Meri Zindagi ke har ek khubsoorat pal mein yeh mausam tha... Is mausam ne mujhe aap diya hai Armaan har baar..." her heart said to her who was staring the rain wd dreamy smile on her face where Surbhi is sleeping now coz thirteen minutes has passed and she was still thinking about Armaan "I am missing you Armaan... Itna ki main yeh bhi bhulne k liye ready hoon ki aapne mujhe dhoke mein rakkha..." she thought keeping her chin on her hand "Pyaar mein andhi mat ban Shilpa... Kaise bhool gayi tu uska jhoot" her mind scolded her who shook her head "Iswaqt mai negative sochne k mood mein nehi hoon... Mujhe bas is mausam ko feel karna hai" she thought wd a smile "Hmmm... Pata nehi dono kya kar rahe honge... Mujhe toh neend bhi nehi aa rahi hai..." making a face she kept her head on chair post trying to catch some sleep which was far away from her eyes

Back to Bhopal
After two hours
Tere liye duniya
Chod di hai
Tujhpe hi
Saans aake rukhe...
"Umm..." he made an face as he heard some loud noise outside... Actually after three hours of peaceful slumber his sleep broke by the thunders of loud clouds which made him woke up "Itni tez baarish..." rubbing his eyes tiredly he moved down from bed carefully trying not to disturb Ohnu "Gosh...!! Aisa lag raha hai tufaan aanewaala hai..." looking outside from window he mumble under his breath worriedly coz seeing the thunders & this heavy rainfall his heart got more worried for Shilpa "I hope vo thik ho..." he prayed in his heart closing the window then moving out he checked all the windows & doors that it were closed or not but Steve had already done that work so no tension of that and making a hot coffee for himself he came back in room where he sat on couch thinking about Shilpa "Phone nai utha rahi hai yeh mai samajh raha hoon... Kyunki Yeh aadat uski puraani hai... Par iswaqt vo ache se jaanti hai ki Ohaana mere saath hai aur dar rahi hogi uske bina... Tab kyun phone nai pick kar rahi hai..." he thought worriedly watching the coffee calmly "Ek baar aur try karta hoon..." keeping the mug aside he picked his cell phone and tried again but it was still unreachable so he tried on Surbhi's number which also came unreachable "Damm!!" stooding up he got angry "Ab kya karoon...??" his voice turned in upset tone who thought to try on Ayaan's number which luckily was ringing "Haan... Hello... Ayaan..." he instantly said as the call got accepted
"Jii.. Bhaijaan boliye..." Ayaan asked in sleepy tone but he wasn't sleeping while Armaan walked inside Ohaana's room so that his voice could not disturb Ohnu
"Kya bolun mai... Kitni der se mai Shilpa ka phone try kar raha hoon Surbhi ko kar raha hoon par kisine phone nai pick kiya... Jaante bhi ho kitna pareshaan tha mai... Ek toh yeh ajeeb sa weather aur uper se tum logo ka koi ata pata nai..." he fired his all questions in a go angrily which made Ayaan almost scared
"Bhaijaan... Shaant ho jaaiye... Vo kya haina... Yaha pe tez tufaan ki wajah se saare roads jam ho gayye hain... Aur hum jis jagah ruke hain... Vaha network nai hai..." hearing this his anger slowed down "Bhabhi shaamko hi phone kar rahi thi... Par network ki wajah se nai ho paaya even Surbhi aur mera bhi yehi haal tha... Fir mai cottage se thoda dur ek mini dhaabe mein aaya jahan network chal raha hai..." he said carefully
"Par tum log kisi cottage mein kyun rauke ho... I mean Surbhi k ghar ka kya huaa??" he asked confusedly
"Bhaijaan... Surbhi k ghar hum kal subhe jaayenge... Jo yahan se ek ghante ki duri pe hai..." Ayaan's reply made him to sat on dressing chair
"Par tum logo ne.. Cottage kyun liya... Koi hotel nai mila...??" this time he asked in calm tone rubbing his temple
"Nai bhaijaan... Hume iswaqt yehi mila yahan... Jahan aur bhi log tehre hai... Bhabhi aur Surbhi ek room mein hai... Aur mai ek alag room mein..." Ayaan replied in tired tone sitting one of a arm chair
"Toh... Tum bahar hi kyun aaye cottage se...?? Itni baarish mein tumhe bhi cottage mein hona chahiye tha..." Stooding up he said in serious tone making Ayaan smile
"Don't worry bhaijaan... Cottage bas paanch minute ki duri pe hai... Aur hum toh yahan network ki talaash mein aaye the... Jo mil bhi gaya..." Ayaan replied in chilled out tone
"Hmm... Acha vo dono kya kar rahi hain.. Iswaqt??" moving out from room he asked in calm tone
"Jab mai nikal raha tha toh bhabhi ko bataane gaya tha... Uswaqt vo jaag rahi thi... Aur Surbhi shayad ab tak toh so gayi hogi... Kyunki usse neend toh aa rahi thi..." as Ayaan said this his heart craved to see her
"Shilpa jaag rahi thi...??" his voice turned soft which made Ayaan smiled
"Haan... Shayad unko... Ohaana ki fikar ho rahi thi... Jaise iswaqt aapko unki ho rahi hai..." Ayaan teased
"Tum ab seedhe... Wapas cottage mein jao aur so jaana direct... Fir kal subhe mujhe yaad se phone karna... Aur Shilpa ko bhi bol dena... Bas" changing the topic he almost ordered which made Ayaan chuckled
"Jo huzoor mere aaka..." Ayaan said in his usual way making him smiled
"Bakwaas baad mein karna jao so jaao... Good night" hearing his ordering tone Ayaan giggled
"Ji bhaijaan... Good night" saying this smilingly he hung up the phone while Armaan entered in their room
"Hmm.." taking a sigh he sat on bed "Pata nai thik bhi hogi ki nai... Bas teeno safe wapas aa jaayen..." laying beside Ohnu he glanced up to the ceiling "Aane do iski khabar leta hoon... Zaroorat kya thi aise jaane ki... Bewkoof!" he cursed her mentally "Neend hi nai aa rahi hai... Iske bina... I am missing you Shilpa" he thought worriedly "Come on Armaan... pehli baar thodi vo tujhse dur hai... Toh itna kya tu usse miss kar raha hai..." his mind scolded him who kept his hands under his head "Par pata nai kyun... Aaj ajeeb sa dar lag raha hai... As if Shilpa pehli baar akele gayi ho kahin..." his heart said anxiously "Soch tujhe yeh ek din mein lag raha hai... Shilpa toh tere bina do saal rahi hai... Uska kya..." his mind's words left him to think about Shilpa and imagining himself on her place made to feel insecure & alone wdout her especially handling Ohaana which seems a very hard task and also it made him to think about her feelings which she spent wdout him, now he understood her every emotions more "I know... Bahot difficult hoga tumhaare liye sab kuch akele manage karna... Kyunki ab mai samajh raha hoon tumhaari har ek problem... I so wanna hug you Shilpa..." he thought wd closed eyes when he felt Ohaana's one hand on his stomach which made him to turn his position at her who snuggled more closer to him, caressing her hairs lovingly he plant a soft kiss on her head "Mai jaanta hoon tum soyi nehi hogi... Tumhe fikar ho rahi hogi Ohnu ki... Jis tarah mujhe tumhaari ho rahi hai... Godd! Kab khatam hogi yeh raat" still thinking about her his eyes closed down and when he went into deep slumber he didn't realised Where as in Lucknow sleep was miles away from Shilpa's eyes which were only fixed on this heavy rain, she was sitting on a chair near the window which was closed but Shilpa was only staring the rain lostly coz inside her mind she is only thinking about her little daughter & husband
"Ab tak toh phone shahid ho chuka hoga... Kyunki phone jo nai uthaaya unka..." she thought wd sad look staring at the rain drops which were touching the glass window "Par tu bhool rahi hai... Ab vo Sadu aur Akdu Armaan nai hai... Vo ab Cool aur Chilled out ho gaya hai pehle jaisa..." her mind reminded which made her to cross her arms wd grumpy look "Wrong... Vo ab dono ho gaye hain... Toh keh nai sakte ki kaise react karenge..." as her heart said this she kept her head on chair post tiredly while keeping her both legs on table "Vaise Shilpa tujhe ab Armaan ko maaf kar dena chahiyee... Dekh jo huaa so huaa... Ab tujhe apni choti si family pe dhyaan dena chahiye..." her heart suggested which made her to close her eyes calmly who thought about her heart's words "Nai bilkul nai aisi galti mat karna... Yeh tera pura right hai... Ki tu gussa rahe kyunki... Teen saal cheh mahine se zyada time ho gaya... Fir bhi tere us Armaan ne tujhe nai bataya toh aisa bilkul mat karna" her mind was not at all agree wd her heart but Shilpa doesn't paid any attention to them coz her all attentions were fixed on her daughter whom she is missing right now and thinking like this her eye lids became heavy taking her into sleep still on sitting position where as Surbhi is sleeping on bed peacefully
Next night
In Bhopal
Main tujhko kitna
Chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi
Soch na sake...
"Papa... Mumma.. Kab aaygi...??" hearing Ohnu's question he glanced down
"Bas Princess... Thodi der baad mumma aa jaaygi..." he answered after hanging the windchain on Ohnu's room's window and moved down from the stool "Vaise yeh kaisa hai Princess...??" picking her up in his arms he asked happily as if did something very big
"Wow!! Beee... Bbbutiful hai..." hearing her cute tone he laughed
"Vo beautiful hota hai... Princess" kissing her cheek he corrected
"Oh... Haan.." she giggled encircling her little hands around his neck who smiled when she started touching her wind chain which she herself made wd the help of him, Yes there were number of wind chains hanging on her window & room which they both made by themselves, it was colour paper wind chains which they made in shapes of planes boats & birds which he teached her
"Toh yeh kaam toh ho gaya aapka... Ab??" taking her out of the room he asked in normal tone
"Ab... Fishes..." she said in excited tone making him smile who dropped her in lawn
"Nai Princess... Fishes ko hum abhi sone dete hain... Kyunki raat ho gayi haina... Toh abhi saari fishes so rahi hongi..." bending to her level he said in kiddish tone
"Toh unko... Oook nai... Lagi hogi??" hearing her another question a smile curved into his lips
"Nai... Kyunki dinner toh unhone kar liya hai... Ab dobaara kaise karengi... Abhi toh vo so rahi hongi... Toh kal subhe khilaana haan..." he replied in her way which convinced her
"Toh ab hum... Kya karenge...??" she asked innocently on which he smiled
"Ab hum kuch khelenge..." correcting her jacket's collar he replied smilingly when Breezer ran towards them wd a pink Frisbee between his teeth
"Bhowwwe...!!" Shao Pao's little bark made them looked down where he was standing wd Toy & Breezer who put the Frisbee near Ohaana's leg
"Bowww!!" Breezer barked while jumping on Ohnu who got startled and stood behind Armaan
"Don't worry Princess... Yeh kuch nai karega..." gripping her little hand he made her stood in front of Breezer who started jumping on her
"Yeh... Ha...mesha... Aise hi... Jjjump...karta hai... Mujhpar" she complained gripping his both hands who chuckled
"Bilkul apni maa ki tarah react kar rahi hai" he thought kneeling down "Haan.. Kyunki usko aap acche lagte ho isliye..." he said calmly while making her stood in front of Breezer who again picked the frisbee hinting them to play "See yeh toh aapko khelne k liye bol raha hai..." hearing this Ohnu looked at Breezer who is watching her expectedly and wd hesitating hand she took the Frisbee from his mouth "Toh chalo shuru karen..." as Armaan said this Ohaana nodded her head in Yes excitedly and they all got busy wd the Frisbee playing it... Today's day was fun for both of them, in morning waking up wd their non stop fun they spent this entire day in same manner, For him it was brightest morning coz she woke him by her cute gesture... Yes when he was sleeping in morning soundlessly even forgot about her school but at that time Ohnu's sleep broke coz of Toy & Shao pao's little barked which made her woke first while the little pets were playing on floor wd their little boll where as sitting up she looked around for her mother but couldn't find her then it clicked inside her brain that she will come in night so getting excited she moved to woke Armaan who is sleeping soundlessly
"Papa..." she nudged him by her little hands but instead to wake he stirred a little turning his position at her side who pouted "Uto... Chool... Jaana hai..." she nudged him again but this time wd grumpy look
"Please... Sone do... Yaar" he mumble in sleepy tone hiding his face in blanket which she pulled angrily
"Nai... Uto..." she shouted angrily on which he closed his ears but didn't woke up which made her more angry so wd grumpy look she crossed her arms and sat against the bed post when something came from back inside her brain that How Shilpa always woke her whenever she was reluctant to awake So she thought Why not try this on her father?? "Hehee..." she giggled keeping her both palms on her mouth before trying so leaning her all weight on him she blew air on his ear who stir a bit which made her giggle and this made Armaan's sleep broke but he didn't got up tried to ignore but when again she blew wd her giggles he understood So he pretended to sleep, Now Ohnu got fade up so wd pouted lips she turned her back at him who opened his one eye to look at her and seeing her back he guessed she is angry which made him hide his smile, getting up slowly he moved his hand carefully on her little waist
"Bhowwe... Good morning" hearing his sudden loud voice she got frightened but as she saw his grin she gotted Her Papa is ditto like her coz she too does the same wd her mother "Kya huaa... Dar gayi..." making her sat on his lap he asked in fake horror tone which left her giggle
"Naiii..." she giggled replying him who smiled "Vo toh... Mai mumma ko... Aise... Daraati thi..." she said in her cute tone making him chuckled
"Aur fir mumma kya karti thi...??" tucking her hairs aside he asked wd a smile
"Mumma... Mujhe... Mujhe... Guddd... Gudddi... Karti thi" as she replied in her kiddish tone he laughed
"Oh... Gudgudi..." he gave a nod pressing his lips "Acha... Toh mai bhi... Aapko gudgudi karoon.." as he asked wd teasing grin her eyes widened
"Nai..." stooding up she shouted wd a giggle making him chuckled who kneeled on bed trying to catch her
"Ab toh karna hi padega..." he said in warning tone wd a grin which made her giggle who was stepping back almost near to the edge when he gripped her waist and started tickling her which left them laughing like a riot, just like this their morning started wd mischievousness & fun starting from till dropping her school everything went wd their non stop Masti... After dropping her school he directly went in his Hospital where he started trying to end the surgeries which he had today also there were calls from Singapore doctors His friends & Parents but for whom his cell phone was waiting didn't called which made his mood off but as his wrist watch showed Ohnu's school time he forgot everything and finishing his work hastily(Luckily there was less work for him coz he just joined two days ago also he is here only for short period of time until his Singapore's Gleneagles Foundation hospital get ready in Bhopal and he is here for Life care's CEO who insisted him to give some guidance to the interns) he immediately ran out to pick Ohaana... He brought her back home not before having their ice-cream party then spending some time wd each other they started playing basket boll in garden wd their pets, after playing he thought to take her in Aquarium so that she couldn't miss Shilpa, So getting ready in garden dark blue open shirt wd white t-shirt underneath & jeans also he maked her ready in white wd pink flowery jump shorts he took her there, seeing the water animals she got excited & happy making him to feel jubilant... Everything was going perfect until she insisted to take a fish tank for her that too wd eight gold fishes & one star fish, he was confused whether to buy or not coz if Shilpa get to know about this she will definitely take his class but seeing his Princess's cute adorable face he couldn't manage to refused also she first time demanded something, So searching a big fisher shop he buyed one of a medium size fish tank which made Ohaana jump in ecstatic making him laughed, but Armaan directly told the shop keeper to delivered it to his house... And roaming here & there they came back in b/w Armaan tried many calls to Shilpa but it was coming switched off so giving up he concentrated on Ohaana who was excitedly waiting for her small Aquarium so that she can give a big surprise to her mother and seeing her this excitement he couldn't stop himself to pampered her, In fact he took her inside her room where they printed their hand prints on that white board wd lots of colours
"Aur mumma ka...??" she questioned looking at him who was busy in printing his palms on that white board
"Mumma... Jab aaygi tab.. Unko hum... Yaha bolenge... Karne k liye... Thik hai..." looking at her he said in loving tone making her stared him wd wide smile
"Sach... Papa...??" she asked happily on which he gave a nod wd a chuckle making her giggle who was standing beside him while he was sitting on his knees just beside her "Toh... Fir... Mumma kab aaygi...??" her another question made his smile vanished coz her phone was coming switched off
"Mumma... Aati hi hogi... Par unke aane se pehle hume abhi sab kuch ready karna hoga naa... Toh chalo jaldi karte hain..." he manipulated her whose eyes widened
"Haan... Chalo...chalo..." making a cute face she gripped his wrist who chuckled when his eyes landed on his wrist where her red colour hand has left it prints
"Haww... Yeh kya kiya... Mere hands gande kar diye" he made an cute shocking face making her stare him innocently
"Sorryyy..." she aplogised in her cute tone which made him to adore her but hiding his smile he preteneded strict
"Sorry... Se kaam nai chalega... Aapko iski punishment milegi" as he said this she looked down scaredly "Aur aapki punishment hai yeh... Ki..." moving closer to her he said in calm voice on which she looked up slowly but as she did he immediately coloured her both cheeks by blue paint who got surprised and seeing his grin she understood everything which made her giggle "Ab huaa hisaab barabar..." saying this he chuckled
"Nai..." nodding in No she moved closer to him who frowned when she rubbed his cheeks by her little palms which has red coloured marks "Ho gaya..." she giggled seeing his astonished face who also broke wd fits of laughter
"Abhi batata hoon..." he gripped her who ran to save herself and they both ran all around the room chasing each other laughingly, after that they decorated the whole house wd balloons & ribbons just for Shilpa while Meethi cooked the dinner, Steve handled outsides chores everything was done except the cake when Ohaana's small Aquarium delivered to their home and seeing that she jumped happily which he adored... Aquarium was put in drawing room then they both father & daughter started making cake
"Nai... Princess aise karoge toh... Cake accha nai dikhega... Aur mumma ko cherries nai pasand hai" he said lovingly as he saw she is putting a cut piece of cherry on cake
"Toh.. Mumma ko bhi... Mere Jaise can... Dddies.. Ache lagte hain?" she asked in her kiddish tone making him smile who immediately plant a kiss on her cheek, she was sitting on kitchen slab while he was standing beside her decorating the cake which is almost ready
"Haan..." he smiled "Chalo cake toh ready ho gaya... Ab bas isse fridge mein rakhna hai..." saying this happily he kept the cake inside fridger "Ab hum kya karenge...??" moving towards her he asked in normal tone
"Ab..." she started thinking while keeping her index finger on her chin making him smile who picked her up
"Chalo ek kaam karte hai... Hum dono milke paper planes aur boats banaate hain..." as he said thoughtfully she smiled broadly
"Haan..." she said smilingly encircling her hands around his neck who took her inside her room where they made that wind chains and then they got busy in basket boll wd their pets but getting tired she insisted him to call her mother which was a hard task for him to convince her that Shilpa is on the way, finally she somehow believed him who diverted her mind wd cartoon channel which made her busy and in b/w wd his trick he made her to have dinner, So now they both were laying on sofa watching the cartoon while their pets were also watching the cartoon sitting on floor
"Pata nai yeh ladki... Kahan hai... Phone toh jaise mar hi gaya hai iska... Zara bhi parwa nai isko apni beti aur pati ki..." staring up blankly he thought meditatively, he was laying straight on sofa while Ohnu was laying beside him wd her back towards him coz she was fully engrosed in her cartoon "Kahin kuch..." his heartbeat skipped thinking something like this and when his eyes closed down thinking about her he didn't realised


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