Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Part 72 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Love sees to be the invisible, believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible. You must have faith in my love for you"

Tu aati hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharta hoon
Tere dil ki galliyon se
Mai har roz guzarta hoon...

"Armaan... Aapko aur kuch kaam nai hai... Jo mujhe tang kar rahe hain..." she scolded in her angry tone
"Tumhe tang karna hi toh mera kaam hai..." in a teasing voice he moved closer to her
"Kyun... Retirement le liya hai kya... Hospital se..." she taunted while turning back at her work again
"Pagal ho... Abhi retirement lunga toh humaare baccho ko kaise sambhalunga..." throwing the petals again on her he said in normal tone making her to look at him annoyingly
"Baccho nai bacchi..." she corrected pushing him on side and turned to go when he gripped her wrist wd a grin, pulling her closer to him
"Aree Meri Cinderella... Mai aage ki baat kar raha tha..." as he said in teasing voice she hided her blush and showed a fake glare to him who grinned

"Hogaya... Ab hatto..." giving him serious look she pushed him slowly and moved from there but he didn't stopped to follow her
"Shilpa... Suno toh sahi..." he blocked her way who ignoring him turned at other side "Tum mujhe aise ignore nai kar sakti..." he warned coming in front of her again who took a sigh and kept the flower basket on side table
"Tab kaise ignore karoon...??" crossing her arms she asked in calm tone
"Tum mujhe ignore hi kyun kar rahi ho..." he said slowly while holding her shoulders
"Kyunki aap bahoot honest haina isliye..." hearing her taunted words he chuckled
"See... Tum mujhe kitni acchi tarah se jaanti ho... Phir bhi mujhe ignore kar rahi ho.. Jaanti bhi ho... Ignore feel karna kitna bura lagta hai... Aisa lagta hai jaise hospital mein... Mujhe patient bana diya ho..." he said in cute tone while making a puppy face which made her to hide her smile
"Toh ban jaaiye... Vaise bhi doctor k saath saath kabhi patient bhi banana chaahiye" suggesting him she corrected his collar which made him grinned
"How sweet..." he tried to tease her who shook her head uninterestingly on which he chuckled thinking to manofy her then he gripped her shoulder firmly "I know mujhe tumhe... Pehle..." but before he could explain himself she removed his hand from her shoulders calmly
"Armaan... Mai samajhti hoon... Par ab us baare mein mujhe baat nai karni..." saying this she turned to go when he blocked her way by his leg "Ab kya...??" she looked at him calmly
"Okay tumhe baat nai karni mai samajh raha hoon... Par fir mujhse dur kyun bhaag rahi ho...??" as he asked in serious tone she stared his face coz she herself didn't knew What went wrong?? But one thing she knows is to take time to understand each other
"Pata nai..." she replied in lost voice making him confused "Ab please raasta do... Mujhe kaam hai..." saying this slowly she went from there leaving him confused there
"Yeh chahti kya hai...??" he asked to himself mentally "Yeh kya chaahti hai tu aaj tak khud bhi nai samajh paaya... Aur samajhna bhi mat... Kyunki yeh bahoot complicated hai... Infact duniyaa ki saari ladkiya aurten sab complicated hai... Jinhe koi nai samajh paaya hai... Even bhagwaan bhi nai... Aree yeh khud apne aapko nai samajh paayin hain" he cursed them mentally while moving away from there frustrately when he bumped wd Shagun
"Awww... Idiot... Dekh k nai chal sakta..." she smacked his head lightly who looked at her annoyingly
"Tujhe bhi abhi aana tha...??" slapping her head back he asked in calm tone
"Sharam nai aati... Ladkiyon pe haath uthaate huye..." Shagun looked at him wd her cute angry look which made him chuckled who put his one hand around her neck
"Tu kabse dusre ladkiyon mein shaamil ho gayi... Tu toh meri Buddy hai..." pulling her closer he teased which made her giggle
"Haan... Mera Buddy..." she ruffled his hairs teasingly on which he gave a glare "Aww... Mera baby..." she moved her hand to pull his cheeks who stepped back while correcting his hairs
"Acha yeh sab chod... Yeh bata tere Ram aur Shyaam kahan hain...??" moving towards the stairs he asked in normal tone
"Yehin kahin khel rahen honge... Vaise teri iklauti kahan hain...??" she asked smilingly walking wd him
"Anant k saath hai... Actually usse Anant ki company bahoot pasand hai..." he replied in calm tone which made her giggle "Joke nai maara maine koi..." he smacked her head lightly
"Aree.. Mai toh isliye hassi... Kyunki mujhe lagta hai Arshi ko ek cute se bhai ki zaroorat hai..." as she teased he glared her "Vaise tu fikar mat kar... Is baar mai tujhe bada waala shrap dungi..." hearing her teasing voice he shook his head "Aur vo yeh hoga... Ki jaa mai tujhe shrap deti hoon... Ki tujhe bhi do twins bete ho... Meri tarah" she giggled seeing his uninterested look at her teasing words and they both walked ahead when
"Vaise... Teri twins waali baat se mai agree karta hoon..." putting his hand again around her shoulder he said wd thoughtful look which made her to watch his face while controlling her smile and when they both giggled together they didn't realised, just like this they both started teasing & making fun of each other... Evening was very busy for Shilpa who was occupied herself wd Surbhi Yes she was busy to make her look more beautiful in her special day while Armaan was out wd his friends spending sometime coz it was girls's function where only Rehaan was present and all the ladies & elders were there for blessings, when Armaan returned back he found a worried Aditi in sitting room surrounded by Anant Shivya & Aaysha but what made him shocked was a crying Ohaana whom Aditi was consoling and seeing her crying he ran towards them
"Kya huaa... Issse...??" kneeling in front of Ohnu & Aditi he asked in worried tone, she was sitting beside Aditi
"Pata nai Armaan... Kabse ro rahi hai... Bata bhi nai rahi hai..." Aditi replied in worried tone while caressing Ohnu's head who now sniffed seeing Armaan
"Haan... Bas kabse Shilpa ko bula rahi hai..." Aaysha said wd serious look
"What..." he mumble confusedly then looked down at Ohnu "Kya huaa... Aap kyun ro rahe ho...??" cupping her one cheek he asked in loving tone
"Mummaa... Chaaaiye" hearing her sad voice his heart beat skipped
"Shilpa kahan hai...??" looking up at Aditi he asked in serious tone
"Neeche function mein hai..." she replied slowly which made him hell angry
"Dimaag kharaab hai uska... Yahan yeh ro rahi hai aur usko function ki padi hai..." he said in angry tone holding Ohnu's hand who got frightened
"Actually iswaqt Surbhi chaahti thi ki vo uske paas rahe..." Aaysha took her side making him to shook his head
"Aap batao... Aapko kya huaa hai...??" his voice softened seeing His flesh who didn't utter a word just sniffed
"Chachu... Hum... Hide n Seek khel rahe the... Arshi kahin... Chup gayi thi..." hearing Anant's kiddish tone he looked at him
"Aur vo jab mili toh ro rahi thi... Fir hum usse mumma k paas laaye..." Shivya continued too making him watch Ohnu's face calmly
"Kya huaa... Papa ko nai bataoge...??" staring her he asked softly who hided her face on Aditi's baby bump making him disappoint
"I think kuch dekh k... Dar gayi hogi..." Aditi said slowly watching his face who gave a silent nod
"Don't worry... Riya gayi hai Shilpa ko bulaane..." Aaysha said wd a smile
"Aapko pata hai... Aap rote huye bahoot bure lagte..." gripping her little hand he tried to divert her mind who looked at him slowly "Sachmein... Princess toh bilkul nai lagte..." as he said this her face became more sad while Aaysha & Aditi smiled
"By god!! Kuch bhi mat bolo tum Armaan... Bahoot hi beautiful hai meri Arshi..." Aditi scolded him in fake which made Ohaana to look up at Aditi then at him who smiled seeing her sad look gone
"Haan vo toh tabna... Jab yeh hasti hai... Kyunki ek Princess kabhi nai roti hamesha hasti aur khush rehti hai infact dusro ko bhi khush karti hai... But jo rota hai vo kaisa Princess..." he said in fake serious tone making Ohaana more sad
"Haan tum bahoot acche hona.." Aaysha too participated in it
"Haan... Mai toh hoon par lagta hai koi nai hai... Ab jab yahan pe ek good Princess hai hi nai... Toh fir mera kya kaam..." saying this in fake sad tone he watched her face expectedly who wd pouted sad face looked at him when he extended his hand slowly gesturing her to come closer to him, Ohaana sniffed and opened her arms making him smile "Yehi hui naa meri Princess waali baat..." picking her up he said wd a smile on which Ohaana quietly hugged him keeping her head on his shoulder who sat on other side of sofa, Aditi & Aaysha both adored this scene "Acha ab bataao kya huaa??" making her sat on his lap he asked lovingly on which Ohaana stared him for seconds then looked down at her hands
"Mujhe bhook lagi hai mumma..." Anant's voice made them looked at him who was standing beside Armaan
"In logo ne khaana nai khaaya...??" Armaan looked at the ladies who shook their head in Yes "Hadd hai... Lazy ladies..." he taunted on which Aaysha smiled while Aditi glared him
"Humaare paas aur bhi bahoot se kaam hote hain... Tum ladko ki tarah aaltu faaltu ghoomte nai" Aditi retorted
"Haan.. Yeh accha hai... Khudko bachaane k liye.. Ab hume bolo..." he retorted in sarcastic way making Aaysha giggled
"Tum zyada nai bol rahe ho... By god!!" Aditi gave him her angry glare on which he opened his mouth to argue and seeing them Kids giggled while Ohaana watched them quietly
"Acha... Mai in dono ko khaana khila k laati hoon..." Aaysha stopped their banter while holding Anant & Shivya's hand firmly
"So sweet of you Aaysha... Seekho kuch isse tum..." he said in taunting way making Aditi to roll her eyes "Aur tum dono jaldi se khaana khaakar aao... Fir hum sab ice-cream khaayenge" as he said this looking at the kids they jumped happily
"Yeeyee... Toh fir chalo jaldi..." Anant said excitedly pulling Aaysha's hand towards door which made them giggle
"Par... Mumma... Bolti hai... Ki... Rraaat... Ko... Ace... Cccreem... Nai khaate..." Ohnu's sudden cute voice made Armaan to stare her smilingly
"Vo ice-cream hota hai Princess..." pinching her nose lightly he corrected which made her smile slowly "Aur mumma sahi kehti hai... Raatko ice cream nai khaate... Par thodu sa try karne mein kya jaata hai..." tucking her hairs on side he said wd cute look which made her smile slowly, Aditi felt to capture their moments in her camera but it was not here while Aaysha shaking her head smilingly turned to go when Shilpa came there wd worried look following by Riya
"Lo Shilpa bhi aa gayi..." Aaysha smiled seeing Shilpa who is panting now while everyone looked at the door "Tum in teeno ko sambhaalo... Mai in dono ko khaane k liye le jaati hoon..." saying this to her she went from there wd kids
"Jaldi aana chaachu..." hearing Anant's voice he waved wd a wink
"Mai bhi chalti hoon..." Riya also followed leaving Malik family there alone
"Kya huaa Baby... Aap ro kyun rahe the??" sitting beside them she asked worriedly checking her from head to toe and seeing her mother Ohaana jumped on her arms, Shilpa hugged her worriedly while Armaan watched her face calmly as if trying to control his anger but as he saw Ohaana sniffing he couldn't stop himself
"Kahan thi tum...?? Zara sa bhi khayaal nai haina tumhe apni beti ka ki... Usse akela chod k function mein busy hogayi... Pata bhi hai kitna dar gayi thi yeh...??" he started scolding her who was calmly rubbing Ohnu's back but hearing him her anger roused
"By god!! Kahin yeh dono ladna na shuru karde Arshi k saamne..." Aditi thought worriedly watching them from other sofa
"Armaan mai koi jaan bujhkar... Nai thi neeche... Kaam tha mujhe... Aur mujhe laga yehin kahin khel rahi hogi..." she explained herself in same tone only making Aditi to held her head coz she guessed now here will start there War!!
"Yaah right khel rahi hogi... Shilpa yeh sirf teen saal ki hain.. Iska dhyaan dena chaahiye infact humesha isko nazro k saamne rakhne ki wajaaye... Tum khud dur rehti ho isse..." he said in angry voice
"Aap toh mujhe bilkul naa hi bataayen ki... Kaise mai apni beti ka dhyaan doon.." she argued which made them to land in argument while wd a grim look Ohaana watched her parents which Aditi observed
"By god!! Dono chup raho... Dara rahe ho tum dono usse" Aditi's angry voice made them stop who looked at their daughter who is looking more sad now "Kab bade hoge tum dono..." she scolded which made them guilty
"Sorryyy..." they apologised slowly which made Aditi giggle while Ohaana stared at both innocently
"Kya huaa... Aapko kahin lag gayi hai kya??" in a sweet tone Shilpa asked while caressing her cheek who gave a quick nod innocently which made Aditi & Armaan shocked
"Kya ?? Kahan??" Armaan looked at Ohaana shockingly while checking her
"Vo... Idar... Aur... Idar.." she pointed at her elbow & knee making the three worried, Shilpa removed her jacket carefully so that it couldn't hurt her
"Haww... Itni chot??" Shilpa looked at her worriedly as she saw some scratches on her elbow which have dry blood marks while Armaan immediately went to bring first-aid kit as he saw her wound
"Kab laga... Aur kaise...??" Aditi asked concernly
"Mai... Ek.. Big treee k peeche... Chupi thi.. Aur mai... Gir gayi... Udar..." as she replied in her kiddish tone Aditi smiled at her innocence when Armaan back wd first-aid kit and sat beside Ohaana who is sitting b/w her parents
"Aapne kisiko bataaya kyun nai... Hum toh kabse puch rahe the...??" Aditi asked in cute pouted face
"Exactly... Papa ko bhi nai bataaya..." Armaan too said in same tone making Ohnu to look up at her mother innocently while Shilpa carefully lifted her frok from her knees as she saw Armaan dig the cotton in water
"Vo.. Mumma kehti hai... Mumma jab pyaar karegi tab thik ho... Jaayga... Toh mai mumma.. Ka... Wwwait kar rahi thi..." her innocent answer made Aditi laughed
"Aww... Mera baby..." Shilpa took her in a lovely hug
"What?? Yeh kaisa sense of humour hai...??" he looked at Shilpa confusedly "Kya sikha k rakkha hai tumne meri beti ko..??" Aditi was giggling at his questions
"Mere khayaal se... Aapko iski chot thik karni chaahiye..." Shilpa's warning word made him to shook his head who cleaned her wound calmly while Shilpa was caressing her back lovingly
"Yeh aaj bhi wahi follow karti hai??" Aditi asked smilingly to Shilpa who gave a nod in Yes wd a smile still caressing her hairs
"Kyaa??" Armaan looked at Aditi confusedly
"Yehi ki... Ek baar Arshi khelte waqt gir gayi thi aur bahoot chot aayi thi uske pair mein... Tab Shilpa ne usse just aise hi mind divert karne k liye bol diya ki jab... Shilpa usko bahoot saara pyaar karegi tab yeh thik ho jaayga..." she answered smilingly on which Armaan looked at Shilpa in disbelief
"Matlab... Bacchi hai toh kuch bhi bologi..." he said in sarcastic way which made Shilpa to ignored him while Aditi smiled "Acha Princess... Haath do..." after putting the anticeptic on her knee he said in cute tone making Ohaana to extended her hand slowly and in careful manner he cleaned her wound while Aditi adored this scene "Lo hogaya... Now you are fit and fine..." after doing her first aid he said in loving tone and gave a kiss on her cheek who smiled slowly when Armaan's cell rang
"Ek minute..." excusing it he went out to attend the call
"Par... Babu aage se aisa mat karna... Chot lage toh kisiko bata dena..." Shilpa said in loving tone caressing her hairs who gave a nod in Yes quietly "Aur kisne kaha tha... Yahan wahan chupne k liye..." now she scolded like a typical mother
"Vo sirf khel rahe thi Shilpa... Tu bhi na... Jaanti haina kitni cute hai yeh..." Aditi took her side
"Cute aur yeh... Mai hi jaanti hoon kitni sharif hai yeh..." Shilpa's tone made Aditi giggle
"Ditto tujhpe gayi hai... Collage mein bhi tu kahan shaant rehti thi" Aditi teased which made her smile slowly and they both got involved in their collage days talks... After half n hour when Armaan returned back in room only to find it empty so he moved out to look and in corridor's balcony he found Aditi on swing who was eating her Puffcorns which was kept on her baby bump in a medium size bowl, he joined her also asked about Shilpa to which she replied she took Ohaana for dinner, so he thought to tease her

"Itna khaaogi toh... Aane waala yaah waali... 10 kilo ki hogi yaah hoga..." he teased taking her bowl away from her who pouted
"Armaan... Mera puffcorn do..." she tried to snatch her bowl which he raised up
"Ek shart pe... Zyada nai khaaogi..." he put the condition which made her to think for some minutes
"Thik hai..." wd a grumpy look she agreed so he handled her the bowl wd a smile "Tumna... Apna yeh jo doctor waala side haina... Vo hospital hi chod k aaya karo... Ghar pe irritate hota hai..." she complained making him smile
"Vo toh nai ho sakta... Kyunki vo mere saath hamesha rahega..." putting his hand on her shoulder he said in proudness making her smile "Vaise tumhe pata hai... Har kisi k andar ek doctor hota hai... Socho agar har ghar mein sab doctor jaise rehne lage... Toh koi bimaar nai hoga aur naa hi kisiko chot aaygi..." his words made her look at him smilingly
"Haan vo toh hai... Par phir har ghar mein sab bore ho jaayenge... Haan agar doctor tum jaisa ho toh thoda entertainment mil sakta hai..." she teased him wd a grin
"Apne baare mein baat kar rahi ho..." he mocked making her giggle
"Nai apne dever k baare mein..." she teased knowingly
"Dare you call me Dever... Or else..." he warned wd cute serious face
"Or else...??" she asked teasingly
"Or else... Mai bhi Bhabhi bulaaunga" he blackmailed
"Nai... Aisa zulm mat karna... Mayi baap" putting her hands on her ears she said in dramatic way making him chuckled and they two involved in their fun mood, at last they got tired and after two minutes of silence Armaan took a sigh
"Aditi... Ek question puchun...??" his slow question made her look at him
"Tumhe permission ki kabse zaroorat pad gayi..." putting the bowl on side she prompted making him smile slowly
"Okay... Bacche kyun sabse pehle apni maa ko choose karte hain...??" hearing his question a smile curved onto her face "What??" he frowned
"Expected tha..." she giggled making him to raise his bows "I know tum Arshi k behaviour ki baat kar rahe ho..." she said smilingly on which he gave a nod in Yes "Acha mujhe batao... Tumhe kuch share karna ho Maa aur Papa me se kisko choose karoge...??" she asked in serious tone
"Obviously... Mom... Kyunki agar dad se bolunga toh vo... Apna koi Silly joke maarkar topic change kar denge... Aur kahenge ki tum bade ho gayye ho khud sambhaal lo... But... Mom samjhegi meri baat..." he replied thoughtfully which made her giggle
"Dekha tumne bhi maa ko choose kiya... Aise hi saare bacche apni mom ko choose karte hain... Kyunki vo unke bahoot karib hote hain..." she explained wd a smile "Aur Arshi k do reasons hain... Ek vo sabse zyada Shilpa k close hai... Tum Singapore mein the toh expect kar sakte hain usse yeh reaction... Aur tumse vo bas kuch hi hafto pehle mili... Toh itna connection mushkil hai jitna Shilpa ka hai..." hearing her he gave a nod in Yes smilingly "Par dekhna vo dheere dheere tumhaare saath bhi aise hi rahegi..." she made him understand
"Hmmm... I think you are right" he looked at her who gave a smile
"Par pata hai... Betiyaan apne dad k karib zyada hoti hain... Jaise main apne bauji k karib thi..." hearing her lost tone he smiled "Tumhe pata hai Armaan... Maa ki death k baad... Bauji ne hi mujhe sambhaala tha... Kisi chiz ki kami nai thi" he squeezed her hand lightly as he felt her emotional tone
"Tumhe kab pata chala tha ki... Aunty nai hai ab is duniya mein...??" he asked carefully So that she feel light to share her feelings
"By god! Main uswaqt collage mein thi... Mujhe nai pata tha... Shilpa ko pehle pata chala tha... Meri neighbour ne usse phone kiya ki.. Mujhe bina bataye mujhe hospital laane ko bola tha..." she started wd a sad smile which made Armaan smile too "Shilpa ne us din mujhe apne silly jokes se busy rakkha tha... Mai bhi confuse hogayi thi ki isse achanak kya hogaya... Pagal toh nai ho rahi yeh... Phir mujhe apne baato mein busy rakh kar... Hospital le gayi... Aur uske baad... Sab kuch bahoot sad tha..." she finished wd moist eyes making him to rub her shoulder slowly to sooth her "Phir baauji ne mujhe kabhi maa ki kami mehsoos nai honi di thi... That's it" she finished wd a smile on which taking out his hankerchief he forwarded to her who sniffed taking it "Thank you... Mujhe sunne k liye... Dev kabhi nai sunta.." as she complained he chuckled giving her side hug
"Idiot hai vo.." he said smilingly which made her smile too and then he took her towards her room where Anant & Dev both of them were playing vedio games, wishing them he came back to his room where he found Shilpa & Ohaana on bed where she was making her daughter sleep
Hawa ke jaise chalti hai tu
Mai rait jaise mudta hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karta hoon
Hooo... Aaa...
"Ohnu... So jaao..." she patted her back in scolding voice on which Ohaana snuggled more closer wd a giggle "Haan.. Mujhe jaga k... Bas hasso..." she said in cute angry voice hugging her back and seeing them a smile reached on his lips who removing his shoes layed behind Shilpa
"Lagta hai Papa ki... Kisiko zaroorat nai hai..." he complained hugging his wife from behind who wd a smile tried to ignore him while Ohaana giggled
"Nai... Papa... Chaaiye Ohnu ko..." hearing her kiddish tone he instantly looked at her wd broad smile on his face while laying by his elbow
"Sachmein..??" he asked happily making Ohaana to look up at her father wd a giggle
"Haan..." she gave a nod in Yes while extending her one hand towards him who gripped firmly
"Muaaah... Papa loves you..." kissing her hand he said in loving tone which made her giggle while Shilpa smiled at them
"Love... You... Baooot zyaada..." she said in happy tone making Arsh smile
"Oyyee Hoyyyee..." he smiled and hugged Shilpa more tightly while hiding his face on crook of her neck
"Umm... Armaan..." she tried to push him by her elbow which made him smile "Aur tum... Chalo so jaao varna maar khaaogi... Aur aap bhi..." she ordered in her strict tone making the two giggle "Aree... Mai koi joke nai maar rahi hoon... Chalo so jaao..." hearing her strict voice Ohaana hided her face on her chest still giggling while shaking his head wd a smile Armaan layed back on his original position still smiling "Ohnu mai maarungi tumhe... Hasna band karo..." she warned looking down at her
"Kyun itna gussa kar rahi ho uspe... Hasna toh health k liye bahoot acha hota hai..." hugging her from behind he said in happy tone
"Haan.. Par raat ko sote hain..." she retorted making him smile
"Raat ko toh aur bhi bahoot kuch karte hain..." hearing his indirectly tease she shot him a glare which made him grin
"Haan... Walk pe jaate hai... Aur aur... Ice... Cc.. Ream khaate hain..." looking above her mother Ohnu also said innocently
"Exactly... Mai bhi vohi keh raha tha... Tumhe kya laga.." wd a serious face he looked at her who made an disgusting face while shaking her head on which he smiled pouting a kiss to her
"Haan toh thik hai... Dono ko jo karna hai karo... Par please mere sar par mat chillao... Mujhe nind aa rahi hai... Aur agar zyada disturb kiya toh mai yahan se chali jaaungi..." saying this angrily she closed her eyes making Armaan to shook his head coz he knew about her mood swings already like right now she is on her Chidchidi mood and as she was trying to sleep Ohaana & Armaan both became silent for minutes which made her guilty in her heart "Tu bhi naa... Shilpa bina soche samjhe chilla deti hai... Ab dekh dono kaise shaant ho gayye"her heart scolded her who have still closed her eyes when
"Shilpa... Mumma..." both of them call at the same time in slow voice making her smile slowly thanking god that they both are normal while Armaan smile at his timing wd his daughter
"Hmm..." still wd closed eyes she hummed but they didn't utter a word making her to open her eyes frowningly "Kkky..." but before she could ask why they call they both said something in unionism which made her startled
"I love you Shilpa... I love you... Mumma..." it was unintentionally by them which made her to look at them surprisingly While Armaan also looked at Ohaana surprisingly but in a second Arsh chuckled while Ohaana smiled hugging her mother tightly
"Aww... Mera baby I love you too..." caressing her head lovingly Shilpa kissed her head
"And what about me??" hugging from behind Armaan asked in sweetest tone
"I hate you... Ab so jaao..." replying him in uninteresting way she patted Ohnu's back
"Yes... Of course... I love you too..." as he said smilingly a smile reached her lips who wdout looking back concentrated on her daughter while putting his hand on her waist he tried to sleep, few minutes passed Ohaana was fast asleep while Armaan has turned his position straight watching the cielling calmly actually thinking about his little family when
"Armaan..." her soft tone made him to turn his head at her who didn't look back
"Kya... Huaa..??" hearing his question she slowly faced him wdout disturbing Ohnu
"Sorrryy..." her voice was soft plus slow one which made him frown who now faced her completely
"Sorryy... Kyun??" he narrowed his bows on which she was about to answer when "Oooh... Mai samjha... It's okay Shilpa... Koi baat nai aisa hota hai... Ab tum samajh nai paayi ki mera tumhe nehi bataana thik tha.. Toh kya kar sakte hain... But in the end sab thik hai... So it's okay" laying straight he said wd serious thoughtful look making her to watch his face disbelievingly who opened her mouth to refused when he interrupted "Nai Shilpa it's okay... Baar baar sorry bolke khudko buri mat banaao... Mai samajh raha hoon..." in a cool voice he said which made her to shook her head
"Ji nehi... Aisa kuch bhi nai hai... Main uske liye toh kabhi maaf nai karungi aapko... Aur aapne naa bataake bilkul galat kiya..." hearing her taunting words his head snapped look at her
"Toh fir sorry kyun... Bol rahi ho...??" he asked confusedly turning his position at her who silently watched his face
"Maine sorry aaj k liye bola..." as she whispered he narrowed his brows "Mujhe Ohnu ko akela nai chodna chaahiye tha... Aur uper se aappe bhi gussa kiya... Saath mein us din aapke pair pe maara tha... Toh sorry for all..." hearing her apology a smile reached his lips "Aur..." but she stopped as she saw grin on his face
"Aur...??" moving closer to her face level he asked smilingly making her to eye him
"Bas... Aur kuch nai..." saying this she turned her face away from him who smiled
"I am also sorryy... Tumpe chillaane k liye... I know tumhe Ohnu ki parwa hai... Aur tumne kuch jaan bujhkar nai kiya... So it's okay..." hearing his serious tone she looked back at him "Aur us din k liye mai maaf nai karunga... Until.." saying this he stopped which made her frown "You will kiss me..." as he whispered in husky tone while rubbing her lower lip by his thumb lightly she shook her head removing his hand
"Nai chaahiye maafi..." saying this she turned her head back at him who chuckled
"Aree... Mai toh bas mazaak kar raha tha yaar" hugging her from behind he said smilingly
"Toh... Acchi baat hai" wdout looking at him she spoke making him smile who took a sigh laying straight, after few seconds of silence he looked at her again
"Acha... Toh kya mai yeh samjhun... Ki ab humaare bich sab thik ho gaya hai...??" hearing him she smiled
"Nehi... Aur ab please mujhe sone do..." she answered wd closed eyes making him to look at the ceiling while she went into sleep
"Kya yaar...!" taking a sigh he too closed his eyes and wdin a hour he slept peacefully still his hand was on her waist so that was there family moment... Next two days went wd Surbhi's music function which went wd full swing everyone was happy except Surbhi reason was only known to her but Shilpa noticed her silence and was about to ask but only coz of Armaan she couldn't got the chance bcoz b/w the function he dragged her corner side trying to manofy her also right now she is looking extremely beautiful in this blue umbrella dress

Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne huye sarfeere
Haathon mein aate nehi
Udte hai lamhe mere...

"Armaan... Ab kya hai... Subhe se toh pareshaan kar chuke ho... Ab kya chaahiye??" in her strict Hitler mode she asked making him to roll his eyes
"Tumhe nai lagta tum... Kadva bolne lagi ho..." caging her b/w him and the corridor wall he asked wd a smile
"Mera chodiye... Aap apna batao... Aap itne sweet kabse ho gayye...??" in extra sweet tone she asked while crossing her arms
"Main toh.. Hamesha se sweet tha.. Bas tumhi nai pehchaan paayi..." making a serious face he replied in calm tone which made her to shook her head wd a smile
"Haan... Kya karoon.. Aapke do do sides se confuse jo thi..." she taunted in extra sweet tone which made him chuckled
"Itna bhi confusing nai tha..." he defended himself
"Acha..." hearing her amusing tone he smiled when she moved to go
"Bracelet... Yaar... Ek baar meri baat toh suno..." he caged her again while requesting
"Aap decide karlo... Bracelet bulaana hai ki Shilpa" hearing her taunt he smiled slowly
"Dono... Kyunki tum meri ho... Toh tumhe kuch bhi bula sakta hoon... Pura right hai tumhaara" as he said this she gave him uninterested look
"Haan.. Haan zaroor... Mera toh pura right hai aappe... Tabhi toh aapne sab kuch share kiya hai mujhse haina..." giving him sarcastic retort in extra sweet tone she looked at him who chuckled amusingly
"Kitni chidchidi ho gayi haina meri Wify..." pulling her closer by her waist he said smilingly
"Haan... Ho gayi hai... Kyun koi problem hai.." pushing him she replied in her cute angry tone making him smile
"Haayyeee... Mai apni seedhi saadhi... Biwi ko miss kar raha hoon jo sirf meri sunti thi..." hearing his dramatic tone she shook her head wd a smile and moved ahead to go
"Shaayad aapko yaad nai... Aapki wife kabhi seedhi saadhi thi hi nai..." she said in attitude while walking ahead where as he smiled following her
"Aree thi naa... Kitna darti thi jab bhi vo mere saamne aati thi... Mere second accident k baad..." he said in meaningful word which made her smile slowly remembering when he was on his Akdu mode she used to be scared of him
"Vo darti nai thi... Vo toh bas..." but she stopped in middle as she was about to say 'Vo toh bas pyaar karti thi'
"Vo toh bas kya..." coming in front of her he asked teasingly
"Kuch nai... Hatiye... Mujhe Ohaana ko dhundhna hai..." pushing him she warned who open his mouth to stop her when she went ahead leaving him there
"Shilpa this is not done..." he shouted from back but ignoring him she walked ahead smilingly when his cell rang flashing Rohit "Haan... Rohit bol..." he said in normal tone as he attended the call "Tu pahuch gaya Singapore... Thik hai... Case ki details main tujhe baad mein dunga..." he was talking unnoticing there where guest who were staring him in disbelief as if trying to recognise him when few girls were passing from there spotted Armaan
"Oh My God...!!" a girl shrieked excitedly making Shilpa to stopped in her tracks
"Is he Armaan Malik...?" another girl asked in disbelief which made Shilpa to look back at him, Armaan was fully involved in his talk while the five girls were drooling over him from behind which made her to stare them quietly
"Haan... Yeh wohi Singapore waala Armaan hai..." third girl said dreamily
"Chalo... Milte hain... Chalo..." first one said excitedly
"Ruk... Pehle khudko prepare toh karlen..." saying this they started their touch ups and stood around Armaan who looked at them wd a frown
"Hii..." a girl waved dreamingly as she saw he looked at them questioningly on which they smiled which made him to hung up the phone and looked at them calmly
"Hii... May i know you...??" he asked in polite tone
"No... But we know you..." second one said wd a nervous smile making him to narrow his bows
"Aap the Great Dr Armaan Malik hona... Singapore waale...??" third one asked in excited tone which made him to understand about their sudden appearance
"Yes... Any problem..." he asked politely making them giggle
"Nai bilkul nai..." one of a girl giggled
"Toh fir...??" he smiled which made them to stare him dreamily, Shilpa's mouth dropped as she saw he is smiling wd them
"Aapko pata hai... Jabse humne aapko TV pe dekha hai... Hum toh aapke fan ho gayye... Even aapka Singapore waala interview toh best tha..." fifth one said in happy tone making him smile
"Haan... Mai toh aapke baare mein sab jaan gayi... Ki aap kahan se padhe hain... Kya kya achieve kiya hai... Sab kuch" first girl informed excitedly
"Wow!! Soo sweet of you..." he smiled when his cell rang "Excuse me..." he looked at them for excuse
"Par usse pehle ek selfie..." third girl insisted which he was about to refuse but as he saw Shilpa watching them wd her fumed look and seeing this a crooked idea came inside his mind to make her jealous
"Sure... Why not... Yeh bhi koi puchne waali baat hai..." saying this he moved closer to them who started clicking selfies making Shilpa more fumed, getting angry she went from there and as he saw Shilpa gone he also excused from there where as the girls were drooling over him watching their selfies... Two days passed everything was going normal Arsh's were still on their Ruthna Manana mood but Yes in b/w Armaan was also taking care of the wedding planner whom he have hired for this Grand Wedding, Surbhi was still quiet while Rehaan was as always blank, Aditi was still dominating Dev whose patience level was moving down, Ayaan was still trying to flirt wd girls lefting no chance, kids were busy on their own world, elders were busy in the function and all the guest were busy enjoying the function, Until yesterday where a big blunder landed in Arsh's life infact in Dev-Aditi & Surbhi-Rehaan's lives... First talking about Arsh who again landed on that same situation where they couldn't understand each other's position Actually it happened coz of this scene where Shilpa Aditi & Surbhi were chatting for time pass in Arsh's room it was after noon so there was no other work for them, Ohaana was sleeping peacefully on bed after playing wd kids while they three were sitting on matters on floor wd their coffees, they were just talking & sharing when Surbhi asked something which made Shilpa confused

"Shilpa... Anita ka kya huaa.. Jo Mr Khan k saath Singapore mein thi... Uski problem solve hui ki nehi...??" hearing Surbhi's question she frowned and was about to ask when
"Nai yaar uski problem toh abhi tak solve nai hui... Par Armaan bata raha tha ki next week k end tak ho jaaygi..." instead of Shilpa Aditi answered normally making Shilpa hell confused but the name Anita she heard before also
"Yeh Anita naam toh maine us din... Armaan ne liya tha jab vo aaye the..." she thought confusedly "Bhool mat yeh wahi hai... Jiski permission lekar vo yahan aaya hai" her mind's word made her remember the time when Armaan was talking on phone
"I hope uski life mein ab koi problem nehi aaye..." Surbhi said in sympathetic tone
"Haan... Vo toh humara Armaan tha uske saath... Jisne uspe aur uske baby pe ek aanch bhi nai aane di..." Aditi said wd proudness in her voice making Surbhi giggle where as Shilpa is sitting like a dumb who couldn't guess what they are talking?? But hearing Armaan's praise she guessed May be Armaan still hiding something??
"Haan... Mr Khan ka toh jawab nai.. Ek dum kisi hero ki tarah unhone Anita ko bachaaya tha aur apne saath rakkha tha Singapore mein" as Shilpa heard this her expression turned into a shock one
"Haan... Acha Shilpa tu bata... Tujhe jab pata chala tha toh kaisa laga tha...??" Aditi looked at Shilpa smilingly
"Haan aur saath mein yeh bhi bataana... Ki tumhaara expression kaisa tha... Jab Mr Khan ne tumhe bataaya tha ki... Unhe sab kuch yaad hai...??" it was another blow for her who was sitting like a statue
"Anita kaun Aditi??" she asked in lost voice which made Aditi & Surbhi both confused
"Aree... Shilpa bhool gayi... Anita jo Armaan k saath pichle cheh mahine se Singapore me reh rahi thi..." Aditi tried to remind her but as she saw Shilpa's shock look she gotted Armaan still didn't informed her about Anita "Oh... No" she gulped watching her look "Yeh Armaan na... Khud ki hi band bajwaayga" she thought worriedly when Surbhi looked at Aditi questioningly on which she made a pity look on herself
"Surbhi tumhe kab pata chala... Armaan ki yaadaast k baare mein..??" hearing Shilpa's question Surbhi looked at her "Sach bataana...??" pretending normal she asked smilingly which made Surbhi relaxed seeing her normal but Aditi knew a big blunder is waiting for Armaan
"Jab... Ohaana ek mahine ki thi... Tab Rehaan ne mujhe bataaya tha... In fact ussi waqt toh sabko pata chala tha... Haina Aditi" saying this she looked at Aditi who gave a nod wd fake smile coz she knew they both messed up Armaan's life "Tumhe kab pata chala Aditi...??" she asked to Aditi who felt to smack Surbhi's big mouth
"Vo jab... Armaan Singapore gaya tha... Dev ne bataya tha mujhe..." slowly unwillingly Aditi has to answer
"Shilpa tumne toh bataya hi nai...??" Surbhi asked smilingly but Shilpa was quiet thinking about Armaan while Aditi thought to change the topic when
"Mera chodo... Tum mujhe yeh batao... Hen's party k liye kuch socha hai...??" Shilpa herself changed the topic in fake cheerful tone
"Aree... Haan... Uska bhi toh sochna hai..." Surbhi said in serious tone making Shilpa giggle and they two got engage in their talks but Aditi knew Shilpa again didn't showed her emotion in front of them
"By god!! Ab kya hoga??" she thought worriedly looking down at her phone thinking to call Armaan or not


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