Thursday, 7 February 2019

part 8: Don't step on the Daisies

"I Riddhima Gupta, take you Armaan Malki, to be my wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness!" Riddhima looked over at the family members as they witnessed Armaan's and her marriage on the large screen as she looked into his eyes?. Nervously she looked at her fathers face filled with confusion and shame as she hugged Armaan ? as he moved closer to kiss her on screen.

"Padma we are leaving!" Riddhima looked at her father as she stepped towards the door.

"Papa?" she approached him and saw the anger on his face.

"You know what hurts the most is the fact that you were be adult enough to get married and not adult enough to let us know about THIS? I don't think I could ever trust you again?"  She looked at the stern look he gave her mother as he looked over at Anjali and Atul too.

"But Papa I was?." She looked over at Armaan in desperation to see him with his head lowered.

"You were what Riddhima?  Don't lie to me !! What I saw just now in front of you're mother and sister was a wedding! You seem very happy with him!"  Armaan looked over at Shashanks angrily expression.

"And you! This whole thing of giving Anjali a surprise was an suck up act!"  Armaan looked at Atul and then lowered his head.

"No Papa! Seriously that was my idea Armaan had?.." Atul stopped as he saw Shanshanks hand raised you to stop him.

"I guess me and Rahool are the biggest mugs here? and Rahool I am so sorry that I could not honour your fathers wishes to turn our friendship into something else? While my daughter was seeing another man behind both our back.!"  Riddhima looked over at her mother as the tears ran down her face.

"Papa I'm sorry and.." Riddhima stepped closer to him as he stepped back.

" I wish you a happy married life!" she looked at her father turn towards the door.

"Padma!" Riddhima looked over at her mother who was tearful as she walked passed Riddhima

"Momma!" Riddhima took hold of her as she sobbed

"I will talk to him.. but he very upset we all are ?it will be ok beta!" hearing her mother shoking on her own words she felt her mother release her as she looked over at Anjali.

"Di?!" she looked over at her as she cried.

"Ridz you could not even trust me?? and you sneaked around in my house behind my back!!" as she placed her hand to her mouth she cried feeling everyone harsh words sting her as they left?

Kirti and Shub looked at Armaan and as Shub stepped angrily towards him, he stopped feeling Kirti's hand.

"Honey! They don't need it from us as well!" Shub nodded his head and walked away angrily.  Kirti looked over at them both and sighed.

"Riddhima is you're responsibly and need you more then ever now Armaan!" he looked over at her sobbing and looked to see Kirti follow Shub.

"Riddhima!" feeling his arms around him she sobbed feeling the warmth of his embraced.

"I am here! Its OK!" she released him and looked at him angrily.

"You planned the whole thing and I hate you!" he looked at her surprised as she turned around not to face him? as he grabbed her arm and he pulled her close to him.

"You brought the whole thing on yourself? you so wanted me to rescue you when Rahool was touching you? as why did you tell he tried to kiss you last night?? and today in the celebrations when he forced you to be with him? were you're eyes not searching for me.. I sent Sapna to you're aid! Thinking of the arrangement between us the first time? but that look you gave me? telling me to come.. what the hell was that?" she looked at him as he pulled her close to him.

"I never asked you Armaan and ?" as she struggled to free herself she felt the sheer strength of his arms pull her back to him hard.

"You will do what I say and obey our wedding vows! Till death do us part!!"  seeing the rage in his eyes she pulled herself away from him as he stubbornly held her.

"What wedding and what vows?!!?! I HATE YOU!!" feeling his lips on hers hard she hit his chest with her fists and trying to free herself by pushing him away?. He kissed her more intensely and found her no longer resisting him as now she was melting in his arms? as he carried her up the stairs in his arms still kissing her he open the door to the bedroom and laid her down on his bed?. feeling her fingers through he hair he bit her on the neck and then he released her and smiled.

"That is all you are getting! I am hunger go and get me something to eat!" she looked at him getting of the bed and opening the wardrobe door taken back by what just happened

As he pulled off his white top covered in colour he turned round and faced her ? he narrowed his eyes at her and look at her.

"Did you hear me?" she looked up and nodded seeing him topless as she looked away quickly getting of the bed.

"I'm going into the shower and I expect something to eat!" as the tears ran down her face she looked at him shutting the bathroom door shut?


He looked at her through the mirror as she placed the tray of food on the bed as he combed his hair?. As he looked at the food on the tray he looked at her dressed in her white dress covered in colour?

"Bhabhi has given you something to wear it's in the bathroom get freshen up!" he looked at her sternly as she moved towards the bathroom door.

He sighed as soon as the door shut? you're hatred is enough for me to live my life with know you are close to me? I know you love me but you need to fulfil you're vows and so far in this relationship I am the one living my life as you're husband?I am going to have to teach you this vital lesson honey!

As she felt the warm water on her face she looked at the colour on the tiled floor? as her tears ran down her face she looked at herself in the mirror and saw a spec of colour in her hair not completely washed out ? as she reached up to touch it she remembered the Sindoor he placed in her mang? It was true what he had said she was looking at him to intervene but not in this manner ? as she has lost her family complete now thanks to him? Now no matter what I am getting a divorce just to be free of him and to get my family back? she though placing the black satin nightie on?

She looked around the room to find him not there and the food on the tray was not touched as she heard gentle laughter coming from outside she looked at the open door ?. Moving forward she walked down the corridor to where the giggling was stronger.

"Ok my sweethearts! Good night!!" as she peered through the door she saw him kiss them on the cheek and smiled as he approached the door.

"Chachu! Chachi is nice right?" he turned around and smiled at them both.

"You know what I have a feeling she will love you both more then me!" Riddhima closed her eyes as she felt her heart skip a beat..

"So why she not come to say good night!" Armaan looked over at Minnie as he scratched his head.

"Armaan!" he turned to see her walk into the room.

"Will you introduce me!!" he looked at her memorized to see her dress so elegantly in the long black night with the matching Satin night gown as she moved closer to him?He looked at her tucking the girls in as he smiled ? God how I love her he through looking to see her by his side?. Riddhima smiled at him? I need all the help I can get to pay you back! She thought looked at him as he took her hand and lead him towards his room.

"Why don't you eat as you have not eaten all day!" she looked at him surprised as he sat her down at the edge of the bed?. he saw her looking around the room and smiled.

"It's very man-ish so I guess we will make it ours!" he looked at her as he broke the roti and dipped it in the dhal? he saw her nodding as he placed the roti towards her lips?. What is it with this guy?as one minute he a jerk and next????? He looked at her open her mouth and smiled.

"Armaan you are hunger as well!" she looked at him shake his head when suddenly his stomach spoke the truth? he looked at her giggling and smiled

"Liar!" he chuckled as he looked at her place the roti in his mouth?

As he looked at the ceiling he smiled his wife was in there bed with him and in his house.. as he turned over to face her he looked at her with her eyes closed? he smiled turning back? feeling her arms take hold of him he smiled

"You just wait! You have taken away my family from me I will make you pay!" he looked at her total shocked as she mumbled in her sleep turning over.......'If you want a war Riddhima I will give you one'!?.


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