Friday, 8 February 2019

part 9 : Don't step on the Daisies

"Riddhima!" feeling a gentle nudge she frowned as she pulled up the covers.

 "Time to rise!" feeling the warmth of her bed she moved deep into the covers and smiled.

 "Come on Ridz! were going to be late!" opening her eyes she looked at her sister standing at the foot of the bed frowning as she shook her head at her? Anjali looked at her surprised as she jumped out of bed and hugged her.

"I love you di!" smiling Anjali hugged her back a little taken back and smiled.

"Thank god! me and Atul got you and Muskhan home as soon as we found out the pakora's where full of bhang?"  Riddhima remember that Muskhan and her where dancing and how she had her arms around Armaan and told him she hated him a lot? and then Atul and Anjali put her to bed? As she hugged Anjali ? OMG it was all a ?..

"Thank God! I was dreaming and that never happened!" she smiled as she released Anjali.

"What never happened?"  Anjali looked at her heading towards the bathroom.

"Keep having bad dreams and this time ? you all left me! Papa was angry and You where mad at me and it was all Armaan's Fault!  I so hate that MAN!" Anjali picked out Riddhima clothes and placed them on the bed and smiled.

"Just because he's your senior does not mean you hate him!!?. We all saw how you shouted at him for not wishing you Happy Holi and nearly ripped his top off as you and Muskhan pushed him on the dance floor?." Anjali heard her giggling in the bathroom and smiled.

 "He was so embraced as you both pulled the sleeves of his top!? Any way ?.He told me and Atul yesterday that he wanted to discuss something really important and he wanted mom and dad present too?."  Anjali looked at Riddhima as she stumbled out of the bathroom holding her tooth brush?

"Why? And where's Muskhan?" Riddhima looked over at her sister heading for the door

"She having breakfast with everyone else! Come on we all going to the Mandir this morning?"


"OMG if everyone found out about me and Armaan? they will disown me and I have to live with him?"  Riddhima looked over at Muskhan laugh as she told her about her dream

"You watch to many bollywood film?the sindoor part was a great touch and we all know Rahool when he dragged you to dance again? left you as soon as he saw Nurse lovely to congratulate her on her wedding?that was funny!  He kept telling everyone she is a excellent Nurse and passed out ? Jiju carried him inside and put him to bed?" Riddhima looked over at her laughing as she frowned.

"Stop calling him Jiju!" Muskhan looked at her pouting her lip and laugh even more.

"He is but and you have to admit the whole marriage thing is funny as you have an accidental husband ? and Fiance!" they both giggled

"Now what are you two laughing about!" Muskhan looked over at Armaan standing at the bedroom window.

"Wow!" Riddhima looked over at Muskhan as she ran over to look at the way he came up to see them.

"Jiju! How romantic like Romeo your climbing up the drain pipe to see Juliet!" Riddhima looked over at them laughing and shook her head.

"What's the matter with Juliet?" he looked over at Muskhan and winked as he approached Riddhima.

"You Romeo are a bad man!? now you are disturbing her dreams!" Armaan looked over at Riddhima grinning as he looked over at her bed and then back at her.

"Really!"  Riddhima looked at him smiling like the cat had got his cream and looked over at Muskhan frowning..

"I leave you too alone!" Riddhima looked at her winking at Armaan as she left.

Armaan looked at her dressed in a pink sari and smiled? as he stepped closer to her? Riddhima looked over towards her dresser and sat down in front of the mirror not wanting to look at him? he noticed her foul mood and looked at her picking up her bangled and moved closer to her? he looked at her cursing the bangles as she struggled with her bangled? she looked up at him as he placed his hands on her wrist as he kneeled on the floor beside her

"You hate me yes!" feeling his hands take over her arm as she closed her eyes feeling the pain of the bangle brush pass her knuckles he sighed hearing her gasp as she nodding her head as a smile danced on his lips ?she opened her eyes she looked at him

"14 days so far!" she looked at him taking hold of the bangles from the dresser as he turned and looked at her smiling..

"30 days will be a life time for me? I can live the rest of my life as a divorcee and never remarry!" she looked at him as he stared at her smiling?seeing her gasp again as he pushed the bangles onto her wrists smiling.

"Was it a good dream?" he looked at her as she shooking her head as he smiled.

"Well aleast you are thinking about me!? as you stole all my dreams when you left me!" she looked at his eyes and looked away?smiling he picked up the small jewellery box on the dresser and picked up the earring? feeling his finger brush her cheek towards her ear she shuddered feeling his warm breath on her neck so lightly sending a shiver down her spine as she closed her eyes?

"Did I kiss you in this dream!" feeling his lips gentle brush past her earlobe she nodded as she felt his hands on her waist turning her towards him ?as she felt his finger tips on her other ear ? he smiled as he saw her eyes clench together tightly as he fastened the last earing? moving closer to her he smiled.. "Don't open you're eyes!" feeling her heard rapidly pounding she felt his hands on her neck and gasped as she felt the cold precious metal against her neck.. as he kept her eyes closed?. Feeling his fingers running through her hair.

"Armaan? I ?"

"Ok open you're eyes now!" she slowly opened her eyes to see the small tikka in her hair and her bindi on her forehead?and her hair set like how she normally had it and the only thing missing was her light make up? as she turned to looked at him walking towards the window.

"Armaan!" he turned back to looked at her and smiled.. if he did not leave now then his desires would kick in and he would not be able to control them.. as he looked at her in her pink sari and jewellery

"Why are you seeing Di this evening?" she looked at him shifting his weight and narrowing his eyes at her.

"I have something important to inform them off!" he looked at her looking worried as she stepped closer.

"I will do anything you want ? but I don't want to loose my family! They are all I have Armaan? please don't! ?" seeing her chocking on her words as the tears ran down her face he stepped closer to her and held her in her arms.

"You are my everything.. and I promise you that you're family will not leave you!" feeling her sobbing in her arms he pulled her close to him.

"So will you stop this 30 days stuff and give me a divorce now!" she felt his arms release her and looked at him.

"OK I know what you doing here! And im not an idiot!" she looked at him with his arms on his hips looking at her.

"What?" she wiped her tears.

"First you made you're wedding vows and broken them? and now our agreement!" she looked at him as he pouted his lips at her and looked away.

"I cant take it anymore? I cant lie to my parents and Di!" he looked at her and took hold of her

"So lets tell them! Come on!" she felt him drag her towards the door as she pulled back.

"They will disown me! That what happened in my dream? I hate you!" as she pushed him away she fell on the bed sobbing?

"Look Riddhima all I am asking for is 30days to live a life time with you after that I will walk away from you're life forever? and ?"  he looked at her crying and walked over towards the window?. She cheating herself and I have to make her realize she loves me?


"I just hope Armaan comes clean!" Riddhima looked over towards her sister as she picked up the tray full of tea as Armaan was over making everyone laugh? Riddhima followed her in the room and looked at him dressed to formal.

"Actually I have come to ask for something!" She looked at him with tears in her eyes? he had arrived and did not talk to her or acknowledged her and now he was scaring her as he was going tell them all?. I hate this hold you have over me she though cursing him and herself for ever doing to Vagas.. They all looked at his watch nervously and looked up at them..

"Armaan you ok!" Atul looked at him as he looked nervous about everything and he never saw him like this and as he looked around the room Sapna was not there.

"Anjali where Sapna?" he looked at her confused.

"Muskhan can you get Sapna from her room!"

Armaan smiled as he heard the door bell?. And sighed as he saw them all heading towards them..

"Aunty! Uncle please sit down!" Atul smiled as he looked at the guests and looked at Armaan confused.

"Atul this is Amit and his parents!" Riddhima sighed and smile in relief as Armaan explained why there where all there?. She looked at him all evening as they discussed wedding plans and the arrangements?

"See Atul beta we live in the UK and Amit looks after the Mumbai side of the business while his brothers look after the UK side of thing? we like to see Amit settle down ? and since we know Sapna beti well! We would like to see them married as soon as possible?" Armaan looked over at Atul and Anjali who looked total shocked by the news?

"Thank you Sir! I would like to talk to my family and let you know!" Armaan looked over at Sapna as she looked worried and reassured her it would be all ok?

Atul looked over at Sapna as the guests had all left as she sat next to Armaan with her eyes lowered not wanting to look at her.

"Dame it!" Everyone looked up at Atul.

"Anjali did you know about Amit!" he looked over at her as he shook her head at him.

"Armaan! You kept this from me as well!" Atul looked at him as she stood up.

"Atul!? see!"

"Sapna! Look at me!" Armaan looked at Sapna look up at her brother with tears in her eyes.

"Stupid girl! When mom and dad passed away we told each other no secrets and when you fell in love you ?did not tell me?" Sapna looked at the hurt look on his face and stepped closer to her brother.

"Bhaiya I wanted to be sure Amit was the one? like you discovered you're feeling for Bhabhi? I wanted to be 100% sure Amit was him and Armaan helped me like an brother and friend? he? knows Amit and his family well? so? that why he come to ask?"  Atul looked over at Sapna as she sobbed and at Armaan as he placed his arm around her sobbing?

"Atul! I have more right over Sapna as she is my best friend and I love her more then you?so if you stand in her way of happiness you have to go through me first!" Riddhima looked over at him as he stared at everyone as Atul stepped towards him angrily?Riddhima looked at her father getting up.

"Armaan! You!" As Atul stepped towards him ?.they looked at him hug them both.

"I love you guys more then anthing but you should have told me!?" Anjali looked over at Atul in tears and smiled shaking her head..

"Atul is such as pussy cat ? which is why I love him.. as he never gets anger and his way of looking at thing is beautiful?"  Riddhima looked over at her sister now in tears.

"Anjali looks like we have a wedding to plan!" Riddhima looked at everyone smiling and happy and felt a elbow in her ribs..


"Omg jiju was like amazing ? you were freaking about everything!!" Riddhima smiled looking at her and as she turned she looked up to see him leave?

"Anjali Di! Where Armaan going?" Riddhima looked over at Muskhan

"He is leaving town?."  Muskhan looked over at Riddhima looking worried


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