Thursday, 14 March 2019

AR os :'-]]Mistake[[-'

 Mistake, I never thought I would do that to my Love-My life, did I just asked him to leave?and he just left? How could he...? she fell on floor crying her heart out.... I want him- I want him back.

"I want u back Arman..." pause "came back baby!" she whispered hitting her head on the wall behind her."I want u to hold me Arman '. please hold me" she sobbed

"I know u love me' I m sorry' please come back Arman" she mumbled.

"ARMAN.... u r a lair ...bade Pa was right...." she shouted

"right about what?" he asked losing his tie and taking hold of her

"about u sleeping around!!" she twisted in his hold

"Shut up !!" he pushed her away angrily " How could even think that Riddima.....?" he looked astonished

"i m just thinking but... but u r doing it..!" she pointed out

"this is not true.!" he told her and threw his shirt away... " And please get out of my sight for a while..." he angrily said

"this is My House, Bade Pa gave me !! I own it, U get out.... and don't show me your face again." that was it

he was gone ' it had been month and he had not shown up.She was getting weak,she merely came out of her room. Skipping food was a daily routine and taking leave from work was constant.

Sitting beside bed on floor, looking at empty air was her last thing.


"Dr. Arman ' u have got a call..." a nurse said walking inthe office.

"Who is it?" looking at the picture of her love kept on his table.

"Sir '.Senior Doctor of Sanjeevani wants to talk to u... its urgent."

He flung-ed up from the seat and took hold of the phone... knowing very well, it is the hospital where Riddima works '

He was going through a hard phase ' he missed her Jaan... he knew it was a mere misunderstanding build by her Bade Pa,who thought Arman is after their money but, he knew, he loved her - not her money and he left that night just because she had hurt-ed him. He thought they really need the space to work out this relation ship.

"yes ??" he stammered on phone and the next second phone was on the floor.

"Dr. Arman '.. DR. Arman kya hua" Nurse ran after him ' totally worried.

"sister' I have to go, Riddima Is No where to be found from last whole month." he cried silently and ran out of the hospital...

"and sir meetings?" nurse ran after him with his mobile and keys.

"cancel it." he took the keys and mobile and drove off


Running his hand in his hair, tear came out. He saw his love sitting on floor meekly, looking in empty space. He moved closer and kneel-ed down in front of her.

"Riddima..."she closed her eyes feeling his sweet breath on his face and slowly opened to see him right in front of her.

she moved her trembling hand towards his face. He held her shaken hand and kept it on his cheek to prove his existence. she moaned ' tears brimmed ...her mouth opened in pain....breath got up to no stop. he kissed her palm ' to make her realize he was not an allusion. Her lips trembled... she couldn't speak- she wanted to but words never came out ' she felt she had lost her voice. He placed his lips on her trembling one. A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

A kiss, promising her that he wont leave her - it was a simple kiss, he didn't pushed her in a deep one as he knew she was weak. Tears float down at the dam was broken. Their lips were joined for while as they were filling up for the lonely days.

he left her lips and hugged her, sometimes silent speaks a lot and it was true as it just happened... Soon he ordered Chinese from a restaurant ' they ate in silence....

"Riddima...." he gulped "will u start a new life with me again...." he looked up at her with love and hope.

That was it. Thats all she wanted to hear, before she could reply

"But not here" she frowned... "in Switzerland...!" he said making her stand and picking her up in arms... "I don't want your Bade Pa ' anywhere near us..!" he pointed out.

"yes... Arman.... I will go any where '. but please don't leave me.... I will die with out u...." she sobbed and clutched on him

"I m sorry honey ' I m sorry.." he rubbed her back... and placed her on bed....

"will u help me in copping up my mistake?" she whispered and slightly pulled him on top of him.

"how...?" he asked in a husky voice...

"I want to make love to u.... do u mind...?" she looked straight in his eyes.....

"No... I don't mind." he turned her around '. as she laid up on him..... he wait till she get started, soon she placed her lips on him and kissed him hard....

she didn't knew when he took hold her and made love to her. She realized it when he was in her and she was in different world. Where mistakes weren't made, where love was the most important thing..!

he clutched on her tightly and believed that Being deeply loved by her gives him strength, while loving her deeply gives him courage. Soon they drifted off... with a satisfying smile and silently promised themselves not to commit as sort of mistake again...

It's always helpful to learn from your mistakes because then your mistakes seem worthwhile.

LoVe M.

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