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Part 8 & 9 : Pulse

"Riddhima what's wrong with Diya?" Armaan looked at the bathroom door as he held Diya in his arms all morning she was a little was moody and Riddhima did not seem herself since they arrived.

"What the matter angel? I know lets see if we can find Dora on the telly!" seeing the famous Mallik dimple smile on her face he kissed her cheek as they both sat on the bed flicking channels….

Feeling the cool water on her face washing her salty tears she closed her eyes as if he had walked over her grave ….Vivek Kapoor the man who raped her had shown up into her life….

"Riddhima! Breakfast is here Jaan!" hearing his voice she jumped up regaining herself …. There was a man who loved her and their child in the room. There was nothing on this earth that was going to hurt her or the two most important people in the world.

"Coming!" hearing her voice quivered she closed her eyes… No Riddhima you have to be strong for Armaan as he must never find out…

He looked at her as he handed Diya a piece of toast ….

"Mommy missed Barney bear on the tv…. Didn't she Diya?!  I love you…you love me where one big happy family …"  Riddhima looked over at him in tears as he swayed singing to Diya…

"With hug from me and kiss from me to won't you say you love me too…" Armaan looked over at Riddhima as she finished off the song…as Diya kissed Armaan.

"I had no idea kids tv was so romantic!" she looked at him chucking as Diya sang her version of the songs with actions making them both smile as they looked at her twirling around with her Dora doll in her hand.

"Ok Mr Malki what have you got planned for us girls!" feeling his arms around her waist as she placed Diya dress on her she smiled feeling his kiss on her cheek.

"Wow Angel looked like a princess!" Riddhima smiled looking at her she was so like her father that dimple smile but her green eyes.

"Daddy!" seeing her picking her arms up she looked over at Armaan taking hold of her…

"Ok we going to see zoo first to see the animals….and then later this evening where going to dinner…" Armaan looked over at Riddhima as he sat Diya in the pushchair.

"What about Diya?" she looked at him smiling as he fasterned her safety belt.

"All taken care off as I have a Nani to look after Diya….."

"But a stranger Armaan I'm not sure?"  She looked at him as he approached her smiling.

"You don't trust me?" he looked at her knowing she was always so cautious and over protective…as he looked at her.

"You I trust but this Nani?" he smiled as he took hold of her in her arms.

"Relax…she an old Nurse I used to work with…Padma Shergil! In fact she wanted us to stay with her as she treats me like her son when I was an intern…"  Riddhima looked at him confused he never mentioned her before.

"She's meeting us for lunch you can meet her then….Right know relax! And lets have fun!" Riddhima smiled feeling uneasy as they headed for the door….


Riddhima looked over at Padma as she held Diya in her arms…there was something about her which she could not pin point… like she seen the face before.

"Look they get on great!" She looked over at Armaan as he whispered in her ear…

"Hmm I guess!" Seeing Riddhima still looking unsure he placed his arm around her waist.

"Looks she like a mother to be and will not harm her at all!" Riddhima blushed looking at him as he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.

"Armaan?" he looked at her going red as she lowered her eyes at the table…

"What? I will kiss my wife on holiday as much as I want!" feeling her hand hit his cheat lightly he chuckled making her blush like a school girl which he loved going as it made him love her more.

"Armaan beta!" they turned to see Padma smiling at them with Diya in her arms.

"Ji Aunty!" Riddhima looked at him in a strange manner.

"Diya is so adorable…she looked like Dora!" Riddhima looked at her kiss Diya on the cheek as Diya hugged her… Even Diya liked her as in the last 2 hours they hand bonded like old friends and she been so friendly like that with anyone before.

"If you beautiful ladies would excuse me!" She looked at Armaan leaving the table.

"Riddhima you very lucky…. Armaan talks so much about you and loves you. Diya is just beautiful… you don't know how lucky you are!" Riddhima looked at the sadness in her eyes as Diya jumped off her seat and ran towards Armaan as he returned to the table.

"Hey Angel where you going?"  he looked over at Diya covered in strawberry ice cream and chuckled as she looked cute.

Armaan looked over at Riddhima as she held Diya holding looking at the birds and smiled taking pictures in the camera.

"Thank you Armaan!" he turned to see Padma as a lone tear ran down her face.

"I don't understand why don't you tell her you her mother!" he looked at her shaking her head.

"My brother told me she died and sent her to the orphanage without my knowledge…her father left me to marry someone richer and I don't think I ever moved on…" Seeing the tears running down her face he looked at her and placed his arm around her…. She had contact him three months ago and just wanted to spend some time with them and leave them.  He knew the last time Riddhima looked for the answers she got hurt badly know he wanted to be in control of the whole matter and agree to everything on his term… where he could watch and look after the woman he loved more then anything in the world and no one would ever hurt her again.

"Auntie come on! Take this time to know you granddaughter and daughter…forget the past and let enjoy the present! Lets make some happy memories!" Armaan lead her to Riddhima and Diya…

"You're a good man Armaan!"

"Smile guys!" Armaan got them in fame and took the picture.


Riddhima look at herself in the mirror and smiled it had been a great day so far and they all had enjoyed themselves and Armaan was a wonderful as ever her heart just could not get enough of him…. As he truly was nothing but her knight in shinning amour ….as she placed the sindoor in her mang as hear the soft and gentle voice from the nursery …… as she moved towards the door she looked over at Padma sitting so comfortable with Diya….

"Oh my grandma what big eyes you have! Said little red riding hood…. All the better to see you with…."  She looked at the way Diya was captivated by her narrating the story…there was something about the woman which was familiar but she could not put her finger on it ….lately there was so much going on and she wanted to just concentrate on her world where there was Armaan and Diya… As she watched Padma placed her into bed and looked at Diya knew she was not going to sleep without her…as she noticed Diya looking at the door seeing her and smiling.

"Momma kissy!" Riddhima smiled as she walked into the room to see her sitting up out of bed with her arms open…. Padma watched her daughter kiss Diya and how they both had the special bond which she never had…As Riddhima gentle pulled up the covers….

"  Hush, little baby.
Don't say a word.
Mama's going to buy you
a mocking bird.

And if that mocking bird won't sing,
Mama's going to buy you
a diamond ring.

If that diamond ring turns brass,
Mama's going to buy you
a looking glass."

Padma looked at the way Diya closed her eyes….as Riddhima turned to look at her smiling proudly…

"When we could not sleep in the orphanage Sister Mary used to sing that song to us…" Padma noticed a little quiver in her voice as she got up from the bed.

"Armaan told me it must have been hard!" Riddhima looked at her and nodded.

"Sometime I have to pinch myself just to make sure this is really as I feel its like a fairytale or a dream…" Padma looked at her in tears.

"No beta this is really and you deserver all the happiness in the world!"


"You look as beautiful as when I first met you!" feeling his kiss on her cheek she blushed as they followed the butler to the table.

"Hmm someone's feeling romantic!" he looked at her giggling and smile.

"Baby you always turn me on!" seeing her looking at him in horror he chuckled as he saw her blushing…as she sat down in front of her he noticed the pearl earring he had gifted her and smiled

"So Jaan you enjoying Singapore?" he noticed she was more relaxed then the morning as she lifted her head from the menu…

"Yes I am!"

"Riddhima Beta!" they both turned to see a middle aged man standing at the table and Armaan noticed how pale she became and got up from his seat.

"Beta give your father a hug!" Armaan stared at Riddhima looking at him in tears as she got up from her seat.

"Hi you must be Armaan!" Riddhima looked over at Armaan as he took hold of her father's hand to shake it.

"Papa!" They turned to see Anjali and Rahul approached them and Riddhima stepped forward and took hold of Armaan's arm.

"Look kids its Riddhima!" Armaan saw the love in his eyes but noticed Riddhima shaking in fear….as Rahul and Anjali looked so uncomfortable.

"Why don't you two join us for dinner?"  Armaan looked over at the old man.

"You know Riddhima…Anjali was telling me you went back with Armaan after giving me the bone marrow ….which saved me! I never got to see you…" Armaan felt Riddhima body shaking as she looked at the floor avoiding looking at them.

"Sorry Sir but you going to have to excuse us! As I want to spend some time with my wife if you don't mind…" They looked at the harshness in Armaan's voice as he lead Riddhima to her chair and sat her down.

"Oh right!" Riddhima looked over at her father.

"I'm here as there as a guest of honour for a medical seminar and would love for you to be there both of you!" Armaan looked over at the tears rolling down Riddhima cheeks and clench his fist.

"Sir if we have time we will attend!" Armaan took his seat and looked at Rahul and Anjali angrily.

"Beta have I done something wrong?" Armaan watched him place his hand gentle on Riddhima head and watched her take hold of her father sobbing… Armaan watched her father also in tears as he held her close to him.

Armaan watched them as they spoken to each other… as learnt that there had bonded a great deal…. Anjali and Rahul did not look happy at the opposite table but Armaan knew that Riddhima need this from her father.

"She beautiful!" Riddhima looked at him staring at the photo's of Diya.

"Wow I'm a grandfather!…I still cant believe it…I don't know when I see those pair get married ….of late all they do is fight!"  Armaan looked at the way he spoke to her so softly and caringly.

"Armaan I have to thank you….for taking care of my Riddhima! Do you know I told her mother if I have a daughter Riddhima a son Akash…. She liked Anjali and Rahul! I guess to feel her close to me I named those two… Vidya there mother understood I loved you're mother….but her father pressured me to marry her and I had no choice!  I guess if things where different I would have her in my life and Riddhima would never had to have suffered….. But when her brother Kishore told me she passed away I guess it broke me….he never mention Riddhima if he had I would have had her with me as Vidya knew everything…. That man hated me and so did his father Mohan!" Armaan looked over at Riddhima as she looked at her father…. There was no regret in her eyes but she cared deeply for the old man.

"So can I meet her?" Armaan smiled and nodded.

"We see if we can make the seminar…."

"Papa don't you want to sit with them?" Shanshank shook his head and pick up the glass of wine.

"No! as I feel close to your mother when I look at you and those to bore me…." They looked at him chuckle as looked at them.

"Riddhima did nothing but talk about you Armaan when she came to London! But you left so quickly after the operation and never came to see me…" Armaan looked at her as she closed her eyes…

"It all happened so quickly and Armaan came to get me!" Armaan felt the hesitation in her voice and took hold of her hand.

"I cant live without her…as my world begins and starts with her!" Riddhima looked at him surprised as a tear ran down her cheek.

"Hey Guys what with the glum faces?" Riddhima closed her eyes that voice.

"Are Vivek look who's here?" Riddhima looked up and him grinning at her as he looked over at Armaan while her father introduced him to Armaan…. Riddhima could feel his eyes burning through her body…


~~Part 9~~

"Armaan beta what the matter?" Armaan turned to see Padma staring at him as he looked out the window to see the night life below… It was so obvious to see where Riddhima got her stunning looks and those green eyes stared back at him as he turned and headed towards her. … Unable to establish what he was feeling he smiled looking at her mother concerned look on her face and smiled to reassure her he was ok.

"Tea?" he looked at her as she picked up the phone and called house keeping and order tea…He smiled at walked into the nursey bedroom and looked over at Diya fast asleep in the bed and smiled gentle closing the door…. As he walked back into the main room he looked over at the large double doors and never Riddhima was now asleep how she held to him tightly he knew something had spooked her and he knew what it was…. Seeing the old faces she meet when in London must have triggered something as she shivered next to him and held me ….

"Beta?" he looked back over at Padma as she poured the tea which had now arrived.

"When I can't sleep I too have that look on my face…" he smiled sitting down on the armchair opposite her and smiled as she had him his cup.

"what's the matter beta?" he looked at her ..and looked at the large double doors…

"Riddhima?" she looked at him nodding

"We met Shanshank Gupta this evening!" he studied her face as she stop the cup reaching her lips…now she had that same look Riddhima had on her face…

"Oh!" he looked at her eyes swell up and knew what she was feeling….and cursed himself

"Momma I am sorry!" he looked at the surprise look on her face as he called her momma…and saw the tears running down her face…getting up from the armchair he placed his cup and hers on the table and took hold of her in his arms as she sobbed.

"Say it again Armaan!" hearing her voice quivered he held her as she placed his head on his chest sobbing.

"Momma!" he whispered holding her as sobbed….how this woman lost everyone she loved because of her own family and now she was just starving to feel love and for a family…all day he saw how she loving handled Diya making up for everything she had missed with Riddhima and how Diya without any questions just totally showed her back with the same affection…he smiled think how his daughter did not have a mean bone in her body and just spread love where ever she went.

"I can die happy know Armaan! Thank you!" he looked at her getting out of his hold and smiled.

"So when do you think we tell her?" he looked at her wiping her tears and looked at him.

"I am scared she will hate me…" he looked at her a little taking back as she looked so frail and gentle placed his arms around her and smiled.

"Momma I love you and so does Diya… so she out voted and I am adopting you!" he looked at the smile on her face and smiled back.

"Armaan!" they turned to see Riddhima looking at them a little surprise to see his arm around her as she wiped her eyes…

"Is everything ok!" Armaan smiled leaving his arm around Padma and handed her, her cup of tea and smiled.

"Me and my mom could not sleep… so we were talking about how much I love you!" Riddhima looked at him surprised as he removed his arm around Padma and winked at her…

"That's right hey mom!" Riddhima walked over towards them hearing him call the old nurse mom.

"Armaan?" he looked at her dumbstuck as she walked over towards them.

"I was telling mom that I have official adopted her and want her to stay with us…she can help you look after Diya…."

"Armaan we have had this conversation I don't need help looking at MY FAMILY!" Armaan looked at her as she gave them a look of disapproval and he stood up from his seat.

"Mom is staying with us now Ridz…" Riddhima looked over at Padma and then back at Armaan as he looked at her sternly… he never raised his voice to her and know he was behaving so oddly and that to in front of a stranger.

"Armaan!…"  He noticed the sadden look on Padma's face as she head towards her room.

"Mom wait!" Riddhima looked at him walk past her and place his hand on her shoulder.

"Mom as from today… I will look after you and you are know part of this family…I never knew my mother she died when I was little and Papa and the Kaka raised me…So as head of THIS family I want you to stay with us forever!" he looked over at Riddhima who just looked at him in amazement.

"Goodnight Mom!" he leaned forward and hugged her… Riddhima looked over at Padma as she left them alone.

"What the hell Armaan!" he looked at her as she walked over towards the bedroom and followed her.

"I want her with us! We need her!" Riddhima looked over at him as he closed the large double doors and approached her.

"Need her? Was she an old lover?" he looked at her surprised as he marched over towards her.

"What?" she looked at the angrily look on his face full of disgust

"You heard me…it was convenient she is here to baby-sit and now you want her living with us?" she looked at him as he looked at her sternly.

"Fine I arranged the whole thing! As I want you out of the house and doing something with you're life besides spoon feeding me and Diya…" she looked at him as he walked over to the bed and sat down.

"My life is you and Diya! This is all I ever wanted!" she looked at him in tears as he avoided looking at her.

"Liar! You wanted to be independent and I fell for that charm of yours…now you are scared to do anything on your own… what happens if I die tomorrow!" he looked up at her to see her in tears as she sat down next to him looking at him.

"Armaan don't say such things!" she looked into his hazel eyes as he looked at her.

"Say what I am going to die! Face it Riddhima it's true I am not going to live forever and neither is Mom…she an old woman who has no one so I just want her to be part of OUR family…." She looked at him getting up and pulling the bed covers……She watched him get into bed and pull up the cover.

"By the way ….if she was an old flame as you put it I would never have married the woman I have ever loved in my entire life…I would have married her instead!" she looked across the bed to see his back and the bedside lamp switched off.

He felt her get into the covers as a lone tear ran down his cheek… how could she think he would ever do such a thing as he closed his eyes he felt her take hold of him from behind.

"I am sorry!" he heard her whisper as he just did not respond.

"I am not in the mood! ..just leave me alone!" feeling his hand push her away she looked at him stunned never in the five years had she know him to be so cold.

"Armaan!" he opened his eyes and let out a sigh.

"Don't say another word which you will regret later on…I have told you Mom is living with us and I will not heard another word…further more you will make an effort with her and if you upset her Ridz… it will hurt me even more!" she looked at his back stunned by what he had just said.


"Did you not hear what I have just said!" he turned over angrily and looked at her…seeing the tears in his eyes she looked at him dumbstruck the man who was her entire life support looked at her a little weak.

"I just .." he looked at her as she lowered her eyes.

"Just what?" He looked at her angrily

"I am sorry if you think I baby spoon you and …" seeing the tears running down her face he looked at her…. Wanting to feel his arms she looked at him not moving.

"I worry about you everyday…and some days I feel like im walking on eggshells…its like you are there and with me but something is missing or you are hiding something..i cant put my finger on it…but ever since you've came back from London you have not been yourself…I have tried for the 2 years we have been together and though maybe a baby will help you…and my Diya as beautiful as she is still has not helped you…. I don't know what else to do but to be tough with you now!" she moved forward and felt his arms coming towards her and hugging her completely.

"I have kept something from you Riddhima… that woman I call Momma it you're biological mother…" feeling her grip loosen he looked at her sobbing.

"Three months ago …I had an appointment with her and she came to see me…she told me she found a letter in her brothers things….which stated that he had left you at the orphanage…he told her you died at child birth and she wanted to meet you and Diya….so when I was away I arranged everything…." Seeing the tears running down her eyes he wiped them away with his lips gentle kissing them away.

"She has no one but us and I want her in our lives ….as I need her too and so does Diya" feeling his own eyes swell up he looked at her.

"You did this all for me!" seeing the guilty look on her face as she hugged him sobbing

"I am so sorry!" feeling his hand stroking her hair …I cant believe what I have said to him and he was only looking after my best interests….cursing herself she sobbed.

"Just call her ma and talk to her …."   Riddhima looked at him fast asleep as she held him….How much he loves her and would bend over backwards just for her…she was not worthy of such a man ….but what was she going to do as Vivek whispered at the dinner table he wanted to see her and know she was getting more scared as she did not want to be alone with the monster…. But he said if she did not see him the be tell Armaan….. Now she had to see him…. Momma how could she not see it? Papa had answered all her questions about her past and he thinks she dead? There was so much to do and how was she going to manage?

"Ridz go to sleep!" she looked at him opening his eyes at her

"I can't?" she looked at him adjusting himself to talk to her.

"Ok look Momma is a little distrube by what happen I'm sure she going to be fine in the morning….so relax!" he looked at her and knew she had to do this as he nodded and they both got out of the bed.

"Armaan I want to…" seeing the nod she leaned forward and kissed him

"I love you and would die for you!" seeing him take hold of her waist she smiled cheekily at him.

"hmm… lets see would you die if I did this?" feeling his lips on her as she kissed her with such passion she opened her eyes as he released her.

"You kill me everything baby!" he smiled as he let her go and winked at her as she left the room.

Padma looked over at Diya sleeping as the tears rolled down her eyes.

"I don't want to come between you beti! I leave in the morning…but I will cherish this day forever…" She walked over and pulled out her bag….

"Momma what are you doing?" Padma stopped in her tracks as the tears did not stop.

"See you're as bad as Armaan I can't believe I have 3 kids to take care of now…" Padma stared at her as she took out the clothes and walked over to the cupboard and put them away.

"Beta?" Riddhima's tears where now running down her face as she faced her…. Feeling the warm embrace she missed out on all her life she looked at her mother and smiled.

"I am sorry about earlier and …" seeing her mother wiping her tears and look at her loving she smiled telling her it was ok.

"I can't believe Armaan seriously…" Padma smiled looking at her.

"He was scared and so was I so we never told you….he was scared of losing you like when you went to see you're father…" Padma noticed her body tense up and looked at her.

"I don't deserve him Momma in fact I would have been dead if it was not for him….I own him more then my life!" Padma looked at the love in her eyes for him and smiled.

"Hmm he loves you to and does not stop talking about you and Diya!"  Riddhima looked over at Diya asleep in her cot.

"I never saw you as a baby as Dadda told me you where dead and seeing Diya has…" seeing the tears running down her face Riddhima tool hold of her hand.

"Momma lets just start a fresh… Diya is now your daughter and I think I am going to need you more then ever as I think I am having twins!" Padma looked at her surprised and Riddhima nodded.

"I want to give Armaan the news when we go back home as I want to confirm it with my doctor…. You know these pregnancy tests can be wrong!" Padma nodded and took hold of her.

"Momma its late and I think we all had a long day…and god know what Armaan has plans for in the morning…Goodnight!" Padma smiled as she felt her lips on her forehead… Finally her dreams of having a family came true…


"Dadda!" Armaan opened his eyes to find Diya on top of him gentle patting his face.

"Morning my princess!" he looked at her giggling as he kissed her

"Dadda Barney bear?" Armaan smiled getting up to find Riddhima not in the room.

"Where momma?" he said taking hold of her in his arms

"Momma with Dadi!" Armaan kissed her on the forehead as she smiled.

He looked over at them as they looked at the breakfast trolley delivered to the room.

"Diya come on beta breakfast!" Armaan placed her on the floor as she went running over towards Padma.

"Tubby toast! Tubby toast!" Riddhima walked over towards him and kissed him on the cheek to see him smile and hug her.

"Ok today we are going shopping and sight seeing!" Riddhima nodded as she watched him walk back into the bedroom…..Vivek wanted to see her and how was she going to get away…No I will refuse to see him…feeling scared she looked over at her mother and Diya having breakfast as Diya placed the toast in Padma mouth and she smiled…

"Riddhima where is my shaver and cream?" hearing him shout she left the room.

"Hey!"she looked at him grabbing hold of her.

"Lets shower together?" Riddhima released herself and shook her head.

"Momma is here?" Armaan looked at her and took hold of her hand.

"Come on! Momma's a big girl and Diya will look after her!" she could tell he was deadly serious and blushed pulling him back.

"Armaan?" feeling her feet getting lifted from the ground she looked at him and blushed…..feeling his kiss she knew resisting would be futile as she could never resist him either


Padma noticed that Riddhima was so relax with Armaan the last few hours as she pushed the pram behind them…and smiled….I pray to god that he always keeps you happy no matter what she prayed as she looked at them walking hand in hand at the shopping centre.

'beep beep' Armaan looked at the phone flashing Shanshank and passed Riddhima the phone.

"Hello Papa!" Armaan let go of her hand and walked over towards the shop window leaving her alone.

"No Vivek! I'm borrowing uncles phone… I want to meet you I have picture of our night together I need to show you…so I see you in the evening at 7pm so be ready as I will leave an envelop at the hotel desk with where to meet me…..Uncle its Riddhima!" feeling sick she closed her eye hearing her father voice


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