Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Part 8 : Perfect

As the rays of sun penetrated the slight crevice between the 2 curtains and hit her face, she frowned slightly and tried to bury her face deeper into the pillow, only to be interrupted by...HUH???was she still dreaming about yesterday????or was it really 'mysterious girl' playing she pulled off her sheets she saw her radio was turned on and that was where the song was she slowly made a move to get out of bed, smiling slightly because she so loved this song...and because...oh well she self confessed...because of last evening....she saw herself still in the dress from last evening, the helen of troy costume, and the whole evening came back in a flash....she remembered how on entering the house after armaan had dropped her she had briefly mentioned to her father about their decision to marry and then excusing herself on the pretext of being tired had just come up. she also remembered how she had decided to sleep in the costume since she just did not feel like parting from the dress she had worn on the evening of her first date...well yeh she could call it a date now she guessed...with armaan....she thought with certain amount of regret how she had yelled at him, like she had at no one before, and though she still felt the same way about his actions
her anger and frustration from the past evening had mellowed down and now she wondered if she had not in fact overreacted a bit. she had not even let him explain himself in the car....well what's done is done i guess....that should just be a lesson for your future she got out of the bed still wondering about the radio...she saw her house help maria walk in with the bed tea...without her even asking maria said..."a certain charming young fellow had come to meet your father, straight from his early morning jog it appeared....before leaving he left me this note and asked me to give it you after turning on the radio for the morning 8am show on this station....i hope the note explains the rest ms. gupta" giving her a puzzled nod, implying that she could leave ridhima flipped open the note which said "have a nice day.....hope u like the request!!!" and she heard the remaining part of the song playing....
Well Ive been sitting by the phone hoping youd call
When time me hear your voice I feel ten feet tall
Body weh you have a make de man dem a bawl
Man a tripover man when time your name call
Your pretty looks surround me like a flowers a bloom
And I love the smell of your elizabeth taylor perfume
Your personality alone light up de room
Just one kiss alone a make me heart go boom
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
I wanna get close to you
(cmon now,cmon now)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Mysterious girl
Move your body close to mine....
as the song faded away she heard a bright voice quip up..."good morning, this is denise, and you are listening to me on 94.9 BBC London love's calling....that beautiful classic was the first track of the day, and now we have on air the caller who requested the song..... hey there...what's your name" and then ridhima jerked up as she heard the familiar voice saying "hi denise never mind my name for now....she will know who i am when she hears my voice and if she doesnt she will definitely recognize the song....i want to wish her good luck for the day...its a special day for her, and i just want her to know that um sure she will rock the performance...." "ooooohhh anonymous call huh???well dude atleast tell us who the girl is and why this particular song???" armaan started swiftly"well the girl is.."he paused not sure of what he should say..then continued "you know what i will let her decide our relationship status this time....but this song she mentioned was her old favorite from high school, and so i thought she might like the sound of it early morning....not the perfect good luck song i know...but she likes it thats what matters i guess....well thanx denise...nice talking to you and thanx for playing my request!!!"...with that the show went on but ridz heard no more....OMG she thought....armaan????he requested that song for me....she pinched herself....yeh yeh lady its all true....happening for real...but....o boy....i so should have not yelled at him yesterday....i mean there are more polite ways of making your point ridzi....she looked upwards at the ceiling as if hoping for god to peek through and console her....well she thought....too bad i gave him that first really wrong picture of the kind of girl i am....that was so not like me...i am never like that....but there is nothing to be done now....get up ridzi....u have a show to perform for....hmmm performance....and she remembered his good luck message and smiled deeply...she felt special for the first time in her really special....shaking her head she said.....highschool swetheart request indeed.....from a man who is a high school kid at the threshold of becoming a law graduate....smiling still more...she went to get ready.....


As she entered her scene on stage, she thought of him yet again....actually that was a bad way to state facts she thought...she dint think of him again...she had not stopped thinking of him ever since they first met....the dialogues went on....the romantic scenes taking her back to the former part of the previous one of the scenes where she was supposed to be getting dressed up she touched her tiara if feeling his lingering touch on it from was now her seen with her male lead, the scene of a supposed long awaited confession before he would steal her out of the palace, and as she confessed her love imagining armaan before her she really did see him....WHAT????well he wasnt on the stage before her but looking past the protagonist playing the role opposite to her she saw him sitting in the first row flashing that dimpled smile....for a moment which felt like eternity she was sure they had an eye lock....OMG why was he looking at her like that...and what was he doing here....and....before she could think further, her male lead PARIS lifted her wasnt a part of the script but she quickly caught his cue and realized that her several second long drift had not escaped him....silently she thanked him for saving her grace on stage....and then the play continued smoothly....because she fought all urge and dared not look in his direction again, she knew she would not survive a second time....his presence for a couple of minutes had zapped her totally, but then she had recovered, and for the scenes that followed her performance had beaten its own previously set records....for somewhere in the back of her head a tiny voice did not fail to remind her at every moment on the stage that he was watching her....


She walked through the members of the crew, nodding her head and smiling her eyes searching for only one each one of them patted her and complimented her...some did not speak just pulled her into a was one such hug....from emily which she was returning while chattering excitedly when she saw him again, leaning against the wall of her changing room, smiling at her....his hands behind his back....OMG she was him then, i wasnt imagining....he actually came to the opening performance????and just look at him standing there.....could a man ever look any better????but then something snapped her out of her frenzy and she remembered the latter part of the evening past....immediately she looked away feeling not quite so guilty but just morose within....well he was not as perfect as she had made him out to be she reasoned....but neither was she....infact yesterday she had been just...not her sane no condition can i face him she thought....she had been groomed with such perfection to be a lady, that she found it exceedingly awkward to face the man who had borne her at her ridzi...u have to get over with this she told herself....if you dont it will always be the same awkwardness...dont forget you are going to marry him just have to go and talk....stop thinking about what will happen...just go....yes...just go....and she started walking towards him, finally having been released by her excited team members....
Armaan on the other hand didnt move at all....he just kept standing there and staring at her.....she was indeed a great performer....he had seen how every pair of eyes in the hall had been glued to the stage during her scenes....he himself just could not take his eyes off her....he told himself over and over that he was there only to make up for his past mistake....afterall he was marrying her for a big wouldnt take much of a toll on him to be nice to her when she was going to give him a star studded future......but just as he thought he was convinced with that being his reason to please her....there had been that eye lock....or had he just imagined it he still was not sure.....something had it never had before with him.....but then he reasoned, she had been outstanding on stage and it was a romantic scene...he must have just been engulfed by the essence of it all nothing more to as she walked towards him with a solemn look he recalled how moments ago she had been laughing and smiling with her team....he felt guilty again blaming himself for what must be the zillionth time to have behaved like a jerk the evening before....but its ok armaan....ur making up for it.....u always know your way back with ladies she is one of them too....or was she special he thought????well of course she is special he forced himself to think....who would not call the gupta heiress special....and well....ummm...ok here she comes....he heard himself saying in what sounded like a strangers voice "hi ridhima...great show there...u are really talented to pull off a performance like that...." and saying so he handed her a bunch of flowers....she took them with a small smile and replied "thanks...for coming to the show....for the morning request....and for the.....FLOWERS????" she looked at the bunch and gave him a puzzled look....grinning at her he said...."well you told me your favorite song so i knew what to request, but u never mentioned what flowers you like so i got one of each kind from the florist....if you pick your favorite from these i will get you a uniform bunch of just those from next time..." she just could not check her laughter after hearing that statement...."armaaaaan gosh...."she said trying hard to speak between laughter "you are so funny....OMG...i have never heard of such a concept to please a're hilarious...." "and here i was thinking you would be touched deeply by my gesture....but oh well even if you find that funny....its good to see you laugh....."he said smiling....she got a bit conscious hearing his last comment and looked at him and thought ok i have to say it now "thanks armaan....and...i apologize about yesterday.... i mean..i just...well should have kept my cool...and...." he interrupted her "no were right its about your life as much as mine....and i...well....i assure you, it will never the way....i want to ask you something.....taking out small box from his pocket he looked around....then bent on his knees and said....will you marry me????ridhima immediately looked around like he had a moment ago seeing not much of anyone around she heaved a sigh of relief and said...."armaan what are you doing....please stand up....and taking the box from his hand she opened it with anticipation and curiosity only to find .....IT WAS EMPTY???!!!!for several seconds she kept staring at it as if willing its contenets to show thenselves but as she heard a burst of laughter she looked up to see armaan completely out of his mind laughing insane....registering what had just happened she glared at him....but a voice inside told her to control her anger and not have a second outburst before him....with a strained control she asked "is this your idea of a prank????" looking at her trying so hard not to blast him off he laughed even more but as she continued staring at him....he realized he had to get back to being sober....not able to do it completely he said cheekily "hell no....what makes you think that???ok come with me....." saying this he took out a black satin hankerchief and started to blindfold her....ridhima on the other hand was now totally confused...i wonder if he is drunk???well he doesnt smell like it.....i did not realize my shouting at him had affected him so bad that he totally lost it....oh god....what did i do...."what are you doing armaan" she finally asked her curiosity getting the better of her "shhhh" he whispered in her ear....sending shivers down her spine....she realized suddenly how close he was to her at that moment....she almost held onto her breath without realizing she was doing so....while armaan continued "u still have not answered ridz....will you marry me????" ridz????he called her that....god it sounded sweeter than it ever before had....his voice so close now made it very hard to have restaint over her feelings...she was getting weak by the second and just to get over with the moment she retorted in an unsteady voice "how many times will you make a joke out of that question armaan....yes i will...can you please open my eyes now????" her comment hit him for a moment, and he looked at her with a forlorn look again....but then remembering his plan he smiled and said...."whats the hurry mrs ridhima armaan are coming with me like questions....there is something you have to do for me.....and yes it is an order from your future husband...." saying this with a naughty grin he gently guided her along the hallway out into the parking......while she followed hardly knowing what to think anymore....just letting her curiosity get the better of always she thought, do i have an option????


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