Friday, 20 November 2020

AR os : A Beautiful Dream

She stretched on the bed, but could barely do so feeling the weight on her body. Her muscles felt tired. She had no energy to move. She opened her eyes, squinting them due to the sun-light that was peeping out through the thin white curtains on the window. Her body felt sore for an unknown reason.

She frowned when she felt the hair on her neck stand up. A shiver ran down her spine as she felt a warm breath on her neck making all her hair stand up. Her eyes opened widely finding out that someone was breathing into her neck. She looked down to see a manly muscular arm thrown over her waist.

She forgot to breath thinking a man was in her bed. Turning around in his hold, she was left shocked seeing who was holding her. Her throat dried and sweat beans started to form on her forehead. "Armaan" She whispered shockingly. She couldn't believe she was laying in his arms. She rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

"Haan Armaan ki jaan.." he whispered huskily glaring into her hazel green eyes. His fingers unconsciously swept the fringes of her hair off of her forehead and gently tucked them behind her ear.

"T...t...tum...main..." she voiced out stuttering, trying to find her voice which was died down by now feeling the touch of his magical fingers.

Armaan inwardly chuckled and turned them so she was under him now. Riddhima gasped seeing him smirk. Her heart had starting beating badly now and all she wanted to do was run away somewhere. She needed an inhaler right now despite the fact that she was perfectly healthy and was far far away from being diagnosed with Asthma.

Her eyes widened as saw his face nearing her. She assumed he was going to kiss her and before he could do so, she kept her palm over her plump pink lips. Armaan frowned and asked "What are you doing?" He tried to pull of her palm but her grip was tight enough to surprise him.

"You can't kiss me!" She shrieked, her voice muffled from under her palm.

"Honey...we're married.." He rolled his eyes taking her left hand and showing her the simples yet beautiful diamond solitaire ring shining brightly on he ring finger. She stared at her finger in a daze surprised.

"Yeah..but I haven't brushed yet.." She reasoned out and mentally patted herself on the back for coming up with a valid and believable reason. "And..have I ever cared before?" Armaan rolled his eyes.

"But..ahm" Her ifs and buts were all silenced down into a low moan when she felt his warm lips molded into her pink and soft ones. Her eyes closed down on their own as his lips did magic over hers. Her fingers ruffled and gripped his hair occasionally as he bit her lips and seductively sucked them.


Riddhima was in the bathroom cursing her luck. "yaaarrr...yeh stupid saree kaise baandte hai? Mom ne kaha bhi saare band na seek le...ufff ab main kya karo." She struggled with the plaits of her saree. They kept on opening and she looked at the pallu and frowned.

" okay in there?" Armaan knocked the door from outside while Riddhima looked up at the closed mahogany coloured door. Her heart started beating frantically as she her eyes fell down on the door knob seeing how it moved down. Her heart skipped a beat as for a second she thought the door is going to open but fortunately to her luck the door was locked thus her 'husband' couldn't enter the bathroom.

"Wohh...I'm having a hard time with this saree.." She pouted.

"are..let me come in I'll help you...!" Armaan said and her hazel eyes widened again and got as big as they could. He heart skipped a beat again as she tried to pull down the door knob again.

"No!!" She shrieked and used her pallu to cover her bare front. "Umm..not you, call someone else!" She nervously spoke.

"Riddhima what has gotten into you today....I've seen it all baby...lemme help you!" Armaan chuckled and knocked once again hoping she would open again.

"ARMAAN!" Riddhima sternly yet authoritivaly warned and Armaan agreed.

After a few minutes, the door knocked again and Riddhima called out "Kon..?"

"Riddhima beta..main! Kholo beta!" She heard another new voice.

'Mom? Mom yahan kya karahi hain? chal Riddhima darwaza to khol..waisi hi bohot kuch weird horaha hai' She thought and grabbing her undraped saree, she moved towards the door and opened it to see someone else but not her mom. "Mom?" She confusingly asked but then it hit her..."Oh..MOM!!!! Thank god aap aa gayi!" She said realizing it was Armaan's mom and for some reason she was also her mom since they were 'married'.

"Arre..acha aao!" She confusingly said and closed the door. She started helping Riddhima, draping the saree around her. "waise beta itni achi saree to band leti ho..aaj kya hua?" She asked and Riddhima smiled nervously at her. "Chalo koi nahi, kabhi kabar khud se nahi bandd ti. Yaad hai, shaadi ke baad Pehle dinn bhi main tumhe aise hi help ki thi!"

'yaad kaise hoga saasu maa..mujhe to yeh bhi nahi yaad ke meri aapke bete ki saath shaadi kab hoyi! Meri to first kiss hi aaj subha hoyi hai!' She thought frowning and smiled at her.

"Chalo yeh ho gaya..ab tum karma wagera set karke aajao...Armaan neeche intezaar karaha bhi to jaana hai na usne!" She smiled and put her pam under her chin lovingly. Riddhima confusingly looked at the bedroom door that just closed and wondered how did she time travel into the future.


"Jao beta...jaa kar Armaan ko yeh file de aao...main zara kuch leke aata hun!" Her newly discovered Sasur jee told her handing her the file. During the breakfast it was just business talks amongst father and son while Riddhima looked around trying to get familiar with the surroundings. Trying to remember if she ever walking into this house as a bride but nothing came back to her. All these people who she knew, but not as her in laws, looked strange to her.

She nodded and nervously walked outside to see Armaan passing his briefcase to the driver. "Armaan...file" She said making him turn around and look at her. oh my... she thought. Standing tall in a three piece grey suit with dark ray bans on.. he was doing nothing but killing her heart slowly.

"Oh thanks baby!" Armaan smiled taking the file from her and giving it to the drive to keep it inside the briefcase. Nodding at him he looked back at Riddhima who confusing looked at him. Instantly, all the guards and the drivers turned around facing their back to the couple and before she knew it she was in his arms.

"Armaan" She gasped looking at him.

She winked at her and moved his head down and kissed her lovingly. Riddhima's heart dropped into her stomach and a botanical garden full of butterflies took birth in her stomach. Leaving her lips he muttered 'miss me'.

She smiled and slowly pushed him eyeing him. Armaan's father soon joined them and they both bid her bye.


The decorators were running here and there decorating garden for the party that was to be held in the evening. It was a business party however it was being held in the Malliks' spacious and humongous garden.

Riddhima was sitting under the wooden pergolas on the single couch sipping her coffee staring at her solitaire. It fitted her onto her finger and she just couldn't get her eyes off of it. It was put on by him, however it pains her that she had no memory of it. She had no memory of getting the ring of his name.

Everything seemed strange to her yet his kiss felt so familiar that she never wanted to be apart from him. "Kya soch rahi ho beta! Kab se iss anghuti ko itne gor se dhek rahi ho!" Her saasu maa brought her out of her thoughts as she sat on the couch perpendiculars to hers holding a magazine.

"Nothing mom...its just I have never noticed how beautiful this ring is!" She spoke in a daze with a dreamy smile staring at the ring. She giggle and shook her head looking at the silliness of her daughter in law.

"Beta tumne tiyaar hona shuru karna's about to start in 2 and half hours. Phir Armaan aur tumhare daad aa jaeynge to unko bhi humne tiyaar karna hai! suit nikalo, tie nikalo! Khud to kuch karte nahi hai!" She shook her head and Riddhima giggled.

"Like father like son!" Riddhima commented giggling thinking about her 'man'.


Standing in the walk in closet, she stared at all the beautiful dresses that were hung yet she was so confused on what to wear. Staring at herself in the long wall length mirror on the side, she thought about all the events and how she didn't remember anything. Look at her ring, she smiled to herself in content. Whether this was a dream or reality, it was beautiful, and now she just wanted to live it to the fullest.

She wanted to dress up nicely for him thus having a million fancy gowns and sarees in front of her she was still in a daze on what to wear for him. Suddenly, her eyes feel upon a rectangular black box with a gold ribbon tied on it. She smiled and picked it up opening it. Her eyes turned tearing seeing a beautiful black gown with and off-shoulder neckline, and a long slit on its left side. She blushed seeing the elegant yet a very sexy dress. Her eyes fell on a note and she picked it up.

'Wear it for the party tonight, sexy♥' - Your crazy-for-you husband

She blushed crimson red and giggled at the note. She opened a few drawers to find her inner wears and she grabbed some nice ones. Now she couldn't wait for the night. She carefully steam pressed the dress and hung it on a hook near the iron stand and sat down in front of the mirror and started doing her make up.

She decided to go for a Smokey look and add some silver glitter and blended it with black. She put on natural blush shade to refrain from looking to much. For the lips she decided to put on a lip gloss rather than a lip stick. She got up and went back into the closet and stripped out of her clothes. Carefully putting on the dress, she starting zipping herself up but unfortunately the zip got stuck. She pulled it down to pull it up again however this time her hand refused to reach the zipper which went all the way down towards the end of her spinal cord.

"Ughhhhh...mere saath hi kyun horaha hai yeh sab aaj!" She whined closing her eyes and frowning. Her eyes opened as she felt someone touch her spine lightly. "Armaan.." she muttered gasping looking at him staring at her.

"Because I'm supposed to zip you up baby..." He huskily replied and lightly pecked her bare shoulder. Riddhima shuddered and closed her eyes from nervousness. "You look out of this world baby.." He hotly whispered into her ear making her suck in her breath. He slowly zipped her up making sure his thumb teasingly rubbed her spinal cord. His smirked feeling her shuddering in his arms. After zipping her up, he hugged her tightly from behind and smiled looking at him.

They stayed like that for sometime until Riddhima looked at him and said "Go take a shower, I'll take out your clothes. You like a mess!" She giggled thinking 'a hot mess' as she stared at his messed up hair which he had perfectly gelled in the morning, his wrinkled shirt which his rolled up sleeves. He nodded and unbuttoning his shirt he slowly walked towards the bathroom.

Sighing she ran behind him and held his hand making him stop in his tracks. Confused he turned around only to be pulled by Riddhima as she held his head. She smacked her lips on top of his and gave him a loud peck. Amazed from her bold move he smirked as she wiped off the lip gloss off of his lips with her thumb. "Not bad Mrs. Mallik Not bad!" He commented teasingly making her blush.

She pushed him into the bathroom and went towards his side and took out a black suit to complement her dress. After steam pressing his suit, she took out her curler and started curling her hair.


The party was going on a full swing. Ananya and Riddhima kept moving around the garden greeting people more like Ananya greeting and Riddhima acting to know those people. Armaan was also sitting with some business associates while Billy sat with his businessmen friends and smoked cigars.

There was an orchestra band playing in one corner. Suddenly the music changed into a very soft romantic instrumental and Riddhima saw Armaan walking up to her. He held out his hand asking for a dance and she gave in hearing numerous hootings from youngsters.

The swayed on the beautiful instrumently lost in each others eyes. Soon some other couples to joined. After swaying to some tunes, Armaan whispered into her ears "Wanna get out of here?"

"Later...I'm hungry right now!" She supressed her giggled seeing the annoyed look of her husband.

"I hate gifting you this dress!" He grunted and followed her like a lost puppy wherever she went. Whether it was to socialize or to see his parents. Eventually he got eyed by his dad to stop it as he didn't want Armaan to appear in the headlines as the lost puppy of his wife. "Yaar yeh khana kab serve karenge waiters!"

"Armaaan" A few of his friends called him and he soon indulged himself into a conversation with them. They were talking about the recent political issues, sports, and what not when suddenly a waiter came up him.

"Sir..khana laga dein?"

"To lagao na! Mera mooh kya dhek rahe ho?" He irritated snapped making the poor waiter scared and run away. His friend chuckled and started teasing him.

"Armaan Miyan...lagta hai aaj kuch zada hi bhook laagi hai aap ko!" One of his friends Rajiv said.

"Arre Rajiv...jab bhabi inti hot lag rahi bechara kya kare?" Aman, another one of his friends said and Armaan glared.

"Oyee..sharam kar nahi to khaya ka mere se!" Armaan warned showing him his fist while his friends raised their hands in the air surrendering. He grunted looked at Riddhima who blew him a kiss and winked at him. 'Tumhe to baad main dhekon ga! Karlo jitni pet pooja kari hai...phir baad mein main pet pooja karunga!' he naughtily smiled to himself.


"Shhh...Stop talking!" Armaan huskily whispered in her ears as his hands worked on the zipper of her dress, playfully rubbing his thumb as he slowly pulled it down. Riddhima gaped feeling his cold fingers tracing her spine slowly. She could feel her dress loosen around her chest making air pass through.

Armaan had successfully unzipped her dress, and now he dug his head into her neck. Taking her skin in between his lips, he slowly sucked on it, while his fingers made imaginary patterns on her lower abdomen over the loosen cloth. She had sucked in a breath and let out light moan feeling his suck on her skin. All the blood had rushed up her cheeks and brain. She was in daze and everything around her had faded away.

She moaned as he bit her where he was sucking. He pestered her with his slow bites and kisses. She gaped as she felt him tug on her dress. In a second her dress dropped to her feet making a pool. He turned her around to see her blood red cheeks and her eyes shaking with nervousness yet excitement. His eyes had darkened seeing she was wearing his favourite kind of underwear.

"You know how to turn me on.." he groaned as he dug his face into her neck breathing heavily.

"Oh..I just....found this... in the closet..." She muttered breathing heavily confused and turned on at the same time. " What" Armaan muttered confused but still attacking her skin.

"Nothing..." She breathlessly spoke unbuttoning his shirt with her shivering fingers. He helped her take of his shirt. The sexual tension between them was too high. Her head was clouded with emotions and soon she felt herself being thrown onto the bed with him on top of him. His lips found hers again and smooched them passionately.

"Happy Birthday to you....Happy birthday Riddhima...!" She opened her eyes and squinted looking around. The room was full of brightness and balloons. Confusingly she looked around to see herself back in her old room, back on her single bed in her night suit. Her parents standing around her with a cake in their hand and her little sister standing near them holding gifts.

"Thank you!"'' Riddhima smiled as they hugged her and she blew the candles. They hugged her wished her while Riddhima was confused the whole time. "So all of that was a BEAUTIFUL DREAM?" She pouted thinking.

"Riddhima jaldi se tiyaar hoke neecha bhi to jaana hai!" Her mom brought her out of her thoughts and she nodded. As they all moved out of the room she huffed and stretched her body. Hugging her knees, she thought about the dream and blushed. Staring at her ring finger, she sighed and thought 'hayyeee...if the dream was real kitna acha hota nahi...that solitaire would've looked so nice.


All of her friends hugged her wished her happy birthday. "Waah aaj itna kya khaas hai jo itna glow karahi hai?" One of her friends Akanksha teased her making her blushed. "Kahi sapnon mein aapne raaj Kumar ko to nahi dhek liya?"

"Stop it! Meri dream ke baare mein to tum log pooch hi matt!" Riddhima pouted. She recounted her dream and the group giggled and teased Riddhima saying how she dreamt about it on her birthday and how it might be a sign from god to make a move.

"Eh, who dhek aagaya tere dreams wala husband!" Mita, her other friend said pointing towards the entrance of the college. Riddhima's heart stopped seeing her crush, Armaan Mallik, entereing through the big gates of their college on his neon green bike, with his friends following him.

"Hayye" Riddhima sighed dreamily staring at him. Uff why did he have to be this hot.

"Bus, aab hawayein shuru, violins bajj rahein hai, gulaab ki paate barsaa rahe hai, Riddhima madam ke ird da grid." Akanksha teased Riddhima who smacked her with her books making Akanksha wince.

"Chalo class mein! Harr wak Bakwas! Uff! Late hogayi na class lag jayegi!" Riddhima huffed and walked towards her class while the girls followed her giggling.


"Arre...Guys kidhar leke jaa rahe ho mujhe?" Riddhima asked impatiently as Dhruv, another friend in their group, blindfolded her and helped her walk somewhere. "Alia, yaar iske to haath bhi band ne thay! Kitna maar rahi hai aaj!" Drhuv complained to Alia, his girlfriend and also their friend. This was their small group, Alia, Druv, Akanksha, Mita, Suvarna, and Riddhima.

When Riddhima was explaining her dream in the morning, Dhruv and Alia were not present there to witness there friend telling her weird dream about her crush however they did know about her big time crush.

"SURPRISEEEEEE!" She took the blindfold off to see her friends decorated a small area of the cafeteria with balloons and cake on the table. She smiled and with tears in her eyes looked at her friends.

"Awwww...dont cry now!" Dhruv hugged her and ruffled her hair making her pout. Riddhima walked behind the table and smiled at Dhruv who pulled out his phone to film. The girls sang her a birthday song and she just swayed her hands to the tune while holding the knife. She bent down and blew the candles. After cutting the cake, all the friends turn by turn had a cake war, rubbing cake on eachother faces, however Riddhima's was the one which was fully covered in Chocolate frosting.

"Guys..." Suvarna said looking towards the entrance of the cafeteria. They all looked there to see Armaan entering with his gang. Riddhima smiled and looked at him.

"Arre yeh to idhar araha hai! Ridzi Breath!" Riddhima's heart stopped seeing his eyes on her with an amusing smile plastered on his face. She felt conscious all of a sudden. Her face was all smeared with chocolate cake and this was the first time he had noticed her properly.

As he stopped in front of her, Riddhima stopped blinking and just stared at him, while her friends just stood wide eyed. Armaan looked at her and smiled. Taking a piece of the cake, he rubbed it on her cheeks and said "Happy Birthday!"

After saying that, he walked off and Riddhima's friends jumped on her screaming while she just thought what had happened. Turning around he winked at her making her come out of her trance. "Im gonna faint someone hold me!" She muttered falling onto Alia and Suvarna.



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