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AR os : Let Me Tell You I love You

"I.. I love u..." she said, closed her eyes tight ' scared of what may come up ' confessing love to a boy was way to hard... but she did that. She was scared, if he said no....

Not getting any response, she slightly opened her hazel eyes... and he was no where to be seen ' she frowned and a tear fell...

"Riddimaa..." she closed her eyes 'again' feeling his breath behind her ear... it was He ' she knew it. It was His grave voice. Her breath became irrational. "meet me in the changing room..." he added, as his pager rang. She made an unconscious nod.

Soon she regained her senses and he was gone.


"God!! why did he called me here.... can't he say a simple no" twisted her nose "Or yes" with a shy smile. "urgghhhhhhh" she stomped her feet and kept on pacing in the changing room. Once or twice, she pulls her neck out through the white curtains of changing room... "when will he come..!" she kept on mumbling and hitting her head on the wall beside a mirror, that was hanging in a horizontal way...

her breath stopped ' her voice was lost.... when she felt his abs touching her waist,  She closed her eyes due to closeness, he kept his palms on her waist ' pressing it lightly.

"stop hitting, I m here" he whispered and kissed her ear lobe... she gasped, her head was stick to wall, as she felt dizzy.goosebump apeared  "soo...." he said in a husky voice

she made absent-minded nod, his hand went up- feeling ' touching her curvy body, as if measuring it.

"Armaann" she moaned.

"yes Riddima" moving her hair on one side and kissing her nape. He placed his big-palms over-covering her delicate hands and entwined his fingers in her gaps.... his veins could be seen "what were u saying a while a go...." he said in a deep-grave voice.

"I-- I ' don't remember..." she whispered, he pressed his weight on her.... after placing a wet kiss behind her ear, making her shiver- down to her spin. He turned her around, traced her face out-line.... rubbing his thumb on her lower lips.

He brushed his lips with her '. and moved away. He pulled her dupptta a bit down and kissed her throat

"Now... do u remember?" he brushed his cheek with her '. she shook her head.

He bit her on her nap ' making her groan... "I ' I love u Arman...." he placed his lips on hers and kissed till she was left breath less

"Riddima '. u took 1 year to confess...." he rubbed her cheek with his knuckles....she opened her eyes and looked in his dark green...

"At least I did ' u didn't even had the courage to do that..." she poked her finger on his bare chest....and pouted

"yea --- yea... I was going to ..!" he made an excuse

"don't lie Arman..! I know u use to ask me idea how-to-propose-girl and I Very well knew u were asking me because u wanted to propose to ME ' but u used old hindi films idea!!! Come on Arman u knew I Loved u and then tooo u r scared ' t o" he placed his palms on her cheek and kissed her again ' and passed histongue in her mouth

she moaned ' all over again...

"Dinner at my place?" he asked with passion in his voice while breaking the kiss

"ah... Arman... vo.... I mean" she was nervous... she had not thought of it.

He remained silent and kept on looking at her with love- pure love

"Ok...." she gave in and he embraced her in a tight hug.


"OH ' GoD ..! is she gonna come ' or not??" he thought....

soon it was 10 at night ' and he glumly went and sat on the couch ' as he placed himself down the bell rang...he rushed to it and took hold of the knob, but stopped ' first looked at himself and them moved his shoulder round and neck too....

"Hi Riddima!" he said with an angry-look

"Hi... I m sorry Arman... car kharab hogayii thi... aur phr" before she could complete he walked in leaving her on the door "Sorry na ..." she closed the door and took hold of his hand and went in front of him.... "Solly" she made a puppy face

"what yaar Riddima? I have been waiting for u-- for soo long"he made face...

"ok ' sorry naaa..." she pleaded... "I promise, it won't happen again !" she took hold of her throat and he smiled showing his dimples... she kissed his cheek. "Ok , so now I m hungry....!" she announced and walked up to couches where he had placed chips- drinks pasta etc

they dump in the cos-y-couch and ate with sweet talks....

"lets watch movie..." he suggested.

"OK!" she sat close to him... and kept his head on his chest, while he kept his arm around her protectively and kissed her head lightly...

"I m bored Arman..." she said moving away....

"We can do a lot of thing that can be interesting '." he said with a naughty smile and bending over her... while she kept on bending down on couch to make distance between them

"Ar- mann" she stammered.

"yes jaan...." he straightened her legs and covered her half body with his- she gasped

he kissed her cheek light and pressed his lips on her the very next moment...... and soon she responded '. his hand crawled over to her waist '

"marry me Riddima" he placed his palms on her waist ....feeling her ribs....

"i will --- marry u Arman... I will '.yes I will" she said with high breaths.... "make me yours Arman... Forever" she said with closed eyes.... he pulled her shirt over her head '. picked her up '... and walked up to his room....

"I love u Arman...." she said hugging him

"I love you too honey...." he placed her on bed...

Soon both were lost in to different world where ' where their was no barriers. Where no one could put restriction on them... they were lost '

Let Me Tell You I Love You
The best way I can.
By telling you that our love is true.
And that I'll be there for you anytime man.

And so here I go...
Roses are red,
and some violets are blue.

Love is sweet,
just like me and you.

Love is happiness,
and can sometimes turn my whole world blue.

But even though you know that can happen.
We know our love is true...

So you can stay with me as long as I can stay with you.

Was that good enough to you,
to prove all my love for you is true.

I love you and nothing can change that love that you have for me,
And the love I have for you!

Love M

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