Sunday, 24 February 2019

part 8& 9: Tumhare hum

part 8 : 

When I wake up the
following morning, it's worse than
how I woke up yesterday! I feel soft
skin underneath my hand. I look up
instantly to see my head resting on
Armaan's broad bare chest. My hand
rests carelessly over his heart, while
his arms are securely around my
waist. I panic and quickly look down,
making sure all my clothes are
currently on me and not scattered
across the room. I sigh in relief
knowing that at least the thing I
dread the most did not occur. I

shake Armaan awake not bothering
to care that he is sleeping so
peacefully. He doesn't wake up, but
loosens his grip and turns awkwardly
I grin and kick him hard on his
behind, forcing him to fall on the
floor with a thud. I fold my arms
across my chest demanding, "WHAT
scratches his head confused saying,
"What the hell Riddhima? Ugh we
came here to London to make our
fashion house more popular?" I
scream agitatedly, "NO! I mean what
am I doing here on the bed with
you?" Armaan groans, "Oh God
Riddhima! You were so
uncomfortable on the couch so I
brought you back to the bed!
Besides, I'm not even on the bed
anymore thanks to you! God you're
such a drama queen!" My eyes burn
in anger, "WHAT?" Armaan looks
more alert as he realizes what he
said, "Riddhima just relax okay? Look
if I didn't move you then you would
not have been able to sleep and our
presentation today would have been
jeopardized because of it." I know
what he is saying is quite true
because I'm a person that values
sleep. I just stomp off towards the
bathroom, not happy with the way
this morning has started off either.
Soon after the doorbell
rings and Armaan appears with my
suitcases. I feel so relieved and
happy that I would have jumped him
had he been someone who I do not
despise. I look through my clothing
to find an outfit to wear to the
meeting today. Armaan shakes his
head at my crazy behavior and goes
to take a shower. I decide to wear a
white cotton dress with black laces
that falls above my knees. I pick out
my black boots to wear with it,
knowing it accentuates my outfit. I
turn around to see Armaan wearing
a white shirt with a black suit and
his hair still damp from his shower.
To say he looks hot would be an
understatement. I shake my
thoughts as he comes up to
compliment me. He grins, "Well
don't you clean up nicely!" I smirk,
"Whatever, I look good in anything I
wear!" I swear I heard him mumble,
"Or not wear…" I decided to take it
as a compliment instead of arguing
with him about thinking of me in
that way. Can anyone say pervert?
We make our way to the
Chandni Raat Fashion House and
quickly enter the board meeting.
Armaan and I are to introduce our
fashion house and how it would be
beneficial to their company to
market our collection. I am
practically shaking in my boots,
literally I might add. I glance over at
Armaan to see him very calm and
composed. I find him next to me,
smiling quite confidently at me. I
take a deep breath and begin with
the presentation. During the
meeting, I got a few gasps because
of our great collection of clothing.
Now here is a time where I would
definitely condone Armaan's
arrogance because well our stuff is
just that good. After all the positive
feedback Armaan and I receive, we
are informed that the deal is
completely in our favor. After their
private discussion, Armaan and I are
told that the company would love to
market our clothing through their
popular franchise. In a moment of
insanity, I throw my arms around his
neck giving him a long hug. I quickly
pull myself away and Armaan frowns
sensing my discomfort.
We both leave after Armaan
charms the pants off every woman in
the building, not literally though
thank God for that! Tomorrow we
would be signing the contract with
their fashion house. Our flight back
is not until three days later, mostly
because Armaan feels the need to
tour around the London area. I don't
mind much since it's also my first
time in London as well. On the ride
back to our hotel Armaan says, "We
should celebrate tonight, don't you
think?" I am in no mood to celebrate
with my arch nemesis so I reply,
"Don't you think we should celebrate
after we sign the papers? Aren't you
getting ahead of yourself?" Armaan
smirks, "Oh please, that's just an
excuse! So what's the real reason…
are you scared to be alone with me?"
I give him a weird look saying, "Umm
hello, we are alone right now!"
Armaan laughs, "You and me both
know that it's not quite the same!
So tell me Miss Gupta, are you
scared?" I snort, "Not in the
slightest, so what exactly did you
have in mind hot shot?" Armaan
grins at me and announces,
I look at him as if he has
completely lost his head. I shout,
"We can't go clubbing!" Armaan
smirks, "Why is it not your scene?" I
laugh, "That's so not the problem! It
is virtually impossible for us to go to
a club and not come home drunk! I
for one do not want to go to the
meeting tomorrow with a hangover!"
Armaan laughs, "That's just another
excuse! Besides the meeting is not
until 3 P.M. so even if you are
wasted, we can recover by then! So…
are we going or what?" I sigh
knowing I will probably regret this
later, "Sure, why not?" Just then, two
ideas hit me at once and I cannot
seem to stop myself from smiling. I
need to start thinking more
positively about his idiotic ideas. I
figure I could totally make him
jealous or I could throw myself at
him blaming it on the alcohol.
Either way I would gain his attention
and make him question his feelings
towards me. I grin even more
deciding to combine the two
masterful ideas. I know for a fact
that Armaan plans to make me
jealous by dancing and flirting with
several women, but what he doesn't
know is that my plan is going to
jeopardize his.

part 9 : 

Since it is already around 7
P.M. when we leave the fashion
house, Armaan decides to go to the
club directly. It is lucky that I had
already done some touch ups of my
makeup in the bathroom at the
fashion house or else I would have
had one of my famous fits. My
clothes already make me look
smoking hot, so that is definitely not
a problem. Yes, I know what I just
said, but seriously modesty is just
not my thing anymore. We arrive at
the club and notice of line guys
waiting outside by the bouncer. If
there is something I'm good at that
is getting into clubs without waiting
in line, now it is time to see if my
talent worked in London or not.
Armaan and I make our way to the
bouncer and I bite onto my bottom
lip in a very seductive manner,
batting my eyelashes a bit. The
bouncer smiles and lets me in, while
Armaan's eyes grow wide in shock.
The bouncer stops Armaan from
following me inside so he quickly
says to the bouncer, "I'm with her!"
I nearly laugh hearing that. Armaan
catches up with me asking, "How the
heck Riddhima?" I smirk at him
replying, "You're welcome Armaan!" I
proudly walk off towards the bar,
while noticing Armaan is still
standing there shocked over viewing
all that just occurred. I have no
doubt Armaan had no problems
getting into clubs in India since he
is quite popular; however, he
doesn't have that luxury in London. I
love having that edge over Armaan,
it is without a doubt very
entertaining for me.
I quickly get myself a
martini, while Armaan walks over to
join me. He turns to the bartender
and gets a beer for himself. He sits
down scanning the crowd, his eyes
purposefully lingering over the
women. He gives me side-glances,
which don't go unnoticed by me. I
snort while taking a careless sip out
of my martini. As I eat the olive from
my drink, I watch as Armaan goes
over to a woman to ask her for a
dance. Our eyes connect for a
second and then I roll my eyes,
which eventually land on the man
standing in front of me. If I am to
describe him in one word it would
definitely be hot. He is Indian too
that much is obvious along with a
gorgeous head of hair and a dashing
smile. He is definitely in the same
league as Armaan, meaning he's
perfect to play out my plan. I smile,
twirling my hair and walk with him
towards the dance floor. I pass by
Armaan giving him a brief glance. He
stiffens immediately as he sees me
with another man. Honestly, did he
think I would sit at the bar and
watch him all night? Seriously is
Armaan blind, just look at me? I grin
like a fool knowing he is boiling in
anger as I dance with this cutie. I
whisper to the guy, "I'm Riddhima."
He smiles, "Shabd" I smile and
continue to dance with him,
gradually bringing my body closer to
his. From the corner of my eye I see
that the closer I get to Shabd, the
further Armaan gets from the woman
he is dancing. Apart from getting
further from the woman he is also
turning an angry shade of red.
I eventually get so close to
Shabd that I am practically grinding
with him. I guess that is the last
straw for Armaan because he darts
over towards us, forgetting about the
woman he was dancing with. I smirk
and turn away from Armaan before
he comes up behind me. Armaan
asks trying to mask his anger, "Can I
cut in?" Shabd looks at Armaan
weirdly and then to me. I nod my
head at Shabd, subtly letting him
know it is okay. He says to Armaan,
"She's all yours" while walking away.
As soon as Shabd leaves, Armaan
pulls me towards him making me
collide with his chiseled chest of
pure perfection. Riddhima shut up,
you can't say that!! I shake my head
lightly to dismiss any romantic
thoughts and look into his eyes for a
moment, seeing an unnerving
amount of passion. I mentally smirk.
I have been doing that a lot lately,
smirking mentally I mean! I ask
cheekily, "Jealous much?" All he does
in response is bring me closer to
him, staring into my chocolaty brown
eyes. Not being able to look into his
eyes, I turn my body around in his
arms so that my back is pressed
against his warm body. His hands
wander towards my waist and also
play with the hem of my dress.
We start grinding on the dance floor
and I make sure to keep my
hormones in check. I really didn't
need to wake up next to Armaan for
a completely different reason other
than the one from this morning. He
keeps sniffing my hair like some kind
of dog. Seriously, what's with guys
and sniffing hair? And another thing,
Armaan sure can't keep his hands to
himself. It is definitely not easy
preventing my mind from wandering
like his hands are wandering over
my body. It takes loads of self-
control to keep myself from getting
caught up in the passion that is our
dancing. I let my mind drift to the
reasons I am doing this. Let me just
tell you, not looking into his eyes
helps so much! You see I was always
a sucker for his gorgeous steely grey
eyes. It was definitely a good call to
turn around when I did. I am a
woman on a mission, falling into the
depths of his eyes is not an option.
He softly groans into my ear, "What
are you doing to me Riddhima?" I
grin, "I can't help it that you want
me!" Armaan smirks, "Like you don't
want me?" I laugh, "Armaan I
thought I said I would maintain a
professional relationship with you!"
Armaan snorts, "Oh yeah? So what
do you call this?" I grin, "If I
remember correctly it was you who
pulled me away from that gorgeous
guy so that you could dance with
me, not the other way around
I smirk leaving Armaan stunned and
alone on the dance floor, while I exit
the club and head towards the
parking lot. I know Armaan is
seriously thinking over what I have
just told him because well he isn't
here yet. I'm sure he has no clue
why he let his jealousy get the best
of him. That's a positive thing, him
being confused. Confusion can only
be sorted out through analysis,
which is what he is doing right
about now. The fact that Armaan
hasn't followed me out and still is
not here is definitely a good sign.
Armaan eventually comes out of the
club five minutes later. He is
speechless that much is evident. His
ego definitely took a little blow, but
hey that's good for me. I quietly sit
in the seat, making sure not to gloat
in victory or else he would probably
throw me out of the car. It wouldn't
be the first time he did something
so heartless. Anyways we arrive at
the hotel in silence and we head
towards the elevator. Surprisingly
Armaan still hasn't said a word to
me. I glance towards him to see his
brows furrowed in confusion as if
fighting a losing battle in his mind.
He walks me to my door
and I see him still lost in his train of
thought. I nearly laugh and then
lean over giving him a lingering kiss
on the cheek. His eyes grow wide in
shock, but I am not done yet. I cup
his face in my small hands and I
softly press my lips against his for a
brief moment, then murmuring,
"Goodnight Armaan!" I abruptly turn
around and walk into my room with
a grin plastered on my face. Just to
see that one look of shock on his
face is enough to make me kiss him
again. I bet I made the "poor" guy
even more confused about his
feelings towards me now… oh man
this is fun!


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